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December 2013 Discussion Post: Making Monsters


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This month’s discussion post was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME!

Humans have been making monsters seemingly from the dawn of our species. Every culture has their own army of bump-in-the-night creepies, terrifying mythological beasts, and fearsome folk tales. Some are part of oral history and creation legends, others exist to relay morals or lessions, while some exist solely because people just love a good scare.


Obviously, here at Creepypasta, we tend to be primarily motivated by the latter. So let’s talk about the process of making monsters!

What do you think makes a good monster? Are there any particular traits that make one monster creep you out more than others? Why do you believe that some Creepypasta creatures, like Slenderman or The Rake, have become so popular?

Do you have any ideas for a new type of creepy beast? Feel free to leave ideas in the comments of this post; however, as always, do not post any WIPs or pastas in the comments. If you see someone with a concept that inspires you, please get their permission to use their idea – or, if they’re willing, exchange emails and collaborate off-site. Let’s get some fresh and new Creepypasta beings created here, guys!

To aid in the discussion and possibly inspire some of you, here are some links:
Monster-related wiki pages compiled by kingapathy
Obakemono Project
Encyclopedia Mythallica
Types of Faeries
God Checker
Native American Monsters of Myth and Legend
Demonicpedia: The Online Demon Encyclopedia
Mythical Creatures List
Legendary Monsters of Africa
Alien Index

Obviously, that’s just a small sampler – feel free to link other sites that you think would be relevant and interesting to this discussion!


Have fun, and don’t let the monsters get you…


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