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June 2014 Discussion Post: What Was Your First Creepypasta?

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This month’s topic was suggested by Ahriannah. You can suggest future discussion posts (as well as find links to old posts) here.

It’s true that we’ve already had a discussion post called How Did You Discover Creepypasta?, however I do believe that this month’s question deals with a different angle of the same basic concept. Rather telling me how you found out about the overall concept of creepypasta, I’d like to know which story in particular was the one to seal the deal, so to speak. Was there a specific story that, even though it might not be your all-time favorite, you can pick out as being THE story that set you off down the rabbit hole of internet horror fiction? Which story prompted you to make the jump from casual fan to someone who would seek out and spend time on websites and/or youtube channels entirely dedicated to creepypasta?

If you can provide them, links to the specific pastas would be appreciated – especially if the pasta in question isn’t one that we have archived on-site.


I think that it will be very interesting to see which particular stories got everyone hooked, so have fun!



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160 thoughts on “June 2014 Discussion Post: What Was Your First Creepypasta?”

  1. My very first pasta was Jeff the Killer. I actually like Jeff (yeah, hate me) not because I think he’s some kawaii desu thing or whatever the fangirls say about him, but because well…he’s a badass. Yes, the story may be horribly written. Yes, it may be overrated. I believe that if someone came along and wrote a pasta about him that was much better (less cliches, more coherent plot, etc.), it would end up being a pretty decent pasta. If it hadn’t been for reading Jeff the Killer, I never would have discovered the creepypasta community.

  2. The Russian Sleep Experiment was my first creepypasta. At the time of reading I wasn’t really aware of what a creepypasta was just that whatever this story was and however it came to be I wanted MORE…

  3. My first creepypasta was Laughing Jack. I listened to the audio first, but then read the story. After that I read Jeff The Killer, 1994, Treasure Cove, Abondoned By disney, A few Suggestions, Where A Kid Can Be A Kid, The Old Mill Of Playland, then The Good PEople.

  4. I’d heard of Slender Man for a while due to its popularity, but the first Creepypasta story I actually read was the Russian Sleep Experiment. Definitely freaked me out, but also got me into Creepypastas!

  5. Lavender Town Syndrome, it terrified me! A few years later I would come across Candle Cove and it would ruin a lot of sleeps while starting an addiction!

  6. Mine was “The Expressionless”, I came upon it through google images, and when I clicked on it I was brought to creepypasta! I now share the site with as many of my horror loving friends as I can :)

  7. I think mine was ‘The River Country Film’
    I didn’t know what to read so I decided to click random Pasta on Creepypasta Wiki, and it appeared so I read on.

  8. My first was jeff the killer because I had seen so much fan art I figured why not. But it was Sqwidward’s Suicide that got me hooked. I read it around midnight and had to go read some fanfic of freaking Disney characters before I could finally go to sleep. So of course I simply had to come back for more. :-p

  9. My answer for this one also goes back to an earlier discussion I saw about urban legends. I remember playing on my computer when I was called in to watch an “awesome video” that my husband had found. Thinking he was on another sci-fi kick I took my time getting off my computer and complying with his request. When I finally made my way into the computer room he sat me down in front of the screen with a “watch this”. The opening music began to play and I recognized the song immediately and was hooked. I spent the next few hours that day looking at other videos and during my search stumbled upon creepypasta. The first video that set all this off was called “Urban Legends – The Kidney Thief”. This commonly told story was always a secret fear of mine.
    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

  10. To be honest, I’ve never read a creepy-pasta. The first one I read was yesterday, and it was about a weird glitch-thingy of a computer when somebody decided to taunt Enderman and flood the End. I guess I’m stupid.

  11. That Dead Chick

    My first CP was “Lost Silver”. I found it because I was trying to find a Pokemon game I could play online and I saw a link to something called a “PokePasta”, I wanted to know what it was so I clicked and read the story. I’ve always been super into Pokemon and Lost Silver got me hooked to Creepypasta.

  12. My first creepypasta was Jeff the Killer, my friend told me about this site and told me to read that story, and ever since, ive been hooked on this site.. I think i am now the ultimate CreepyPasta lover.

  13. The one that totally grabbed my attention was “The Crawlspace”. Ah, jeez, with that photo at the end, it was just the cherry on top. I am also obsessed with “Bedtime”. I read it aloud to my brother one night, expecting him to fall asleep mid-story as he usually does, but he surprised me by being awake for the end…

  14. The first I read was Ben Drowned. I watched a whole “documentary” on it. Scared the living shit out of me lol

  15. The first one I ever read was Licking and that made me go to another story; but Jeff the Killer is the got me hooked to Creepypasta.

  16. Russian sleep experiment. I actually listened to the reading on you tube, and got hooked since then. I like the stories posted here and I’m thinking of entering something for the next submission period. well, I don’t think I’ll do well, but it might be good practice.

  17. My first Creepypasta was Jeff the Killer, not only was it dark but it really got me thinking about the super natural world and the real one. I actually did lots of research and found it possible for Jeff to be real. Plus I just liked the feeling of suspense to get me to read more.

  18. My first creepypasta was The Pale Face. I was reading it during study time before an exam. Almost crap my pants even though there were people around…

  19. My first creepy pasta was a gaming creepy pasta, they were on youtube, I can’t quite remember the first one but in the mix of that video (there were like 3 in a video) was dogs on DS, how she didn’t play it for awhile and she played it and they were all dead, her door got locked, ect. It sucked but then I “watched” squidwards suicide and have been hooked since!

  20. BloodBorn Freak

    My friend told me if I didn’t read Slenderman and Jeff The Killer that she would kill me o-o
    I ended up loving Jeff The Killer, and Slenderman, and decided to look up more of these sexy, so-called, “Creepypastas” :3 and I fell in love with BEN Drowned’s, and after that I started watching Mr.Creepypasta, and through Mr.Creepypasta I found CreepsMcPasta, and CreepypastaJr X3
    So da! *awkwardly announces* And BEN Drowned and Mr.Widemouth are my favorites!!! :3

  21. KpopGirlGirlAsian

    Slender man? or maybe the lost episode of Doraemon haha.. i duno:) I didn’t use to watch Spongebob in my childhood, so the Squidwards Suicid just didn’t grab my attention.

  22. My first was never again, don’t know why, but that one has just stuck with me and entices me into returning to the site, which I am forever grateful for!

  23. My first was a small pasta on a small website (I think it might have been when it was younger) about a Japanese lady who wears a surgical mask but has a Jeff the killer smile carved into her face. She will remove the mask and ask you to tell her if she’s beautiful. If you say no you die. If you say yes she carves a smile into your face.

  24. The legend of Zelda Ben story is where I heard of creepypasta. But the story that drew me in was the Mr bear story and everything that went with it. The guy that wrote that did an amazing job. It was so well written and believable that I searched the internet looking for updates and news clips

  25. Beware of Those That Would Do You Harm…I read the story, then a few months later came back to read it again and, well, I’ve become a horror junkie…

  26. I watched an episode of New Girl, the one where one of the characters writes a zombie novel he’s been wanting to for years. I’m a fan of zombies so that night I decided to search the internet for zombie stories. I came across ‘I am the apocalypse’ on this site and read it. I quite liked it so I decided to look around the site some more, I checked out the ratings index and read Psychosis. From then, I was hooked and have stayed up late numerous nights reading creepypastas.

  27. Suicide mickey was my first. My 14 year old was talking about creepy pasta for a few weeks at that point. Thought I would check it out. She was going on and on about all the great stories…. so I read about mickey then watched the videos. And LOVED IT. I have been hooked ever since. So glad I checked it out… Some amazing and yet creepy stuff…. keep Em coming…. :)

  28. My first creepy pasta was The Russian Sleep Experiment. The crazy gore and the thought that it could be possible for me hooked.

  29. i read the russian sleep experiment first, then i listened to some one read the origins of the slender man.

  30. I know my first creepypasta was Slenderman, but I didn’t find it through creepypasta. I actually discovered it on memefinder while trying to figure out the inside joke behind the he-man song. Once I watched a few videos (Marble Hornets to be exact) I was slightly obsessed for awhile. I do know that the most memorable that I’ve read was either Psychosis or Noend House.

  31. My first creepypasta was Ben Drowned and it was linked to me by a friend. I chose to read it whilst listening to the atmospheric music of Midnight Syndicate which made for an excellent creep factor and decidedly hooked me on creepypastas.

  32. My first creepypasta was Lost Silver, and I saw it on knowyourmeme oddly enough. I only read Pokémon creepypasta for a while, and those got old so I moved on to regular creepypasta.

  33. My bro read “the Russian sleep experiment” to me along with a few other pastas and I’ve been reading new ones ever since

  34. My first Creepypasta was the “Jeff the killer” story it was like 4 in the morning and I was up with nothing to do, so I got on Facebook where my friend had shared the story. I read it, then went to the Facebook page and read a ton of stories on there and then I ended up here.

  35. mine was Ben Drowned as a little kid I had loved playing the Legend of Zelda games so when I read it I was creeped out as all hell

  36. Mines was Jeff The Killer or eather Ben Drowned. I made my own Creepypasta called Hillery Bloom on…Does that count?

  37. Ben Drowned, I didn’t even know what a creepy-pasta was when I read it. I didn’t sleep for days, and couldn’t look at my majora’s Mask Cartridge for almost a month.

  38. The Russian Sleep Experiment. I was somewhat naive when I first read it considering it to be potentially based on a true story but then I found it posted on creepypasta and decided to look at a few more. I was not disappointed, I just wish there were more

  39. Weirdo Reading Manga

    I remember my friend sending me Squidward’s Suicide and I was hooked. The first reason being I had just discovered that you can read on the internet and the second being that if someone could ruin my favorite childhood show, then I could definitely have some fun on this site.

  40. My first was “Notes.” I think I first found pieces of the story on Instagram and found it so fascinating that I had to see the website it had come from. “Notes” is just such a strangely unique kind of creepy that it drew me in! I love that story so much!

  41. The first time I heard about creepypasta was by a shared post on Facebook. About the ringing sounds you hear in your head when it’s quiet being voices of spirits (“Once you notice them, they notice you”). Then I went to the Facebook page and read Abandoned by Disney. But officially, the first creepypasta I read from this site itself was Asylum.

  42. SayonaraPsychopathy

    My first pasta was BEN drowned.
    I was playing Majoras Mask and my friend came over. She watched me play it since shes not into video games. After about ten minutes of watching me she asked if I liked scary stuff. I was like “yeah who doesn’t?” Then she asked “Not even if it might ruin the things you like?” I was like, okay what does she mean? She then started,”I know how much you like the legend of zelda.And that character.” I asked, “you mean Link?” “yeah that guy.” I was thinking hard about this, I got interested and turned of my game, and I asked her “what does the Link have to do with scary things?” She then showed me on my laptop the story of BEN drowned on creepypasta wikia. After that I’ve been interested in reading more.
    Here’s the link —->

  43. My first was Jeff the Killer, one of the most popular ones. A good friend showed it to me, and Ive been looking for one as good ever since.I havent found it yet. It’s just hard to be scrared by a simple story when the shadows are talking more and more…

  44. It really depends. I guess you could say that Sonic .exe was my very first creepy-pasta exposure, but the first one I read would’ve been JVK1166z.esp. The one about Morrowind.

  45. My first creepypasta I read was Squidward’s suicide, there was a hype about it for some reason and i came here to read it. Now I guess I’m hooked into reading what people have written. Keep up the good work everybody!

  46. Mine was ‘Arizona’. I was about 16 at the time (I’m 22 next month) and I had nightmares for about a week. I’ve been hooked ever since :)

  47. Squidwards Suicide was the first creepypasta i ever read. I loved it alot and it is still one of my favorite ones after reading alot more of them.

  48. I grew up with scary stories in general. But the first creepypasta I read was an incomplete one on /x/ on 4chan. It did not have a specified name and the writer never got around to finishing it. He had simply posted about how he had been throwing away a mask he found. He would throw it away every morning, and wake up the next morning to find it lying close to his bed, and getting closer by the day. Unfortunately, even after several days of lurking around on /x/ I never got to hear the end of that story. But it captured my imagination.

    PS. If anyone knows the name of that story and has a link to it, I would be very, very grateful.

  49. My first creepypasta was “Mr. Widemouth” by perfectcircle35.
    I listened to a narration of it by Mrcreepypasta. It was either that one or a Slender man one (i think it wouldve been tall thin and faceless.)

  50. Actually my very first Creepypasta was Jeff vs Jane…I just found MrCreepypasta and thought the picture looked pretty…yes pretty…

  51. Jeff the Killer was my first. Ironically i was looking for bullying stories to inspire me to make it through highschool. and his story popped up. i then became hooked on the creepypastas stories.

  52. About 4 years back, the first creepypasta I read was Psychosis, and despite all the many, many creepypastas I’ve read since then, Psychosis is still in the best I’ve read.

  53. My first creepypasta was Slenderman because i always used to watch Pewdiepie on youtube play it, so i looked it up on google. I loved creepypasta (coppypasta) ever since. Now, for fun, i always Tats Top channel on YouTube to get scared. I leared about many other Pasta, like Jeff, Candle Cove, Squidward Sui, Smile Dog, The Rake, Suicide Mouse. Avi, ect. Now i started a game with my friends called Guess that creepypasta.

  54. my first creepypasta was Jeff the Killer, and i heard it when i stayed at my friends house, which we listened to off of MrCreepyPasta’s youtube channel. after that i learned of the site and really got into it since i used to spent hours trying to find good horror games, movies, stories, etc. i knew of slenderman before jeff, but jeff was the one i heard first that really sucked me into Creepy Pasta. and since then i have become obsessed. and currently one of my favourite’s is Laughing Jack.

  55. The very first one I read was Squidward’s Suicide, which was suggested to me by my sister. But the creepypasta that got me hooked was Psychosis. It still gives me chills whenever I read it.

  56. I don’t quite remeber what it was called, but it was one of those “exparement gone wrong” kind of pastas.

  57. The first creepy pasta that got me hooked was candle cove! One of my really close friends showed it to me last year. What I liked about it was that there was no need for excessive blood, gore, violence, or killing. I liked how chilling it was. It stuck with me, and provided something interesting to think about and digest. It remains my favorite pasta of all time!

  58. i unfortunately discovered it through multuple pasta crossover fanfiction, witch i later dismissed in favor of realistic views

  59. My first one was BEN Drowned, probably because I’m obsessed with Zleda haha ;) Without BEN Drowned I wouldn’t really know my best friend haha

  60. Of INTERNET Horror-fiction? “Normal Porn for Normal People”
    A guy on the deep web was trolling me about its existence. Reasearch is what lead me to the story, and eventually to this site.

  61. My first was the Russian sleep expeirment .. I read it on some website and was so interested I googled it. I then found creepypasta. First story I read on this website was Bedtime..became hooked and a HUGE Michael Whitehouse fan ever since!

  62. lavender town syndrome! I was telling my friends one day how the lavender town music always creeped me the hell out and they told me about lavender town syndrome. I did a search for it and ran across this website

  63. I was looking up spongebob parodies and came across a creepy pasta reading of squidward’s suicide and I saw the link to the creepypasta in the description

  64. I honestly don’t remember the FIRST one I ever read that got me hooked, but I do remember Psychosis, and I guess that seemed to have done me in and got me obsessed.

  65. My first was Smile.jpg I think?? It holds a dear place in my heart and I’ll always reread it every now and again. I’ve been hooked on Creepypasta’s since I discovered it.

  66. My first CreepyPasta was “Your Secret Admirer”, just happened to stumble by it while wandering YouTube, read by CreepsMcPasta. I believe that is still my favourite today, I love how it was written, the character’s thought process and the ending was beautifully chilling.

  67. My first creepypasta was Squidwards Suicide. I was a noob to horror and creepypasta. So needless to say it scared the crap out of me.

  68. Pasta connoisseur

    The Russian sleep experiment. Someone in my computing class told me of it, so I decided to look it up. I then managed to prank a friend into believing it for a week before she looked it up herself.

  69. I was looking for scary stories to read late at night. Honestly, I got more, much more than I bargained for as I spent a week wide awake, terrified to go to sleep on some stories!

    I’m 24 years old and this thing still gives me the willies, but I love reading other people’s stories.

  70. I followed a link to the discussion about ‘Candle Cove’. There were one or two supporting youtube videos as well, if I remember correctly.

  71. I overheard a guy at work talking about a creepy story he read named tulpa.when I went on lunch that day I googled it and this site popped up.the story was amazing! Ive been hooked ever since! I think if I had to choose, seventeen would prolly be my all time favorite. I read it atleast a few times a month:)

  72. Lavender Town Syndrome. I didn’t really know what creepypastas were at that time so I thought it was real.

  73. My first was the one with the lady and the oranges, but honestly, it was nice to find a site where I can appreciate horror with other aficionados (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I have been a fan of horror for so long, and stumbled onto this site through Tumblr, I love being able to read the stories, and look at the constructive criticism. With all the junk they put out as horror these days, it’s nice to curl up with some nice, creepy stories to pass the time.

  74. Doors and Candle Cove are definitely the two that stick in my mind. I also loved the Brach’s Candy Factory one, but I digress. There are so many that I really liked. I have about 50 in my favorites right now for example. But the one that really got me first was Doors. It’s the fact that it was so well written, really pulled you into the story. The storytelling is what inspires me overall in general while reading some of the stories posted on this site. Some how that exceptional quality. That’s what keeps me coming back here.

  75. Mine would be the wanderer of blazes, I think it’s called…? One of my friends recommended it to me, and it came up in “random pasta” and I was hooked, mainly because I’m not an easy scare.

  76. I believe the first pasta I read was… The Dating Game. It was an intriguing story that I found on the internet that led me to this site. I then found that there were many stories just like it. Wow… Memory lane!

  77. Either Psychosis or The Russian Sleep Experiment (I don’t remember if these were the same one or two different ones entirely)

  78. I’m kind of embarrassed by this but what got me into creepy pasta was marble hornets videos about slenderman. After that I started researching slenderman stories and was surprised to learn that there is an entire genre dedicated to that sort of story.

  79. My first pasta was smile dog I showed the picture to my dad and a friend… they haven’t had any nightmares that I know of…

  80. My first creepypasta was introduced to me by a guy on Youtube called Yuriofwind. The creepypasta he read was Pokemon Black, and holy shit, when I first heard about that, I had a hard time sleeping that same night. Now, I don’t find Pokemon Black that frightening nowadays, but back then, this was the top of the line of internet horror for me.

  81. My first Creepypasta was either Lost Silver, or Squidwards Suicide. I was looking up Pokemon stories (me being a huge fan) and Lost Silver came up… I thought it would be about someone losing their Pokemon and having to find it. I was wrong, the story was dark and creepy, and i LOVED it. Been hooked ever since.

  82. My son knows how much I like scary stuff-he told me to check out this weird stories website called Creepypasta .Unfortunately, I hated the first story I ever read.Lmao-it was a parody, but I didn’t realize what it meant at the time.It said Slenderman was gay!(he’s a supernatural Thing, I knew) It made me so mad after I read that one that I didn’t visit this site again until my son told me to try again.This time he recommended a cool story(Haha and explained a few things) and I’ve been happily reading ever since.I thought this must be some kind of sick website only teenagers would think was interesting…pls excuse me for that.Even though I’m a mom now, I guess it won’t stop my blonde moments from getting in the way at times. :) Tyvm for an awesome website.

  83. Dark Angel and Dark Star

    My frist creepy pasta was the russian sleep experiment. It really got me thinking about the psychological side of creepypastas to insert parnoira into someone’s thoughts, by using phrases, and events to question they natural ways of life.. or its just me over analysing everything.

  84. CreepyFudgingPastas

    My first CreepyPasta that I have ever read was “Beware Of Those Who Would Do You Harm: Act 1”. However, I knew what Slenderman was long before then but never actually read his story until a few months ago.

  85. It is actually a pretty tough question, since the definition of creepypasta is quite murky. I am absolutely sure that I had read stories like Dogs lick too, Angel/Clown statue, Med student etc, years before I even knew such word as creepypasta. Some of them I read even in some children’s books.

    As for the story that introduced me into creepypasta as a form of Internet lore, that would be Candle Cove. I remember reading a thread on some other forum where someone tried to sell it as a real show, and after some search found this very site, as it was back in 2010.

    What I liked about creepypasta was a great number of original concepts (do you remember a Steven King stories about a lost episode of a kids’ show or a ghost living in a video game) and storytelling devices – from chatlogs to journals and diaries. Sadly, a lot of things are no more that they used to be.

  86. CaptainFabulous

    I looked up Squidwards Suicide ’cause I had heard it was surprisingly creepy and I was curious – after reading it I couldn’t sleep that night! From there I tried Ben Drowned and I’ve been addicted ever since :D

  87. The first pasta I read was Squidward’s Suicide. My sister showed it to me, hoping i’d be scared, but I wasn’t. After that I came on here and became a huge fan. Although its not my favourite, its the one that showed me the world of horror stories on Creepypasta, so it will always have a great place of recognition in my heart.
    The link:

  88. My story with creepypasta started about a year ago when my friend explained to me who Jane, Jeff, Smile dog, and that wierd cat (I forgot it’s name) was, but I didn’t think anything of it until she let me play Slender. But I still wasn’t hooked until I was watching sonic paraodies and I saw the tails doll. Curious I watched more episodes and he appeared in every one, I eventualy researched him on youtube, and documenteries on how to summon him showed up along with some creepypasta stories. After watching them, and getting caught, I started searching on Google for Him. After reading those, I saw the creepypasta website and silently read those, until I read “Looking for a lost game” in which I commentated using the username as seen above.
    So ultimately the first creepypasta character I read/watched was Tails Doll.

  89. My boyfriend sent me a link to a story on here a while back, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I really wish I could remember the name of the story…I just remember it was a bunch of kids at like a campsite in a trailer or something and there was like one extra pair of eyes at night..haha, I don’t know.

  90. My first pasta was the Slender man. He was my favorite at first, but as time went on, I learned about Jeff the killer, Jane the killer, Smile dog, ect…
    Hooked ever since

  91. My first pasta was jeff the killer,because i heard of him through minecraft.I decided to check out CREEPYPASTA, and there it was. The smile. The eyes. everything. My second pasta was I saw the pictures, of him and jeff. So after i read it, I decided to look up “smile.jpg” on Google. I was all like, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”. I then turned on Netflix to watch Pokemon. Then it all came to me. That night i had nightmares.I spread the word through Facebook, and the the next day my sister called me and said she had nightmares,making me scared. So i told her to share the link and just stay calm.After that night,she said she had stopped having nightmares. My email than showed this:

    To:[email protected]

    Hello.I fould your email through Facebook. I looked on your profile and saw that you were into smiledog.I have seen it and it is not as bad.Just spreading the word.


    I freaked out.I than emailed it to my friend Tristyn, along with the photo.I types, “good luck buddy,all you gotta do is spread the word.” I clicked send. Then she called and said she saw it and spread the word, because she had seen it before.She sent it to her cousin, who didnt belive it. 2 weeks later was horrible. Her cousin had died.

    I never spoke to Tristyn again.

  92. the first time i came on this site, i decided to read about 10 in one sitting but the first one that pops into mind is “the maid”

  93. Damn you reminiscing, too many feels!

    Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), I lost my creepypasta virginity to Psychosis, widely considered to be one of the best stories on the site. It was 2011 I believe, and I happened upon this site by chance and ended up losing an afternoon to it. Not expecting to stay on it long (let alone be an active community member!), I went straight for the top-rated list and lo and behold, just as it is now, Psychosis was top dog. Widemouth was second (sigh), and this was before Michael Whitehouse so no Bedtime or On a Hill on the list. I remember after reading Psychosis being rather terrified (I wasn’t quite yet desensitized to the now-routine horrors of most entries) and then reading over the famous ending over and over until I finally understood what it meant. Then I shat myself.

    Nah not really, but for better or for worse Psychosis raised my standards for what pastas should be on this site, and unfortunately that has led me to be a bit anal retentive from then on about originality and grammar. I even specifically remember reading Mr. Widemouth right after, and being incredibly underwhelmed in comparison to my previous experience (to be honest it’s probably why I dislike that pasta to this day). Anyway sorry fellow authors for my often harsh critiques! It’s hard to follow up to the top rated pasta on the site.

  94. I gave the site a visit and went straight to the rating index. Psychosis was my first, then The Devil Game and The Russian Sleep Experiment.

    Very glad I found the website. The horror genre leaves infinite room for mysterious characters and stories. No limits at all.

  95. I was reading an article on experiments that had been performed to prove our darker sides… would we help someone who was on danger if we were hurried, would we inflict pain on someone just because an authority figure told us to, etc.

    A person commented that those the listed experiments were twisted they were nothing compared to the Russian Sleep Experiment. I followed the link provided and read the page. I was truly believing what I was reading until the last few paragraphs which read in my opinion like a ghost story. The story was posted to Creepypasta Wiki, which I had no idea what thateven was. I loved the story and how believably it was written and the name creepypasta amused me so I found a link to the creepypasta website, read a few more stories, and now I’m hooked.

    The Russian Sleep Experiment

  96. The rake, jeff the killer, and squidward suicide from the minecraft mod. However squidward suicide freaked me out the most.

  97. For me, it was a pasta called “the cell phone game” and its sequel (“Alternate 21328”) that got me looking for more (link here and after that, hooked on mostly forgotten pastas that were shorter, less much less developed, but creepier, such as “Mr. Widemouth.”

    The Cellphone Game has the typical uncanny, familiar but unfamiliar (uncanny, to use a Freudian term, or unheimlich) elements. What really sets it apart from the others I’ve since read are the plot twists and the fact that despite the story having a sequel, there is still a lot left unknown and unexplained, allowing the story to grow beyond the typical structure found in most pastas (something normal gets creepy, something creepy gets evil, horror happens, and then a quick ending that usually leaves you wanting to read something else.)

  98. The first Creepypasta I read was The Russian Sleep Experiment but the first one I had heard of was Slenderman.

  99. I already told this story in the comments section of my pasta, but I had just watched an episode of the cartoon “Freakazoid”. It was the one about he who shall not be named. For some reason I decided to do a Google search of his name and it took me to the comments section of that pasta. After about 15 minutes of reading and laughing at those comments I found the “Top Rated Pastas” category. I read “Psychosis”and was hooked.

  100. My first creepypasta was Smile Dog!
    Even though I had heard of Slenderman and Jeff the Killer beforehand, Smile Dog was the first one I read. I was flipping through an app called LOL Pics when I saw the Smile Dog picture. Wondering what the hell it was, I looked at the comments and saw them saying “Smile Dog”. I searched it up and found the pasta. Hooked ever since. ^^

    1. I have that same app (If you go on there recently I have been trying to post regularly, keeping up with the recent trend of FML posts. I went cliche and my name is fml archives.)! I knew about creepypasta before I ever saw something on there. I think that the first one I read was the By the Fire’s Light series.

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