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October 2013 Discussion Post: Halloween!


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This month, we’re breaking the discussion post pattern. I knew that I wanted to ask something about Halloween, but I was having a hard time settling on the topic. So I’m going to take the easy road out and make this month’s post a place for all-encompassing Halloween chatter. After all, it’s the closest thing we’ve got to an official Creepypasta holiday, so why limit ourselves to talking about just one aspect?

So, let’s hear it, guys:

  • What are you planning on doing for this year’s Halloween costume, if you’re dressing up at all? Are any of you going to be Creepypasta characters? Feel free to link us to photos of your planned costumes, as long as they’re work-safe, of course!
  • How do you usually spend your Halloween? Do you stay at home, giving out candy? Do you throw a party? Do you celebrate by going ghost-hunting or doing some urban exploration into particularly spooky areas? Let us know the details, and share any memorable stories you may have!
  • What’s your favorite thing about Halloween season, anyhow? Do you like the candy, the weather, the decorations, the constant horror movies on TV, hayrides and haunted houses, or what?
  • Do you go all out decorating your house/workspace/creepy hut in the woods with Halloween decorations? Share safe-for-work photos of your efforts if you’d like!
  • Are there any scary urban legends or local stories specifically about Halloween that you know?

Those are just some ideas, of course. You may discuss whatever pops into your head, as long as it’s topical and doesn’t break any site rules (check the FAQ if you want more clarification, but in summary: keep things safe for work, don’t reveal/attempt to obtain overly personal information about yourself or anyone else, and generally be excellent to each other).

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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149 thoughts on “October 2013 Discussion Post: Halloween!”

  1. I want to go as 1 of the girl creepypasta characters I have a black dress,fake blood,black wig with purple streaks, and white wig with purple streaks I need advice on who to go as with out getting a lot more stuff any suggestions btw I’m 15

  2. I’m going with a bunch of friends as CreepyPastas. I’m going as Eyeless Jack, my friend is going as Jeff, her little sister is going as the younger semi!sane Jeff, my sister is going as the genderbend of Eyeless Jack. And my daughter is going as Sally. :3 A whole CreepyPasta group!

    Another group in my town is going to do that, too. The boy is going as BEN DROWNED, and his father is going as Slenderman. They’re even turning their dog into Smile! XD

  3. Jason Alan labudde

    I was going to be slender but my moms friend got me a black maorph mask not a white one….. So I’m going to be hoody from slederman creepy pasta..

  4. JefftheMinecraftKiller

    Im being Jeff :33 (now guyyyys i know im too mainstrean and im just like everyone else, haha) But ive actually known Creepypasta for yeeears and never was one :y I was usually a Homestuck XD

  5. Well I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother is dressing as Jeff the Killer for Halloween.I know I am. I’m spending my Hallow’s Eve at Brandon Springs with my school peers. And Brandon Springs is pretty much a nature reserve down in Tennessee. It’s gonna be dark. We’re supposedly going candy hunting and they said we could bring a costume…anyone see where I’m goin’ with this yet?….*maniacal laugher*

  6. I’m dressing up as Spike Speigel for Halloween this year. I’ve been growing out my hair since last season and I am finaly able to style it like him. Plus I got the iconic leasure suit and all. I’m thinking about putting a banner on my car reading “Bebop”.

  7. serenawitchwriter

    I will likely shamelessly use my younger friends to trick-or-treat and then do a Samhain ceremony to honor my ancestors. being wiccan during Halloween in the best. :)

  8. I went as Jeff the Killer for a halloween party a few days ago. I didnt have a white hoodie and i dont have black hair but i think it still worked out alright.

  9. Im going as Jane the killer, which is easy cuz I love the haracter and its simple yet creative <3 I was going to go as jeff, but I couldn't get liquid latex in time :( but oh well! next year!

  10. If i was going to dress up, I’d go as one of those guys from A Clockwork Orange. Only they can wear eye liner and be the craziest badasses at the same time.

    Besides, I have a hankering for Ultra-violence.

  11. I am going as Masky, and my friends are going as Slender Man, Hoody, and Kate. We’re going to put pages all over the neighborhood.

  12. I wanted to be Jeffy, but my mother said i couldn’t because she said he was too scary and creepy.
    So, in place of this, Ill just be Slendy.
    Fuck Yea.

  13. I’m going to a haunted house. I’m a doctor, chopping someone’s arm off, throwing it across the room, blowing a bullhorn, and pulling a fishing line to make a head wrapped in barbed wire to make it jump.

  14. I’m going to be Jane the Killer and my best friend is going to be Jeff the Killer and I’m going to chase him around at my pasta-themed party

  15. I’m dressing up as a dark angel (think black color scheme) for a party, but not the slutty type. I’ll probably leave early, return home, eat loads of candy, and read creepypasta.
    The only downside of my plan is that I’ll keep waking up- overeating on candy and giving myself nightmares.

  16. Ima be the headless horse man for all hollows eve and I am gonna have a pumpkin filled with candy to give out to all who pass by wish I could get a horse though

  17. I won’t be doing a lot. I will probably stock up on sweets, Horror games and movies and watch and play them all until I go to bed where I finish by reading some creepypasta.

  18. This year I’ll be going as a skeleton. I was gonna go as Sir Slendy himself, but time is running out… so skelly it is! I decorate, and trick or treat with friends. And etc. So yeah! So excited – halloween is my favorite holiday ever!

  19. I like Halloween time. We have a small running joke at the Wawa I work at where everyone calls me the King. I actually have a name tag that says King Casso (casso for short, being that my name is Picasso). I’ll probably walk around with a crown, a cloak and a scepter while pumping gas. Love my job on rare occasions haha.. For the main event, however, we’re sort of doing it a tad differently. I usually just get hammered at a predetermined location after getting candy, but this year I got my band to play 2 different shows at costume parties. I’m freaking pumped for them! My lead guitarist will be Quail Man, rhythm guitarist Slenderman, drummer and singer undecided, but I’m going to be Scarlet Spider-man, which I happened to make myself from the eyes on the suit to the spray painting of the spider symbol onto a blue hoodie (also, I play bass and scream). Gonna rock house and drink with many great people. One year I would really like to be Lord Lister though from Lister’s Rache. One can dream!

  20. There’s a children’s play area near my house that is quite popular with children and the occasional group of teens who simply use it to ‘hang out’ and/or drink (what ever bored teens do nowadays). I recently bought one of those white full body suits and will do some hanging out of my own as slender man. Maybe i’ll be able to scare a few of those kids away.

  21. I’m gonna be dressed ironically. I’m going to a friend’s Halloween party where, no doubt, all the girls will have used the holiday as an excuse to dress like skanks. I, on the other hand, will be dressed in an adult onesie, with my hair in pigtails and a binkie in my mouth. Maybe carry around a cheap teddy bear. This way everything I do throughout the night (drinking, smoking, dancing, etc) will look that much more ridiculous. I’ll have a laugh without taking anything too seriously. Although my friend brought up an interesting point — how should I react if someone actually flirts with me? Either it will be creepy because I’m dressed as a baby, or it will be endearing because that person spoke to me rather than the plethora of girls in slutty costumes. I doubt it will happen, but it’s still funny to think about.

  22. I’m so going to be Jeff the Killer on one of the Halloween parties I am going to. The other one will just be another epic zombie outfit with lots and lots of blood, core and other shit. :DD

    Halloween, here I come!

  23. Sadly, I’m in a Suburban neighborhood of five houses, who don’t participate in trick or treating that I can scare. :( I may go to another neighborhood more urban and hide behind a tree as slender man, so when people come up and see me, they’d have a little jump. I would park my car somewhere to where if someone passed it, I’d press the horn button on my keys to scare people (Makes a REALLY high pitched horn sound).

  24. I’m a tad ashamed to admit that I am one of the many dressing up as Jeff the Killer since it seems to be quite popular for this Halloween.
    Most likely I’ll spend my Halloween hanging out with a friend and go trick or treating with them, even though I am 18 and they are 19.
    The rest of the time I’m going to be watching a whole lot of horror movies. Sometime this October I plan to go to a local haunted house, I’ve always loved those.

    1. As I think about my costume choice I’m starting to regret not going with my first choice as Kayako from Ju On: The Grudge… There is always next year.

  25. Im Going to be Jeff The Killer for halloween…..My friend is going as Nina The Killer…My Bestie is going as Jane….and my last friend is going as laughing jack.

  26. I just turned 17 recently so I’m not the kind to go get free candy so I do this. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love reading creepy stories aka pastas lol. Anyway I like this page and I hope you keep adding on.

  27. lol i was planning on looking like jeff or laughing jack :D even though im a girl but who cares??? JEFF AND LAUGHING JACK ARE AWESOME!!

  28. I think for this year I’m going to go as Cry (Youtuber) so I’ll have his mask and everything BUT when I remove the mask it will be a zambie face, so basically a zambie Cry. :D

  29. I’m going to be working a haunted house this year (and maybe next) starting tomorrow. but i had been working on a costume of Ash Williams from the EvilDead series. we have done “test runs” at the haunted house so far 5 people have pissed themselves (literally) and a group of three teenage girls tore down a wall trying to escape one of them even dropped to the floor assumed the fetal position started rocking back and forth screaming “i don’t want to go” over and over :)

  30. Just going to a friends, gonna watch some scary ass movies and be idiots…I’m 14 so I’ve kinda lost interest in the whole trick or treating thing…but not the free junk so I might just pin a cat tail to my ass, put some ears on and where black clothes…

  31. The Old King Critic

    well with every halloween I shall sit upon my ass with my close friends, watch b-list horror movies on netflix and get slammed drinking Jack and pepsi.

  32. Last year I decided it would be funny to dress my fake foam skeleton up in raw meat and shit. So I set it up and waited inside and some kids come crying to my door telling me about how there’s a zombie on my lawn so I knew I did well. Then a kid said that the decoration if my roof was cool. I didn’t put anything on my roof. So I hand him a bag of Cheetos and then my door starts going berserk and all I hear is “tikka tikka tikka” on the ceiling and the dog is barking like crazy so I walk outside and realize a bunch of crows carried my skeleton on my roof and started eating the meat. Long story short the kids got a laugh out of me fighting off the crows with a broomstick.

  33. Theres an old legend at my high school about a ghost/entity that haunts one of the buildings on campus. Its in one of the older buildings, where the auditorium is at. Theres actually quite a few versions of the story that people talk about, but ill just say the one I know. I heard it happened in the third floor. Some student in the late 60’s or 70’shung themselves there. The building and the third floor used to be a bunch of classrooms, but are not used anymore. They locked them from the inside and the handles outside are broken off sone doors. I think only Choir, Drama, and music classes still use the building but only the first and second floor. Ive been to the third floor, someof the rooms are only used as storage for the costumes and other things for the drama and music classes. Its really creepy going there, since I used to be in choir freshman year I had to go up there to get stuff now and then. It has like this really creepy vibe, it feels like someones staring at you. And it gets even worse if your alone and especially if your alone in the auditorium. Some people that have been in there alone or in small grouos of two-three, have claimed that they can hear steps walking back and forth on the catwalk above the auditorium. Or that it gets unaturally cold in there, and its not the ac. One girl said she heard the footsteps and heard someone whispering to her. Another friend of mine heard the same, but she heard ‘help me, help me’ in one of the storage rooms upstairs, she was freaked out and ran. But anyways, im sure their just rumors like every school has, right??
    Also, im psyched because were writting creepy stories for my english 3 class and on Halloween were going to read them to eachother in that creepy auditorium. I hope we see ghosts!!! (:

  34. The 31st is also Samhain which, for me is a religious holiday so I’m staying home and having dinner with my mother. the following day I’m meeting with my friends (whom I’ve been teaching Paganism to) and we’re cooking a harvest themed dinner, Samhain ceremonial rites and a paranormal investigation of the local forest area.

    where I live there are a few urban legends:
    The old Holyland Theme parknis haunted by the spirits of a group of people who died during a tour of an attraction at the biblical themed patk called The Cave Of The Damned. The lawsuits bankrupted the park and it’s been closed since.

    Some people believe the forest that we’re going to is haunted by demons and spirits of young girls who were raped and killed out there (one of which was a friend sister)

      1. Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        Lots of people were pagans before the violent and brutal religion that is Christianity came along and “converted” them.

  35. I’m going to do what I always do. While my little cousin os off getting candy I’ll be dressed in a ragged blue outfit with pale blue skin and grey contacts, as some sort of phantom. I’ll tell people they have to give me their souls or beat me at guitar hero for their candy. Trying to recreate a modern version of the devil went down to georgia. It’s a shame I live in Indiana

  36. i’ve been tuning in to the SyFy channels monthlong halloween movie event, yesterday i saw “Drag Me To Hell”. on halloween night i’ll probably stay home watching more movies unless i get invited to a party. i love costumes but i can never afford the time and money for a good one. i hope i can change that this year. i am thinking of going as a zombie or a creepy killer scarecrow but i’m not certain yet. i’d like to hear what you guys are watching and wearing.

  37. Well, still being at my young age I continue going door to door dressed up as Tim Burton’s movie characters. Halloween was never a big thing to my family, but I made it important for me because that is the one day out of the year I can:
    1) Get free candy from random strangers
    2) Dress up in an odd fashion or a costume.
    3) I get to be weird and no one questions it.
    I am going to carve a pumpkin like I do every year because I enjoy showing people my art, and what story the carved imagery on the pumpkin can tell. I plan on dressing up as the Corpse Bride, Emily from Tim Burton’s movie, “The Corpse Bride.”
    I am probably going to be writing on Halloween. The thing I love most about Halloween is that I get great ideas to make creepypastas that eventually with time and dedication turn into stories.

  38. creepy fanchick :D

    HI EVERYONE!! I LOVE Halloween because you get to dress up and act really weird and get candy and stay out in the DARKNESSSS >:D im being jeff for Halloween cuz I think jeff is the most awesomest character in creepypasta! ive never stayed home giving out candy cuz ive always loved dressing up ^^’

  39. Probably going as Slendy or deadpool. I have the suit, but I need a full body-suit in white to go as slender. Deadpool just fits my personality, being an agile, witty, and offensive ninja.
    If neither of those can happen, its GTA V all night, on the 31st :)

  40. I’ll probably dress as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Watch The Shining. After that, I don’t know.
    I live in a (very) rural village in Ireland, and we don’t have a great deal of local scary stories, although we have a lot of stories about a witch in the local town, called Alice Kyteler. She was fabled to sweep the streets, and was notorious for killing off husbands. This business of inheriting her dead husbands’ money made her quite rich. Someone got suspicious (or jealous) and started a witch hunt. She was eventually caught and imprisoned in Kilkenny Castle, and, on the night before her execution, disappeared. It’s unknown whether she had a lover come get her… or whether she really WAS a witch.
    And that’s all I got to say about that

  41. Lol, might be the youngest reader on cp, don’t care, gonna go to a couple haunted houses, watch the shining, go trick or treating, and go to my schools carnival. Also, anybody know any Halloween-ish urban legends for Chicago?

    1. Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom


      They say that if you’re walking through the City centre at half past 2 pm you’ll see loads of other people walking towards you. Whatever you do, don’t look them in the eyes and don’t look behind you.

  42. i’m going as a female plague doctor who just happens to be the worst plague doctor of all times. i’m throwing a party (hopefully!) this year, and would really like to visit the abandoned prison. they do the most awesome stuff there on Halloween! its also supposed to be haunted.

  43. I plan on being Pinkie Pie from MLP! I’m gonna dye my hair neon pink, curl it, wear pink clothes, pink ears, pink tail, and hop. EVERYWHERE. And I keep making references to MLP. A lot. Either that or dress up like a Vault Dweller from Fallout.3 and pretend to shoot stuff .-. But its not the mall and trick or treating thats the best. Its best going home, in pajamas that are too big for meh, stuffing my face with candy and watching horror movies on Syfy. (I swear, if those victoms would have just listened to me they would have survived) And I’m 11 and im smarter than them. o-e

  44. This halloween I plan on being L from death note during the day and Jeff the Killer at night.This is my first time in a long time I usually do nothing and just munch on candy but this time I wanna scare people and then treat myself to candy :3

  45. This Halloween im going to be dressed up as a sexy french maid with hot pink hair. I already ordered my costume online just this morning. Im probably going to wear it the day me and my friends and family go to Universal, its kinda a tradition we do (: And im going to wear it to school the friday we have the halloween contest and to the haunted house they make. But im not going trick or treating that evening I just buy my own candy (or steal my brothers) and stay home watching a horror movie marathon all afternoon/night long!! I love Halloween!

  46. For me it’s take the kiddies around for some Halloween fun n treats. Later when they’re having sweet dreams I will be stuffing my face with chocolate and enjoying an all night horror movie fest!

  47. I am a very creepy person, and Halloween is a very creepy holiday. Well, as long as you aren’t with 1-8 year olds who go trick or treating as princesses and corney witches. I love Halloween beacause for one day a year. I get to show my true colors and be myself. I mean, sure I’m wearing a costume still, but I get to act like myself and no one will judge me like they do now.

  48. I’m dressing up as a plague doctor from the Middle Ages. I’ll probably walk around a neighbourhood picking up candy from a few houses while scaring/creeping out people all the way.

    I’ve never exactly had a routine for Halloween, but it usually involves a horror movie, carving a pumpkin, and going Trick or Treat for a few hours.

    My favourite part of Halloween is the atmosphere of it. It’s so excited being someone else, even if it’s just for a night. It’s always fun looking at other people’s costumes and guessing who they really are.

    1. For added realism, you should drag around a wooden cart, carved out of the heaviest wood you can find.
      You can use it to carry around your candy, and maybe cover it with old raggedy clothes to make it look like you’re hauling corpses. At the end of the night, you could go out into woods and set fire to the cart and clothes whilst you enjoy your treats.


  49. I’ve always loved Halloween. At 31, most would probably say I’m too old for it now, but as a mother of 4 I have the perfect excuse to keep it very much a part of my life. My youngest 2 are too young to know anything about Halloween but the eldest 2 love it. My 10 year old son wants to dress up as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, so I’m thinking of another Silent Hill costume for my 11 year old daughter. We have a Halloween routine here. I spend the day baking Halloween themed cookies and cakes, put a few decorations outside so that people know its fine to knock, then smother my bedroom in scene setters, a giant spider that fills my ceiling and a few little ones with a huge amount of spider webs. I have gravestone decorations and pumpkins on the sides. when we get back from trick-or-treating and the kids have finished answering the door, we go into my room, get tucked up in bed with the lights off so we just have the glow of the pumpkins and watch horror movies while they pig out on the cakes, cookies and sweets they collected. Love it :)

    1. No, no no. That is too much love and affection for Halloween! If the kids don’t have their pants soiled and psychological trauma by midnight, you’re doing it wrong.

  50. You know what would be great? A creepypasta television series. That would be my Halloween tradition! Of course though, those stupid TV producers probably won’t know what makes a creepypasta good and make a totally stupid show.

    1. Well, if we could get a could part of the community organized, maybe we could make the series ourselves, and post them on youtube or something. You can definitely count on my support.

  51. I’m going to be Jane the Killer, and my boyfriend is going to be Jeff. I know you probably think, “Wow, you must be a noob.”. Incorrect. I know that Jane is out to kill Jeff, I just think being, I guess you could say, “matching” is cool and I’ve always wanted to do a creepypasta cosplay. To be honest, I don’t even like Jane that much, I just gave the idea to my boyfriend and he fell in love with the idea, so yeah. Jane and Jeff.

  52. I’m still not sure what I’m gonna dress up as bc I’m the one who takes the kids trick or treating and now with my littlest I have to take into consideration that I have no clue how he’ll react if he sees his mom covered in bloody clothes and face smeared in blood and fake peeled burned off skin. Or as a vampire. I don’t dress up cute. Never have never will. My eldest wants to be slenderman in those new morph suits they’re selling at stores and my lil girl is not sure to stay cute or go scary this year. My 23mos. is going to be Freddy Kruger with lil duct tape knives. My husband wanted and still wants to use plastic but I’m more prone to the safer side. He’s gonna dress up like Mexican death and give out candies and we’re decking out the house in killer Halloween decor and I’m hoping that this year we’ll be able to get the damn animatronic Freddy Kruger or Michael Myers doll that is motion activated. So far these are my plans.

    1. You don’t need to be covered in blood to look scary, love. From experience, all you need to do is smile broadly, and carry around a big knife.

      They’ll get the message.

  53. Danielle Elizabeth

    I’m totally going out as an alien. Like, headband with antennae, shiny silver boots, green and purple. My costume is simply FAAABULOUS.

    I’ll be taking my kids Trick or Treating (my daughters first time), then hopefully heading to the bar when that’s done, to drink till midnight (then it’s my birthday, yay)!

    Best thing about Halloween? Getting to be anyone/anything you want for a night. I don’t decorate my house (‘cept few Jack’o’lanterns) because I’m too far out of town to get kids Trick or Treating here.

  54. Well, the town were I live is said to be built more or less by the devil (you know dozen of stories how the devil built the dome and was tricked so he didn’t get his payment; how a hill here was created because the devil threw bags of sand there and such… we even have the thumb of the devil in the dome’s door!)

    As we have some out of towners at our party this year, we decided to go as the devil (my husband) and death (me) and just… well go out, and make a devilish sightseeing, along with gambling for souls and such things.

    My hubby just looks adorable with his victorian attire and the black wings while I opted to use a mask, I really have no inclination to be asked what the hell I was doing that night ^^ it is not as if Halloween is very accepted here

  55. I’m a zombie in one of our haunted houses, so naturally its what I’m going to be to take my 4 yr old trick or treating. She wants to be a clown, been asking for it for months.

  56. well, I’ll probably go for something really scary, like a sexy nurse.

    Don’t think that’s scary?

    Well, you’ve probably never seen a fat bearded guy in a sexy nurse outfit.

  57. Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    For halloween this year, I’m going to do the same as every year. I’m going to completely ignore it. When children come to my door and say “trick or treat” I’m going to ask for trick. The chances are none of them have actually prepared a trick. If they have then well, I’ll shoot them in the shins.

  58. For my custom I am designing and making a more modern headless houresmen. I’m making my own weapons and everything.

  59. The Fifth Clockwatcher

    Well, for Halloween I’m going to a kick ass party and getting my tongue clipped. Also, the pumpkins are back! WHoooo!

  60. I basically plan on hanging out with friends and maybe sharing creepypastas over a campfire. Ill also go trick or treating of fours. (I don’t care that I’m 16).

  61. I’m going to dress up as a werewolf. Its kind of odd as me being a girl to others, but I love werewolves. I’m so pumped up for trick or treating, it’s one of my favourite parts of Halloween. Besides the fact everybody gets to be unique, Halloween s the best day ever.

    Have a Spooooky Halloween Everyone!

  62. This year for halloween, (it’s going to become a tradition i can tell that u right now xD) I’m going in a costume that gives me the excuse to hide around my neighbor hood scaring people. Slenderman. xD it’s gonna be awesome! I’m even going to advertise my “shop”! (me and my friends run a stand and it’s gonna be open on halloween)

  63. I’ll be doing what most narrators do, one video for everyday counting down to Halloween (*cough*shameless plug*cough*). Probably just gonna stay at home and watch movies and read creepypasta. I’d like to go out but doubt I’ll have the time. I wanna dress up as a creepypasta character, maybe the skintaker I unno.

  64. I’m wearing one of those suits that makes it look like you’re riding an ostrich.

    And I’m WAAAAY too old for Halloween, but I do it just for the lols.

  65. Being that there’s little to no trick r treaters in my area, I usually just stay home and watch horror movies. Specifically Trick r Treat, the one with the little pumkin head guy, and then whatever other movies I feel like watching. Sadly there’s not many local legends that I know of. If anyone knows some creepy ones for Baltimore, Maryland, let me know!

    1. You live in Baltimore? Me too! Maybe we’ll bump into each other that night, on my way to work.

      Maybe. Maybe I won’t slice your throat if i see you.
      Stay safe.

  66. I’m gonna dress a jeff the killer for a costume contest. I’m basing it off of a youtube “how to” video. It’s kinda complex, and takes a lot of time and patience, but it’ll be worth it. The result is awesome.

    1. That seems cool; do you have a link to this YouTube video by chance? I would love to watch it and try be him next year.

  67. Well, I turned 18 shortly before summer started, so some might say I’m not the right age for Halloween. Too old for dressing up to be cute, yet not old enough for it to be accepted as ironic, if that makes any sense. At any rate, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Why? Well, who wouldn’t love free candy and the chance to dress up however the hell you want, (hopefully) without judgment?
    That being said, I plan on dressing up as Sid Vicious. I’ll probably have to order a particular shirt I have in mind (no, not the swastika one), but besides that my main concern is hair. I’m a girl, and my hair is shoulder-length. I may or may not get a haircut between now and Halloween, but I’d prefer not to have to wear a wig. I’d rather be able to style my hair on my own, but it’s too long and blonde the way it is now. Those are my main concerns. I’m also losing a little weight. I’m average now but Vicious was skinny so I figure if I’m gonna go for it, go full throttle. I’m not doing this just for Halloween — I’m trying to be healthier in general — but it does help.
    Anyway, I’m a little self conscious about the idea but I think the Internet is as anonymous as I could hope to get. Besides, if I get skinny enough to pass as Vicious (ignoring some obvious female assets), I’ll be proud enough of my figure not to care. So fuck it. :p

      1. Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        He was a punk rock pioneer in the late 70’s. He died of a heroin overdose at quite a young age. He was taught to play by Lemmy Kilminster from Motorhead.

        1. i’ve always heard he couldn’t actually play at all, and they’d unplug his bass during shows. he was really only in the band because he was a friend of the singer and he had the punk attitude… original bassist bailed last minute or something like that. too bad they only had the one album. vicious was pretty iconic, be weird to see a girl dressed as him though lol no offense

        2. Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          I think he could play, but not very well. Then again it’s difficult to do anything when you’re on heroin.

  68. I’m going to be dressed up like Jeff the killer, but unfortunately I don’t have the blood-stained white hoodie yet.

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