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July 2013 Discussion Post: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

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Remember a few months ago when I asked for your favorite creepy video games? I’d mentioned that I planned to do similar posts for books, movies, and maybe even television shows and music – and since July means that a lot of you have the free time of summer break to spend watching creepy movies, that’s what we’ll talk about this month.

Just like last time:

As people suggest their favorites, I’ll turn this OP into a master list of the community’s favorite spooky movies (with links to download or buy said games if possible).


Thanks for the help, and have fun!

For the most part, I’ll be linking to the Amazon instant video version when possible (our ref link is included, so as always – if you decide to purchase/stream any of these movies via these links, thank you so much!) to make it easier for those of you who want immediate gratification.

For series, I am linking the sequels by their numerical position in the series, not their title. This is just to make the list cleaner and easier to navigate since some of these series have quite a few entries under their belts!

For movies that are remakes of, for example, Asian horror, I will list the two versions side by side (assuming that I’m aware of the remake/original status, of course). I will usually put the English name first, since that’s how most people are calling them in the comments.

Please click the “read more” button to see the full list below the cut!


Alien | 2 | 3 | 4
An American Werewolf in London


Blood Simple


Dial M for Murder

Eastern Promises
Event Horizon

Final Destination | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Freddy vs. Jason

Grave Encounters | 2







Megan is Missing

North by Northwest

One Missed Call | Chakushin Ari

Paranormal Activity | 2 | 3 | 4


Rear Window


Saw | 2 | 3 | 4 5 | 6 | 7
Scream | 2 | 3 | 4
Stephen King’s It

The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Lady Vanishes
The Ring | 2 | Ringu | 0 | 2
The Road
The Silence of the Lambs | 2 | 3
The Strangers
The Thing 1982 version | 2011 remake
The Woman in Black



Wrong Turn | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Young & Innocent


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308 thoughts on “July 2013 Discussion Post: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

  1. The shining. Definitely my favorite movie of all time. Although not a horror film, David Lynch’s Eraserhead made me feel very uncomfortable. I enjoyed it a lot. Really makes you think. Also, the descent. I think that’s what it was called. They go into a cave and they run into some Falmer type things. I haven’t seen it in a good while, but that one scared the poop outta me when I was a youngin.

  2. The shining. My favorite movie of all time. although I don’t think its necessarily classified as a horror film, David Lynch’s Eraserhead really made me uncomfortable and a lil squeamish.

  3. The best Iv seen is Dark Water. The Japanese version at that. It was scary and sad. Absolutely bone-chilling.

    Others I liked were:-

    The Ring
    Grudge 1
    The woman in black
    Paranormal Activity 1
    Insidious 1 n 2:- Not so much scary but the concept was mind-blowing.

    About to watch Oculus today and have a feeling its gonna get added to this list :D

  4. Then among the movies that should be added:

    – Dark Floors
    – VHS 1 and 2
    – John Dies at the End
    – Pulse (the first one only)
    – The Grudge
    – IT
    – Turistas

    I’m especially fond of Turistas, John Dies at the End, and VHS; anyone who hasn’t seen them is missing out.

  5. creepypasta critic

    THE SHINING!!!!!!!!!! I love this movie soooooooooooooo much! Its an awesome movie and anyone who has not seen it is a POTATO!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hmmm, I’m late adding my two cents to this, but I have a couple that are truly scary (to me, anyways).

    The first (and still favourite) is a film called Nomads. Oh man. Still freaks me out.

    The other movie I found very frightening was The Blair Witch Project. Being out there in the wilderness, alone, cold, hungry, tired, terrified … Eeek!

  7. Nosferatu's Pea Coat

    Impossible to choose, but I do know that “Witchboard” scared the crap out of me and so did “Phantasm”. I know, I know, Tawny Kitain is in “Witchboard”…..oh well. It’s a bit obscure I suppose, unless you’re a die hard fan of this genre, then you’ll definetly be familiar.

    Long live “The Tall Man” (Angus Scrimm)

    As I said, it’s too many that I like, love, and for many different reasons at that.

  8. No. They do Suck :)

    They’re pussy rock. I listen to real metal.

    gabby wuz here :33:
    @Cabin no no no, why don’t YOU listen to real music. The only reason you hate on BVB is because you can’t handle their hard-core-ness. (They’re no Marilyn Manson or Slipknot, but eh) instead, you listen to One Direction and Justin Bieber and all that pop BULL. You just can’t handle hard-core with your delicate prissy baby ears.

    gabby wuz here :33:
    @Cabin no no no, why don’t YOU listen to real music. The only reason you hate on BVB is because you can’t handle their hard-core-ness. (They’re no Marilyn Manson or Slipknot, but eh) instead, you listen to One Direction and Justin Bieber and all that pop BULL. You just can’t handle hard-core with your delicate prissy baby ears.

  9. Trenderman (Slenderman's Cool Brother)

    13 ghosts……jason vs freddy, the strangers ,insidious,final destination, and paranormal activity…they’re my favorite horror/scary movies but 13 ghosts is not on the list..:D

  10. I wish they had Christine up there. I would’ve picked it. They ain’t got the gore, but they have pure shock-factor on their side. To make it even more scary, I watched it on my lab top and it showed sub-titles and the lyrics to the songs that were playing on the car, and the lyrics had stuff to do with how they would kill the victom. So.. they don’t have it up there.. I’ll go with Stephen King’s It. ^^

  11. I really enjoyed V/H/S. I love horror anthologies, and often, I think you get a little more bang for your buck with them. I personally feel like, unless they are exceptionally well done, that recent horror movies drag on far too long. To the point where it’s not building suspense, it’s just investing in cheap, dead-end, unexplored secondary plot lines. And after about an hour, the jump scares are too excessive and the audience has pretty much just guessed the ending. So I love short, sweet, terrifying stories of things that go bump in the night :D

  12. the last exorcism
    rosewood lane
    dead end (its kinda cheesy but i love it so much)
    theres more but i cant think of them right now:(

  13. My favourite horror movie is urban legends, the first one not the second or third, since they don’t leave that same effect on me

  14. It’s not the typical horror movie, but The Shining is by far my favorite. While not too “scary,” it is extremely creepy, discomforting, and stays with you unlike many horror films.

  15. ‘Shutter Island’ was a very good film.
    if you concentrate hard on the story you can understand the scares, the confusing bits, and all the in depth character stories, while still enjoying the film.

  16. Coco Alexandra

    I haven’t watched many horror movies but I just watched “Evil Dead” and that made me so sick to my stomach I could barley eat for a couple days.

    Another movie that disturbed me when I was 10 I never actually saw but the cover of the movie just scared me silly. It was “One Missed Call”, or something, with a creature with its eyes and nose made out of screaming mouths. God still gives me shivers.

  17. Mind hunters,
    it’s a psychological thriller about fbi profilers who are moved to an island to be tested with a fake murder scene and were expected to figure out how the “Killer” would kill, who he would kill next, and how to stop him. Then they figure out that one of them is a killer who want’s to kill them all.

  18. “Halloween”! The story of Micheal Myers! I also like “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I guess I liked the movie of “Quarantine” too. Out of those three, I like “Halloween” the most.

  19. “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”

    I’m surprised “The Exorcist” isn’t on the list. Spinning heads and projectile vomiting must be outdated.

  20. Here is some that are my favorites. The call. A very chilling and suspense full movie though it does resort to some cliqch.
    aliens.A movie better than the first. Suespence full and IT’S ALL OVER MAN ALL OVER. A cabin in the woods is my favorite.

  21. Pan’s Labyrinth was pretty epic and creepy. I think that would make one of my favorites.
    Also Eraserhead. Anyone seen it? 1977.

  22. It seems neither of these are on the list which really surprises me but, the shinning (stanley kubricks version) an the first jaws movie, which I know isnt classified genre wise as a horror movie but considering that I still know people who refuse to swim in the ocean because of this movie I’m gonna still put it down. I love these films and never getcsick of them. The exocist and cannible Holocaust are pretty creepy too.

    1. The hills have eyes (original, the remake was good but I thats because it was almost the exact same movie down to the dialog.) is another reallygood one and the original last house on the left. Spit on your grave while highly flawed on its story telling and climax is another great and creepy watch.

  23. I really enjoyed Grave Encounters 1 and 2, the movies really mixed everything together well and was a good scare. They ended it really well in the 2nd one. I love horror movies so the good ones stick in my mind. The scariest movie I’ve seen was probably The Grudge just because it was so sinister. Nothing really popped up, but it was a different kind of movie.

  24. Its difficult since I have seen so many. War of Worlds is one of the ones I love. I also like I Am Legend (not exactly a horror movie but very good)The Fourth Kind, Silent Hill Revelations, Ju-on, The Ring,and I’m just not going to type all of these. And one of my favorites was The Shining. That was a freaky movie.

  25. My favorite movie would have to be the Fourth Kind. Not saying it scared me I just thought it was an overall good movie. I enjoyed that they had original footage beside the acted versions of scenes. I felt like it was a unique way to do the movie and also feel that they haven’t done enough movies based on the topic of finding origins of aliens that is not a documentary or just a slasher flic with aliens trying to take over the world.

  26. All I can say is wow. SO many awesome (but lesser known) horror movies were left off this list. I thought Black Swan was creepy..I also can’t believe Freddy vs. Jason is on here but not the original Nightmare on Elm Street, or A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Or Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. SO much better than Freddy vs. Jason. I’m trying to think of more…Perkins 14, the Children, Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen (I’m not old enough to have seen those when they came out but I LOVE horror movies and I’ve made it a point to go through tons of lists online of the best scary movies, especially supernatural ones but not limited to them, and I try to see every one on those lists.) Clive Barker’s Book of Blood (I love all things Clive Barker, including Hellraiser,and Dread, and the many more he’s made) Seconds Apart, Trick r Treat…I’m gonna stop w the American and English movies now, I know someone above put one Chashukin Ari, which was super creepy, but the American one (One Missed Call) was AWFUL so if u watch one of those, def do the original. Then these’s Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, and the Devil’s Backbone. Then there’s The Skin I Live In, The Bothersome Man, Martyrs, Frontiers, A Tale of Two Sisters (they remade it here calling it The Uninvited (the 2009 version, the 2008 one is a diff. movie and it’s not very good) and while that one is pretty good in it’s own way it’s nothing like the Original…one theme is the same, but that’s it. If u pick one, watch the original.) Then there’s Calvaire, A Serbian Film (tho that wasn’t as scary as it was super disturbing), Irreversible, Inside, Three Extremes…there are SO many more, but a lot of these, especially the foreign ones, are pretty disturbing. Especially Martyrs…I think it was a gret movie but I could barely watch it and I won’t watch it again. But it’s still one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna stop now or this list is never going to end. But check these out…seriously. They’re awesome.

    1. Wow a true horror movie fan. When I saw wrong turn 5 on the list I wondered if there was anyone here that actually KNEW the genre well enough to even bring up the classics as well as the better stuff the genre has come out with recently. Im glad there is. Especially because I was hoping to get some good reviews on which ones I should give a veiw. Youve given me now 3 that I didnt even know existed and now I feel as though I should try I to see.

  27. I honestly think one of the newer movies called ‘The Conjuring’ was pretty frightening, even though the beginning of the movie had pretty lame acting… I also found this Korean movie called Re-Cycle to be fairly frightening, considering all message and story line, and just certain scenes were just so disturbing… anyways, those were just a couple I found pretty creepy that I love

  28. Has anyone seen The Conjuring yet? It was really good! (:
    I kept having to take the blanket off my niece’s head to make her watch… mwahahahaha!
    Horror movies based on actual events always give that extra little something..

  29. Dah Coolest Kid

    My favorites have to be Cabin in the Woods (not too scary, I just like the whole end), Zombieland (again, not scary, I just like the gore), Scream (same as with Zombieland), JAWS (it’s a classic), and The Shrine (because it’s intense, scary, gory, and the main character doesn’t live). I love unexpected things, new ideas, and gore!

  30. I have loved scary movies for a long time and I have seen just about all of them. Even having many favorites, I always go back to one as the scariest. The legend of Hell House (with Roddy McDowell) made in the late ’60s. Simple, straight, scary ghost story. No special effects but one scene. The fear factor is left to the imagination. Complete classic.

  31. Elven Vegetable

    I’m gonna go with Chucky because it DOESN’T scare me. I love pointing and laughing at the screen while people scream in terror.

  32. I have many favourites, and most of them are about witches.

    Dario Argento’s Suspiria is my favourite film of all time. The vivid technicolor and nightmarish soundtrack makes the film stand out in my mind as not only a great piece of horror cinema, but a work of art.
    Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby is another favourite of mine.

    And I hate to say it, but the Evil Dead remake stands out in my mind too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original, it’s fantastic, but the remake has everything a horror fan like me wants. Gore, atmosphere, good music, decent actors, and a fierce final girl to deliver the carnage. I feel like it compliments the original, rather than tries to out do it.

  33. Mine would have to be the first one i was terrified with, which was like really old version of ” The Exorcist ”

    – XIIVI

  34. For a flash game, “The Ambridge Mansion” was pretty terrifying.

    But then, my thing is sentient darkness trying to devour me.

    Which is the point of aforementioned game.

    Will link later.

  35. Basil Rathbone Fan Girl

    I know it’s a Disney, but I’d have to say the watcher in the woods…….as far as I know it’s actually been banned in some countries, and even grown men who write reviews on that sort of thing all say how creepy it is……..I first saw it was I was about 8 years old and couldn’t look in a mirror until I was 10 XD.

  36. narutoandhorrorlover

    I like the movie ‘the ring’ a lot :) I don’t find it very scary but it’s still one of my favorites. I’m still trying to find a good horror movie that will scare me deeply

  37. A few.
    Let the right one in, the one thats a close adaptation from the book. . not the shitty ‘let me in’ version. Nothing gets me more than a good vampire / love story and this one was done right

    ABC’s of death- although it’s more a collection of short stories made into short films, and not particularly scary, the better ones are the perfect combo of gore and superstition, while others are funny or touching upon different cultures views.

    The hole (I think this is its name) a group of kids from a boarding school skip a holiday trip to stay on campus to stay in an old underground bunker. Long story short, weird things happen and everyone but one girl dies. Ends up she killed everyone during a psychotic break or something (I can’t remember the plot exactly but that’s close)

  38. My favorite movie has to be It.Pretty scary and freaked me out when I was a kid since I was personally afraid of clowns.

  39. I’d have to say “Clownhouse” is one of my favs! Definitely underrated and still gives me the heebie jeebies to this day!

  40. My favorite is Scream (2,3,4). They’re not really that scary but I enjoy them a lot. Does anyone remember Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark from 2011? In my opinion, that movie was scary. When I first saw the monster things, I didn’t know if I should keep watching it. Freaky.

  41. Noroi: The Curse – it scared the shit out of my friends, even the one who doesn’t get scared of horror movies walked out at the near end of the movie, telling me to “turn it off!”. It’s a Thai horror movie, but the full movie is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

      1. It didn’t scare me but it definitely was a really killer found footage movie. :-) I still think of The Blair Witch Project as the best found footage movie, lol. I just love it.

  42. Silent hill, not really the newest one though just the first one that they made is really the only one I liked.

  43. mrspatrickbateman

    Obviously American Psycho, I don’t know if that counts as a scary movie though. I like Dog Soldiers, 28 Days Later, Silent Hill, Cube and The Tunnel. I just watched Shuttle and it wasn’t your run of the mill scary movie, it was pretty good though.

  44. And I hate to be “that” person by nitpicking this nice list here, but the 2011 version of The Thing isn’t a remake–it’s a prequel.

  45. An American Werewolf in London has always been not only my favorite horror movie, but my favorite movie overall. It’s funny, it’s bloody, it’s weird, and it has werewolves. I couldn’t ask for a better mix.

  46. Call me lame, but Anaconda and its sequels are pretty scary to me. I still can’t swim in murky water because of them. IT was also pretty emotionally scarring for me since I saw it when I was like 8.

  47. Evil Dead 2, i think it is the best one of the trilogy, some people just say, “oh its just a man running around being scared.” but its WAY more than that, its about a man and how much he can take before falling into insanity, and when he does fall into insanity, he has to face his fears and ultamitely..give in. its the perfect plot for a scary movie. and it has freaking amazing monster effects. the only movie that comes close to it is Dead Snow. cuts his arm off. has a brief moment of victory, then gets his dick eaten by a zombie. yes. just…….yes.

  48. Silent Hill, being specific the first one. When I was younger I went to see it at the movies. No sleep for a few days.

  49. Do you like Nightmares

    V/H/S 2 or S/V/H/S personally is one of the best horror movies out there and the best found footage movie i’ve seen next to Grave Encouters it was also one of those movies that was alot better than the original.

  50. child’s play ? i watched that when i was a kid and had nightmares about it. even with me being a grown up that doll still gives me the creeps. oh and v/h/s i think i a good movie too.

    1. narutoandhorrorlover

      when I was little those movies did scare me but now I laugh like crazy watching them :) I even have a chucky doll in my basement…

  51. I think my favourites are definitely House of a Thousand Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects… Gotta love a killer family :D

  52. I know this isn’t a very scary movie but it would have to be zombieland. The zombies look pretty damn real.

  53. Legend of Hell House
    It’s an old one but still extremly good. Its described as the MT. Everest of Haunted House movies. Many were based on it or coppied it but none surpassed it in mood or creepyness.

  54. Possibly the best I’ve seen are Dark Water (the Japanese version, not the American version) and A Tale of Two Sisters. While definitely not the scariest, these movies have a particularly haunting quality that stays with you for a while. The latter of the two is quite confusing, but it becomes fabulous once you understand what’s going on.

  55. This is horor MASTERPIECES (if you ask me) :

    VHS 2
    and tell me what i forgot :)

  56. OK, scariest movie I’ve seen was Eden Lake. Growing up in a part of England populated by hooligans made me empathise with the characters.
    Also one of my favourites is Poltergeist, which I think outmatched The Exorcist easily.
    Ive heard a lot about V/H/S as well, apparently its pretty scary.

  57. Darkness Falls or atleast i think is what it was called.
    It was the one with the “Tooth Fairy” that killed whoever saw its face and hated any light.
    It singlehandidly spawned my fear of the dark.

  58. Honestly I could watch Sinister a bunch, I love that film. Also, not sure this is EXACTLY a horror movie, but I love Repo! the Genetic Opera. Plenty of gore in it.

  59. I have a few:

    – Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
    – Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    – Sinister (not the whole movie, just the 8mm home movies. The innocuous titles made them even creepier).
    – The Blair Witch Project (again, not the whole movie, just the scene at the end where Mike is standing in the corner in the basement, because you know what’s going to happen to them. Even better that it’s left to the imagination.)
    – In the Mouth of Madness
    – REC
    – The Shining
    – Un Chien Andalou
    – Begotten
    – Inland Empire (particularly, the bunny ‘sitcom’…it’s so f’n surreal)

    I know there are more, but I’m halfway asleep and am drawing a blank.

    On a side note, I don’t get why people were so creeped out over V/H/S. To say that I was let down after watching it is an understatement. Nothing at all creepy about it. However, I will say that the second one looks more promising.

  60. Bit of a loaded question, no?

    Scariest, most creepy thing I have ever seen was the cut in V/H/S with the couple in the motel room, for sure. My skin was crawling the entire time. Followed by the entire reveal scene in Oldboy. Ok, Spike Lee, you got Josh Brolin. He is amazing. Do not let the studio make you water this story down so much that it loses all it’s intensity!

    The greatest, hands down, no questions asked horror film of all time, as stated earlier, was The Shining. Kubrick was the storytelling master of his time and his work will live on well past all of us because of it’s sheer brilliance.

    A close second for me, as far as films that fall in the horror genre, would have to be The Cabin in the Woods, simply for flying in the face of cliches and the massive balls it had to take to make a horror film pointing out just how ridiculous most of the cheap jump-scare torture-porn heralded as great horror is nowadays, and…
    …the ending, culminating in what is very easily interpreted as a plea to tear down the entire world of horror films and begin again, once again pointing out the complete crap state of current at best b-movies Hollywood has been cramming down our throats since the economic success of Jason and Freddy and the like.

    1. Do you like Nightmares

      is you liked V/H/S check out V/H/S 2 it’s better than the first especially the 3rd vhs tape Save Haven.

    1. narutoandhorrorlover

      I personally did not find the movie ‘mama’ scary at all, actually I cried at the end of it :.(

  61. Rose Red was one that has always stuck with me. I absolutely adore Stephen King. The only newer movie I have seen that has creeped me out is Sinister. I recommend giving that one a chance. :)

  62. I have so many favorites! But some of them are, Poughkeepsie Tapes, Lake Mungo, The Last Broadcast, The Tunnel, Sinister, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Long Pigs and The Woman.
    It’s hard to make a short list or even name just one when there is soooo many good horror movies!!

  63. Atrocious, V/H/S, Apartment 143, Crowsnest, and Camp Fire Tales are all great movies oh and DUH, an oldie but goodie, of course, The Exorcist…!

  64. Insidious and Sinister are personal favorites of mine Scream movies aren’t scary but the mask scares the crud outta me did anyone mention Husk that one….gah I hate corn fields with a passion^^’

  65. Are you people fucking kidding me? Insidious? Saw serious? THE RING??? I came here to try and find some genuine scary/horror movies and I get this piss and shit from you people. You all suck.

    1. Regoregitated Sacriface, August Underground, Beggoten, Noroi… What kind of things scare you? I can reccommend you some if you want…

  66. I really liked “1408” with John Cussak. Not really that scary, but it had some creepy moments and an interesting story.

  67. My favorite scary movie… that´s difficult, but I really liked “Grave Encounters”, it’s hard to scare me with something. And also I like “The Woman in Black”

  68. I really like Re-Cycle for originality and interesting scenery/use of effects (the ending disappointed me a bit, though). The Grudge scared me for months after watching it. I saw it when I was fairly young and it scared the crap out of me. I like Paranormal Activity, but it’s kind of evil since it sometimes resorts to jump-scares that ALWAYS get me. From Within, Stay Alive, Silent Hill, Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (interesting plot, well filmed, but, again, disappointing ending), The Eye (both versions)… Oh, the original Japanese TV movie of The Grudge (Ju-On: The Curse) was really interesting and scary, and, in some aspects, better than the Japanese theatrical release that most people are more familiar with.

  69. Probably REC or VHS. Funny how I like 3 letter movies lol. Rec being in spanish made it all the more scarier & VHS was just disturbing as hell.

  70. I am disappointed in all of you. We all know, that without a shadow of a doubt (see what I did there Hitchcock fans?), the GREATEST Horror movie of all time, is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The amount of subliminal messaging and psychological aspects is mind blowing, Jack Nicholson as Jack ‘Here’s Johnny’ Torrence is the best Horror villain of all time, the amount of times you can watch it through and notice something new is staggering. Not just one of the greatest HORROR films of all time, one of the greatest films in GENERAL of all time, with possibly the best DIRECTOR of all time, with one of the greatest ACTORS of all time, with some of the best SCENES and LINES of all time, it surely is the best scary movie ever made. 33 years on and nothing has matched it before or since.

    1. If we’re talking about just straight horror (my personal favorite genre is more horror/comedy) then I absolutely agree with you. I saw that movie for the first time when I was oh, probably seven or eight, and it was scary but pretty much over my head at that age. It took me until teen years/early adulthood to really appreciate how incredible it is, and to this day I can’t even look at Jack Nicholson without worrying that he’s just about to SNAP.

  71. Probably IT by Stephen King. I always thought clowns were scary for some reason, and that movie just scared me to bits..

  72. Dunbar the Bloody Red

    Tales From the Darkside is my pick. Tales From the Darkside is a movie with 3 different stories. i don’t remember much because i was 5 when i saw it, great parents right? but 1 story involved gargoyles, and not the disney kind….. i’ve never been as scared as i was when i saw the gargoyle for the first time, even trying to describe it would bring a chill up my spine.

  73. I have to go for american psycho it’s more of a thriller i guess or just plain dark comedy but still my favorite movie of all time

      1. Ju-On isn’t really a psychological horror. The movie is based around an evil entity/spirit that kills people after they set foot in the house that it(she) was brutally murdered in.

        1. Yeah, but their movements (of the entities) and their behavior (the way they “hunt” their victims within the house) are pretty disturbing to your psyche. Sort of like Silent Hill 2, minus the plot.

  74. I don’t think it’s very well known (maybe I’m wrong), but I love the Strangers. It is terrifying on a totally different level than any movie I have ever seen. It has nothing to do with ghosts or monsters, but what scares me the most about it is that it could actually happen. Those kinds of movies FREAK ME OUT!

    1. It could happen…but most people don’t live on rural “way out of the way” homes, with little to no contact with the outside world..

      or, if you live in the Heart of Africa, or Eastern Europe.

      …and if that’s the case. Then my friend, there are much, MUCH scarier things that DO happen on a regular basis, on that side of the world.

  75. The scariest horror movie I’ve seen was the original “The Thing.” “The Others” is also one I remember all the time, and it had hardly any gore. One of the best ghost movies made along with the original “The Haunting.”

    Night of the Living Dead and the original Dawn of the Dead are also masterpieces, imo.

  76. Pan’s Labrynth left a particular feeling down my spine that stayed with me for weeks. One of the first scary/creepy movies I saw as a kid as Event Horizon and is one of my favorites. Recently I watched Sinister and loved it…I’m adding to the list of favorites as well.

    1. I second this. I normally don’t get scared easily by movies, but I think the sheer candidness of the killings and stuff is what got to me. One of the scariest movies I’ve seen to date.

    1. Big fan, and i love movie too, maybe it’s too much Dagon in it, but movie is really good because you can make your own and of movie and explanation of monsters. It’s really psychological horor movie idk why some people hate it…

  77. Basically, even though I’ve seen many scary movies, I don’t have a favorite one. I am really into scary movies but I’ve never found one that’s scary enough for me. I like paranormal stuff so I ,basically, prefer scary movies that have to do with ghosts, paranormal creatures or phenomenoms etc. (rather than murders and stuff.)
    I am still searching for a movie that’s really scary.

  78. Dr. Ceasers Palace M.D.

    My favourite horror movie is either the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street or Rob Zombie’s Halloween, though I did enjoy Insidious and Sinister as they were pretty scary

      1. Girl Next Door was one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. I almost couldn’t watch it, and it was really depressing as well. That’s definitely in my top 5

        1. Girl Next Door? Was that about a girl who was held hostage and tortured and raped in the basement of her cousin’s house or something?

          Because I read a very disturbing book with the same title and it scarred me for life. Seriously. I lost sleep over it.

  79. The original Carrie movie (1976) really scared the shit out of me and I’m really excited for the remake, because of it being promised to be more accurate to the book (because oh my fucking god, the original had almost nothing to do with the book). Apart from that, I’d have to say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).

  80. Evil Dead. The recent remake. Idk what it is about that movie… but I had to sleep with my lamp on for about a month. And ima fucking 18 year old dude. Shit’s ridiculous. And the old woman from Insidious was pretty creepy imagery too.

  81. House of a Thousand Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, The Hills Have Eyes Series, Hostel, The Devil’s Rejects, (I love Zombie’s movies) a horror flick that has actual human beings that are screwed in the head and delight in the torture (mental and physical) and pain of others really sticks with me. Slashers and cheap scared bore me. Gore is good. Cannibalism and rape (Being a girls its a weak spot for me) Is creepy on so many levels. As for supernatural movies..House on Haunted Hill, The Grudges Series, The Rings Series, Shutter, Mirrors Series, Amityville Horror, Nightmare on Elm Street (Not scary i just love Freddy, met him once it was a highlight of my life), Rose Red, and Thirteen Ghosts. Anything with haunted asylums/ hospitals is creepy. Based on true events and/or legends is good. I like some Stephan King stuff, not much though. All in all I have too many to list.

  82. Holder of Resistance

    In my opinion, you made me feel rushed during the story. Even at the outset. There really wasn’t any elaboration into what the creature was or why it was so aggressive.

  83. Ranger gandalf

    What about the ring? Or woman in black? I was disappointed of the end of the bird. Freddy krouger was great, ive watched the 2010 version and 3 of the old ones. Very disappointed in frozen. When a stanger calls was pretty good.

  84. i have more then one but ima have to say Devil, Dark Skies, SInister, Insidious, 100 feet, Shutter, Tall Man, Horsemen, Village of the Damned, Final Destination 1-3&5,(hate 4) UM ima stop there bc i have like A LOT MORE lol

  85. I guess the movie that effed with me the most, was Paranormal Activity.
    For some reason it made me so nervous….I am terrified of the theought of something lurking in the shadows.

  86. Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, The Exorcist. I have lots of other favorites, but those are definitely the top ones!

  87. I’ve seen so many I’m probably desensitised but audition is a personal favourite and I think growing up with the excorcist has left a scar, I love horror anthology movies and I really admire trick or treat and vhs although they aren’t as scary as the previously mentioned!

  88. I have to say my tops are between The Ring,1981 The Thing(probably my #1), Strangers has me still paranoid as fu%@, and even tho this isn’t quite horror The Fourth Kind scared the living shit bricks out of me >_<

  89. Amityville Horror has always been my favorite horror movie, mostly because I’ve been to that house and it is pretty freaking creepy.

  90. The second grave encounters was pretty awesome and I loved Cabin in the woods cuz Joss Whedon is just so amazing, but the first nightmare on elm street is by far my favorite.

  91. I have to say my favorite scary movie is Texas Chainsaw Massacre but the original one. I like how its based on a true story and its kinda one of those movies that make you shiver when someone gets hurt! I also like IT and Saw

    1. It’s not actually based on a true story, but leatherface’s character was based off of a real serial killer.

    1. Silence of The Lambs was much better. I got locked into my ex-gfs basement the night after watching it at the movie theatre. Her hot water heater busted and being the “tough guy” I went to check it out. She locked the door right behind me. Yeah, that should have told me something right there.

  92. Pan’s Labyrinth for me.

    The whole piece was a sordid exploration of humanity’s worst, twined with the dark heart of a fairy tale. The doomed protagonist is broken so many times that the light at the end is fuzzy at best, delusion-induced at worst. The imagery is evocative and haunting, from Pan’s disturbingly creaky appearance to that unmentionable chase scene, to the numerous human atrocities committed.

    In short, well worth watching. Definitely not a movie for kids, unless you want to traumatize them.

    1. Agreed. I actually did watch this movie when I was a kid, got me into the horror genre. Still one of my favorite movies of all time.

  93. Hmm The Exorcist. Dawn of the Dead, both 1978 and the remake. Zombie movies! I love ones with haunted mental institutions and asylums, adds to the creepiness. House On Haunted Hill, The ring, Mirrors 1 & 2. I do have to say, the thought of my own reflection trying to murder me every time I saw it was creepy. Many more can be added, I’m sure of it!

  94. I don’t really like horror movies that much. They mostly rely on jump scares in stead of suspense. And when I watch them I laugh uncontrollable. It is super weird but I just burst out laughing at how stupid it is. True story I got kicked out of the theater during woman in Black. I was apparently laughing to loud.

      1. Then watch some Korean Horror movies, like Noroi : The Curse,Cello, Cinderella, Alone, etc. Just google some K-Horors adn you won’t be dissapointed if you love more suspense then scares ;)

  95. Jennifer’s Body is a good movie. Not the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, but good none the less.

  96. My favorite is the Ginger Snaps trilogy. Not that I watch them a ton, but I like to catch them on tv around Halloween :)

  97. boogeyman, nightmare on elm street, poltergeist, re-animator, saw 5, resident evil, romero’s “living dead” series and the “return of the living dead” series it helped to inspire.

  98. The changeling – the first horror movie I watched, I just love the music.

    The evil dead series of course and Maytroshka has a point there Madhouse is definitely one movie one can rewatch a dozen times.

  99. I think my favorite horror movie would be The Shining because it’s a great old movie and it’s written by Stephen King, my favorite author.

    1. I just read The Shining and watched the movie for the first time just a few days ago. Book was excellent, movie was horrible. Kubrick did great with the camera shots but the actors were horribly directed the first 2/3 of the film. The last 1/3 of teh film was marvelous tho.

      Sadly Kubrick rejected Stephen King’s screenplay for the film adaptation and Kubrick brought in some other to write the screenplay and I think the film suffered for it.

  100. Mine is When a Stranger Calls! It was soooo good! I was really freaked! No horror movie has ever really scared me! It was AMAZING!!

    1. I don’t know why — surely I’ve seen scarier movies — but I STILL can’t sleep with a TV in my room, and it’s been about 10 years. I agree 100%! Horrifying

  101. Final Destination 5. I liked the blood in it even though during the time i’d probably scream in an insanisylm lol

    1. I would say Insidious as well, but I haven’t seen Sinister or The Conjuring so I can’t really judge.

  102. I can’t really say I have a Favorite scary movie. If I had to pick I would say Strangers or any paranormal movie that has the creepy ghost just beyond the peripheral vision of the victim. Something about being watched without knowing you are being watched is really off-putting but exciting. Like a scary exciting…I like being scared haha.

    1. Roxy Something

      Me too! Well it’s between that and ‘One Missed Call’. But I haven’t seen that movie since I was eight so I’m going to have to re-watch it. But the Woman in Black was awesome. So many ghost scenes.

  103. Influentially, Alfred Hitchcock has always been a major idol of mine, creating without question the most masterful and suspenseful horror/thriller/mysteries of our time, and absolutely redefining the genre. Creepypasta simply wouldn’t be what it is today without Hitchcock. In particular I admire his early 30-40’s British-era films- such as The Man Who Knew Too Much, Young and Innocent, The Lady Vanishes, and Spellbound, as well of course his classic 50-60’s era masterpieces- M for Murder, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Vertigo, and the unforgettably horrifying Psycho.

    For the sake of this being on the list, Silence of the Lambs holds a soft spot in my heart and a major scar in my psyche for redefining the serial killer genre by putting two of the most horrific depictions of psycho-killers ever put to screen- whether by wearing women’s skin as a suit or eating a man’s liver with a side of beans and chianti. Just to showcase the film’s mastery, it swept all the major 1991 Academy Awards.

    I consider Blood Simple, the Coen Brother’s 1984 directorial debut, to be horror in its own right (despite being “crime-thriller”), as it is undeniably Hitchcock-ian in nature- revolving around mistaken identity, infidelity, isolation, vast use of irony, long-tracking camera shots, and obviously murder.

    And that doesn’t even cover the post-apocalyptic genre! I have at least several of these that could easily make the list, but I’ll condense it to one. Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” is without question one of the most horrific, depressing, disquieting, emotional, and greatest novels of our generation (and, of course, when the “Favorite Horror Book” discussion post happens, I will shit on all of you with how incredible this book is)- it was adapted into a film in 2009, capturing its source material with harrowing results. It was almost too faithful, as the film was a grade-A downer that put a dark cloud over my head for weeks; but nevertheless its terror remains true, and deserves a spot on the list.

    1. Let’s be honest here, “The Road”, despite being a good book, is not scary. And the only heart pounding scene in the movie is when the father and son enter the house and it really isn’t all that scary, it’s more thrilling than anything. It’s focuses more on the father son relationship.

    2. I agree it’s not “scary” per say, but it’s still horror; it’s really an emotional investment, focusing on the father-son relationship in the midst of whatever the fuck happened to the world. What makes it horrifying is how they’re seemingly the only decent aspects of the world they survive in, not focusing on what happened but rather how it is, and quite frankly there’s not much worth surviving for.

      But let’s face it; anything with roving bands of cannibals, humans being “harvested” for food, and newborn babies being roasted on a spit, is horror in my book. While not straightaway “scary,” it’s still fucking terrifying.

    1. I’m going with Insidious too. THANKS BTW for reminding me of that F’ING song. Sinister was also pretty damn scary.
      As an afterthought, the movie IT scared the poo out of me when I was a kid ._.
      I still don’t like leaving the shower curtains closed.

      1. mrspatrickbateman

        I was so pumped and ready to be scared beyond all comprehension when I sat down to watch Insidious, it did not deliver. It was ridiculous and way too much in your face, less is more. Same goes for Sinister, the ending was horrible.

        1. dude, you’re so right about the ending of Sinister. It had me all the way through and then the ending just made it a joke. so disappointing!

    2. OH GOD that one’s my favorite too.

      That song. Oh crap. You made me remember. And I agree with the person above. Sinister was quite creepy as well.

  104. Hmmmmmmmm hard one has to be……Paranormal Encounters ya know the ones where they go into that asylum and all the crazy stuff happens

    1. you mean Grave Encounters? one of my favorites, and it’s also practically the only horror movie that also has a good sequel.

      1. what are you talking about? the sequel was so bad, too much fantasy involved. But I agree the first one was good, one of my favorites also

  105. Paranormal Dreams

    I have to say my favourite horror movie would have to be Hellraiser because it is more disturbing than scary

  106. The movie that just plain freaked me out had to be “Eastern Promises” the scene in the bathhouse was the creepiest way I have ever even thought of being attacked.

  107. HorrorMoviesLover

    I don’t think I can choose my favourite,I like the bloody type like Saw and I really like Paranormal Activity because it’s so realistic…Necromentia is also one of my favourites

  108. My favorite? I like all different types of horror films, but the one I usually watch a lot is Madhouse.

        1. @Cabin no no no, why don’t YOU listen to real music. The only reason you hate on BVB is because you can’t handle their hard-core-ness. (They’re no Marilyn Manson or Slipknot, but eh) instead, you listen to One Direction and Justin Bieber and all that pop BULL. You just can’t handle hard-core with your delicate prissy baby ears.

    1. The original Scream is still a great movie imo, even if you haven’t seen the original slasher flicks.

    1. To put in more detail, it’s one of the few remakes that is better than the original, and sadly didn’t do as well as it deserved at the box office.

      by the way, does anyone know where I can check its DVD sales?

      1. Kieran Deathriken

        now, when you say remake, you need to be specific here. John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) was actually a remake of a 50’s film called ‘The Thing From Another World’, and THAT in turn was an adaptation of a novella called ‘Who Goes There?’. And TECHNICALLY the 2011 film The Thing, since it is set at the base first attacked by The Thing, really should be classed as a prequel and not a remake.

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