Creepypasta.com is a collection of various paranormal/scary short stories. I didn’t write any of these; many of them were anonymously published on the 4chan imageboards. Eventually, the site began accepting direct submissions.

Creepypasta.com is currently operated by site owner Ian S.Β  Content curation, story selection and review, and editing are handled presently by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights creator/director and audio horror producer Craig Groshek, who reports directly to Ian. Groshek also assists with story thumbnail design, engagement with featured authors, soliciting of content from off-site sources, management of themed submission periods, and the answsering of questions sent in via the Contact Form.Β  He was also integral in the 2019 redesign of the Creepypasta.com website, and the implementation of its current sorting and navigation systems.

We accept submissions year-round. Use our story submissions page to send in your own creepypasta for consideration today.

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