About is a collection of various paranormal/scary short stories. I didn’t write any of these; many of them were anonymously published on the 4chan imageboards. Eventually, the site began accepting direct submissions and was impeccably maintained by previous site managers DERPBUTT and Chris Maxim, without the hard work of these individuals the site wouldn’t have grown into what it has today.

If you have further questions or concerns, please see our Story Submission Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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120 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is my kinda place paranormal and scary stuff is what I’m into ha you go creepypasta keep it Rollin….?

  2. There is generally a long post stating submissions open. Additionally, there is always a status in the side bar stating whether the site is in an open or closed submission period. That is the method of notification. So I’d suggest you check back from time to time. Open periods are generally a couple of months, and the closed periods depend on number, quality, and length of stories submitted, as well as potential outside factors. The last open period was a couple months back, and there are always tons of stories to sort through!

    While you wait, feel free to check out the beta reader page to help put any final polish on your submission. It can’t hurt!

  3. ThePsycoBehindYou

    Iv just put a username under name
    But I don’t know how to make an actuall account
    How do I do this or by commenting has my account been made

  4. Perhaps there should be a permanent notice on the main page that there are no Log In/Log Out buttons in big, bold, bright red lettering…

    Or at least the link to your answer about it from the FAQ page since people don’t seem to know that such a page exists here…

  5. This site is cool. And, I thought, words run out – so for all the super fans of this site, me to soon be included, here are some good creepy anime to watch. Enjoy!!! :D
    Ghost Hunt
    Psychic Detective Yakumo (does not come in EngDub)
    Black Butler
    Hell Girl

  6. Horror game player

    I have a creepy pasta called Jeff’s reincarnation where my friend read and loved Jeff BUT when he went to bed he had a dream where he became Jeff so he went on a killing stream and he had to be put down the end check out my other past I’m making called the reunited

  7. This…is interesting to know…but umm… I know you say to fill out a form, but I would like to have your view on this recent ‘post’, shall I say, about my nightmare. A friend of mine says that it seems to be a creepypasta-ish story. LOL But yeah, if you don’t mind, either message me on facebook which is or and we can hopefully discuss and have your point of view.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment!

    ~Blushie Kitty.

    1. Not really within my interests or relevant to the page you’re commenting on, but I’ll approve the comment to tell you that you’ll probably have more luck sharing creepy dreams on a forum dedicated to the paranormal or dream interpretation. We have some linked on the sidebar, and Google is always helpful.

  8. Hey man just found this site and not bad but i posted a pasta that i made up on the spot and i just wanna know how to make an account because my phones a piece of shit and everything is better with an account

  9. As much as I love reading these, it’s almost impossible now. There are these pictures of slender man and smile dog that are floating all over my screen and I can’t read them anymore. Can someone help me get rid of these?

  10. Hey derpbutt. I don’t know if this is possible or if it will take up too much server space (I know nothing about servers) but would there be a way to organize every post on this site by rating? I know there is the highest and lowest rated pastas but I would really love to find all of the other ones that are 9.2 and so on. Sorry if there is already a way to access this list on the site.

    1. Sorry, there’s no automatic way to do that via the rating plugin and doing that manually would be an insane undertaking (considering the sheer amount of stories and the fact that the ratings aren’t static). If the plugin we use ever gives us a way to do it, sure, but until then we’re stuck with what we’ve got.

  11. Short answer: No.

    Long answer: A user database would take up valuable server resources. That costs money. We do not have infinite money/resources, and we are not going to waste the space we have on something that doesn’t actually need to exist. Especially considering that many people would register once and only comment once or twice, as well as the infinite amount of spambots that would register/attempt to register in hopes that it’d make their spam comments get through easier… the user database would become hugely bloated very quickly, and it would still not serve any actual purpose beyond eating up space and slowing the site down. No.

  12. Just read one story and i got addicted! some though were not really creepy. but still good. nice site you have here~ keep up the good job! This is a must recommended site. :D

  13. I love this site… But … It’s weird… I hear mrcreepypasta say different stories … When I’m sure he got them from here… Weird o.o

  14. i put a story here. my friends cousins emailed it to me. but i’ve been getting really horrible feedback. some people love it and try to explain what they saw. some people say its a peice of shit and stuff like that, saying its not true, but, then why they on this site if they no believe inbghosts and beings?

    1. People are just rude and most believe that if they themselves didn’t witness what happened then it doesn’t exist.

      Don’t let them get to you. Some people haven’t grown up and probably never will.

      Also this site is mainly for entertainment but there are those who truly believe in some of the stories…

  15. I can’t seem to find a story no matter how hard i look for it… I know it’s on this site but the search bar sucks because im tring to find the story named Ben, it’s about a zelda game and for some reason i can’t find it…

  16. I love this site a lot but I’d like to suggest one change. You should be able to search for titles within the site rather than just searching google…

  17. Rizu, the reason people do that is for humor, I personally don’t get it xD But i think it was banned so don’t know why they still do it.

  18. Someone wanna explain something to me? I’m new to this site. but why, on every comments section for a creepypasta story, will i see some one say BUT WHO WAS _____ ? (Insert word that relates to story). Sorry if i sound stupid, but what did I miss here? xD

  19. i just found out bout this website by my friend…and this is a pretty kool website. i like!! :)

  20. wat the shyt ppl on here are even more bitchy than the ones on! you fucking tards need to grow the fuck up try witchcraft of something besides stalk ppl and masturbate the this webpage!

    1. We don’t actually believe in these stories, fucktard. It is just for fun. It’s amusing to be scared and I hate bitches like u who post retarded things like this.

  21. RSS feed – look on the sidebar, at the button that says [however many[ readers by RSS feed, and then click on it.

    Also, I believe that all wordpress blogs have RSS feeds by default.


  23. Collecting stories from other sources and reposting them without permission or credit does not make them public domain. They are still the property of the original authors and you may end up with a lawsuit on your hands if you continue.

  24. Just been browsing this site, ana mhaith!

    It needs moar irish ghost stories though. We used to be famous for them, but now no-one cares anymoar.

  25. Also: The Rake is a hypocrite.

    “Long story short, the word “would” is spelt wrong.”

    “Wrong” is an adjective. “…spelt incorrectly” is what s/he was going for, I’m sure.

  26. I found out about Creepypasta from Encyclopedia Dramatica where I found a link here. This website is full of win. Thanks :)

  27. This website needs a top 100 or a rating system for stories. I don’t want to read bs.

  28. I’m don’t mean to be rude, but there is a spelling error on the page.

    “However, if you woul like to submit your own creepypasta to be archived here, I’ll be more than happy to credit you when I post it.”

    should be

    “Unfortunately, due to the anonymous nature of such boards, I do not know who wrote each individual piece and thus credit is not given. However, if you would like to submit your own creepypasta to be archived here, I’ll be more than happy to credit you when I post it.”

    Sorry if I sound rude!

  29. Ooo an image archive would be nice. I would happily begin submitting the second it opened! Also, my mail client isn’t working, so what is this site’s e-mail address for submissions? I wanted to contribute some stories to the site!

  30. @ Cocoa

    its actually an anbandoned clown rollercoster somewhere in europe, its on Kinda creepy lookin ne?

  31. I agree with Danny, I love the website’s new look. Except what is that caterpillar thing in one of the photos? Oddness.

  32. Awesome site. Wish there were more creepy stories to read. Maybe I’ll have to submit a story or two one of these days.

  33. After 45 minutes of creepypasta reading, i assured this site is awsome.
    You did really a nice job with this site :3

  34. oh and i just read “the eye” post 5 minutes ago and my cat batman just came to me. like it said in the thing. i didnt time it exactly but it was very close to the 4 minutes and 13 seconds. he kept on walking by though. creepy.

    1. Kofferabzuglichzeichenerklugen

      Sorry Mr. Diggins, didn’t mean to post here but I’m a little new here can you please show me where to go once the sumitton

      1. Kofferabzuglichzeichenerklugen

        I don’t know what happened my computer froze and posted what I was still writing, But can you tell me how to, post a pasta?

        1. I was just saying there are certain dates within the months that you are allowed to post, because the owner of the site reads them and sorts them during the closed period, and the open period, the ste takes in submissions. Also, check out my site like this one that has scary stories and horror posted daily:

          [Link removed, as it’s nothing more than a scraped version of]

        2. After looking at your site:

          “I take stories from and, and put them here! I promise to give credit if the story is someone else’s, and not mine. If it is mine, I will make it like a blog post.”

          “NOTE: I post only creepypastas here, and they all come from, so I might post one you have already read, so please do not get angry if I post one you have already read.”

          PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. Note that when people submit to, they agree to legal terms that give THIS SITE ALONE (and sometimes crappypasta as well) permission to host their work; they don’t give permission to any random bypasser who feels like lifting their work for their own profit. Stealing and saying “but I gave credit” is still stealing and may get you in a whole boatload of trouble if you happen to upset an author who decides to pursue legal recourse. Please realize that authors who submit to us often do it because they are working to become published, and they’re willing to let us host their work because they know they can send me edits and takedowns and such and I’ll comply – but when people rip off their story and start spreading it around, they lose that control.

          Don’t be that guy – the one who completely disrespects the time and effort that these authors have put into sharing their work with us for free, and who basically spits in their faces by stealing it without permission. Not just because the authors will be within legal rights to take action against you if they feel like it, but also because it’s just a shitty thing to do to the original authors (and it’s a shitty thing to do to me – by trying to replace a site that runs entirely on ad-generated profits, you’re basically doing your best to hurt the site’s lifespan).

          As a note, scaryforkids is already known for doing this: they have a history of scraping stories from this site (and the wiki), making edits and rehosting the stories without credit or contacting the original author. I’ve had a few authors attempt to get their stuff removed from sfk and had their efforts go completely ignored; this is why I will never support or link sfk. If you’re planning on operating in the same way, I can’t support you either.

          I’ll make this clear: YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO SCRAPE AND STEAL CONTENT FROM CREEPYPASTA. If you get *individual* author permission, that is one thing and their permission completely supercedes my own. But as it stands now, I can already tell that you’re NOT DOING THIS – because I’m seeing that you’ve outright stolen some of the ‘based on a true story’ posts that I personally researched and put together, and you certainly don’t have permission for this – nor did you even bother to ask.

          I will also be sending this to you via your contact form (by the way, you even scraped my rules and terms – you really are just attempting to completely clone everything, huh?). Please reconsider what you’re doing here; it’s very dishonest and I can’t see it as anything other than an attempt to annoy and damage the original authors, myself, and this very website. If you had good intentions and simply didn’t realize that what you’re doing is wrong and that you could get in legal trouble for doing so, please do the right thing and remove all stolen content.

          I don’t have issues with other creepy story websites. I have issues with ones like yours that are LITERALLY nothing more than my website, completely scraped and copy/pasted without permission of myself or the original authors.

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