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June 2015 Discussion Post: Do You Believe in Divination?

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Last month’s discussion post about superstition was a lot of fun to read! June’s post will be tangentially related: this month I want to know if you believe in divination.

For clarity, this is the definition of ‘divination’ as per Google:

the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.


This would include tarot, ouija, i-ching, astrology, prophetic dream interpretation – even the magic 8-ball toys sold to children, if one were to take them seriously. Divination has countless different forms across cultures and countries, so I’m certainly leaving some forms out of my list of examples – if I didn’t mention something that you subscribe to and/or practice, please take this opportunity to tell us all about it in the comments!


I’m interested in hearing what everyone’s beliefs are, and how and why they came to such conclusions. If you have any eerie stories about something that solidified your belief in a particular flavor of divination, of course we’d like to hear about it!

It’s my hope that the community can find this discussion both interesting as well as inspiring – I saw a few comments in the superstitions post where the author said they’d gleaned a story idea from someone’s anecdote, so I’m hoping that we can continue that effect here.


As always, be respectful to one another – even if you’re the skeptic supreme, try to be nice. It won’t hurt you.

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84 thoughts on “June 2015 Discussion Post: Do You Believe in Divination?”

  1. I think I have a form of this cuz I rarely have dreams but when I do I tend to see either a cootie catcher or just darkness and then I hear a generic voice saying things that could be in a casual conversation and then some of it seems to pop out and then I wake not able to remember the dream save for the odd part then later (sometimes weeks later) I hear the exact words and try to explain and no one believes me except my sister (that has had the same occurances) we think we’re just insane but now I think it is a gift of some sort. (This is totally a run-on sentence) thanks for the hope :)

  2. If no one believes me it’s perfectly alright (my dad didn’t) but when I was around six I would have these dreams when I woke up I could only remember bits and pieces of these dreams and days, weeks and sometimes months would go by and I would have a déjà vu moment and What ever I was looking at at the time I already seen in my dream over time it seemed to fade away
    Can anyone relate?

  3. if your family has these gifts, talk to them about it. i can talk to my brother about it, but we both draw a blank as to why it happens or what, if anything, to do about it. which sucks.

  4. I think that people have all kinds of senses and cognitive abilities that we have taught ourselves not to use via our technology and social beliefs. Many people in life or death situations, such as soldiers, develop senses that effectively predict danger. Other people, when called upon to do so by circumstances, gain expertise in predicting things like fashion trends or the stock market or record sales. Who knows what would be possible if there were facilities and scientific research that allowed you to actually train and hone such skills?

    It gets a little trickier when you get into the realm of supernatural methods of predicting the distant future. I don’t think the future is immutable, so to that extent I think it is impossible. However, I also believe in powerful beings such as angels that can work behind the scenes to bring events to pass, so it is kind of a wash.

  5. One time, i sort of predicted that my uncle was going to die… I was in my room reading a book, until just put the book down and started to cry. I felt a kind of sadness that i will never forget. I knew that someone was going to die, but, i didn’t know who. At first i thought it was my grandma. (she is very VERY sick,) but a few minutes later, I just stopped crying and chose to forget about the whole thing. Three days later, on Oct. 3, around the same time that i felt the “sadness”… my aunt called and said my uncle was dead.

  6. This may not be a true form of divination but here it goes. From as young as I can remember I have always had feelings or alarms that would go off in my head , sometimes allowing me to read people, sometimes it’s as stupid as thinking about a song or movie and it pops up on the TV or radio. Nothing crazy, till I was about 15. I would get feelings of despair , like something bad was going to happen, just to be told by my parents that a loved one has passed, or something bad happening to a friend. I told my mom once and she said that her mother and my uncle John had the same feelings. She said it was a gift and I should be proud of it. But as of lately the feelings have been more intense. I would say it was about a month ago that I was watching TV, when all of a sudden my wife is shaking me asking if I’m alright.I don’t remember doing any of this but she said I was staring at the wall in our living room tears running down my face and not responding to her for what she said was a good 5 minutes. She says I need to talk to a doctor, maybe I do, but I can’t shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. And it will effect alot of people, I wish I could see what I’m feeling , but it does not work like that. Live good lives, charish the ones you love, because everything comes to an end.

  7. This one time I had a dream my boyfriend of the time would break up with me the next day, and it happened. It was so creepy. But I think that was the only time. So yes I do believe in this sort of thing to a certain extent.

  8. Himanshu Chauhan

    I don’t believe in it at all …..I m a complete sceptic probably becuz nothing even remotely supernatural has happened to me…I only visit dis site cuz it is a good substitute for coffee and helps me stay awake to study..if I do start believing in some supernatural stuff precog will last in my ” list of plausible”

  9. Sammy Lavan Worthington

    i believe it is real but to an extent if you think about it, it almost has the same definition as unknown to seek future information

  10. To be honest, I’ve never really had too many thoughts on this subject! I first heard the term divination in the Harry Potter books. The theory in the books is that events are written in the stars and that some can read the constellations to predict the future. Of course I don’t necessarily believe in that theory.

    Here’s what I do believe, though: I think that all human beings have a certain ability to assume possibilities or events that may or may not come true. The thing about divination is that you never know unless you have experienced something that makes it feel so real–which I never have but still think that a good chunk of divination could possibly exist.

    Like, sometimes, I feel like I have already experienced something but can not clearly recall it. Half of the time it is my brain making answers to organize my thoughts. The other half I’m sure it is too familiar to me for that to be the case. They call it déjà vu. Maybe this has something to do with divination and it’s roots..?

  11. what if your “supernatural” is merely various thus far unexplained phenomena that are perfectly natural, we live in a universe that is too big to comprehend, obviously we don’t understand it all, thus supernatural is natural YOU don’t understand but is in fact, perfectly natural.

  12. Is seeing future events in your dreams cosidered a kind of divination? I kind of tend to experience this sometimes. And to answer the topic, yeah, I believe in divinations, it runs in the nation. Everybody’s superstitious here -_-

  13. I’ve had what I felt was a bit of a predictive insight into the future. Firstly, I dreamt about my nan (she was already very ill) – I saw her talking to a white figure in my dream, and then like I’d been transported, I saw how she died. This dream happened 5 days before her death, and played out exactly as it had in the dream. I also had a dream about a family member being diagnosed with cancer; at first I thought it was myself, but not long after my nan’s sister was diagnosed. I don’t know if I believe in Divination as such, I don’t believe everything a medium comes out with (even though some of it is creepily accurate). I don’t believe in ouija boards, tarot cards, anything like that, but I do believe that some people are capable of getting snapshots of something that may eventually happen. Like anything to do with this, it can’t be proved though!

  14. AnDrew the Awesome

    It’s real.

    But that assertion comes with a caveat: anyone selling it is a fraud.
    Precognition and Divination (one sees, the other finds) only work on personal levels in my experience of the words.
    I can predict something that will happen to me in an online game and react in time to not be penalized with 65% accuracy. I find lost objects within three seconds when others have been looking for minutes.

    So yes it exists, and it hypothetically could be trained to be stronger, but it can’t be sold or I’d make lots of money.

  15. I honestly don’t know if I actually believe or not. I guess you can just say I’m open to it. I’ve had many dreams that have come true the next day or maybe later in the week. Some have been very accurate. The most accurate happened when I was in junior high/high school when we were trying to sell our house. I had a dream one night that a middle aged man in a red trucker hat came to our front door inquiring about the house and said that he would be willing to purchase the house but only if he could also have all of the equipment and supplies laying around the house (we had tractor equipment and random building materials around the property). I told my mom about my dream the next day because we were wanting to sell the house badly and I thought maybe it was a good sign. Later that day, lo and behold, a middle aged man in a red hat came to the door asking about the house. I immediately retreated to my room as I am not a people person and it was also a little eerie. My parents talked to him and he was soon gone. A few days later we find out he put an offer in on our house stating he’d be willing to purchase it for the price we were asking as long he could have all of the equipment around the house as well.
    So yeah, that was weird and maybe it was just a very lucky coincidence or true precognitive dreaming. I dunno. Some of my family on my dad’s side believe precognition and clairvoyance runs in the family. My aunt swears that her grandmother(my great grandmother) was psychic, always knowing about things before they happened. And the moment my great grandmother died my aunt felt something and even saw her sitting in the kitchen as if my great grandmother was saying goodbye. Not to long after she got a call saying her grandmother had passed.
    All weird stuff I just don’t know how to explain. I really would like to have more of these precognitive dreams though. I definitely can’t control them though, they just happen randomly and they happened more often when I was younger I think.

  16. Interesting that you mention this precognitive power of being able to predict what will be on TV. My husband claims this same thing. Although it’s usually that he starts thinking about a random tv show or movie out of the blue then turns the TV on to find that that particular show or movie is actually on. Also I find it funny that his name is Greg, the same name you posted this under. Gotta love funny coincidences.

  17. I mean, I totally 100% believe in it, but seeing is believing. If you don’t believe in ouija boards, spirits, mediums, whatever, then you won’t even dabble in the shit enough to know that it’s true. People who play with that stuff typically believe something will happen beforehand. I mean, you gotta think, you don’t know until you try. However, I do NOT do anything other than white magic (I’m a Wiccan) like rituals and summoning demons and stuff. That’s playing with fire. The only people who demons and spirits fuck with are those that gave them a reason to (messing with a ouija board, stuff like that).

  18. Personally I do believe in Divination because sometimes when i go to sleep I wake up in a fit of agony and pain and I see what’s going to happen (whether its bad or good) in like a few years/months/day and so on…and it ALWAYS scares me…I CAN’T EVEN TELL MY PARENTS! They don’t believe in this kind of stuff

  19. I already discussed this back in the Superstition post, but basically: About a year and a half back, I suddenly started having frequent visions of the future or knowing ‘things’ that I couldn’t (i.e. friend’s secrets when they had never said them, etc.). At first (since I’m a relatively scientific person in most scenarios)

    I considered it a coincidence, but it began happening more and more often in greater detail, and soon enough all my friends and I had to accept it as fact. After that, I began doing research on the paranormal, etc. and.

    Well, I discussed it with friends interested in that sort of thing, and it turns out I have… innate talent, I guess? Like, we’re talking “impossibly talented witch with very, very real powers” things. Which is kind of ironic, because beforehand, I was more agnostic atheist with little spiritual beliefs. Experiencing this shit firsthand does things to you, I guess.

    Anyway moral of the story is don’t give unlimited magic power to the mentally ill girl who procrastinates eternally to the point of never actually using her powers. Seriously, I could be doing magic-related stuff right this second but I’m here watching anime and writing this very comment… ono;;

  20. O yes I believe that all those things are real. And I agree that those traits can be passed from generation to generation without even practicing them.

  21. I don’t believe in divination, but I do think those things are fun and I like symbolism and stuff. My favorite thing is how people react differently to Tarot cards.

  22. I don’t believe in divination, but I do think those things are fun and I like symbolism and stuff. My favorite thing is how people react differently to Tarot cards.

  23. I never really believed that the Future could be forseen – to me it only made sense that time hasn’t happened yet, therefore by definition, one could not accurately foretell it.

    I’m a scientist (zoology) and, although fascinated with various aspects of the Paranormal, I’ve always tried to balance keeping an open-mind with a healthy critical eye.

    However, according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Time is not linear. That’s simply how we perceive it. This flies in the face of reason as far as I can wrap my head around. Time has to exist in a linear fashion to explain Cause and Effect. Evolution requires the passing of time. The sheer fact that we have questions, require a linear concept of Time – otherwise, we’d already know the answer …Man! Temporal Metaphysics give me a headache. ;-)

  24. I do believe in divination, but no oujia boards or anything that seems like connecting to a different world. More like seeing omens. reading cards and palms and coffee. dreams too.

  25. Well, yes. I have a lot of these Deja Vu feelings lately. Like, it happens almost every week or so. And it started to get stronger as me and my friends did over 20 sessions with the Ouija Board. It kind of opened some sort of new feelings to all of us. We started doing this at school. We took a piece of paper, a pen and started drawing and marking things on the paper just like the original Ouija Board. The idea came to us after being disappointed after the Charlie Charlie shit. We saw that it was bull shit so I said ” Let’s do something more fun and maybe something more interesting like the Ouija Board” Skeptics are asked to leave from now. So we made out little Ouija board and use a key ring as the pointer or how ever that is called. Before we even thought of doing something with it, we looked up a lot of rules, and informations about it. After we got everything set up, like we got a silver coin for protection, a speel for it, we got some spices that we’re ment to protect us and so on. We got everything. We entered an meditation form or something, we calmed down, thought about positive things and we started the session. Everything went very slow at first, that little thing barely moved on the paper. To make this story a little shorter, we made aprox. 20 sessions, in wich we met close to 13 demons and the rest of them we’re positive energies. The thing that made me “believe” in Ouija was the fact that, at some point I wasn’t playing, I was recording on my phone, and I asked the “spirit” without touching the paper or the key ring, if I can ask a question really quick. That thing went over to “YES” and then, to make everything clear in my head, I asked ” what is the name of my grandfather that died 5-6 years ago” (Question that only I knew the answer for, no one in my class knew before I never spoke about him.Never!) and the ring with the player’s hands on it, went on each letter spelling : G-H-E-O-R-G-H-E. when it reached the last “G” I knew it was true. I started crying because before that I asked if my grandfather was in Hell and the spirit said no. I was so shocked to see that it spelled the name right, that I burst into tears. I was truly shocked and never played again with that thing…because the teachers found out what we we’re doing and they got mad, blame us for “Witch Craft” or something and told us to never do that again, even though they don’t even know what Ouija means. That is my story about that..

    1. you do realise you’re on a DISCUSSION post, this means we discuss things instead of saying and impossible to believe story and then “Skeptics are asked to leave from now”
      Don’t participate in a discussion unless you’re going to allow people to debate and say what they think. That’s like saying “only people who like me can vote” when you’re a candidate for an election.

  26. I definitely think some people are far more perceptive than others just naturally. For example, my dad and I are both very sensitive to reading situations and people. Both of us have predicted divorces/break ups (my mom would admonish my dad over it until she realized he’s always right, even if the couple seems happy), walked into places and gotten a bad feeling only to find out that place was busted for being a front a few weeks later, that sort of thing. One time I met someone and immediately knew how they had responded in a specific type of situation, made a joke about it (I can already tell you’re the kind of dude who’d….etc), then had them look at me really weird and say that it actually happened. My first impressions of someone are rarely, if ever, wrong.

    Once I got my palm read and the woman told me very vague things then that I’d marry a tall blonde and have two kids. My friend and I rounded the corner and almost cried laughing, because it was just so inaccurate and wishy washy. However, tarot reading has always produced somewhat accurate results for me, even when I force the reader to do a cold reading and don’t give any personal information. I fit my astrological sign, Taurus, quite well also.

    I fit in the “want to believe” category, but I know a lot of my interest comes from anxiety about the future and a desire to “know” for sure what will happen. How much of the accuracy and perception is just a natural biproduct of my anxiety and how much is true divination, I can’t say, and I lean towards thinking it’s only as real as you make it, but I certainly love the idea.

  27. I don’t know. I’ve had too much weird stuff happen to me to be truly skeptical, but part of me doesn’t quite accept it. All my life I’ve had strange, vivid dreams, and I’ve kept a dream diary off and on since I was in about second grade. Some of my dreams have come true – for better or worse.
    Some of my “oddly specific” nightmares (planes crashing, school shootings, etc) are accurate to what happens later, but missing *just* enough crucial information that I couldn’t say exactly where the event is going to happen.
    When I was a kid, I saw my mom and grandmother do their “phone trick” – both of them could tell who was calling before they picked up. This was long before caller ID. Once, when the phone began to ring, my mother started to cry before she picked up. The caller, my grandmother, was calling to give her news of an unexpected family death.

    I don’t know — if it’s a gift I have, it’s not reliable enough to be useful, and often makes life a little weird. I remember when I heard that the Columbia space shuttle exploded being surprised, and thinking it had already happened, maybe a couple weeks before. (No, I wasn’t confusing it with the Challenger). I also heed my creepy feelings – a “disturbance in the Force”, if you will. I won’t walk down that street, or I take a different route somewhere, or I’ll call someone to find they had just been thinking of me.

  28. I’ve had that semi-normal (ok, so maybe it’s not so normal) dreaming of something and waking up and being like “That was the weirdest dream ever” and continuing on and then at school, I will walk in the classroom and see the teacher with a lab-coat or walk home and eat a candy bar and have this weird period of déjà vu from one of those dreams I had say like a week or so ago and be like “woah, what the heck” and be able to know what happens exactly for the next few minutes without actually remembering the dream, and it’s almost like life is on auto-pilot and I’m watching a movie I’ve already seen, then I have a revelation and it’s back to normal for the situation. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to channel it?

    1. It may be chronic Deja vu, you may believe you are on autopilot but perhaps your mind is relating to situations with too much empathy and falsely “remembering” things that never happened, a man once thought he had died in a car crash and was actually just being over empathetic for the person who had experienced it and reliving the non-existent crash through anxiety, resulting in a breakdown. note: by empathy I mean putting yourself in someone else’s perspective.

  29. 100% absolutely. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, divination, and the occult are very real, and something that the inexperienced should NEVER eff with! There are far too many doorways that can be opened and if you don’t know how to close them, it can be a danger to you and anyone else around you.

  30. I believe in divination. Definitely. All forms of it. Although I do think some forms of divination, such as Ouija, should be practiced with caution. Also, this might be kind of random, but do fortune cookies count as a form of divination?

    1. I think they do, unless (like me) you eat twelve and have 7 different fourtunes. I mean, they might not (idk) but if you wanted to you could try to take something from them.

  31. I believe in divination. Definitely. All forms of it. Although I do think some forms of divination, such as Ouija, should be practiced with caution. Also, this might be kind of random, but do fortune cookies count as a form of divination?

  32. I’m a skeptic, but freakiest thing that ever happened to me was ever since I was a kid, I had this dream that I was in a classroom and talking to some jerk (it was a recurring dream until high school) and when I did reach High school… I sat in a chair and looked to my right only to see the same guy from my dreams…

  33. I definitely believe in divination, as a practicing witch. I have a tarot deck, although I’m not exactly an expert at it. (I prefer charms and curses.) I do know a few witches who are skilled at it though, a pair of whom are best at it when drunk.

  34. I believe in all of it. I really do. I’ve had my own experiences, downfalls and otherwise. I also have my doubts because that makes all judgments well rounded and fair. Once I get my own place, I can practice and do so as I please. Environment is everything and practice is everything. For those who do have the ability, if you want to stop it or slow it down; practice grounding your self. Like one user suggesting, physically tiring yourself works. Mentally and emotionally grounding yourself can do two things; open you up to receiving them better and can help you only receive them when you want to. During the daytime, you can simply mentally say “I will not receive a vision unless I want to.” over and over. Just a helpful hint that may or may not work but our minds are capable of so much more than just making our bodies move and heart beat.

  35. I’m proud of my Nordic ancestry–I’m 50% Danish on my father’s side and 25% Norwegian and 25% Swedish on my mother’s side. 100% Scandinavian.

    Some time ago I discovered a game on Steam called Year Walk. Apparently the premise of the game is based off a Scandinavian form of divination. On December 31, New Year’s Eve, a person who wants to complete a Year Walk confines himself or herself to a pitch black room and fasts for the whole day, abstaining from any food or drink. At the stroke of midnight, they emerge from their dwelling and meander through the forest, following animals or spirits as their guides.

    It’s hard to get more specific than this because the things that each individual encounters or experiences is different. Suffice it to say that, by some unknown means, they supposedly learn what the following year has in store for them. They discover whether they’ll find true love, whether they’ll lose all of their worldly possessions, whether good fortune will come their way, even whether or not they will die or commit a horrible crime. Completing a Year Walk doesn’t promise to yield any promising or pleasant results, it simply shows you what the following year holds in store.

    I don’t know if I believe in it, but I’m eager to try it and find out for myself. Especially since December 31 is my birthday =)

  36. Cristiannotreally

    OK well let me start with this theory.
    The many worlds theory.
    Theoretically speaking each and every future is possible not all futures seen by the “few” will come to past. Sometimes an alternative different future may arrive and completely split our timeline into another. However for some of us as I’ve come to experience. Can see the future or are connected to a future predecided by fate itself.
    Have you ever woken up for a dream that you actually remember well then maybe days, weeks, months later you notice wait!? Didn’t I just do this or read this or wasn’t this on the last test?!
    It’s unexplainable for whatever reason that future was already shown to us however we couldn’t do anything to change it due to predestined fate. Maybe we were just meant to live that one day out the same way. Dajavue anyone?
    The many worlds theory can support this because each and every moment in our life is pre determined however when a moment in our lives becomes so influential it can actually create multiple unviverses. So not every future “your neighborhood fortune teller tells you will occur.” Everything and anything can happen.
    Even with supernatural powers no one is ever really certain what the future holds.
    Divination is not something that comes easy and no real supernatural ability can aquire a 100% accurate future.
    We can control our own future.
    Maybe in our dreams we can see a glimpse of an alternate dimension depending on how strong our desire is to see it but to some it could just occur.
    Like me for instance I’m pretty sure I took a test already but when I did take it. It felt the familiar to me so I changed up my answers on some and even came up with a better score than my dream self received. Again not necessarily seeing the future but recieving a glimpse of an alternate reality from the you there and somehow mentally connecting yourself with them too share the experience and learn from it.
    Not a divination but seeing through the time spilt axis itself is a bonus however you’d only be able to see your own future or “alternate mistake” to change. Seeing someone else’s future can be both difficult or even impossible. I don’t believe in divination but I can support multiple world theory because that’s the most likely cause to people recieve “divination.”

    1. That has been touched on before by many (me included) I agree that it is an extremely interesting concept, however having a mental link to another universe doesn’t make sense, creating another or dreaming of one before the universe decided which to enact based on your actions does. All I mean is, yeah, what you said but maybe not MENTAL links to the future. Still, we don’t know so believe what you want!

  37. Yes, I really do; in fact, I’ve tried most of the known types including runes, tarot, and I ching. Problem is, I rarely have time or place to do it for a long while so maybe when I get my own apartment…

  38. So, you’ve all heard about “The Secret”? “The Law of Attraction”? The power of positive thinking. If you want and ask for something often enough and hard enough, it’ll come to you. But it’s not limited to that. Constantly think about all those red lights you’re getting? That’s all you’ll get. That “Law of Attraction” can be something big as well as something small.. (On a side note, look into quantum mechanics, and the idea that sub atomic particles can be in 2 positions at once, and will only take 1 position once it’s observed. That’s an oversimplification of it, though)

    In general conversation with a friend, she suggested I read the book, “The Secret”. Jessica was her name. Yeah, I’d heard about it, didn’t take too much interest in it. But, she was pretty, and I liked her, and as I was walking through a department store, I saw a display of them. $10. So I bought one, and spent the next week or so reading it. We briefly discussed it, but as time wore on, we spoke less and less.

    Fast forward a year, and a new housemate was moving in. I was sitting there chatting, and she had a box of DVDs. “Feel free to go through them ,and if there’s anything you wanna borrow, just borrow it”. Great… so there I am, flipping through, and what did I see? “The Secret” on DVD. “I’ve read this, can I borrow this?”.

    A month or so later, I had some spare time, and decided to watch the DVD. I settled in in my bedroom to watch it, and because it was Jessica that had suggested to me to read “The Secret” in the first place, she popped into my head, and I wondered how she was, and what she was doing now. I didn’t see the DVD out… I fell asleep. I woke up to the DVD on the menu screen, and reached over to my phone to check the time, and saw that I had a text.

    From Jessica.
    Of all the people to text me, of all the times, of all the days, it was her just as I was watching the very movie of the book she suggested, and for the first time in about 9 or 10 months.

  39. That sounds like science trying really hard to explain something away that they can’t prove.I never knew they had tried that for do believe in divination; when I first met my boyfriend, he somehow knew some little things about me that doesn’t really matter, stuff he couldn’t have gotten from anyone, or by creeping my trash or facebook, lol.I dismissed it anyways, but a day or two later when I met his mother, the same thing happened.It was weird.About small stuff, but I definitely noticed, even though it wasn’t anything dramatic.I cant even remember what it was they said.Also there’s that theory about our brain use – if we used all of our available brain, people say we could do a lot more, like telekinesis.Does anyone know if that’s just a myth?

    1. I believe it to be a myth. It has something to do with the 10% rule. It says that we humans only use up to 10% of our brains capacity, which is partially false. We use 10% at a time, we use our entire brain all the time, but only to about 10%. Anymore and we would fry our brains. However, I cannot deny that it would be quite interesting to see someone use more that 10% at a give time, with all of it working. Would it lead to divination? I doubt it, but it could lead to higher brain function and maybe a heightened sense of awareness which could give the impression of divination. But I will remain a skeptic of both science and the supernatural. I don’t think just one thing can explain all that goes on in our lives.

      1. Thanks for the answer.I guess this rumor dropped that part about it being what you use of your brain at a time, lol, not what you use of it altogether.In these last few years, I have seen some really weird shit.I didn’t believe in the supernatural, even though I thought it was cool.I even got 2 types of evidence, thinking I was half-way – my husband had died very suddenly and recently.But it’s frustrating that this “evidence” that I have can only be believed by me, since I am the only person that knows without a doubt that it was not faked, and that no one else could have been responsible, either.Its a weird situation Lol

      2. some people have been known to use not all, but more of their brains than average and have been able to move objects with their minds, although it causes blackouts and migraines, as well as the effects being small at the most. But the point remains, we can move objects with our minds. This isn’t divination but it does say that our brain is not at it’s peak.

    2. it is for an average person, we do use 100% of our brains, just not to full capacity, either that or all of our brains are working but those areas we don’t consciously use serve some other function

  40. I believe. I read tarot, and I’m not saying that I get everything right all the time, but while I’m reading I seem to tap into SOMETHING that guides my readings. Maybe it’s my own intuition, maybe it’s a small form of second sight, I don’t know.

    I get feelings and impressions while I’m reading cards, sometimes I see a flash of a face, or a photograph–it’s hard to explain. I’ve learned that when I get a feeling or impression (even if it’s completely off the wall) to say it–it almost always makes sense to the person I’m reading for.

    ouija boards—-I have mixed feelings about. A lot of times when using a board I think I’m focusing my own subconscious thoughts and that’s what being spelled out. I do think it’s possible to contact spirits with it, and maybe even darker entities, which is why I think you should never use a ouija board if you’re not experienced with one–if you want to try it, find someone else who has done it before and who knows how to cleanse the space, the board, and close the door.

    I also don’t recommend using a board alone. Having one or two people with you, I think, gives you balance and centers you, like an anchor almost.

    Some people swear by candle divination, or using a pendulum board, or even automatic writing. Those methods have never worked for me.

    It’s all very interesting, though.

  41. I have dreams about the future. I wake up from them, and can’t remember them. Then maybe two weeks later it will happen and I’ll remember the dream. Only one time did I remember a dream. I dreamed that when talking to a friend, I said that I knew about something she was talking about. I didn’t. She called me on it and I was embarrassed like you wouldn’t believe. Then the same conversation happened in real life, but this time I just admitted that I didn’t know and avoided the awkwardness.

  42. I believe that one can, in fact, divine certain future events by following certain procedures; but my reasons for this belief are very different from the convention. I always have believed that we live in a simulated universe – and all extremely complicated simulations must have a few glitches. Maybe, if one can, through careful experimentation, deduce an exact method for the exploitation of these flaws, he could theoretically gain certain superhuman abilities the most fantastic of which would certainly be prescience.

  43. devil_in_my_heart

    I don’t believe in divination, but in my country, the Philippines, many people believe in that practice. We even have a fortuneteller that got famous because most of her clients are celebrities.

  44. devil_in_my_heart

    I don’t believe in divination, but in my country, the Philippines, many people believe in that practice. We even have a fortuneteller that got famous because most of her clients are celebrities.

  45. I have it majorly. It happens almos every day. When it does happen i just sit down and cry but then that leads o me doing the nex thing i saw…. My friends think im crazy cuz i can tell what they are thinking and that i can see future events in my dreams

  46. I have it majorly. It happens almos every day. When it does happen i just sit down and cry but then that leads o me doing the nex thing i saw…. My friends think im crazy cuz i can tell what they are thinking and that i can see future events in my dreams

  47. I’m not really sure whether this one practice from my hometown has thing to do with supernatural. I think some Asian culture do practice it. So here goes nothing, an infant of about 8-12 months old who has never stepped on the bare soil is laid down upon him/her few stuffs (pencils, money, balls, etc). Later, the one that the baby chose is said to somehow presents his/her future. For example, if he chose money, he would be a greedy man one day. I chose pencils, but I’m just a score-more-than-average student now, not the one who ace lol

  48. My ancestry is 100% Scandinavian; 50% Danish on my father’s side, 25% Norwegian and 25% Swedish on my mother’s side.

    About a year ago I discovered this game called “Year Walk” on Steam and learned that a Year Walk was an actual practice in Scandinavia (it technically still is, although it’s far less widely practice than it was in previous centuries). A person preparing to go on a Year Walk would fast for the entire day on December 31, confining themselves a pitch-black room. At the stroke of midnight, marking the beginning of January 1 of the following year, they would emerge from their dwelling into the cold night air, following spirits or other guides that would, by some means still unknown, show them what the future holds. People who successfully completed a Year Walk supposedly would learn what the next year had in store: if they would find love, if they would lose all their earthly possessions, if life would take them on some fantastic adventure, or even if they would die. The vision of the future wasn’t guaranteed to be a pleasant one, it was merely to show the individual what would be.

    As far as I know, no one in my family line has ever attempted a Year Walk. I don’t know if I believe in it, but I’m extremely excited to try it this New Year’s Eve, especially because December 31 is also my birthday =)

  49. I somewhat believe it but can’t picture myself doing it. I think of divination like the creepypastas that give you directions to do some ritual. Not something I would normally do.

  50. In terms of tarot cards, there was someone giving out readings at a small club for gay youth. He spoke to about six people, one of them he couldn’t read in the hectic environment. The problem I had is that he didn’t tell anyone anything they didn’t already know inside of their hearts. And maybe that’s what all divination does. I do believe however that some people have a definite gift, I just haven’t seen one yet. I believe in the art of divination itself, I just don’t believe in every person who claims to be able to practice it.

  51. My grandmother was a proclaimed medium.. she read regular cards and she had a really good following. She would record her messages and send them to her clients so I guess she was pretty good. I do believe in mediums being able to see the future by way of spirits guiding them.

  52. it’s not like deja vu, i get that rarely, but this is different. i guess i was misleading when i said “i can see the immediate future,” bc that’s a very toned-down and generalized description of my… whatever it is. actually it’s really hard to explain.

    sometimes i know very specific things, that i may never find out if they’re true or not, but sometimes i do find out later that they’re true. like when i first started working at rooster’s, i somehow knew that one of the girls who trained me had miscarried. of course it would be rude to ask her about that for confirmation, but i found out a year later that she had bc she told me of her own volition.

    other times, i get a feeling that i should or shouldn’t do something, but i have no idea why. it’s not unless i ignore the feeling that i actually find out why. like, one time i got a feeling that i should take my TI-82 calculator into walmart with me even though i was only going in to grab catfood. turned out that when i passed by the hardware aisle, i remembered that i was out of duct tape, and being the cheap bastard that i am, needed to calculate which roll would have the best value per yard. so i needed my calculator.

    twice, someone has told me about a person whom i’ve never met, and i described them in detail, which was really creepy both to me and to the people i was talking to, bc how the hell could i know that?

    every now and then i’ll dream of something mundane that later happens exactly like it did in my dream. like opening my kitchen cabinet and having everything fall out of it all over the place.

    sometimes i’ll know exactly what someone is going to say, word-for-word, before they say it. occasionally, i could swear i can read people’s thoughts, but fucked if i’m ever going to ask if i’m right or not in those situations. bc whether i’m right or wrong, it would just be socially unacceptable and honestly i don’t want to know if i can read people’s thoughts. i don’t want that ability at all.

    it’s weird and it’s unreliable, sometimes it’s weak, sometimes it’s strong, sometimes it’s nonstop, other times it doesn’t happen for months. i don’t understand it but i wish i did. and it’s extremely frustrating because if i do what i know i’m supposed to do, then i’ll never find out why i was supposed to do it. like one time i was taking a walk, and got a very strong feeling that i shouldn’t walk down a particular street. is that because a drunk driver would have hit me? a mugger would have attacked me? i would have been kidnapped, raped, and tortured till i died? i’ll never know, bc i didn’t walk down the street. honestly it sucks.

    this turned out a lot longer than i meant for it to. TL;DR – it’s not deja vu, i appreciate your input and obviously i don’t mind lengthy answers, haha. my ability has many different facets, but deja vu isn’t one of them. i wish i had an explanation for it, but i don’t. it sucks.

    1. Well, I thought that was pretty cool to read about. I have the same thing sometimes, though not nearly as detailed as you. Sometimes I dream things and they happen, but not for days or weeks or even months later. Once I accurately predicted outfits worn by a teacher every day for a week straight…I would just see him in the background of the dream, never as a part of the immediate action. Like, I would be walking down a street and pass him going the other way or something. Or I was in a restaurant and he was sitting in the other side of the rum our something. Whatever he wore in the dreams, he would wear the next day. Lol. Super weird, but kinda cool.

    2. Miles Banhagel

      I saw your comment and had to reply. I’ve had similar experiences, but it’s not usually things but people, more specifically with every girl I’ve ever dated. One girl in particular will stand out to me, and next thing I know I’m meeting and dating them in the most outlandish weird circumstance. For example, I go to golds gym and there was a girl who wirked the front desk. for whatever reason (she had worked there for months and I never really payed attention) on one particular day I got that same feeling that I get when I see a girl and we end up dating. So I say goodbye to her as im leav8ng golds and drive to the grocery store to get cheese. Normally I would have gone home and taken my protein first but I had a weird feeling I should go to the store first. So I do, and it takes me 20 minutes to find this one specific type of cheese since they moved it from its previous location. As I’m leaving the store I see her walking in. I say to her, so I guess your following me now huh? You know, like a douchebag. She says you caught me and laughs and locks the car. I then notice that she parked right next to my car and made a comment confirming it. I worked the bar that night at the country club, and didn’t get off work until about 11:30. My buddy micah (whom I hadn’t spoken with in months) texts me and says hey man, do you want to go to a party tonight, but just letting you know it’s kinda far. I say how far? To which he replys about 40 minutes. I’m thinking holy shit no way I’m beat, but I think to myself I suppose, who knows, maybe I’ll see that girl (Laughing to myself since the party is 40 minutes off of beltway 8 in the back of some random subdivision in Houston) so when we get there who do I see standing outside that house other than that exact girl. Next thing I know she’s chasing off the girl that was talking to me that night, I’m asking her for coffee and the next day we’re together. This is just one example out of many. Another would be back in high school when i saw a girl in the halls one day during passing period when there was hundreds of kids walking all in clusters, yet she stood out to me and I got that same feeling again. I didn’t know her, nor had ever seen here(she was a grade above me) but she stuck out like a sore thumb for no apparent reason. That night me and my buddy micah (yeah him again weird right) threw a small get together with about 20 or so people and one of my friends shows up with her. She was really quiet the whole time but she kept looking over at me. Next night micah had another party and she was there. Next morning she asked me if I wanted to get breakfast because we were all hungover and me her and her best friend went to mickey d’s and me and her were riding shotgun in her friends cab that only had 3 total seats and next thing I knew we were making out and started dated after that. More examples still but my fingers hurt from typing on my phone

    3. I kind of have the same thing but the time frame would be farther apart from the memory (premonition) and the actual event from one to two months. My longest gap between a premonition and the event was about 8 – 10 years and the scary thing of it was that the premonition was one of my first memories and no way I could have had this as a actual memory because it was me being woken up by my mom in my, at the time when I had the premonition, future stepfathers house. I also can if I focus repeat what someone is saying very close to when they exactly go to say it. I have not recently had anymore premonition dreams of future events but that my be because of the fact I don’t really sleep that much expt for thee weekends during school time and summertime.

    4. I have the same ability. Although mine is explicitly linked to being unconscious or asleep. It never happens when I am lucid or already awakened. I have to be dreaming or have just fallen asleep into a pre-REM sleep phase in order for me to be able to experience I guess what you would call precognition. I have no control over when it happens, it just does. But I have noticed that when I am dealing with a particularly stressful situation in my life or am otherwise in some sort of difficult situation, the visions, if you want to call them that, never come. At least not until I have gotten over such a situation. When I go on a vacation and I disconnect with my situation back home, I get flooded with them. To the point where several days can occur in my mind despite the fact that I may have taken only a 2 hour nap. I used to tell people about it all the time in high school. Now, though, I just keep it to myself.

      Edit: Also, I can tell with near 100% accuracy if a woman is pregnant, even before she may know. This may or may not be some form of psychic ability, but I have numerous times identified a pregnant woman, to be shrugged off only to be told a couple of weeks later that she’s pregnant and asking me how I could possibly know. Being gay, they find it very surprising that I would even be able to pick up on it even before their husbands/boyfriends. I kind of do take pride in this one, though :)

    5. I’m so glad I found this thread. My first time in creepy pasta actually, it’s 4am so bare with me.

      I’m with you 100% on this, I get it too, always have but I had no idea this was common. It’s not like déjà vu because during déjà vu I have a memory of that moment happening in the past. (Maybe I’m just crazy – I once had an inception déjà vu while driving down a road in BC with my boyfriend. I had never been there before but I started telling him that I remembered him adjusting his mirror like that before, right here on this road, of course prefaced by “whoa I just had a déjà vu.” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I not only remembered that but remembered TELLING him I remembered and him having the exact same reaction “haha you’re cute, do you want to stop at this store?” I had a déjà vu within a déjà vu… Scared the shit out of me).

      Anyway, with this thing it’s like a memory of the future. But it’s so accurate I’m not buying the explanation of a brain disorder making shit up in your prefrontal cortex and tricking you into thinking it’s happening in the present.

      When it happens, it lasts all day. It will start with random thoughts like “someone is about to knock on the door” promptly followed by someone knocking. Then stupider occurrences like “the cat is about to lick his ass” and “a fly is going to land on my arm.” Reeeeallly dumb unimportant things that are only noticeable because I unwillingly predict them a good 1-8 seconds before they happen. And like I said, it lasts allllll day. I wouldn’t give it a second thought and brush it off as chance if it happened once but I mean, Its consistent and accurate.

      Occasionally it escalates to things like “I’m going to trip today” or “I’m going to break a wine glass” (things that don’t typically happen on a day to day basis and are more out of the ordinary). The worst was when I met one of my brothers friends for the first time and my first thought was “he’s going to crash his brand new truck” When I didn’t even know he had a truck, my brother drove him, but he did crash his month old jacked up blue Chevy a few hours later.

      I don’t know where I was going with this, but I’m glad to see I’m not crazy. Or if I am, I’m not alone in the madness. :P

      1. yes, that’s exactly how it is! it’s almost always stupid shit! it’s so frustrating! and yeah, every now and then it will be something important. i’m glad i’m not alone, either. when i first posted that comment, i wasn’t sure if anyone would respond. but it makes me happy to read all these responses. it’s nice to know you’re not alone. :)

  53. I believe that it is possible, though most people who claim to have these powers are frauds. I don’t, however, believe that humans have natural abilities of divination, but there are spirits and demons who can give these powers, or at least make it seem like they have given you this power. It’s a dangerous game, in my opinion, to reach into a realm that we have no concrete knowledge of, and to play with power that is not our own. I’m not one of those soap box crazy people who shun anyone who claims to have divination, but I definitely don’t reach out for their services. My only experience with someone who claimed this power was my aunt, and let me tell you, she was NOT right in the head. Very crazy person; when I spent the night with my cousin, she would walk in our room at night and stare at us. I am an insomniac, so I usually didn’t fall asleep as a child until well into the early morning hours, so I would always be awake to see her come into the room. That was just one of many creepy things she did, as well as being one of the meanest people I have ever met.

  54. Nicola Marie Jackson

    Several years ago I needed a job and had none of the skills needed to get a proper job. I saw an ad in a magazine wanting phone Tarot readers and Mediums. I am neither but I was skint and willing to lie and so I got the job. I literally Read the cards as I had wrote the meanings on the back of each of them. This all went well until I had people wanting to speak with dead relatives. I always explained that I couldn’t do it and to try another psychic. After being asked to speak to a dead hubby I called my supervisor and asked what to do as I couldn’t do it. I was told “No-one can do it, just make it up, we all do!” When I said I was uncomfortable and that it felt wrong I was told “Say they, the deceased, are happy and mention a blue or white car as most people know someone with one and they will take that as proof” The next caller was a lady wanting to speak to her dead child. I started of saying that I had a young boy in front of me and then I couldn’t do it. I apologised and then explained that I didn’t believe anyone could do it and certainly not someone who couldn’t even see them. I told her what I had been told and said that if she wanted to speak to her son then to do it in her head, Find somewhere they were both happy and go there. Maybe her could hear and maybe not but at least she wouldn’t have to pay money to do it. I left after that, handy really as when anyone phoned with money problems I called them back so it wouldn’t cost them anything and then gave them a free reading while helping them sort out their debt and when I got my phone bill it was half of what I had earned! I do believe that some people can read the cards properly but they are rare and I’m not one of them.

  55. I was 11 when my mom fell sick and was submitted to hospital on her birthday. The next day she took a turn for the worst and we were called to her bedside. She remained in ICU for a while so we sort of lingered in the halls. I wandered of and eventually lay down on a couch in the waiting and fell asleep. Lond story short I had a dream that I walked into our house and it was empty – no furniture or anything except our fridge. I opened the door and there lay a slab of dark chocolate (mum’s favourite). I was awoken by my uncle and we were led into her room to say goodbye as they decided to switch off life support. She died and we went to my uncle’s home after that (my dad had died when I was 9). Being a kid I had no insight into what happens when your folks die (house sold, furniture stored, wills get read). A month later my uncle asks if I would like to say goodbye to our old house as they sold it.I had not been home since we left that morning on her birthday, so we went. I walked into the house and all the furniture was gone save for the fridge. I opened it and on the top shelf was a slab of dark chocolate our neighbour brought my mom for her birthday while we were at the hospital. I never ate dark chocolate again.
    Fast forward 10 years – One day a friend of mine, whom I never told this story to, gave me a slab of dark chocolate to say thanks for helping him move a fridge to his new apartment. On the way back home that night he died in a car crash.

    True story.

  56. SlowStrawberry

    Nope, not even a little bit. There have been several times where me and my boyfriend or my mother will have gone about our daily lives but then suddenly felt something was going to go wrong and went to find the other person only to find out there was an issue. But the issues are usually things like forgotten cellphones or wallets, one time it was a broken down car, and all of those things are something your brain might have unconsciously noticed. The boyfriend’s butt might have felt odd when you squeezed it goodbye, mom’s purse was a little easier to hand over, the car vibrated a little differently over that pothole, all of that can tip you off without you realizing it. I don’t think humans have any paranormal powers at all, not to say I think people are lying or are crazy when they say they do. I just think that it is a combination of the subconscious mind, a few lucky coincidences, and confirmation bias.

  57. i swear this shit runs in my family. sort-of. i actually started writing a creepypasta about it last year, but never submitted it bc it turned out to be really long and boring. basically, sometimes i can see the immediate future. not all the time, and not lately. it comes and goes. it’s really frustrating bc when it does happen, it happens constantly and it’s like being told what to do about the most mundane shit all the time and it drives me crazy. and then when it stops happening for a few months, i wonder if it will ever come back. my brother has it too. neither one of us really understand it or know why we have it. and i have reason to believe that my nana has it a little bit, but i’ve never really talked to her about it, just sometimes she knows things and idk how the fuck she knows. i could give examples but trust me, it’s really boring stupid shit. i don’t even know how to make it sound cool, it’s just frustrating bc i don’t understand why or how it happens and it’s almost never about anything important.

    1. When ppl says they can see the future some ppl always tend to think its a chance to change it. But I personally think the future will still happen even when we can see it, well mostly of course. Have you tried to change the future when the “visions” strikes?

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