Story Submission Guidelines

We have outlined a number of common issues/questions regarding the submission form on this page; please expand this stub to view the full Q&A section. PLEASE READ THIS PAGE AND THE FAQ BEFORE SENDING A CONTACT REQUEST ASKING FOR HELP! The vast majority of support requests we get are actually questions already answered on this page and/or the FAQ. Save us both some time and just read the information below if you’re having trouble!


You can use this form to submit your story for publication on the blog, but please do keep a few things in mind:


Read the FAQ first. Read the FAQ first. READ THE FAQ FIRST. Seriously, guys, it’s there to help you understand how the submission process works on our end as well as give you hints on what NOT to do in your submission. No, really, whatever questions you have are probably answered there already. Go read it.


If you want credit, SPECIFY exactly how you want to be credited, please. Insert the name/handle you want credited in the “Credit” field, and if you want that name as a hotlink to your website / email / twitter / whathaveyou, input that in the “Credit Link” field. If you don’t want credit or a link, just leave the field blank.


Please, please, PLEASE proofread before you submit. Constant misspellings, glaring grammatical errors, and overuse of slang/lazy writing (when it’s not for effect, of course)… these are the most common reasons we reject pastas, yet also the most easily preventable. It makes us sad when we get good ideas that have been completely ruined by sloppy writing. DO NOT WRITE YOUR PASTA IN THE SUBMISSION FIELD. Write, edit, and complete your pasta before you submit, please. I’ve had too many people explain away terrible pastas by “I wrote it in the submission field and so I couldn’t save it and edit it later” or “I wrote it in 5 minutes and submitted it on impulse” – please stop doing this. 99% of pastas written in this fashion have giant flaws and go straight to the reject pile. We want effort, not impulse.


Formatting, images, and video guidelines are below:


If you want to submit a comic strip/image or include an image in your pasta, upload the image somewhere (like photobucket or imgur) and just paste the image’s direct URL into the pasta text field. If you want to add an image into your text pasta, just paste the image url where you want the image to display in the story. I’ll take care of making it look right if your story is accepted.


Video/audio pastas are accepted!


While custom fonts are not allowed (for example, you cannot ask that we publish your pasta in Comic Sans), you may use html formatting such as italics, colored text, bold, etc. You must enter all html formatting manually; please double-check your code and make sure that you close all tags before submitting.


If you would like us to replace your story with edits or take down your story, we will comply ONLY if you submit your request using the same email address that you used when you originally submitted the story. If we cannot confirm that the person requesting the edits is the same person who originally authored/submitted the piece, we will not go through with the edits or removal. There have been too many instances of trolls trying to get other people’s stories taken down that we have to require this step, so apologies for the extra hoops, but it’s necessary. The preferred way is for you to reply to your acceptance email with a link to your edited pasta uploaded somewhere like Pastebin; simply resubmitting will create an entirely new entry in the queue and may not be seen for anywhere from several days to months, depending on the amount of submissions we are receiving.


If you are submitting something that was originally posted on a subreddit (/nosleep/ and other various writing subreddits), YOU MUST BE THE ORIGINAL POSTER. This WILL need to be proven in some capacity..


Please do not submit SCP-related stories to us. Submit them to the SCP Wiki instead, that is where they belong and it will allow us to avoid any issues involving the wiki’s licensing rules.


Special Tag Guidelines are as follows:


Regarding the Micropasta tag: please only select this if your pasta is 500 words or less. Anything longer is not eligible for that tag. If you need one, here is a good online wordcount tool.


Regarding the Based on a True Story tag: Please only select this if your pasta is based on a real-life legend, location, or experience. Examples would be a pasta inspired by a spooky hotel or a true paranormal experience that you’ve had.


Regarding the Real-World Creepy tag: Select this tag ONLY if you are submitting a pasta/write-up on, as the tag implies, something in the real world. Examples are this post on The Dibbuk Box or this post on Takakanonuma Greenland.


Similarly, please do not choose a tag if your pasta is not actually related to said tag. The field isn’t required, and I won’t add unrelated stories to a tag just because you marked it for the hell of it.


BE PATIENT. You may have to wait several months for your submission to be processed – please understand that we get  thousands of submissions, and we do read every single submission, this means that it can sometimes take multiple months for us to fully process submissions. Please do not submit if you cannot handle that sort of turnaround time.


TL;DR guidelines and rules aside – thank you for your submission!