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February 2013 Discussion Post: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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This month’s question is a simple one, and something that many of you have probably discussed before offline – around campfires, drinking with friends, or after watching a scary movie.

I’d like to know: do you believe in ghosts?

If not, why? Do you lean more towards the skeptic’s view of the afterlife? If so, what particular explanation of “ghostly phenomena” do you buy into?


If the answer is yes, I’d like to hear how you became a believer. What exactly do you believe ghosts are? Spirits of the deceased, recordings of the past imprinted onto particular locations, faeries?


Whatever you believe, I’d like to hear it.

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441 thoughts on “February 2013 Discussion Post: Do You Believe in Ghosts?”

  1. I believe in ghosts. When I arrived at my new house, there were flower stickers on my closet wall and a toy gun stuffed into the bathroom drain right next to my room. After ahwile we discover a burned children’s book in our basement named,learn to letter. The first month my brother who is 17 years old kept on having the same experience when he was going to sleep, he would close his eyes in the dark and notice the light just suddenly turned on(when he opened his eyes it was still dark),he would feel that weird hot and cold thing when you get sick,then the feeling of the bed getting closer to the ceiling and small tugs on his blanket(we didn’t have a dog or anything that could do that). After a month they stopped for him but then I started to notice things like weird creaking noises that was continuous for a few minute that sounded from coming from the attic above my room and bathroom. After a month that stopped too. But then I started hearing footsteps above my room and bangs and taps. The ceiling vent in my room once dropped a bunch of unknown candy wrappers that looked like they were from the sometimes at the corner of my brother and I eyes we see someone running. And one time I was home alone,I was just walking around my house on my because I was bored, I looked down my staircase and saw a clear figure of a man in some kind of suit and had a bowler hat on,he also had a beard and a mustache. The first owners of this house dissapered mysteriously and the owners before us and only stayed for a few months then moved out. The worst thing about this is that i have had my first and seecond sleep paralysis since we moved in and both were the same thing, I can’t move’I get panicked and then see three dark figures. One outside my door, one in my closet and one outside of my window. And the constanly thought I had was that they were going to GET me.

  2. I believe in them. I saw thing people call as “orbs” around the Whaley house. I saw one also when I was a kid

  3. Pandaturtlecornesis

    I do not believe that people can remained trapped on this earth once they die. The bible says that people can either go to heaven or hell when they die. Well certain versions of it anyways. But it also says that demons disguise themselves as the disceased to trick people into either doubting God or to trick people into whatever other evil things they feel like. Honestly though I think it would be a lot better if it really were the dead person. A demon is a whole lot worse

  4. I am a Christian, and can say that the good go to heaven, the bad go to hell. I don’t think my great great great grandfather is going to care what I’m doing if he is at a bar having crème soda with Jesus and playing his guitar with Johnny Cash!

  5. The_Amazing SAF

    I don’t believe in ghosts. It’s all a conspiracy! It all started out as a prank at Area 51 that got WAY out of hand.

  6. I use to think ghosts existed, but my christain mom told me that once people die, their souls cant come back. They are stuck in either Heaven or Hell forever. But now, I’m sort of an atheist. So I have no idea. Reincarnation seems like a nice way to go however :)

  7. I started believing in ghosts when I was like, 5. I was in my room, and I always had my door locked (becuz i lived with like, 8 dogs.) Anyways, I put my toy ball in the toy bin (which was on the other side of the roo) and went to sleep. Like, 2 hours later (take note, the door was still locked) the ball fell on me. Right on meh face. Nobody was in there except for me, so what other explanation of a ball somehow getting from the other side of the room to my face, other than a ghost? Huh?

  8. My sister can see ghosts, she has been attacked by ghosts and has also tried to speak to them but can’t hear them. I can hear what ghosts say and she can feel if there are ghosts around and in a church she stood under a crystal at the altar and closed her eyes allowing her to see the church in use centuries ago.

  9. in the day light, no. in the dark, yes. at school, no. in an old abandoned hotel where a kid hung himself, yes. after watching family guy, no. after spending 3 hours on creepy pasta, yes.

  10. I beleive. I don’t have a reason not to. I don’t think however many million people out there are lying about their experiences with the afterlife. Nor do I just rub off that that eerie feeling I get alone in the dark.
    It would be nice to believe that there isn’t another little scenario going on after we die… But I can guarantee you that some of my family members are still around even though we’ve cremated them.
    I can still smell my grandfather’s cigar smoke proving that…

    1. I have the same situation with family members hanging around after cremation. So I believe in ghosts, yeah. Not the stereotypical white eyeless sheets, but more of a Bloody Mary type. Or benevolent spirits…I could go on about those.

  11. i believe in ghosts but not white things walking around or white sheets with eye holes floating by themselves

  12. hi guys I am caprice I am 10 years old and I believe in ghosts because ive excpierenced one before and let me tell u something it was fricken creepy my I was at my cousins apartment and I heard in the middle of the night pots and pans banging against the wall and I went out to check what the noise was and that’s when I saw a black shadoway figure in the hallway and in the morning I told my aunt Sonia and she went to the manager and told him and he said thet someone died in that same apartment room and the guys name was toby the ghost so yes I believe in ghosts and thank you for believing me for those of you who believe in ghosts

  13. Yes. When I was younger, probably around 3-4 years after I moved and my mom and dad had just got divorced. The house we moved into had a strange feeling to me but that could have just been due to my parents divorce. When I was in any room alone I would hear horrifying moaning sounds that I actually called “demon cow sounds” since I wasn’t really sure what a ghost was yet. There was a staircase to the right a few feet from the front door, to the left was a living room like area, straight ahead was the kitchen. Up stairs was my room to the left but that’s all I really remember of the house. I would also see black figures with red eyes running around upstairs. This was the only house I ever actually liked.

  14. (THIS WILL BE A LONG COMMENT. It’s not a creepy pasta, it’s an actual experience. I will not be going back and grammar checking it, so if I misspell a word or use any improper grammar, I apologize ahead of time for anyone who is interested in paranormal encounters stories.)


    I believe in ghosts. It’s not a matter of assumption or evidence, but more-so in the matter of experience.

    My family and I moved to North Carolina when I was 13, in the blue ridge mountain area. It was a very gorgeous place, full of nature, trees, and kind loving people that were nice to everyone, even people that they didn’t know. A year later after we moved there, strange things started happening in my house. Some people may peg this as a dream, but trust me, you know the difference between being awake and in a slumber. I woke up one night hearing sounds from the kitchen. I was an extremely light sleeper, so the smallest sounds could wake me up. I didn’t know what it was, but I stayed in my room, because I was always afraid of intruders breaking into my house. (I actually kept my bedroom door locked every single night due to that as well.) The noises continued on and as they did you could start to hear dishes break, seemingly hitting the floors and silverware toppling over as well. These noises continued on for about 10-15 minutes until they just stopped in complete silence. There were no footsteps, nothing, just the sound of pure silence. I stayed awake for an hour post that and I came to a conclusion that my cat must have been knocking things over in the middle of the night. I fell back asleep.

    I woke up the next day and ventured into the kitchen to discover everything looking as it always have.. clean, polished, not even one thing stirred out of place. Being as I didn’t believe in ghosts at all that time, I shrugged it off, telling myself it must have been a crazy dream. There’s no way any of this could have happened. I didn’t want to mention it to anyone, because it just sounded way too weird. I always had odd dreams, so why not?
    A week or so later, I woke up again to hearing the sounds of crashing dishes, silverware and everything of the sort. I had no clue what the fuck was going on, but I was not going to leave my room and go check it out. if there was a mysterious intruder invading my house and looking for things, I really didn’t want to know about it. I waited for about 10-15 minutes, listening to the sounds, getting ready to jump out my window the second I heard footsteps come near my bedroom and RUN, but once again nothing happened. I waited once again for an hour and passed out before waking up in the morning and heading to school. Once again everything was still in place, and there was no sign of anything being moved or destroyed etc. at all. I don’t really remember what I thought of that as a result, but I shrugged it off. I shrugged off a lot of things in life back then, because if something scared me enough I usually just hid away from whatever was calling it.
    I don’t remember when the next thing happened, but it was far worse than any of that. So my bedroom had a horizontal doorknob that would go up and down when you wanted to open up the door. It looked sort of like this ( ) so you can get a better idea of it all. Well one night when I was laying in bed I woke up to a sound, not a sound of things falling down from 3 rooms away, not the sound of things breaking, I woke up to the sound of my door knob viciously going up and down as if someone was trying to get into my room. I saw it move over and over and over and I was frozen in fear laying in my bed watching it move. (I discovered a huge flaw about myself that if I see something and I get scared, I act like a deer in the headlights “NOT A GOOD FLAW TO HAVE”.) and then all of a sudden just as fast as it started, it stopped out of no where. You would think, oh maybe someone’s pulling a trick on you, maybe someone’s making you scared for the hilarity of it all. Oh well, let me go ahead and tell you the most FUCKED up part about that. My bedroom door had a -TWO- inch space from under the door that separated it from the floor. There was a room in front of it where light always shined through the window and I could see it when I was looking down the door and you could see a anyone or even a shadow of someone’s feet when they stood right in front of that door. ..Well there was no shadow at the time the door knob was trying to turn, there were no sounds of foot steps on the hard wooden floor that lie in the hallway, there was nothing.. Just the sound of someone viciously trying to get into my room and then the sound of silence. ..I don’t know what I thought of that occurrence, being as it was over 10 years ago, but knowing me I still brushed it off, because it wasn’t until 5 years later that I actually started to even believe ghosts existed.

    So about five or six years past, there’s no more signs of weird occurrences in my house, nothing. I live life normally happy that nothing has happened, and I never once mentioned any of that either so that people wouldn’t think I was crazy — I didn’t even mention it to the two people I considered my best friends at the time. Also I’m not going to get into details about my home life, but the entire environment was EXTREMELY angry and negative where I grew up (this will mean something to people who believe in spiritual things such as demons, etc.) But yeah, so I’m at my best friend’s (We’ll call her F. I’m abbreviating everyone’s name, because it’s irrelevant anyhow.) house and she tells me about her new friend A. I’m not going to go into detail about A, because there were some wild made up stories, but she showed me something I would have never ever..expected in the entire world. I thought the sounds of crashing silverware and plates were enough to spook me, but this was far even worse.
    So A tells me a story of a “creature” that lives in a house next door that’s being held hostage by the powers of a witch (I’ll call her crazy lady). I pretty much laugh that off in my head, because I am still not convinced that shit like that actually even exists. Well A takes F and me to a parking lot next to F’s house that sits next to the “crazy lady’s” house. (To include early on, there’s one of those huge 18 wheeler trucks sitting in the parking lot. I don’t know what they’re called and I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m sure you know what I’m referring to.) She points to a white shed that exists in the backyard and tells me that the creature lives in there. I just nod and listen, still not believing in a thing she says and then a beagle-like dog comes out of the house and ventures into the backyard.. A “barks” the dog and the dog barks back. It’s pretty common for dogs to play around like that, so I shrug it off once again. The dog starts to sniff the ground and then walks up to the white shed. He starts to sniff around it and then stands there looking at the shed ..and just runs off. I know by now you’re thinking ..uhh..what? But this gets good (if you’re still reading) I promise. So I stay over during the night and it’s the next day and we decide to venture out to the parking lot at night. A is sitting there reading her poem’s when she tells us to all “be quiet” and that she can hear “foot steps.. the creature is running around us.” We all stand up, not making a movement and then, remember that 18 wheeler I mentioned beforehand all of a sudden there’s a huge SLAM coming from the inside of it. As we turn around to face it, you see the back of it wobble back and forth as if something huge landed right inside of it. ..We go back to F’s house. That’s the end of that night. The very next day we go back and venture out there to the parking lot. A tells us that the creature is still inside the back of that truck.. well today we have a friend over, we’ll call him “M”. A tells M about the creature in the truck, so he finds a huge lead pipe on the ground and smacks the side of it. A tells him to cut it out and it’s going to make the creature angry, so M drops the pipe on the ground and we head back inside for the day and night. Well the very next day, something very odd happens. So you know a lead pipe, it’s really fucking thick and yeah it’s not very easy to damage. Well as we approach the truck and look on the ground, the lead pipe is flattened in two sections. Imagine if you grabbed something soft and long with two hands and crushed it.. you would see two flat parts and one middle part still standing as it did once before. .. Well that’s exactly what the pipe looked like. Logically, over night how the fuck do you explain that? A large lead pipe with two areas crushed as if someone with really large hands grabbed each end of it. If that isn’t weird enough, let’s get to the best part of all of this..

    … the best part.

    It’s night time now, A, F, and I are outside in the parking lot the same night the pipe got crushed. We just sitting there talking and A told me that the creature had exited the truck and is moving around outside again. I’m looking around and I point… the most odd thing is happening at the moment. Let me go ahead and tell you, this is a very clear night, no wind, nothing.. but you see a huge tree, and I mean a pretty big fucking tree TILT. You see the entire top part of the tree tilt to the side as if something is moving from it. Oh this isn’t just great, right after that one tilts, the one right next to it tilts in the same direction as if something really huge is moving from one tree to the next one to the next one. Oh and here’s the fun part — I SAW IT. I saw the fucking thing at the top of the tree. I look up at the top and I see a wolf tail flip up into the air and flip down into the tree. Just a silhouette of one, but it is a fucking tail moving just as if a tail would move if it were moving through the tree. I ask A if she saw that and she said “Yep.” The trees continue to move one by one until it gets to the tree in front of the shed, bending over down onto the shed and all of the trees suddenly stop moving.

    ..What the fuck was that? I can’t tell you, I can’t tell anyone, because I really do not know. My only guess was that it was a physical form of some kind of demon that was summoned who the fuck knows. All I know is if there was any form of paranormal encounter that was beyond freaky, that was it. Am I making any of that up? No. Nothing was over-exaggerated, everything was as I said it was.

    ..I have one more story to conclude on all of these paranormal encounters that happened to me. It wasn’t as freaky as the last one, but it was pretty god damn scary.

    So my boyfriend and I moved out to GA at the time to be with a friend of ours. It was about a couple hours out from where I previously lived. He had an extremely negative aura, but I dunno I loved the guy anyway. Blahblah. Well we moved in with a friend of our’s and my BF at the time told me something was wrong in the room. I told him I didn’t think there was, but he insisted. While we were sitting in the room with our computers in the room, he plugged up his headset to his computer and told me to be quiet and let it record. He said he was going to do something called “EVP.” I’m like okie.. So he set his headset on to record around us for about 10 minutes. We sat there quietly, no movement, nothing. There were no sounds coming recorded. There was maybe something very tiny here and there from accidental movement, but that’s about it. So then he told me he wanted to leave the room and leave it up recording–so he did. We left the room, closed the door and went downstairs for about 10 minutes. We didn’t make a lot of loud sounds, aside from the fact that you could barely hear anything anyhow from upstairs. The walls weren’t exactly paper thin. Well when we returned we could see pretty huge signals and things on the sound analyzer as well as when we listened to it we could hear a lot of thumping, random silence, and more thumping. My BF was mad and told it to get the fuck out of here and started swearing at it. So.. My BF after doing that decided to leave it on and record ONCE again. This time after 10 minutes we returned. This one was very freaky. There was no sound, and then a thump from when the door shut but.. what .. appeared this time was HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE lines all over the place LONG sound lines like someone was trying to have a conversation or screaming. My BF turned it on and we started listening to it and there were crazy loud deep sounds coming from it and my bf sweared at it, told it it was stupid and something happened.. I can’t explain it exactly, but imagine you’re in a room with crystal clear air and all of a sudden the air gets really thick and it surrounds a circle into the room. .. That’s what happened. A strange feeling like a huge area just started to surround us and open up and all of a sudden I was paralyzed with fear. I saw an image, one I never wanna recall, but I saw a dark image in my MIND and I felt something grab ahold of my shoulders telling me face to face it was going to drag me to hell. The image was utterly scary and we screamed running out of the room. I had never been more scared in my entire life. It felt like a real person, like it was going to kill me.

    …The only things that have happened since were when my BF and I moved into his brother’s place and I couldn’t enter our bedroom because it felt like something was standing in the corner staring at us always. I can’t explain why it felt that way, but it did. I once had a dream where my bf’s bro’s wife said “Oh the dog is barking at nothing again.” As he barked in the corner of the room that I was afraid of. Later the feeling vanished and the room just felt “clean” like a normal house. The air didn’t feel thick and I didn’t feel like a serial killer was staring at me. I had another strange occurrence where I was at another friend’s house I moved to and I saw his dad walking in the hall way to the bathroom, but alas when I went to find his dad he was sitting in the living room and had never actually moved.
    // Also to include, in which I forgot to mention this. I used to live with my friend F a few years back and I lived up stairs in a bedroom. She told me there was a little girl that lived up there that was a ghost, but she was harmless. I nodded. One day when studying for some college work, I heard dice tumbling down the stairs, I asked if she could stop and the sounds stopped. I told F about it and she mentioned that the little girl usually plays with toys and it’s normal for things to tip over and fall down due to that. Also another occurrence is when F’s BF was laying down and he asked F to get her dog off his back because she’s scratching him.. the dog was down stairs the entire time and after asking that he had scratches down his back.

    Past that I never actually had anymore spiritual encounters. I moved out of the south east and headed to California and north central america. People around here didn’t believe in ghosts. They never had encounters and didn’t believe that it was possible things at all like that existed. That was different than what I experienced while living on the south east. During the time at the south east, almost every other person I met had experienced some kind of paranormal phenomenon. It was usually an encounter with a ghost or something strange happening in their house. So one night I’m browsing 4Chan/x/ for paranormal things and what-not and I stumble onto a thread. ..It’s talking about how a hot-spot for paranormal encounters in the USA is along the mountains that extend in NC, SC, and GA. From the age of 13 to about 24 I lived in three places and they were all in the mountains of NC, SC, and GA and I had some of the freakiest, scariest things happen to me during there that normal people would never believe.. and moving out of those places I never had a paranormal experience since. That thread made me truly think on some things even more and honestly I’m glad I moved away. While paranormal things are cool from a distance, they’re definitely not fun to play with up close.


  15. I don’t really see why ghosts shouldn’t be real… I mean, even though I believe most of what humans know about science and the way the universe works and everything to be mostly true, but who’s to say there aren’t things we still don’t know about? We learn new things every day, I think we’re definitely far from knowing everything. The fact that the paranormal could be real doesn’t necessary have to go against science, maybe there’s just more to it that we don’t know yet?

  16. or maybe I’m crazy hehehe…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    ……sorry for that…..episode…..
    QwQ derp

  17. I believe that there are several plains of reality where different forms of life than us exist that overlap each other. And when a tear in the already thin veil separating the other realities occurs we experience what we call supernatural events, though it might be possible to tear it on purpose. maybe We haven’t figured it out, but as an example lets say Slenderman is from a different plain but travels here because it’s fun to scare the shit out of us because we are so dam ignorant and helpless. 0_o………………

  18. I believe because a few times when i was 4<5<and 6 i fell out of my bed and i prepared for impact and closed my eyes but then i was back in my bed again

  19. I do not believe in spiritual entities, or that the universe has a mind of it’s own. Nor do I believe that logic can tell the difference between someone with unfinished business and one without it. However, scientifically based, the theory that once the body can no longer sustain life, it excretes it, therefore the ‘spirit’ of said person is left in a non-solid, yet conscious state, seems quite plausable.
    There is also the possibility, though, that once a life is over, it is transferred to another, newer body. It would make sense for nature to ‘recycle’ old lives through reincarnation, as surely there is a limit to how many different people and personalities nature can produce.

  20. yes, thats is a deffinate yes, how could you not. my uncle died about 2 years ago, he was very close to me and we used to play pranks on people all the time, but his favorat prank was to hide stuff. ever sinse tow years ago my things have been going missing left and right and i just know its him.

  21. A Guy Whos Haunted

    Please help im fucking serius! My brother have Haunted me for My entire life, please help me!

  22. A Guy Whos Haunted

    I believe in ghosts beacuse im Haunted by My brother sense he died and the bad thing is that he was My big brother so he have pretty much Haunted me My whole life. I see things levitate in mid air and things turning on and off without even someone touching it. Im just really fucking creept out by all thats happend and can someone like give me a tip how to get rid of ghosts?

  23. A Wandering Stranger

    Like what was generally stated by others here, ghosts are spirits that have unfinished business and they roam endlessly in the place where they died. I dont have a Third Eye(those who can see spirits) nor am I known to be spiritually sensitive, but sometimes I have my moments wherein I feel great unease or even physical contact with spirits.

    The first week back in school, I felt a presence beside my chair had my braid lifted from the left side of my shoulder and dropped abruptly in the middle of a lesson. The place I sit in the same place almost every year, next to the aircon and with a seatmate to my right (and nowhere else) at the last row. I have a couple of friends who possess one or both of these abilities and they usually share experiences that happen in our school so occurences like those were pretty normal. I conveyed what happened to one of my friends and she explained that the corner where I sat was the spirit’s hang out place. In fact, it was just the girl that roamed my corner, the boy preferred to stay behind the school’s TV monitor.

    Few months passed, a friend of mine from the neighboring classroom got out looking sullen and out of concern I asked what was wrong. She tells me that her classmate suddenly screamed and started to cry hysterically in the middle of their last period and the teacher asked her what she saw. When her classmate told the teacher she saw a ghost, the teacher calmed her down, saying that she knows and told her not to worry. Even our teachers knew of the spirits that haunted the school.

    Not all occurences are scary. Some are strangely amusing to me such as the weird, sing (or rather hum) along ghost that haunts our school’s bathroom. Personally, I sang Cherubini’s canon (Music class’ fault) and heard someone humming along (not quite exactly. It was as if it was just following my tune). All the other stall doors were wide open and the main door was shut so I knew it was the infamous singing (humming) ghost.

    While these types of spirits aren’t really dangerous, there are demons that lurk about too and those are the ones we have to watch out for. They are just as real as ghosts seeing as they have the ability to make their presence known but at a bigger scale. They can appear to you if you’re not emotionally strong or even worse, possess you and wreak havoc in our world. Demons can be self-inflicted, some the world’s influence, others can just be punished beings that seek to inflict pain and misery.

    There some mythical beings which I can say are probably real but those should be explained for the proper question.

  24. Like what was generally stated by others here, ghosts are spirits that have unfinished business and they roam endlessly in the place where they died. I dont have a Third Eye(those who can see spirits) nor am I known to be spiritually sensitive, but sometimes I have my moments wherein I feel great unease or even physical contact with spirits.

    The first week back in school, I felt a presence beside my chair had my braid lifted from the left side of my shoulder and dropped abruptly in the middle of a lesson. The place I sit in the same place almost every year, next to the aircon and with a seatmate to my right (and nowhere else) at the last row. I have a couple of friends who possess one or both of these abilities and they usually share experiences that happen in our school so occurences like those were pretty normal. I conveyed what happened to one of my friends and she explained that the corner where I sat was the spirit’s hang out place. In fact, it was just the girl that roamed my corner, the boy preferred to stay behind the school’s TV monitor.

    Few months passed, a friend of mine from the neighboring classroom got out looking sullen and out of concern I asked what was wrong. She tells me that her classmate suddenly screamed and started to cry hysterically in the middle of their last period and the teacher asked her what she saw. When her classmate told the teacher she saw a ghost, the teacher calmed her down, saying that she knows and told her not to worry. Even our teachers knew of the spirits that haunted the school.

    Not all occurences are scary. Some are strangely amusing to me such as the weird, sing (or rather hum) along ghost that haunts our school’s bathroom. Personally, I sang Cherubini’s canon (Music class’ fault) and heard someone humming along (not quite exactly. It was as if it was just following my tune). All the other stall doors were wide open and the main door was shut so I knew it was the infamous singing (humming) ghost.

    While these types of spirits aren’t really dangerous, there are demons that lurk about too and those are the ones we have to watch out for. They are just as real as ghosts seeing as they have the ability to make their presence known but at a bigger scale. They can appear to you if you’re not emotionally strong or even worse, possess you and wreak havoc in our world. Demons can be self-inflicted, some the world’s influence, others can just be punished beings that seek to inflict pain and misery.

    There some mythical beings which I can say are probably real but those should be explained for the proper question.

  25. imfrickinscaredrightnow

    I once went on a fishing trip with my cousin who I haven’t seen for a long time. When we set up camp I was putting a log down before I saw a outline of something that wasn’t human, shaped like a dog maybe? And I dropped the log on my big toe and it was purple and it hurt. And while typing this I saw someone with a giant grin for a split second.

  26. I do believe in ghosts, because, ever since my dog died, in November, I swear I still hear his paw-steps,and their not my other dogs’ steps, as, every time I hear RJ’s (the dog that died) steps, Shadow (the other dog) is always out in the yard.

  27. SplitPersonality

    From what i’ve heard, seen and experienced, I do believe in ghosts and the supernatural. I also believe in UFOs. My grandmother, who lives in Texas, seen one when she was younger. Now, she is not the type of person who talks about this kind of stuff and she is very religious. For her telling me that she has seen one.. makes me wonder. Anyways, yes I do believe in ghosts.

  28. I think ghost are spirits of people that were killed and will not rest until there murderer is dead so they will use super natural powers to try and kill them

  29. yep i believe in them because i know a ghost and no i wasnt high drunk or anything she was real but this was when i was little kid

  30. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I am not leaning toward any of those religion/culture thoughts, especially not any God being, but I do believe that there are certain…things, or experiences…caused by…other beings, sometimes malevolent. Did that come out right? I certainly don’t believe in the “Christian” view of the departed having unfinished business, or anything like that, but…well, it’s hard to explain. I hope that someone understands what I’m trying to say here.

  31. The confusion (an annoying response to thinking too hard)

    I do believe in ghosts… Spirits that need to do something… On tv documentaries on ghosts, they allways want you to believe that ghosts and spirits are bad things, but really, if bad spirits want to come back and do something they never got to do… What do they want to do? Is there any reason why they come back? I just hope someone finds an explaination soon, its confusing me! There is a story going round in my school that a teacher, (who died in hospital) has come back to haunt the school in the piano room but who knows, it could Just be a story!

  32. Just because there’s no proof, doesn’t mean we can’t let our imaginations loose and believe, right? I mean that’s the whole point.

  33. I do believe in ghosts because sometimes when i turn around all my stuff has moved, also sometimes i have spikes of inhuman bad luck

  34. Once me and my cat (or mwa kat) were trying to go to sleep but then “mwa kat” started acting all weird and some creepy voice whispered something hard to understand, eventually after searching through things i thought it could have possibly said i came up with one sinister phrase, “The Devil” i told my friend and i am still puzzled by this, i am not sure if i am insane or this really happened, but the voice was exteremely vivid, so i think it was real.

  35. i believe in ghosts becuase i think i encountered one.
    One night, i was in my bed all cozy when i saw seomething moving. It was coming down from the air vent. I was like, “………………..” and i was freaked out. Then i saw it go back in the vent and i was like”oh god, Im glad that’s over” and went to sleep.

  36. I don’t believe anything that can’t be proven to me, but I believed in ghosts my whole life. I was one of those creepy girls who “saw dead people” pretty much wherever I was. Not kidding at all. I don’t remember many occurances as I was rather small. I remember one in which a woman with no feet was standing in front of a house my grandparents rented out, which would later become our house. I also remember a malicious face coming at me, as if to attack me, when we were passing some memorial crosses on the road. That one really shook me up. My mom said I would talk to a corner of my room nonstop, carrying out full conversations with whom I called “The Lion Man.” My room was colder than all the rest even though the sun hit it directly. I stopped seeing them when I entered grade school, but paranormal activity followed me nonetheless. I always figured ghosts just liked me. In late middle and highschool I developed severe depression and anxiety, and I could see them again. They even held me in my sleep. Other people in my house saw them too and when one followed me to school everyone flipped out because it was moving things. I normally let them do what they like, but I drew the line when it tried to take me with it. I liked him, I really did, even if he did hold me down and accidentally choke me, but I wanted to stay here longer so I made him leave me alone. He’s still there I think. I feel him there and he keeps others away. Whether protecting me or acting out of possession I don’t know, but I like him. He makes me feel safe. Anyway, sorry! I really think I got off topic! I have so many ghost stories really, but none of them are good enough for creepypasta, I think… But there are some scary things here! But I’ve come to reallise that the places I go aren’t all haunted, but I myself am haunted. (I have so much to tell, honestly. Maybe I could write it all as a creepypasta) Anyway, I do believe in ghosts. Why? Because there’s never a time I’m completely alone.

    Can anyone else feel them around like that? It runs in our family, but now it’s just my grandmother and me.

    Oh, and the thing in my room isn’t a ghost. The others told me so. I don’t sleep there anymore.

  37. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

  38. 1 John 4:1,4 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God. . . You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

  39. i personally believe in ghosts as i have had an experience of my own. one night while i was watching a movie(dawn of the dead)i heard some noises coming from the storage room directly down the hall from me in my basement. normally i would just think its my cat but considering my cat and my dog were cuddled up next to my feet this was not possible. now i know your going to say someone got in there but as i was alone in my house that night and with no possible way for anyone to get in there without going past me as the stairs to get to the main floor was in direct sight of me at all times and the only other door to get downstairs would be the sliding door to my right which i had locked. i decided i was just imagining things and went back to watching my movie. well i am not sure of the time it occurred but suddenly i heard metal being thrown all around and by god did it scare the crap outta me. the first thing i thought is should i go in and see whats going on but on my better judgement i stayed out in the living room. the next morning i opened the door to the storage and what i saw was a war zone. steel chairs which had been placed behind PVC pipes are were none to easy to get out were thrown across the room, sheet rock was broken from where the chairs had hit them and our china plates for Christmas were shattered and broken all around. to this day i don’t know exactly what happened in that room but a few months ago i found something that might explain it all. months prior to this my great grandfather who had Alzheimer’s and dementia from his years of being a POW in the Nazi Concentration Camps was buried. the guard fired off blanks from their guns and the cartridges fell to the ground on top of his grave. i wanted something to remember him by so i took the bullet casings and put them in a plastic bag which when i got home i put on my karate trophy shelf. i beleive those bullets to be haunted.

  40. My theory: There are ghosts, but there’s no such thing as “passing on”, they keep living as spirits in the real world. The reason why Earth isn’t so crowded with ghosts is that some of them get real bored and leave the solar system, but some stay here and pass the time by scaring the shit out of us.

  41. I believe that there are thigs out there that no one can begin to understand. The stories, the tales, the fear; it all had to have come from somewhere. People dont just think these things for no reason. Fear is what keeps us awake at night, wondering about what is stareing at us in the drak, stalking us, feading off our fear. And being the cowards we are, give into it. I myself have experienced this. My belief? It’s just a mere opinion. A speck of dust on an old scray story book. But the experiences.. well, not so much. I want to believe the world is a good, kind, fear free place. But its not and the sooner everyone realises that, the better. So I do believe in ghosts but probably not the same way everyone else does. I believe that everyone has their own ghost. Say perhaps, like a shadow of some sort. Follows you and can only be seen at certain times. In our minds these “ghosts” torment us and enjoy the fear. The fear that WE give them and in return when get that feeling where our hair stands on end and you feel the soft breatheing on your neck. Then… silence.. That’s all that will be the end.

  42. YourWorstNightmare

    I believe in ghosts without a doubt. Caught one on camera whilst doing a weegie board, my uncle :D. But screw doing a weegie board again!

  43. I do believe in ghosts. I became a believer when I was five, when I saw a dark orb, or The Blob as I’ve always called it. I drew several pictures of it when I was young. My aunt and I are the only ones who acknowledge it’s pressence. My aunt, being a christian woman, believes it’s a demon because we only see it after an arguement. I’m not sure what to believe these things are, but they are with us.

  44. seeker of truth

    PLEASE READ THROUGH! SORRY THIS IS LONG! i dont know if i believe in ghosts. but i do have a theory: they are memories. strong last thoughts, regrets, or curses. and by curses i mean strong hate. like a victim to a killer. the “ghosts” are picked up by eletronic equipment because as the brain dies (and the brain is a series of grey matter, white matter, and electricity) it overloads and disperses into the nearby area. i do not believe in anything, until there is documented proof/personal experience.

  45. yes it all hap at a cold dark house i fealt a wind blow on my face then all at once i herd……GET OUT!!and so i did i scramed

  46. I do believe in ghosts, but I am open-minded. I need to look at what’s going on. For all you know, there is major emf readings that are from ba wiring not a ghost. Literally anything is possible. Everyone needs to keep their eyes and mind open to all possibilitys.

  47. Well I do, because believe or not I see ghosts and I know you think this is a load of rubbish but I do the first time was when I was 8 I saw it in the mirror.It was a little girl.I used to play with her and I told my parents.They thought I was nuts and that I needed help.So I just shut up about them.I still do but they always LIVE with me…

  48. When someone dies their body dies in that “dimension”. Their mind is immediately transported to their body in a different dimension. All of their memory stays with them except for their death. They are living in the time in which they died, but the event that killed them did not occur. In their mind they did not die and everything is normal. If they were to die in that dimension the same thing would happen over and over again. THIS IS WHAT I THINK HAPPENS! I only thinks this because it is easier to cope with someone close dying.

  49. Lol I do believe in ghosts but my friends don’t because they say they are just pesky little sisters hiding in grey sheets yelling boo at you….

  50. Maybe this is silly, maybe it was all coincidence…Growing up my family had an Irish setter. She had a favorite spot behind our couch she lounged in during the afternoon. She would nudge the front door shut when we left it open for her. My dad slept with his hand hanging off of the bed so whe she needed to go out in the middle of the night she would put her nose under his hand and poke his palm until her woke up. She had a heart attack and passed away well before her time at 5years. Well i know this all sounds corny but her favorite spot behind the couch was always ice cold in the afternoons (we lived in south Florida, no drafts). The door, a heavy solid oak door would close when there was no breeze.Wn i was sick i would sleep in my parents room and my dad’s hand still twitched up and down in the middle of the night. We moved out of that house when I was 14. My dad still slept with his hand off the bed but it didn’t move up and down anymore. Like I said, maybe silly but I dont think she was ready to leave this realm of existence. So yes, I believe in ghosts.

  51. I can’t say I’ve seen ghosts, but I’ve experienced some, if not many, “strange things” in my life which I would like to think that’s ghosts.
    If you take originality into consideration, ghosts are dead people’s spirit, so they shouldn’t be all hateful and evil. Of course, I’m Asian and I can say we have different beliefs. In my country at least, people’s spirit can be evil and revengeful, or they can be your protection. Like a dead mother keeps supporting her kids, right?

    Back to the main question, yes I do believe in “ghosts” and I have evidences backing me up. Small incidents like noises, strange shadows dashing pass the mirror or how my laptop operated itself and someone bashed the chopsticks in the kitchen at midnight aside, I was gripped by a rotten hand when I was asleep.

    Well, that perhaps was a nightmare you may say, so I’ll tell you another short story.

    At 7/7 lunar calendar, we believed that day hungry ghosts would wander around earth looking for food. To avoid their “mischieves”, we make a small ritual and offer some rice, salt and water. After the ritual is done at around 12 AM, we need to throw all the food to the ground so the ghost can eat them.

    Just last year, we did it as we annually do. But my sister forgot the throwing. At 12:00, the sun is high up and there was no wind, I know cos I was there. I witnessed it.

    The table, sturdy and strong as it is, was flipped over like a coin. The food and water scattered on the floor and made a huge noise. Everyone rushed to it and amazingly, the glass bowls, cups didn’t broken. They weren’t even chipped.

    There was no consequences, don’t ask. Our lives just went on as usual. But we then believe more that “they” exist.

    There is actually no harm in believing, and no point on arguing tho.

  52. I honestly used to hate it whenever people would claim to see ghosts and apparitions. I am very deep into the psychological side of things. One of my best friends lives in a farmhouse that has got to be over 100 years old. Every time I’ve slept over, objects move outside his windows, which happen to be on the second floor. The whole house is riddled with vents, through which you can hear unfamiliar voices, even when only my friend and I are home. I also enjoy urban exploration, which takes me to many abandoned and derelict buildings. I can say with confidence that most of the things that happen there are just natural noises like the building settling, but other occurrences such as being rooted to the spot as a dark mass passed by me are kind of hard to pass off as “building noises.” One could blame a lot of “experiences” on nerves, but I am the type of person who is more likely to spend the entire night in an abandoned building than to go home to my warm, safe bed. I believe in ghosts, but am skeptical of most claims, if that makes any sense at all.

    1. Everyone has their own beliefs. It’s not like their claim would make any difference in your life. So let they do what they want.

      I believe in ghost and science, and I strongly believe that they’re connected. Science can explain ghosts, and when that time comes we need to wait.

      Human isn’t smart enough, that’s all. Sometimes, something is just very simple but need a complex formula to sort out.

  53. I believe in ghosts (or unseen beings of some sort) due to a very distinct experience I had with one. I guess people get in trouble for telling their stories on here so I won’t – but at the time I believed that it was a demon or devil of some kind and it was the name of Christ that fought it back. Now I don’t really believe in God anymore, so I have no idea what it was… I guess demons might exist, even if God doesn’t.

  54. I believe that there might be things out there. Memories, energy, spirits, or whatever you would like to call it. Some are good and won’t harm you, while others might scare you half to death. There are just some things that cannot be explained, and while they are fascinating they can be pretty terrifying as well.

  55. I believe there are certain places or sacred grounds that are connected to the “other worlds”. I also believe that there are dimensional rifts hidden in this world. I mean, who knows, right? It can lead to something weird like, “the end of humanity” and so on. And then there were those dreams, I believe these dreams are our “relics from the past”.

  56. I have had countless experiences with demons and spirits since I was like 8 years old. My ultimate one that has shaken me to the core was 2 months ago. I was up late one night and I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. And when I got my glass of milk and was going to walk past my moms bedroom… I saw the upper torso of a black hooded figure watching my mom sleep. I muttered a weak “hello?” and it slowly turned its head, looked at me with glowing red eyes and dissapeared into the darkness. I believe that ghosts are the unrested souls of all the people that has died here on earth. They have either died tragically and cannot bear to move on. Or they have some unfinished business that has not left them.

  57. I personally do not believe in ghosts. I do believe in the afterlife though, whether we go to Heaven or Hell. The reason is God did say that after we die, we either go with Him into Heaven, or we go to Hell. He also said there is no in between, or as you all refer to as: Limbo. I also believe in demons and angels. This is my opinion, so please don’t be hateful. I think that if ghosts were anything, they would be demons.

  58. I believe in ghosts for a few reasons. As a kid I went to my friend’s house (so scary lol) and at around 2am I got up to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was foggy as if someone took a shower. On the mirror someone had wrote: “come play with me”. Next I saw a small building block tower on the sink. I put a block on and I felt as if someone gave me a hug. Now I do believe in god and I believe these spirits just want to complete a task like this child just wanted to play with someone (or wanted to kill me :D)

  59. FantasticMr.Fawkes

    Well, I’m not sure what I believe about them, like if they can move things and all that stuff, but the idea that we can stay in this plane after death makes some sorta sense to me… after all, the mind is a very powerful thing, who’s to say it can’t remain after death? And if there is a God/Heaven (I dunno I’m Agnostic) then I’m sure he would allow people to stay and finish unfinished business if it’s important. But with so many ghost theories, who knows?

  60. i believe in ghosts because i watch alot of japanese videos in which they are caught but after taking a good look at them in these, im starting to think that they are beings from other dimensions; in the videos they always seem to be peeking out of a hidden window and that is kinda creepy .o.

  61. Islamic Perspective

    I don’t beleive in ghosts. The dead stay dead until the Day of Judgement, when we are all to be trialed and placed into either Paradise or Hellfire.

  62. I believe in ghosts. I do because of a house I lived in a few years ago. MANY strange things happened. Toys moving on their own, seeing a shadow figure/ apperision (sorry about my spelling), having my and other family members names called, feeling of being watched, and abnormal sounds being heared at times.
    I think ghosts are souls who for a reason is not at rest or/and can be someone in another existence/side/deminsion or what ever you call it being seen or trying to talk to us.

  63. Sometimes I see strange things in mirrors or out of the corners of my eye. Like flailing arms out my window or a strange shadow across the house. Sometimes on even the hottest day I feel a cool breeze and a bad feeling comes over me like some sort of veil. Maybe it’s the paranormal or maybe I’m mad. But one thing is true, we are not alone in this world.

  64. I believe that ghosts are the spirits of the deceased whose lives and deaths were so tragic, they did feel comfortable in the peaceful afterlife.

  65. Well I do belive. I actually moved because I thought my house was haunted. in one room you always got chills walking through the door and things you put in a normal place moves without reason but nobody sees it move, like when I put my wii remote on the counter, leave to get a drink and come back with it missing, I eventually find it inbetween the wall and my bed.

  66. I believe, sure! There was this one time I went to my friends house and I saw a little boy by the pantry. Another time I went to another friends and I saw this girl huddled in the corner but I kept it to myself. Turns out that my friend and her mum have been seeing that same little girl for quite some time.

  67. A living person stores a whole lot of energy. Where does that energy go? The brain as we know, sends out signals that we don’t entirely understand. Fragments of what a person once was could still linger for a while after death.
    the conscious is extremely powerful in humans. We obviously know that animals such as dogs or cats can think and feel, but they simply don’t have the ability that we have when it comes to true thought. I don’t believe that it can just go away; no matter what, there’s no possible way that the consciousness is just gone.

  68. I’ve allways belived in ghosts.. I’ve seen many, and earlier I were afraid, but my point is ghosts really do exist they’re everywhere.. but most off them don’t want anything, some can be scary, the worst I’ve seen is a girl who watched me on my school, she had no fingers and blood all over herself I felt dead when she suddenly smiled.. I released that she didn’t want me anything but she’s still around and I’m getting scared off her every now and then but she’s not dangerous and she’s not a ghost she’s an spirit.

  69. I believe in ghosts, because i have saw one.
    It was midnight and i was getting awake because i heard a strange voice.
    The door was closed but when i woke up it was open.
    There was a big shadow before me.
    I was really scared.
    And then i screamed the fuck out of me.
    My parents heard that and they runned to me they saw me and i was white as the snow in the coldest winter.
    They asked me why i was screaming.
    And i said i saw a ghost.
    They thought i was kidding but i was really in shock.
    And they said it was just a dream but i really saw it.
    And that’s my story.

  70. I do believe in ghost, i think some of us our more sensative to seeing and feeling them. I saw one once sitting by my bed on the floor when i walked into my room he turned and looked right at me. He had no face just blank all white, the shape of a humen but all white. He got up and ran into my closet, i also heard a baby crying under my bed once when i was going to bed. A little boy woke me from my sleep by tapping on my arm 3 times. So yes i believe they are real, have seen a little boy hiding behind my curtains, and have also been chased up the stairs by some white looking thing stopping.

  71. I’ve Seen Ghost Before Once When I Was Seven I Was Laying In Bed And I Was Face To Face With My Grandad Was But He’s Died Of A Heartattck On Our Stairs Before I Born And Before I Was Adopted I Saw One On The Train tracks.

  72. There are hundreds of logical explanations for ghosts. Most have to do with psychological perceptions of semi-anomalous or fully-anomalous events around us. Also there are various energy types and sound frequencies that can cause the human sense to “feel” some otherworldly presence.

    HOWEVER, I still believe that ghosts are real. There is definitive proof of them, and I have had experience with them myself. One of my friends lives in an old plantation house, and there is a little girl ghost that moves chairs around i the dining hall every day. I’ve seen this and a few other things. But they are real.

    And they are watching.

  73. Sorry, but I am just a skeptic, and I have been since I was twelve. I am 15 now and have not had any encounters with ghosts. I visit this website frequently, and yeah, I sometimes get scared after I read them. But i do not truly believe in ghosts. i dont believe in Bigfoot, Mothman, Rake, Candle Cove, Slenderman, any of that. Lots of these stories are obvious fakes. I know that will make many of you angry but its true.

  74. So, spirits…
    Yes, I do believe in them.
    The whole ghost/spirit/entity thing.
    I also believe in angels and demons.

    I have had a couple events that have happened in my life.

    1. I was possessed when I stayed at a friend of mine’s place. I crashed out and he was about to fall asleep when I had apparently sat straight up and looked right at him. He said that all of a sudden his tv turned on to static and his alarm begin to go off. His mom actually asked about it the next morning. But apparently it just kept going like that as I sat there. Finally I said something like “It’s all going to stop,” lay down and fall back asleep. Everything proceeds to stop right as I say so. That same night before I fell asleep we actually saw what appeared to be hand prints on his tv screen as well.

    2. Me and a couple of my friends were out back behind my house. There is a fence right back there with a corn field on the other side. We have a fire pit and had that going while we listened to music on an old cd player. After a while we actually were talking about spirits because me and one of the guys who lived in the trailer park I do were talking about how the woods on the other side of the park seemed haunted. There was an old set of train tracks back there where there was said to have been a crash that killed some people. Anyways, as we were talking, the temperature probably dropped at least 10-15 degree and the other guy with us, who was closest to the fence, started choking. He couldn’t breathe for no visible reason. Needless to say, we all headed in.

    3. Me and my now ex-girlfriend were spending some time together at a park not too far from my home. We were sitting at a picnic table when she started to notice something by a bridge. She said she saw a woman there. A little later she said she noticed something else though that was sort of malevolent. It didn’t really bother us too much, but it wound up following us back to my place when we left. You could feel it when it was near.

    4. When I would walk to the bus stop in the mornings before school, I always had to pass this old barn. Every time I would look up into the top level of the barn and see this same white figure standing there. It had no major detail to it, just a blank white shape. I later found out that two of my friends who lived in the area had also seen in it up there. A few years later it fell and I stopped seeing it, but I found out that a family which lived there had performed satanic rituals there.

    There have also been other little things that I would consider otherworldly, but nothing as major as these.

    So yeah, I do believe in these entities.

  75. Well, I’m a Wiccan, so my religious beliefs involve the existance of ghosts.
    However, I had expirenced contact with ghosts before I became a wiccan (age 10) and they have continued to play a role in my life. When I was very young, I had malicious spirits repetitvely making appearences to me. They looked almost like shadows, but quite a bit darker. They spoke to me, telling me awful things. Most often they told me to do things, ranging from self harm to murder. I almost carried through with the latter (age 9). I stood over my (former) stepfather while he slept on the couch with a kitchen knife in my hand for a good half an hour before I put it away and went back to bed. I was a very quiet kid, and too afraid of my mother getting angry with me to tell her about the spirits that targetted me, so they remained until I learned to get rid of them myself.
    I’m not the only person I know to have interactions with these dark spirits. When my mother was young, she used to live very deep in the woods (we don’t live far from there now, but not quite as deep in the woods) and one night she went to check on the chickens and she saw what she had thought was a child (it was very dark outside) when she got close to it though, it turned around and screamed at her, not a human scream though.
    A friend of mine also dealt with one of these in his home. He was climbing the stairs to his attic (he hadn’t been up there in years) when he saw the shadow-like figure. It extended a foot and kicked him in the stomach, sending him down the stairs; then it disappeared.

    NOt all of my ghostly expiriences have been bad though. The ghost of a man who was murdered on the land where my house is now still haunts the place, but he is actually quite friendly. He likes to move things around quite a bit. Once, he put a towel in the drier and turned it on. The only people he has ever expressed violence toward were one of my mother’s friends and my (former) stepfather. (He ripped the light fixture off of the wall and threw it at my mom’s friend). He’s usually very nice though, he’s touched my mother before and has spoken to the both of us. (not a full conversation though).
    There is another ghost who haunts both my house and the house behind it. She is very shy, and I’ve only seen her a few times, not up close.
    So yes, given my expirience with ghosts and spirits, I do believe they exist.

  76. I really do believe in ghosts. For a while I stayed in an apartment on my grandparent’s land. It didn’t have a shower so we had to go about twenty yards over to their house in order to use theirs. They went on an extended vacation and strange things started to happen in the house. Door and cabinets opened and closed, and sometimes you could hear the wooden panels under the carpet creak in a linear fashion, as if though someone was pacing. On that note, when I was a kid I couldn’t sleep in their house with the door open and without a light, because I would wake up and hear sounds, like walking. It got really bad just before I left, lights would turn on and off right in front of me and I saw a pair of red eyes one night in their house. My grandmother told me someone had committed suicide in the house, but they had never really had much of an issue with it. I believe that ghosts are something beyond anyone’s comprehension. Maybe they are disembodied souls, in my case I am not sure that all the behavior could be attributed to ghosts, as it felt like a more sinister presence.

  77. Believe me when I say I most defensively believe in ghosts. I actually live with 3 of them. One’s name is Casi, she fell of a cliff. Another is Anna, he mother killed her for killing her sister. And the last one is a ghost dog I named Danny. Casi loves levitating things around me, Anna, she loves scaring my, and Danny just watches me. So do I believe in ghosts? Yes, but only because when I was 6, I went to my room, and I found my wooden chair floating in front of me. I hear whispers in the dark, and I see faces and shadows walking around my house. Also I get that feeling you get when someone/something is behind you. I hope this answers you question,. because I am a total believer.

  78. I’m a pretty big believer. I not sure how I came to be, the paranormal has always been an interest of mine. I think it may have started with my mother’s account of her own strange experiences, dating back to when she was only about 5. She said her parents had bought these lamps from a car boot, and as soon as they were home bad things began to happen. Stuff going missing, noises, etc, etc. Then that night, my mom woke to find some ‘demonic figure’ as she described it standing at the bottom of her bed, and it began dragging her off the bed. While she clung on and screamed blue murder, her parents ran in and the figure disappeared. The rug where the figure had been standing had been twisted around, and my mom’s bed was found standing half-way up the wall. The next day they smashed the lamps, and the strange activity stopped.

    Her other accounts of strange activity included when she lived with my father, shorty after marriage. They had a flat. Things were okay when they were together, but as soon as my father left to go somewhere, e.g. football practice and stuff, and my mother was alone, the flat would go very cold, and all the blankets would disappear. She’d hear things like thumps and bangs. But as soon as my father returned, it would stop, and the flat would warm up again. After a few months of this, they sold the flat and bought their first house. Since then, nothing much happened.

    My mother never really saw ‘ghosts’ as such. But she always believed something was following her. Since the occurrences with the lamps and the flat, she has never watched a film about the paranormal, refuses to read anything of it, and hates being at home alone. These things are not obvious: it took me a while to recognize them. That is when I asked her why she hated things to do with the paranormal and such, and that’s when I found out this story, plus another very interesting one from when she was young.

    Often during the 6 weeks holidays when she was at school she and her sister would go to spend the summer with my Nanny Connie. One time though, Connie got ill and couldn’t look after them, so instead my mom and her sister went to go and stay with another grandparent (unfortunately I’ve forgotten her name). My mother says her recollection of that experience is hazy; it was a long time ago, but she remembers that this grandparent could move things, make them levitate and fly around the room. She said she seemed like a very ‘odd’ person, a big believer of spirits and the like. My mom and her sister only spent a few days at this grandparent’s house, because my mom’s parents came and took them away rather hastily, having heard about this grandparents special ability.

    It was my mother’s memories that led me to believe in the paranormal. And now that I am old enough to be left home alone, I’ve noticed the heating goes off randomly and the house gets very cold: no amount of blankets and clothes I wrap up in can warm me up. Even if I get the heating working again, it turns off a few minutes later. This only seems to happen when I’m at home alone, or if it’s just me and my younger sister, though she doesn’t realize the cold and continues to play as if nothing has happened. I thought the central heating might be broken, so my father took a look at it, but he said nothing is out of place or damaged.

    Then there is the odd sense of being followed. I’m sure we’ve all had the feeling of being watched. But this was SERIOUSLY feeling like someone was behind me constantly. Random taps all over me, odd whispers. My friends have noticed I’m always looking over my shoulder and jumping, like when someone comes up behind you and taps on your shoulder unexpectedly. I always feel like someone is stood next to me constantly. They are invisible, but they are definitely there. This has been the case for a very long time, since I was little. Hearing my mother’s story made me think about some connection. Though that is something I doubt and I think I might just be paranoid.

    I apologize for my rambling and the length of this post. Does anyone think they could shed some light on this matter?

  79. I’m definitely leaning towards not believing in ghosts. Considering my atheism, I suppose that’s not surprising. However, there are many things that are widely accepted as the truth in this day and age that were considered crazy not that long ago. The solar system, for example, and the fact that we orbit the sun. This keeps me open minded, but I still think that ghosts are just a lapse of clear thinking on a “witness’s” part.

    1. I agree with you. I am a skeptic and atheist, but try to be accepting of other people’s believes and accept that I may be 100% wrong sometimes.

  80. yes i do belive in ghost because when i was 13 my aunt past away of brest cancer when she was still alive every day at 2:15 she would come over to drink coffe with my mom 1 week after she died some one knocked on the door at 2:15 when my mom look her face got relly pale she droped on her knees and cried when my dad saw this he looked he began to cry and he huged my mom i didint know what was going on into i heard my aunt say mary my moms name open the door its cold out hear my parents would hold me and my sister and just cry slowely this hapened for about 2 months into my dad said alva you died my aunt said dont joke like that i just want 2 say goodbye you know im beary sick now open the door alva you died the procedure failed with that we heard a scream that rattled the window pains after 1 hour my grandma called and said my dauthors fimaly at rest

  81. I think there is a whole range of different phenomenon that people call ghosts. That’s why sightings and experiences can so wildly differ from person to person and place to place. However, whatever the cause, “ghosts” are something that I very much believe in. The neighborhood I grew up in and still visit often is full of the stories.
    I sometimes wonder if such things are just more common than what I’ve been lead to believe or, if the whole place is just haunted. I wouldn’t be suprised by either. Especially given the areas history of suicide, drug related deaths (both murder and over dosing) and the whole settlers and natives constantly killing eachother up till about a century ago.
    It’s common for people to not want to go out to late at night, especialy out in the B.L.M. because they’re worried about skinwalkers. Not the actual skinwalkers mind you, that’s just what they’ve been called for years. The only thing these things have in common with the actual legend is that some people claim they shapeshift, though just as many are certain they just like to possess animals, and everyone agrees that when seen in their natual form they look like something vaugely human but scuttling around on its elbows and knees.
    Then there are the more classic kinds of stories that people experience in their own homes. Traditional things like disimbodied voices, apparitions, or poltergeist activity like moving things and things being turned on and off without explanation. Everyone who will talk about it has a story or several, myself included.

  82. I DONT beleive in ghosts.
    But,I DO beleive in demons.
    Demons use the word “ghost” to pretend their your deceased relitive,or a great old friend in an accident.So,to me,”ghosts” are demons so they ARE real.

  83. It depends on the story. one time we war in my house and we have the movie rack bolted to the wall, so it wont fall over.we were watching the ring and the bookcase fell over knocking all of the movies.we looked at the back were we bolted it and the bolts were intact!!

  84. Ok guys, None of this lame bullshit, This was real, This was terrifying.

    Last year in november, for a school trip our class went to Tasmania for fun. We went all around Tasmania looking at boring ass shit but then we went to Port Arthur for a historical tour. Any australian knows that this place was a convicts nightmare back in the day- Pretty fucked up shit happened here but anyway,

    Our class went there for the day but then we stayed there later at night for a fun ghost tour.

    Oh yea, a ghost tour in a major historical death site, Fantasic!

    So our entire class went on this ghost tour, Pretty fun and scary at the same time until something really fucked up happened! I was a lantern barer in the tour- Shining around the rusty lantern, Yea whatever,but when i was shining the lantern around in front of a house, i suddenly saw something in the distance along a fence line, it was at night so i couldn’t see anything without the lantern so i grabbed my LED torch in my pocket and shone it down the fence line where i though i saw something,

    To my surprise, There was a clear person standing there, But the unusall thing was that the person was Grey, Semi Transperent and had no arms, It was a little girl with piggy tails. I was fucken terrified, Not only was i scared, Other classmates saw me shining the torch down the fence then suddenly freak out!

    Man i know it sounds shit and everything but i knew that this girl was not alive, I felt it in my chest, Its like that hard pressure that you get if you eat something spicy, This girl was FUCKEN terrifying and im not the type of person that gets scared easily, Im 15- 6 foot 2 and used to laugh at all the paranormal mumbo jumbo shit untill i Actually saw this little ghost!

    But the most scary thing about this trip, Other than seing this girl, was the fact that someone had taken a photo on a previous tour, I saw here face in a photo, IT was the same bitch that i saw, Standing in a window of a house- The same one that i saw infront of of the house from the photo.

    I actually believe in the paranormal realm. Not Even making this whole story up either, i wouldn’t have balled my eyes out in front of my classmates just to make a fucken story up!

    Do some research on PORT ARTHUR if you dont believe me- Btw its like the 4th most haunted place reported in Australia!

  85. XxxHorrorHippiexxX

    I do. My reasoning for this is mainly the house I grew up in. This house is in Indiana. It was built in 1900 has been a business, an apartment building, and the home of many many families. There have been fires and murders in this house. Of course I didn’t find any of that out until about a year ago. Until I had so many paranormal experiences I refused to come back to the house. I discovered spirits as a child, about 7 years old is as young as I remember having experiences(all of which in the same house).

    There are many spirits and other entities in my home. The main spirits that regularly show up are a man, an old lady, and a little girl. There are also 2 hostile entities in the house. These are the ones that have forced me out of my home for weeks before. I wonder if they are demons. They only show themselves outside of the house(the entities). They come inside the house but not their whole selves. They are much more dangerous outside. Of course that could have to do with the ouigee(sp?) board that my sisters obtained, used, and then burned in the backyard.
    Anyway, yes. I absolutely believe in “ghosts”.

  86. i believe ghosts are the deceased, but my friends are always watching paranormal activity and i always tell them the difference a ghost is energy generated from us but a demon can be summoned by bad energy such as hate and envy, well that’s what i think. please correct me if i’m wrong.

    1. I half agree.Demons are pure hatred,kinda like you have said.Except,doemons ARE ghosts.Even though I watch paranormal Activity doesnt mean their NOT demons.If you have seen the 3rd movie I presume,you have already expected that. ^-^

  87. Being an agnostic athiest, with an almost sarcastic, condescending look at everything involving afterlife and such, I don’t believe in ghosts. My excuse is that I’ve never had enough proof other than friends/acquaintances claims to say that I would believe. Its funny, my neighbour says a ghost hangs around her house. She has a ouji, weeji board, or however the fuck that damn board is spelled, and claims shes made conversation with it via the board. It was interesting, and I think she may have thought I made a bit of fun of her for it, in honesty I did a little at first. But now, I want to try and see if it really works – the ouji board – it interests me. Tried it with her one time back in October I think, when me, her, and our friend we chilling outside at night smoking a cigarette. I was clowning around and we she told me to ask the board a question, I said some stupid thing. Hah, but now, I really want to try it out, for real this time.

    1. I would not advise that. Quji boards are not safe tools for conversing with the dead, they are not games. If you’re not extremely careful, you can release malicious spirits who decide to use the board as a gateway into our realm. A group of my friends (scrappy tough guys ages 15-19) were using a quji board once and they wouldn’t go back into the room they had been in for days they were so frightened.

  88. I do believe in ghosts. I’m not exactly sure what they are though, but I have seen them. When I was little I was followed by black shadows. I don’t remember them ever communicating with me. I remember just seeing them flying around, which leads me to believe that they are spirits of people (just guessing though). It always seemed like they were going about their daily life and I was just observing them.

  89. i seen stuff like a naked man that disappeared when i went to check it out twice, some weird green thing about 8 or 10 ft. tall (i’m hoping it was a dream), some creepy burnt looking dudes head hand right hand (i was too scared to check it out), i got dragged under my bed when i got up to use the bathroom (the thing said “if you ever step down in front of the bed, i will drag you back under here again” and then i jumped from the bed about 2 or 3 ft. away from it until i got a bed with draws), and i heard a ghost sound either fake or real.

  90. I believe ghosts are recently separated energies from a persons body, this energy was found by our ancestors and called a “soul”. The energy or “soul” leaves when a person dies. Why? I do not know, but sometimes the soul isn’t powerful enough to travel to the other dimension, the spirit world, and instead stays in our dimensional plane.

  91. I believe ghosts are recently separated energies from a human body, this energy was found by our ancestors, these energies were called souls. When a person dies, the energy or “soul” leaves the body. Sometimes it is not powerful enough to break through the interdimensional plane and stays in our dimension, not the spirit dimension.

  92. I don’t know if I actually believe in ghosts, but I’m still very afraid of them. The only two significant “ghostly experiences” i’ve had in my life have been pretty tame. As a young child, I lived in a house my mom called “haunted”. One day I woke up with my entire bed shaking, but nothing else in the room was. My brother Marty, also used to see a figure seated at the end of his bed on a weekly basis. You can chalk that up to sleep paralysis, my mom certainly does, but the figure did go away after having the house cleansed by a priest. Maybe Marty just felt safer after the cleansing an that’s why the figure went away, but his room was always a very unsettling place to be and stayed that way even after. The last unsettling happenings did not take place in my lifetime, but when my mom was in college. She rented a little house with a few friends, and started dating a boy who lived across the street who would not come in the house or say why. It turned out an older man actually committed suicide in it, but he didn’t tell my mom until after she moved out. In that house, mom saw shadows, heard knocking on doors when no one was home, and once when everyone was home on the couch, a tennis ball came bouncing in from down the hall. It doesn’t sound strange, but you imagine that happening with no prompt. I guess that was a bit long-winded, but those are things that trouble me every day.

  93. I believe in spirits and demons. I don’t know whether they are the souls of the once living, now deceased but i believe that they exist.

  94. Maybe ghosts aren’t really the souls of the dead, but maybe a soul of it’s own brought by emotion from the living, much like a stain cast for the living to see. Like a little piece of history staged for someone to walk in to.
    As for afterlife… I think souls go where they want to go. It seems kinda obvious that souls like to live. So possibly born again on one planet or another, or animal, plant(for the heck of it), maybe show up in the family in a linear generation period after death, play family pet for a while! ha-ha! Who knows?
    (I love the idea though)

  95. Also, my dead aunt has been in contact with one of my mothers old friends who contacts the dead, she knew a whole lot of stuff about what was happening, I had awful earache at the time and the lady said my aunt kept pointing to her ear and saying stuff about pain, there was other stuff too about my brothers who were fighting non stop that she knew about, she told us stuff that was going to happen in our family (this was about 4 years ago) and the stuff she said has happened.

    Then another time, my cousin said he was sat around at his friends house and he looked to his left and there was a dark fuzzy human shape sat next to him, he ran straight out the room to find his friend and they both went back in and still saw it sat there, my cousin was about 19 at the time. I have a lot of stories about ghost sightings from myself, friends and family that make me a believer, although I don’t like the thought of it, it scares the hell out of me. But I believe 100%

  96. I believe In ghosts, yes.

    When I was a little girl I used to see all kinds of weird things. One time on my birthday, I was in the dining room on my own and I looked out the window and saw a little girl stood outside, she had long blonde hair and a white bedtime dress on. I screamed so loud my brothers and mother ran in and saw me hiding under the table, asked me what was wrong so I told them and my mother brought me into the living room to comfort me, she asked me if I closed the curtains after I saw the girl but i said no, and I swear on my life I didn’t, but she when they came in the curtains were closed.

    Then another time, me and my mother fell asleep on the couch downstairs. I woke up in the early hours of the morning about 2-3am and there was a woman with short curly hair sat on the arm of the couch, just staring straight forward right at the wall.

    We’ve moved house since then, and so far I’ve not experienced anything too strange, so I’m not sure if it was me or that house, but I’ll assume it was the house as i used to have awful nightmares when I lived there and I don’t anymore.

    TL;DR: I’ve had ghostly experiences and mu mother has told me of her friends who have too, so I’m pretty certain and believe that ghosts exist.

  97. i only saw a ghost once.. it was pure white thingy.. no face at all.. its like slenderman.. not wearing his suit.. anyways.. i always got goosebumps when i remember this.. we were playing cards back then.. and all i can remember was holding three 6 on my hand with a pair of jack.. and that ghost passed by beside me.. i thought my eyes was playing a trick on me.. but my friend.. also the one renting the apartment felt it passed behind him.. and then couple of weeks later.. someone died on our street.. it was a rumor on our street that if you saw that thing someone nearby will die.. fuck you slenderman!

  98. i only saw a ghost once.. it was pure white thingy.. no face at all.. its like slenderman.. not wearing his suit.. anyways.. i always got goosebumps when i remember this.. we were playing cards back then.. and all i can remember was holding three 6 on my hand with a pair of jack.. and that ghost passed bybeside me.. i thought my eyes was playing a trick on me.. but my friend.. also the one renting the apartment felt it passed behind him.. and then couple of weeks later.. someone died on our street.. it was a rumor on our street that if you saw that thing someone nearby will die.. fuck you slenderman!

    1. Hi Den.
      I’m very interested in your story because something just like that happened to me and my friend… But I’m not sure if anyone died around me.

  99. I do, because it’s either that or I’m 24and afraid of the dark.

    I havent had any encounters but my dad has, and he’s usu. pretty skeptical. Maybe one day I’ll turn it into a pasta. The house it happened in looks fit to be haunted, but for the life of me I can’t find an pictures of it. It’s in loomis CA, and owned by a baptist church now. Big creepy ranch house with an awesome attic room and a basement filled with canned beets.

  100. I still really don’t know if I believe, although I have had a few creepy things happen to me, the scariest two happened while I was pregnant with my son.
    Before I experienced anything though, my husband’s granny told me this story, that her mother had been pregnant with a little girl, and then she was stillborn, and all the women in the family were ‘watched over’ by the little girls spirit. Creeped me out, but I forgot about it.
    Then one night I was sitting in our living room, probably 5 months pregnant, watching tv with our dog, Runt, lying beside me. Now the chair I was in was pushed against the wall. All the sudden Runt lifts his head and growls and I hear what sounds like little kids running footsteps right behind me. I didn’t see anything, or hear anything else, but I jumped up a waddle-ran back to the bathroom where my husband was taking a shower.
    The second time something happened I was 9 months pregnant, lying in bed with my husband. He was asleep, but I was awake, just singing lullabys I knew trying to get my son to quit kicking my kidneys like a beefed up soccer player. All the sudden my husband sits straight up, and turns his head to the corner of the room (eyes still closed) and says, “Do you see her?” I sit up and pretty much start to cling to him, and ask who he ment, and he replied, “The little girl. Hang on you need some light.” and preceeds to grab the tv remote and turn the tv on and off I guess 5 or so times. Once again, I never saw anything, but I was terrified. I turned on the light and shook him until he woke up and talked to me until I could see the sun through our window.
    Like I said, I don’t know if I believe in actual ghosts, but none the less, it was really terrifying.

  101. Hello! I just discovered this site about 2 minutes ago and I can already tell that I am going to love it! To the topic at hand. I have been a paranormal investigator for over 11 years and a believer in ghosts. It all started when I was very young on a farm that i grew up on in a small town called “Janesville, Ca.” It was always my job to feed the horses in the barn at night, however I was always scared to do it. I didn’t know why until a few years later when I decided to face my fears and stay out in the barn for an entire night. During the night at about 2am I started to hear a voice coming from a tack room my dad has always kept padlocked. I leaned in and pressed my ear against the door and I heard a boys voice whisper “the rafters” Though I could barely hear the voice I could assume he was around my age at the time. I looked to the rafters which were about 8ft above the barn floor. The rafters were empty except a white plastic box (i assume it was white because it had worn down to a light yellow.) The box was there even before we moved in so I starting to think that the boys body was in it. I grabbed a ladder and climbed to the top but as i reached out for the box, the ladder was thrown out from under me and i fell to the ground. I heard the boy laugh but it wasnt a normal laugh. It sounded cruel and cold. It scared me so bad that I ran from the barn and never tried to find out what was in that box. For the longest time, I was terrified to even say the word “ghost” but a few years later I started to become interested again and started my own paranormal investigation team. As to what I believe what they are. I can only speculate. I have a few theories but they are too long and drawn

  102. yes i do believe in ghosts and all the creepy/crappy pastas i also had the dream about smile dog but i could shake my head and say “no” (btw im 10 so i get scared easily)

  103. Sorry for the comment repost, fixing something

    Actually most people in South East Asia believe in apparition. But they aren’t exactly ‘ghost’ or the ‘spirit of the dead’. We believe that species of grotesque beings exist and they live among us. But they can’t be seen with the naked eye. They tend to live in abandoned places, basically places where there is no people.

    There’s even ‘bomoh’ or in english, ‘shaman’, a person who can see and speak with these creatures, not only that, they can tell them to do deeds, bad or good – most of the time, bad. It’s not that common in the west.

    We also believe that they have their own ethnicity, they can speak the language of where they live. They have families and such. Although, unlike humans, they come in different shapes and sizes. Some walk on all fours, some are tall and big, some are extremely short, some can change their appearances(to humans), some can fly, some can live underwater, some can turn themeselves into beauties etc etc

    Some can get into our bodies, possess us, this happens usually when we disrupt their habitat or place of living. It can also happen through shamans(in a sense, I guess this is an equivalent to people paying some thug to mess that person up). It happens in private.

    Basically, what I think about ‘ghost’ is that, I perceive them as REAL. They exist, we can’t see them, but they can show themselves at will. They are everywhere, like I said, they live among us. But they are not spirits of the dead, they are in itself, another form of species, living in our world, yet they can see what we can’t.

    There are different types of these creatures, accroding their own respective regions. Japanese has their own versions of ‘ghosts’ according to their folklore and all that, but I see them as a ‘ghosts’ of Japanese ethnicity, like ‘Kappa’.

  104. Actually most people in South East Asia believe in apparition. But they aren’t exactly ‘ghost’ or the ‘spirit of the dead’. We believe that species of grotesque beings exist and they live among us. But they can’t be seen with the naked eye. They tend to live in abandoned places, basically places where there is no people.

    There’s even ‘bomoh’ or in english, ‘shaman’, a person who can see and speak with these creatures, not only that, they can tell them to do deeds, bad or good – most of the time, bad. It’s not that common in the west.

    We also believe that they have their own ethnicity, they can speak the language of where they live. They have families and such. Although, unlike humans, they come in different shapes and sizes. Some walk on all fours, some are tall and big, some are extremely short, some can change their appearances(to humans), some can fly, some can live underwater, some can turn themeselves into beauties etc etc

    They can also go into our bodies, possess us, this happens usually when we disrupt their habitat or place of living. It can also happen through shamans(in malay’s culture, this is an equivalent to people paying some thug to mess that person up). It happens in private.

    Basically, what I think about ‘ghost’ is that, I perceive them as REAL. They exist, we can’t see them, but they can show themselves at will. They are everywhere, like I said, they live among us. But they are not spirits of the dead, they are in itself, another form of species, living in our world, yet they can see what we can’t.

    Japanese has their own versions of ‘ghosts’ according to their folklore and all that, but I see them as a ‘ghosts’ of Japanese ethnicity. Like ‘Kappa’

  105. I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe that when you die you go somewhere, and ‘familiar spirits’ a.k.a. Demons in disguise can visit you.

  106. Not at all. It makes no sense. If a soul is ethereal and lacking substance then light would not reflect off them and you would be unable to see it. Say what you will about the science of the paranormal but biology of the eye is well established and what you see are reflection of light off some surface, i.e. requiring substance.

    Either ghosts would be constrained by the physical world just as everything else is or they would be completely invisible.

    Studying psychology, it is amazing what your brain can make you see or interpret. Aside from incredibly (and inherently) unreliable witness testimony I’ve never seen a single reliable or decently empirical evidence of paranormal events.

    Instead it seems those who believe require no proof and for those who don’t, none would be good enough. That doesn’t sound like science or validity but belief and faith. Not something that can be substantiated. But unlike religion and other matters of faith, the paranormal tries to make an empirical claim.

  107. I for one, believe in it.
    One particular spot in the city i lived (once a prison, now it’s been developed to malls n apartments) have me trembling in fear each time i passed it. It doesn’t help that yesterday there’s a suicide(or murder?) in mall next to it

  108. I choose not the believe in ghosts, otherwise whenever I enter a darkroom, I have to assume Sadako from the Grudge is waiting for me to turn on the light.

  109. i think ghosts are real, that when we die, we dont die, we…evolve. anyway, i was in my house, my mom talkin to me, i was lookin at the stove, and he blure on top of a fire was in the shape of a baby. it crawled real fast, like, 2 feet, then dissapeared

  110. Of course I believe in the paranormal. Ghosts is such a horrible term though. In my opinion it’s either spirits or demons, I’ve seen both. Me and my friend even got a picture of one in Aux Sable Cemetery in Morris, IL. The lure of being one of the most haunted places in Illinois was well worth it. I did some research and apparently me and him weren’t the only ones who’ve seen this spirit, who’s believed to be Adeline Stevenson. A little girl who is buried somewhere in the cemetery. Somewhere because her grave stone was stolen many years back. It was eventually found, but they decided to move her to an unmarked grave in some location.

  111. When I was inlike 2nd grade i Lived in Wisconsin for a couple of months(the summer) and there was a cemetry like one house away from us with a really creepy abandoned park. I never paid attention to the cemetry cause i was like 8 so I didn’t know about ghosts that much. Then one time i was outside with this recorder thing and there was an old couple dressed super omish and they were white and really old looking. i went up to them and asked them how they likes wisconsin and they laughed and said “whats winsconsin?” they were holding hands and walked away. Next to where i lived there were railroad tracks. When they were gonna pass it’s they like literally went away. This was around like 9 am

  112. I didn’t believe in them at all until I started watching an anime called Bleach. It made me wonder about life and death, as well as spirits and demons. As a Protestant, I didn’t believe there was a “Soul Society.” However, I wasn’t really sure if Soul Reapers were real or did in real life what they did on the anime.

    Even then, I didn’t fully believe in ghosts until I saw one for myself. She’s a seven-year-old Latvian girl named Anne. She’s really sweet and caring. She has some “unfinished business” that needs to get done. I’m currently helping her to figure out what exactly she needs to do.

  113. Of course I believe in ghosts.

    There are some people, like myself, who were born with the ability to see things nobody else sees, hear things nobody else hears, do things nobody else can do. Some people without this talent want it, most people with it would be more than willing to give it away. That or go insane from the sheer maddening qualities of it.

    I’ve been able to see ghosts since I was a young girl. My parents called it my ‘overly active imagination’. But I knew better.
    As I grew older, I began seeing them more often. Watching me from outside my door, standing in the unlit bathroom as I walked by, sitting on the other side of my couch as I relaxed. They brought uneasy feelings with them, feelings only tangible to me. But they never tried to hurt me, only get my attention. I grew more and more used to this.

    But, of course, I grew curious of the paranormal. I researched about mediums, what they could see and do, and compared my own experiences to others’. What they described as what they saw as children startled me – it was surprisingly similar to my own experiences.

    Soon, my mother took me to see a professional medium at my own request. Her name was Tracey, and with the help of my spirit guide- named Austin; he grows as I do- she told me that I was going to be able to see, and do more, with the paranormal world, but that I should not be frightened. I, of course, was, despite what she said.

    My experiences soon began to grow more physical. Now that these spirits knew I was one that could communicate with them, they advanced on me whenever they could, looking for help, or whatever else.

    I hate to ignore them, but I do, more often than not.

    Some people are going to call me crazy or a liar for posting this, but it’s taken a lot of effort for me to even do so. Thank you for reading.

  114. I believe in ghosts.
    My aunt met one and when i heard the story, i instantly believed.
    She met one in a bathroom.
    She was by the door- the ONLY exit.
    She turned around.
    She saw a glowing humanoid figure.
    She did a ‘180 degree’ turn.
    When she turned around…nothing.
    She wasn’t drunk.
    She wasn’t high.
    She wasn’t hungover.
    She wasn’t buzzed.
    She was normal.
    Nothing wrong with her.
    She saw a ghost.
    Ever since i heard that story, i have believed.

    True story, bro!

  115. I belive ghost are people who haven’t moved on from our world. If you ever heard somone say ‘You got spirit!’ there you go your ‘spirit’ is not at rest until you go in to the light. Some people don’t belive in the paranormal’ they should go to Savannah’ Georgia know as the most haunted state in America that will be fun to watch. :D As I was saying ghost are REAL get this in your heads people! Even beeing a 11 and a half year old I put up a good fight over the dead! Because I KNOW they are still there waiting for help or their next victim.

  116. I believe that there are Angels and demons. I also believe that either one (or the souls of dead people) can visit earth any time they wish and communicate with the living. I have friends and family who have been visited by recently deceased people, or even angels. I personally have never come into contact with any spirit (not that I know of, but maybe everyone has a guardian angel) other than praying to God and seeing him perform miracles in my life, but you better believe if I do, whether the spirit is benevolent or malevolent is irrelevant. Either way, I am going to SCREAM to the top of my lungs!!!!

  117. I believe that there are Angels and demons. I also believe that either one (or the souls of dead people) can visit earth any time they wish and communicate with the living. I have friends and family who have been visited by recently deceased people, or even angels. I personally have never come into contact with any spirit (not that I know of, but maybe everyone has a guardian angel) other than praying to God and seeing him perform miracles, but you better believe if I do, whether the spirit is benevolent or malevolent is irrelevant. Either way, I am going to SCREAM to the top of my lungs!!!!

  118. I totally believe in ghosts. What I think is that they’re trapped spirits that either nobody prayed for, got lost somewhere between here and the afterlife, or just plain don’t know they’re dead.

    If you prescribe to the idea that energy is neither created or destroyed, then wouldn’t consciousness exist as a type of energy?

    Why I believe in ghosts is because I’ve been living in really old houses with really religious/superstitious people for my entire life.

    I think the scariest moment was one day when my dad came home from his work (early morning newspaper delivery). Right before he entered our apartment, I went from deep sleep to fully awake and completely terrified. As he ran by me on the way to the bathroom, something very tall (I actually described it as long, if that makes sense) and skinny, with its head almost brushing the ceiling. And its hands were just kind of caressing my dad’s face and back of his neck.

    I’m a coward, but I nearly smashed down the bathroom door in order to save my dad.

  119. Im not too sure on the existence of ghosts… Or any ‘mythical’ beings or unnatural. I love to think of them, in fact, they are always on my mind. There has been several times in my life where I *swear* I think I saw something, but someone always has to point out some crazy Scientific Explanation and stuff. Im not too sure, honestly.

    1. It truly depends on what you mean by ghost. It is used in different ways in the bible often replacing the word spirit.

  120. Sorry!
    I know this is the wrong place to make a query but i didnt know where else to ask and this is current.
    I’m looking for a pasta, but i dont remember the name, its about haunted files, (jpg.’s etc), and a bunch of people that got together to research them and ended up making a worse evil.
    If anyone can help me I’d be very grateful.
    Sorry again. :P

  121. I’ve been a believer since childhood, when I had my first experiences. When I was little, I’d see “Shadow People”. Being around 2 or 3, my parents always dismissed it as overactive imagination. I still see them sometimes. It’s pretty eerie. Sometimes I feel like I’m being grabbed or touched sometimes.

    I have more to base my strong belief off of. My friend’s experiences. I slept over at my friend Darla’s house, and could not sleep that night due to a stomach ache that kept me awake. I felt a chill run up my spine, and I glanced at her. She was sound asleep, but I could’ve sworn I saw the outline of another figure by her bed. She started sleepwalking about ten minutes later. She walked all the way to the attic. I didn’t dare disturb her, fearful of what could happen to me as well, since I’d seen the figure. When she woke up she ran downstairs and bothered me, who was attempting to get more sleep (I’d fallen asleep an hour before this). She said she’d had a dream that a “Shadow-like being, in the shape of a human,” had awoken her and led her to the attic. Creepy, huh? Paranormal things happen to her a lot, though.

    I’m a strong believer of ghosts and spirit and demons and such!

  122. It depends on your definition of “ghosts”……..

    I believe that the bad “ghosts”, the ones that are the subject of the scary stories, are actually demons from the pits of hell. On the other hand, the good “ghosts”, the ones that no one hears about, are actually angels, not “ghosts”.

  123. I believe in God, so thus I believe in some sort of spiritual being. And with that, it can be concluded that I believe in ghosts… Oh, and this theory should apply to all religous types.

    1. Yea, that’s the way I see, we were just talking about spiritual realms in church on wednesday (about God and satan and the battle that is constantly going on for our souls). Anybody who says that they believe in God but not ghosts, is making no sense, God never said that there are no ghosts. The bible says that there is a spirit realm and not to mess in it.

  124. I belive in ghost half and half because i had a experience with ghost but i did not see the ghost so i belive in them and i dont. I will believe in them fully when i see one for proof.

  125. I believe in ghosts. I haven’t had any experiences, but I’ve heard enough from people I trust to believe in them. My mom’s boyfriend used to have a house to himself, staying there was free. He’d heard noises banging, doors would slam shut in front of him, etc. After finally deciding that it was too much he moved out, but not after asking the owner about it. Years ago somebody was killed in it, and it has been empty until he lived there.

    I do believe there are other sorts of entities such as the ones described in these comments, but yes, I believe in ghosts too.

  126. I believe in ghost, ghouls, vampires ; the supernatural as a general appeals to me. and seems at the very least belivable ‘enough’. Sure, we probably misinterpret most of it, but that’s fine. It’s beyond our knowing, our understanding. And There’s no real way to change that.

    So yeah, I believe in the supernatural. My birthday wish was to see another ghost. I’ve encountered one before, y’see. Was in an old house of mine ; no more specifics though, since that’s not the point of this.

  127. I’ve always believed in ghosts. Even as a child. I was haunted for goodness sake. Now, I don’t believe in higher beings, souls, a Heaven or Hell, or anything of the like. Just ghosts, spirits and etc.

    I believe in an Ethereal Plain after death. You can easily travel between it and the real world as a ghost. So this is why some things are haunted by “Evil” spirits as well as “Good” spirits.

    Because of that belief, I usually just tell people I’m Atheist, because I really don’t know what you’d call me. Any suggestions on a name for my “Religion”?

    1. No suggestions, and I’m not here to judge, but……… I just want to tell you that there is a loving caring forgiving God. I am a devoted christian and God has done some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING things in my life, but it hasn’t always been this way. I was once lost in the dark, and Jesus saved me, I don’t know you or your story. But I can guarantee that nothing you’ve ever been through or will go through, or are going through right now that God can’t handle. There is no sin to terrible for God to forgive. And the best part is all you have to do is ask and accept. There are NO limits to what God can do. God has done amazing things in my life and he is waiting to do amazing things in yours. All you have to do is reach your hand out and accept his love and forgiveness. And if all else I have said failed to touch your soul, consider this: wouldn’t you rather live as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t one, than live as if there isn’t a God than die to find out there is one???

      Have a good day,
      God bless

  128. I believe to an extent that ghosts exist, however if they come for me, I am well armed with salt and iron. If the human soul is real and can be left behind after we die, then I think we should pity those who have become ghosts as they have not managed to grasp the fact that they have died. If we met ghosts, then I say we should salt and burn their physical remains so that they can move onto Heaven, Hell or purgatory, where they belong, instead of wasting away in this dimension

  129. I am a strong believer in ghosts. I used to never really deny the fact that there is something unexplained out there and there may be spirits around but never really thought about it too much. I hated scary movies and anything related (wasn’t my thing).

    However, I am now a definite strong believer of ghosts and spirits. I don’t think life follows our traditional way of thinking, such as going either up or down when we pass away. Rather, we stay here and pass onto another dimension.

    So these spirits are just inter-dimensional being and people who are spiritual or have an open mind (rather, an open third eye) are able to sometimes see inter-dimensionally. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense right? I used to think so as well.

    I never had any problems or anything in life, but at one point (still kinda ongoing) things started to go downhill. Deaths in the family and just various negative things that surrounded me. I then had a dream one night that randomly stopped and a woman walked up to me and said she needs to deliver a message to me.

    She told me that I had a lot of negative energy surrounded me in my life and this is because of malicious spirits. The most troublesome one is “The lady in black”. Who is apparently a black cloaked spirit that doesn’t cause any direct harm, but uses me to invite negative energy into my life. Anyway, the dream just went more in depth about my problems and what not (not important).

    I then got creeped out as I remember seeing a woman wearing a black cloak and shawl as a kid. She was staring at me from a distance and her body was turning and always facing me no matter where I walked (her legs weren’t moving) but as a kid, I didn’t think much of it.

    A few months after the dream I started getting migraines that wouldn’t go away (literally non-stop for a month. Even when trying to sleep), dry eyes, pinprick feeling on my ears among other things. My girlfriend had done some research and apparently it can mean that I have some paranormal activity going on in my life and that someone or something is trying to tell me something.

    The most recent big thing that happened was that I was waiting for my bus at a local train station to get home. It was all new construction and the lighting was poor. There were two other people there waiting for another bus, but on the opposite side of the station. As I approached my bus stop I noticed a woman leaning against a telephone pole waiting as well (about 5-8 meters away). It was cold and she was definitely not dressed for the weather (it was also VERY windy).

    I remember very clearly what she looked like because her attire was out of place. It was old fashioned black clothing with net stockings and an old fashioned women’s hat with a small net veil. She was definitely staring at me. And obviously after my dream, this creeped me out a little.

    Every time I turned my head in her direction, she was looking right at me. I then looked away for a split second and noticed my bus approaching in the distance. The very second I saw it, a HUGE gust of wind from her direction came with such force that I was unable to turn my head to even look in that direction. It was that strong…

    Finally, when it calmed down, I looked in that direction and she was gone. Now, this station is kinda small, but there is absolutely no where she could have gone especially within those 2-3 seconds.

    Since then, I have spoken to a psychic and have been told I have an open third eye and that I shouldn’t be afraid of the many eventual things I might see. And, yes, there have been a few other things that have happened since, but nothing as big as that..

    To some, I may sound crazy, and I am usually hesitant to tell people about my experiences as they are not always well received. This is the first time I have ever posted anything online.

    Either way, I do believe there is a lot of explainable things out there and I am a strong believer in ghosts and spirits and consider them to be inter-dimensional beings as opposed to descendants from heaven or hell.

  130. Well, I’m not sure of myself I guess..? because some occurences could be explained by science, and some could not be explained by science… at that point I don’t know what to believe….. but though I do think they are there but most people doesn’t have that enough sensitivity for them to feel their presence, I think everyone has the ability to see more than meets the eye but the problem is most of us are not that much exposed or our mind is not that open to those types of things. Sometimes though, from what I have heard, that there are people that attracts ghosts or entities or whatever they maybe. My family, mostly my mother side, most of them have the ability to see ghosts some can only feel that they are around. Well my mother could see them my aunt could feel them (most of the time). I wish I won’t be able to open those abilities but I did have an experience before but since there is science and I don’t want to believe and scare myself I would just let it go. My mother said once they are also there even in daylight they are just more active at night.

  131. I definitely believe in ghosts…. Before I moved out into the middle of nowhere, I would have recurring dreams wherein I would wake up like any other day with the sun shining into my room from my window, even when my bed and everything were moved around, the setup was always the same in the dream, anyways, I would “wake up” and look at my bedside stand and as I look, my radio starts getting dragged behind it never to be seen again, then I would run to go to the main floor of my home screaming for help but nobody would come.. I would get to the stairs but be grabbed by something and dragged to my room and no matter how much I fought it wouldn’t let go of me, then I would wake up…. And on other occasions in my waking life, I would be sitting in the front room and sees shadow literally run across the walls, and one night I actually awoke to see a shadow on my ceiling of a larger man, nobody was in my door way and everyone else was asleep… I was apparently always telling my mom about a little girl that hid in the corner of my room and that she was scared of the big man… This all happened when I was around the ages of 4-7 but I can still remember the events in clarity as if they only happened just moments ago….. Some of the creepier stories that are posted through the creepypasta YouTube channels stir up that memory in me, I don’t have those nightmares any more, but I still think that someone who used to live in that house died or called up some creepy spirits that messed with my mind…. I lived there from the ages of 1-8 and then I moved, I am now 16 and still get chills thinking of those events

  132. I do. I’ve had an experience. And I also plan to start my own “ghost hunting team”

    So here’s my pretty short experience.
    I was at my friend’s house and we were in his room messing around with his ghost detector app. The lights were on in the entire house and we were laughing at how fake the app was when all the lights went out an we heard a voice. It was indecipherable and really low pitched. This experience is one of many I could share. But this one isn’t as freaky as some experiences I have had. Just sayin.

  133. Yes…I do believe in ghosh and ghostly encounters. Why? I used see them when I was very young. As very bit of encounters out there…I beleive some are real and others are fake/your fears getting the best of you.

  134. I believe in the idea of ghosts. I simply put this as I don’t believe the millions of people who claim they have had genuine experiences are liars. There could be a lot of them, but there definitely things that are extraordinary and not fully undertood. :)

  135. My answer is a yes and a no. Id like to belice in ghost because, knowing that people we love and care about cease to exist, hurts. But on the other hand, if there are ghost that means that there might be a heaven and a hell. And I just don’t like not knowing. Not knowing scares the hell out of me. Not knowing what happens after we die, just shakes me up. Ive never had a paranormal experience, but I feel like there has to be something more this just this.

  136. Creepypasta’s all escapism to me, I’m a rationalist, scientific method yadda yadda yah, you know the drill. Other people base their belief in these things on personal experience and I respect their doing so, I don’t expect I know better than them when it comes to that, but I have had no personal experience in regards to anything paranormal nor know any evidence for or against it, so the rational response is to not believe it is true, but of course not necessarily believe it is false, either.

    However, I do admit when it comes to ghosts, or anything regarding some kind of afterlife, I have something of a bias towards actual disbelief. I feel it’s necessary when it comes to this to actually force this kind of bias despite it being just as irrational to disbelieve as it is to believe – because I feel there’s a strong element of wishful thinking towards this sort of thing. The way I see it, everyone, including myself, would love to believe that death isn’t the end of it all, and I can’t remove that bias towards belief, so the next best thing is try my best to counter it with an equally strong bias towards disbelief. So, if I appear to be really aggressive in questioning some notion or claim when it comes to anything related to an afterlife, that is why.

  137. i didn’t believe until i was settling into my new home, a terraced house built in 1875. i was brushing my teeth and my sink is in front of the window, which is patterned frosted glass. i spat out my toothpaste and looked into the window. I saw a blurred figure in the doorway and immediately presumed it was my best mate who i share the house with and i said “yo Jamie. You okay ?” i turned round and nobody was there or the entire house. Also on numerous occasion’s plastic bottles and various item’s have been thrown in the rooms next to where i am at the time.
    If you asked me before i moved in, do you believe in ghosts i would of said otherwise

  138. I have an internal conflict here, and I’ll show my work.

    I consider myself to be a theistic agnostic – basically I think there’s probably some sentient force higher than us running the show, but that its nature is unknowable.

    If this force wants ghosts to be a thing, they could be. Or maybe dead is dead – but there are other planes of existence into which we accidentally glimpse. Or maybe time isn’t linear, and we’re viewing frames that are ‘out of sequence’. Honestly, I don’t know – and I don’t think it’s possible for anyone TO know. Not for sure. I would say that it’s highly unlikely that any of these things are the case… if not for my mother.

    My mom’s a dear woman, and full of love for all of the family. She’s also honest to a fault. She, along with my father, raised me to question everything until I find an answer that suits me – not one that suits anyone else. I grew up with no Santa, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy. As far as I can tell, my mother has always refused to tell a convenient lie. Backstory insanely relevant.

    My mother told me, when I was twelve, about how her father died when she was six. They were immigrants from Italy. Fairly well-to-do, but trying to get away from some shady folks, they had set up a good life for themselves.

    So after my grandfather hopped on a business flight and promised my mother he would see her again soon, she was surprised to find him sitting on the foot of her bed at home – she said it was early afternoon. She asked him why he was back already, to which he smiled and told her: “I love you. I love you, and everything is going to be okay.” He then stood, and walked out of the room. She followed him into the hallway, but he was already gone. The next day, they got the phone call.,-ny-plane-crashes-landing,-dec-1954

    I’ve seen my mother cry three times in my life. One of them was when she told me this story. My grandfather never made it home, but he kept his promise to see her again.

    This isn’t a creepypasta, this is the story she told me – and I believe her. It’s the first thing I think of before I answer “no” to whether or not I believe in ghosts.

  139. I do believe in ghosts, mostly because of the house I’m still living in today.

    It all started when I was around five or so ( I’m 17 right now ), and I started hearing weird knocking and clawing noises around the house. As a five year old, I was curious and I asked my mother what the noises were. She didn’t know, and neither did my father. And on the night of my sixth birthday, I was fast asleep in my bed. I heard a knock on my door and I woke up to open it. When I opened it, there was a small boy, around five or six standing there, looking at me with a smile. “Do you want to play?” he asked. Naturally, I said yes, and we started playing with a few toys that I had. And that was all I remember from that night.

    My next encounter happened when I was around 13 or 14. I was walking around the woods behind my house, my special place to be. I was walking and I saw a boy, around the same age as me, standing beside a tree, watching me. I said hello and he just smiled and disappeared. He was skinny, but kind of muscular. He had medium length black hair and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so I knew he wasn’t from an older period of time.

    My most recent encounter happened just a few weeks ago, back in the forest. I saw the same boy, but he was taller and looked a bit older. I was very curious to who or what he was, so I decided to actually talk to him. “Hey, who are you?” I asked him, standing just a few feet away. “Ryan.” was all he said, then he stepped closer and rested a hand on my shoulder. “You are very sweet.” He said before disappearing once more. I was and am bullied a lot in school, and I’m considered “emo”, though I don’t cut myself. So I talk to myself a lot, or at least that’s what I was thinking. I think I was actually talking to this “Ryan” character, and I think he might also be my guardian angel… I’m not too sure, but he has kept me from killing myself ever sence I was 13. But he is still a spirit, maybe lost in time, or just hung around to watch over me.

    1. Pastor J-Cole Slaw

      I like this encounter. It sounds like a plot for a story, or a movie or something. Maybe he is your alter spirit, inside of you, like your conscience :O

  140. It all depends. The certainty of such paranormalness is possible but not to the extent of how the films portrays these ghosts (hi ghostbusters, casper, and paranormal activity.) in any way whatsoever. But I do believe that once people die, they are stuck in limbo or even purgatory, where they take their time as the dead to wander their world before coming into acceptance of their fate and moving on to elysium. That’s how I see it at least. Ghosts come into terms of their deaths before moving on.


    Derpbutt, can I suggest the next discussion post? ‘What do you most fear?’ It would be interesting and help some people with pastas.

  142. I believe in demon, devil (like Satan), and afterlife. But ghost like in the film? Meh, no. Even though I have met two ghost before (near the forest and in my room) and love scary stories, I still don’t believe them.
    But sometimes, only a little, I do. It’s under many circumstances but maybe it’s because of the scary stories I read or the two ghost that I met or that I am paranoid alone in house (especially when I am watching porn and my mom actually doesn’t go and saw me) But seriously I fear creepy killers with axe more.
    Well, that’s me. I’m sure everyone have their own opinion.

  143. Well, i do believe that ghosts are entieties that stay in the earth after death for their own reasons.But personnaly i think its all in our mind.The only time i got really scared was once when i was 8 years old.I was sitting with my brother,who was 5 at the time and my grandma because my parents where out for dinner or something like that.It was probably 12am when this event occured.My living room is really big and its connected directly with the kitchen.My grandma and brother decided to go to sleep and i stayed for a bit longer to watch television.After a while i decided to go to sleep and suddenly i saw in the kitchen a wierd figure really dark and ¨demon¨ alike.I started running as fast as i could and i went to bed trying to sleep.I have never talked about this incident to anyone and i still dont know what was it..maybe my imagination but you never know:P (sorry for the long post didnt want to be that long)

  144. where should i begin… i believe in ghosts, always have, it probably began when i was told at age 7 that my grandpa died in the house i lived in. he had passed away when i was 4 months old so i didn’t get to meet him or anything of that sort. well my mom said that when he passed away his ghost was above my crib watching me. i don’t know how or why but after that a lot of creepy stuff happened. i heard voices in my head and saw things and lets just say i don’t sleep with the light off anymore. sometimes at night when its really really dark and i have a flash light, i see these dark shadows waiting for me, beconing me and i have to do all i can to keep away and to keep my heart from pounding. now trust me i believe in ghosts like i believe that trees bloom in the spring. but sometimes, just sometimes when i stare at the shadows, they inch closer to me and when they get right in my face it takes all i can to just run away. yeah i should have told you before i started that i was psycic…

  145. Pastor J-Cole Slaw

    I don’t know. I guess I do, and I guess I don’t. I have never really seen or physically felt contact of a spirit, but I do believe that anything is possible. I’m extremely imaginative and it is common for me to “see things” and imagine paranormal stuff that is not really there. There are times when I feel really uncomfortable in certain places, and I get extremely paranoid and think that someone is glaring at me with hatred, like at my grandmother’s house.
    There is a room and bathroom beyond the kitchen, and whenever I am in the kitchen, I would expect that I will see something unsettling come from one of those rooms.
    I find the idea that we encounter beings from a different dimension very enticing, though. :)

  146. Yes of course I believe. I’ve experienced the little things, doors opening, strange noises and I’ve head the footsteps. All alone in a house and I hear footsteps..there was a time a recently deceased pet of mine jumped up on my bed in the middle of the night and for days my family heard his meows.

  147. I am skeptical what if someone is mentally handicapped is their soul mentally handicapped? Before anyone dies you go brain dead so the mind might not be materialistic but it relies on your brain so in a way it is materialistic or does your soul have a deeper level of understanding when you die? What about an aborted baby did it have a soul was it developing a soul or only when its born is it given a soul? Those are my questions and these questions in a way disprove ghosts so think about it! For your health!

  148. Yes I believe because I have seen them as a child, although I think i’ve grown out of it now. There was a child who died in a fire in my street and I saw her in my room (she looked normal at first the looked all burnt and scary, she would scream at me). after talking to mom we went to the library and looked into newspaper archives and found out about it. after i started talking to her and got mom to talk to her too (even though she couldn’t see/hear her). After that she went away. also my tv would turn on even though it was turned off at the wall and my radio tuned itself to classic fm even though i re-tuned it every morning.
    i think they are in another dimension that lies parallel to ours and sometimes blend together. It contains the spirits of everyone who has ever died. sometimes they stay here though and become a guardian for living people. my brother is mine. I only think it’s him because my family say it is (he died before i was born). he looks how he would now and not how he looked at the age he died.

  149. One of my best friends claims he has a demon, and he gets pretty freaked out about it. I love him and I worry about him. It may not seem real to me, but it is for him, so I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts.

  150. Nope.

    1) Explaining ghostly phenomena:
    The degree to which the brain interprets and controls our perception is quite underestimated. This could be attested by anyone who has ever experienced a lucid dream or hallucinated with or without the influence of mind-altering substances, but hallucinations occur all the time without sleep or drugs: Optical illusions, feelings of discomfort, false memories, etc.
    And then consider that the only vivid experiences of ghosts or other phenomena are from first person accounts. They’re never captured by any kind of measuring device that’s not attached to a brain – the most you get is blurry artifacts on photos.

    2.) Consciousness and souls:
    I used to find the idea of an immaterial consciousness plausible, but I have since understood that even abstract things require matter to exist. Consider consciousness as a pattern of information, like data. If the brain decays or the hard drive is destroyed or whatever, the information is gone.

  151. i do believe in ghosts but in an awkward way i guess you could say. i do not follow i religion i believe in my own theories and thoughts so i do belive in ghosts because i do not belive in heaven or hell so if someone dies then their spirit is set free and can wonder or it can rest in their grave. if you put demons in with ghosts then i do not believe in demons nor angels in that case. please dont give me shit for my thoughts

  152. Yes I absolutely believe in them. I believe ghosts are people’s souls and emotions condemned to repeat themselves. (hope I’m not going I get hate for being Christian) But I think that when a lot of people die they move on to heaven or hell, but others who have something they think they need to correct, or others who passed tragically etc. stay around to repeat themselves or watch over someone until they feel their job is done.

  153. Well i’m from Singapore and there are weird cults that get into some strange spiritual mumbo jumbo. Like believing they can channel spirits to protect them and their families. But i never believed much in ghosts up till i rented one of my rooms to a couple and their 2 year old child.
    It was in the middle of the night and i normally don’t bother turning on the lights cos i’m not scared of the dark. So i go into the kitchen to get some water and as i’m drinking, i look towards the back of my couch and i see this weird black figure, the size of an 8 year old standing there, staring right at me. I can see his eyes and he looked curiously at me. I couldn’t move for like 5 seconds but when i did and then looked back, he was gone. The next day, at around the same time, i keep the lights on and i look outside the kitchen window and see this woman’s pale face and eyes stare at me upside down from the top of the window. I panicked and ran. I didn’t want to think about what caused these occurrences, but i decided to find out from the couple if they might have seen something. Upon informing them of what i saw, the husband laughs at me and says, “haha no worries, they’re with me.” and he just walks off. I investigated their room and found in a locked cupboard, a small jar with a black liquid in it and a strange floating object inside. From what i’ve heard it was supposed to be an illegal practice where the fetus of a dead baby is taken from a woman who has had a miscarriage or died before child birth and they use spells to make it “protect” them from other spiritual entities. So that was supposed to be the kid now and his mum. Weird that he looked like an 8 year old though. Creepy shit. I chased them out by the way.

  154. Yes, I believe in ghosts. I really never didn’t. Spirits can be may things, angels, the deceased who never crossed over, will-o-wisps, demons (both Asian kind and Christain kind), and melevolent creatures unknown to humans. Not all are bad, but that doesn’t mean all are good.

  155. He Who Shall Most Honorably Be Named

    My Aunt has a ghost following her, i have seen her and I believe it is an old woman. She claims it has been following her ever since she was little, but i think its all a sham.

  156. I just like to consider it a possibility because I’d hate for my fear of ghosts to be a falsified fear. Also, it’s comforting knowing you could still exist in some fashion after your body is long gone.

  157. I do believe in ghost, I was visited by the ghost of my Grandfather when I was seven, and I have a ghost like child living in my room.

    1. i had a ghost child in my room as a child. i seem to have lost the ability to communicate as an adult though. any hints how to get in touch again?

  158. Ghosts? No. Demons? Yes. I believe “ghosts” are demons that take the form of someone who died in order to try and make you communicate with the dead, which is against the bible. As for how I became a believer? Well i will tell you the story, and I swear this is a true story. This isn’t necessarily a story about ghosts, but rather something along the lines of demons. Now on with the story. I was out of ketchup one night, and you cant have hotdogs without ketchup. the nearest store was about 25 minutes away, so instead I drove up to my grandma’s house 7 minutes away to see if I could borrow some. She wasn’t home, but I grabbed the spare key she keeps in a sandwhich bag inside of the plant pot and unlocked the door. As soon as you walk inside, there is a sliding door closet to your left where she keeps the coats. A few steps forward and you are inside a hallway that only goes to the left with 3 doors. Two bedrooms, and the computer room. At the end of this hallway, I shit you not, is a cabinet that has both my grandpa’s old hunting rifle, and a huge barbie doll that used to belong to my older sister when my grandparents took care of her as a child. I have no idea why they put them in the same cabinet, but it was really fuckin creepy. Luckily I didn’t have to go down that hall, so I walked straight into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and grabbed the ketchup. Almost as soon as I grabbed the ketchup, I heard an animalistic growl come from underneath the kitchen table. I wanted to get the hell out of dodge, but I was paralyzed with fear. The growling didn’t let up, and I finally worked up the courage to sprint through the dining room and through the door that led to the garage, falling on my face on my way out, because I had forgotten the foot high drop. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins, and I didn’t feel anything except for a tingling on my forehead as I got up, and turned around to close the door behind me. I know it seems stupid that I closed the door, but I am kinda O.C.D; and it was kind of an impulse to do so. I grabbed the doorknob and as fast as i could, pulled the door shut, but despite the fact that I was doing this with all my might, something grabbed the door at half way, and pulled it back with so much force that I fell back into the dining room. I thought “Fuck it,” and left the door open. I sprinted to my car, which I hadn’t even bothered to turn off, and drove home. On my way home, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that I still had the ketchup. Unfortunately, a year before this all happened, my grandpa was in the hospital for heart surgery, and was constantly being pumped with medications that made him act all loopy. I didn’t visit him as much as I’d liked to, due to the price of gas and the distance I would have had to have traveled, but I did visit him a couple times. One time, I visited him, before my experience, and he told me that one time, before his heart problems, he had woken in the middle of the night to discover three children at the foot of his bed. He said that he was confused at first, but passed it off as his mind still being foggy with sleep, and dozed back off. At the time I thought nothing of it, as he was loopy with medications. My grandpa had always been a close-minded skeptic, up until he developed his heart problems, and I was surprised when he told me the same story when the medications wore off during his lunch. I should also mention that my grandma refuses to go anywhere near that house alone, and my sister took care of her for a while. Everything was fine up until one night, where my sister called me quite shaken up about something demonic scaring her and my grandmother senseless. She didn’t get into details, but she took my grandmother to stay at my aunts, and went home, saying she would never go back there again. Now that I think about it, I’m not surprised that my grandma went to a senior home, and my grandpa later joined her, once he was all healed up. They are selling the house now, so be careful for a white house for sale on the Paulding/Defiance Ohio county line with a green roof, sitting swing, and a green lamp post in the middle of the yard. It has a garage inside the house, and another one that sits next to the driveway, colored just like the house.

  159. Well in my country “ghosts” are a part of every day life. It’s not uncommon to see a person without a face, or to run into someone and watch them vanish before your eyes.

  160. I always have believed in ghosts. I was kinda raised to. Both my parents had experiences, and I’ve had some myself. We used to joke around and call one Margaret, until we found out a girl died at young age on our property. Her name was, you guessed it, Margaret.

  161. I do believe that there are spirits that wander about in our world and sometimes come into contact with us. I do not, however, believe that there are mediums or whatever that can contact that dead or summon them to ask them questions. I have been a believer for a long time simply because i do not believe that we just fall into nothingness when we die. i think that sometimes spirits get trapped and we are left with reminders of thier existence. On the whole idea of demonic spirits i am fuzzier. i tend to believe that if a spirit is trapped then it is trying to accomplish something and what that something is will remain a mystery.

  162. I am a very firm believer in the paranormal. I have seen, heard, talked with, and been hurt by spirits and I know for a fact that what I saw, heard, talked to, and felt was real.

    I am also a medium for spirits. I am not your typical medium, though. I also perform exorcisms and deal directly with someone’s demons inside them.

    From personal experience I know them to be, in fact, existing alongside us. Whether or not any of you believe me is your decision.

  163. I believe in ghosts.I had some experience with supernatural and I alwso do a lot of reaserch.And not only that I believe in ghosts but I always want to see them.

  164. To be honest, I do believe in ghosts. I am not quite sure exactly what I think they are as far as past people, demons, fairies, etc. Personally I was raised in a Christian household and still hold those beliefs. I read a book from a pastor who theorized that “ghosts” were demons called familiar spirits and that they take on this form because people are more apt to talk to something that looks human-like versus the alternative. I have had actual personal experiences where things have happened to me and I have seen things and knew I was not dreaming. I saw “people” who were there one minute and gone the next etc. I’d like to think I am an intelligent person and I know I was not out of my mind, drunk, high, or dreaming at the time these instances happened so I think there is something to it.

  165. Diego Parada Lopez

    Hey derpbutt are you almost finished? I’m still waiting for a new submission. P.S. You are one awesome admin Sorry if this irritates you but I had to let it out :)
    Sincerely, Diego the pasta lover… (This is my phone I get on to be here…

    1. Finished with what? Reading submissions? No, not even close. I’ve got way, way, way more to read before I can even consider reopening submissions. Plus they’ve only been closed since the 20th, and for a big chunk of that time, I wasn’t able to even look at the queue.

      If you’re trying to ask when pastas will be published again, that’s already been answered in a sticky announcement on the main page. I’m not going to repeat myself here.

      1. Hey Derpbutt?, I keep seeing your picture on your posts, but for the heck of me I can’t work out what it is.
        Some kind of giant melon person? xD

  166. Diego Parada Lopez

    Hey derpbutt are you almost finished? I’m still waiting for a new submission. P.S. You are one awesome admin Sorry if this irritayes you but I had to let it out :)
    Sincerely, Diego the pasta lover…

  167. Why Would You Care

    Judging other people for what they believe is not going to help your story’s become more popular nor is it going to bring it up what so ever some comments iv’e seen people making fun of people they don’t even know nor will ever meet but those people are petty and inconsiderate I am pretty much doing the same thing but at least i’m not throwing names out there. I believe in ghosts but that’s just because almost everyone that iv’e loved with all my heart has died and sometimes ill be sitting there looking at one of there pictures and that one sent that they always wear passes me by my heart sinks and I cant think but it goes away and I put the picture back maybe these people HAVE THERE OWN IDEAS SO GET OVER IT(: Sorry For my attitude.

  168. I do believe in ghosts. After witnessing a few things in my childhood that I would not necessarily be able to bring up in a normal conversation without raising skepticism from my peers, and I still happen to witness things today that I hope are just illusions that my mind makes up. There was one incident that made my belief in ghosts permanent. It was a summer day back in 2005, my aunt and I were watching television at my grandpas house. My grandpa had apparently went out for a walk without my aunt and I realizing. We then saw my grandpa walk from his bedroom down the hallway to the bathroom(you have to cross the living room which is where my aunt and I were). As soon as we saw him, he stopped and looked at us without saying a word. My aunt and I waved at him and then he walked really fast to the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door to the bathroom, the television flickered off and on and there was a loud bang that came from the direction of the bathroom. As soon as I heard the bang, I rushed to the bathroom to see if my grandpa was ok. When I opened the door, there was no one in the bathroom. Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, I checked the bedroom. No one there either. I told my aunt that I couldn’t find him. She had a very worried and confused look on her face. There was no way my grandpa could have left the bathroom that fast because that entire situation happened in less than two minutes. We decided to look around the house for him. As soon as we made that decision, we heard a knock on the door. I looked through the window and I was shocked to have found out that it was my grandpa. He apparently had been walking the dog for an hour and left the keys at the house. We told him the story and he was also concerned. We also couldn’t figure out why the door was locked. So that’s the reason why I believe in ghost.

  169. Think what you’d like, my great grandfather watches over me. I’ve seen him. My ex saw him. My friend and sister have seen him. My parents have. I can feel him watching me, at the most unexpected times, usually in my room while I’m just relaxing at home. He just watches over me, as he has since I was an infant. I’ve heard a completely different spirit go up and down the stairs at my daddy’s house. I’ve heard her (I believe it’s female) walk down the stairs, cross in front of me, and go into the kitchen. And I’m only 16, so it still kinda scares me..

  170. Yes, i have seen them, even talked to a few, if you don’t believe me, then, oh well. They ARE real, i have even helped one. I believe that all types of ghosts are real, and that they exist where they died, even in the ocean if you drowned there

  171. See, I do believe in ghosts because I have experienced them in my house. Actually, I call them spirits. I don’t understand them but I have seen them, heard them, felt them. But I knew they were not trying to hurt me. Eventually I decided to pray to God about it and he took them away from me and my house. So yes, I believe.

  172. Yes i do believe in ghosts and there is a very good reason. Those who don’t believe might ask, where is my proof? I’ll tell you the simple version although if you want the full story just Email me and ask because it is very long.

    I believe in ghosts because I know for a fact, and all my friends can confirm this, that i have one following me on a daily basis. He doesn’t show me his face, he doesn’t appear directly or confront me, he just watches me just out of my field of sight. Sometimes i can barely see him standing behind me in my reflections. Not a silhouette, not a form really, more of just a dark shadow that is always there. Sometimes he even likes to toy with me, like he would pass his hand over my eyes for a second. I never blink but everything goes dark for a second, like someone was running their hand over my eyes slowly. That happens a lot and has been happening since i was a little kid. He doesn’t really scare me, more like just creeps me out. Although the more i talk about him and think about him, the more he appears or becomes active. I don’t know why this is or what it means but i’ve come to terms that he is here to stay. This is no attempt at writing a fake story or a pasta. But just know this, he is behind me now. Looking at me from the shadows, i can feel his gaze on my back. I can see him in the reflection of my monitor, he is real.

    1. This sounds so much more like something mental, than something physical:( You may want to get a psych evaluation, maybe you are mildly schizophrenic? I am sorry, I believe I have spelled that wrong. I had a friend who had a similar experience, but his “ghost” became an alternate, very violent, personality.

      1. This wouldn’t be the first time someone has told me something along those lines. I have been checked out before and nothing was found that was off. On top of that, not only do I see him, but any of my friends or family that I am with at the time see him. I do appreciate (what i took as) concern though.

  173. Do I believe in ghosts, that’s a tricky question. I’d love to say yes, but I am a skeptic. No doubt, I have experienced my own fair share of paranormal stimuli, I just don’t know how to categorize it. I believe in the infinite possibility of what could be, but I can’t prove it was ghostly activity. My dad died this past November, and i’ve noticed odd things such as his grandfather clock chiming out of time during the hour he died, and smelled cigar smoke. I must note that my mom moved in with me, and this activity didn’t start until she was here. While I would like to think he’s sticking around to make sure we’re all ok, it could just as easily be my mind connecting coincidences to self comfort. Who knows.. I suspect we’ll all find out eventually.

  174. The way I see it, once someone dies, their life energy (or as some may say, spirit) is absorbed and re-used by the Universe, ghosts are simply those energies that have not been re-used.

    1. Given that you apparently can’t be bothered to even read the announcement where I explicitly detail when new posts are beginning and why it’s taken so long, I find it highly unlikely that you’ve actually bothered to read all 923 posts on this website. Which I assume would be necessary to get to the point where you are actually that desperately starved for a new story that you can’t even face the idea of waiting two more days without devolving into a whiny child.

      But please, do continue to make an ass out of yourself.

      1. Apparently, you’re not allowed to have a life, or do anything whatsoever but run this site. Sheesh, you must have so much free time.Idiots WILL be idiods, no?

    2. Are you being serious? Do you know what these guys go through everyday? They read stories and try to pick out the best ones for their viewers!And I bet you they get a lot of troll ones as well! So show more respect to the people who work on this site. They try hard, and continue doing it. Have patience.

    1. Actually, Slender Man is not a ghost. He is known as something called a Tulpa. They come from the imagination and for one to become reality for all to see, the Tulpa must kill the person who made them. It is very complicated.

  175. No I do not believe in ghosts.

    I have seen nothing to convince me otherwise. Someone’s experience is exactly that. Their experience. It cannot be recreated or tested.

    I do like a good ghost story though.

  176. Do I believe in ghosts? I would say that I do from personal experiences and my family thinks that I am a medium because I can see the past people of our time and hear their voices. Sadly, I am a person of faith and my church does not believe in such a thing as “dead people still alive in spirit on the Earth”. Then again, most of those people are very closed minded. I believe (and if you do not believe, that is your opinion, for I am not here to start a debate)that the Earth is in between Heaven and Hell. It is said that Purgatory (a place where spirits go to become pure again, if they are still good of heart, but made some wrong choices while they were alive)is in between Heaven and Hell, and where is it then? It is Earth. I think that is why we see spirits, for the people in Purgatory are on Earth, watching our mistakes that we make, and learning from them. So then they understand. But demons and demonic entities try to ruin the people who are still alive, so that they will not have a chance to go to heaven. Those people would be stuck in Hell; wasting their lives away and suffer. This is why I believe in spirits (once again, this is a theory of mine on Purgatory. You believe in what ever you choose. That is not up to me). Thank you for the question.

  177. I do believe in ghosts because they have been talked about throughout history. I think ghosts are spirits that neither made it to heaven or hell

  178. I subscribe to the left-over energy theory. The human brain tends to try to create patterns where they don’t exist, which I think could explain the idea of “intelligent hauntings”. Just my thoughts, anyway.

  179. I acually have a ghost living up stairs in my house how do I know well my house is old and I hear foot steps some times and the windows bang when it is not even windy out side and also doors open on there own. Believe me it’s scary

  180. No, I don’t believe in ghosts because I believe that your soul goes to Heaven or Hell, not stay in this world. I also have several other reasons, but that will do for a later time.

  181. There’s a poem I read once that managed to express my feelings on the subject more eloquently then I ever could:

    If there’s something strange
    in your neighborhood
    Who ya gonna call?

    If there’s something weird
    and it don’t look good
    Who ya gonna call?

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

    If you’re seeing things
    running through your head
    Who can ya call?

    An invisible man
    sleeping in your bed
    Who ya gonna call?

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

    Who ya gonna call?

    If ya all alone
    pick up the phone
    and call

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    I here it likes the girls
    I ain’t afraid of no ghost
    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

    Who ya gonna call?

    If you’ve had a dose of a
    freaky ghost baby
    Ya better call

    Lemme tell ya something
    Bustin’ makes me feel good!

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

    Don’t get caught alone no no


    When it comes through your door
    Unless you just want some more
    I think you better call

    Who ya gonna call?

    Who ya gonna call?

    I think you better call

    Who ya gonna call?

    I can’t hear you
    Who ya gonna call?


    Who ya gonna call?

    Who can ya call?

    Who ya gonna call?

  182. Stephan D. Harris

    Well, I may not believe in ghosts, but according to the state of New York they do exist in circumstances pertaining to contractual property rights. See: Stambovsky vs. Ackley.

  183. I believe in angels, and that is what people become when they die. I believe that trauma or other events can be trapped in another (thin) dimension and cause them to replay over and over in the same area, and that is what ghosts are. Replays/images of past events. I think what causes the traumas to be trapped is the presence of demons or other dark spirits that don’t go to heaven/work for the devil. They use scary things that happen and replay them (trapped in one area) to frighten other people, so the trauma can go on. It is probably what they live for. When people become obsessed with disturbing thoughts (like myself) they soon realize that what they imagined is something that had happened before, which is strange…I believe that when we think of dark things or have dark nightmares, evil spirits are the ones who put those things in our heads (or the devil).

    I don’t know though…I’m a Christian and that is what I believe.

  184. I don’t believe in ghost per say, but I do believe that after ones death, a demon can posses the spirit and become that person. That is why you may here someone saying GET OUT or something similar. Not very friendly, that’s for sure. I’ll tell you a story about why I believe this.

    When I was about 13, I was getting ready for school but I left my jacket down in the basement. I went to go get it and after I picked it up I noticed a pitch-black darkness in the middle of the room. How did I not notice this a few seconds ago? I stared at it a moment and started to move toward the stairs. When I was close enough to turn and run, I heard a low growling sound and when I looked I didn’t see anything, but then I felt a burning sensation on my back. I turned and ran up the stairs, but I also never went down into that basement without either someone with me or good light.

    I believe that there really was something in that house. No doubt about it.

  185. I don’t believe in ghosts or the afterlife. I am what people call a skeptic. However i do enjoy a good ghost story and i like reading creepypasta. As for the people who’ve seen ghosts… i don’t know what to say to them. I haven’t seen one, and i don’t find (i’m a scientist) any reason to believe in ghosts.

    1. My non belief also guards me against fear: i am not afraid of the dark, of forgotten places, dark mysterious corners or the like. If i am afraid of something is people, man can surpass the evil of any imaginary demon.

  186. I belive ghosts are real. Usually the deceased are unaware that they are actually dead. Some will go amongst their daily chores that they did in life. WIth exposure to certain paranormal activity (no not the movie) one can become attuned to the sense of ghosts through sight hearing or the feeling of being watched. But ghosts could arise from murders which then if were hauntings come from. The ghosts will belive you are iintruding upon their homes attempting to do harm to them as if they were alive. To avoid unwanted hauntings recive backround info on the property or if you’re in the encounter of unwanted paranormal activity priests can preform blessings upon your home.

  187. lollipop_gestapo

    This has always been difficult for me to describe exactly what I believe in, because I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell, and they tend to end up going hand in hand. I don’t believe in God, so thusly, I don’t believe in the devil. But again, they end up going hand in hand when you continue the theories long enough. Not always, but more often than not.

    However, I cannot dismiss the activities, and experiences I’ve been through, my loved ones, and friends.

    I was raised in a house that was built in 1815, and the neighborhood was then farmland. We lived there for 11 years, but eventually moved due to the increasing activity that was starting to harm my family. It continued every day for all those years. It made believers out of a lot of friends that would laugh at our stories, then spend the night. One summer day it escalated so incredibly that my parents had moved us out in a week, where we stayed with my grandma until we found a place. I won’t get into all of the events, but they were real enough for, not only me at 11 to believe, but my adult parents.

    However, experiences didn’t end there. I’ve had multiple experiences each year since then – in different houses, public locations, etc. Anywhere from witnessing people who were,”possessed,” (seizure like activity while levitating off the ground, eyes turning black, etc etc) voices,(disembodies, unknown) being touched,(restrained, scratched, pushed down)
    and anywhere from brief glances to full body, interactive apparitions.

    I’ve often encountered strange anomalies, that do not have the standard or logical explanation. For these reasons, I do not ever discredit someone’s claims. When I turned 18 I moved around quite a bit, and before moving any of my own belongings in, I always do a sage burn cleansing, lie down blessed salt, etc. It may seem superstitious, and contrary to my lack of religious beliefs, but I’ve never had a negative side effect of this. I simply refuse to live anywhere where I am afraid or attacked.

  188. well, i do believe in something, id have to call it demons. i have a friend who i never really got to know, was with him while me and 4 other friends where camping and he started to talk about a language called “enochian” as soon as we laughed at him and dismissed the idea that it can summon spirits and stuff he decided to say 2 words in it, instantly the camp got icy cold (was previously 32^oC) and the atmosphere instantly became creepy, since then i’ve been quite obsessed with the stuff.

  189. I believe in them. I think the concept of the paranormal is just something that we, as humans, don’t quite understand yet. Kind of like how in the Medieval Ages, they thought magic will cure illness, and to them magic was VERY real. To us, it’s fake and something made up. In the future, ghosts may be looked at the same way.

    1. Magic is still very real but it is also taboo. Most people ignore the abnormalities in the modern world. Magic is not so common now as it was back in Mid-Evil days.

  190. I believe there are things that can not be explained, whether these are ghost or not I have yet to decide, but there are definetly things that are supernatural.

  191. Yes, they are very real. Ghosts, demons, angels, all of it. I’ve personally experienced them from the age of 4 when my bed used to shake every single night and my sisters wouldn’t… it was a bunk bed. and when I was seven and my mother peeked into my room… when she was away at the market. I know exactly where my demon, or ghost, or whatever has followed me all these years, stems from now that I’ve had time to research and ask questions. I want to post my experience when the admin opens up submissions again. I think it could possibly help others who have had issue dealing with similar situations to mine.

  192. Sincerely, Tragedy

    I must admit, I believe that there must be something supernatural in this world. Now what exactly are these ‘things’, there is no true answer. some say these phenominones are due to negitave engergies, others say it simply the spirits of the dead who have unfinished business, or simply an image that repeats itself over and, and over again, trying to fix the wrong. I myself believe that all of these have equal likelihoods of being true.

  193. I have always been fascinated with the supernatural. One time I was at a party that my local yacht club holds, me and my friend walked into the bathroom and when we turned the lights on the lid of the trash can in the middle of the room flew off. There were no open windows or breeze. Also I went on a ghost tour one time and I got an evp. I asked if you are a boy or a girl. And you can just barely make out boy

  194. I’ve seen too many things that can only be called ghosts to not be a believer. Creepy shadowy things that stared at me, hovering whispy people, other non-corporeal miscellany. As for what I think they are? Well, that’s a good question, to which I do not have a good answer. Something not entirely of this world, as the human creature has the ability to perceive it, though not quite separate enough to remain completely unnoticed in some form or other, perhaps multiple in some cases, by some or all such human creatures.

  195. When I was 10 I was sleeping on a couch in my living room (we had compony over that day and not enough rooms, so I had to sleep in the den) It was after midnight, I’m not sure what time it was, I looked up, beyond the arm of the couch towards the kitchen. I saw, for a moment, a tall figure, of about 6 feet. Dressed in all white, with pale almost see-through skin, although it was solid. It’s hair was white and it’s eyes were icy-blue. It was male. It looked dead at me, not moving for a few seconds. I felt, at-ease. I kinda walked towards me, It’s legs not moving, and moving at the same time. Kind of like an after-image. After i was about three feet from me I blinked (for the first time since it appeared) and it was gone.

    That’s why I believe. Every human has two spirits that fallow him or her from the beginning of the creation of their soul, to its accession. That’s what I believe. But all in all, to each his(or her) own.

  196. I really do believe in ghosts. When i was younger, i had a room in my old house that was torward the back of the house. In my closet was the opening to the attic and every once in a while it would be open when i looked in there. i’d go and ask if my parents did it and they would say no, and ever since i’ve believed in ghosts and the paranormal…

  197. No I don’t believe in ghosts- for one thing nobody’s ever heard of one before about 1850, where’s all the caveman ghosts? Plus why does no-one think that there can be animal ghosts? We’re made of the same matter, and for anyone who thinks consiousness is some mystical force exclusive to humans- that is just not true. Get brain damage from a smack to the forehead and suddenly consiousness gets thrown out the window doesn’t it?

    1. Cow ghosts!, Wheres the cow ghosts?, and the dinosaur ghosts?
      There should be all sorts of different ghosts everywhere.

  198. I believe in ghosts one hundred percent. I have since sixth grade. My family and I have had many paranormal experiences ranging from hearing angels sing to having a malicious spirit beat against my headrest as I recited religious sayings to make it go away. Ghosts are real.

  199. Christian Martinez

    I do believe. My life is revolved around ghosts. It’s gotten to a point where I know people are lying when they say “I saw a ghost!” with a huge smile on their face. Honestly it’s not all that fun seeing things like that, nor it’s horrifying. It’s just shocking at the moment.
    Well, lets get to your question, I became a believer at a very young age when I first encountered the paranormal at my old home. I remember I was sitting there watching cartoons as I see some kind of black blur running from my room to the kitchen and suddenly I hear the pot of soup fall and spill. I do miss that house, my grandmother lives there now, but I’ve experienced so much in my old home. I want to encounter more, not because it’s fun, because I know the paranormal is out there and it’s real. So might as well communicate.

  200. I’m a believer partly because of my experiences. In my school locker room, one of the lockers slammed shut while I was in there by myself. Outside of my home, something hit me in the back of my knees and I collapsed. I’m not saying that those couldn’t be explained, but in my opinion, if someone is taken violently and suddenly from this life, then there’s going to be an energy disturbance. There’s a lot to be said for the capability of the human mind and it’s ability to pick up on things like that. That’s my opinion, though. Seeing is believing.

  201. I believe in ghosts. I’ve seen them from the time I was a small child, and have lived in multiple haunted houses. I have no idea what they are, or what causes them to exist. Most of them, in my experience, seem to almost be like something that has recorded itself on the atmosphere; they just repeat the same thing over and over again without seeming to have any consciousness or awareness. Some that I have encountered, though, seemed to have individual personalities and could be quite frightening. It is my experience that the “ghosts” of children tend to be the most unsettling in their behavior. I believe that there is a science behind it, and as our understanding of the forces that animate our universe grows we will eventually figure it out in a way that allows us all to understand it.

  202. My take on ghosts is pretty simple. When you die, your physical body decays, sticks around for a period of time, part of you becomes nutrients for other life, while the core bones of you stays around longer. There are ways to completely eliminate the body, and just the same, there are ways to completely preserve the body.

    I feel the same can be said for the soul. When you die, your spiritual body decays, sticks around for a period of time, part of you becomes nutrients for other life, while the core soul of you stays around longer. There are ways to completely eliminate the soul, and just the same, there are ways to completely preserve the soul. It is this method of elimination and preservation that has man guessing.

  203. Once in the middle of the night I had awoken in my bed. I hadn’t remembered, even at the time, when I had awoken but there I lay curled up seeing what i could in the darkness of my room. It didn’t take me long to see some sort of shade hovering over the foot of my bed. I was horrified and I did not dare move one muscle in fear that the shade would act in response. So I just closed my eyes and prayed, without a motion, in hopes of some sort of safety from this thing. Not long after my whole body started tingling almost some sort of vibrating sensation. My body got so heated and at that point I felt like I had escaped my body and went into my mind. I felt like my mind was being fried like and egg with constant distortion, but I also fought back some how I’m not really sure how. Then I awoke gasping for breath. I lay back down trying to understand what just happened, thinking at first some spirit tried to posses me but failed.
    I learned about sleep paralysis later on in anatomy and phys. and concluded that’s what it was…until I spoke to my aunt. She said she had a similar experience with a similar figure and told me shes heard of similar accounts in Mexico.

    I was visited by Death.

  204. No, ghosts don’t exist. If we humans have souls then ghosts would be our souls being confused or something, but I believe that everything just turns black and your consciousness disappears.

  205. Do I believe in ghosts? Back then, I thought it was just a silly thing just like I thought of aliens and Bigfoot. The thing is though, as I got older, I did believe in ghosts. I haven’t recieved any Paranormal activities from them or anything like that, just thinking about it made me believe.

    Because I mean really think about it, when you die, you go to Heaven or Hell, depending on what you did or believed in. I believe that ghosts exist because they either have, “unfinished” business or their souls weren’t “rested” properlly. I could be wrong, but you never know.

    Though I do believe ghosts, how movies define them as, “Demons,” Some might be, but I believe some ghosts are trying to tell us something, like they want help.

    1. “you go to Heaven or Hell”
      Although neither has been proven conclusively, there is far less evidence for this than there is for ghosts.

  206. Yes. My uncle died in a shipwreck before I was born. I was on my bed, reading. Then, I could smell salty water. My bed started rocking like a ship would in treacherous seas. (I was 10, and home alone at the time.) I was scared af. Then, a image of a big rock came up, and I could hear wood creaking, and breaking. I screamed, and my bed stopped rocking. A man showed up in a captain’s uniform with a hat and all. I knew it was my uncle, because I had seen him in some pictures.

  207. i do believe in them, and in other supernatural beings, science blocks our eyes from the supernatural and paranormal..

  208. Yes, I believe in ghosts.
    The bedroom directly across from mine in the house that I grew up in had the ghost of a little girl. I was not the only one to experience her. My grandmother and my great-grandmother both had prior to my experience.

  209. I have come face to face with a ghost. I was sleeping downstairs (ground level) at my grandparent’s house a few years ago. A light, as if from a car turning into a driveway, broke through the branches outside and the shadow looked like a man being hung.The ghost of a woman in a Victorian dress walked into the room I was in. She was bright and partially clear. Her glow was too bright for me to make out a face, I just barely saw her features. Looking at me the whole time, she made her way to a rocking chair, sat down and faded away. Her presence was peaceful and calmed me.

  210. I read a comment on this thread earlier about someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts but they like the ideas of bigfoot and such.

    I thought it would be cool to bring up an idea I came up with about a year ago. I’m quite into cryptozoology, and after a lot of research I found a great many theories that maybe things which can’t be proved, (bigfoot, chupacabra etc), might really be be ghostlike entities, able to travel between dimensions or different physical planes.

    Anyway, just something to think about for non-believers.

  211. I personally do believe in them- to an extent. My belief is that “ghosts” are souls of the deceased that either chose to stay behind for some reason that they might not even know, are being punished for some reason, or are there on a job. (My theory of the after life is…different) But I also believe some things that could be considered “ghostly activity” is actually being caused by a being from another plain/dimension. I’d go more indepth, but…It might get a bit confusing then..
    And what made me believe this? Well, I don’t exactly have a good reason…It’s just…I hear a growling when I’m by myself a lot…Like a canine growls before it attacks. But I also hear the sounds of whimpering, as if it were getting hurt, and sometimes I hear other battle-like sounds…

    1. This sounds really bad. Religious or not, I suggest going to see a preist and discussing this with them. They are trained to handle malicious beings. Like I said, even if you aren’t Christian, it may be a good idea to look into this.

  212. Nope. There ain’t nothing special about the electron activity in your brain cells that makes it exist in a ‘higher’ dimension than any other form of electricity. The whole reason Humans have achieved sentience is due to the very vast quantity of brain cells in our head, which outnumbers all the stars in the milky way.

    When you die, the cells in your body become nonfunctional – dead. This includes your brain cells, which stop giving off electricity and terminates your conscience.

    You are worm meat at this point.

    Now, there is some interesting evidence for why we see ‘ghosts.’ Some of these deal with infrasound, or sound at a pitch lower than 20 hertz, which is the bottom limit of human hearing. Many supposedly haunted locations have been raided and they have found sources of infrasound usually measuring at 19 – 18 hertz.

    Source on the infrasound:
    (Yeah it’s wikipedia, but it links to several good sources)

    I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to feeding those hungry worms. They have needs too.

  213. When I was smaller I used to live in my old house, obviously. We moved. I used to sleep on the top bunk bed until it crashed down and then I had to sleep on the floor next to the under-neath of my brothers bunk. So I lay there one night, and I couldn’t sleep. It must’ve been like 1:00 A.M. Then I felt some one in my head, as if they were trying to take it over. It felt like some one was screeching in my head, and I told them to get out. I yelled at them in my head, because I didn’t want to wake my folks. Last thing I remember, I was yelling at the thing to get out, and I think I passed out or it left seeing how it couldn’t take me over.

    When I was even younger, about 3, I used to sleep on a queen sized mattress shared with my brother. I was woken one night to a tugging on the bed covers. I was in that kind of state where you wake up, but are so tired you fall asleep the next moment and don’t really know what is going on. So I looked down to see a human-like creature sitting on my bed, crawling up. Its skin was so tight, and it had sharp teeth. I passed out from tiredness, and never really thought about either experence until now, nine years later.Kind of makes you question what is real and what isn’t, doesn’t it? Oh, by the way; sleep well.

  214. Ghosts its fears, ive seen gosths… Every one has seen one its all about fear nigthmares and paranormal activitys and yes i belive in gosths. this is all nonsense what im typing. Yes yes it is.

  215. I believe that ghosts exist. Mainly because I think that your “soul” goes somewhere.
    Not religious at all. I actually dispise Christianity. But I believe they stay where they died. Or relive there life in a nother way

  216. Don’t believe.

    I’ve heard bumps in the night myself, and felt uneasy walking at night, yet anecdotes can never be considered evidence of ghosts.

    Why? Inagination. If you hold that every personal experience is equal and valid, you have to believe every alien abduction story, every believer in any god and every raving lunatic who hears voices in his head.

    You can’t disprove ghosts, just like any negative. But we know humans hulucinate extremely effectively, which is an evidence in itself. Just think of any time you’ve entirely believed an insane dream till you woke up.

    I don’t know if ghosts exist, and if anyone tells you more, they’re either lying of deluded.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not fun reading ghost stories though :)

  217. I’m a believer in the possibility of all things. I would like to firmly believe in the existence of ghosts the way we know them in modern folklore, but I’ve yet to experience one. Maybe they do exist, but like a God (if there were such a thing) they ‘are’ in a different way than we can imagine.

    How great it would be to know everything about spirits and their ‘why’. Sucks that’s impossible though, oh well.

  218. ABSOLUTELY…..not.It’s all bullshit.I’m rational and I do not believe in absurd phenomena like ghosts.Even if such apparitions existed(99.9999999999999999999999999999% not) they would be manifestations of tangible beings in an unknown fourth dimension ,and not the ‘spirits’ of earthly dead. And Miss Misanthrope,that was a retarded question,the energy we absorb is either used up, dissipated into the environment or converted into matter to from our bodies which eventually decay and release their matter(stored energy ) back into the environment.All paranormal phenomena do have a rational explanation, just saying “Ghosts did it” doesn’t qualify as a satisfactory explanation. WTF guys, I thought creepypasta readers were supposed to be smart!?

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

      Relax dude, everyone here has his/her opinion on these phenomenons. I may not know much of your expertise in explaining things, but try to keep it down low man. I do acknowledge your words that all paranormal phenomena can be explained rationally, but not all explanations are considered as precise (which in fact, you stating a difference in your statement of apparitions existed of around .000000000000000000000000000001 could still give credibility that apparitions do may exist). I’m not smart, but I do respect other peoples point of views. I do not believe on such things, but those “things” do believe in me. (^_^)’

      1. Sorry.I reaffirm my disbelief,but yeah,I guess I understand how some people could interpret hallucinations,paranoia and sleep paralysis as paranormal activity.

  219. Kid I’ve flown from one end of this galaxy to the other and I’ve seen a lot of strange things, but never anything to make me believe in ghosts roaming around and stuff.

  220. I guess you can say I ”believe”The only reason for this is when i was a mere child,I was watching a movie[The Grudge or Ring]I got scared of it[as most kids do] and decided to go to my grandma’s room[I lived with most of my family in a big house at the time]. When I stepped out of the room,they closed it and I was left in darkness only lit by the presence of the crescent moon.I crept slowly towards her room, hugging against the wall in hopes of comforting myself and not too long,I got to here the hallway where her room was.I knocked once,twice,I could see light coming from her room,the TV in her room making me feel less nervous standing in a dark hallway.It was then I realized that the door adjacent to her’s[the bathroom to be exact] was opened. A urge to close it overcame me suddenly and I slowly went towards it.It was then that I heard…the voice.It was,how I can best describe it,a gentle voice.The voice said,with such ease and gentleness ”Get Out”It was then that I felt a shiver go down my back,I froze up right there,my mind trying to process these simple yet confusing words,”Get Out”. Suddenly,the voice said again,but with more emphasis,still the calmness in the voice was chilling,it said”Get Out”. Now at this point I was near collapsing,my body was giving away,I desperately knocked and again,the Voice said but with such volume to my ears it was a shout,but still somehow,some twisted way,calm,it said ”GET OUT”. I regained my sense, my adrenalin pushing me to run and I ran.Ran back to the room I was previously in and to my surprise it was opened.I locked it and just like that,I believed.This is why I believe in ghosts,because of my ”little adventure”.

    1. Wasn’t your grandma telling you to get out because she didn’t wanted you in her bedroom or she was in the bathroom using it and needed privacy and you felt all this because you had recently watched a horror movie and was probably still paranoid by it? Forgive me if I’m sounding rude, I just got curious because something similar happened to me right after watching The Grudge but it was a lucid dream since I went to bed after watching the movie, so yeah.

  221. I believe in ghosts because i have seen them and felt them before. Ghosts are the souls of the dead who have not moved on to the afterlife. For the people who dont know there is a huge difference between ghosts and demons

  222. I more or less beleive in ghosts. I don’t beleive that as ssoon as a person dies they become a ghost (i’m a Christian), but I do beleive that the deceased can actually make contact with us. I only beleive this because about two months ago a friend of mine committed suicide. A couple of days later on the drive to school, a hand shape appeared made out of fog on the window of the car (you know, like when the window fogs up when it’s cold). I tried to dismiss it, but then the fingers developed finger prints. Creepy ass shit right there.

    1. It would be more believable, if your eyes didn’t exploid when you’re on fire. Or maybe the very high chance of you going blind because you don’t have eyelids.

      But that doesn’t stop the truth. . .

  223. I strongly believe in ghost/spirits/demons/angels whatever you want to call them, I have my reasons why I do and believe they are very good reasons…you might call me crazy….

  224. i do yes.

    some of the stuff i read here is actually quite convincing.

    and its making me paranoid.

    and sidenote,

    could we have like some new pastas maybe?
    dont want to bitch, but I need my fix man. starting to go in withdrawal here

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      Remember, I’m limited by what people send in. Having to go through a lot of unacceptable pastas in order to get to the rare good ones means that this takes longer than it did before. I’ve said this before, but there are a lot of submissions, more than ever before. So it takes me a couple days to get through one day’s worth of submissions, whereas before it was the inverse and I could get through multiple days in one night.

      If you’re really starved, you can visit Crappypasta and visit the ‘Shows Promise’ category. Those are ones that are rejected, but only because I think they have the potential to be a lot better with some critique/rewrites. I’m sure they’d appreciate constructive feedback.

    2. It’s a damn shame its come to actively seeking out a jewel in a haystack. Makes me wish I was a better writer and filled the queue with majestic stories.

      Where’s Michael Whitehouse when you need him?

  225. Well, I am the very few of my family to believe in ghosts. I guess you could say I found the very idea of ghosts exciting and I have always believed. I have believed since I was small.

    Though it was strange, in the house we move into, something bad happened, I never knew what it was – I sill don’t. The feeling was strongest in my little sister’s room. I avoided it at all times, only bad memories come from there. I have nightmares of that room. I believe everything bad in our house came from that room.

  226. My friend told me some chilling stories involving visions of particular people, with no prior knowledge of their existence, and I have no reason to doubt she was telling the truth. And the subject fascinates me.

    And yet, it feels wrong to draw any grand conclusions from it.

    The whole concept of metaphysical ‘souls’ makes little sense to me, knowing that our consciousness can be so easily manipulated by physical modifications and chemicals. I realise that questions of how and why are pointless when discussing such ethereal matters, but there’s so much about ghosts that just doesn’t make any sense that I’m hesitant to say I ‘believe’.

    I know that we’re rather easily swayed by emotion, I know that we hallucinate. I know that even our own memories can’t be trusted, I know that we tend to recognise patterns where there aren’t any.

    On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that I believe all ghost sightings can be explained away like that. But there are lots of things I can’t explain, and it seems rash to put faith in vague speculation. Spirits, temporal glitches, emotional residue? I’d rather admit that I don’t know.

  227. Okay. So yes and no. I dont believe them, rather i acknowledge their existence. Well, why do i think this? Believing them, as we believe in a god, would give them power. So, i know they’re there, i just dont believe in them. So. Why are they here? what are they? The answer is simple, ghosts can be anything from imprints of the soul left after a dramatic event to a demon. Demons, they appear as mostly ghost like, they’re here to harm us. Now ghosts, there are the good and the bad. The bad ones were most likely murderers, or some sort that have died and their soul is trapped in a purgatory type stance, letting them roam a certain area while waiting for that one thing to send them to hell or heaven. The good ones, they’re most likely trapped in a certain piece of land or a building because something evil is keeping them there. Now, their powers of the good and bad range from harmless to you need to get out of this place now. The latter one, those… those have been there for thousands of years, perhaps or somewhere around there. They have been trapping weaker spirits and keeping them there, feeding off their energy, or rather any energy of anything living or dead. Now, the harmless ones are usually the good ones, they’re just there because they’re stuck or need to fulfill a last deed. Now the range in between all depends on if the ghost is good or bad. The good ones that have power, they’re protecting the living from a bad spirit in the house. The bad spirits, those will harm people or simply just throw things or touch people for fun. Now why do i believe ghosts. let me tell you;

    I myself have not had a paranormal experience, but both my parents have. my mother lived in a haunted house as a child, where the ghosts would push her, or choke her in her sleep, or just show up to creep her out. now my dad, he was a, well he was the leader of a cult, and did seances. So, he encountered plenty of ghosts, not because they were there but because he drew them to him. He has talked to them, and talked to demons before. When my parents got married, the house they lived in was the one my dad did rituals in, so naturally it was haunted. The ghosts hid things, or would show up in the hallway, make noises, and just scare people who came over. Now i was a little kid about 2 ish, and i dont remember it, but my mother told me that i used to talk to a ghost there, saying it was my deceased grandfather.

    So, that is my story, or rather my feelings about ghosts and how i have encountered them

  228. I haven’t experienced any real paranormal phenomena however I still believe in ghosts. Not merely from the life energy/unfinished business theories etc. but rather, I WANT to believe in ghosts. I like to think it is also a preservation of the imagination, it adds a richness to life and can get your adrenaline pumping. I appreciate the opinions and views of skeptics but i don’t like people who will run down and degrade those who do believe. I just feel they are suffering some sort of inferiority complex and need to prove someone wrong to make themselves feel better.

  229. I believe in ghosts, yes. My take on them is much the same as Star Kindler’s.
    However, I also believe in demons… Now that is something that I do not wish to go into too much detail about… I believe in these things due to first-hand experience.
    I am in the middle of writing a submission for Creepypasta about my experiences, but I am reluctant to finish it and post it, because even starting to write that post had created new events and tensions… My boyfriend quite rightly said that telling people about experiences will only provoke these entities more… And I’ve experienced that to be true.
    I actually do need someone to help me :/

    1. i doubt that telling a story will make it angry, infact i think it wants attention thats what it feeds off of. but thats just what i think.

  230. i do i have had many encounters but to stand out
    1. my great granddad i was playing on my ps3 and out of no where his voice said to me ”dont worry about me lad im alright” i would never think of that or use those words i always use slang or dont pronounce certain letters.
    2. when i was 4 and just learning about paranormal life i was upstairs my sister turned the lights off me scared to death hid in a corner and from my bedroom a white outline of a body walked towrds me i thought no way and ran downstairs later that week i wen to my nans house looking at photos i saw one of a man ( the white outline was just white no face clothes just an outline ) the man was the exact same man i saw walking towards me i ran to my mum yelling ”mummy mummy its him the man i saw a few days ago” i was told years after they are protecting me i am a key to the otherside and very powerful im just waiting for ”it”

  231. I am a christian. So my religion doesn’t contain ghosts. But something like that.
    As you asked for what I believe I’ll tell you.
    Well, I believe that after someone dies they go to ”Paradise” or ”Hell” and by ”Paradise” I don’t mean a place full of animals, trees and flowers and by ”Hell” I don’t mean a place full of fire etc. By that I mean ”close to God” or ”far away from God”. God or satan do not choose where we go. We choose by how we live.
    This was just the intro so that I can explain you.
    So I believe that after we go to this ”afterlife” we are able to visit Earth and make humans see our presence when we want. So in a way I believe in spiritual presences. So there are the bad and the good spirits. Bad are those close to satan and good are close to God. They come on Earth for many reasons:warn us, scare us, protect us etc.
    So I haven’t actually seen a ghost but I’ve heard many stories. I wanna share a couple of them with you.
    1. It was about 5 years ago. I was about 9 years old. I was hanging with a friend. She told me she went to the graveyard the other day and took a picture of her grandmom’s grave to show it to her aunt. So she told me her grandmom had light green eyes. She told me she was looking at the piture when she spotted to green dots. She zoomed in and what she saw was something like a face. Under the dots there was a red line like a mouth and under the face there was something like smoke. Like a flying face. She showed me the picture and I spotted one more face but now with blue eyes and red mouth. I was creeped out. Can’t be sure but I believe in what I saw.
    2. A girl died at my friend’s school. I don’t know why. I think because of an accident. The next day they saw a dog which entered the school. It was white. They didn’t take it off the school. They left it waddling around. When the bell rang it ran upstairs, entered the classroom and sat exactly where this girl was sitting. It had beed sitting there for 7 hours till the school ended. I didn’t see it with my own eyes but I believe it.

    This is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge comment. BUT I’LL BE GLAD IF YOU TAKE TIME TO READ IT.

  232. No because if they really did then surely we would have concrete proof by now. Majority of the pictures, videos etc are downright fake and the very few that do look genuine are probably just extremely well done fakes.

    1. I respect all opinions, no matter what religion or belief, but personally I believe in ghosts. I know for you skeptics out there that you won’t believe something until you see it for your self, am I right? Your own eyes can’t betray you, unless you are drunk or have mental issues, but I’m pretty sure if most of you can go on the internet and look up and wright a post, you are sane enough to keep reading this post to see what a none-skeptic has to say from experience. I may even be able to change your mind a little. This post is already getting long enough, so I’ll try to keep it short. So far, from what I can remember, I have had 2 experiences. My first supernatural experience happened when I was ten-and-a-half, I was going on a two day over night trip with my classmates to a place called Durm Forest. At the time, I was more excited about running through the woods from my friends and learning about different animals living in the area. On the way up on the bus, I had the window seat while my friend snored on my shoulder, when out of pure boredom, I looked out to see ahead of the trail the bus was climbing to see what the place looked like. We were on the edge of the woods leading into the camp, when me and all my other loud classmates spotted a leader jogging ahead of the bus with his back to us. What I saw, and what they saw, was completely different. What I saw was a 20ish looking guy with long straight jet black hair that hung in his eyes, dark blue jeans, a black, maybe leather jacket, with black high tops. He looked pretty normal. But when the bus got closer, he realized it was ours and turned to wave to the kids pressed agianst the window. I swear to god, my heart almost stopped. Now, I know the reason most people are skeptics is because some stories are very far fetched, but open up a little to the possibility and hear me out, because I know this is going to sound crazy. He turned around, and like THAT, the guy I had seen from behind wasn’t the same one waving at us from the road. His hair was dirty blonde- brown, and his skin was tan, unlike the other guy, who’s was almost bleach white. It botherd me our whole trip. So lets skip a few days ahead to the last night of our stay. I told what I think was one of my best ghost stories, considering my teacher started to play creepy music on his iPod behind his back and someone jumped over the camp fire in their rush running to the soccer field with every other screaming kid to escape their worst fear. Best night of my life! Anyway, when everyone sat back down and calmed down a little bit while someone told a funny story, I looked over at my teacher, who was standing in front of an old beat up wood shed, to give him the thumbs up on our little joke… when I saw who was standing behind him. It was him. The same boy I saw from the bus window the first day! But this time…. I could see his face, and I could tell he wasn’t “Normal”. The whole time while I gawked at him over my teachers shoulder, at his black eyes, I think they were black, it could have been the darkness….he grinned at me. No one else saw him, so I had no choice but to stop staring and pretend I was pulling another joke on everyone. When I looked back, he was od course gone, but I was still in shock. I didn’t sleep that night, in fear I would see him again. On the bus ride home I did though, and when my close friend asked me why I had been so tried, I told her the whole story. At first, I thought she believed me, but then she brushed it off and told me I had a weird dream. I am older now, but I will never forget that trip. And that’s why I ask you, skeptics and believers, to tell me what you think. And I don’t care for rudeness, because I have my own beliefs and I have nothing bad to say about yours. I will tell you my second supernatural experience when I at least get one person who wants to hear it. But if I don’t, I have no problem, I just want someone to hear my story.

  233. When i was 5 I saw a ghost above me when i was lying awake in my bunk bed. I screamed and my mom opened my bedroom door and it disappeared

  234. Ghosts are very real. Also, i beleive in things that are more real, and possibly more dangerous. (cryptids or monsters)
    When 1 person tells you a crazy story, they are likely crazy. When millions of people across countries and generations tell you similar stories…you’d have to be crazy to dismiss it.

  235. I believe in ghosts 100%. How could there be encounters if they aren’t? Plus, my family had many encounters, which makes me believe even more.

  236. One time I was going to cook something for myself and out of the corner of my eye I saw something white go past the back window, when I looked I opened the door to the back yard and I felt a cold rush….

    Later when I was asleep I had 3 nightmares of the same kind and in my first one there was something at my bed and fast as lightning it draggedme under. The second one was almosr the same but this time it covered me in it’s darkness The last time it just went up to me and placed it hand on my cover and pulled… I got up in cold sweat and sure enough there was my cover at my feet. I was 7 at the time…

    1. I opened the door to the back yard and I felt a cold rush….”

      Ummm, that didnt really make that much sense…. Opening the door to your backyard may cause a cold rush that we all are familiar with. Its called the wind.

  237. I don’t believe in “ghosts”; however, I do believe that in the wake of a rather traumatizing event an energy is left behind. This energy plays back like a “movie”, and people who discover this energy can see it “play back”. The energy left behind can give the appearance of being a figure or even speaking. I must say these energies can be extremely dangerous, learn about them with caution.


    Hate to be a skeptic, and I know I’m gonna get hate for this, but I just have no idea, but I had to choose on belief, I’d say no. But its impossible to tell. I believe in Bigfoot and aliens, but not ghosts and loch-ness. But how can we explain all the encounters the world has had? Sure many of the stories are fake, but can we honestly believe EVERY ghost story is a lie?

    1. Oh, Loch Ness is definitely real. I’ve been on it, in a boat!

      Also, I’m sure the majority of ghost sightings aren’t lies. I’ve ‘seen’ a ‘ghost’ for myself. I still do not believe in them though, in terms of them having a real existence outside of our minds.

      And most of the examples I’m seeing in this thread are classic examples of sleep paralysis (figure seated at end of bed, etc). Google it!

  239. my friends dad died in a car accident. when i went to her house we were playing video games we both saw her dads ghost sitting in his old rocking chair my friend said.

  240. yes I didnt until I went to 1 of my friends houses his name is corey after he went to sleep I sat in his room I was listening to people talk I couldnt hear what they were saying but it was defentaly talking and I know everyone was asleep but me but that wasnt enough for me I Put it in the back of my mind and went back over another time corey wasnt asleep the next time if he didnt see it to I wouldnt belive it myself but a black shadow walked right through the living room were we were talking we I freaked out he was alittle flustered but nearly as much as I was then he told me that was nothing new and is house was haunted and told me other stories Ive belived ever since

  241. Of course. Since I was a kid, I’ve had encounters of varying levels. I saw a dog with it’s front paws and chin on the bed. I was on the top bunk. The same house, I awoke to see someone standing in the middle of the room. Couldn’t make out any details. While sleeping on the bottom bunk of that same bed, I awoke to find someone sitting at the foot of my bed. I kicked them as hard as I could. Not very, considering that I was like 7. I also remember waking up on an Easter Night to see something that I assumed to be the Easter Bunny staring in my door. I just sort of watched it for a while before going back to sleep. Of course, I no longer think the entity to be the Easter Bunny, but the silhouette wasn’t human in appearance.
    As I got older, the night terrors let up, but there were places that I never felt comfortable. I live in the basement of my mom’s house now, which I always feared before. I can feel a presence in the kitchen area. For a time, the presence seemed nice. For some reason, I always imagined it as a young woman, maybe in her 30’s. I think she sat beside me while I watched TV sometimes, but I couldn’t actually see her.
    Later, another entity joined her. This one was much different. When I felt it, I felt SCARED. I don’t think she liked it. One night I found myself incapable of sleep. It was like the scary one invited his friends and they were all dancing around torturing me. I was terrified. After that they left, but I still feel frightened in the kitchen.
    I also hear things and see things out of the corner of my eye a great deal.

      1. This is the strangest part of the discussion. People are randomly sharing their ages and not using spell-check. myslelf ait. what are you kids even saying?

  242. I believe. I never used to until people started dying.
    Coz when my grandad (kinda step grandad really), the day after his funeral I kept seeing him waving, then at the top of the stairs when I went to bed.
    Same sort of thing with both my nan’s when they died, and my real grandad, (and he died in Canada).
    So through all that, I think I started to beleive, coz the dead coming to life the day after they’ve been burned up is less plausible than ghosties. xD

  243. I definitely believe that not everything can be explained rationally and I lean towards the imprints of strong emotion argument.

    I suppose I started believing in ghosts after 2 incidents:

    – I was about 9 and I was home from school as I had a stomach bug. I was sleeping in the top bunk and the sun light was distracting me so I shouted to my mum if she could close the curtains. As soon as I said that the curtains closed but really violently and I leaned over to thank my mum but she wasn’t there. I was obviously spooked so I screamed and she told me that she was in the kitchen the whole time. When I explained what happened she told me it was probably the air conditioning but our flat didn’t have any air conditioning :(

    – another time I was sitting on a windowsill that was really far off the ground and I stared slipping and fell. I braced myself for impact because the floor of the room was tiled but after a while I opened my eyes because I thought i should have hit the floor already, but I was on the floor and nothing hurt

  244. Yes i Do. This happened in November of 2010 at 1 in the morning.

    I was still a college student at that time who lives with her parents. My university is just about 30 minutes away by car and I thought I could save more money by not renting another place. We live in a mountainous area because my parents feel that it would be best for me and my asthma condition to always have fresh air surround me.

    Ever since i was a toddler, i was used to moving houses because of the nature of my dad’s work. After saving enough money, my parents was able to build our own house by the year 2007. The bathroom I was referring to was located in one corner of the house. If you are facing the bathroom door, you would be standing inside our powder room. The left side is the door heading for my parents’ master bedroom, the right side a wall and the opposite side of the bathroom door would be my old room. My old room was small, it can only fit a bed, a dresser and a study table. The walls were dark blue, my favorite color which i personally picked when the house was still in the process of being constructed. After 6 years of staying in that room, my mother felt that it would be best to transfer to another room by the end of the hall. She does not feel that this blue room is too “friendly” at all. I don’t know what she meant by that but I have always loved the cold breeze in that room, despite all the doors and windows shut. The breeze was so cold, I don’t even need a fan or the AC turned on all night. I don’t even know where the breeze comes from but I loved it.

    So then i moved into another room, just to keep my mom satisfied. This is when strange things started to happen. You should know that i do not like sleeping early. I sleep as late as 4am, whether it is because i was studying or just lurking in the Internet.

    First instance:
    Early October, there were 3 consecutive nights where I would fall asleep at around 12mn to 2am. What made those 3 nights memorable was that at EXACTLY 1am, there would be two knocks on my door. For the 1st and 2nd night, i was wide awake scanning my notes. *Knock Knock*

    2 knocks. Sounds normal because you might think it’s just my parents or siblings; however, they are all asleep as early as 10pm. Besides, if any of them would knock, they have distinct knocks that would help me know who is knocking. My dad does not knock, instead tries to turn the doorknob right away or just calls my name by the door. My mom knocks as if a dinosaur is chasing after her and is about to eat her. She knocks for dear life, probably 30 knocks in 30 seconds then calls my name. My younger sister knocks once, turns the door knob then she calls me. This unknown person knocks twice in a calm manner and becomes quiet. The same thing happened on the second day at the same time, 1am. On the third day, I was asleep by 11:30pm. This was weird because although I was sound asleep, I woke up facing my door. I do not know how to describe the way I have been awoken but it’s as if I automatically opened my eyes without even being groggy! I was about to close my eyes when suddenly

    *knock* *knock*
    That was weird, my mom’s awake? I grabbed my phone and checked the time, 1:00 am.

    The next morning, i asked both my parents and sister if they have been knocking on my door for the past 3 days at 1am. They said they were asleep and why would they knock on my door at that time?

    Second instance:
    This is the time that I felt all my blood in my head up to my shoulders literally drain down to my feet.

    One night, I was studying for my local Nursing Licensure Examination and i decided to take a 15 minute break. I logged into my Facebook account, just like any bored person with an Internet connection would, and decided that i needed a new profile picture. So, I got my Sony mobile phone and set the camera ready. Now, i’m not the typical kind of girl who becomes too vain in front of the bathroom mirror but i feel that i just want to look “girly” for my default photo this time. Shots after wacky shots, I thought I would try posing by facing the mirror while holding my camera phone so the end result would look like i posed in front of the mirror and i got photographed by doing so. I know it’s weird and foolish, but hey, I needed a break and I could fool around without sneaky siblings bothering me right?

    Not satisfied with my funny faces, I turned the phone to face the mirror again. I was about to click the shutter button when i saw someone in the mirror. Reflected on the mirror, I saw a little girl standing by my old room’s door looking at me. She was about as tall as up to my hips, if we were to stand next to each other. She was wearing a supposedly plain white lacy/flowery dress which had a blue stain in front. It was like blue ink stain from a pen, it was splattered from her collar to the bow tie on her tummy area. Her hair was short, just like Dora the Explorer’s hair. It was shiny and jet black. Her face was pale blue and although she did not have long bangs, I could not see her eyes. It’s as if you have to stare at her long enough just to see her eyes. She was not smiling at all. She was frowning and just standing there. I saw this all by looking at the mirror in front of me. Am i stressed? Am i going crazy over studying for my board exam? I don’t think so. I looked at her in the mirror, then to my camera phone (since the camera was facing the mirror), then back to the mirror. I did this 4 times, so I know I’m not being delusional. I honestly did not know how to move so I accidentally clicked on the shutter button. This was the time when I LITERALLY FELT THE WARMTH OF MY BLOOD INSIDE MY HEAD UP TOP MY SHOULDERS DRAIN DOWN TO MY TORSO THEN TO MY FEET. The next thing that happened was so fast, probably because I was able to run/walk quick enough with all that accumulated blood in my feet. I was able to turn off the lights in the bathroom, exit from the bathroom through the right door where there was another door heading towards the hall, turn the lights off on the hallway and close the door in my room (Yes i turned off the lights for God knows what reason despite knowing there’s a ghost kid behind me, it was probably all out of panic). I DO NOT KNOW HOW FAST I WAS BUT I WAS FREAKING OUT.

    Tell me I’m stupid but after fidgeting in my room, I wanted to look at the photo in my phone and upload it just to prove I’m not insane. Luckily, some of my friends were still online in Facebook, so i asked them to chat with me until morning just to keep me company. I was just asking for help and crying out of fear the whole night. While they forced me to upload the picture, I decided not to. It might cause some more problems like the kid might haunt me for posting her picture online. I have no idea if that is even possible but I know their “peace” might be disrupted if I do that. So, without looking at my phone, I went on to the photo album of my phone and erased the picture without looking at it. I know my phone navigation too well for me to successfully do that.

    At 6am, I heard my mom and sister prepare for school. I hurried down the stairs and told them what happened. They just laughed it off and told me it’s probably because I sleep too late, I was too stressed or because I watch too many horror movies. I know what happened and I’m not going back to that bathroom.

    2 and a half weeks passed and I did not go back to that bathroom or anywhere near it. When my parents are at work and I’m left in the house, I bring all my clothes, towels, possible necessities in our living room and I shower in the other bathroom at the back of our house. I even bring our dog inside the bathroom to accompany me. I may sound like I;m going insane and paranoid but that was the first time I have ever experienced that kind of creepiness.

    Knowing I won’t go back to the room, my mother decided to tell our next door neighbor, who lived in the subdivision for more than 30 years, about the “silly” thing that happened to me. This is what she said:

    “Lucky for her, there was only one kid. I was combing my hair the other night while I was holding a hand held mirror. A whole bunch of them was at my back. Plain white dresses and blue stains and all. I guess the orphans are looking for someone to play with again”

    1. Next time you want to submit a creepypasta, just submit it as a comment on a disscussion post.

      Oh, and isn’t the air thinner on mountains?

      1. Well, in this comment-leaver’s defense, I did ask for “why” people believe or not – anecdotes included.

        I’m find with longer comments and sharing anecdotal experiences here, as long as they’re definitely related to the topic and obviously not actual attempts at getting a pasta through. It tends to happen any time people discuss ghosts, so I expected it.

        Consider it temporary leniency because there aren’t any new pastas going up this week.

        That said, people who try to be slick and leave actual pastas here and not just “I believe in ghosts and this is why” comments will earn my hitting their comment with the spam button.

        1. Thanks for that defense. I wasn’t being slick and I’m not that desperate to leave a creepypasta by breaking the rules.

          We don’t use air thinner because we’re in a tropical country. Thanks for the first sentence sarcasm, btw.

          “If the answer is yes, I’D LIKE TO HEAR HOW YOU BECAME A BELIEVER”

          So there. That’s why.

      2. Don’t be a bitch, she was explaining why she belived. And mountian air is cleaner, away from smog from factories and less cars. Seriously.

        1. Why so aggressive? It did sound like a made up story. With a shock ending and little girls with white dresses. Although, the dress was described a little more.

          Oh. To the mountain thing.

        2. May sound made up but it did scare the sh* out of me. I’m not gonna convince if it was real or not. I guess there are just ghost stories that are difficult to prove that are real. ANyhow, this is mine and i don’t think i’m insane enough to make up such thing. Besides, if i do want to make up something, i want it to be better than this, more horrifying.

    2. I do not believe in ghosts. I am an atheist and sorry, but all of this can be easily disproved. In the first story you tell you say that there were two knocks on the door. Well you could have easily just heard two other sounds. it could have been a laundry machine or something else making a noise. Houses typically are not quiet at all nowadays, there is normally some buzz of electricity or some sort of noises. Your brain could have easily heard another noise and decided it was knocking. You may doubt this, but this is truly the way brains work. Our brains aren’t 100% fool-proof. And for your second story: to put it simply you probably exaggerated this story a lot. Everyone does that. If you really did not make that up, why didn’t you put the picture online. If I had that experience with a ghost I wouldn’t hesitate at all to post that picture. Don’t people say that ghosts cant leave the spot where they died?

  245. Miss Misanthrope

    Absolutely. Think about this scientifically for a second- We are made of energy and everything on earth has the capacity to store energy. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred to something else. So when we die, where does that energy go?
    Also, I believe emotions have energy. When someone dies a violent or unexpected death, that emotional energy imprints itself on something in the environment. This kind of also gives a good reason for haunted objects.

    1. You have completely misunderstood the law of conservation of energy. The energy that makes you “you” is electrochemical in nature. It comes, essentially, from the food you eat, rather like a car gets its “energy” from gasoline. If your body is unable to process food into usable energy, then your body naturally uses all its fuel in electrochemical interactions (brainwaves, hormones, muscle spasms, etc) until there is none left. That is where the energy goes, and when it’s used up, you die. There is no special “emotional energy” or “conscience energy”. Energy is energy, by the 1st law of thermodynamics.

      OT: No, I don’t believe in ghosts, but they’re fun to think about. Indeed I wish ghosts existed, but I think more logical explanations for ghost sightings come from psychology, not pseudo-science.

      1. Miss Misanthrope

        I see what you’re saying and it makes sense. I should mention first of all I’m not really into logical thinking, I’m more into ideas (the curse of being an INFP).
        When we die, though- that electrochemical energy can be converted into something else, I think.
        I think though, overall; for someone to believe in ghosts, they have to believe in the soul.

        1. Being atheist, I can’t say I can bring myself to believe in them. Whenever I read a ‘true’ story about seeing a ghost I just dismiss the person as having a momentary lapse in sanity rather than anything actually occurring. Nii, since we think through electrical signals, we’re really more like robots than the human perception of humanity (pretentious enough? xD) so ghosts shouldn’t be able to occur.

        2. When you die, your body DOES get converted to energy.
          1- Heat energy, if you’re cremated
          2- Chemical energy/ATP for bacteria that are gonna feed on you, if you’re buried :P

  246. I had a friend that died on halloween due to a motorcycle accident,she was in a coma,i then moved,only to discover some old lady died where i live now,i can sometmes seee faces on the wall near the stairs,and the window curtains in the living room,then i feel protected by something i cant see,at the same time i have sad feelings of what happen to the old lady frequently when i get near the room she died,sometimes i feel love and being hugged,my story

  247. I was home alone once with my back to the bathroom(I was standing up and watching a video on my computer for whatever reason) and something tapped me on the back twice.

  248. I believe ghost are real, and I believe that they are people who have physically passed in this world, but they have not moved on. For whatever the reason, they choose to stay as a part of this world. I think that it may have to do with unfinished business, not wanting to let go, feeling unworthy, the feeling of duty, or many other reasons. I also feel like some spirits are left to wander the earth as a punishment (some spirits really are unworthy) due to their actions when they were living. I don’t want to get fully in-depth, but I am confident in my beliefs.

  249. I’m definitely a believer! I’ve never proved anything and nothing’s happened to me personally – although I did hear footsteps going up our wooden stairs. I also sort of semi-believe that it was the house settling – but its always been something I’ve believed in.

    My girlfriend’s house is haunted if I believe all of the stories she’s told me – and I do.

        1. It is true that thousands of angels are protecting you right now, but they don’t really show themselves. Maybe in a dream, or when you truly need help, but they just aren’t seen as often as demons. Of course, demons would be the ones that would try to come into our world and try to hurt and mess with us. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty.

  250. I believe that they are real and come back to the physical world for their own reasons. Some might come back to watch over remaining, living, family members, I’ve had my own experience when I was young with something related to this. I was a little kid, I fell down the stairs and my parents described me as being “caught” by something, I hovered for a few seconds in the air and was gently set to the ground bellow the first step. I wasn’t harmed at all, and we have about 12 steps from the second floor of the house down to the first.
    Other ghosts might come back for different reasons including the intentions of doing harm on the living. I haven’t had an experience like this happen to myself, but a friend of mine has. He has a wooded area behind his house and was walking through it when he said he saw a man with a bow and arrow following him. He saw the man fire the arrow and it hit him in his chest knocking him to the ground. He has a small mark on his chest from that.
    I first started to believe in spirits/ghosts not to long ago actually, when I was younger. I don’t remember exactly why though.
    I’m sorry this comment was so long, I didn’t intend to ramble on so much.

  251. I believe in souls and the manifestation of human existence through literal life energy. It seems more scientific to assume that the death of a human could release a spectacular spike of energy that manifests itself in inexplicable ways. The soul itself, perhaps it is still able to communicate with our world through a certain state of limbo some souls may experience. Seeking a companion through life, or maybe vengeance through death… could be a pasta!

  252. I have what I call a secondary belief in ghosts. It’s sort of the same way I believe in stuff like the fey. For the most part, my rational mind think’s it’s not true. At least not true in the sense that the sky is blue and the sun gives us light is true. But a small part of me reserves the right to be wrong, and is open to the possibility of ghosts being real. I guess that makes me a ghost agnostic :D

    I kind of like the Japanese take on ghosts, where it’s not so much that ghosts are spirits of the deceased but are almost like concentrated emotion (eg even a living person could produce a “ghost” if they felt something powerfully enough). My theory is that sometimes, highly emotionally charged events, suicides, murder, and what nots, can leave an imprint on an area. And we can feel it, and if the imprint is strong enough, sometimes even see it years afterwards. This makes ghosts less wandering spirits and more like echoes in time.

      1. You can kinda see why people would come up with the idea of ghosts, what with missing their deceased loved ones and such. That’s kind of what puts me off the idea of them being real. When I was about 7-ish I heard this weird voice in the middle of the night and it said my face was melting @[email protected] Luckily (or maybe not?) it was lying xD Also saw this strange blue light.

        Though being a scared 7 year old, could’ve just been a hallucination? Who knows >.< But, if it was a ghost, then who's emotions did it come from? Guess I was just so scared that my brain actually believed for a second?

        1. I have had several such things happen to me. In fact, in mom’s bedroom, there is a closet and a little storage room. When I was 5 I would sleep in mom’s room. Often I would think the doors would move. Even now, I always get the feeling that there is someone behind the door leading onto the balcony from her room. I even some times think that there’s a shadow.

          I don’t believe in ghost, at least not in the common sense. I believe that there are demons though, who walk this earth.

  253. The possibility that the things these people witness are actually spiritual entities is plausible, partly because there is a possibility for everything, and partly because of what consciousness is.

    Consciousness is immaterial, and therefore indestructible. It obviously exists in a higher state than our physical environment, so it must have extremely foreign properties. Perhaps a being could get lost between the way.

    1. very true, the same could be said for the other dimension theory, sometimes images get muddled up between two dimensions.

    2. I doubt consciousness stems from much more than neural activity. It is decreased in the 2nd stage of NREM sleep, when we are knocked unconscious, and when we faint from a lack of oxygen. In either situation we have no awareness, only regaining consciousness (or having dreams, if you’re sleeping) when our brain activity resumes. Therefore it seems reasonable to assume that when our brain, or at least the cerebrum, shuts down permanently, our consciousness is lost forever. After all, we can already lose it when alive and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

    1. I kind of like to believe that people’s souls end up getting stuck in a certain time frame of life. I can agree with people being able to visit others in certain dimensions.

    2. I don’t see any factual evidence to cause me to believe in ghosts, but i’ll share what i’d be likely to believe if there were any reliable signs.
      Ghosts would be the dead with unfinished business, for why else would they still be here and not wherever it is people go after they die? Maybe they just don’t feel as though they’d accomplished what they wanted to in this life, or haven’t officially dealt with important personal/spiritual matters. I’d hope that most spirits are kind and do not hail their wrath upon the innocent, but rather those who are deserving of it (or wronged them specifically in the past). Of course i would also pray that ghosts do not have much power in the mortal world, such as; moving things, possessing people, and causing other disturbances (but that is what all ghost stories i’ve ever heard of imply so not likely). I find it so odd that i would be interested in this when i’m a realist and doubt it myself, but nobody really knows, and if they did… The they obviously haven’t shared it with us yet(:
      15, female, nevada

    3. I do belive in ghosts and i think theres only some that can walk umong us and that the ones that can have unfineshed buisness so once they finesh it they can be free

    4. I think I agree with you because when I was little I saw shadow people. One time one flew in front of me and it felt like a solid being to me. So it was like they were right there but in a different dimension, and maybe when I was little I could somehow be in 2 dimensions at once. (Just one of the many possibilities I have thought of

      1. I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, or pretty much any of the supernatural beings discussed in folk tale or horror stories, but I do believe in the possibility of beings that we cannot entirely comprehend yet with our current understanding of physics and logic. Perhaps there are still a few secrets on this very planet that we haven’t discovered yet. I don’t believe in the supernatural. I believe that what some people think to be supernatural, are actually things that are physically possible in this universe, but that we don’t understand.

    5. I certainly believe in ghosts. The Bible tells of them and i see reason for them to NOT exist. Our spirit leaves our body to go to the Lord or into eternal peril but we are not bound there. I believe, with the permission of the “host” of our eternal domain, we have free will to roam between the heavens and earth. I am not sure why exactly someone would leave paradise but perhaps it is for personal affairs (as commonly believed). In addition, I unarguably believe in demons and angels and there daily exertion over us.

      1. How is the bible proof of anything? It gets a lot of basic facts wrong. It’s basically just like the Kojiki or Gilgamesh, making up myths to explain natural events that superstitious folk thought was the work of deities.

        1. Also, I’ve never seen any evidence for ghosts, just fake stuff and people either lying outright (like most of the ghost reality TV shows) or seeing something natural but then assigning supernatural explanations to it. EG like the guy that saw a lamp shade moving immediately claimed it was a ghost without looking for other explanations, in this case the fact that it was actually the thermal currents from a space heater and that the shade stopped moving once the heater was switched off.

        2. Um actually the bible is very historically accurate and is written nothing like gilgamesh (i haven’t read the other one.)But you are right about one thing the bible doesn’t show evidence for ghosts. it does have a couple instances of people returning from the dead jesus being the most prominent. I think the closest the bible comes to ghosts is when an Israeli king, goes and sees a witch to speak to the spirit of samuel the prophet it didnt go as the king or the witch planned.

    6. i believe in ghosts. they are spirits who guide us and communicate with us physically, or mentally. they could be lost souls damned to wander or are here for a specific purpose. i personally havent had anything supernatural happen to me. but there are some things we as human beings may not fully understand or control and that causes us to be fearful

    7. YES. this is very possible, and i may even have some evidence on that subject. according to my grandfather, his mother passed away in the apartment located on the top floor of his 100+ year old house. when i was around fifteen years old, my older cousin was planning on moving into said apartment, so that she could be around to assist my ageing grandparents. She, my mother, my aunts, my younger cousin, and myself had been cleaning the appartment all day, and as evening set in, we started to need a well deserved rest. my mother and two aunts left the room,leaving my older cousin, younger cousin, and i behind to chat by ourselves and have some quality time. several minutes went by without incident… but as the sun finaly set, all three of us suddenly became silent(i would later discover that all three of us had gotten a feeling of unease…obviously this is why we stopped talking). a shiver ran down my spine as a quiet, distant womans voice eminated from the bathroom nearby, though i will never know what she said. the wind outside picked up violently for several moments. i looked at my beloved younger cousin, and found she was as white as a ghost, and was diapointed that i was too frightened myself to comfort her, or even get up and remove her from the room. i then looked to my older cousin, a young woman i had alwasy thought of as a strong, oldersister figure, for reasurance… but she too was as pail as a ghost. it was then i knew something was VERY wrong. then the wind slowed, and all was quiet. then finaly, the door to the fire escape swung open violently. suddenly, i had found the strength to move, and i used that strenght to RUN, both my cousins hot on my heels. we ran down the hall, down the stairs and into the living room, where my grandmother sat in her recliner, with my mom and aunts nearby. it was then it noticed i had tears in my eyes…i had been truely terrified for the first time in my entire life. with one look, my mother knew what had happened…and she told me we were going home. while on the short car ride home, she expalined to me that not only had my great-grandmother died in that appartment…she had never left. she had been deeply in love with her son and grandkids, and had loved being so close to them when alive and living in that appartment. Although she also explained that i had truely been in no danger(she herself had similar experiences), i will never forget that moment when i had my first paranormal experiance.

      1. Well…that was a bit random, but okay. I’ve had someone stalk me before and usually the first thing to do is just ignore them. Usually if they don’t get the satisfaction of seeing you panic, they will stop, but if that doesn’t work, call the police. They will take matters into their hands from there and you will not have to worry about the stalker coming back. You can even put a restraining order on the individual if you so desire.

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