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Gateway of the Mind

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In 1983, a team of deeply pious scientists conducted a radical experiment in an undisclosed facility. The scientists had theorized that a human without access to any senses or ways to perceive stimuli would be able to perceive the presence of God. They believed that the five senses clouded our awareness of eternity, and without them, a human could actually establish contact with God by thought. An elderly man who claimed to have “nothing left to live for” was the only test subject to volunteer. To purge him of all his senses, the scientists performed a complex operation in which every sensory nerve connection to the brain was surgically severed. Although the test subject retained full muscular function, he could not see, hear, taste, smell, or feel. With no possible way to communicate with or even sense the outside world, he was alone with his thoughts.

Scientists monitored him as he spoke aloud about his state of mind in jumbled, slurred sentences that he couldn’t even hear. After four days, the man claimed to be hearing hushed, unintelligible voices in his head. Assuming it was an onset of psychosis, the scientists paid little attention to the man’s concerns.

Two days later, the man cried that he could hear his dead wife speaking with him, and even more, he could communicate back. The scientists were intrigued, but were not convinced until the subject started naming dead relatives of the scientists. He repeated personal information to the scientists that only their dead spouses and parents would have known. At this point, a sizable portion of scientists left the study.


After a week of conversing with the deceased through his thoughts, the subject became distressed, saying the voices were overwhelming. In every waking moment, his consciousness was bombarded by hundreds of voices that refused to leave him alone. He frequently threw himself against the wall, trying to elicit a pain response. He begged the scientists for sedatives, so he could escape the voices by sleeping. This tactic worked for three days, until he started having severe night terrors. The subject repeatedly said that he could see and hear the deceased in his dreams.

Only a day later, the subject began to scream and claw at his non-functional eyes, hoping to sense something in the physical world. The hysterical subject now said the voices of the dead were deafening and hostile, speaking of hell and the end of the world. At one point, he yelled “No heaven, no forgiveness” for five hours straight. He continually begged to be killed, but the scientists were convinced that he was close to establishing contact with God.


After another day, the subject could no longer form coherent sentences. Seemingly mad, he started to bite off chunks of flesh from his arm. The scientists rushed into the test chamber and restrained him to a table so he could not kill himself. After a few hours of being tied down, the subject halted his struggling and screaming. He stared blankly at the ceiling as teardrops silently streaked across his face. For two weeks, the subject had to be manually rehydrated due to the constant crying. Eventually, he turned his head and, despite his blindness, made focused eye contact with a scientist for the first time in the study. He whispered “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and his vital signs stopped. There was no apparent cause of death.


Credit: Anonymous

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198 thoughts on “Gateway of the Mind”

  1. This is actually a supposedly real life experiment… Just like the German sleep experiment and the one on the kids… The scientist actually thought that if u deprive the children. Of hearing anyone talk in any language that the children would speak in the world’s original language…

  2. It was a god story but u should make sure to post its based on fictitious events for the weirdos who would believe it

  3. gave me chills. More than any of the ‘dreams and madness’ pastas rated higher than this one. I think it’s perfect the way it is.

  4. I heard this read aloud by one of my favorite youtubers and I swear that made it even scarier. I did not go to sleep for another hour. And it’s not that it’s really scary, per say. But it’s definitely depressing and creepy. I think what finally killed the poor guy was not so much the experiment but that he lost hope.

  5. I’m new here, so what’s a pasta and this story isn’t real? I read it somewhere on fb so I googled and found it here . Thanks

  6. Don’t get me wrong or anything because it is an okayish story and when you red it at first it freaks you out, but after reading it two or three more times I realized a shit ton of stuff done wrong sadly. For one, No technology was capable of doing that in the 80’s. No way at all, also, even if it were possible he would go insane before they were even done. Senses are all over the body and if they wanted to do it fast, that could damage the brain. Also, it is a 100% known fact that if you do not have a functioning brain for senses, your jaws are so powerful that each time you close your mouth your jaws could break all your teeth. Another thing is that you wouldn’t even be able to walk or talk or even chew basically nothing if you had no senses. You have to have senses to even make your body respond and work correctly. So yeah, this needs MAJOR editing and this fell flat on it’s face so hard. Still like it though, but I don’t like it like the others that were less famous than this, people should give those a try too, those were done very well… :/

  7. The concept is strikingly similar to that of the 2008 French horror film entitled Martyrs although not as well developed..

  8. I now can eat from the tree of life this is real simple all you have to do is look at the good or bad in somthing and the truth is revealed

  9. I was never religious in anyway untill my experience and found out the real truth now I know the whole story of life I feel blessed and at peace in my heart knowing that nothing else matters awaiting the next judgment and my reward in the new life amen

  10. In the beginning the spirit of the ocean blue man and the spirit of nature green woman fell in love woman made man eat of nature which made god angry so he made the flesh and condemed them to live in shame in the human body untill his return

  11. I too went threw this mind boggling tourment for two weeks in a sort of dream that went in levels of outer body experience felt as I was being slammed with a sledge hammer constantly in the brain couldnt see on and off thrown around the house like a rag doll but threw all this constant tourment I stayed vigilantly strong believing in my heart and standing strong I was tested by every level of colour of the rainbow of understanding till I was given a silver key in my hallucinations I thought to myself it was a sort of test of my soul before god so I confidently accepted and opened the gateway to god in faith love soul and the name of truth I was aloud to enter the realm of light was shown his plan his anger towards man and the curse of woman what his plans were for his return then cast me back to earth were I found myself in a mental ward staring in a mirror of a vision of the devil inside of my soul tourmenting my very aura and controlling me I was going to die then I cursed the blackness in the name of god and jesus christ his living body of christ then I pulled a green rock of nature out of my pocket were I had no idea were it came from and cast him into it then I stood there wondering what to do with it so I just ate it and said may you be congested in the name of god then various numbers of doctors busted the door down dragging me out of there then lay me down to sleep their I was given a dream of reward from god and was shown the real truth about life from beggining of evolution to the end of this life as we know it right to the after life it was buetitiful to be shown the dream I had it was nice to know the truth but thats another story amen

  12. This is a cool story but how would he be able to throw himself against a wall or claw his eyes if he can’t feel anything? If he tried to walk he wouldn’t know where his feet were nor where his hands were if he wanted to claw his eyes.
    But an interesting idea…

  13. You have to suspend disbelief about what such an operation would actually do to you, but it was nice and creepy. 7/10.

  14. Sorry to burst your guys’ bubble if you thought this was real, but in the 60’s the American Psychological Association made a law of ethics in psychological experiment, and this would have been unallowed and banned

  15. So the scientists put him in there hoping he would hear god, and then 4 days later he hears voices and they dismiss it. Wasn’t that their theory? And then when he starts to communicate with the dead they leave the study? Wasn’t that the whole point of the study? Weren’t they getting expected results?

  16. We live in a dark, evil, heartless world… and yet we still refuse to see it. If there was a “God” then this would explain a whole lot. I don’t blame em, I would have done the same without hesitation.

  17. With some more work and editing, this could be the greatest pasta ever. It just moved so suddenly and quickly. I still find this concept and the simple psychological horror to be much better than any slender story or monster story because THIS is what people can experience. Terror forming in our own minds. Its the greatest form of horror. 9/10, easily. Keep writing, I hope to see a revised version of this one day so I can give my first 10/10.

  18. How didn’t I find this sooner? This gave me goosebumps thinking about not having any senses. The ending left me with mixed emotions. I’m not sure if I felt sad or terrified but most likely dreadful. This story has captivated me completely. 10/10

  19. I love you, my children , and i shall never give up on you. I will always protect you and watch over you in your sleep. Never lose hope.

  20. I felt this was interesting, disturbing, and creepy. I was satisfied with the ending, but only just. Then I said the old man’s last words aloud, as I thought he’d say them. Chilled me to the bone.

  21. Haunting.
    I kind of liked it.
    I wasn’t disappointed by the ending at all. If there is a God, what could be more terrifying then it abandoning humanity?

    Though I think it could be fleshed out a bit, I sort of prefer it like this. Short and sweet.

  22. I…. Didn’t…love… it, Yes, REALLY creepy… But it made me upset.
    I am Christian after all, and some people may take it the wrong way.
    BUT, I must say, it’s not jump scare frightening, it’s the kind that soaks in. :)
    I’ll be frightened all night. ^ ^ Thanks. xD
    You have great writing skills, and it was definitely well written.
    It was very hard to stop reading once I began.

    And all you people up there are harsh!! I think the story was good! D:<

  23. Really scared me, and then the ending was sad…
    He shoulda been saying
    That’s like
    Yeah bye…
    These science pastas are FRIKEN’ disturbin’…

  24. There has been a lot of evidence that God has abandoned us. But maybe they’re wrong. Maybe God hasn’t abandoned humanity, but is instead waiting for us to achieve a higher level of existence.

  25. Without any senses the man would basically be a vegetable that MIGHT mumble incoherently. He can’t feel any muscles used to move his mouth, or the vibrations of his vocal chords, plus he can’t hear himself… Even if he could manage to make a sound, he would have no idea that he was doing so. Don’t even get me started on how impossible it is for him to get up and find a wall to ram himself into let alone knowing whether he was laying down or sitting up. Other than that, it was an interesting read.

    1. Well if the man had been speaking for his entire life, his mind would know how to talk without feeling or hearing it for a month or two.
      I’m not so sure about the other senses though. Because it’s quite obvious that humans have about 9-14 senses (time, emotions, gravitational pull etc.) They just took the main 5 senses out, leaving the 4-9 lesser known senses alone.

  26. Well, this story has definitely caught my attention,
    And I have to say, I enjoyed it suprisingly enough.
    It was definitely different than normal creepypastas

  27. Stories like this fasinate me. Excellent story line and idea. Would have loved to see this a lot more detailed and a longer stroy line though. 8/10

  28. I don’t know why, but this story has stuck with me. I find myself thinking about it.. It just scares me, and I have no idea why.

  29. I thought this was an overly decent pasta. The beginning and middle were quite good though the ending was a bit iffy. An 8.75 out of 10 in my own opinion. Also:

  30. This gave me chills, made me ill with pangs of terror that this is possible. My phobia of the afterlife really rang through this, and it almost triggered an anxiety attack. 10/10

  31. I really liked the story but the punchline, as it were, seemed a little weak to me personally. It might be I’m coming at this from the viewpoint of an atheist or even an agnostic a bit to much, but I just find it really hard to find “god” abandoning humanity to be a silly thing to be shocked about. Having a Nietzche-like “god is dead” line would work better as it implies something is much more amiss.

  32. I couldn’t do this… the though of blindness, deafness, no smell, no taste, and I really thought that not being able to feel… having cotton skin, numb…. It horrifies me. I couldn’t stand it when I had a tooth taken out and I couldn’t feel my upper lip. It felt like cotton. I don’t know what I would do… ugh.

  33. Looked up “gateway of the mind” on YouTube, found out this actually stole its title and premise from an old documentary. Still creepy, though.

  34. James 'giantmeatstick' Conrad

    Not creepy in any way, but interesting nonetheless. I’m not religious either but this story was amazing. 10/10

  35. New Techno Leader

    this one always gets me thinking and i have read it over and over again, deffintly one of my faves!!!

  36. Beautiful. This is one of the very best I’ve ever read on this site. Please continue writing!! 11/10.

  37. I liked this a lot

    i think its an awesome concept … working with the insatiable desire for the unknown almost always work for me.

    I think that the main reason the scientists though someone without those 5 senses came from the fact that if you can’t see(eg) you over develop your other senses, hearing for example.

    Would that mean every person has the ability to comunicate with God but we haven’t developed that sense?


  38. TheManFromGalilee

    \"Go and tell that long tongued liar,go and tell that midnight rider,tell the rambler,the gambler,the back biter tell em that God is gonna cut em down.\" 10/10

  39. TheManFromGalilee

    “Go and tell that long tongued liar,go and tell that midnight rider,tell the rambler,the gambler,the back biter tell em that God is gonna cut em down.” 10/10

  40. God damn, this has had to be one of the best creepypastas I’ve read on this site. It’s almost as scary as the russian sleep experiment.

  41. I really liked this pasta. It reminded me of the one where some Russian scientists deprived some POWs of sleep and they went went batshit crazy.

  42. Yotsua, I read about Candace. That’s so sad what is happening to that poor girl, but at least she can be happy in that her disease may help doctors in the future with other people who succumb to this disease. She may even be able to help the doctors discover a new disease, so in a sense she is helping others like a doctor would.

    I watch a lot of mystery medical shows, and it’s amazing how they are able to figure these things out. I am holding out hope for Candace and her family.

    This story reminded me a lot of the film Martyrs, I wonder if the author has seen the film. I don’t mean that in assuming he ripped it off with this story, I mean that in the sense that it’s a fascinating film that is similar to the theme of the story.

  43. That was amazingly thought provoking. I am not a religious person, but it has definitely resonated w/n me. Amazingly good story. I will never forget it, as long as I live I will never forget this story, this idea.

  44. But who is GOD?! =D
    I liked it, you built it up very well for a short pasta, but the ending left a slightly unsavory flavor on my tongue. Goosebumps galore, though!

  45. with these unknown genres, i always think there true, even something like this, if the person that wrote it doesnt say its fake, i cant help but think, its real

  46. I love the concept of a scientific experiment to completely disable the senses, but I’m really over the ‘communicating with the dead’ thing. Thinking he is communicating with his dead wife? Understandable – he’s going mad and even in the early stages, you’d expect the subject to try to recall memories of his life as vividly as possible… anyways, I found the bit about recalling personal details of the scientists’ life a bit silly.

    Regardless, still a great read.

  47. Fun Fact: Night terrors occur in the 3rd stage of sleep, dreams occur in REM sleep (5th stage). You do not dream when experiencing night terrors, so that is false. Basic psychology guys! This just threw me off the entire story, and I couldn’t really get into it after that. Sorry.

  48. Wall great ><
    I won’t go on a huge rant about it, but I happen to be Christian. Therefore I dislike the ending quite a bit.
    HOWEVER I’M PERFECTLY FINE WITH THE STORY BARARAR *waves hand around* It was really quite good, and I liked it very much. The thought of having no senses whatsoever scares me to bits though :c 8/10

  49. It was good however I don’t understand how the man could be biting himself if he had no feeling? He wouldn’t know where to bite would he? There were several parts like this that confused me but the idea itself was quite orgional and very interesting. Also the part about the scientists thinking that the man was just suffering psychosis didn’t seem realistic, because those symptoms would have fit with their hypothisis. Idk, either way I liked the story.

  50. InterviewthVamp

    Creepiest thing I’ve read on here so far. Really impressed!!! Definatly had goosebumps by the end! :O

  51. To everyone complaining about the sense part. READ THE STORY.
    He was an old man that knew how to talk, walk etc.

    If someone becomes deaf they can still talk, albeit incoherently after a while because they can’t hear themself, but they can still talk.

    Also the feeling part, you guys never heard of leprasy? They can’t feel anything in their skin.

  52. I didn’t think deaf people could really talk that well since they can’t control the volume in their voices so great? That was my only gripe.

    Other than that, good story.

  53. Self-induced-madness

    AMAZING. :O best story Ive read today I fucking love this.
    Its really original. and I love the whole idea, Id be nice to know what happened to the scientists afterward.

  54. A lack of God is not scary

    A few things that ruined where this was going.

    -Pious scientists? ok, I’ll buy that, but
    why would pious scientists who are attempting to establish a connection with God write off the man talking about hushed voices as the “onset of psychosis?” If anything that’s exactly what they would dream of discovering.

    -If you’re not Christian, then the ending will have no impact on you whatsoever. It would have been improved for me even if something cheesy and stupid happened, like:
    “The man looked at the scientist and said ‘I see them, they’re behind you!’ and then the bogeyman ate his face.”

    That said, this really had some potential.

  55. It’s obvious. Th old guy was the grandfather of a Columbian drug runner who frequently drugged his shit for the lolz. After years of this, his mind was subconsciously damaged, but he could control the night terrors and insanity by doing something random. When he is removed of all senses, the madness has complete control over every aspect of his body.

    tl;dr he are crazeh.

  56. Man in the Mailbox

    What the heck do you mean ‘no apparent cause of death’? He was biting chunks of flesh from his arm, what the heck!

    It had serious potential, it really did, but it lost me at the end. And… if I have no reason to live, I’m definately trying this. Y’know, the whole getting all of my senses removed. That’d be cool as hell.

  57. Really the only thing about this story that got to me was this guy having absolutely no senses.

    Things like that freak me out. I could feel this horrible loneliness and dread when I read that.

    Over all, a pretty tasty pasta. Needs to be prepared better, but the recipe was epic.

  58. Militant Agnostic

    Since I don’t believe OR disbelieve in any religion, I can’t focus on anything in this pasta beyond how a guy has no senses, but apparently excellent muscle coordination. How the hell could he repeatedly bite chunks out of his arm? He’d need a lot of assistance even to do it the once.

  59. Cliche pasta end, and it was rife with plot holes. The scientists do all this so he will perceive god, and then when he starts talking about mysterious voices in his head they dismiss it as psychosis?

  60. Only thing I didn’t like was that the scientists seemed quite dubious near the beginning that he could be communing, even though that was the whole point.

  61. That was a great idea for a pasta.

    The writer needs to practice his (her?) skills, though. There is an awesome pasta here, but it’s hidden under some really unpleasant grammar/diction/imagery.

    Produce a final draft of this, and we will have a winnar.

  62. This is the best one I’ve read here in a while. It’s intensely creepy and does not do much to violate the suspension of disbelief.

    Biggest gripe I had was the fridge logic telling me it’s unlikely that without any tactile sense he would retain enough proprioception to “throw himself against walls” or stand upright or talk, for that matter.

    1. @Dodoman: I think the story meant they were unable to determine WHY his vital functions ceased.

      Anyway, I quite enjoyed this pasta. Though I do agree that it could be more fleshed out. Other than that though, and despite a few (acceptable) plot holes, it’s pretty good. Keep up the good work :D

  63. This was good, but could have been far more epic with length. I love the concept. Kind of reminds me of the pasta “Orange Soda”, which blew my mind.

  64. Pretty good, gave me a slight ‘chill’. It’s not the greatest, but it’s definitely good compared to a lot of other recent works.

  65. It’s trying way too much to make a statement, just like every other anti-religious pasta. I don’t care either way, and it IS creepy, but still, some people are so desperate to incorporate their atheism/agnosticism in to creepypasta that it’s starting to become a fad. I think this was the last one that the site needed to really form a “there’s-no-afterlife” band wagon.

  66. Only reason this didn’t work more for me is because for most of the story I was only thinking about the scientific aspects of the “remove all senses” experiment. He wouldn’t know where his eyes were or were his mouth was or any of that if he was completely unable to feel pain or touch or taste. Fix those holes, and you’d have a Grade A work!

  67. A large part of the creepy factor is that this is actually possible. The descent into psychosis and then blank insanity was excellent. Well done.

  68. i want to know how the scientists came to the “logical” conclusion that a person without their senses would naturally be able to converse with god. that ruined the story for me.

  69. So now we know for sure that God is a he, yes?

    I loved this! =D Very…believable, in my mind at least c: Kind of makes me want to go through it XD Except I’d rather dislike the going mad part ;w;

    Well written, too ^^ Yummy yummy pasta <33

  70. wow…presidential seal of an A. i was actually kinda creeped out…also much better than cold man. great idea too…maybe we should try ths experiment…

  71. “With no possible way to communicate…”

    And then the subject goes on to communicate throughout the story.

    Also, if he is completely deprived of his senses he would not be able to move or fling himself into a wall. You can move unless you can feel your muscles. It’s similar to being paralyzed.

    Overall, not a bad effort though. A little more proofreading and editing and you’ll have a nice short story here.

  72. I really liked it, and to mention a special point, I LOVED the fifth paragraph. That one was just perfect.

    I really liked this pasta. My favorite in a while. Only the ending was weak, HUGE potential unused. A little disappointing, but I am satisfied. Thanks. Finally, a decent pasta.

  73. You know what, for a while, the stories with gratuitous, copious amounts of blood involving, “Flesh tearing, etc.” along with the relation to immature, middle school fantasies got mind-numbingly redundant. The stories as of late have been getting more interesting and less childish, “King Midas” – though well written – like, including, “The House in the land of night,” and, “The Cold Man.” This one was an interesting 8/10. I wonder why the guy died and I wish for more elaboration on god, its nature, and “why it abandoned us!” Obviously, I love well thought out stories that keep you enthralled, paint a vivid picture, and draw you into the world of the story. Keep up the good pastas.

    1. It’s actually supposed to be a real thing.. Google it. YouTube it… Wikipedia it.. It’s every where just like the german sleep experiment… And the forbidden experiment done on kids… Which made them grow up in solitary confinement their whole lives…..

      1. Look at the date that this story was posted (2009), as well as the comments above yours. All that stuff you’re finding on the internet is based on THIS story, which is, hold onto your hat, not real.

  74. I don’t know if it was just that the idea struck a personal chord with me or if the subject matter, especially the ending, seemed bio-engineered to terrify Christians such as myself, but by the end of this pasta, I was physically sick with an inexplicable sense of dread. Ten out of motherfucking ten.

  75. Well… Certainly an interesting taste, and slightly creepy, but it could have been more filling. Flesh it out a bit, for god’s sake! (lol) I’m giving it a 6/10, as it was different from the other meals.

  76. I loved the idea. Gave me goosebumps almost throughout the entire thing. Just be careful about the ending. It’s too typical and plain of an ending for a pasta like this that has potential.

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      1. YHWH is the four letter name for God, also known as the tetragrammaton, seven according to the Judaic/Christian faiths is the number of completion.

  78. Y’know what…I really quite liked this!

    Good imagery, not too shocking or creepy but quite absorbing. Good ending too. Liked it very much.

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