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We love how vocal you guys are about your opinions on each and every pasta. We know that many of the writers who submit to use are also craving your feedback, which is why we created crappypasta for you guys to help submitters refine their work.

But because we – and the site’s submitters – can always use more information about what sort of pastas you guys love and what sort of pastas you find stale or even a bit moldy, we’ve decided to create monthly Discussion Posts.

On the first of every month, we will create a post with a simple question. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simply to express your opinion on the chosen topic! Easy, right? This is your chance to let both any aspiring creepy authors out there – as well as the admins – know all of your creepypasta thoughts and feeeeeels.

So get to it and have fun!



JULY 2012: Worst Creepypasta Tropes
AUGUST 2012: Best/Worst Creepypasta Categories
SEPTEMBER 2012: Your Favorite Creepypasta
OCTOBER 2012: Tips & Tricks for Aspiring Creepypasta Writers
NOVEMBER 2012: Which Creepypasta Would You Like to See as a Movie?
DECEMBER 2012: How Did You Discover Creepypasta?

JANUARY 2013: Why Do You Read and/or Write Scary Stories?
FEBRUARY 2013: Do You Believe in Ghosts?
MARCH 2013: What Do You Most Fear?
APRIL 2013: Let’s Talk About Zombies!
MAY 2013: What’s Your Favorite Creepy Video Game?
JUNE 2013: Most Overrated & Underrated Creepypastas
JULY 2013: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?
AUGUST 2013: Paranormal Podcasts & Creepy Radio Shows
SEPTEMBER 2013: Which Creepypasta “Character” Is Your Favorite?
OCTOBER 2013: Halloween 2013 General Chat
NOVEMBER 2013: The Creepypasta/Music Connection
DECEMBER 2013: Making Monsters

JANUARY 2014: Favorite Mythological Entities
FEBRUARY 2014: Creepy Book Recommendations
MARCH 2014: Favorite Fictional Characters
APRIL 2014: Urban Legends
MAY 2014: Do You Wish Any Creepypastas Were Real?
JUNE 2014: What Was Your First Creepypasta?
JULY 2014: Creepy Anime & Horror Manga
AUGUST 2014: Cryptozoology Chat
SEPTEMBER 2014: Which Non-Horror Stories Have Creeped You Out & Why?
OCTOBER 2014: Halloween! Halloween!
NOVEMBER 2014: Creepy Comic Books
DECEMBER 2014: Your First Story

JANUARY 2015: Favorite Creepypastas of 2014
FEBRUARY 2015: Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics
MARCH 2015: Least Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics
APRIL 2015: N/A (It seemed like massive overload to have all the April Fool’s Day pastas, the submission announcement, and a discussion post cluttering the main page on April 1st, so I held back the discussion post.. and then never got around to rescheduling it the post was eaten by aliens)
MAY 2015: Very Superstitious
JUNE 2015: Do You Believe in Divination?
AUGUST/JULY 2015: N/A (Book Club)
SEPTEMBER 2015: Fan Cast Your Favorite Pastas
OCTOBER 2015: Halloween Discussion Post
NOVEMBER 2015: Real-Life Glitches
DECEMBER 2015: Unusual Fears

JANUARY 2016: Favorite Creepypastas of 2015
FEBRUARY 2016: Your Favorite True Crime Stories
MARCH 2016: Share Your Creepy Recurring Dreams
APRIL 2016: Creating Good Gaming Pasta
MAY 2016: Your Creepypasta/Paranormal Projects
JUNE 2016: Creepy Real-World Locations
JULY 2016: Summer Ghost Stories
AUGUST 2016: Which Creepypasta Do You Most Fear?
SEPTEMBER 2016: Creepypasta Bounty Game

If you have suggestions for a future discussion post, please leave them in the comments.


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88 thoughts on “Discussion Posts”

  1. Does anyone know about the Pasta that’s about a guy who comes into contact with a killer demon. Then he uses the demon to drain power from him, in order for the guy to absorb or something like that. I remember the story, just not the name. I’d really like to be able to find it again.

  2. excuse me dudes…
    I get the whole internet horror thing, think its a great idea! :) but what I don’t get is how and why copy and paste ended up as copy-pasta and then to creepy pasta, which is creepy as its horror. just wondering if someone could really explain where and why, pasta?

  3. on April 2016 just have great exsperience on the game you want the pasta on you cant just write a pokepasta if youve never played it.

  4. I’m not sure this the right place to post what I have to say, but I’ll post it here anyway. To keep on topic I’ll suggest a post as well anyway: What kind of folklore do you wish to see more of in creepy pastas?

    What I wanted to post about is actually a bit of a suggestion for the website. I’m sure you guys have a vision for what kind of site you want this to be and there are probably good reasons as to why you don’t possess certain features, I’m just giving you my opinion/suggestion along with its “pros” as a reference from someone who might be stumbling upon the CP world around this time. I’ve restarted watching/reading creepypasta recently after having pretty much stopped for around 3 or so years. There are a lot of cps nowadays! A lot of good ones too. Your site has hundreds of them and time is unfortunately short, a bit of a problem when you consider that a lot of cp nowadays fall on the longer side of the spectrum. What I think could actually help new readers or returnees like me is a top rated creepypasta page, where, similarly to what you have already in a smaller scale, you could perhaps list the say, 200 or maybe even more, highest rated creepypastas. This would really help in finding the brightest pearls of the bunch. There’s just not enough time to read through the entire website and a lot of amazing creepypasta that were beloved by the community for a few months end up buried and struggling to retain any semblance of relevance, especially if they’re not by a well-known author. I think it’d be an awesome way to keep the community more involved, allow newcomers to easily become familiar with the “critically acclaimed” pastas and really get into it, reward well-written pastas and original ideas and spark a bit of a competition among the writers. I really think the website and the community in general would stand to gain from something like that, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

    1. This existed until recently, when the plugin handling it stopped playing nice with the newest WP build and started crashing the site. You can check the most recent announcement post for more information – I assumed that people preferred having the website accessible.

      Unfortunately, I need to find an entirely new ratings plugin (one that allows importing the last eight years of ratings, because I’m not sure people want this feature enough to justify resetting the accumulated ratings from 2008-2016) that offers this feature in order for this function to come back. I have a lot of other things that take priority before I can handle this, though – people have been spamming me with requests to re-open submissions, so I need to tackle that before anything else, as an example.

  5. 1. I feel like with all the new pastas out and with august/ sept being when a lot of good movies come out. I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to bring back the topic of: What pasta could you see/want to see as a movie.
    2. What kind of pastas do you think we need to see more of/ what pasta do you think the site is missing or needs?
    3.What kind of pastas do you feel, are considered overdone

  6. -Real-world brushes with death and near death experiences.
    -Creepy local legends of the readers’ hometowns.
    -Favorite creepy TV show
    -Creepy objects/artifacts
    -Has a creepy occurrence ever changed your religious/spiritual outlook?

  7. In light of St. Patty’s day coming up soon, has anyone ever had something creepy happen and when you told someone they blamed it on your imagination or inebriated state? Have you ever experienced something and people either didn’t believe you or you thought they wouldn’t? Real life creepy pastas.

  8. This one has been suggested a couple of times already, but I’d like to +1 the topic of scary/reoccurring dreams. We’ve all had those nights when we woke bathed in sweat after a horrible nightmare, so I imagine this is a topic everyone could participate in. Aspiring writers might even get some good ideas out of it too.

    1. i totally agree! whenever i have a dream or nightmare i try to write it down to use as an outline for short stories. the whole series im writing is actually based off of different nightmares i have had. it would be even better to see what other people fear.

  9. The thing that I was wondering is how do you decide that a storie is to psycho? You see I was reading a response article to the Slender Man, stabbing and anyway something mentioned in the article is that sometimes stories are rejected for being too psycho. So apparently in some cases instead of the writer being told: “Good job on writing something twisted for this horror website.” They are instead told: “You need to seek serious psychiatric help because it is implausible that you were deliberately writing in a mean natured manner for your horror story because that wouldn’t make any sense. Who ever heard of a horror story which made people feel uncomfortable? How absurd.” My question is how do you distinguish between intentionally and unintentionally psycho writing? Though I will point out that plenty of good writers actually do have psychological problems. Anyway considering the fact that in professional fiction we get stuff like Hannibal Lecter, eating a guys brain while he is still alive and even going so far as to feed the unfortunate man some of his own brain I find it hard to imagine how something could cross a line.

    I’m not asking simply out of innocent curiosity because you see I’m actually writing something at the moment that is extremely dark. It’s never really mean for the sake of being mean but it’s still quite dark.

  10. Hey, I’m kinda new to the site but I LOVE CP and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the slender brother’s names so i can look ’em up and how to find Hoodie’s CP?

  11. It would be a lot more helpful if you answered my question instead of just approving it… I even asked whre I could post the description so you wouldnt get pissed at me for posting irrelevant comments.

    1. I’m sorry! Multiple people handle the comment approval process – I wasn’t the one who approved your original comment and, given that we get thousands of comments each month, it’s pretty easy for me to miss comments entirely if I’m not the person who saw it in the queue. I hope that you haven’t been too inconvenienced by this oversight.

      In the future, you’re better off sending direct questions like this through the contact form. It’s just so easy for comments to get overlooked or buried.

      This is actually a good idea for a page or discussion post, though – Creepypasta Lost & Found! I need to think of a better title for it so that people can instantly identify the purpose of the page. Looking for a Lost Pasta? What would you suggest?

      1. Still waiting to know where i can post my question :p i know you probably wont make that page for a while but is there anywhere on the site now i could post it?

        1. I’m sorry, things have been pretty hectic behind the scenes – both related to very serious things going on in my life and the site. My priority right now is getting all submissions read, then I have a list of small suggestions like yours that will be implemented. You’ll just have to be patient.

  12. Which pasta affected you the most? Was it your first or one that was so bone-chilling you couldn’t sleep? What pasta was it and why? I ask because I would like a better feel on what keeps the community up at night.

    1. It’s a closed submission period. You can submit once the form reopens. Check the front page or the relatively large “Submission Status” box on the sidebar for updates. Meanwhile, take the time to polish and refine your story so it is good to go when submissions open!

  13. Creepypastashewrote

    I think that you should ask readers to share there creepiest childhood experience was, and how it happened

  14. I read a story on here about a year ago. I dont remember the title but if i remember correctly, its a ritual pasta where you go to a hotel or an insane asylum and while you are there, it says something about if you look out the windows of the room you are supposed to go to, you will see things that will eventually notice you. I dont believe its one of the Holder series, but similiar. I know i am probably not going to get the answer because i dont remember enough about it. if anyone figures it out, it would be awesome.

  15. i’m not sure if anybody remembers but there is a story that was posted on mr.creepypastas channel that was about a boy and a girl, i’m a little fuzzy on the details, but basically the boy had a crappy phone, and they end up on a movie date and the boy leaves for a bit and when he comes back the girl is in the parking lot and she was mutilated. Weeks go by with her in the hospital and he has the crappy phone that can’t get pictures and he was sent like a lot of pictures after the girls death from her phone. I know the details are a bit everywhere but if anyone knows the story please tell me.

    1. spiders
      i wrote it when i was 8. i still have it though it’s vocabulary was very limited to *i hate spiders very much. they are scary and creepy and not nice.and they are hairy. and huge*
      XD kiddish me!

  16. My suggestion for a discussion topic is “When do you think the author has gone too far?” What types of stuff do you feel has crossed the line between tasteful and tacky? Is there a gray area? If so what and when are the generally tacky tasteless things acceptable? Are there examples out there for your opinion?

  17. waitingforzombies

    What’s the most horrifying nightmare that you have ever had that creepypasta most likely influenced? (;

  18. I have a couple of suggestions:

    Scariest Life Experience
    Strange/Scary/Recurring Dreams
    Paranormal Experiences
    A creepypasta that you DON’T wish was real.
    Favorite/Most Interesting Cryptids.(creatures such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster)
    Fascinating Conspiracies

  19. Just wondering, if the game slender man was to be turned into a movie.. would it be a film horror gamers would go and see?

  20. Ideas:

    If you were to embody a creepypasta yourself, which would you choose and why?

    How have Creepypastas affected your life, if at all?

    If you were to choose ONE creepypasta to represent all that creepypasta stands for, which would it be?

    In a convoluted reality where all creepypasta “villains” are real, humanity has been able to round them all up, and has tasked you with dictating an area of the planet to be enclosed for their imprisonment, where would you place them? How big would you make it?

    To be or not to be…creepy?

    WHO WAS PHONE: great creepypasta or the greatest crepypasta?

    If you had to choose a creepypasta character to be your neighbor, who would it be?

    If you had the option to have a creepypasta character as a pet, which would you get?

    How would you rank creepypasta characters in terms of “bounty”? (Kill or capture)

    1. I don’t think anything could be as funny as this topic….aside from the fact I already know of a girl who has a slenderman tat in her… area…..there are tendrils coming out of the central area…..*shudders* I will never unsee that.

      1. Since Slenderman is bald, that would imply . . .

        Oh, dear. I don’t know whether to find this revelation erotic or repulsive. I’m so confused. I think I’ll just go and watch that horror movie “Teeth”.

  21. I suggest the conversation, “what was your First CreepyPasta”. Was it MCP story time, was it a story heard around the campfire, Or did you run into it via a strange internet blog?

    CreepyPasta is not just a site, or short stories. It is an addiction, So how did this addiction start.

    That is my suggestion atleast.

    PS I would like to make it clear I am not refering to The conversation on how creepypasta was discovered by a person..I have heard scary stories all my life. But I did not get hooked until i read “Faces in the Storm” or something like that.

    This question is more about, Which story grabbed you by the balls and dragged you into the CP world.

    1. If it had to be the antagonist of the story, then I wouldn’t really wanna meet any of them. But, if it was just a character and not the monster, I would pick the protagonist from Penpal (kind of like a creepypasta novel. If you have not read it, you should do so now I would choose him because I have so many questions to ask him that the story doesn’t actually mention.

  22. WAIT! I got a better one. What non-horror story freaked you out? Personally, the Matrix. The idea the world we are seeing is not real and we are being used as energy for machines is just so… spine tingling to me.

  23. I’m new to creepypasta and I have to say that these posts have been great for finding some of the most interesting stories I have ever read! Not all of them creepy, but definitely fascinating. Not to mention all of the tips and ideas for making my own pasta. Keep up the good work!

  24. Allright this is the place…

    How about what creepy pasta you want to have a T.V. show about. I personally want a slenderman anime.

        1. i find that if they had like small films with one main event( slender man, jeff/jane ,the rake) adding up to a full hour and a half then it could keep people interested and eaither way id love to see it creepy pasta its just great

    1. I would love to see something come out of The Holders series if anyone remembers that one. Imagine a show about someone hunting down all of the 538 objects.

  25. Well that wouldn’t have anything to do with the many beasts and monster like creatures in the stories posted on the site it could be too personal to ask.

  26. Don't ask me that

    Idk if this is open or not, but for a December 2013 post, why not ask what the readers’ best or worst Christmas present was.And why they thought it was the greatest, or worst gift ever!

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