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October Discussion Post: Tips & Tricks for Aspiring Creepypasta Writers

October 1, 2012 Discussion Posts
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It’s been made clear to me that for many of you guys, writing a Creepypasta is your first foray into non-school-mandated creative writing. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and distinctly not-creepy inside, because I like having a hand – however small – in encouraging people to do more reading and writing. I know that many of the people who leave comments here and over at Crappypasta seem to really enjoy helping aspiring writers grow as well, so I thought that it might be nice for us to have a place where we can leave our favorite tips and tricks in regards to writing Creepypastas.

So please, go ahead and leave a comment with anything that you think might be useful for someone considering writing and submitting their very own Creepypasta. Whether it’s as simple as “Remember paragraphs because walls of text suck and nobody enjoys them” or linking us to specific mood music that you listen to while writing, if you’ve got advice, this is the right place for it.

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