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Eyeless Jack

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Eyeless Jack

You wake alone in your room, disturbed by some noise close to you bed. At first when you open your eyes all you see is darkness and black. You stare straight up and listen, straining your ears to pick up the faintest and smallest of sounds, the sounds on the edge of hearing, the sounds of noise being withheld, of something deliberately trying to be silent, to stalk and to hunt. Your eyes begin to adjust. You still see only darkness, but now, with terror you begin to realise, it is not the darkness of the room, but the dark empty void staring out from the hollow eye sockets of the thing leaning over your bed…


One of the most notorious mainstream creepypasta villains, Eyeless Jack is a humanoid entity who removes the organs of his victims and eats them. The character’s moniker comes from the fact that he appears in a hoodie, wearing a blue mask open at the eye sockets, which though they are leaking a black fluid, are entirely empty. In later fan-made variants on the original story Eyeless Jack is commonly found standing at the foot of the bed or leaning over his sleeping victim. 

Appearance and origins

In most depictions Eyeless Jack wears a blue mask and hoodie. There are two cavernous black holes where the eyes should be, whilst the rest of the facial features are either missing entirely or only suggested in shape. The image most commonly associated with the character is a photograph taken from below as if looking up at a blank faced figure with only two gaping holes where his eyes should be. 

This photograph, which predates  production of the actual story of Eyeless Jack, was created on November 19th 2009 by two Deviantart users nickteezy408 and Pirate-Cashoo. The image was then posted  by a user calling himself Arnon on the 4chan, amongst a collection of creepy images and crewsatures taken from video games that he claimed to have found on 4chan’s /v/. The collection was labelled as ‘nightmare fuel’ and significantly featured the deviantart image of the as yet nameless character. The image was posted on June 7th, 2010 and would not be attached to a story until Feb 2012. 

Like many creepypasta characters there was an ekphrastic element to Eyeless Jack’s creation, meaning that the actual story of Eyeless Jack came after or was inspired by the image. That story was eventually posted to Creepypasta by a user named Azelf5000 on February 25th 2012 and was presented as a first person account of an encounter with Eyeless Jack, detailing how he had stolen and at least partially eaten human organs. The story gained in popularity, helped by the reading on youtube by Mrcreepypasta in March of 2012.

Interestingly, the original creepypasta was removed by its creator in the wake of the original Jeff the Killer story being removed. With its author expressing a desire to remove it himself before the admins of the site could. 

Eyeless Jack Creepypasta Story

Hello, my name is Mitch. I’m here to tell you guys about an experience I had. I don’t know if it was paranormal or whatever stupid words people use to describe supernatural phenomena, but after that thing visited me, I believe in that paranormal trash, now.

A week after I moved in with my brother, Edwin, after my house was foreclosed, I finished unpacking. Edwin liked the idea of me moving in, since we had not seen each other for 10 years, so I was excited, too. I soon fell asleep after I moved in. After that first week, I heard rustling noises coming from outside at about one in the morning. I thought it was a raccoon, so I ignored it and tried to fall asleep. The next morning, I told Edwin about it, and he agreed.

The next night, however, I thought I heard my window opening and a loud thump, as if something entered my room. I darted up and looked around my room, but I saw nothing. The next morning, Edwin dropped his coffee cup when he saw me. He held up a nearby mirror and I saw myself. I had a large gash in my left cheek.

After I was rushed to the hospital, my doctor told me that I must have been sleepwalking, but then he showed me something that made my blood turn cold. He lifted up my shirt to reveal a sewn up incision where my kidneys were. I stared into his eyes, mine widening. “You somehow lost your left kidney last night,” my doctor told me. “We don’t know how, though. Sorry, Mitch.”

The next night was my breaking point. Around midnight, I woke up to see a truly horrifying sight. I was staring face to face with a creature with a black hoodie and dark blue mask with no nose or mouth staring down at me. The thing that scared me the most was that it had no eyes. Just empty, black sockets. The creature also had some black substance dripping from its sockets. I grabbed a camera from the nearby mantel and took a picture. Immediately after taking the shot, the creature lunged at me and tried to claw open my chest to get to my lungs. I stopped it by kicking it in the face. As I ran out of my room, I grabbed my wallet. I would need the money. I ran out of my brother’s house into the night. I eventually ended up in the woods near Edwin’s house and tripped on a rock.

I fell unconscious and woke up in the hospital. My doctor – the same one who treated me before – entered the room. “I have good news and bad news, Mitch,” my doctor started. “The good news is that you had minor injuries, and your parents are going to pick you up.” I sighed with relief. “The bad news is that your brother has been killed by some… thing. Sorry.”


My parents took me back to Edwin’s house to collect my remaining belongings, which I did. Upon entering my room, I was scared, but remained calm. I grabbed my camera and then stopped dead in my tracks. In the hallway leading to my room, I saw Edwin’s body and something small lying next to it. I retrieved it up and entered my parent’s car, not mentioning Edwin’s corpse. I looked at the thing I had picked up and nearly vomited. I was holding my stolen half-eaten kidney, with some black substance on it.

Credit: Azelf5000 (a.k.a. Thunder/Joey)

Publisher’s Note: The original Eyeless Jack story was inspired by a photo by DeviantArt user Nickteezy408 – which is featured on this page – and which can be found here

More classic Creepypasta stories can be found here:
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The image of a malevolent hooded character is a common trope in folklore, with characters in european Myth such as the grim reaper and at times the devil himself having been described as wearing a hood or cowl. 

The most striking similarity to Eyeless Jack in this context however would be the myth of El Cucoy. A version of the universal ‘bogeyman’ figure present in most cultures El Coco or cocuy is prevalent in the spanish and portugeuese speaking world and is most commonly depicted as a hooded figure (as famously illustrated by noted painter of dark things Francesco Goya). It has been suggested that Eyeless Jack, who like El Coco, wears a hood and appears in his victim’s bedrooms at night could be a modern reimagining of this long standing mythological character. 

Another element of the Eyeless Jack story that has roots in older urban legends is the fear of organ theft. Stories have long existed about unfortunate travellers or hitchhikers being kidnapped, drugged and having their organs harvested for sale on the black market. Where the influence of this urban legend is most obvious however is not in the removal of the organ itself but in the idea that the wound is closed back up again and the unfortunate victim left without the organ, as this is a signature motif of these tales. 


The idea of these organs being stolen for consumption obviously has a long history in the cannibal stories many cultures told about far away countries, out groups  or ostracised communities.  However the trope also has more recent precedents, the most obvious being the signature line from the 1991 film The Silence of Lambs in which Hannibal Lecter details how he prepared and ate the liver of one of his victims. The other, the notorious X files episode ‘Tooms’ in which the humanoid monster also feeds on the removed livers of his victims. Though of course in the Eyeless Jack narratives the organ is changed to the kidney. 

The organ removal and the suggestion from it that this implies a degree of detailed medical knowledge in the Eyeless Jack character is also reminiscent of the infamous Victorian serial  Killer Jack the Ripper, who as well as sharing a name and proclivity for murder with Jack, was also thought to have had some medical background, based upon the level of expertise with which he too was able to remove specific organs. 

This element of the original police investigation had been a key plot point in a number of later fictionalised versions of the Jack the Ripper murders and has entered into popular culture as a well known detail of the events.

There are striking similarities between the appearance of Eyeless Jack and the masks worn by the Court of Owls in DCs Batman. In those depictions the mask is white with the large dark and oval eyes similar to the original image posted on Deviantart. 

So striking is the similarity that some cosplayers advise seeking out the mask for these characters to use when assembling a costume of Eyeless Jack. However, whilst the ‘court of owls’ imagery could very possibly have been an influence on later depictions of Eyeless Jack and especially on fan art, the story arc in comics was not released until after the original deviant art image that would become Eyeless Jack was released. 

Other suggested influences upon the formation of Eyeless Jack’s appearance are the character of Jack Skelington from A nightmare before Chriatmas and images of ‘grey’ extraterrestrials both of whom are typically depicted with slender necks and sloping shoulders similar to the original image as well as, more strikingly, faces with large black spaces for eyes, in the former case because they are missing and the latter because they far larger than a human’s. 

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386 thoughts on “Eyeless Jack”

  1. I don’t completely understand why this was such a big thing. I can see the original idea was quite good but the way the writer has displayed his idea wasn’t as good. It would be great if someone wrote the same exact story, but in more detail.

  2. ThatRandomFangirl

    Honestly, I used to have a bit of a crush on Eyeless Jack (still sorta do but more in love with an anime character) & I Think he was characterized pretty well but I wish the story could have been a bit more in detail.Anyway… sending my love to EJ.
    P.S. If he was real, I wouldn’t be single

  3. “Sorry” wow, considerate Doctor. He looses his left fucking kidney and “sorry?” His brother dies. “Sorry.” What the fuck?!

  4. “Someone surgically removed your kidney last night. Dunno how. Sorry.” “Hey, great news, you’re okay! But something killed your brother. Sorry.”

    This is just awful. Not even funny awful, just plain awful.

  5. Hay this is good and I would rate it 10 out of 20 so you did half good considering that it got to be in the creepy pasta family. ?

  6. XD he sees the monster and his first instinct is to take a picture instead of GETTING THE HELL OUT IF THERE. And why kidneys? And why did the doctor’s statement about his kidney make him sound like he doesn’t know how to do his job? Was the kidney cut off, ripped away? Did the kidney just disappear? The doctor should at least be able to say in what way was the kidney removed.

  7. Wow erm ok this is a cool story but unfortunately I really don’t know who the HECK this” eyeless jack ” is but if you can upgrade it or at least add a pic please do

  8. Hold up why doesn’t anyone talk about Eyeless Jack any more, I mean ya there r other pastas but a cannibal is an A in my book plus I mean does anybody even know the real back story of Eyeless Jack cause all the other stuff is trash.

  9. I’m sure he doctor would do nothing, Eyeless Jack would TOTALLY let you take a picture, and the police would ignore Mitch as a prime suspect and leave the body in the crime scene. Remake, PLEASE!

  10. Could be more detailed. Needs some background between paragraphs. I had to reread some to understand what’s happening. Good plot though :)

  11. “You somehow lost your left kidney last night. We don’t know how, though. Sorry, Mitch.”

    I mean – really?!
    Well, the creepypasta on it’s own isn’t that bad. At least the base. It just sounds kinda unnatural and blunt.

  12. It seemed like for getting his Kidney taken he seemed pretty calm a little too calm along with the doctor maybe some
    More detail
    Would be better to be honest

  13. This is really old, but after reading this for the first time I swear this is the most stupid yet laughable thing ever.


    This fucking doctor is gold. “Yeah sorry you lost a kidney. Nuthin we can do about it!”

  15. FeatheredFiend

    This is terrible! How does i have almost 9 stars? The doctor’s reactions are so unrealistic. I’d need a space elevator to suspend my disbelief high enough to enjoy this.

  16. I think this should’ve been longer. I feel like it got rushed. It should be starting out as how you moved into your brother Edwin’s house and you two and a bit of conversation. Then moving the days slowly, explaining everything that you see. Then go on to another day where you wake up and there was black substance on you and you didn’t know where it came from. Look, I am not writing an Eyeless Jack story here, I just think it should be re-written with more conversation. There wasn’t AT ALL a lot of conversation in this. I still do think it was a great story. Just re-write it longer, add more conversation, and make this story longer, and it’ll be great! Im pretty sure if you follow all the things I just told you, others might enjoy it too! :)

  17. eyelessjackismybae

    brava! I am a huge fan of Eyeless-Jack! (Obviously) This was a well writ in description on EJ. Very good, very good…

  18. thats it no background information on how ej became who he is today it was a good story , but not what im looking for 7/10 :(

  19. anonymousKATT.jpg

    Yeah, I’m going to try to rewrite. I really hate how it was executed so poorly. So, I’m going to rewrite it and try to keep the central story line. Hopefully, I can make readers feels some type of horror while reading it.

  20. Im not gonna lie this time, I kinda gotta crush on Eyeless Jack……that was the main reason I decided to read this, cause I was just clicking on that ‘Take me to a random pasta’ button

  21. This Story Is Bland. It Has No Colors Or Taste. It Is Like It Was Written By A Person With Blind Insight And Imagination

  22. I see slender man in the forest some times and I chase his dreams of what ever the hell it is hahahahahahahahahahahaha ah, but seriously I chase your dreams slender >:) o and jack give me your mask pls so I can terrorize my town.

  23. The wording was redundant, and there were too many commas, too. It was difficult to read, and I almost stopped after the first two paragraphs. After reading all of it the plot(what there was of it) was not too bad. This story just needs to be rewritten in a more readable way. I also agree that the story was rushed. I like munching micropastas as much as the next guy, but this story could definitely benifit from a little more substance.

  24. Eyeless Jack:
    Do I look THAT BAD in my pictures? I mean, everyone thinks of us murderers and creatures as terrifying monsters. We actually just sit around and play Xbox 360 all day, especially me, Jeff, Slendy and Smile Dog. Although its kind of hard for Smile Dog, obviously. Slendy is the best because he can, well, you know. Occasianally we’ll kill some people, but who even cares?

  25. I don’t want to be harsh, but this story was unbelievably unrealistic.
    There is no possible way that Mitch’s brother would still be in the house at that time. His brother would probably be in a coffin, or a morgue. And Mitch would also have to go to the funeral as well. Another unrealistic event is when Mitch finds his kidney and doesn’t realize it’s his kidney until he gets into the car. I’m pretty sure he would know right when he felt it.
    Also, the doctor was unrealistic. “You lost your kidney, sorry Mitch.” That’s not what a doctor would say. A doctor would ask if he wants to get surgery for another kidney or something like that. The picture also gets to me. If he really snapped that photo of E.J looking over him, he would be dead by now. It’s kind of hard to get a photo like that. And I thought he took a photo of E.J when he was across the room.
    I did like the fact the this Pasta wasn’t long-winded like some of the other Pastas. But it also seemed rushed as well.
    It’s a pretty cool plot, you’ll just have to edit/re-write it and TAKE YOUR TIME

  26. AMAZING!!! I can’t believe how real Eyeless Jack is. I’ve hunted for him every since i found out about creepypasta. I’m truly sorry for Mitch and his brother Edwin. I know his parents are outraged and sad, but I would have eaten someones organs just to meet Eyeless Jack. SOOOOOOO SORRY. But its true.

  27. haha I love what happens to all the characters at the end. it’s kinda really funny to me… Is it bad that i find all this killing stuff funny? .-.

  28. Eyeless Jack:
    Do I look THAT BAD in my pictures? I mean, everyone thinks of us murderers and creatures as terrifying monsters. We actually just sit around and play Xbox 360 all day, especially me, Jeff, Slendy and Smile Dog. Although its kind of hard for Smile Dog, obviously. Slendy is the best because he can, well, you know. Occasianally we’ll kill some people, but who even cares?

    Do you play minecraft? If so don’t kill me. Just take me to your house and let me play some minecraft with you guys. I have a water park, amusement park, train, lava pools, TARDIS, and other cool stuff in my world!

  29. Probably not because there was a little bit of age difference between the two, but yet again it wasn’t that much of an age difference… I can’t make up my mind. :S

  30. its a good storybut it kind of lacks some coming sense such as if ur kidney suddenly disapperes in the middle of the night they would call the police to investigate. one woudnt grab thier walllet when thier scared and running out of a house plus if her brother was in that house it would be natural instinct to go to thier room and warn them. plus how the doctor broke the news to her. they would leave that to the police and he wouldnt phrase it like that. personally i found the story something u wripped up in five minutes. but i like the concept and idea of the story

  31. So he has no reaction to his brother dying? And the doctors only say “sorry”? And he sees his dead brother lying on the floor but doesn’t flip out? Add more emotion to your characters, people!

  32. I love this pasta…eyeless is my favorite but can rewrite this pasta…i have a good idea…*creepy smiles and flips long hair* i will be expecting a reply soon…

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    Hi jeff I will be waiting for you and your brother Liu sleep well jeff

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    writ like eibgt things uhm quotes no not quotes notes that’s it

  38. Stephan D. Harris
    January 5, 2013
    I don’t understand the world anymore.

    Neither do I dude, neither do I. XD

    I think this story is okay. It is nothing compared to Brach’s Candy Factory though. However this is a nice little home scare, unlike where some random idiot girls go to an abandoned candy factory with (obviously) candy…….and LIMBS. X)

    Anyhow, I’ll add to my favourites and rate this 6/10! XD

    E.J. ~ *trying to get organs out of me*
    Me ~ DUDE! Not my privates! >:(

  39. Wow. An 8.2? I’m sorry but this pasta is pretty close to being similiar to many crappypastas I’ve read. Just cause Eyeless Jack became a badass icon doesnt mean the pasta should be so highly rated….whatever.

  40. You know I wish I would play Xbox with my dad and his friends but I’m living with humans and I don’t know the address to their place

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  41. Jane the Killer:
    Pretty sure if I knew where Jeff lived I would have brutally murdered him wanna tell me where he is? Jeff, when I find you YOU ARE DEAD. That’s all. Oh you remember that hotel, Yeah I know you do, Did you check under your pants after words because I stole a little something when I left. ;)

    If you dare hurt Jeff I shall murder you….Painfully
    SO DON’T touch him…..or I shall kill you…Gouge out your eyes, gut you, oh give E.J your kidneys, then BURN YOU AGAIN hehehhAHHAHAHA! oh oh oh! AAANNND make S’MOARS WITH YOUR FIRE HAHAHAHAAHHA!
    So don’t touch Jeff o.e

  42. “Okay so you lost your kidney to something and we don’t know what it is. No biggie. Oh, and your brother is dead and left to rot next to your kidney. You are SO sensitive. Can we focus on the pros? Your mom is coming!!”

  43. wow u guys think this is real its not. im in 3rd grade they told us this stuff in grade kindergarten. so all im going to say is wow JUST WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    peace yo bro YOLO

  44. Hi, I am his daughter, and I am missing a kidney due to Eyeless Jack because someone told him something that happened when I was little, it involved Eyeless Jack, and, well I was wondering if someone here told him
    -Lilly-May a.k.a. Blood Rose
    P.S. have any of you heard of me?

    1. You know derp I wonder how you stay sane. You read every story and every comment. And well thank you. You brave, brave man.

  45. I really liked the story except it was very rushed, especially the doctor parts. I have serious doubts that a doctor would just blurt the kidney thing out like that. One thing I liked was your description of Jack.

  46. Thorn EJs girlfriend

    You should write about me!
    I’m thorn, green hair red eyes! EJs girlfriend! No one knows about me yet but I hope that will change!
    And it’s obvious what EJ stands for right?
    Eyeless jack!
    That’s it. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. I’m officially writing a pasta. I can’t take it anymore. Whoever comes up with all this, I’m jealous of every last one of you. NO LONGER!!!!! I…am writing a pasta!

  47. Thorn EJs girlfriend

    Thank you someone understands!
    weeping angel:
    I like this creepypasta but i don’t think that eyeless jack would just let you grab a camera and take a picture of him like that. You must repay him with a kidney or two.

  48. His kidneys were cut out the night before and the doctor’s response is “Sorry Mitch.” Wow, and then the doctor lets him go home after that. Obamacare really sucks.

  49. this is a great story!, only problem is the lack of detail, and

    “You somehow lost your left kidney.. We don’t know how, though. Sorry, buddy! you can go home now! oh- and also, good news bad news, your parents are coming to get ya! thats good, oh, and your bro died last night, no big deal- see ya!”

    (if i were mitch)

    Me- ..WHAT?!?!? *slaps doctor for being so cheerful*

    Doctor- *is in rainbow land*

    Me- *pulls out shotgun*

    Doctor- *huums happy tune*

    Me- … GGAAH *chucks gun down and runs away*

  50. Epic story I showed it to my brother and now he’s afraid of my basement at night ‘cuse it’s dark. wish there was more to the story though… but still tnx for scaring him!!!

  51. That’s it. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. I’m officially writing a pasta. I can’t take it anymore. Whoever comes up with all this, I’m jealous of every last one of you. NO LONGER!!!!! I…am writing a pasta!

  52. I like this creepypasta but i don’t think that eyeless jack would just let you grab a camera and take a picture of him like that. You must repay him with a kidney or two.

  53. Mitch hi i am a 15 year old guy in high school and my AV class is picking out stories to make a full movie production i was wondering if i could please have your permition to create a movie out of this if you accept email me and ill tell you the plot and the story and if you could tell me what you think about it or if you want to change it in anyway please let me know :D

  54. Your mom's chest hair

    That doctor sounds like a total jerk. No tact. Btw did anyone think of charlie the unicorn while reading this? IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS KIDNEY?!

  55. i have been reading alot of creepypasta stories and i have to say that alot of these stories are fake exept mine and yeah i said because im not afraid because after what happend to me i now know that nothing can ever be worse. but still i love these creepypasta stories and read mine or else…

  56. Daw. Too bad. I wish i were there to play. TOO MANY PEOPLE SAYIN MAH NAME. I get teleported behind them and somehow. The moment they see me. I’m holding a SPAS12 directly in their faces.

  57. I don’t think its rushed. Well yes but it was written by a guy in the story who had little experience like two days of this monster and he only saw it once. Not much documentary or experience with something, not much to tell. And you know its pretty hard to write something and not rush it.

    1. “And you know its pretty hard to write something and not rush it.”

      Not really…

      This story was really bad. I’m sorry, but it wasn’t scary because it was so badly written. The characters weren’t believable at all (the doctor, wtf!? 0__0). It made me laugh, though.

      “Oh, hey, I heard my bedroom window open and the next day I go to the hospital and learn that I lost a kidney. Now there’s this thing in my room. Maybe I should run or, like, find something to hit it with. Nah, taking a picture sounds like a MUCH better idea! 8D”

      Toooootally believable. Yeah…

  58. This story sounds rushed, I love how the doctor just says “sorry” its hilarious, this doctor is on meth or something, and why didn’t Jack eat the whole kidney, did it taste bad? And the kidney he found could’ve been his brothers, I mean all kidneys look similar and u probably have never seen ur kidney. No logic here, sorry Jack, but Jeff the killer is way better…. Please don’t take my kidney, u still have a cool pic:(

  59. can any one help me, im haveing problems. i know this is a crapy place to go for suport but i havent got alot of options.

  60. When I saw the picture the first thing that poped into my mind was “this is a Black Angel”because they look alot like Eyeless Jack. But just look it up.

  61. Theres A knife in your back, check.

    Meh, Its okay. Love the photo, though.

    Doctor: Hey, you lost your kidney, and you have a gash on that cheek. I think its time to send you home!

  62. What about us lesser-known creepypastas,huh?Does ANYONE remember who I am?I mean,THANKS 4 TAKING ALL THE CREDIT,JACK SLENDY SMILE DOG AND JEFF!!!

  63. I don’t understand. This is such a great story, but at the end it mentions how he re-wrote this story? I’m quite confused about this website, are the stories on here true experiences that you’re sharing or is it all fictional? Please email me or reply and let me know as soon as possible. I’m dying to know!

  64. sorry but you lost a kidney. and your bro is dead, too. but we left his body at the house, cause were lazy and the morgue is full. but oh well! you can just leave the hospital now. baiiiii!!!

  65. the tails doll's buddy ‹3

    I really enjoyed how crappily thrown together this piece of s*** is, however, this is actually SO BAD that it’s funny. On another note, kudos on the ‘doctor’ ( I’m almost CERTAIN he/she was on cocaine + mariguana(?) + dope + bath salts + they were huffing ‘bloonies’ ) XD LOL! (redundancy!)
    ps. I’m 12…. º.º

  66. “You somehow lost your left kidney last night. We don’t know how, though. Sorry, Mitch.” Oh yeah, because if I was a doctor that TOTALLY wouldn’t concern me and obviously it’s expected while sleep walking for their to be times you surgically remove parts of your body. totally.

    1. Teh Moosen is NEAR

      Do not hate on the writer. With that much time he probably could have removed it and it it possible to live without one of your kidneys. I think you’re just jealous of the popular pastas. This one was fine.

  67. Pretty good to me should of have a hella lot more details give discriptions of characters the scene but pretty much its good to me since i lost my organ laughing XD

  68. ok pasta he looks a little bit like scream and since i have started talking about scream this site needs a story about scream…..WHAT dont judge me!!!!!….. sorry i over reacted. :<

  69. Shadow X King14

    Dude! When you found your kidney, why didn’t you eat the rest of it! You just can’t let a good kidney to go to waste, especially sense Jack took the time to get it out of you in the first place.

  70. Why did they call him Jack? I maybe called ‘death, horseman, the reaper’ ect but they’re relivant names im not randomly called ‘Bill the reaper’

  71. Omg. I didn’t know who eyeless Jack was until now. I love Jeff the Killer and Slenderman, but eyeless jack seems cool. Well…bye. And no, I’m not gothic or emo. I am a cheerleader prep in junior high. But man do I love this site and everyone of you. Believe it or not, most of my friends are goth/scene/emo. Lol. I’m such a blab. Jeff would tell me to go to sleep just to shut me up.

  72. HEEEYY THAT IS NOT WHAT I DO!! STOP SPREADING RUMORS! I’m really a nice guy, you know! Just because I don’t have eyes.. Slenderman is nice, too! Jesus, humans! Like, WTF!

  73. The story was ok, it lacked some depth, but what really got to me was the picture at the end. A few years back I had a sleep paralysis incident, and I remember out of the corner of my eye, I could see a figure standing right next to my bed, that kind of resembled this picture. However, the thing I saw wasn’t as thin, and it was taller than the thing in the picture. It was quite an unsettling experience. Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent, just seeing that picture brought back the memory.

  74. Gecko with a knife

    “Oh, and your kidney was stolen. Sorry.”
    I think this sentence was the first obvious sentence that made the pasta hilarious. If this had more detail, it would work. You just don’t get a picture in your head.

  75. This was just terrible… Besides that it was obviously rushed, it was severely lacking imagery, and it doesn’t explain anything about the supposed “killer,” what kind of freaking doctor would have a kid show up at the hospital with a missing kidney and just go “Oh, and by the way, your kidney is missing, sorry. Go home now.”?? Same thing with his brother dying. In that case the police would get involved, take his statement, etc etc… They wouldn’t have it so the doctor would come in and say “Good news and bad news. Good news is you’re fine! Bad news is your brother was murdered!” Not only is that just completely unrealistic, but it’s just downright stupid.

  76. *accidentally scrolls down to the picture before reading* OOOO this story has a picture! i better read it.

    *reads part about kidney* O.o really dude? u lost ur kidney, and u go right back home and go to sleep the next night? no. no sir. no fucking sir.

  77. Okay, for something to even stand a chance of being scary it needs to be a) well written and b) have some footing in reality (or at least the everyday parts need to be realistic in order to give some credence to the ‘otherworldly’ parts). This misses these two vital components. It reads as though it’s been written by a young teen – I hope this is the case, because what right-thinking adult would guess that a doctor would convey the news of a sibling’s death with a trite line like, ‘I have good news and bad news …’ The good news being that the injuries are minor, the bad news being his brother’s dead. I wonder where, on the good news/bad news scale, the doctor placed the previous night’s loss of a kidney?

    Also, the culmination re the half-eaten kidney – I’m not 100% convinced that a layperson would be able to identify a black slime-ridden internal organ that had been partially consumed. But at least the good news is that it was only half eaten! Or maybe it’s bad news that it’s been half eaten. I dunno – I’m confused!

  78. firstnamelastname

    also.. i just think, if you’d gotten “tons of requests for it” maybe putting a bit of thought and effort into it would be nice for your readers that asked for it,
    rather than just hacking something out and going “ok here you go.”
    i’m sure after this, people will be having second thoughts on making any other requests..

    1. Uh, dude, the derpy one didn’t write it. This is actually an older pasta like “Who was phone?!” or “Candle Cove” that derpbutt basically went out and found because people were asking for it and re-printed here.

  79. firstnamelastname

    i actually pored through pages of stories to find this story again, because i absolutely feel compelled to say, i found it extremely off-putting when reading that the main character was at home the very same night after being in the hospital and notified that he was missing a kidney.
    i know these stories are fiction obviously,
    but maybe at least keep it remotely realistic..
    he’d have been in the hospital at least a week after finding a missing kidney.
    i won’t get into all the other errors, because the main thing here is the utter lack of planning into the story.
    who goes home the same day that they have a kidney removed.
    and why would any doctors be saying “self-inflicted” with something as serious as kidney removal? not to mention, good luck actually reaching back to where your own kidney is to remove it yourself.
    it’s a whole lot of nonsense (meaning it just doesn’t make sense)
    it’s almost as if the writer just got on here, hammered out a quick story, stuck in a photo, and submitted it without reading back over it at all.
    i just think.. this story was incredibly poorly thought out.
    (i apologize.. it’s not personal, just a poorly plotted story and i know plotting can be hard but this was like no effort or thought went into any of it)

    1. firstnamelastname

      just one more snippet:
      adding a photo to a story, does not automatically make a poorly planned story any better.

  80. YouFuckingKiddingMe?

    So, you wake up in the dead of night, and once your eyes adjust to the darkness you suddenly realise there is a masked, eyeless, be-hoodied gentleman looming over you, observing you as you sleep. This is despite the fact that said intruder cannot possibly see anything, as he only has empty sockets where his eyes might once have been. He is also drizzling you with drops of a thick, black, gunky liquid.

    As you ponder the situation, it occurs to you that this individual hasn’t moved a single muscle since you first spotted him, and you conclude that this would be the perfect opertunity to fetch the camera from your bedside table and snap a few pictures of the strange fellow.

    This blatent faux pas enrages him, and in retaliation he leaps on top of you and attempts to rip open your chest so that he can tear out your lungs with his bare hands.

    … Seriously?

    1. Ok guys. Leave my boyfriend alone. He’s getting tired if this bullshit. Trust me. First, he did try to rip open his chest and he successded by killing him. He left Mitch for dead and he never got too the hospital. I was there helping Jack kill him and I personally smashed the camera to hide ourselves. Now I am telling you to stop this bullshit, and one last thing.

      Look up….

      Sweet dreams….

    1. LOL ikr? The doctors just like, “Well gee, sorry about that there. Looks like your kidney was mysteriously stolen. Bummer.” “oh, gosh. Your brother is dead. Nobody has even bothered to search for\clean up his corpse, but hey, shit happens” I love the creepypastas that exist in a magical world without police…..

      1. because it was created by someone who has no writing skills, common sense, or a creative imagination. If i could rate it my way it would be -10/10, oh wait i just did.

    1. firstnamelastname

      yes. as well as good judgement in sending a patient home the very same day after finding a shoddily removed kidney.

  81. I don’t know whether to give this a 1 because of how terribly written it is… Or a 10 because of how terribly written it is. I am still laughing at the doctor’s dialogue. :D

    1. HA! Are you kidding me!? The pic isn’t at all scary, the plot was sh**y and the dialog was so bad words cannot describe them. Plus where in the story was the creature ever named “Eyeless Jack” because it was never mentioned once!!!

  82. “your brother was killed by some…thing. Also, we just kinda left his corpse there, is that okay? We didn’t feel like taking it all the way to the morgue or anything, and we figured your house was as good a place as any.”

    1. firstnamelastname

      “also, even though you just had a sloppy home-removal of your kidney, i think you’d do just fine going home today..”

      1. O and don’t worry ’bout the gash it should be fine. Have a nice nice day sir knowing that until u die that we left ur bro at home dead, he died of something, u now aperenntly sleep walk making urself have gashes, and ur kidney has be sloppishly home style cut out. (Derp this all sounds like a docter I would love to go see.)

  83. The dialogue for the doctor was hilarious.
    “Don’t worry too much about that scratch; you probably just got it while you were sleepwalking. Oh by the way, your kidney appears to be missing somehow.”
    “Hey, champ! Good news and bad news. Good news is that your parents are coming to pick you up! Yay! Oh, and your brother’s dead. Sorry ’bout that.”

    1. To some people it could be funny, to others the story is so bad that they dont react at all. To me its a sad waste of human resourse. Cant wait to see Kiiryas’ version of it though.

  84. “You somehow lost your left kidney last night. We don’t know how, though. Sorry, Mitch.”

    “I have good news and bad news, Mitch. The good news is that you had minor injuries, and your parents are going to pick you up. The bad news is that your brother has been killed by some… thing. Sorry.”


    1. Hey, it could have been worse:

      “You somehow lost your left kidney last night. We don’t know how, though. Sorry, Mitch. But on the bright side, I did save a lot of money on my car insurance.”

  85. The Man with the Russian Hat

    Okay, I swear I have read this before. Also, this does not have many details. It seems like the story has less elements than the last time that I read this. Also, FYI, if anybody wants to name a pasta “The Man with the Russian Hat”, that person/group may do so.

      1. Delirium At Its Finest

        I’m just asking, does anybody know a back story to Eyeless Jack. As in how Eyeless Jack came to be Eyeless Jack? Because I think he’s an interesting character, but I can’t find anything except fanfics, this and a youtube video that appears to be Eyeless Jack’s history but it’s in a foreign language.

  86. Well…If it’s an old pasta I won’t critique it too harshly.

    The writing was poor, and many parts of it were unbelievable. There were also a lot of blatant errors. (i.e. If the creature didn’t have eyes, how could it stare down at the narrator?)

    1. To be frank, I consider it on the same level of Jeff the Killer. I don’t find Jeff to be scary, well-written, or all that good, but for some reason it sure has gotten a fanbase. Given the amount of emails and comments I’ve gotten asking for this one, it seems that it’s a similar case of “well, I sure don’t get the appeal, but it’s popular enough that I’ll put it up anyhow if only to stop all the begging for it.”

      The pastas that become mini-phenomenons sometimes really surprise me, I’ll put it nicely.

  87. Sorry. you lost your kidney. This story is terrible. It doesn’t make half since most of the time. And it’s amazing that this made it on the site. I’ve read better story on This story is complete crap.

  88. THEN WHO WAS....nevermind...

    No! NO!!!!!!! nononononono. Just… HELL no!!!!!! This is the kind of pasta thats been sitting in water in a heated container for about a month!!!

    1. Endoplasmic Reticulum

      I laughed when it got to the kidney part, but if I saw a horrifying creature above me my first thought is not “Where’s my camera?”

      Also, why did it take the creature 24 hours to eat half a kidney?

      1. Liked because your name is Endoplasmic Reticulum. My second favourite organelle! (Sorry, but you just aren’t as cool as the Golgi Apparatus.)

    1. firstnamelastname

      that’s exactly my sentiment.
      it’s like someone just came on here and pounded out something without thinking it through or even re-reading it to make sure it made any sense.
      which unfortunately, it doesn’t.
      i just think the entire plot is such nonsense that it would be hard for anyone to re-write while keeping the central storyline of it, they would have to change essentially everything.
      oh well.. not the worst thing i’ve ever read on here:)

        1. Done?

          I think i remember in some point of the story that he asks where his brother is and then the parent replies with “what are you talking about? you don’t have one” then he goes to check his brother’s belongings but he doesn’t find anything as if he doesn’t have one. i might be talking about a different pasta, but i really remember that this pasta is the one that has this feature, apologies for my bad memory.

        2. I think it was good cx that’s coming from me. Yeah it was rushed but if you read Laughter you’ll see that this is not the worst. It seemed pretty legit. THATS COMING FROM ME………
          An unknown pasta….

    2. Do I look THAT BAD in my pictures? I mean, everyone thinks of us murderers and creatures as terrifying monsters. We actually just sit around and play Xbox 360 all day, especially me, Jeff, Slendy and Smile Dog. Although its kind of hard for Smile Dog, obviously. Slendy is the best because he can, well, you know. Occasianally we’ll kill some people, but who even cares?

      1. it’s good to now that you and the other monsters, and if you find disrespect in this term I am truly sorry, are just like us and not all crazy freaks, well maby jeff is but he did have good reason to snap.

        1. I would like you, Jonathan, to know personnally that I take your statement as a compliment, and because of that comment I will vow not to kill you, your parents, your friends, anyone you know. You are a good tribute to society, and I hope that you go on to be what you are today. Anyway, Jeff kinda is a bit-er, off of it. He freaking makes me give my own victims to him! Can you belive that!? Sighhh…somtimes I wish Jane knew where he lived, but I guess he can be useful for scaring the absolute CRAP outta people for me, so they don’t have to see me ripping their guts apart. For some reason Edgar’s guts didn’t taste the same as that one guy in his house with him’s did…I know Edgar’s, well, KNEW it because I thouroghly stalk my victims before I murder them. Well, have a nice day reading Creepypasta!

        2. Well I don’t EAT my victims like you and slendy,I just kill-er I mean help people.
          And the only reason I look at people in their sleep is to make sure they’re dea-I mean safe!

        3. Pretty sure if I knew where Jeff lived I would have brutally murdered him wanna tell me where he is? Jeff, when I find you YOU ARE DEAD. That’s all. Oh you remember that hotel, Yeah I know you do, Did you check under your pants after words because I stole a little something when I left. ;)

        4. CreepyAnimeGamelover

          Aw, Rake, I haven’t forgotten you. But, how do you even play Xbox if you have claws for fingers? Wouldn’t you just slice the controller or something?

        5. Hey Jack can I come over an play some Xbox with u? I could make some nachos and bring them over I am a huge gamer!!

        6. why does the submission thing don’t work, i want to publish my awesome pasta featuring me.

        7. I prefer the term psychopath but that’s just me. Some people call me odd or weird and are freaked out when I smile. They think I’m smiling for no reason, but it’s really because I have a new “target”. By the way, I kill with a knife, how about you guys and girls?

        8. Quinn Zora White

          Has Jane caught up to Jeff and start all that you-killed-all-my-friends-and-family bullshit while you guys are trying to play video games yet? I feel like that’s how shit would go down–while Slendy’s trying to open up a game.

        1. Jesus smile dog u suck ass when u face me in halou think a dmr is better then a energy sword well I got news for u ass hat y dont u just chew up a ipod likema NORMAL dog ur not even a pasta all u domis give people nightmares jeez

        2. sorry you have no thumbs and I don’t mean to offend you or anything but hey can I play xbox 360 with you guys

        1. Tails doll your singing a song that gives away your weakness and you’ll die if you go outside during the day… wtf!!!

      2. HorrorFanGurl

        bad in your pictures? Pft what are you talking about jack? You look adorable. Wish I could meet you smile dog slender or Jeff… But in the day time if chorse, I get paranoid a lot and seeing you guys at night would freck me out and I would never go asleep again. But if I did meet you guys we could all play a round I’d a game of every ones choice!!! And… Please don’t kill me

      3. I know right? I don’t think you’re monsters and I’m not obsessed with death like oriole say I just find it interesting

      4. wow, you look a bit like jack skelington in that pic, (btw, you my favorite creepypasta charecter/being or whatever you like to call yourselvs) say high to slenderman for me! :-)

      5. You guys like to play Xbox? :D YA! You just made my day! Im a gamer girl haha and don’t kill me please, im actually a fan u guys are awesome. You don’t look bad either. Have you heard of Pewdiepie? You should go look him up on Youtube. He has some funny videos of him playing Slender The Arrival and The 8 pages. He plays a lot of other horror games too. I think you would find them funny. :)

      6. You guys are like normal people but with an addiction like you with kidneys Jeff with killing and his face Smile is a dog so i really dont know and Slenderman…. Well i got nothing but still you guys are normal people thts all nothing wrong and nothing bad….. right???

        1. And ure pic looks great nothing wrong with the pic i give thumbs up like alot (i would also give u my kidneys) also do u play Black opps im a female gammer and like ppl say to me a “freack” but idc any bye

      7. so you and the creepy pasta gang just play xbox 360 all day sweet you guys are awesome. Hey can I play xbox 360 with you guys???

      8. I actually think your pretty cool. Also i wanna play xbox. If you ever find me i promise to protect you guys from police… Unless you kill me. (Please dont)

      9. You totally forgot about me, huh? It’s me, Slendy the Killer! Who wants me to make Jane take a nap? Forever?

      10. Hi jack. Just wanna say u the awesomest creepypasta EVER. And my niece and I both luv u. Want to play some minecraft sometime?

      11. Johnathan I agree eyeless Jack Jeff Jane misty all you guys are awesome I have to tell Seed eater something try turkey with gravy instead of kids

      12. Jeff, Slendy, and I play cards sometimes, do they ever mention me? I just wish that someone would write me a creepypasta, I suppose I’ll write one of my own sometime…

      13. Some Girl in Arizona

        I thought it was Eyeless Jack, Jeff, and Ben who played video games. Also people do care if you kill someone, unless nobody knew that person, but still a lot of people do care.
        Sorry if that seemed rude.

      14. Omg Jack XD, and no you do not look bad at all, also I love your fricking Mask XD. (Yes I know its a late comment don’t judge me)

        1. Yo Rake, member that time we went creepin on people? Yeah, I remember too. Don’t feel left out! Xx Katniss

        2. Rake I can’t belive you name your self the Rake,sorry but that’s stupit GET A NEW NAME MOROND AND NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU!!! sometimes I can be a btch you know…and I like to kill people by a mushetie not scream at them to death..SLENDERMAN IS WAY BETTER THAN YOU!!! ;-)

    3. Yeah. So many of the Pastas are rushed. People need to learn that longer is not um…. worser. There is one other weird ting, the doctor. This doctor character is terrible “Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, you lost your kidney. No big deal. ”

      “Oh yeah, your brother died. Some… thing killed him. No big deal its fine.”

      1. its definitely a good story base but thts al it is is a base. it needs more substance and planning. but jeff will always be my favourite :3 <3 hehehehehe

      2. It’s a good start, but it could be a lot longer. More substance. More dialogue with the doctor, maybe? I’d be pretty concerned missing a kidney. Maybe some police investigation thrown in there?

      1. you dont know how long it to me to write this (paws you Know) i wouuld like to say that i am good at xbox, JACK, your just to embaressed to say that a dog can beat you in halo also y nobody look at my pics no more, too many fakes :(

        1. I know u probably won’t see this but I want you to know and the other cps that you are awesome and you seem cool too chill out with ….unless you kill me…that would be bad

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