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June 2016 Discussion Post: Creepy Real-World Locations

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First of all, a big thank you to Katherine C. for suggesting this month’s topic! I was drawing a total blank. If you guys have any suggestions for future discussion posts, please drop them in the comments here. Thanks!

This month, I’d like to hear about the creepiest real-world locations that you’ve ever visited. If you have photos or links or backstories to why these places were/are so unsettling, please do share! Google Earth coordinates would also be very appreciated.

My only rule is, of course, that if it’s a personal residence or private property, you don’t give specifics as to its location. My city has a very famous “haunted mansion” and I actually met the woman who lived there – her tales of annoying teenagers and college students waking her up at all hours to knock on her door in hopes of activating a ritual to see supposed ghostly illusions come to mind. Let’s not be jerks to people just trying to live their lives, even if it’s in a creepy or allegedly haunted locale, okay? Fudge the location or details a bit if you have a must-tell story about a private location!


So share your real-world experiences with Urban Exploration, creepy cemeteries, haunted houses, and who knows what else! As always – have fun and be excellent to each other!

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26 thoughts on “June 2016 Discussion Post: Creepy Real-World Locations”

  1. I live in a town in Western Massachusetts, by the name of Great Barrington. The name aside, it isn’t so great. It’s become much of a tourist attraction as of the past couple years. Fall and summer, it’s flooded with snobby, self centered, stuck up New Yorkers. Although they bring in money, they’re a locals worst nightmare, as they’re rich idiots. Now, the locals, are the families who’s history evolved around the small town, they’ve been there since the day the town was… well, made. Just about everyone here agrees it’s quite boring, which isn’t false. It’s in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woodland and farms. Honestly, the scariest thing is probably the old men in the fields, holding rifles waiting for trespassing kids. Once and awhile he’d get ahold of a bone head and threaten to feed the kid to the pigs, which quite frankly I’d love to see… But that’s another topic for another day.

    There’s this one house on the edge of town. It’s, like everything else, surrounded by woods and is old with creaky wood floors. It went for sale a couple years ago after the old woman passed away. Of course my family was excited and bought it. I being a couple years old, was full of imagination and…. “Imaginary friends” as the my mum called them. I’d run around the house talking to my, friends, playing with them and occasionally be terrified of something. My mum never believe me till stuff started happening to the house. Things falling, animal noises, doors knocking and spamming. I always thought it was funny when my mum screamed at the top of her lungs when something happened. She got a new boyfriend who quickly moved in. Within a week, he insisted we moved. So, my mum being the girl she is; we left.
    We still own the house, we’ve left it unlocked, open to other visitors.
    Last Halloween, a couple kids in my class decided to go in and play pranks on each other. That night the house went up in flames and each kid was put in ICU, a couple days later one of the girls died. My family thought it was time to look at the damage the fire caused. Nothing, absolutely nothing. It wasn’t touched. After we started pulling out of the driveway, in the rearview mirror was a white mist in the attic window. I swear the place is haunted, whether it’s the old woman, the girl, or someone else. I swear somethings there. Never will I go back, that place is evil.

  2. There’s a church in Amery,Wi I’ve seen. Never actually been there tho. Its abandoned and allegedly haunted so… Check it out.

  3. There is an abandoned ski resort right down the road from Hunter Mountain in New York. My boyfriend and I and our two friends were there for a day trip and on the way home we decided to check out the closed down ski resort. We had to park down the street as there was no driveway to the ski resort and the whole area it sits on was covered by 2 feet of snow. So we walked to the back and found an open entryway. It was super dark inside so we turned on the flashlight option on my iphone and began exploring and looking around. It already felt super creepy, but what scared the hell out of us was when we approached the stairwell to the second floor and began to ascend and the flashlight on my iphone began flickering. Mind you, my battery was plenty charged (over 50%) so it couldn’t have been a phone dying problem. The flashlight turned off, I went back to the app and turned it back on, we climbed one more step when it turned off again. At that point we were too freaked out to keep going. We made our way out of there and ran back to the car!

  4. TheMonsterWithin

    Jeez… I’m really late but whatever. I’ve been to a place called Hell’s Bridge in Rockford Michigan, just off of Friske Drive NE. There is a legend, but it is super long so I’ll just link it here, (oh and before you read it, it is not for the queasy).—the-ghost-of-elias-friske.shtml

    But me and a friend of mine went there and it is truly disturbing, it doesn’t look like much, just an old, run down metal bridge, but if you go there around midnight (as the legend says) as me and my buddy did, you can sometimes hear children screaming, or demonic laughter, and me and my friend swear that we heard a little boy crying out for help, and screaming let us go… Anyway it is very creepy, and also takes a bit of time to find it, but if you like the supernatural, then it is worth your time to find.

  5. I don’t really know if what happened to me was paranormal or not but I thought I’d share this anyways considering it has been years since it had happened but it still comes to my mind often.

    So I was on a school trip to a place I won’t disclose but it had been a hilly region. All the girls were staying at a palace turned to hotel while boys stayed at another modern hotel because it was small and the ratio of girls was bigger than the boys.

    I was with my three other friends and apparently we got the biggest room in the entire palace. Now the thing about this room is that it had this very creepy aura to it. There were paintings of bloodshed hanging all around and we had our own fireplace which no other rooms had. It had a changing room with a jagged-angled mirror and trust me, that was the creepiest thing I’d ever seen.

    Obviously, being the curious students that everyone were came to our room to explore it. Not a single person who left the room did not say that our room was haunted.

    Later, my friends and I were playing UNO and I swear that our room keys were opposite us but sometime later we realized that they were missing. We searched everywhere, went knocking on the door to every room in the hotel to ask other girls if they had taken it. We begged them to return it, that it wasn’t funny anymore but they all promised they didn’t have it. For a thirteen year responsible child, to lose something which didn’t belong to them was horrifying itself. When we returned back, we noticed that our room had been strangely the coolest one compared to other rooms (there were no heaters in the hotel) and we immediately switched rooms with our tour guides. This would have been hilarious when we realized that it had been halloween that day but considering we cried our eyes out, it wasn’t.

  6. So I live in Fairbanks, Alaska.
    Back in 1952, the Polaris building opened in the middle of downtown as the first high rise apartments at 11 stories tall. (It was actually the tallest building in town at the time. ) Some years later it was reopened as the Northern Lights Hotel, and the top floor hosted two different restaurants: Tiki Cove and Black Angus. Both went belly up around 10 years ago.
    The building itself is just an abandoned mess: Remnants of its former life lay strewn about and covered in layers of dirt, dust and flaking paint. The basement flooded a few years back, introducing the new element of black mold that is slowly consuming everything that remains.

    During its heyday as a hotel, there were whispers that a young girl would call the reception desk from the third floor looking for her mother, usually when there was a new employee on duty. When the employee inevitably reported this to their supervisor, it was always discovered to have come from a locked, empty room. (In later years, I’m told that this room was taken out of rental circulation for just this reason.)

    While I couldn’t find any historical record of a child dying in that building, it’s quite possible that the activity predates the building itself: It’s located on one of the original plots of land from the town’s establishment.

    A close friend that once worked there briefly told me that housekeeping was not to send anyone into the room alone: One person stood in the threshold and one kept up on the room. Nobody was ever, ever to be inside with the door closed. (This hotel was rumored to be one of the several locations that inspired the Nicholas Cage movie “1408”) No, I will not tell you which room.

    The building is derelict now, but I’ve been told that before the basement flooded and the rest of the utilities were gutted, if you were walking by the Polaris building on the street, you could hear the phone on the receptionist station ringing through the boarded up windows.

    Or so I’ve been told.

    All I know is that even the homeless drifters that break into the place won’t sleep on the third floor.

  7. OverThereOnMars

    Dead Children’s playground in Huntsville Alabama…Its really creepy, with weird whistling and and cold chills…

  8. I live on Long Island, and there’s a road called Sweet Hollow road. There’s tons of legends about it, like the ghost of a police officer with half a head, or how a bunch of teenagers hung themselves off of one of the overpasses, none of which are actually true to my knowledge, but it’s still a scary road. At night it’s so dark and winding, and you are surrounded by forest. I’ve driven on it a few times at night and it always creeps me out!

    1. I was born on Long Island, in Amityville. When I was there I heard all kinds of urban legends about Indian ghosts and what not. But no one could tell me a better ghost story than my dad. He had a ton of them, including one called Hatchet Mary which is about a woman who went crazy after catching her soon to be husband cheating on her on their wedding night. Well the story goes that she hacked them up with a hatchet, bet that was easy to guess by her name. But my dad told me she chased them out of a cemetery or something. Anyway, I brought that up to my Aunt, my dad’s sister, and she said: “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve thought about that bitch.” That was interesting because my dad died over ten years ago and there would be no reason for her to keep that story going.

      But the creepiest one he ever told me was when he was fire chief. It was the night Ron DeFayo killed his family and he was at the scene of the crime. There wasn’t much ghostly activity in it, besides a bit that he told me was fake years later, but he described what he saw. As a little kid, I was nine or younger, because I moved out of Amityville at nine, it was scary. Even more so, because he told me after I watched the Amityville Horror for the first time. To hear the mostly true story of what happened really makes things a little creepier.

  9. Firemonkey4000

    The Devil Tree of New Jersey. It’s creepy because it’s one tree in the middle of nowhere, and there are many stories revolving around it. I’ve been there, touched the tree, all that, but the only creepy thing was that this big branch fell off, right next to my head after I touched it.

  10. Abandoned shack near Waleska, Georgia it doesnt have a name and no roads lead to it. Haven’t been there in about 8 years. It’s very old and abandoned. Its small with only 2 rooms one had the ruins of a bed frame with rusty meat hooks hanging from the ceiling and lying about the floor. The other room had what i can only assume was the remains of an old bookcase and chair. I have never had any paranormal experiences or anything and i didnt have any the one time i visited. However those meet hooks in the bedroom did send chills down my spine i got very creeped out and left i will never go back I’ll post the coordinates but if you visit I would advise caution no roads go to it and people have got lost and died in those woods. Spotty cell signals as well. Also bears so again exercise extreme caution. 34.2893380, -84.539286

  11. I lived in Portland, Oregon, for about 15 years. Now, everyone knows about the Shanghai Tunnels, and realistically, I’ve never been in them, though I’d love to go. Not so well known is the hauntings up at the cemetery on Skyline. My little brother is buried there, having passed of SIDS at 4 months old. Sadly, I can’t bring myself to visit him anymore. There has never been a time that I’ve gone up there and not experienced something unexplainable. I’ve witnessed people just “disappear”, and I assume they were the spirits of the people buried there. Nothing scary, per se, but still enough to get your skin crawling. Worse still is the Masonic Cemetery in St. Helens, roughly 10 miles from where I currently live in Scappoose. The spirits there DO NOT like women. I’ve had many friends that have been attacked while exploring the site, I’ve witnessed scratch marks just randomly appear on people, and one of my best friends left one night after being “punched” in the face by seemingly empty air. The black eye she got from it stayed visible for over a week, and we were the only 2 people there. We’ve captured hundreds of orbs on camera, and one night, my friend “Chris” was encircled by 5 orbs, all different colors, that just danced around him for about 10 minutes, before zipping off in different directions. When we tried to check the video, the film was cut. Like, that entire 10 minutes was just missing. It wasn’t there. It has me saying, “Chris, what the fuck is that, dude?”, but as I start to pan over to him, the video glitches and then it jumps to me “That was fuckin crazy! What the fuck was that? Did you feel anything, hear anything?” and Chris, “I don’t know, man… Let’s get the fuck outta here.” Just some crazy shit. One of my all time favorite places to “investigate”. If you live anywhere near here and like checking this sort of stuff out, it’s a must-go kind of place. Just wait until after 11pm. Things don’t seem to get active until after 11pm or so.

  12. I live in a small town in England. There’s an abandoned quarry nearby that has a local reputation for being extremely creepy. One dog walker said there was a spot that her dog always avoided, and a couple of people claim to have seen a black panther. Several years ago, one of my aunt’s friends went there to sketch some birds and said she suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen. She looked around and noticed a weird black cloud approaching, and as it got closer it got more opaque. It went down into the grass a few hundred metres away, and she ran away. A lot of people just say it’s a creepy place and they wouldn’t want to go there at night.

    It’s not possible to go in now without permission. People weren’t supposed to go in before, but it was a good place for dog walking and seeing wildlife. Sadly, the number of people walking dogs there was affecting the wildlife, someone decided to have fun with a moped and squashed some rare plants and there were also concerns about safety, so they put up a massive fence. I went in a few times before this, and also got permission to go in afterwards to take some photos, and I didn’t find it creepy at all. Some parts of it do feel very isolated though, and it’s one of the few places in this area where it’s almost impossible to see any buildings. This combined with its reputation could explain why people find it creepy.

  13. I live in Festus, Missouri. It’s a rural town that dots the foothills of Missouri and is 20 minutes from the nearest town of DeSoto. DeSoto however, is where our story takes place. There is a very large house built there about a mile away from the train tracks. At 16 and having freedom i wanted to go where I could never before. Me and a few of my friends had begun or “haunted house hunting” with small graveyards or perhaps even or school gymnasium (everyone always claimed it was haunted). We had stumbled across this place while in a gas station in DeSoto when the clerk, and older heavy set women, overheard our conversation of our latest venture. She told us the same directions I have just given you and sent on our way curious and a bit frightened. She had told us the back story of this old house like anyone would tell a creepy campfire story. She leaned over the counter and said “There was an old and evil man that lived there once. In 1866 when slavery had been abolished he couldn’t let go of them. Many people tried to free the slaves he held captive through fear and tortured all that tried to escape. He would cut ‘Do Not Enter’ into the chests of his slaves and tie them to the his gate bleeding to death.” She then warned us not to enter through that gate because it was cursed. We didn’t listen. The surrounding of the gate was dense shrubbery filled with thorns and a barbed wire fence and seeing as it was a private property we didn’t want to spend time stomping around the woods with flashlights when the owners house was across the street. We simply jumped over a few concrete barricades and walked along the path. Nothing bad happened to us and we were never cursed but were very scared. As we finally approached the front of the house we saw that it wasn’t going to be as easy to enter the house as we thought it was going to be. The front porch that was about 20 feet in the air had collapsed leaving no way to enter except by climbing the ruble. Our most athletic friend Matt decided he would find a path for us to take and thus he climbed up the collapsed awning into the front door. As we stood outside we could hear him walking around inside then, we heard him pause then a loud crash came from the upper level of the home. “Mat stop destroying stuff” I yelled at him but then he arrived at the front door eyes bugged with fear and said “That wasn’t me” freaked out we waited for Matt to practically jump out of the house and took off. It could have been coincidence or the paranormal but we never tried to find out. Me and my friends never went any place haunted again.

  14. So I have a few friends in a town about half an hour away from where I live and the first time I went over there we all went to this abandoned factory, I think they used to sew, because a few of the rooms on the upper floor actually had looms and those massive wooden cylinders they used to wrap string and cloth around. Anyway I thought it was kind of boring and they explained that a guy lives here when his girlfriend kicks him out every month or two and he’s really chill, so don’t go messing around in the basement bit, because nothing makes somewhere more thrilling than knowing someone has to live there. Anyway a few months later my mate got blackout drunk with a couple of his buddies and long story short, the factory ended up getting burnt to the ground, one of the kids had a skin graft over about a third of his face, it was nasty. I know it isn’t creepy in a supernatural way, but sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if the guy had been staying in the basement that night.

  15. SORRY FOR BAD GRAMMAR AND SUCH. There used to be a little section of forest across the street where I live but they tore the trees out to build a gas station. But before they built the gas station, me, my brothers and cousins would play hide n seek in there when we were younger. This one time when it was just me and my two younger brothers, I felt like something was watching us. I remember laying in the tall grass to hide from my brother and feeling something touching my shoulder. Like a light tap. I instantly looked behind. Once I saw nothing I instantly got up and started yelling for my brothers. When I started running towards the entrance (the whole forest was fenced off so there was only one way in) it sounded like something was running with me, like it didn’t feel like something bad, but it still scared me. So I quickly got my brothers and left. When I got home, I asked my mom is there was anything wrong with the forest, like if it’s haunted or anything. She told me she always felt like something was in there. I also asked my sister if she thinks it’s haunted and she told me about a time where she took her kids for a walk in there and heard something in the more thick trees (i dont know how to explain them, but trees that are close together so it’s harder to walk in) and she said she instantly had a bad feeling so she picked up her kids and ran out. I haven’t really been in there much after that. The only time I remember going in there after that is with my cousins and older brother when I got older. Nothing happened when we were in there.

  16. Last summer my sweetie and I went on a road trip. On the way back, we went through Nevada. It was past dark and we were running out of steam, so we started thinking of looking for a place to sleep for the night… and we came across this Clown Motel. I’m not normally creeped out by clowns, but this place gave me the creeps. We stopped a little ways up the road for food, then we turned around and went back so I could take a few photos.

    We didn’t stay there, and I didn’t learn until we were safely well away from the place that it’s rumored to be haunted – because of course I googled it once we got settled in to a place in Reno.

  17. There is an old well in the woods behind my house. Me and my friend discovered it years ago when we were real young exploring the woods. Its cool because it is so far out there and there is nothing to mark it, so if you were not careful anyone could have fallen in.
    The creepiest thing about it is that on one occasion I took a different friend out in these woods to show him and as we were leaving I turned around and saw a silhouette like figure walking across our path and then fall into the brush and out of my line of site.
    Being a kid I figured I may just be over imagining things and I jokingly asked him if he saw what I did and what disturbs me to this day is that he said he did and was able to describe what I saw himself when I asked him.
    I really don’t go back there anymore, because I am grown up and don’t have time, i’m more considerable of being bit by snakes out there by myself, and someone owns that portion of the woods now.
    Still good and disturbing times…

  18. I actually live in a small town in Arkansas. It’s called Omaha. The whole town is actually really quiet but we’ve been known for quite a bit of hauntings. For some odd reason we have 4 different enormous graveyards scattered around town. Many people swear they see figures walking the roads at night. My experience was with the new hope church’s graveyard. I was dared at about 7 years old to walk the graveyard alone as a kid. It was 9:30 at night the other kids were waiting on the other side of the giant stone wall that seperated the church yard from the graveyard. There was no light so I did it still to impress the other kids. My heart kinda thundered as I walked ya know nerves. Then out of nowhere someone grabbed my shoulder. I stopped terrified. Then in a woman’s voice whoever it was whispered “get out.” As soon as that was said I booked it out of the graveyard. I didn’t even use the gate I jumped and grabbed the wall and scrambled as fast I could over the wall. Funny thing is…… nobody believes me that it happened. All I know is that I was for sure alone in the graveyard at that time. But that’s just one of the many stories that float around our town about these so called hauntings.

    1. I live in Little Rock and stay in Eureka Springs a couple times a year. The entire town is haunted. Have you been? Next time, I just may have to take a little side trip out to this cemetery you’re talking about and see what I can find. Sounds spooky!

  19. Old abandoned town in Kentucky where it litterly said in the middle of no where and it was in the middle of a forest and it was getting dark and we were almost out of gas

  20. So this irks me beyond all belief. Around 2008 I was
    visiting my family in Ohio and my brother and I met a couple of his Wicken
    friends that were girls. After we met them we decided to make a trip to Athens
    Ohio to the abandoned Asylum around midnight. When we got there we saw no cars no
    people, nothing to suggest there was anyone else there. We went up to the front
    of the building and after seeing a couple odd things in the windows and on the
    roof, could have been our eyes playing tricks on us, we decided to leave. On
    our way out of town, one of the girls said she knew of an abandoned prison
    about an hour drive from where we were. So naturally we decided to go there
    instead. On our way there, they explain that we need to keep an eye out for
    orbs and what they mean. The only part that stuck with me is that red orbs are
    bad and mean you need to leave immediately. Now what irks me about this whole experience,
    is that I cannot remember the name of it or even where it is. I think it might
    be Roseville Prison, but I cannot be certain. I remember it being on a hill and
    we had to drive around from the back of the prison up a hill to the front. I
    remember a tower in front of the building like in this picture
    I do not really remember anything else about the building other than those two
    things. Now to the creepy part.

    We got into the building and made our way around the
    first floor as well as the second floor with nothing really happening. Whenever
    we made our way to the metal staircase we hear what sounded like footsteps coming
    down from the third floor, but it could have been dripping water (not like it
    rained recently though). We never went up those stairs, we used the straight
    concrete staircase each time. After looking through the first two floors we
    started to make our way up to the third floor. As we made our way up to the
    third floor my brother was in the very front, second and third were the girls
    and finally me in the back, we were all holding the person in front of us by
    the hand. When my brother made it to the top he took a step through the door frame
    and froze, the girl behind him started to ask if he was ok and then stopped mid-sentence,
    also through the door frame. The girl behind her and in front of be began to
    step into the room, then started to complain of a heavy feeling in her body and
    felt like she could not move. Since I had not entered yet and we were all
    holding hands, I pulled her back and kept going pulling everyone out of the
    room and down the stairs. We left the building and got into the car. Everyone
    explained that they felt a heavy pressure and felt like they could not move and
    that when I pulled them out of that room it faded away, so we decided to leave.
    On our way out, I turned around and looked up at the third floor and saw a red
    orb float past a few windows then disappear.

  21. I’ve never actually been to the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, so technically I’m a little off-topic here, but it’s a place I’d really like to visit. The catacombs are located under a monestary, and they we’re created to serve as a crypt for the monks and various locals. The bodies, for the most part, aren’t enclosed by any sort of coffin, so you can walk through and see them in various states of preservation/mummification. Some of the bodies are over 400 years old, while the most recent bodies have been there almost a 100 years. The most well known inhabitant is a small child who died in 1920. She’s in a glass coffin and she’s remarkably well preserved, to the point where she simply looks like she’s sleeping. It’s both sad and eerie. I’d be interested to know if anyone else here has visited… let me know what you thought, if you’ve been.

    1. I’ve been there. Can confirm–super creepy! It’s also kind of humbling in a way. As creepy as the place is, these are people’s loved ones, so you want to be respectful even if it is weirding you out. If that makes sense…

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