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The Seer of Possibilities

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Sometimes, otherworldly beings find interesting ways to try and contact you. They might use a Ouija Board, or maybe come to you in a dream, or sometimes they speak through another person. They each have their own style and preference that’s particular to them. The one who contacted Jack spoke to him through his computer, or, I guess you could say the communication was through onscreen text. The first time it happened, Jack had been sitting at his computer playing Solitaire. A blinking red light from the router indicated that his internet connection was down again. This was at least a weekly occurrence, and Jack was getting used to this spotty internet service. As he moved his cards, the game faded into a solid black screen and the red text appeared.

“Hi Jack, I need a favor from you. You’re a very special person and I know you’ll help me. I can’t ask this of just anyone. I really need your help.”

Jack paused for a second. The router light was still blinking red. “Is this some sort of joke?” He couldn’t help but wondering.

Several moments later the message continued, “Yes Jack, I know this is weird for you. But I don’t want you to worry. This is just a small, easy favor I need. I’ll make sure you’re rewarded.”

Now nearly in a panic, Jack reached around and pulled the internet cable completely from the wall.

“Still here, Jack. I don’t want to waste any more of your time so I’ll get right to what I need. Tomorrow when you go to work I need you to move the large potted plant that’s next to the elevator on the ground floor. All you have to do is pull it out three inches from the wall. If you do it at 8:17am nobody else will be in the area.”

Jack sat there, refusing to respond, still trying to figure out what was happening.

The writing continued, “Look Jack, I’m asking you because I KNOW you’ll do it. You won’t let me down. You’re special. We’ll talk tomorrow.”
Jack pulled the power cord from the wall and the computer went blank. “Did that really just happen?” he thought.

Still shaking from the experience, he took a warm shower and got ready for bed, convincing himself that he’d either had some crazy dream or that is was just some elaborate joke. But who would play that kind of joke on him? He didn’t really have friends, or enemies.

He woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Work would start at 8:30am, and Jack was never late. He pulled into the parking lot at 8:10am. Normally he’d just go right in, but the message had told him to move the plant at 8:17am. Was he really going to do it? Overnight, Jack’s fear had turned into curiosity. Let’s say he moved the plant, he wouldn’t be doing anything wrong or illegal, right? In Jack’s mind, the most reasonable course of action was to move the plant. He’d do it, nothing would happen, and he’d be able to put this whole crazy matter behind him. One minute before 8:17 Jack left his car and walked towards the building. He entered the foyer at the exact time he was supposed to. The message was right, nobody else was around.

“Odd,” Jack thought. The building was normally busy this time of morning, but this temporary lull had been accurately predicted.

“Fine! Let’s see what happens,” Jack muttered to himself.

He walked up to the large potted plant placed firmly between the two elevators in the lobby of the ten story building. The plant looked like it was fake, a decoration people passed every day without really noticing. It was heavier than Jack realized. He put some might into his effort and pulled the plant out three inches to his best estimate. He stood back and looked at the plant, then looked around the lobby. People were coming in behind him now and the lobby was starting to fill up again. Nobody seemed to notice the plant was in a slightly different location, nothing seemed different at all. Jack skipped the next elevator and waited, waited for…something. But nothing happened. Finally Jack entered the elevator and made it to his 7th floor cubicle, on time like always.

If you ever asked Jack’s coworkers to describe him, you’d hear words like polite, quiet, respectful, and competent. And while those words were all accurate, they gave little indication of the truth, the truth that Jack really didn’t like most people. That’s not to say he disliked them, just that he had very little interest in getting to know them or being their friend, save for one. Allie, the girl who sat two cubicles down from him, was the only person he wanted to know more about. With her big smile, blonde hair, and beautiful figure, Jack was very interested in learning all about her. Despite his lack of success with women in the past, he was actually doing a fair job getting to know her. Every morning as he passed her cubicle, he’d stop for a chat. The chats were one minute at first, then two minutes, then several minutes. Jack was surprised that she actually seemed to like him.

On this particular morning, their daily conversation lasted only a couple of minutes. As they exchanged their morning greetings and talked about Allie’s wild night out, the elevator doors opened up behind them. Out hobbled James Bentley, the boss of both Jack and Allie.

James’ loud complaining could be heard throughout the office, “My damn foot!”

“What happened, James?” came the mumbled queries.

“It’s that damn plant they have in the lobby. I ran right into it and twisted my ankle.”

“James, you can barely walk. You need to go to the hospital,” came Allie’s concerned reply.

“Can’t do it now. I have meetings all day. Too important to cancel. I’ll just have to tough it out.”

Jack, feeling stunned, left Allie’s cubicle mid conversation and sunk down into his chair. It was his fault, he was sure of it. How could he have been so stupid and careless? Still, no use in worrying about it now. A twisted ankle would heal, everything would be alright.

Upon his return home, Jack went immediately to his computer and turned it on. As soon as the computer booted up, the screen went black and a new message popped up.

“How was your day, Jack?”

He sat there, staring at the screen, not knowing how to answer. The message on the screen continued, “Actually, I know how your day was, but never let it be said that I’m not polite. You’re wondering what’s going on. You want to know why James Bentley had to twist his ankle. Well Jack, this chain of events isn’t done playing out. I don’t want to tell you too much too soon, but this will all make sense to you in short order. Just go to work tomorrow like you normally do. Don’t worry about a thing Jack. You’ll be rewarded. You’re special. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Jack sat back in his chair. What was going on? Who was this was sending him messages? Jack’s curiosity was fully engaged, and he was almost a bit excited to see what would happen next.

The next morning at work started off as any ordinary day. Jack noticed that the plant had been pushed back fully against the wall, probably by the night cleaning crew. James Bentley showed up shortly after lunch, hobbling into the office on his one good foot.

“Man this foot is killing me,” Jack could overhear him say, but apparently James still had a meeting he didn’t want to miss. It wasn’t until around 3 o’clock that Jack saw him again. James, who always seemed to prefer Allie over others, came limping up to her cubicle.

“Allie, you’re not doing anything right now, are you?”

“Um, no. Nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow I guess.”

“Good, could you please drive me to see my Doctor? I probably should’ve gone yesterday, but I just couldn’t get away. This pain is just killing me right now and I don’t think I can drive myself, I barely made it here this morning and I don’t think I can even push the gas pedal right now. We can take my car if you want.”

“Yeah that’s fine James, I don’t have a problem taking you.” Turning to Jack she said her goodbye, “See you tomorrow, Jackie.” She put on her coat and slowly followed James as he struggled down the hallway. She gave a half turn and a shrug in Jack’s direction, with a little smile as she walked away. Jack felt even lonelier than normal when she was gone.

It was ten minutes later that they all heard the crash. It was preceded by the loud horn of an 18 wheeler and screeching brakes. The collision itself was a sickening thud of two large metal object colliding. Even on the 7th floor it was loud. The office workers gasped and ran to the windows.

“Is that James’ car?” One of them asked.

“Hard to tell from up here,” someone responded, “It’s so banged up.”

The horrifying implication of what’d just happened came to Jack immediately.

“No, no, no,” he though. “This can’t be true.”

Shaking all the way, he ran to the elevator and went to the ground floor along with several others from the office. Some of them were crying. As they joined the growing crowd around the scene of the accident, Jack could hear the far off sound of emergency sirens. Looking past the gawkers, he could see that the 18 wheeler had hit James’ car broadside, its driver had been thrown out onto the pavement where he lay motionless. James was sitting in the passenger seat of his car, motionless but with a surprised look on his bloody face. Jack couldn’t tell if he was alive or dead. The driver’s side, where Allie was seated, had taken the hit. The space she’d been occupying had been compacted to a third of its original size. Allie’s head was smashed open and her twisted body was broken and battered. The crowd was stunned. Tears, screams, sirens; that was all Jack could hear. Without going back inside the building, Jack ran to his car and drove home, angry and sad.

He made the journey home and to his computer. There the machine sat, he wanted to turn it on, but was afraid of what he’d find out. Was he really the one responsible for Allie’s death? The whole chain of events had started with him. He knew he was to blame. Jack reached for the power button, and then pulled his hand back. Finally, after several minutes, he found the mental strength to turn it on. The screen flickered and then went black, and the familiar text started appearing on the screen.

“No Jack, it’s not your fault. I know you’re blaming yourself. But all people die eventually, some just sooner than others.”
Jack stared at the screen. He resisted the urge to throw the monitor to the ground.

After a moment, the writing continued, “Jack, I’m going to tell you something, and I really need you to seriously consider everything I’m about to say. You thought you were in love with Allie. The truth is, you just wanted to fuck her. And please excuse my language, but every once in a great while it’s best to be blunt. Jack, she wasn’t the one for you. She would’ve made your life miserable. Yes, you would’ve eventually found the courage to ask her out. She actually was interested in you. She thought you’d make a good “project.” Sad really, for her, not for you. I want you to think back to all the things she told you. Why did her last boyfriend break up with her?”

“Because she cheated on him,” Jack mumbled under his breath.

“Because she cheated on him, Jack. The same thing she would’ve done to you. She would’ve made you happy for about 2 months, and then miserable for the next 4 years. Sneaking around, laughing at you behind your back, spending all your money. Once you finally got rid of her, you would’ve been so jaded that you’d never date again. This is true Jack. I see all future possibilities, the ones that come to pass and the ones that don’t. You’ve seen how she really is Jack, but you let your lust for her blind you to the truth. Together, you and I have made sure you avoided that path. One more thing Jack, this isn’t done playing out yet. There’s more to come.”

“No! Fuck you! You killed her!” Jack screamed and threw the monitor from the desk. It landed on the floor and sparked out.
Jack got barely any sleep that night, and the next day he wasn’t sure he wanted to go to work, but the last words he’d been told had piqued his curiosity, and his anger had somewhat subsided. No work was done that day at the office. The company brought in grief counselors, people shared their thoughts, they cried, they hugged. James had actually survived the accident, but was in a coma. The doctors thought he might recover eventually, but nobody was really sure.

Late in the afternoon, Jack was approached by Diego Salbara, the head of the division. Diego was blunt and upfront, and he offered James’ position to Jack. Technically it would be a temporary promotion, but James wouldn’t be back any time soon. Diego promised him that the promotion would be made permanent once enough time had passed.

“Let’s keep this low key for now.” Diego told him. “I know it might seem quick, but the Lancaster project James was working on can’t be stopped. It’s too important to the company. I need someone in charge right away, this can’t wait.”

Stunned, Jack accepted the promotion. He left work with a strange mixture of feelings, not really sure how he felt about anything. On his way home, he stopped at the electronics store and bought a new monitor. He made it home and powered up the computer. Once again the writing came on the screen.

“Jack, I want to be the first one to congratulate you! I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

Jack stared at the screen.

“Jack, I have to ask your forgiveness because haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m called the Seer. Like I told you before, I see what will be, and I see what can be. It’s a very powerful gift I have. But you know what, Jack? For all my power, I still can’t do anything corporeal. I can predict, I can see, and with enough effort, I can even communicate. But I don’t have a body, that’s something that was taken from me a long, long time ago. That’s why I need you Jack. I’m an artist of sorts, an artist of human manipulation. You’ll be my paintbrush and my canvas. I want you to work with me Jack. It’s all very simple, just perform simple tasks for me, from time to time.”

Jack was becoming more and more curious.

“And Jack, before you give me an answer, I want you to know a couple of things. First off, I’ll never lie to you. Secondly, I’ll never ask you to do anything which, taken by itself, is wrong or illegal. Yes, bad things will result, and sometimes people will die. But they’re going to die eventually anyways, right Jack? And the bad will always be balanced out by something good happening to you.”

Jack winced at this last idea, but he fought the urge to turn the computer off. The Seer was right. Everyone would die eventually, why not let something good come of it? And what about never lying to him? If he’d known at the time that Allie was going to die, he’d have never gone through with the original favor. But as he thought more about it, he realized The Seer hadn’t lied to him, but had only withheld information. Still, Jack wondered if he could trust The Seer.

“Work with me Jack, together we’ll make incredible things happen. I’m just asking you to perform little tasks from time to time. Oh, but these little tasks will have great consequences! They’re going to be beautiful Jack, and they’ll always end with a reward for you. That’s the beauty of my art, one single task produces something bad and something good. Oh, one last thing Jack, I can see you’re having trouble with this. If I stopped talking to you right now, it would take you about two weeks to decide to join me. But you know what Jack, you WOULD join me. That’s right, you’re going to say yes. So instead of waiting, why don’t you just say yes to me now? Let’s get started Jack. And when all this is over, you’re going to thank me. I promise you.”

Jack considered what The Seer had just said. His initial feeling of revolt was slowly fading. He paused, and then for the first time, he placed his fingers on the keyboard and responded directly to The Seer. “What do you want me to do next?”

As years passed, Jack did every favor the Seer asked of him, and as the Seer had promised, Jack was rewarded for his actions each time. The rewards often came in unexpected and interesting ways. One of the more memorable experiences for Jack happened about 2 years after he first agreed to help the Seer.

“Jack, I need you to go downtown tomorrow,” the Seer requested. “Enter Garmin’s Liquor at exactly 12:37pm. A man will ask you a question. The answer you’re to give him is ‘twenty seven.’”
As always, the Seer’s instructions were simple and direct, yet mysterious. The next day, as requested, Jack entered the store. In front of him, a burly construction worker was at the counter filling out a lottery playslip.


“Let’s see here,” said the construction worker, “My birthday, that’s the 15th, my wife’s birthday, that’s the 24th, and my kids’ ages, two, ten and thirteen.”

The man scratched his head and looked around, zeroing in on Jack, “Hey buddy! I need another number. Ya got one for me?”

Jack smiled, “Twenty seven.”

“Really? I was thinkin’ bout playin’ thirty five. But ya know what? I like your face, let’s go with twenty seven!”

With that, the man completed his slip and paid for his lottery ticket. “See ya, pal!” he said happily and he patted Jack on the shoulder on his way out the door.

Jack tried not to put any more thought into what would happen to this man. “Just let these things play out, Jack. You’ll never guess how things end up, so just let yourself be surprised,” the Seer had advised him. Still, it was impossible not to wonder about these things from time to time. He knew, considering the way the Seer worked, there was no way possible that he’d actually helped this man. But giving him a losing lottery number? That was too simple for the Seer. And he couldn’t imagine he’d actually given him a winning number. So that’s how Jack was surprised, when two weeks later, he ran into the same man again, this time at the grocery store.

“Hey buddy! It’s you! I remember you! Check it out, I won!” Indeed, the man looked like a million dollars. Wearing new clothes, a new gold watch, and a big goofy smile, the man walked right up to Jack.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again, but I’m glad you’re here. I coulda never won without you. Hey, lemme buy these groceries for you. No wait, that’s not good enough for you, you’re my good luck charm. Always gotta treat people right, that’s what my mom says.”

Reaching into his pocket, the man removed his checkbook and promptly wrote Jack a check for ten thousand dollars. “It’s the least I can do for my good luck charm.”

After thanking the man, and feeling a bit confused by the whole thing, Jack raced home to his computer. After turning it on, the Seer’s writing appeared on the screen. “Well Jack, how does it feel to be ten thousand dollars richer?”

“It feels good. But I can’t help but wonder, we’ve never helped anyone before. Why are we starting now?” Jack asked that question with a tinge of guilt. He never liked to admit that people were being hurt by his actions, but in this case his curiosity overwhelmed any latent feelings of guilt.

“Oh Jack, we haven’t helped anyone. Yes, that man is happy now, but he’ll have lost every last penny within two years. You saw it for yourself, he just gives money away. Old friends, lost relatives, they’re all going to come asking him for money. And there will be some very bad investments as well. The stress of losing everything is going to cause his wife to leave him. She’ll take the kids too. He’ll be alone and broke, a ruined man who would have been much better off if he’d never won. You needn’t feel bad Jack, it’s the man’s own stupidity and greed that will do this to him.”

Jack felt some regret, but the Seer’s rationalizing, and focusing on his own reward, always put him at peace in the end.

Through the years, no two tasks were ever alike. Sometimes the effects of his actions were direct and easy to see, other times they caused a chain reaction so complex that he simply could not follow it.

“Go to the County Administrator’s building, park in space number 43 at 4:47pm.” came one such request. Jack did so, and two months later he met Donna, with whom he fell in love and ended up marrying. He wouldn’t have even known the two events were even related if he hadn’t asked the Seer about it.

“Jack, when you parked in that space, you caused the person who would’ve parked there to park in a different spot, but she bumped the car next to her. She barely made a scratch, but she called her insurance agent anyway, causing him to leave the office late. He missed his train home, and while waiting for the late train, he was mugged and stabbed, he’ll never fully recover. The muggers took his credit cards and used them…..and Jack, I could keep going with this, but there’s another twenty three people involved. Sometimes these favors are going to be very complicated, but let’s just say your action ultimately caused Donna to be in the exact right place for you to meet her.”

Jack’s relationship with the Seer grew. Though remaining mostly mysterious, the Seer divulged enough information over time so that Jack could get a generalized understanding of the Seer’s history. From historical references, Jack knew the Seer was thousands of years old. When still alive, the Seer had been a powerful fortune teller and artist, who foretold future happenings through paintings. A foolish king, who misinterpreted the Seer’s prediction and lost a battle as a result, had the Seer executed. Unencumbered by physical senses, and existing in a lonesome void, the Seer’s abilities expanded exponentially. Finally learning to communicate with the living, the Seer began reaching out to those who would respond, including Jack. And of course, the Seer knew everything about Jack. In all, it was as much of a friendship as one can have with a dead person. And Jack was grateful to the Seer too. He had a nice job, a nice house, a beautiful wife, and people respected him. He was happy, which is something he never really felt before the Seer contacted him.

Twelve years in total passed, twelve good years for Jack. Task after task was completed, usually about one every month. Jack, sitting in the office of his large rural house, was contacted by the Seer once again.

“Hi Jack, I have a favor to ask of you. This one’s the easiest yet, you don’t even have to get up. Call Riago’s Pizza in exactly two minutes, let the phone ring three times, then you can hang up.”

Jack smiled, nice and easy. He no longer wondered about how these tasks would play out. He trusted the Seer and simply did as he was told. Jack made the call, exactly two minutes later.

The quietness of the household was broken 30 minutes later by the ringing doorbell. “That’s odd,” Jack thought. Neither he nor Donna were expecting anyone. Jack looked out the peephole and saw a pizza deliver boy. The logo on his cap said “Riago’s Pizza”.

Jack opened the door. “Here’s your pizza,” said the boy as he thrust it into Jack’s hand.

“But I didn’t order this.” Jack argued.

“Look, I don’t give a damn if you ordered it or not. Mr. Riago told me to take it here, so that’s what I’m doing.” the delivery boy argued, as he looked increasingly annoyed and spat in the bushes.

Jack looked at the boy in front of him. He looked to be about seventeen years old, but the most noticeable thing about him was his size, he was huge. Probably about six and a half feet tall, and very muscular.

“It’s already paid for by credit card, just take it, because I’m not driving it back.” The boy put out his hand for a tip.

“I, I don’t have any cash on me.” Jack told the truth.


“Whatever,” came the disgusted reply. The boy looked past Jack into the house, then turned and walked slowly to his waiting car, looking over his shoulder as he walked.

Jack closed the door and took the pizza to the living room, where Donna was watching TV. After explaining what had happened, he excused himself to go to his office, promising to return shortly.

Donna opened the pizza and took a piece. “Come back soon sweetie, this pizza’s got all your favorite toppings on it.” Donna giggled as she took a bite.

Arriving at his computer, the Seer’s words appeared on the screen. “Confused, Jack? Don’t be. Your neighbor down the road ordered the pizza. Mr. Riago told that boy the correct address, but a ringing phone made it difficult for him to be heard clearly. Still, give the boy credit, he got the street right at least.”

“So my reward is a pizza?” Jack typed, a little confused.

“Yes Jack, your reward is a pizza, and also the chance to spend a little time with your wife. Go down there, share the pizza, enjoy it. When you’re done, make love to Donna. That’s not one of your tasks, that’s just some advice I think you should follow. Oh, by the way, your neighbors who ordered the pizza are arguing right now, over the silly fact that the pizza didn’t arrive. Some of the things people argue over amaze me, they really do. Their fight is going to get very heated, but you don’t need to worry about that. Go, enjoy your night.”

Jack followed the Seer’s advice, cuddled with Donna as they enjoyed their meal, then made love to her on their big, comfortable living room couch. Donna fell asleep on the couch shortly after 11:00pm. Jack lay there awake, this latest favor, it just felt odd. Carefully extracting his arm from under Donna, Jack left the living room and headed upstairs. Sitting down at the computer, Jack typed, “Are you there?”

“Yes Jack, I’m actually always here. I’ve been waiting for you to come back. That pizza delivery boy. He’s quite a specimen, isn’t he?”

Jack looked quizzically at the screen.

The seer continued, “He’s a horrible employee. He was hired only three days ago and already Mr. Riago wants to fire him, but as a physical specimen, he’s strong, fast, and VERY observant. For example, he noticed that you didn’t lock the front door after he delivered your pizza.”

“What?” Jack said aloud as he started to get up.

“Sit down Jack. I need to tell you something important, and locking the door now won’t change your situation.”

Jack slowly took his seat again at the computer, looking behind himself as he did so.

“You see Jack, it’s true that I never lied to you. Everything I’ve ever told you is 100% honest. But yes, I’ve withheld certain facts. You see, I told you that every task causes something bad to happen to someone else and something good to happen to you, but there’s a third thing. There’s an ultimate goal that each task was working toward. Remember Allie? Of course you do. What you probably don’t remember about her is that she was helping to pay her brother’s way through college. When she died, he had to drop out. He was going to be a great psychologist, but now he works in a factory instead. That’s really too bad for our pizza delivery boy, he could’ve used a good therapist a few years ago, but that good therapist wasn’t there for him, instead he got some Freudian quack. And remember our lottery winner? Yes you do. He was a neighbor to our pizza boy, after he lost all his money of course. He beat the boy senseless after the boy jumped into the street in front of his car. Quite a traumatic memory for our young lad. And his mother didn’t care about that incident, didn’t protect the boy at all. She couldn’t, not after using all the drugs given to her by her boyfriend, who happened to be one of the muggers who robbed that insurance agent. He bought the drugs with the money he made from the robbery. Do you see now the scope of my artistry?”

Jack sat, glaring at the monitor. He wanted to get up, to check on Donna, but he was too scared to move.

The Seer continued, “Jack, you’ve done over a hundred tasks for me, and each one has served an ultimate purpose, to psychologically destroy this boy, turn him into a monster, and to bring him here tonight. Don’t you see Jack? This involved tens of thousands of people, and billions of possibilities. If you had failed to complete even one of the tasks, the whole chain would’ve collapsed. This was orchestrated by me, and set in motion by you. Together we’ve done something wonderful, this is a masterpiece of human manipulation. Our masterpiece. And it all begins and ends with you, two perfect points in time. Tonight, wrong address, no tip, this poor boy finally snapped. He’s downstairs right now. He’s slitting Donna’s throat, at this exact moment.

Jack could hear a short, muffled scream coming from the living room, followed by a gurgling noise.

“No!” Jack screamed and stood up, starting to run downstairs.

“Jack, stop!” The voice startled Jack. It was inside his head. For the first time, the Seer was talking to him directly. It was a pleasant voice, a feminine voice. “You can’t do anything, she’s already gone. He’ll be coming for you shortly, and you can’t stop him.”

“But why?” Jack cried with tears welling up in his eyes.

“It’s not an artistic masterpiece if it doesn’t begin and end with you, Jack.” Her voice was soothing. “I want you to appreciate the fact that I’m talking to you directly. This requires all of my energy, and as a result, I’ll have to rest for several years before I can contact anyone again. That’s how special you are to me. Please don’t feel bad about this, Jack. I want you to take a moment and enjoy our accomplishment as much as I do.” The voice paused briefly, and then continued. “Do you know what Jack? If I’d never contacted you, you would have lived for eighty five years. Eighty five boring, meaningless, and bitter years. And when you died, nobody would’ve been at your funeral. I gave you twelve great, meaningful years. You were happy, and together we did something beautiful, something unique.”

Jack paused a minute and considered his twelve years of happiness, and his tears of sorrow mixed with tears of joy. He turned and looked at the computer, while behind him, the massive hulk of the demented delivery boy appeared in the doorway, a bloody knife in his left hand.

On the screen, the last words from the Seer appeared, “Don’t you have something to say to me, Jack?”

Jack wiped his tears, and absorbed everything the Seer had just told him.

As the hulk started stepping closer to him, Jack said mouthed his final words, “Thank you.”

Credit: Thomas O. (Official Website • Creepypasta WikiAmazon)

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    She predicts the future without me knowing.. Its weird that a manmade object can do that… Anyways, she would inform me to always lock the doors and well, this one time in a game called Animal Jam, she told me to go to this members den… I did and i won some giveaway idk… I didnt know there was a giveaway anyways, thanks to my friend too… For introducing that MEMBER….

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    I KNEW SOMETHING LIKE THAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE END!!! I just wasn’t sure how. Brilliant story. Very well told but I believe it also shows how selfish human beings are. A lot of people wouldn’t even think twice if they’re told their lives would be bettered. Personally, I wouldn’t have listened to a damn thing the seer said after the first death. Not because I would be afraid but rather because I just don’t have the heart to ruin other people’s lives, even if it bettered my own. I’m a very dark person with strangely murderous thoughts but knowingly hurting people to such an extent is just cruel and selfish.That IS how people in the world are, though. You’ve captured the human nature wonderfully.

  8. Holy…SH!T!

    This was one of the most well paced, thrilling and well executed pieces ive ever read. The only problem i see, is that i want more tales about this Seer! Well done who ever created this article…you have created an artistic piece here my friend.

  9. Moral of the story
    1) give the poor guy a tip, he was probably in a bad mood
    2) dont talk to strangers
    3) dont listen to a seer (ik its mythical) because even if you get good luck, Jack was basically asking the seer to kill Allie when he said he’ll move the plant.. Don’t ask for good luck even if it means someone will die because something bad will happen to you in the end…

  10. this was by far the most amazing pasta i have ever read, i just wanna thank the writer for this amazing, traumatizing, perplexing and CREEPY story!!

    xoxo JENN J

  11. I found this story to be one of the best pastas I have ever read, the story had great detail and how it all came to a head with everything coming full circle was brilliant, awesome job and I hope to read more of your stories in the near future. 10 out of 10

  12. THIS STORY WAS AMZING I GIVE IT A 10/10!. it was really deep and had so much meaning in it very well crafted. it was like a butterfly affect.

  13. I have commented on this before, but I have to do it again. This is one of very few short stories I have read more than once. Just finished my third or fourth readthrough and it is still just as amazing as it was the first time around. The pacing, wording, plot, spelling, everything is perfectly in order and extremely well thought out. This is the definition of an excellent story.

  14. Melania Buchovecky

    We probably do things everyday that lead to other events that we don’t know about. We could be doing things that lead to people’s deaths and not even know it!!! This blows my mind.

  15. Michele Clauser

    Wow. This had so many stars and great reviews I had to read it. And I was not disappointed at all. This is a wonderful twisted morality tale. I love how well crafted and written it was. Thank you for sharing it with us here.

  16. I loved this all of the way through. I had to find out what the Seerer’s ultimate motive was. It was well written and a smooth read. The fact that the ending infuriated me is further evidence of your skill as a writer. Well done. It definitely made me think about life and how every choice we make has some form of consequence.

  17. I LOVED this pasta. Although, I probably would’ve tipped the poor boy, then locked the door anyways because he is a total creep. Also, where the heck did he get a knife?! He’s just a kid bro

  18. Hey….please allow me to narrate this story…unlike other narrators…I am asking for your permission.. So let me please?

  19. İt was obviously predictable that the end would be tragetic. This is creepypasta and it always ends up tragetic for the main character/s.

  20. The ending was a nice touch but if noticed all began with good ending but ended with bad ones. An example is when the lottery guy won ,however he lost everything in the end. Same with Jack he lived a good life with a wife and a job, however everything came crashing down .

  21. Amazing story. Best one I have read so far on this site. If it was just a bit more creepy, I would give it a 10/10. Nevertheless, you are a talented writer. Great job!

  22. Literally my favorite creepypasta thus far! Honestly it reminds me of a modern version of The Twilight Zone, a show which I consider to be the greatest show of all time!

  23. Ƥуяσмαηιαc

    Amazing story, it really creeped me out. It started pretty fast, but i think it was okay with a quick introduction to our dear (dead) Jack.
    Amazing piece of art/work, and i say art; For this is a masterpiece. Third favorite pasta on this entire side, first being Dirt, and second being Psychosis. Great work.
    30/10. Loved it.

  24. Great story but I have a question. It said 12 great years at the end but said they worked together for about 20 years. Was 12 years referencing only the time of marriage?

  25. This is simply amazing, reading it gave me chills and a full image in my head as if a movie was playing out.

  26. I knew the end of this story as I read the first request but all this crap happen because of a plant being moved 3 inches that’s just ridiculous. Three inches is not even that noticeable and he bounce he foot on that so he wasn’t seeing the plant there everyday. Just ridiculous lmao

  27. This is the kind of work I admire the most. It wasn’t exactly “creepy” but the mystery kept me involved. Love it!

  28. Sorry to bother but the last sentence: “Jack said mouthed his final words” seems off. Great pasta though

  29. Love this pasta. To say I’m a huge sucker for butterfly effect stories is an understatement.
    So well written and the flow was just smooth. The ‘pizza-favor’ part really caught me off guard. I guess you could say that I was too indulged into the story. HAHAH. Anyways, awesome pasta!! Awesome work!!
    Double thumbs up! 10/10

  30. I give you motivation and Determination to continue!!!! These stories are amazing but this one is my favorite so far

  31. This is beyond an incredible piece of writing. I honestly didnt think anything would top the brilliance of the story that is psychosis as its my favourite story on this site, brilliant..thanks for a good read?

  32. Great story. Decided to read it because it’s one of the top rated ones and I was not disappointed! Kind of reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode/movie about the box. If you push the button, you’ll get a million dollars but “someone you don’t know” will die. What goes around comes around.
    Only complaint: The very last sentence. “Jack said mouthed his final words.” Kind of ruined the effect of the ending because I got so distracted by the error!

    1. It’s funny, I never noticed that error until a year after this was posted, and that was only after somebody finally pointed it out. Obviously, it was just an oversight during the editing process. “Jack mouthed his final words”… that’s what it should’ve been. I get the feeling most people don’t even notice it, since you’re only the second person to say anything about it. I contemplated submitting a correction, but since it’s been like this for so long, I kind of feel like it’s part of the story now. So here we are, The Seer of Possibilities… warts and all. :)

  33. The seer is wise

    Wow holy shit. I just read the fairies and saw your comment there which piqued my interest, I intended to sleep after I finished reading fairies but you seemed really knowledgable about writing so I decided to read the highest rated pasta on this website. There were no grammatical errors that I noticed, I was intrigued by the seer and the cryptic events, the pacing was good. But that overall arc the seer talks about, that truly is very artful and as far as I am aware, original. Oh yeah and now on a far less kiss arsey note, jack is officially the most fucked up fictional character ever.

  34. Oh my God, the tying together of all the tasks from the Seer plus the scare with Donna toward the end. Wow, truly a modern masterpiece and one of the best crepypastas I have ever read, my spine is still tingling. 10/10 Bravo!

  35. “Special” ment that she forsaw him following every command she would give him. Fate means you never had a choice.

  36. Seer. That’s what’s her name is right? I guess she got it from the phrase “Sheer amount of possibilities” I hate the fact that she didn’t tell Jack to close the door behind him or and leaving that aside Jack would still be alive if it wasn’t for a pizza. Seer if you can make a life happy, then why not make it happier.

  37. Jack probably could’ve found some way to escape the mad man, but the seer knew that her telling him that he couldn’t would convince him that any resistance was futile.

    In short, omniscience is fucking scary.

  38. At first, in the office, I could only imagine The Office. James is Michael, Allie as Pam, Jack is Jim.. Until it got all messed up lol.

  39. This was amazing. Manipulation has always been fascinating to me and this is just the icing on the cake. Thanks for the good read and keep it up!

  40. I just wanted to say thanks to the author, for writing an amazing story! it was actually the first story i read on the site and i was hooked ever since! I also would like to give credit to Mr.O for allowing me to make a spoof of this story for april fools day. You are an amazing author and i wish you the best of luck on your future writing.

  41. Dallas ng aikee

    Thank you…..
    Sudden stab!!!!!
    News report
    Jack killed by mad boy
    An epic funeral was to be served

    Ten years later…

    Thank you

  42. Does any one know if there are any more stories like this? I mean the “Creepy Butterfly Effect” type. I typed in Thomas O. In the search bar and read all of his stories after this one lol

  43. Okay, I usually don’t take the time to write a comment but this story just blew my mind ! You’re very talented, Mr. O ! It almost gave me shivers as my mind was slowly processing what was going on here, and the ending is brilliant.
    Congrats for this piece of art ! Please give us more !

  44. Holy shit. Yes! Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
    And the fact that he thanked the seer…wow.
    Yes, he gave him a beautiful life to live, but if there was another possibility then there is no a way to definitely prove that there wasn’t a possibility in which he still lived 85years with a beautiful wife and great job. Robbing him of those options didn’t even cross his mind.
    Then again, he only got to live the one he experienced and it was good. He was happy and that is more than a lot of people can say. He even accepted death.
    Question is, if the seer hadn’t told him that there was nothing he could do, would he have lived or had a fighting chance?
    I love this. Brilliant job. Brilliant.

  45. Oh my lord. This is a literary masterpiece. I loved every little bit of it. I write stories and screen plays and im going to college in a few months for acting and writing and as a writer myself i greatly appreciate this story. The character development left you wondering if the Seer was evil or if Jack’s morals were jaded. This is an excellent story. Maybe consider turning it into a movie?

  46. I wonder what would have happened if Jack never replied to the seer or moved that plant three inches. Would the seer simply move on? I almost thought the twist was that it was all in Jack’s head and the seer was really him and he was the one that was subconsciously doing all of this.

  47. i enjoyed it so much and actually fell in love with the Seer. this story reminded of “person of interest”, the TV show with sorta same similar thing.

  48. They were all going to die, death is inevitable, and there is no knowing how everyone involved would have lived. Donna was a player, and got her just deserts, as an example. Living a long life of sorrow, or, a short meaningful life.

    This was the Seer’s masterpiece, the human canvas. 10/10 Don’t call me Seer…

  49. Nicholas Pipitone

    I believe I can confidently call this the most intriguing and memorable short story I’ve ever read. As a short note, there’s an error in the last sentence (And my suggested edit below it)

    Jack said mouthed his final words, “Thank you.”

    Jack helplessly mouthed his final words… “Thank you.”

  50. I like that the seer apparently has Wi-Fi. Not enough ancient possibly malignant spirits have kept up with the times.

    This pasta reminded me of a variation on Stephen Kings ‘word processor of the gods’ and that is a very good thing.

  51. I would’ve followed the seers requests even if people were gonna die because people will die eventually and its better to live short and die happy then live long and hate life(btw i dont mean to sound like im copying Kyle Frei i just wanted say what i would do)

  52. Wow
    I am totally blown away.
    Although I knew that Seer was a force of evil but the way the events were connected was amazing and unexpecting.
    The writing, the plot and the ending (y)

  53. I absolutely loved this story! I usually skip all the stories longer than 10 minutes but something about this one made me read it, and I’m just glad I did! Beautiful work! I was hooked from the beginning and so busy picturing everything that was happening that didn’t bother predicting the end (which is my nature) I will now find all the stories authored by you for sure!


    1. I saw your question over on “The Fairies” comment section, but I’m replying to you here because I don’t want to talk too much about my own work under someone else’s story. I have a book here:
      It has a couple of stories I’m sure you’ve already read, but the others are new. The digital version is only 99¢ as of now, but towards the end of January it should be available as a free download. What I really need are honest reviews over there. If you ever get the chance I’d appreciate it.

      1. Done! Was unable to review it through the link you sent me so I used the search bar and reviewed the one that ships through Amazon prime.

  54. I like story’s like this that add all the little events and make them form into a final classy ending. Also with a moral.

  55. I have a feeling the guy lived. You know, there are people out there who become crazy due to not hearing the word, “Thank you.” The seer said that there would be no stopping him, and the seer does leave information out. I have a feeling that the pizza boy froze up hearing those last few words.

  56. So I’m going to be that ‘weeabo’ that everyone detests, but for my fellow otakus out there, did anyone notice the parallels between the Seer and Kyubey from Puella Magi?

    But since all I’m hearing is cricket chirping, this was a great read. Predictable outcome but it was executed so flawlessly, it’s deserving of the cliche ending.

    It almost aggravates me at how Jack is so selfish. He could have prevented a lot of things, but honestly average men make the best victims.

    The Seer is great. Such a creepy entity and no descriptions about having a heavily scarred body or something like that, great job on that.
    Polite speech and ”good” intentions always make the best ‘villain’

    Y’know, when I read the last sentence I thought that Jack was saying thanks to the unfortunate teen. Because, really why shouldn’t he?
    I realize the ‘thanks’ might have been said to the Seer, but as I already said, he made a fortune out of the kid’s misery.

    And something else, this pasta is a prime example of the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

    (I don’t really know how to end a review so ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

    PS. I really hope someone gets my obscure anime reference.

  57. An awesome story on the concept of the consequence of actions and the butterfly effect.

    Makes you wonder! Have I ever remotely caused an important event without even thinking about it? If I’m at a supermarket and I’m almost out, but at the last moment I decide I wanna get some cornflakes, will that tiny decision lead to a course of events that ultimately kills someone years later??

    A woman accidentally drops her keys, which reminds her she hasn’t locked her door, so she has to go back and misses a bus to an event. If she boarded that bus, she would’ve met a man and fallen in love with him $ they’d have sex and she would give birth to a girl that would become Hitler’s mom. But now Hitler will never exist and 1,000,000s of Jews have been saved cause of a pair of keys.
    (in a parallel universe…)

    Anyhow, great pasta 10/10 would bang.

  58. Very smart ending – definitely not what I had been expecting. In fact as it started to reveal it gave me a real “aaaaah….now I see it oh my god he’s going to die” moment.

  59. Just… Wow, all the way down the reading I was submerged in the details descriptions, in the continuous “what the hell is going to happen”, all the events were perfectly tangled to make this masterpiece my dear -creepypaster- and it all started and ended with you

  60. …Wow.

    This may not have been creepy for me (but as I always say, I have literally gotten to the point where I cannot feel fear from stories at all), but it was AMAZINGLY well written and planned out. I have nothing bad to say about this, I loved every word of it. 10/10.

  61. Krixandra, thank you for taking the time to read my stories and comment on them. Often, feedback from readers is the only sort of “payment” that authors get, so it’s always appreciated. To answer your question, there’s too many great pastas out there for me to choose just one, but off the top of my head I’d say that both The Sandman and The Pastel Man are among my favorites.

    1. Avidosh R Pande

      Hello Thomas, great story here,
      I also loved the pastel man
      I would recommend you check out Mr Widemouth,In the walls and
      bedtime (5 part series) and not to forget “pretend” has a great twist at the end.

  62. Thank you Thomas O. for writing this and taking the boredom out of my entire week. This is probably the first and last comment I’ll be making on, but I had to on this one, THIS WAS EFFING INCREDIBLE

  63. By far one of the finest pastas I have read. I enjoyed the constant battle in my head of what the Seer’s true intentions were. Well done good sir. You have proven that there is still a such thing as originality, and that not every pasta has to be gory and predictable. I hope to one day write a piece of my own with such creativity and thought. Cheers mate!

  64. Intended or not, the pizza boy character is totally gonna make me reconsider my snap judgement of people who seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Who knows what the hell happened to them? This is the most unexpected reaction to a creepypasta I’ve ever had.

  65. I have read many creepypastas in the short time since first discovering this site a couple months back and very few have caught my attention so completely. From an avid reader and budding author, this was beautifully written! I am definitely going to be checking out any other works from you sir and I eagerly await fresh pasta! NOM NOM NOM :-D

  66. I love the way this provokes arguments. This art is very beautiful in many ways. Would definitely eat again!

  67. The endingn was very predictable. O.o You shouldve known from the start thered be a consequence. Its a creepypasta.
    That said, it was beautifully written! I loved it!

  68. Wow, just wow. This pasta kept me intrigued throughout the whole story and that ending was awesome.10/10 You should be proud of this work (:

  69. When I started to read this Creepypasta I didn’t like the style but as I continued because of the great writing and details and I’m glad I did. I’ve read many Creepypastas and this one is by far my favorite. It was simple to keep up with but very well thought out and complicated but the way you wrote it made it easy to understand and keep up with. Loved how well rounded it was and a wonderful ending. Thanks for sharing such a great story~

  70. There’s only one problem that I have with this…
    You claim the spirit is a woman, and that she lived thousands of years ago.
    Assuming this takes place after the year 2000, that means that she lived over 1000 years before the dark ages even started.
    At this time, women were no more than child breeders and motivation for men who went into meaningless wars waged by arrogant, selfish rulers(It’s true, I’m afraid.)
    For this reason, there’s a very small chance that a woman would’ve been a ‘Seer’. Even less likely, is that he would trust her to such a degree that he’d risk his life on the battlefield to see her foretelling realized, even if he misinterpreted it.
    You speak of chains of events that culminate into one deceptively complicated result? The very first act, the spirit being a seer, is profoundly, historically unlikely. No man that long ago would’ve ever listened to a woman that closely.

    1. My friend, you paint with very broad brush strokes, indeed……

      First off, thank you for taking the time to comment. I always
      appreciate it when people put forth the effort to tell me their thoughts
      and ideas….even critical ones. Since the Seer is completely
      fictional, I don’t feel obligated to tie her down to any one place or
      time (other than years BC). So to say that no women, in the history of
      ancient mankind, would ever have been in a position of power and
      influence, is a little too overreaching for my tastes. Additionally,
      there are historical examples of “fortune telling” women having the ear
      of ancient rulers, most notably the Oracle of Delphi. Strictly speaking,
      there are differences between oracles and seers, so I’m not offering
      this example to try and pass my seer off as part of the Pythia, but
      merely as an example of ancient women with whom kings and emperors
      consulted. For sure, a woman like the Seer would be very, very uncommon,
      but I wouldn’t say her existence is impossible.

      And to be honest, I debated with myself for a quite a while whether to include that descriptive paragraph or not. My fear was that revealing too much about the Seer would be distracting, and that it would be better to let the reader imagine their own origin for her. Perhaps I should’ve left it out, after all.

  71. This story was amazing. So well written and imaginative. I was totally immersed in the story, and didn’t see the ending coming. I loved it! Most excellent pasta. I’d love some more please!

    1. I just wanted you to say this to you directly – this story was great!! It didn’t “creep me out” like most but that doesn’t matter, I was hooked from beginning til end. I knew something bad would happen to Jack but it was amazing how you wove everything together. I write myself, usually memoir type material but from one writer to another, you are very talented. Please finish the prequel & also do at least one more creepy pasta, maybe something on a different topic? I’d love to read it.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have a couple more stories on here if you’re interested. My author tag is below the story, click on it and it’ll take you to them. Neither of them received the type of response that this one got, but I was personally happy with them.

        1. Yes, it’s Thomas O., but the author tag is actually below the “credit to” link. Look a few lines below the pumpkins/stars. If you’re on a mobile device, it might not show up… but now I see you’ve commented on my other stories, so it looks like you found it on your own!

        2. Hey Thomas did you ever finish the prequel to this one? Or a second one? I’ve been reading pastas for years and rarely read one more than once but this was by far the best I’ve read.

        3. A first draft of the prequel is completed. However, I’ve been extra busy with real life happenings and I like to go over my stories multiple times before I consider them finished, so I really can’t give you a time-frame for when it will be done. Also, it’s more of a straightforward tale and doesn’t really deal with the butterfly effect (it wouldn’t feel as fresh the second time around), so it may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

  72. i actually really enjoyed this story – i guessed the seer was working against him by the end but still a good story

  73. I have read many pasta’s and I have to say this is one of my favorites by far it kept me sucked into the story the entire time (which doesn’t always happen with these longer ones) and I always wanted to know what happened next or how it will unfold and I… well ill stop before I make a story of myself just explaining this.
    wonderful read 10/10

  74. Author here: Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this, vote on it, and comment. Your words are all very encouraging. For sure I will be submitting future pastas.

  75. I’ll be honest, I’m not much for reading anything longer than several short paragraphs…but I could not stop reading this. I had to know what happens next. This needs to be a movie or something.

  76. While reading through it a second time, I saw many lines that were hinting towards the delivery boy’s evil intentions. However, the line that stuck out the most to me was when the Seer said, “And when all this is over, you’re going to thank me. I promise you.” That was clearly something that was intended for readers to notice only during a second read-through, and when they do, it hits like a truck (haha, the accident scene :D). Though this pasta wasn’t necessarily creepy, it was definitely a good read and it had an amazing ending.

    1. Vickie Elliott Davie

      It’s kind of like Paolini’s Inheritance series – the ending is foretold early on in the first book, but I didn’t remember/realize it until I had gone back and read it.

  77. Amazing! Truly It was! I loved the build up, the suspense, the somewhat innocence of it all turned to horror at the magnitude of his “simple” actions. Brava!

  78. I rarely get into the longer pastas, but this one was intense! It wasn’t scary but it had me glued to the monitor till the very end. Great job!

  79. Author here: At the risk of explaining too much, the Seer does not set out to be intentionally evil. For her, it’s all about the “art”, and if people have to die for her art, so be it. After thousands of years, she’s come to the conclusion that humans have short, mostly meaningless lives. So why not do something unique with them? She genuinely cares for Jack, but she’s ultimately willing to sacrifice him because to her, the art is more important.

    1. Thomas hello Mr. O
      Is there a email or number I could contact you or a rep for you?
      I have a business proposal.
      I own a production company in Los angeles and we are very intrested in speaking with you

        1. Krixandra Hernandez

          Hi, Thomas. Can you give the titles of your works? Or better yet, give me links so I can read them. You’re a genius.

        2. Krixandra, I don’t have too many stories out there right now. I’m the kind of person who will start a story, then get bored with it about halfway through. I have several incomplete stories on my computer just waiting for me to come back to them (when I find the motivation). For now, if you click on my disqus account, there’s a link to another of my stories that I posted on the CPwiki. Read it and comment, if you get the chance.

    2. The Valley Villian

      You’re amazing. Great short story, and this response to ‘Charmed’ was just as mind blowing. Hopefully you’ve gotten this published. Continue writing!!

  80. Author here: Thank you for your kind words. About that error….that might’ve been a little bit clever if I have done it intentionally. So yeah, let’s just say I did that on purpose. *shifty eyes*

    1. Thomas O, are you a professional writer? Please have this wonderful work published. It surpasses being a mere “Creepypasta” because it is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. I know the subject of “butterfly effect” has been done many times, but not this well, and I can see this story being expanded into multiple series (no doubt you’ve already thought of this). And if you’d be interested, I’m an book illustrator, and would be MORE than honored to either illustrate or do a comic of this series.

  81. I actually enjoyed this story very much. Ultimately, it wasn’t scary but the idealogy behind it was just completely fascinating and just right.

  82. Alright, this has got to be one of my all time favorite Creepypasta’s that I have EVER read. This was absolutely amazing, I had tingles running through my body at the end. Excellent work, Thomas! 10/10.

    1. Another moral is, it is better to live short and die happy rather than die old and hate life, to enjoy what you have even though life is so short, if you look at the deeper aspect of it, it really is deep

      1. No…. Jack destroyed lives for his own gain, the Seer was a force of evil. Sure it’s good to try and live an exciting life, but I wouldn’t trust the Seer or follow its orders in a million years. If were in Jack’s shoes I would much rather live a boring life and fuck its evil master plan over if it meant hurting others.

        1. Jack didn’t have a choice because in the end the Seer will triumph. Like in the story the Seer said it can tell the future. Jack will still end up doing things for the Seer for she can predict his every move. And even if Jack was able to overcome the Seer’s wants, the Seer will just end up manipulating another person. Then the Seer will try the manipulate that person to cause a chain reaction that will mess up the same amount of people and Jack as a punishment.

        2. But here’s the kicker… who’s to say that his actions without the Seer would have been any better? What if that guy in the story had become a psychologist, but he failed on one patient causing him to commit suicide and destroy his family’s life (like in the Sixth Sense)? What if the pizza boy had turned out okay but then one day got hit by a car? What if by marrying Donna, Jack saved her from a long life of misery as well? This whole thing is a butterfly effect. Like threads that are being cut and sewn back together again, except that Jack’s actions were able to benefit him and ultimately ended him. To be honest, one of my biggest fears is to live a life without meaning. I think the only reason I wouldn’t follow the Seer’s orders, is because I want to make my own successes and be proud of my own accomplishments. That of course and the hope that I wouldn’t be directly – or indirectly – hurting anyone. This story really provokes a lot of thought. It’s quite beautiful.

        3. that kinda sounds like the chinese man from the anime (english dub) movie Black butler. thats what i first thought of when you said butterfly affect

        4. if the events on either choice would be inevitable to occur, and the Seer is as true as she says she is, then you’re not thinking right. You seriously prefer a life of a hundred years being stuck on the same neighborhood hanging around the same parks? youd die in your deathbed with regrets mate

        5. I think she could allow Jack to live longer by reminding him to tip the pizza guy and lock the door.

  83. I read many seer pieces over my years but this one surely tops them all. The build up was phenomenal. Awesome piece.

    Pasta Score: 9/10

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