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October 2014 Discussion Post: Halloween! Halloween!

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Last year, I replaced the October’s normal discussion post style with a general Halloween chat post. As it was pretty active and fun to read, I didn’t see any reason to change things up this year. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to usual discussion posts next month!

The basic idea here is simple: give the community a place to talk about Halloween in general. It’s basically Creepypasta’s Christmas, after all, so it deserves its own post!

So tell us all about your Halloween plans! What are you doing for your costume? Are you going trick-or-treating, or are you staying in with a scary movie marathon, or something else all together? Do you attend or host Halloween parties, and if so, any highlights to share from your party plans or past events? Do you have any Halloween traditions with friends, families, or loved ones that you’d like to tell us about?


As you can see, there’s a wide berth on what you can talk about in this post! Just make sure that it IS Halloween-related, and of course all comments still need to fall within the site’s general commenting guidelines. You can check the FAQ for more specifics, but basically: don’t be a jerk, don’t try to troll or harass anyone else, don’t reveal personal information about yourself or others, don’t post anything that’s not safe for work (so no gore, explicit, or otherwise obscene images, guys)… in other words, as I said in the guidelines for last year’s Halloween post, just be excellent to each other!


Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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83 thoughts on “October 2014 Discussion Post: Halloween! Halloween!”

  1. Benjamin Stockwell

    There are some caves near my house, we live in the mountains, lots of weird energy there… we are always finding arrow heads and for a while it was a munitions hiding place for the green mountain boys. So it definitely has the history, so it’s going to be like a scene from are you afraid of the dark, a fire…. and scary stories.

  2. Benjamin Stockwell

    There are some caves near my house, we live in the mountains, lots of weird energy there… we are always finding arrow heads and for a while it was a munitions hiding place for the green mountain boys. So it definitely has the history, so it’s going to be like a scene from are you afraid of the dark, a fire…. and scary stories.

  3. Since there no school on Halloween. I will be home alone all day. I think I might watch some Halloween movies read creepy pasta, watch some you tube, Snick some candy, and that will be my day

  4. My friends and I were going to do a group costume. I already started on it when I found out that they decided to do a group costume with some one else. ;-;

    1. You’re never too old to celebrate Halloween! As long as there are B-movie horror flicks you haven’t seen, you’re always in the clear.

  5. I kinda love how Halloween (Samhain) is like a big Pagan-middle finger to Christianity, and their only recourse was to create All Souls Day on November 1st. They took the winter solstice, but couldn’t take Halloween.

  6. Nicola Marie Jackson

    Son of Joker sounds great, but sadly due to my vivid imagination I’m now thinking about the Joker having a sex life. This in turn has led to the image that’s now in my head of Batman’ s nemesis with an erection xxx

      1. Nicola Marie Jackson

        Why yes! I’m a face painter and I had to paint a bloke as the joker. I left my imagination at home but the sneaky fecker turned up anyway making some odd and wrong thoughts enter my head at an inappropriate moment. I blame you. I’m sending Jeff the killer and his even more backward sidekick Insane Serenity around to pay you a visit. They won’t kill you, just read their stories to you constantly until you just wish they would xxx

        1. Do they even have enough money to pay for the plane? I wish they’re too dumb to steal money from the people they kill. Thanks god, there are not too much crappy killers where I am, and when one of my compatriots dares write such a terrible story, he/she always gives the character an english name “because it’s sooooo cool, I dealt with it like a real yankee!”.

  7. Not a creepy costume, but my friend and I are going as interpretive dancers. We are going to wear black unitards and interpretive dance instead of talk.
    Perfect for the drunk party atmosphere.

  8. I live in Australia, so I can’t dress up as anything. Besides, I couldn’t anyway, because parents.

    Instead, I’m just going to spend the night chilling out at the local graveyard and researching things concerning the occult. Sounds like a fun halloween to me.

      1. Yes. Well, kind of. Basically barely anyone does it and thus it’s difficut to actually do it just because of that. No trick-or-treating etc.

        Dressing up is fine and good, but there are… reasons why I can’t. Reasons I’d prefer not to mention here.

        1. So would I! Halloween is basically a second birthday for me. It’s my fave holiday!

  9. Not sure what I’m doing for Halloween, probably trick or treating with friends. I need ideas for costumes though if anyone has some good ones?

  10. Last Halloween me and some friends went to a place called Child’s Play Cemetery and I got hand prints made out of ash all over my car, and now it’s time to go back!

  11. this year im dressing up as Ben drowned because irl i look just like him so me and friends are dressing up as creepy pasta characters im ben and in the group there is girl gamezee jane the killer jeff the killer hoody and slender man :)

  12. i’m going trick-or-treating this year as a hobo since that was my costume last year and i like to wear costumes more than once. Also, it’s not a cheap store-bought costume either, i put it together with the crappiest and most worn-out clothes i could find at goodwill, and i thnk it looks pretty good. Other than that though, nothing too exciting unless i can convince my parents to let me go to the local haunted house

  13. Yay, the best time of the year is here! I’ll dress up as slenderman. I know he’s not too scary, but I live a place that is very similar to the forest from the original game. A lot of people are passing through there all the time and it’s so dark there all the time so it’ll hopefully be tons and tons of fun.

  14. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I have dressed in everything from Neko costumes to the little girl from the grudge. I enjoy scaring people. However, this year, my husband (well fiance but he calls me his wife to everyone) and I have our first appartment, and will be handing out candy this year. So, I will not be dressing too scary (It really is a shame).
    I have already started my halloween movie marathon. It started with Hocus Pocus, and will culminate with a grand finale of a Jason Vorhees Marathon on Halloween day. This weekend I am making the old man take me to see Anabelle. As I made it to the Warren Museaum before I transferred out of Conneticut, I am SO excited to see the movie.
    I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween/Samhain, and I hope everyone stays safe.
    )o(Blessed Be)o(

  15. I am trying to remember the name of the pasta… they go into the woods and there is a fog, and it eats flesh away and you can only walk forward or be eaten by the fog (whats in the fog)… it’s a guy and his friends who are going fishing or something.. Anyone?

  16. I live next door to five kids. They don’t listen when we say not to go into our backyard. However, I listened when they told me about being absolutely terrified of the Slenderman. I told them he wasn’t real, but their oldest brother told them if they didn’t believe he would ‘get them’. So.. Naturally I am dressing one of my friends up in the best Slenderman costume I can find and scaring the shit out of some naughty children. Damn kids. Stay out of my yard! Then I’ll give them some candy. ^.^

  17. How about an evil Rainbow Dash or Pinkypie? Bit o’blood and some cute clothes works! Always effective to go for things that people don’t expect to be evil (y’know unless they read the site then they’re aware that EVERYTHING is evil! Heehee!) Failing that a female slender would work, but really cliche.. Hope that helps! Have fun! :)

  18. My mom made me stop trick r treating when I was 10, which sucked. But now that my niece is old enough, I’m tagging along with her and her parents.

  19. Marenthia Hfhdiufifekbfd

    I’m going to be competing in a halloween themed horse show next friday night, and then me and my best friend are going to a really awesome haunted house the next weekend, and the actual day of we’re going to go trick or treating then come home and watch horror movies and eat candy. I want to be a creepypasta but I’m not sure who.

  20. In Australia we don’t really celebrate Halloween :(
    it upsts me so much because i just want to dress up super scary!

      1. I’m sure you have some fun spooky holidays in England that we would be jealous of in the US though, since England has so much history! Are there any?

        1. Nicola Marie Jackson

          No. We have an amazing history but Frig all on the spooky front. At Halloween we usually just get teenagers with masks on wanting money. I’m sure I’ve been very nice to what we’re basically robbers who went away with sweets and a pissed off expression…..

  21. About 30 yrs ago my cousin & I pulled a prank on a friend. We made a cassette of a woman screaming starting low and getting louder/closer, finally joined by more screams then silence. We ran the tape about 15 min. blank to give us time to set it up, distracted her & one of us crept off to start the boombox, fresh batteries!, which we had placed down behind an old barn. Out in the country of course. At a set point, we both went running into the woods yelling we’d help, leaving her on the porch with my grandma (who wasn’t in on it but kept telling her it was just panthers). By the time we got back, my friend was crying and we were rolling in laughter. My daughter is 16 this Halloween…perfect occasion for another prank, eh???


  23. I’ll basically be doing the same but trying some rituals of this site.
    I may not be posting anymore on a related matter.

  24. I also want to throw a themed Halloween party for the little children. Got any ideas? And nothing scary, they are little children!

    1. Mummies and Ancient Egypt are always a good blend of scary/fun/cute for the littlest ones. You can do scarabs or cats and tell stories about King Tut’s curse, and it’s easy to make stuff look wrapped up in bandages but not too frightening. Another good way to go is happy scarecrows and harvest theme, for that you use candy corn and put a lot of cute faces on pumpkins, and drink apple juice and talk about spooky autumn time.

  25. I am going to a Halloween party at Woods’nWaters campground. (Look it up) I am not going trick-or-treating, but I will get candy and write creepypasta’s (If the submission period changes)

  26. This year I may go to my first halloween party. And my brother and his friend are going to let me do some gory makeup on them so I’m super pumped!

  27. Unfortunately here in South Africa Halloween is not a big deal or is even frowned upon! :( I grew up watching American Halloween movies and I so wish I could dress up and do the whole shebang..

  28. I’m in Australia, so no Halloween for me, officially. I’ll just watch some horror movies and attempt to get into the spirit (pun? Possibly. I’m ashamed already).

    1. I’m also in Australia :) Halloween is fairly strong in my area, so we tend to dress up and go trick or treating. I have a grim reaper costume…

      As an author, I love Halloween and its theme… so much so, that you may want to check out the next posted Creepy Pasta (nudge nudge)

    2. Nicola Marie Jackson

      M in the UK and I wish I could be there in the US for this holiday. We just get the odd group of teenagers with hoodies just asking for money. Feels more like a robbery than anything………xx

  29. I don’t have a WHOLE lot going on for Halloween (I’ll probably have to work anyways), but my family usually does go to a haunted maze a few days before hand. The day of, however, I’ll probably just pig out on candy and watch a horror movie marathon.

  30. I have a hard time getting into Halloween lately. My wife and I live in a rural area. Instead of kids coming by one by one, a neighbor brings all the kids in the neighborhood in one shot on a trailer filled with straw hay. Boom. In less than 5 minutes Halloween is over and no more kids are coming. I always dreamed of making the ultimate driveway/horror walk to my front door though. I would have bladeless chainsaws, a scene of murder, maybe some screaming things in the woods just out of sight. A man can dream.

  31. Elizabeth Lesher Liebes

    This year, I am going to be a witch because I just got a black kitten. Finally got an apartment with my husband, and we’ll be throwing a Halloween party (: Sooooooo excited! Halloween is my FAVORITE!

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