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March 2015 Discussion Post: Least Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics

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This month’s post is intended as a companion to last month’s Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics discussion. I’d like to get a handle on the current state of the community’s likes and dislikes, both for my own use when selecting pastas as well as for the benefit of aspiring authors. I plan on linking both this post and the prior topic when I re-open submissions, in an attempt to reduce the signal to noise ratio of submissions. It’s my hope that, upon seeing which topics and genres are generally disliked versus which are enjoyed, some prospective authors will self-police a bit and refrain from sending in stories for which this particular community has expressed overwhelming distaste, if any such topics/genres come to light.

So: Which topics and genres of creepypasta are your LEAST favorites?

To clarify the “topics vs genres” categorization, I’ll copy & paste my example from last month here:


For example, we’ve had a minor uptick in sci-fi submissions (this would be the genre) as of late, and I’ve seen a few people mentioning that they’re specifically enjoying the alien stories (and ‘aliens’ would be the topic). That would be the sort of information that I’m looking for with this question. Do you prefer reading about zombies? Or do you prefer post-apocalyptic fare without the z-word included? Do you always hope to see more pastas with a mythological bent? Or perhaps you’re more into the occult tales? I hope that you get the idea!


I hope that everyone will weigh in on this topic, and if you haven’t yet contributed to last month’s post, please do so when you can.


Thanks, everyone!

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85 thoughts on “March 2015 Discussion Post: Least Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics”

  1. I dislike most gaming pastas but there was one that i enjoyed i kinda forgot the name but it kinda went like this Ghost Town.EXE if anybody could help me find it i would be grateful

  2. i think the show “the strain” kinda helped make vamps creepy IMO but your right, cant stand the vampire crap anymore…

  3. I know this is an old discussion, but I finally got a computer that’s actually good enough to load this site. I’m behind, but a little more input couldn’t hurt, so I’ll post this anyway.

    I try not to judge certain genres too much, being that there always seems to one of those exceptional writers out there to surprise me. But I can be picky when reading, so these are some of the things that bug me (at the risk of being repetitive to everyone else’s comments)

    -I’m not a big fan of Zombie apocalypse stories, because they feel a bit too generic for me. There’s only so many ways to go with that genre without getting repetitive.
    -Human killers are okay, but the reasons or ways that they seem to snap and go all psychotic seem to be getting more rushed and unrealistic.
    -Mental Illness or psychological are one of my favorites, but people don’t seem to put much effort into them anymore. Big tip: do your research!I wont actually point out specific stories, because that’d be rude, but people seem to be trying to write a character with illnesses only to assume that they know what the illness entails. I have a friend with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that actually put his foot through his computer screen because a writer offended him on their portrayal of his disorder.
    -Most pasta remakes drive me up the wall. I actually used to love Jeff; BEN; and Slender, so it kinda bums me out that I can hardly stand their stories anymore. They’ve been used way too much, so please leave to my fond memories and stop destroying their characters (harsh, but honest)
    -Rituals are okay, if you can find those rare one that actually throw a curve ball at you. But they’re so few, it’s hardly worth it for me anymore.
    -I have yet to find a second person story I enjoy. I’ve read enough creepypasta, so I’ll have you know that I know perfectly well how I’d act in those situations. And it’s really not how you write that I will. Will that save me? Probably not, but I do things MY WAY. So stop telling me how I act!
    -I see no excuse for bad grammar and spelling. I’m probably one of the worst at this subject, but that’s what betas and spell check is for.
    -Demonic children is apparently HARD to get right. I’ve seen very few that actually get my heart going. Just a warning for those of you thinking of trying this writing style.

  4. I know it’s been like three months since you posted this, but I just wanted to tell you I’m the exact same way. My love sleeps next to me while I read these at night, even though I know I’love scare the pants off myself and want to wake him up anyways haha.

  5. Any spin-offs of creepypasta characters like Jeff, Slendy, etc. are an automatic turn-off for me. They’re never really that good. Also the ones that are self-inserts like Nina the Killer are always just downright terrible (stuff like that shouldn’t even count as pastas). Another thing I hate are ones that use the whole “Jeff” formula, if you know what I mean. Hell, one of them that goes with this formula is pretty much the worst pasta I’ve ever read in my life *cough* Clockwork: Your Time is Up *cough*.

  6. Honestly, anything Jeff the Killer or Slenderman remake related is way overdone and a bit annoying. Poetry pastas though, have to be my least favorite. Relating to the alien and zombie topic, those too are overdone. Honestly, if more mythological stories or original stories were to find their way on here, that would be lovely.

  7. I also hate pastas that go on for too long without a twist. Like when it’s the same creature with the same abilities and even worse with the same plot devices.

  8. Hate Jeff the Killer series and all spin offs. I prefer more realistic supernatural pastas with good descriptive qualities.

  9. I’d like to see some more creativity and originality. What we’ve gotten too much of lately is the “monster of the day”, which roughly follows this format:
    1) The protagonist goes a new place.
    2) The protagonist discovers a monster/creature is already there.
    3) The monster/creature chases the person around or terrorizes them for some completely unknown reason.
    4) The end

    In fact, “monster of the day” that would probably make a good category for Crappypasta.

  10. Spooky McSpookerton

    Looking at it now, my least favorite had to be Jeff the Killer. The story was interesting but highly unrealistic (no seriously, a SHOWDOWN in a house?? Between children?? While adults are present? What?!). I tend to dislike stories that explain a thing, like Jeff the Killer. What frightened me about Jeff was this one viral photo of him that I found on deviantART where it is reminiscent of the now eponymous “overly attached girlfriend” meme. It was just so creepy and horrific.
    My favorite example, outside of creepypasta, where an explanation story kind of ruined the mystique of the horror would be the recent adaptation of the Halloween films by Rob Zombie.The original films were horrifying based on the sheer fact that one could never truly empathize with Michael Meyers– the Zombie films make him more empathetic which really takes away from the horror.

    Another Creepypasta topic I can’t stand are show/game theories. I now consider them the Rule 34 of the horror genre– if it exists, there is a horrifying reason behind why it exists. It is so over done now to the point where I cannot take any of them seriously or even be remotely frightened by them–creeped out slightly, yes, but they do not scare me in a good way.

    Can I also have a good creepy-pasta where someone is not dying or dead somehow? Like how slasher today overdoes it with the blood and gore, sometimes horror can be overdone with all of the imminent death and dying going on. I know that it is the fear of dying that ultimately helps inspire other forms of fear but let’s have a creepy pasta where strange and scary things happen without the end result being that someone ends up dead for real. I get tired of the whole cliche that everyone dies in the end, it gets really boring.

    Some of my favorite pastas include something that is beyond explanation– things that keep me guessing. If it weren’t for the fact that it was a game, Five Nights At Freddy’s would be this. It has an explanation but it is not over done and it is not actually full explained in story–leaving people guessing as to what the truth is. Then there was another one that I had heard on YouTube read by one of my favorite YouTube guys called “The Scarecrow Corpse” which ended with the protagonist having absolutely no idea what is going on and leaving the audience to guess what happened. Those are the best pastas in my opinion.

    1. LemonLimeLord`

      i wanted to read it but the pictures scared me too much xD id like to find a short summery of it so i dont have what happend to u happen to me

      1. I watched the video
        Its really terrifying and spongebob used to be one of my favorite shows. It ruined spongeBob for me.

  11. I like zombie stories because there are so many creative ways/explanations to their origins, and the same for post-apocalyptic stories. I LOVE dystopian society stories, again for the same reason.

  12. Do not want:
    – Typical ghost stories. There’s just already so many of them, it’s hard to execute properly, and unless you have some really really original idea, just better off trying something else.
    – Aliens. It’s Meh. When I’m reading something and it turns out to be aliens, all I can picture is that guy from history channel, and I just lose the creep factor.
    – I want to give a caution. Creepy kids. When done right, creepy or evil children makes me about pee myself. If done wrong, I get a very disappointed horror boner. So just be very carefy Gus Gus.

    1. Clearly someone just needs to mash up the guy from the history channel and Serial Killer stories: if the history channel guy was coming at you with a knife, that’d be frightening, right?

  13. This is not aimed at people who really like Jeff the Killer, but I don’t
    find them that creepy. I don’t think that the characters make a whole
    lot of sense or are realistic (well as realistic as they can get in
    short horror stories). I do not mind them, they are just not as great as
    some make them out to be. I am not a fan of sci-fi but perhaps it is
    because I haven’t read a lot of them. Plus they are usually way to long.

  14. This is not aimed at people who really like Jeff the Killer, but I don’t find them that creepy. I don’t think that the characters make a whole lot of sense or are realistic (well as realistic as they can get in short horror stories). I do not mind them, they are just not as great as some make them out to be. I am not a fan of sci-fi but perhaps it is because I haven’t read a lot of them. Plus they are usually way to long.

  15. I read at least one pasta a night on this website and I have to agree with many others who have joined in the topic.
    -Relentless Jeff and Slendy stories. (Can people actually get away with doing another’s creation?)
    -Games, shows, and theory’s.
    And most of all, as said by others too, pastas that are just poorly written, bland, or ridiculous. I understand not all writers are talented, I don’t even consider myself that good yet, but it seems lately we have just had a wave of stories that seem like they were written in a day or just written for the sake of submitting. I honestly don’t feel like people try to capture the horror or the even attempt to write something that comes from them. An example of this could be a stick man. Anybody can draw one, but to do something yourself that is unique is another. The same thing for writing goes.

    1. Sure people can get away with using other people’s monsters. Technically Slenderman’s IP is held by Eric Knudsen, but he’s been rather nice letting fans do stuff with the character (and generally IP holders are fine with fan fiction anywho). Jeff the Killer’s IP, though, seems to be in the public domain. I guess no one wanted him.

  16. but don’t you believe that some things are real? honestly I think ghosts,spirits, and demons are real. How do you know if some of them are or aren’t ?

  17. My least favorite pasta is, essentially, the reverse of my favorite.

    Good horror stories are a reflection of ourselves (as a species). Werewolves are a commentary on the animal within. Vampires are a commentary on our sexuality run amok. Cthulhu gives insight into our fears that we’re not a relevant part of the universe. Even Slenderman works along this level (generally, he seems to either be the fear of the unknown or the fear of our own curiosity, depending on the good story he’s in). In every good horror story, the monster is merely a reflection of ourselves.

    So bad horror stories, the ones I hate, are the stories that not only fail at this goal, they aren’t even aware that its a goal in the first place.

    So what I hate the most are those stories where the monster is, at the end of the day, just a monster and not a reflection of an innate part of human fear.

  18. Ever heard the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners’? Same applies for stories. There’s no such thing as a bad genre, just bad writing. ALL genres have the potential to be engaging and intriguing. MAYBE video game horror has a very narrow demographic because only people who have played the game get much mileage out of it, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad. So really there’s none I can really say I hate.

    What I can say is, the monster is ALWAYS scarier when you don’t know what it looks like — so I hate stories that describe the antagonist too soon because it ruins it. Think of Psychosis — you never truly find out if he’s crazy or not until the very end, and that’s one of the most praised pastas ever! If you reveal your monster too soon, your story becomes less of a haunting by an unknown and dreaded entity and more of something akin to watching a guy run away from an ugly leopard or something. It ruins the suspense. Leave your reveal until at LEAST the third act of your story. The only thing scarier than a monster is the darkness that conceals it.

  19. Jesus, Mary & Joseph. The moment of realization that he may not be Jake sent chills down my spine. Excellent intruder scare. And not only that; the notion that it was someone who knew about their relationship! Epic. Didn’t see it coming. Wished there was an epilogue, but frightening nonetheless. Kudos.

  20. I do not enjoy works in which a writer uses a character created by someone else, (lookin at you Slenderman) and tries to run with it. It’s too many distinct voices and too many different writing levels trying to synchronize. Multiple authors only work when they coordinate. I definitely will write fanfiction of my favorite stories, but I am hesitant to make them public for that reason.

  21. I like human killers/murderers the least. Often, I don’t find it to be creepy enough unless, of course, it is masterfully done with just enough suspense and fun creative, creepy foreshadows.

  22. What’s funny is that my mother and probably me as well, have the disease that the myth of vampires actually originated from. I don’t bite unless cornered of course. While I agree with you for the most part, I can’t completely rule out all Vampire pastas. Maybe someone has a new approach on them, or it might genuinely freak me out. Same goes for all Zombie/Werewolf/Skin walker stories.

  23. I don’t like serial killer stories, there are WAY too many and most are boring and predictable. I also hate stories that are the written equivalent of “torture porn” where the creepiness is replaced by endless, often tedious descriptions of mindless gore and suffering.

    Lastly, I’m always a little annoyed when I see a stock urban legend retold (often badly) without so much as a fresh perspective or a twist to make it a little less stale: we’ve all been camping and we don’t want to hear anything that ends with “and on the end…WAS A HOOK!”

  24. Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of alien pasta… and parody/spin-off/emo-13-year-oldxJeff pasta? I’ve just never really felt the vibe.
    Also, many pastas incorporating mental illness are just not that great- it just feels really pretentious most of the time imo, not many people pull it off effectively, and the fact that it’s so overdone doesn’t help.
    I think some of my biggest peeves in pastas are:
    – “the ghost was just lonely!!! :'(”
    – characters that you just cannot feel any sympathy for- like the whole ‘teens summoning demons at a party and then wondering why God would bestow such a fate upon them’ scenario… please.
    – excessive gore
    To each their own though, right?

  25. Any entity that is described as having any type of creepy smile, I skip whole pastas because of it. It’s beaten to fucking death, stop with the “it mouth r upturned in spooky scary smile…and it was just stand there smiling!”. Stupid, cliche, boring.

  26. Rusty Shackleford

    Skinwalkers. None of those stories do it for me. A spooky diet bigfoot turns into people and acts like an autist.

  27. I am absolutely fed up with breaking the fourth wall pastas. ANYTHING which refers to reading creepypastas as some kind of scary plot device, like reading a creepypasta causes those monsters to come to life is so over done it’s actually caught on fire. Those aren’t scary, you’re not creeping anyone out, no one will stop reading them.

  28. This might sound dumb, but I don’t really like the post apocalyptic ones all that much. Okay, I’m in a like/hate relationship with them. Some of them can be very good, but most lose my attention quite quickly. I enjoy diversity, an ending that surprises me, and scares me senseless. A post apocalyptic pasta can really only end a few ways, you know? Also, any Jeff the Killer spinoffs? Please stop trying to reanimate something that was dead when it started.

  29. crowfeather2000

    Personally, I’m a little sick of all those zombie type and alien stories. It’s just too typical. But if you can make it into a really good pasta, I could still enjoy it.

  30. I could go on forever on this subject, I hate way more things than I like and have high standards and apparently weird taste. But for the sake of brevity and not pissing off every other person here, I’ll try to narrow it down to the worst offenders.

    Second-person anything. Just… ugh.
    I mean–
    No, I did NOT do that, I most certainly do NOT feel that way, I DO know how to operate that thing or respond in that situation, I would NEVER wear that and since when did I get an unexpected sex change? Don’t fucking tell me what to do; you don’t know me.

    Also, not sure if this counts as either a genre or topic, but when supposedly educated/intelligent characters can’t do their own damn jobs or spell their own jargon or use the wrong your/you’re or then/than or where/were/wear/their/there/they’re/of/off, etc… Especially in the scientific report-style ones or other intended “official documents”, if you’re going to attempt that at least make sure you can spell and know what you’re talking about and how to phrase it.
    Oh, and on a similar note: never, ever Olde Englishe unless you actually can. Please. For the love of literacy, please just don’t.

  31. My least favorite is the whole slenderman thing. It is way, WAY overdone. Same goes for Jeff. The first pasta was tasty, the second was tiresome, and now if there is even the allusion to one of them in the title I skip the pasta entirely. I also do not like pastas that are full of cliche lines like “Oh God those eyes!”
    The way that a lot of the creatures are described in pastas seem to run together: sunken, empty eyes; rotting flesh; etc. When describing a monster, less is more. Let people’s imagination fill in the blanks.

  32. I generally don’t try to dislike any story based on its genre, horror comes in many forms and it would be disrespectful to simply brush off an author’s hard work because “meh, it’s stupid cuz it has vampires and I’m narrow minded.” Stories can surprise you.

    That being said, I tend to have a personal bias against serial-killers and evil-monster type pastas for largely the same reason. I find horror in the realistic weight of any situation, but these genres tend to murder any suspension of disbelief by essentially making their villains invincible and almost always ending on the note of “evil always prevails, flee you mortals, muahaha!” Or “I got away today, but now there’s SOMETHING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!” ️It’s just… boring. Not to mention the tasteless trivialization of serial killers that was once a daily problem on this site.

    I appreciate the prestige these genres have given creepypasta in the form of Jeff and Slendy, but like many other forms of horror it has become stale, predictable, and often tasteless.

  33. This isn’t really a topic/genre, but hate to see when characters feel an inexplicable sense of dread before anything bad happens, and before any reasonable person would do so. To me, it’s an overused device that reeks of lazy writing. It seems like half of our heroes have the magical ability to sense evil, even in the absence of any other outward signs. If your character comes down with an overwhelming sense of dread/panic/fear/etc., please have a realistic reason for it. Even a small reason will suffice.

  34. TheMooseIsLoose

    The vast majority of stories that focus heavily on an explicit description of its antagonist are an extremely big no for me: while its palatable when the antagonist is a person, and while there are some examples that break this rule (Mr Widemouth springs to mind), 9 times out of 10, I find it completely detracts from the experience and from the horror. Personally, I find it scariest when I haven’t got a clue what it is that’s throwing the shit at the fan.

    I’m loathe to say I dislike a specific genre, because even though there’s some that are generally more naff than others, I have come across certain examples within those genres that have been extremely good. However, I cannot deny that I’ve always found video game pastas to be particularly lame, especially ones about either Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog- honestly, how people don’t immediately think of ‘sanic’ or ‘gotta go fast’ is beyond me.

    Science pastas- especially experiment or lab note pastas (Russian Sleep Experiment, I’m looking at you)- are also incredibly bland and unengaging, and mostly just downright corny.

  35. My least favorite creepasta genres/themes:

    -Slenderman and Jeff the Killer: Both characters have been
    done to death and even the best written pastas featuring them often fail to
    scare. There are countless creepypasta entities created over the years that
    remain underdeveloped, and it would be great to see them getting some attention
    for once.

    -Black-eyed kids: Every creepypasta featuring them can
    usually be summarized as “the main character refused to open his front door for
    some creepy looking kids”. These aren’t that common, but their subject does not
    leave much room for creative writing.

    -Cartoon theories/lost episodes/haunted or hacked
    cartridges: There were a few of these creepy pastas that were really well
    written and genuinely frightening. However, they have been replicated ad
    nauseum (minus the stuff that made them good such as their believability and
    familiarity with source material).

    -Videopastas (when posted on creative writing websites):If I
    wanted to listen to a creepypasta, I’d go to YouTube.

    -Ritual pastas: Ritual pastas are honestly amongst my
    favorite type of pastas when they are written well and have a coherent, overarching
    story. However, I don’t like ritual pastas that are just long lists of
    arbitrary things you have to do. Likewise, I dislike ritual pastas such as “How
    to play Hide and Seek Alone” that give advice on how to things so pointlessly
    dangerous that no sane person would ever attempt them.

    Squidward’s Suicide rip-offs: Creepypastas that describe
    something disturbing that is found on a popular TV show/ video game/ website, ect.,
    the reaction of a famous person that produces the popular thing, and the
    resulting cover-up. The original was scary because it implied there was
    something truly disturbing hiding behind something that appeared so innocent,
    but this source of fear has been overplayed.

    Note: I believe that creepypastas should be judged on their
    own merits, and that no pasta should be rejected just because it is about a
    subject that has seen countless unoriginal, clichéd posts. However, writing a
    good creepypasta about an overdone theme is really hard to do, and most
    attempts usually just result in pastas that consist of a long chain of clichés strung
    together to form a semi-coherent plot.

  36. My least favorite genre is probably ritual pastas. I’ve seen a few that I did enjoy, and I wouldn’t say that I overall HATE ritual pastas, I just don’t really enjoy them. I will say that I read one not too long ago where the pasta was from the point of view of someone who actually did a ritual pasta, and I enjoyed it. The fact that the character messed it up right at the end was a nice touch.
    I think my least favorite topic is probably the z-word, because it strikes me as limiting to the author. There is room for explaining how the victims become zombified, and the physical effects, but then it’s just “break their head and you win”. The same way you would kill a normal person.

  37. For my favorite genre, I love psychological pastas like Psychosis. I love the way the get into your head and just freak us out. As for other Pastas, to me, Pastas aren’t as scary as they used to be. Now, they can just be called short stories that are written well. Creepypastas are meant to shock or frighten the reader, nowadays, most Pastas are just non scary or just are short stories that don’t need to be called “Creepypastas”.

  38. Jeff and Slenderman are way overdone. Not a big fan of second person pastas where I am told what to do. (I have a natural antipathy towards authority). I am not a big fan of “found” stories where the author insists everything is true, that something is about to kill him/her, and so lets write a short story. Oh, and video pastas. Why are we watching a video when this is supposed to be a site for creative writing?

  39. I particularly don’t like pastas whose sole aim is to (try really hard to) freak out the reader by describing an entity and all the things it does. A very recent example is “Linen Closet”. Plot, character, mythology, theme, setting (to an extent) and even basic logical coherence all take the backseat just so the writer can describe how the being terrorizes its victims. Gah.

  40. Unicorn Senpai 2000

    I personally have never liked the alien or stereotypical ghost or poltergeist pasta. In fact, I kind of hate them. Along with the poetry pastas Don’t even get me started on the slenderman pastas. There are getting really old now. I really like things that are unique … like some of the pastas that involve religion and the occult.

  41. I’m not a fan of the ritual pasta. We get it if you do this elaborate thing that is too complicated and had to many steps to remember everything exactly you will be met with the devil himself or god who will probably kill you. Just don’t do those things and you’ll be fine.
    Another one I dislike is the lab experiments like the Russian sleep experiment, or the ones that have the lab reports. They are to predictable.

    1. As a writer whose been tinkering with a “report” style creepy pasta for a while, I am curious as to if you could elaborate on what about those you find predictable?

      I mean, is it as simple as that there’s no way that a creepypasta science experiment can turn out good? Or is it perhaps that the somewhat subtle attempt at “this is a real story” motif unbelievable? Or maybe something else?

      1. It’s the attempt at a “this is a real story” but the reports usually take the POV of someone else rather than the writer and gives off an urban legend vibe to me. The whole “this hppened to a friend of a friend” type thing.

        1. Thanks for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it. But aye, I suspect a lot of writers are specifically going for that urban legends, reliable-but-not-really-reliable, blacked-out-government-document sort of feel.

          Thanks again.

  42. im going to be honest: i HATE the creepypastas that do with games and show theories. they are never really good, and generally annoy me. i do not see why they are so popular. the lost episodes are included. the other overly done ones are getting old too. ticky toby, slenderman, etc.

    1. They seem to be popular because the first ones were edgy and enthralled people, whereas the latter ones are unoriginal and derivative. It like vampires: people loved Dracula, but there’s a lot of vampire fiction, inspired by that book, that is tosh.

    2. Nezza dermerteru

      I dont like the ones where the main charector goes insane ie jeff clockwork. I dunno its just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo forced ESPECASILY clockwork. I mean seriously, who just constantly repeats something your teacher randomly siad in class? And drawing bloody pictures? really? There are people who draw crime scenes for a living, but that doesn’t make them crazy. Hech I could draw one right now and it would mean nothing! Sorry that was kinda a rant, mainly about clockwork. If you havent reaqd i then thats just a bunch of gibberish. But dont read it. The writting wtyle is ok, the plot fucking sucks.

  43. -im not a fan of the ritual ones,
    -not a fan of the alien ones – they’re overdone and i feel like when a good plot has nowhere to go anymore people end them with aliens. unless they’re excellent or have a good twist.
    -im not a fan of the parody or “funny” ones.. not really :/ maybe other people enjoy them though?

    -The jeff and slender man ones are getting too many in numbers. and their spin offs – (unless they have a new twist or something interesting that isn’t in other stories) – what i mean is that there are too many of these Jeff and Slender man spin offs and most of them are kinda the same and they’re no longer creepy. they’re no longer creepy because they’re worn out.
    there were a few spin offs other stories (like the one about the living puppets from Candle Cove.) – THOSE were great! because it was rare and exciting. so please keep other spin offs if there are, just not the jeff and slender man ones :/
    -not a fan of the poetry sing songy pasta either.
    -the pokemon and Link video game ones areeee…. repetitive. it would be awesome if you found stories that were new rather than the “i was trapped in the game and couldnt leave” thing. (though i DO enjoy the video game ones :/ i guess its a love hate relationship. im sorry ><

  44. Ritual pastas are the pits, as are most spin-off pastas, video game pastas, and lost episodes. Also, video pastas. This is a writing site; we come here to read, not to be redirected to a YouTube video.

    1. Nezza dermerteru

      some video pastas are really good actualy. like the little pink backpack ( think thats what its called) would be a super crappy story if it was an actual written pasta. Unless you made it work somehow, but I don’t see a way it would work. Plus some are pretty phsycological. I dunno it depends.

  45. I’m not sure what you would call them; but the whole go into a room take the door on the left, go down the hall until you see an entity that will either kill you or show you your future is pretty played out.

  46. I’ve never enjoyed a poetrypasta. They always feel cheesy and are usually too vague or too “singsongy” to actually be creepy.

    1. Ah man, I love (good) poetry pasta. To be fair, most have no sense of meter and think rhyming is the end-all be-all, but get a good poem and it’s far creepier than anything else. Hence, Edgar Allen Poe.

      1. I probably should have said “*almost* never enjoyed a poetrypasta”. Edgar Allen Poe is probably my favorite short story writer of all time.

        Still, the poetrypastas here are all crap.

        1. Not sure I’d say all (as I simply haven’t read them all), but aye. I guess I’d just say that the fault lies with unskilled composers. At the risk of sounding like a meme, bad pasta is bad, be it prose or poetry. It is just that poetry pasta is harder to do well.

  47. I may be haunted forever for this but.. I’m really not a fan of the whole Jeff series. Not creepy to me at all.. This includes every single spinoff as well. Sorry world

  48. Guys, just to clarify, this topic is about your LEAST FAVORITE topics and genres. There is already a topic, linked multiple times in the OP, where you can talk about the stuff you like.

    Just for the sake of not confusing people who come to these topics looking for insight, please make an effort to stick to the topic at hand. Thank you.

  49. I prefer the haunted videogame fare. I agree with Chalice, that zombies are also great reads. But, some of the overdone parodypasta is way overdone, and usually ends with cheesy stuff like ‘Your next’ I also don’t enjoy weird ‘Lost Episodes’. Some of them were meant to be lost.

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