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January 2016 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypastas of 2015

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Yes, this is a carbon copy of last year’s January discussion post – but given how interesting and fun it was to see everyone’s choices, I’m thinking that this should be a yearly event.

I’ll repost the guidelines from last year, with some slight tweaks:

  • Please stick to stories posted in 2015. While we all know and love the classic Creepypastas, this isn’t the place to bring them up.
  • Creepypasta is a massive community; there are countless sites, tumblrs, subreddits, YouTube channels and beyond where new content is being generated. Since this site only hosts a fraction of the work that’s being produced in this genre,  I don’t want to exclude other sources from this post – so do feel free to pick any new-in-2015 pastas that were published elsewhere as your 2015 favorite(s).
  • If the pasta that you’re talking about wasn’t posted here on, please include a link to the story in your comment if possible. This way, anyone who hasn’t read the pasta in question can enjoy it as well!
  • Please give us some detail as to why you picked the story/stories that you did – don’t just drop a name and hit send, tell us what you liked about each story, why it stuck in your brain after reading, and why you felt it was deserving of recognition above all the rest.
  • If you can’t settle on just one pasta, consider giving us a list of your monthly picks – for example, January 2015 Favorite, February 2015 Favorite, etc, etc, etc. If you need to jump-start your memory, check the monthly archives on the sidebar.
  • Remember that you can edit your replies if you have a Disqus account, so if you’re wanting to do a list of your monthly favorites, feel free to take your time while you look back at the archives and refresh your memory – you can change or update your picks at your leisure.
  • As always, please be polite. Don’t insult each other if you disagree, and please don’t say rude things about authors or stories just because you don’t think someone’s pick was top-tier. Don’t fall into the trap of bringing down one person’s work in order to boost up your favorites. This post is to celebrate and talk about the stories that we really loved over the past year; any comments mocking or bashing specific authors or stories will not be approved. Let’s not start 2016 with unnecessary negativity!

Happy New Year to all and have fun!

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21 thoughts on “January 2016 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypastas of 2015”

  1. I can’t remember who wrote it or what the exact title was called, but it read like it was a history of something called “The Culling”. Basically at some point in our current time period, people periodically just are possessed by some kind of Alien intelligence and float up into the atmosphere and then their clothes, jewelry, pace makers…anything not organic falls back to earth. It happens regularly enough that work and flights around the globe are cancelled in anticipation of it. It was just a really really creepy and well written story!

  2. Ubloo and White Owl stick out to me as the best. I didn’t have to even think twice. White Owl didn’t have the standard creepiness that many pastas have but it was so well written that it felt almost interactive. And well, Ubloo is this year’s slenderman, it’s hard not to consider it for such an honor.

  3. This is going to sound crazy, but I remember a creepypasta//story that I read on one of these sites where the world became a living, furry thing; i’m fairly sure a cat? The post apocalyptic survivors had to fight not to be eaten by the planet, and had to consume milk and kitten-fruit, which was horribly creepy. I just…cannot for the life of me remember what it was called and wonder if I’m going crazy. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  4. Slums was definintely my favorite story to read this year! That writer definitely has a good career ahead of them if they decide to publish novels.

  5. Nicola Marie Jackson

    I’m sorry but I still don’t have a clue how to link stories but google Nosleep and Mummer Many. This made me feel all kind of scared. Its hard to describe as its fucked up. The surreal bits make it a terrifying little read. Does thou seek the Mummer Man?

  6. seer of possibilities ……… i didnt even had to think about this one
    just had to make sure it came out in 2015…..xD

  7. I just did a quick search of “Baboon Lane,” which led me to the wiki site. That is just hauntingly disturbing.

    The level of detail going makes it feel real. It takes a bit for the end to sink in, then further searches on the twist at the end make it feel even more credible.

    I’ve run across a few pastas that lead you to believe it’s a true story and mention some small detail you may be able to search for more information, and it just leads you right back to the pasta. Not so here o.o . Takes the creepy factor way up once you read all the other information.

    Disturbing is right o.o

  8. There were a lot of great pastas this past year, probably too many to mention here. Just off the top of my head, I’d like to mention Nickyxx, who gave us The Burned Photo and a few other treats as well. If anyone wants to see a great example of how to slowly unravel a mystery for the reader, that’s what they should read. Then there’s Labooski, who showed a ton of promise with his first Duxbury Chronicles story, and then totally delivered on his second try. I absolutely loved the imagery of the flaming dumpster catching air (à la the Dukes of Hazzard) as it crested the hill. It wasn’t a terribly creepy story, but it was some tongue-in-cheek goodness that I can’t wait to see more of. There was also From Me to You, by ErwinBlackthorne. I know I wasn’t the only person who was blindsided when the story, which initially looked like an emo/Twilight wannabe, evoked some strong feelings. Despair, empathy, hope, acceptance… they were all there, wrapped up in one great package. My last mention will be The Culling, by Bob Gielow. I don’t think there’s any other pasta that quite measures up to the level of detail that Bob put into his creation; it was creativity and inventiveness at their finest. Here’s hoping to another great one in 2016. Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Nickyxx’s work is amazing! After a couple of stories you begin to pick up a distinct narrative style. I had to go back and read all of the stories.

      You feel completely immersed in Nickyxx stories they way they’re told. They have a voice, you can hear them being told to you as you read.

      The Burned Photo is definitely the best, then I’d say Slum, followed by Shredder Monkey, then Three Friend’s Diner, then The Cats of Juniper Valley.

  9. Virgil Collins II

    I normally enjoy catching a quick pasta or two before bed, around 5-15 minutes, but To Whom It May Concern was my favorite of the year. Clocking in at 49 minutes, but worth every bit!

  10. Quite addictive, and really gets you into the “environment” of the story- by which I mean, one can truly picture descriptions and details. Plus the interview formats were refreshing. Thanks for recommending, a really lovely read!

  11. The Perfectly Behaved Boy was a good read. I am new to Creepypasta so I have lots to read. That is the only recent one I’ve read.

  12. Honestly I would say the sandman story cause it showed us how even if we forget something our body is used to a routine so we might now know what we are doing but our conscience will from and lost memory

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