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June 2014 Discussion Post: What Was Your First Creepypasta?

June 1, 2014 Discussion Posts
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This month’s topic was suggested by Ahriannah. You can suggest future discussion posts (as well as find links to old posts) here.

It’s true that we’ve already had a discussion post called How Did You Discover Creepypasta?, however I do believe that this month’s question deals with a different angle of the same basic concept. Rather telling me how you found out about the overall concept of creepypasta, I’d like to know which story in particular was the one to seal the deal, so to speak. Was there a specific story that, even though it might not be your all-time favorite, you can pick out as being THE story that set you off down the rabbit hole of internet horror fiction? Which story prompted you to make the jump from casual fan to someone who would seek out and spend time on websites and/or youtube channels entirely dedicated to creepypasta?

If you can provide them, links to the specific pastas would be appreciated – especially if the pasta in question isn’t one that we have archived on-site.

I think that it will be very interesting to see which particular stories got everyone hooked, so have fun!


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  • The God Experiment ★ 8.15 Rating (41 votes)
  • The Haunter of the Ring ★ 8.63 Rating (52 votes)
  • Henry ★ 6.65 Rating (57 votes)
  • The Man Who Returned ★ 8.68 Rating (88 votes)
  • Locked ★ 3.2 Rating (121 votes)
  • Knocking ★ 8.93 Rating (203 votes)
  • Ooze ★ 7.45 Rating (33 votes)
  • Why I Hate Lightning McQueen ★ 8.61 Rating (132 votes)
  • The Sinister Painting ★ 8.14 Rating (42 votes)
  • The 12 Rules ★ 9.2 Rating (167 votes)