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Mr. Widemouth

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During my childhood my family was like a drop of water in a vast river, never remaining in one location for long. We settled in Rhode Island when I was eight, and there we remained until I went to college in Colorado Springs. Most of my memories are rooted in Rhode Island, but there are fragments in the attic of my brain which belong to the various homes we had lived in when I was much younger.

Most of these memories are unclear and pointless– chasing after another boy in the back yard of a house in North Carolina, trying to build a raft to float on the creek behind the apartment we rented in Pennsylvania, and so on. But there is one set of memories which remains as clear as glass, as though they were just made yesterday. I often wonder whether these memories are simply lucid dreams produced by the long sickness I experienced that Spring, but in my heart, I know they are real.

We were living in a house just outside the bustling metropolis of New Vineyard, Maine, population 643. It was a large structure, especially for a family of three. There were a number of rooms that I didn’t see in the five months we resided there. In some ways it was a waste of space, but it was the only house on the market at the time, at least within an hour’s commute to my father’s place of work.


The day after my fifth birthday (attended by my parents alone), I came down with a fever. The doctor said I had mononucleosis, which meant no rough play and more fever for at least another three weeks. It was horrible timing to be bed-ridden– we were in the process of packing our things to move to Pennsylvania, and most of my things were already packed away in boxes, leaving my room barren. My mother brought me ginger ale and books several times a day, and these served the function of being my primary from of entertainment for the next few weeks. Boredom always loomed just around the corner, waiting to rear its ugly head and compound my misery.

I don’t exactly recall how I met Mr. Widemouth. I think it was about a week after I was diagnosed with mono. My first memory of the small creature was asking him if he had a name. He told me to call him Mr. Widemouth, because his mouth was large. In fact, everything about him was large in comparison to his body– his head, his eyes, his crooked ears– but his mouth was by far the largest.

“You look kind of like a Furby,” I said as he flipped through one of my books.

Mr. Widemouth stopped and gave me a puzzled look. “Furby? What’s a Furby?” he asked.

I shrugged. “You know… the toy. The little robot with the big ears. You can pet and feed them, almost like a real pet.”

“Oh.” Mr. Widemouth resumed his activity. “You don’t need one of those. They aren’t the same as having a real friend.”


I remember Mr. Widemouth disappearing every time my mother stopped by to check in on me. “I lay under your bed,” he later explained. “I don’t want your parents to see me because I’m afraid they won’t let us play anymore.”

We didn’t do much during those first few days. Mr. Widemouth just looked at my books, fascinated by the stories and pictures they contained. The third or fourth morning after I met him, he greeted me with a large smile on his face. “I have a new game we can play,” he said. “We have to wait until after your mother comes to check on you, because she can’t see us play it. It’s a secret game.”

After my mother delivered more books and soda at the usual time, Mr. Widemouth slipped out from under the bed and tugged my hand. “We have to go the the room at the end of this hallway,” he said. I objected at first, as my parents had forbidden me to leave my bed without their permission, but Mr. Widemouth persisted until I gave in.

The room in question had no furniture or wallpaper. Its only distinguishing feature was a window opposite the doorway. Mr. Widemouth darted across the room and gave the window a firm push, flinging it open. He then beckoned me to look out at the ground below.

We were on the second story of the house, but it was on a hill, and from this angle the drop was farther than two stories due to the incline. “I like to play pretend up here,” Mr. Widemouth explained. “I pretend that there is a big, soft trampoline below this window, and I jump. If you pretend hard enough you bounce back up like a feather. I want you to try.”

I was a five-year-old with a fever, so only a hint of skepticism darted through my thoughts as I looked down and considered the possibility. “It’s a long drop,” I said.

“But that’s all a part of the fun. It wouldn’t be fun if it was only a short drop. If it were that way you may as well just bounce on a real trampoline.”

I toyed with the idea, picturing myself falling through thin air only to bounce back to the window on something unseen by human eyes. But the realist in me prevailed. “Maybe some other time,” I said. “I don’t know if I have enough imagination. I could get hurt.”

Mr. Widemouth’s face contorted into a snarl, but only for a moment. Anger gave way to disappointment. “If you say so,” he said. He spent the rest of the day under my bed, quiet as a mouse.

The following morning Mr. Widemouth arrived holding a small box. “I want to teach you how to juggle,” he said. “Here are some things you can use to practice, before I start giving you lessons.”

I looked in the box. It was full of knives. “My parents will kill me!” I shouted, horrified that Mr. Widemouth had brought knives into my room– objects that my parents would never allow me to touch. “I’ll be spanked and grounded for a year!”


Mr. Widemouth frowned. “It’s fun to juggle with these. I want you to try it.”

I pushed the box away. “I can’t. I’ll get in trouble. Knives aren’t safe to just throw in the air.”

Mr. Widemouth’s frown deepend into a scowl. He took the box of knives and slid under my bed, remaining there the rest of the day. I began to wonder how often he was under me.

I started having trouble sleeping after that. Mr. Widemouth often woke me up at night, saying he put a real trampoline under the window, a big one, one that I couldn’t see in the dark. I always declined and tried to go back to sleep, but Mr. Widemouth persisted. Sometimes he stayed by my side until early in the morning, encouraging me to jump.

He wasn’t so fun to play with anymore.

My mother came to me one morning and told me I had her permission to walk around outside. She thought the fresh air would be good for me, especially after being confined to my room for so long. Exstatic, I put on my sneakers and trotted out to the back porch, yearning for the feeling of sun on my face.

Mr. Widemouth was waiting for me. “I have something I want you to see,” he said. I must have given him a weird look, because he then said, “It’s safe, I promise.”

I followed him to the beginning of a deer trail which ran through the woods behind the house. “This is an important path,” he explained. “I’ve had a lot of friends about your age. When they were ready, I took them down this path, to a special place. You aren’t ready yet, but one day, I hope to take you there.”

I returned to the house, wondering what kind of place lay beyond that trail.

Two weeks after I met Mr. Widemouth, the last load of our things had been packed into a moving truck. I would be in the cab of that truck, sitting next to my father for the long drive to Pennsylvania. I considered telling Mr. Widemouth that I would be leaving, but even at five years old, I was beginning to suspect that perhaps the creature’s intentions were not to my benefit, despite what he said otherwise. For this reason, I decided to keep my departure a secret.


My father and I were in the truck at 4 a.m. He was hoping to make it to Pennyslvania by lunch time tomorrow with the help of an endless supply of coffee and a six-pack of energy drinks. He seemed more like a man who was about to run a marathon rather than one who was about to spend two days sitting still.

“Early enough for you?” he asked.

I nodded and placed my head against the window, hoping for some sleep before the sun came up. I felt my father’s hand on my shoulder. “This is the last move, son, I promise. I know it’s hard for you, as sick as you’ve been. Once daddy gets promoted we can settle down and you can make friends.”

I opened my eyes as we backed out of the driveway. I saw Mr. Widemouth’s silouhette in my bedroom window. He stood motionless until the truck was about to turn onto the main road. He gave a pitiful little wave good-bye, steak knife in hand. I didn’t wave back.

Years later, I returned to New Vineyard. The piece of land our house stood upon was empty except for the foundation, as the house burned down a few years after my family left. Out of curiosity, I followed the deer trail that Mr. Widemouth had shown me. Part of me expected him to jump out from behind a tree and scare the living bejeesus out of me, but I felt that Mr. Widemouth was gone, somehow tied to the house that no longer existed.

The trail ended at the New Vineyard Memorial Cemetery.

I noticed that many of the tombstones belonged to children.

CREDIT: PerfectCircle35

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632 thoughts on “Mr. Widemouth”

  1. i had a friend i called smiley when i was younger because evrytime i saw him he was smiling, my friend came to me one day and told me to tell him to stop scaring her when she was going to sleep, i told him that and i havnt seen my friend or smiley since

  2. Had some serious potential to be a great one and for the most part was really good, but felt like the ending just dropped off too fast. An edited ending could take this pasta a long way

  3. i hope there’s a part 2! i expected to be a run down cabin or ritual area but it all comes down to a cemetery.
    great story!

  4. What a great story! I could see this being made into a film adaptation. I really enjoyed this one

  5. I feel like Mr.Widemouth is a personification of the authors suicidal consideration and that this whole story is a metaphor

  6. First thing I’d like to say that I liked this tale, as the writer didn’t fill it with excessive horror, nor he was over-discriptive. As for the ending, here’s my personal theory, just my two cents:

    The kid was sick and ridden with fever. That makes his imagine the presence of a small creature that talks to him, and in his very young age, fantasy and reality mix together. And so the child imagined the trampoline and the knives (he didn’t really touch it), and the creature was hiding when his parents came (another play on the fantasy theory). No one else saw Mr. Widemouth, so we have no proof that it exists. The boy remembers him so well because his young mind couldn’t tell fantasy or fevers from reality.

    The boy grew up and went to the place that Mr. Widemouth talked about. He then realizes the awful truth: Mr. Widemouth was not a fantasy or a fever hallucination. He was real, and was responsible for the death of many kids before him, and maybe after him, and he intended to kill
    him too.

    As for what the creature meant by saying “Someday, I’ll take you there”, I think that he will make the child kill himself with his games, other that killing them by himself, as he probably wouldn’t bury them or make their tombstones, and the cemetery wasn’t only for children.

  7. Sooo this was about Mr.widemouth who lived in the house and he used to play with kids but not really play more like try to kill them sence he was little it is easy but he was vary smart so he new beter like let play with knife let jump out windo the cemitry was were he take them were thay die and I think it would of be creepy because he was waveing a knife 5out of 5 best story really good

  8. Omg this on was creepy!! In an odd way because well it felt real in some way. Like that lil fucker could have suddenly appear from underneath the bed, I’d jump out my window just to get the hell away from it.. Gaaaah

  9. Very creepy. He’s not like Jeff the Killer, where he just kills you outright, Mr. Widemouth persuades you into doing something that kills yourself. Also, Furbies are CREEPY, which just adds to is. Definitely a top Creepypasta.

  10. Great little story, well presented and had me riveted. Loved the ending. My niece had a mystery friend when she was about that age….Mr. Shakes-a-lot. Probably knew Mr. Widemouth quite well……

  11. LOL that’s a great story I would’ve avoided the thing in the beginning but I would be five and not know any better so yeah lol

  12. dontdelivermefromevil

    Anasis Goatman creepy pasta is the only creepy pasta that has surpassed the barriers of uniqueness and had a lasting impression on me.

  13. This is a well made Pasta, Making me think of a Furby with a beak and black eyes to drive people to commit…Well, Y’know, still, 10/10 ign

  14. Am i the only one who thinks that Mr.Widemouth was an imagionary friend? (pardon my spelling)

  15. This isn’t scary at all because of the Furby Comparison XD I just thought of him as a furby. At the End I imagined a furby jumping out behind the tree

  16. Ok I’m not sure if that is supposed to be next to this story, but one of the google ads by this story on my computer is for furbies on amazon….wtf

  17. RoseByAnyOtherName

    Yikes! I’d like to know more about Mr. Widemouth’s origin. Was he a imp? A dark fairy? But that was freaky. Needs a sequel!

  18. i have read this story like ten times and every time i read it, it gives me goosebumps. How is this five yr old this logical tho? When i was five, i almost got kidnapped bcuz a stranger asked me to help him find his puppy. And i feel like the creepiest part about this story is the realization that Mr. Widemouth has every chance to kill this kid, yet he doesnt. Obviously enough, he wants the kid to kill himself, but i have never rly understood the point behind it.

  19. *listening to Cry Reads: Mr. Widemouth* *decides to go into* *goes to the top section* [Mr. Widemouth] IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

  20. “I don’t want your parents to see me because I’m afraid they won’t let us play anymore.”
    This line reminds me a lot of Laughing Jack. They’re both personal friends of mine.

  21. I’ve had an experience like this before. It was more like a gremlin little thing that I talked to. It always tried talking me into running into the highways while they were busy or going on the roof and “roll” off and land in the non existent body of water beneath me.


    I’ve had an experience like this before. It was more like a gremlin little thing that I talked to. It always tried talking me into running into the highways while they were busy or going on the roof and “roll” off and land in the non existent body of water beneath me.

  22. A normal person

    Oh my god why would you believe fake names and mr.widemouth and thinking that he wanted to have fun, he tries to kill children i wouldn’t be surprised if you were 5 and mr.widemouth came to you and you would agree to jump out the window

  23. I Just read a story that is almost the exact same as this called Hat Man, wow they are so similar even some sentences were the same…
    Still this one was better than Hat Man and it was pretty good to read.

  24. Anonymous:
    When the furby thing said “I hope to take you there someday” or something like that, and the place is a graveyard, did it mean it wanted to kill him someday? Like not just take him there on a lovely stroll? Or is that just my interpretation of that line?

    Yup, it wanted to murder the little boy. Lovely stroll? Pfffttt.

  25. Lauryn:
    cry is so cool when he did this video it was so lol and if anyone gets a chance to go look at it and he also does others and i need some duck tape


  26. Wasn’t bad… Although I was pretty disappointed by the ending. It didn’t really give me the “Oh my God” feeling. Other than that beautiful job :)

  27. Gogo Neverstop

    Can I have permission to upload a sequel to this pasta? I recently just wrote and completed one.

  28. ilovethosepastas

    I think Mr.widemouth was a little-demon thing that wanted kids to commit suicide, but he was connected to the house, so when the house burned down he burned with it.

  29. Anonymous:
    so was ‘Mt Widemouth’ a spirit? Was he just imagining him? Or was he a real human being, because i’m confused about the end

    i think he was a little demon-like thing that wanted to kill the little kid.

  30. In case some people don’t know this creepypasta was about mr.widemouth trying to make little kids commite suiside but this person just didn’t fall for it. When in the story it says I’ll take you there some day it meant when he actually died and would be buried there with the other children that happened to fall for his tricks.

  31. I remember you Mr.widemouth do you remember me plz say you do.
    you used to live in my closet not under the bed cuz that’s where I slept I miss you iam 16 years old now we used to do everything together I even juggled kniveswith you and we jumped the window and I broke my leg remember

  32. Such a well written story, so many great aspects and I absolutely LOVE the fact that he is not a straight out murderer. Just a little ah… Imp…? Haha, anyway great story. 10 stars.

  33. when i heard mr. widemouth was a small creature that came to lonely and sick kids, i thought of the secret world of arietty

  34. Yep. Scared the shit out of me. Stories of children and the terrifying creatures that follow them are the worst.

  35. Very creepy! I loved it! The ending where he’s waving at the boy with a steak knife is especially eerie, but the graveyard is an even better ending.

  36. mr widemouth:Jump out the window and imagine there is a trampoline under the window
    meh:Yea i’m five but i’m not a dumbass!!!
    mr widemouth:juggle with these knives
    meh:AND BLEED TO DEATH???NO thank you
    mr widemouth:The soap…PICK IT UP


    Rating: +97 (from 97 votes)

    Mr Widemouth
    November 14, 2012

    These people are funny. X) It only makes CreepyPasta even better…

    Anyways, nice story. XD I like that the child isn’t as stupid as some other kids I know *wink, wink* and that they had just LITTLE hints here and there. I think this would seem mean to most but honestly, I gotta tell you, there are some very idiotic people out there, and if they chose to heed the advice of some little, random (maybe) demon, then they deserve to die.

    I rate this 7/10!

    Grim Gamer

    Blood is red, corpses are blue, I saw PIZZA PASTA today! OoO

  37. This CreepyPasta, by far, is one of my favorites. It’s nice to come by an actual pasta once in a while, not like JTK or Slenderman. Mr. Widemouth was one of my first pastas I’ve ever read, too.
    Love it!

  38. I imagined the little dude from The Spiderwick Chronicles. With a very wide mouth. Could be a cute little fella but the way he is depicted gives him that cheshire cat creepiness. good stuff!

  39. For some reason I totally imagined a gremlin as Mr.Widemouth. I like this story but it couldv’e been creepier if Mr.Widemouth ever tried to forcefully hurt the kid

  40. I love this. Not sure if a furby like creature would scare me or not as a child, but I know after trying to get me to jump to my death I’d be more interested in trying to kill it than pretending to be it’s friend. It’s got me wondering why the house was burned down or how many other kids did Mr Widemouth get after he moved away. Waving goodbye with a steak knife in his hand? Creeeeee-py!

  41. I favor the adrenaline rush when doing creepy stuff, but everyone look at me funny when I ask them to spend the night in the broken down house with me. I dunno whay.

  42. id love to see a posted picture of mr.widemouth, and why doesnt the kid just jump?! god, jk, i think this is really a powerful story that can draw you in with the thought that maybe mr widemouth will just kill the boys parents, i was hoping to see something like, and when he awoke in the morning he found his dad laying on the kitchen table with his chest up, cut open and everything red pulled out…

  43. This is interesting… it needs a bit of work; perhaps a secret/hidden graveyard would have been a better ending. but it’s still very good!

    1. You had an 6-8 inch tall friend? Never mind the part about him wanting you to hurt yourself. Either you have an extremely active imagination, you’ve discovered a new sub-species of humans or you’re too young to know what a furby is.

  44. A Furby-like monster that obviously tricks kids into hurting or killing themselves. Who’s say monsters have to be big and horrifying. Weather the boy telling this story was hallucinating or not, he seemed to be the lucky one. Yet another entity one may dismiss as a child’s imagination until the child ends up dead or missing. And even more scary is he obviously lets the child he chooses as his victim name or rename him. That is creepy. Could you imagine how many children must’ve died before that boy moved in. And that creature he named Mr. Widemouth may have been involved in the house burning down in one of his sick and twisted games intended to get his “new friend”killed. The graveyard of children’s tombstones was a nice touch.It hinted at the fact that it may have not been his imagination.

  45. The part that mentions the house eventually burning down just screams to me that Mr. Widemouth convinced a child to play with something he/she shouldn’t have been, something very flammable. Perfect and to the point story, I like that.

  46. so was ‘Mt Widemouth’ a spirit? Was he just imagining him? Or was he a real human being, because i’m confused about the end

  47. I imagined Mr. Widemouth as a slenderman like creature, only no tentacles and actually has a face and also a bit shorter. Why do some people think mr. widemouth would look like dobby the house elf? (harry potter, i love it)

    1. In the story, the narrator says the creature reminded him of a furby. Furbies were short, stocky, fur covered creatures with very disproportionatly large facial features. They were generally 6-8 inches tall and as big as a grapefruit. I don’t understand the Dobby or Slenderman reference. But that’s the beautiful thing about literature. It’s up to the reader and their imagination to interpret the story in whatever way entertains them the most.

  48. I just started reading Creepy Pasta it’s 5 AM and I already had insomnia. I’m not gunna be sleeping for a while after this, Psychosis, and Jeff the Killer, especially with the picture at the end.

  49. I may have missed an identifying factor in this story, but I had pictured the main character being a little girl the entire time. When I read the comments identifying the lead as a boy I just got curious as to whether or not anyone else had pictured a girl instead. So… anyone?

  50. I’d say, this was an awesome pasta~! There were some cliche parts and I didn’t understand how/why the house was burned down (was it because of Mr. Widemouth or a family that moved in after they left or the people just decided to demolish it?) and what was Mr. Widemouth’s motive, killing children and all? Anyway, all in all, tasty pasta~! I rate it 8.5/10~!

  51. I love this story. It’s short-ish, but it has substance.
    Thanks to the lack of visualization, Mr. Widemouth is left to the readers’ interpretation.
    I drew him as sort of a small impish creature with a smallish torso and thin neck, and a head barely big enough to accommodate exaggerated eyes, ears, arms, hands, legs, nose, and, of course, a huge grin with sharp teeth.
    I really do love this story. :)

  52. I kind of imagine him like a skin colored gremlin, but without the hair on the top of his head, and of coarse, with a wider mouth. *gives 9\10* would recommend

  53. This is nice. Unlike horror stories with blood and gore, this has that skeptical feeling of Mr. Widemouth’s plots and stuff. 10/10

  54. My imagination is the worst. After I read this I just screamed and kept my feet above the floor and looked under the bed. I thought he looked like the Cookie Monster but had a giant mouth with human teeth.His eyes were big and the color was purple.When the person went to the graveyard he must have been WTF what did furby want to do to me?

  55. I liked this a lot. Gave it a 9/10. Certainly creeped me out quite a bit.

    My only complaints are just a grammatical and a spelling error. “We have to go the the room at the end of this hallway,” I would assume should say “We have to go to the room at the end of this hallway.” Also, it’s ecstatic, not exstatic! (I’m sorry, I’m just a grammar nerd, I can’t help but point out an error when I see one!)

    I imagined Mr. Widemouth looking like the Leprechaun from that horrible movie, only not as sinister and maniacal. Also quite a bit smaller than him, and more greenish, with little tattered dirty greenish clothes. He didn’t look so evil… He looked ugly for sure, but there was cuteness in that ugliness, you know? A bizarre cross between that Leprechaun and a Furby.

    I like how the boy and Widemouth were friends in the beginning. How they’d play together and when he told the boy that he was a “real friend.” I truthfully didn’t think he was going to be so evil. Widemouth didn’t try to hurt him directly… He wanted him to hurt himself, or even kill himself. That makes me very uneasy, but it makes the story all the more creepy and, strangely, intriguing. I also like the fact that he’s not a figment of the boy’s imagination. He’s an actual physical living being, yet still tries to trick the boy into hurting himself although he has the ability to do it instead.

    When I first started reading, I assumed the narrator was a girl. Not sure why. Even after I realized he was a boy, I still just pictured him as a girl instead. A creepy, unwelcome male putting a young little girl in danger is extremely unnerving. I found it added a whole new level of creepiness to the story. Just thought I’d share that.

    (Sorry for ranting. I like to give feedback and constructive criticism, but I find I can never successfully accomplish that in few words!)

    Good story. Keep up the good work.

  56. My picture of him is a creature like that mutant fish from the first ben 10 series or similar with rat like hair and a large mouth that in my picture screams like a banshee in their face. However I’m sure that’s a different creepypasta.

  57. the story was coolio but the ending was a lil weird. I would have liked a ending where the guy dies from mr.widemouth

  58. Any place with a population of 643, can not be considered a “bustling metropolis”, just saying.

  59. I have to say this is one of my favorite stories on the site. It’s a creepy and interesting idea and just the right length. Excellent work!

  60. Peltingclaw422

    Very well-written! I love how eerie this story is, and the almost suspending feeling it gives the reader. Excellent name for the antagonist, too. When you give a creepy character a name that matches their appearance or personality, it adds to their eeriness.
    This was perfect. Very tasty pasta indeed.

  61. bad story doesent even make sence i mean srsly a talking ferby????? rlly lame plus the author is dumb their is no invisable trampoline!!!!

      1. no… their was supposed to b a invisable trampoline but thats wat makes the story so dumb is that their is no such thing as a invisable trampoline! plus an alive ferby cant b real either so y is this story so scary if it couldent even happen in real life??

  62. You Obviously Love Oreos

    When you have cable, you get bored. When you get bored, you apply for a low-paying job. When you apply for a low-paying job, you become poor. When you become poor, you have to move constantly in hopes of a better job. When you move constantly in hopes of a better job, your son gets sick. When your son gets sick, he makes an “imaginary” friend. When your son makes an “imaginary” friend, that frien tries to kill him. Don’t let your son have a murderous imaginary friend; switch to DirecTV today.

  63. This was fantastic! And I love the superficial innocence that you’ve managed to weave into this story.

    A furby like creature with a name like Mr Widemouth that scowls when it doesn’t get its way…somehow that just makes it more terrifying for me.

  64. This story was pretty good, bravo. Although… I really hate furbys. xD They scare the chiz out of me so I’M would not have made good friends with Mr. Widemouth. As /fun/ as he may seem.

  65. Very well executed, great topic, and great detail! The story was finished off with a predictable ending in my eyes, but still left me wanting more


  66. Maybe all Mr Widemouth wanted was another friend?? He didn’t force her to juggle the knives or jump out the window because he treated her like a friend and didn’t want to ruin their friendship? But if she really did die,then she could join him in the other world.

  67. I always wondered what Mister Widemouth’s story was… guess I know now. Great story, and the fact that you didn’t see the need to add a gory and violent part pratically anywhere while knowing how to keep a crowds interest is amazing.

  68. Wow this was really nice! Nice build up as well, not too wordy or long, and honestly very well written.

  69. This is something of a concept Hollywood has tinkered with movies like “Trolls” and such things like that. I do like it, but nothing really popped to me, I like that the thing never intentionally harmed the boy itself, but merely through charisma did he get children to die.

    1. The special place he was going to lead the boy to was where the other kids he befriended had gone. But it was a grave yard filled with children.

      He DID murder kids, once they were ready.

  70. I don’t know why but for some reason I picture Mr. Widemouth looking like a sinister version of Mayor Mccheese.

  71. Wow a story about an Imp that wants a child to kill himself, tasty.

    A few spelling errors but that didn’t bother me because it was still a very good story! ;)

  72. When you scroll down the comments really fast, it’s like seeing the notes you hit on guitar hero in reverse.

  73. Wow, that gave me shivers even though i was reading this in school with my friends. 10 out of 10 my good friend for being able to creep the living crap out of me. :D

  74. I want to know what happened to the house. Was there some epic battle between another little kid/his family and Mr. Widemouth? Did Mr. Widemouth have a little kid play with matches?

    This was very well written, but the ending leaves a lot to be desired.

  75. I think Mr.Widemouth just represents childhood curiosity in a physical form. “Falling out a window” and playing with knives are very real ways in which a child might accidentally kill themselves by letting curiosity get the best of them.
    Just think of Mr. Widemouth as curiosity leading kids to their graves.

  76. I love that Mr.Widenouth was treated as if he was a factual creature rather than a child’s imagination. Yummy pasta! I actually found Mr.Widemouth pretty cute, his discription was cuddly and when the boy was leaving he sounded like a sad puppy. Love it

  77. This. A story of an demon or other was quite good if a part two where to be realesed it whould be watched oh and the sir who thinks he’s got balls needs not to state his appparent fearlesnes that is the trait of a coward

  78. At first, reading through near the beginning, I thought this was a rather stupid-sounding pasta, but curiosity and boredom got the better of me, so I continued. Now, having read it, which I’m glad I did, I found it to be a very well-written piece. I like how the monster was left slightly vague as well (and after reading some comments, I can totally see it as that little demon guy from Soul Eater), as this allows our imaginations to fill in the blanks. After all, what knows how to freak us the #$&* out more then our own head? 10/10.

  79. I loved it. I just wish that it was longer and, not to sound weird and creepy, but that he had tried more to kill the boy. Sorry if you took it the wrong way, but I watch a lot of scary movies.

  80. The good thing about this story is that, unlike many others I’ve read, it’s not ‘omg Jeff in coming up to me he’s killed me bvxgbgdgg I’m dead’ it’s more of an, as the saying goes, in-your-head type horror. It messess with you and plays with you. The thing is, when youn think about it, most children do have a dangerous moment in their lives. Their parents aren’t always there to help them…

  81. The monster or reminded me of the monsters I had in my nightmares as a child, Not particularly scary but they had me have a child like curiosity toward them, overall I loved it!!!!

  82. Great little pasta, I did think it ended quite abruptly, would been interesting if he followed the big after moving house. Like it was the child’s own personal demon poltergeist, that sends the kid crazy and makes him kill his family or something. None the less I enjoyed this

  83. Well, it was a good story, but not that great how the ratings implide. Everything was a little bit to obvious. The “twist” with the cementery was very neat^^ I rated it with 7 out of 10. Keep up the good work.

  84. Wow! This is by far my favourite creepypasta, although it wasn’t like ‘in your face scary’, It was a nice eerie little story, makes you wonder how or where mr.widemouth came from in the beginning.. hmm.

  85. Ohhhhhhhhhh crap it’s 1 in the morning and i couldn’t sleep so i decided to read some of these. This one was really good but baaaaaaaad idea to read them when it’s dark :'(

  86. In my mind, Mr. Widemouth wares clown looking clothes. Has anyone played Fallout 3 main quest? Cu’z when you get that clown hat, its how he looks like to me.

  87. Maine?? The second I saw this, I was like this is gonna have some creepy shit in it.(near abouts, didn’t really creep me out). Fyi, Maine happens to be the place of residence to Stephen King. He references it quite a lot in his books and as you know, he writes some pretty creepy stuff. Maybe there’s just something about that place idk.

  88. Alexendra Olafson

    At first I thought Mr. Widemouth was going to be a good guy. He seemed pretty cute. But in all, he was a major anal cuntleak.

  89. i really like this story i wish there were more like this because the way you described Mr.Widemouth was awesome because it still left ideas of what he looked like great story 10/10

  90. This is why I hate Furbies even more, if Mr.Widemouth looked like a Furby with limbs *shivers* that’s gonna be my worst nightmare. I already had a bad and strange experience with one when I was a kid.

  91. Wow, im surprised he never told his parents about him, despite Mr. Widemouth, or that he never on his own time asked his parents what was down the path… Good pasta. My favorite.

  92. Very good story! At the end I expected Mr. Widemouth to be at the cemetery juggling knives and asking him to come play D: 10/10!

    1. I actually thought Mr. Widemouth was a good guy until the end. *SPOILERS* Turns out he’s just another one of those psychotic Furbies.

      ~ LVL

  93. I really enjoyed this! I thought the kid was going to die.. I was like.. NO! But I totally didn’t expect the ending. And that’s what makes it so good to me. keep it up, dear. :)

  94. I remember I had mono once it’s also called the “kissing desiese” the boy had a very serious reaction compared to mine though I don’t get anything but a slightly itchy throat even with strep throat that’s barely all I get anyways good story

  95. MR.Widemouth:jump out the window it’s safe ! Kid:I want to see u do it first! Mr.Widemouth: On second thought lets do something else… LOL I LUV this pasta 10/10!!!!!!!!

  96. Funny, I have the same things happen to me. Mr. Widemouth always tries to get me to jump out of my window, now I’m defiantly not.

  97. The creepiness of this story is what really gives me goose bumps: no frightening images, no shock sites, just…build up.

    1. Personally, I think that most creepypastas are better without pictures, because it lets you imagine what he/she would look like.

  98. Mr.Wide mouth is like the friend that some of us people are unlucky to find that seem friendly and honestly don’t mean harm but the stuff they say and expect you to do doesn’t seem quite as harmless

  99. The ending was suprizing,But I thought he was gonna die in the end. Creepy story.

    Best pasta yet! 1/10 mouse glitched out.

  100. Congrats! You successfully created a nice story. In the end relief came over me. I thought that Mr. widemouth wasn’t a creative name though. I liked it but it’s not one I shall share. Also, you seemed pretty smart for a five year old…

    1. but slendy you are supposed to be the scariest right next to herobrine i still can’t play minecraft because he hurt me bad my beautiful home i even left him a sign saying we should be friends and i was building something for him and he destroyed it why is he so mean i just wanted to be his friend and go to multiplayer servers with him and scare people but no he has to be mean to me and destroy my stuff well at least he was unable to kill me because of my O.P. armor and weapons it was funny when he tried to kill me with lightning i got blast protection, fire protection, protection, and projectile protection and my armor had thorns and my helm had aqua affinity and resperation and my boots had feather falling i was totally over powered and i kicked his ass and to get me back for it when i was afk he encased me in bedrock and put lava above me so it flowed onto me but guess what?! you can swim up lava bitch!!!!

  101. I can’t help but picture Mr. Widemouth as Dobby from Harry Potter…But that’s just me…

    Anywho, this was a really creepy story, and well written.

  102. the entire time, i was thinking to my self: “when is this thing gonna try and eat him?” but no. the fact it was suggesting suicide in ways that children would’nt understand is a far more eerie concept then flat out murder. well written and definately one of my favorites.

  103. It was leading up to a lot, and I love the character Mr. Widemouth, but I wish more happened. If the kid went to the cemetary with Mr. Widemouth, that could have opened up some interesting possibilities.

  104. Sadistic Tendencies

    Were the children dead when Mr. Widemouth took them to the cemetery, hence “ready” or did he kill them there? And how, in that case?

  105. I feel like this could easily be made into a very scary movie! This was an excellent pasta and I would like to send my compliments to the chef (:

  106. I actually did see the demon from soul eater mixed with dobby from Harry potter. But I definately saw the soul eater demon.

  107. @Alison
    Maybe one of Mr. Widemouth’s little games involved fire? Who knows?

    A delicious pasta. I could easily eat another two platefuls!

  108. that was simply amazing! i have a vivid and wild imagination, so the creature i though up in my head was quite creepy. lol… and over exageration of the one u dipicted in this wonderfully creepy story. this should be in a story book, like one of those ones where they’re full of a variety of scary stories! i love the ending, the very ending where he follows the trail, i half expected like a long drop down or a well or something, but no. the cemetary full of youthful graves was a wonderful ending… for the story anyways…. i feel bad for all those little kids that gave in to that creepy monster. again, was magnificent!! i give 9/10 rating, the only reason i don’t give 10/10 is because i believe it could’ve had a part where Mr. Widemouth had actually tricked the child into doing something dangerous, but not something where he get too hurt!!

  109. I suppose this pasta was all right, but I think this is a little undercooked. Besides, once I had got past the initial lead upof the garlic bread the resulting meal was a little dissapointing. Iwould give it 7 out of ten, but not eat again.

  110. I didn’t really like the ending. I was expecting something like: The boy returns and finds that the house burned down. He asks a person what happened and they tell him that a little kid burned down the house and murdered his entire family and the little kid left a drawing of Mr. Widemouth, or something. But other than the ending I liked it.

  111. Loved it. Am I the only one who pictures him as some sort of Dobby (Harry Potter) creature, but maybe a little bit more sinister?

    Really good.

  112. I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite creepy pastas. I’m starting an audio blog for Creepy Pasta using the username LittleMissCreepyPasta so I think I shall read this as one of my starting pastas, good work!

  113. funny a lot of people are saying how creepy this was but i thought it was cute…and i’m such a wimp, i get scared at every story i read!

  114. Loved it. I like how the creature seems innocent at first, and his calmness makes him almost seem innocent the whole time, but he’s actually evil

  115. This was a great pasta, But i think it should include something about walking through the cemetary like this:
    As i walked through the cemetary, I came accross a Tombstone, That read, “Mr. Widemouth. Death unknown” Or something like that. I loved this, But it wasnt that scary. 8/10 :)

  116. Should have ended slightly differently. You should have been with your kid, like “one day while road tripping with my son, we went by my old house. I decided to stop and see if the house was still there” blah blah blah cemetery stuff, then when you get home, the kid says something about their new friend, Mr. Widemouth. Or even like, you find the kid dead below a window, smiling, as if he were about to play on a trampoline.

    Yeah, I know they’re poorly worded, but they’re just ideas lol. ^This is why I don’t actually make my own pastas.

  117. Pretty good reminded me of old fairy folklore those things are evil.. i dont know why every freaks on grammar damn but youre was a good read

  118. Wow. Probably one of the best I’ve read! I fealt sick to my stomach when he suggested jumping onto the “trampoline” and it just got worse there on. Excellent job! Omnomnomnom yummy pasta :3

  119. This is a seriously creepy story!
    I have a theory about Mr. Widemouth, maybe those kids in the graveyard may have all encountered him while they were ill, and he lures them to give up fighting their illness through various ways and means.

    The protagonist survived because they had a strong will to live

  120. it’s a good story but it would be cool to know 1# why the house was burned to the ground 2#if the people in the town knew about mr widemouth (could be why he said not to tell the kids parents) and 3#why was he waving with a butchers knife?

  121. Amazing AMAZING! Its as though an awful little gremlin was given wit and the trusting atmosphere of a mogwai.
    It was interesting how he was too young to understand that his little “friend” was the cliched but necessary monster under his bed.

  122. Mr. Widemouth sounds like Little Demon from Soul Eater, constantly trying to get people to do something that could harm them in the end. Haha, good story, very tasty indeed.

  123. This is probably my favorite pasta on here, I love the childhood friend bit and how you find out how evil he is.

  124. I don’t know why, but I love re-reading this over and over again. Maybe this story is more real than we think…

  125. I loved how the characters were realistic, seriously even the bad guys reactions although the main character got away so there was escaping (which really I’m glad about there’s too many stories where the bad guy is invincible) you still get scared as the sly ‘games’ are told from a seemingly innocent explanation.

  126. I thought Mr. Widemouth was going to appear in the cemetery and say, “I have a new game for you. Let’s pretend this hole in the ground is a bed and you lay in it while I tuck you in with all this pile of dirt.”

  127. MelancholyKitten

    I’d really laugh if it turned out that mister widemouth was actually really nice – Like there actually was a trampoline under the window or that the knives were really just plastic.

  128. I really like this one. Scary as hell, without being all gore and stuff.
    Except I pictured Mr. Widemouth looking somewhat like No-face from Spirited Away.

  129. Ack, gave me the chills!

    I’m thinking about writing a creepypasta. I’m a wonderful fantasy writer but I haven’t ever tried horror. Therefore, I’ve been studying up on some Creepypastas!

    This is one of the best!

  130. “Mr. Widemouth, why do you have such a big mouth?”
    “TO………suck your dick.”
    In all seriousness, I found this funny, like some guy trying to trick a kid into killing themselves, but obviously he isn’t very good at it……it makes me wonder how young those other kids were, or if they were retarded…….

  131. Haha. The silhouette of Mr. Widemouth waving at toward the end kinda made me go “Oh crap”. It was well structured and You decribed Mr. Widemouths appearance and behaviour well. Although, I must agree with some other comments, the ending was a little disappointing. Still great, but perhaps it could’ve been a little more shocking. But, keep it up, this was a good tale. ^^

  132. Very nice pasta, however there are some factual errors. Furbies were not manufactured until 1998, so saying this story took place in 1990, or 20 years ago, doesn’t add up. Also, energy drinks such as Redbull were not introduced until 1997 so once again doesn’t make sense. Also, a better age for the main charecter would hae been 7-9, because a five year old wouldn’t have as much common sense! Other than those minor things, I really liked the concept of this pasta!

    1. He never specified that it was Red Bull. Most 5 year-olds would certainly have the common sense not to jump onto an “imaginary trampoline” from such a distance, and not to juggle sharp knives. You must have been a stupid 5 year-old, or your parents didn’t teach you many proper precautions.

  133. i dont think mr. widemouth killed the other children. my thoughts are, that he was a kind of messenger of death, and when he said that you arent old enough to go there, that meant that the boy had fought his illness, and wasnt meant to die at the time.

  134. this is an exceptionaly tastey pasta. mostly because i had a freak imaginary friend when i was litte….and a scar on my back that he gave me….so this really really hit home.

  135. My take on it — since the boy was so sick, I think that this creature was a metaphor for death. Or, if you want to get literal, perhaps a reaper.

    And the boy fought to survive. (Shown in refusing to do the harmful things Mr. Widemouth wanted him to do), and thus — why the boy wasn’t ready to see the cemetery so soon.

    Great story!

  136. Brain why you Relate?

    This was amazing! Although naming the creature Mr. Widemouth made me think of the monsters form the game Amnesia because it’s nickname is Mr. Face. That made it far scarier… And the almost pet-cemetary-like feel of the monster’s path made me squee a bit

  137. Wow, this was great! Loved it! I’m glad the main character at the end didn’t die. I’m also glad that you explained in the end what the trail was, and that he had killed a bunch of other kids. I also like how the kid was so… I don’t know… Maybe, smart enough to not do Mr. Widemouths games, because they would only kill him.

  138. At first I, too, was thinking it was a bit weird for the protagonist surviving so easily like lulzfish said, but then I noticed Mr. Widemouth said: \"You aren’t ready yet, but one day, I hope to take you there.”

    He WASN\’T \"ready\" yet, but he was TRYING to make him \"ready\"… that\’s why he said that, I think. Then I was more like \"oooohh\".

    And I pictured him as something like Chesire Cat as well, but more person-looking.

  139. My house was creaking a lot when I read this. That does not help my feeling of security D:

    Delicious pasta. I like how Mr. Widemouth gets progressively angrier each time the narrator denies to play. I also imagine Widemouth sort of like a furry version of Dobby wearing a bowler hat and some quite dapper clothes. Not entirely sure why.

  140. moar from op, please. this pasta was delicious with the perfect amount of creepy. i actually appreciate that the kid had enough sense not to fall for mr. widemouth\’s tricks, and that the ending wasn\’t tragic but still creepy.

    personally, i would have had mr. widemouth appear to the narrator while he was in the cab of the truck and demand one last trick, then be forced to leave once the dad returned, but that part was still good.

    op, please post more pastas.

  141. I have to say, enjoyable story, if not somewhat predictable storyline…

    I think I figured the trail this imp wanted to take the boy was obviously something as ghastly as a children’s cemetery.

    I do think, however that, at least for the sake of variety, could have thrown in one more precocious attempt at the boy’s life.

    Nonetheless a good story

  142. A truly freaky creepypasta! Top notch, and bravo to you sir! This story has mentally scarred me for life, so my only response is “compliments to the chef”, now if you’ll excuse me the voices seem to want me to kick you in the balls.

  143. The understated ending was perfect. It’s damn hard to make something this creepy without relying on cheap shocks.

  144. At first I thought it was like gonna be a rapist or something then at the end I was like Oh my God!!!! I’m wierd I know

  145. This was very excellent.

    I think I’d almost prefer if the opening narration did *not* include the line, “but in my heart, I know they are real.” It’s more interesting to me that the kid is just externalising his self-destructive impulses to this hallucinatory imp thing.


    Maybe put that line nearer to the end, after he sees the graveyard. I dunno’. It’s creepy either way, and, again, this is a most excellent pasta.

    …Despite “exstatic.”

  146. Superb ending. Made me stand motionless in silence (and absolute fear!). I only wish this story was longer, the concept was interesting enough to keep the story going for a long time.
    5 stars, great job.

  147. @Nina: I imagined Dobby too. XD I thought I was the only one.

    Great pasta. I think the creepiest part, for me, was the mention that Mr. Widemouth looked angry when the narrator refused to play his “games” — and I got the feeling that, had the narrator waved back when Mr. Widemouth waved at him at the end, he wouldn’t have gotten away so easily. So, the creepiness, in my mind, was not what happened, but what did not or could have, if things had gone differently.

  148. The Man in the Mailbox

    Ah, very tasty. I’ve been absent on Creepypasta for a while now and then I return to find this little dish. Loved it and would completely come back for seconds. However, because of spelling/grammar errors and other cliche plot twists (I knew that Mr. Widemouth had obviously killed other children, I was just wondering what sort of place lay behind the deer trail. Many kudos for a cemetary; I thought like, a lake or something with little rips of children’s clothing where he’d drown them or such.) I may only award you a 3.9/5. Nearly a four. But very, very delicious.

  149. That was great. I was hooked the first paragraph in. I don\’t usually get that way with creepypastas. it\’s stories like these that make me feel like I\’m reading actual literature.

  150. omg one of the most amazing stories i’v read on here that actually made complete sence to me the hole time i read it thanks so mmuch for writing this and i hope u have more in store

  151. Oh… wait. 6 is a bad number because of 666, my best friend is manderin and apparently 4 means DIE, and 3 is half of 6, and 333 is HALF evil. And as Flash 37 pointed out, 6+4=10, 10+3=13. This town just has bad luck all over!

    Silly Mr. Widemouth, trying to bring kids to their doom, whatever will you do next? I love how he was just waving with a giant knife in his hand, it’s like… Oh boo and I was gonna kill you.

  152. If we’re developing theories as to what Mr. Widemouth was, I’d suggest a fae, as in the original incarnations, the fair folk who stole children and tricked people into their death and raped women jsut for the hell of it and because the concept of morality is so alien to them. Specifically, a boggart

  153. I immediately pictured the Chesire Cat from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderlkand remake. Not sure why, but damn he sure had a widemouth

  154. I want to know more about Mr. Widemouth. Like, why did he do these things? Was he the destructer of innocent souls? ? Or the eater of childrens souls? Good story. Good story. Me eat this pasta.

  155. Thank goodness this kid had fantastic parents. They’ve taught him to think before he does things and to not touch any god damn knives. Perhaps other parents can learn from this story.

  156. I kinda pictured Arnold from Nick’s old show Hey Arnold but all demonized. XD

    This was very good! Completly enjoyed it.

  157. Truly an engaging pasta. I wonder how the author was able to make it so good. Out of a 5-light rating scale, I’d have to say there are four lights.

  158. Pretty great pasta, honestly. The whole story sort of settles you into to the mind of an intellectual young child. The child is not persuaded by evil as he shows great smarts, strength, and innocence.

    At first you might believe that the child is imagining everything from the high fever, but as time progresses, you realize the being is true after all.

    Overall, great read.

  159. What I found scary was how the protagonist still trusted/played with Evil Furby, even though he was clearly trying to get him killed. Not a mindblowing pasta, but still decent. Yum.

  160. Anonymous Username

    That was great. keep up the good work. For some reason I keep imagining Mr. Widemouth as the “feels good man” guy.

  161. I don\’t know why, but I found the story funny as oppose to being anything scary. I just kept seeing a little kid who had an annoying friend that came up with dumb ideas, but the little kid was too nice to just get rid of him. I just saw the little kid while reading the story rolling his eyes a lot.

    But I actually enjoyed the story. It was a good read.

  162. Wow, best story in a long time. Loved the character, great atmosphere. Ending wasn’t exactly a huge surprise but really when you’ve read as much horror as most of us have, you can’t expect to be surprised – very well crafted story.

    Like the fact that the kid doesn’t have any idea how much danger he’s in – so it’s sort of an odd little adventure for the child, only really horrifying once the adult figures it out.

  163. A fantastic and enjoyable pasta. I was half expecting Mr Widemouth to hurt the child at some point but I think the fact that he didn’t made it a much stronger story.

    1. Completely agree. Too many stories involve some sort of antagonist trying to hurt a child directly. Psychological manipulation of a young child makes a story far more disturbing.

  164. I imagined a dead, pale rotting corpse in black and white with tuffs of hair and rotting flesh, with wide mouth ahd sharp bloody teeth who slides from underneath the bed.

    Also. you can just visit the forums and find the author instead of posting your comment 3 times.

  165. I would like to write a simple screenplay of this and make a short film with my friends; however, i need to contact the original author and get his explicit permission before i try anything. please get back to me with some information, preferably an e-mail address so i can contact you directly. thank you in advance.

    1. Change the names of everything and you wouldn’t have a problem. Mr. Longears comes to play with a little girl with laryngitis in a small Vermont town. Herp’derp.

  166. I would like to write a simple screenplay of this and make a short film with my friends; however, i need to contact the original author and get his explicit permission before i try anything. please get back to me with some information, preferably an e-mail address so i can contact you directly. thank you in advance.

  167. I would like to write a simple screenplay of this and make a short film with my friends; however, i need to contact the original author and get his explicit permission before i try anything. please get back to me with some information, preferably an e-mail address so i can contact you directly. thank you in advance.

  168. it was better than the more recent crap on here and it actually was really good :D and i actually got all the way through it unlike some of the other ones :D :D :D

  169. Wow. That was actually a pretty good one. At first I thought “Maybe it’s his imaginary friend.”. But this was pretty good (: 9/10 for me.

  170. Simon: Anonymous sounds pretty chill, they’re just wondering how a 5-year-old got mono. There’s probably other ways to get it than making out. If any of us bothered to do some research…

  171. Good one here. Though, as always, the only thing that makes the stories bad is the lack of “Origin”. Though that’s also the one that makes it good sometimes now, is it? I’m kind of like imagining a small clown, with that clownish grin.

  172. I liked this. Though I’m not sure if I liked it because it was good or if it was just better than most shit on this site.

    Though in all seriousness, good idea, well written, and an ending I haven’t heard 10,000 times. So for that, I commend you.

  173. :I You can get mono from a bnunch of different ways. Like sharing a glass of water, or getting sneezed on.

    I had it when I was two years old, and I can honestly say it wasn’t from kissing anyone.

  174. Brilliant, well-written and sinister.

    Good on you for not describing the creature, it makes it easy for the reader to imagine something that they personally find creepy.

    IBut yeah, a massive jump in the standard of pasta.

  175. Nicely done. 9/10. Not only was it well written and managed to creep me out, but it also seemed familiar in an eerie sort of way I can’t shake off.

    1. the premise of this story is true. when i was 2-3 i had nightly visits from a smalleddish brown, high-pitched grating voice, oven-mitt liketng body with a wide mouth, scratchy fur, and glowing eyes. he would appear literally the second my mother and father shut my bedroom door. he came from the small space between the bed and the wall. called itself ‘dirty laundry’. it would tell me stories and sometimes take me on adventures in a strange world. i could never remember these otherworldly and disturbing occurances the next day. until one morning after a usual night visit i did remember. when i finally realized its evil nature (tried to make me think it was my friend. also revealed details of my ‘future’ which have so far been true) i confronted it. the demonic little fucker grew in size till it towered over me. i was certain that i was going to die. but then i called out to God and i rushed at the monster and began to pummel it with my toddler fists. i dont know how exactly, but i somehow defeated it and it has never come back. and i remember. i think it happens to all of us. and if you dont remember, then…it isnt dead yet and you are still in danger

  176. Best freaking pasta in a while. The ending sent a chill down my spine, even though I was expecting something a little more sinister. I love stories like this, because I think everyone has something unexplainable from their childhood that\’s a little eerie… 9/10

  177. Oh snap. I always knew that my Furby was up to no good.

    Loved that ending. Very nicely done. I\’m glad it wasn\’t something over the top – that one sentence was a pretty classy way of concluding things.

  178. <blockquote>i’m sitting in a quiet halfway home for elderly schizophrenic people (where i work the night shift).</blockquote>

    What on Earth do you need to read creepy stories for?

    … Oh, and I’m looking for the Holder of the End. Know anything about that? :P

  179. I disagree with some posters saying there wasn’t a clear sense of danger or anything, or that it came out almost like comedy – I really felt the transition from comfort to unease. I thought this was excellent!

  180. Dear fucking anonymous, it’s a goddamn story written by someone. That’s what a creepy pasta is. Chill the fuck down and read the story.

  181. Wait, I don’t understand. Mononucleosis is transmitted through saliva, how did you get it? Were you kissing someone on the lips on your 5th birthday? If anything, its your parents’ fault for not keeping a good eye on you.

  182. Fantastic, just fantastic.

    I was at first skeptical with the introduction of Mr. Widemouth, but the ending line truly brought the story home.

    Well done, keep up the good work.

  183. I am gjad this made it on the site. this pasta was delicious. would definitely eat again. gave me a few good shivers when i read it on the forums. please write another That’s as good.

  184. The ending scared me, I suspected he was going to kill the boy with the steak knife that morning if he didn’t leave when he did.

  185. 8/10. Loved this story. Kept me hooked. Very well-written and creepy. The character of Mr. Widemouth is somebody you almost feel for. A child in need of a friend after so many moves gets the chance to just leave his pain behind and the ending is a sad, dark, creepy, and moving all at once. This is one of the best stories on this site in an AWFULLY long time. After pages of stupid viruses, haunted TV shows (Dead Bart, Suicide Mouse), and pretentious writing-about-the-monsters-I-see-in-my-journal crapfests, we FINALLY get a good one.

  186. I enjoyed it, although there was something about the ending that seemed rushed. It was a great buildup, but it seemed like the return to New Vinyard deserved more than one paragraph.

    Some originality was present despite the story seeming cliché at points.

    Overall though, it was a good pasta. I approve. 8/10

  187. “Ahahaha. Mr. Widemouth. Yo old kidder you. Leading children to their deaths. What will you think of next?”

    Luca wags her finger disapprovingly at you.

    “It was enjoyable, and had a convincing childlike quality to it.”

    Luca nods in appreciation.

  188. Wasn’t too bad, very well written. I was a bit disappointed by the ending though. Here’s this creature that’s obviously trying to kill the protagonist and the end of the path is a reveal that he’s killed other kids? Not much of an impact. I thought it was going to be a downhill drop or more of a mass/hidden grave. Seemed a bit unnecessary to show him the path in the first place, because it only seems to set up a cliche ending.
    But still, this is better than most other crap I’ve read on this site in the past few weeks

    1. Not much of an impact? Really?
      You find out he’s killed a bunch of kids and the boy could of been killed, yeah that’s freaky! Duh.

        1. maybe you should meet me in person, then we will see if your afraid, if I where you, BE VERY AFRAID!!

  189. I enjoyed this one alot, the only part I disliked was the creatures name (of coarse I understand this was probly to make the child trust it more) maybe it would be good if it was a little darker or something, I dunno. But I did enjoy this one and I would love to see you make one with a bit more detail or plot, I think it\’d be great

    keep in mind, I\’m new ro creepy pasta

  190. “bustling metropolis of New Vineyard, Maine, population 643.”
    Wait… It’s near Maine.
    Well gee, this place is set up for disaster. Fires and floods and all that.

    I liked this. When I saw the title I was like “OHHHH NOOOO OH THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD” And it was x3
    So I was like making up theories during the story, that Mr. Widemouth was like a good part of the boy’s imagination trying to show him that you could have fun when you’re sick or he was dreaming or something BUT THEN HE TURNED OUT TO BE A MURDEROUS DEMON WITH A STEAK KNIFE WHICH WAS AWESOME.

    The comparison to a Furby totally threw me off though. I was imagining him more like Stewie Griffin with the head, and his mouth stretching it. I prefer him that way but whatever ;;

    1. Don’t bring up characters from things completely devoid of creativity on a site like this. Cool? Cool. Sweet talking to you.

      1. Yeah, at first I imagined him as this creepy weird thing, then he said how he reminded him of a furby and then i imagined him as a furby and no matter how hard i tried not to, he still looked like a furby in my mind.

  191. Really, really, really, really awesome. Sometimes I wish the site would update more often, then we get truly CREEPY stories like this and I’m satisfied to wait. <3


  192. “Ecstatic” not “exstatic”. Not bad. The first sentence didn’t really make any sense to me, but I’m probably reading it wrong.


  193. Though it’s a refreshing change from most of the shit on this site, there are some flaws that distract from the story. Though unique in a way, Furby wasn’t unique enough to stand out; the only reason he isn’t going to be immediately forgotten like a thousand other creepy diminutive distorted paranormal bad guys is the writer’s ability, not any unique trait of his own.

    Without getting all nitpicky about details, the author’s prose was unrefined in some places, lazy in others. (The main character reflecting on the “clear as glass” memories of Widemouth is a good example. That works for a single memory or two, but loses credibility when talking about series of recurring and mostly mundane visits over two weeks.)

    Still, great pasta.

  194. That was a nice story. It reminds me of old folk tales where mischevous goblins or leprechauns or whatever try to trick gullible people into doing stupid or dangerous things. Not exactly scary but entertaining still.

  195. It sounds like a Gremlin, though I imagine a Furby crossed with Dig ‘Em Frog.

    Anyway, great story and great ending. It’s amazing how a lot of our childhood memories seem creepier now than they were at the time.

        1. I have always feared furbys and clowns, so my interpretation of Mr Widemouth was a cross between a brown spotted Furby and a clown with scary makeup and a Jeff the Killer smile, Jesus, I hate my imagination.

        1. The goblin that is down in Gollum’s cave? the one that fell with Bilbo?

          BTW, the anonymous with the Furby/Clown/Jeff the Killer is me, at least,it was, before I had a name.


          Always watching…

  196. Energy drinks have been around since the 1900s, Gar, perhaps even earlier.

    If you want to argue that only the modern incarnation of energy drinks (ie soda-style) count, Jolt Cola launched in 1985. So there’s one famous brand of energy drink that’s 25 years old. Durr hurr.

    I love when people nitpick stories with stuff that isn’t even remotely true/valid. It seems to happen an awful lot on this website.

  197. Good story, but you should take out the reference to energy drinks. I’m fairly sure those didn’t exist 20 years ago (when you were 5, according to the story).

  198. Bravo! A decent creepypasta, complete with decent spelling, grammar, AND punctuation. This one creeped me the f*ck out.

  199. That was pretty scary. Hello my first comment here and my the first comment on this pasta! I would give this an 8/10. I liked how it was ambiguous if it was real or not.

  200. This was okay, but it seems too much like a comedy, and it ended with the protagonist surviving easily.

    “Here, jump out this window”
    “Here, juggle these knives”
    “wtf you’re leaving?”

    1. I totally agree with you when i read this i realise how big of a troll mr.widemouth is
      mr widemouth:Jump out the window and imagine there is a trampoline under the window
      meh:Yea i’m five but i’m not a dumbass!!!
      mr widemouth:juggle with these knives
      meh:AND BLEED TO DEATH???NO thank you
      mr widemouth:The soap…PICK IT UP

    1. Well that’s the whole point of the story, it’s up to you to decide. When a storyteller blatantly tells you exactly what the monster looks like, it’s either hit or miss. Either he creates something that you think is extremely terrifying, or he makes something completely rediculous to you. The real monsters are the ones that are in your mind, and by letting you shape up the creatures in your mind’s eye, the storyteller creates a monster that is terrifying for everyone, because we all visualize him in a way that is most terrifying for each of us.

        1. If I saw that thing I’d slap it and shove a bazooka down its throat, and then id throw it out the window and put spikes under my bed…or something sharp.

      1. i imagine mr widemouth wearing a black tuxedo and a red shirt. i suppose the creature from the anime soul eater.

        1. Small black arms and legs, long black triangular ears, little black button eyes, and a wide mouth full of long white jagged teeth.

        2. Jeff the Killer would probably burn Mr. Widemouth and keep him as a pet.

          “You’re mine now”

      2. I imagined him as cat, kind of a big-eyed, sandy-colored, tiny bodied, evil version of the Cheshire Cat.

    2. Pretty realistic for a child not to recognize what something like Mr. Widemouth actually is. After so many years, too, you would probably forget a lot. He could look like anything between a Furby and an imp with mange. My guess tends more toward the latter. I imagine that Mr. Widemouth would have looked extremely unnerving to an adult.

  201. First!
    I used to have dreams about little creatures like that when I was younger…guess that would explain my fascination with furby destruction as a teen. Setting them on fire, feeding them blackcats, taking potshots with my daisy. All in preparation >:3

    In any case, decent pasta. Needs salt, but would prolly nom again.

  202. Ooh. I like it!! Few spelling and grammar mistakes. Really tasty pasta. (: Great job. Kinda vague-ish and weird. But, I like it.

  203. Ooh. I like it!! Few spelling and grammar mistakes. Really tasty pasta. (: Great job. Kinda vague-ish and weird. But, I like it.

  204. An interesting tale of a paranormal psychopathic furby-thing. I shudder to think what Mr Widemouth hand in plan for the protagonist, and whatever he did to all the others…

  205. I liked it. It felt like one of those “doll comes to life” stories, but creepier. The ending was my favorite part. I hope to read more of your work on here.

  206. Hm, i actually quite liked this one. It’s like those imaginary friends some have as a child. Only it wasn’t imagination this time. I like the fact that it’s not just blood and gore ike many of those crappy pastas up here. It’s subtle and still scary as hellXD