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February 2015 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics

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In the past, I’ve asked for a lot of information about the community’s creepypasta preferences. We’ve discussed our least favorite creepypasta tropes, ranked the best and worst pasta categories, and talked about which pastas we believe are overrated and/or underrated. This month’s topic is a logical progression for that line of questioning:

Which topics and genres of creepypasta are your favorites?

For example, we’ve had a minor uptick in sci-fi submissions (this would be the genre) as of late, and I’ve seen a few people mentioning that they’re specifically enjoying the alien stories (and ‘aliens’ would be the topic). That would be the sort of information that I’m looking for with this question. Do you prefer reading about zombies? Or do you prefer post-apocalyptic fare without the z-word included? Do you always hope to see more pastas with a mythological bent? Or perhaps you’re more into the occult tales? I hope that you get the idea!


This is your chance to let both the aspiring writers that generate our content and myself know which genres and subjects you’d like to see appear more frequently on the site. So let us hear it!


As always: have fun, express yourself, but please keep it polite. Thanks!

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51 thoughts on “February 2015 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypasta Genres & Topics”

  1. GREETINGS TO ALL, FELLOW CREEPYPASTA LOVERS!!!! I am a very big fan of SCPs and am a long time follower and even more of an immense fan of the story of Slender Man ever since I played the game in 2010. I am new to this web site, and am looking forward to conversing and learning more about the cyber world of Creepypastas.

  2. idk im a big psychology freak so i would go with stuff like the Russian sleep experiment. so in a way i like the ones where they turn people into creatures or just psychopaths using psychology psychological experiments

  3. Personally, I’d like to see more stories featuring unreliable narrators. That and stories that just feel real. Even when they are blatantly fiction, like an alien or monster or whatnot, just stories that are engaging enough that while reading, I’m able to forget about the fourth wall, like I could be the next target. If that makes sense.

  4. I’m over here missing a certain type of feel to a creepypasta. I loved the creepy pastas where after I read them I was looking over my shoulder or questioning a certain mundane aspect of life. I want to read your story and want someone around at all times. I want to leave my door open, or leave it closed. I want to assume my friend could kill me tomorrow. I want to be scared so badly I regress to searching for monsters under my bed. I am not here to just read a story. I want to be scared of Mr. Widemouth again.

  5. I particularly enjoy the pastas dealing with insanity/nature of reality. A good example of what I’m talking about would be psychosis. The kind of pasta that challenges people’s assuredness of their own sanity and view of the world.

  6. I’m fairly new to Creepypastas. I’ve been reading them just a little over a month now, but I’ve read/listened to dozens. I already know, for the most part, that I do not like creature/monster/alien/robot stories.

    Zombies- Love ’em. I would rather look at them than read about them, though. Quite frankly, I’m tired of looking at them, too.

    Sci-Fi and mythology- Not a big fan of those genres, at all..

    Occult- It all depends on the story.

    Post-apocalyptic- Hell yes!!

    I enjoy stories with a good twist such as “The Seer of Possibilities”, “Doors”, and “A Story to Scare My son”, or that leave me asking: WTF?!!! Such as “NoEnd House”, “Bedtime”, “Who or What Was In My House?”, and “Mother’s Call”.

    Despite my opinion on Sci-Fi and Mythology, I can see myself getting into anything as long as the ending leaves me thinking: WTF?!!!

  7. I’ve been asking people to write me a Fallout pasta on Facebook for over a month now. I lose the back story in my mind as I’m concentrating on survival and equipment. I’d really like to see some action from the viewpoint of the Lone Wanderer, especially coming across that little cannibal town or going into (I think it’s called) Pleasant Springs.

  8. I really like post-apocalyptic stuff, but without zombies. I find it a lot more intimidating when there isn’t something new after the end… just people gone crazy and murderous, or maybe no people at all, just a maddening silence and solitude.
    I think my favorite topic is mental illness. Psychosis is probably my favorite creepypasta of all time. It’s really easy to relate to the main character, so you can’t really distance yourself and explain away what he’s thinking/experiencing. I have schizophrenia, so I have a special interest in a well-written mental illness pasta.

    1. When derp opens them. He’s got a lot to sift through. Read the FAQ for info on submissions and such. At least I’m pretty sure that’s where it all is.

  9. MercuryCoatedVeins

    For insanity, try the ever-popular “Psychosis” by Matt Dymerski, “Sacrifice” on the Creepypasta Wiki (don’t know the original author), and “Pay Respects” by Emeryy (also on the Wiki) just to name a few good ones.

    For a good, spine-chiller, try “The Stump” by Ashley Franz Holmann (available on the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights website), “An Egg” by Andy Weir, and many of the stories in the Holders series (available on their website or Wiki).

    Fate-of-the-world pastas are a little harder to come by. The only decent one that comes to mind is the one I already mentioned: the “Sing” series by Barnabas Deimos and the prequel “Over the Rainbow” (available on his Youtube channel of the same name).

    Hope this helps. If anyone can think of anything else, feel free to add.

  10. I’ve always been interested in mythological pastas more than say, sci-fi or post apocalyptic ones. Not to say that I don’t enjoy one of those every so often . Also , anything that deals with the occult scares the HELL our of me….literally ;)

  11. I am a big fan of occult and demon type stories. The greater struggle between good and evil depicted in a scenario where it is very believable that good may not triumph, and sometimes it doesn’t. As in several of my fellows comments, it bears repeating, I enjoy it when I am kept guessing, the unknown is truly the scariest character that can exist in a story. And lastly I am a sucker for a good twist at the end of a story, something you didn’t see coming that is well thought out and fits with the rest of the story. These are rare, but always worth it when I find them.

  12. I really enjoy the pastas that leave you questioning ,like you really don’t know he soluation. That and I enjoy occult genre and demons

  13. I don’t know what specific genre this particular story falls into, but I really enjoyed the “NoEnd House” series. It was very interesting and well-thought. I also find ghost and alien stories enjoyable to listen and read. By far one of my favorite creepypastas has to be “Trust.”

  14. Ritual pastas are my favourite kind of pasta, especially those that are written as actual instructions, for example, 11 miles or The devil game. Although I don’t believe in anything that has to do with the occult, I find them.. tempting. Especially when they’re actually doable (so no human sacrifices or anything of the sort). There’s just some little voice deep in my mind that tells me ‘what if… what if it’s real?’ And a part of me likes the idea of these kind of mystical rituals being real. So if I happened to drive down a deserted road at night with nothing else to do but thinking about things I want, and I happened to see a turn which led to a sketchy road, I’d probably take that turn to see what happens.
    tl;dr I like ritual pastas because of the possibility of them being real, even though I do not actually believe that.

  15. Personally, I LOVE the theme of paranoia. When you feel that something behind you and slowly, you turn around yet there is nothing there. When everything seems to be going wrong, but everyone else is acting normal. You start to hear things, see things, but it’s just all in your head. Or is it?…

    1. Did you read… I think it was called The Dancer? That one almost killed me, I loved how it built up. And then when I actually got to picture the antagonist, I could have gone and hidden in the bathroom for days if not for the fact I would have had to make it through the dark bedroom first.

  16. Thanks for all of your hard work maintaining the site. I really value pastas that avoid obvious and overused tropes in favor building an atmosphere of mystery. It’s more a matter of style than topic I suppose, but it seems that too many pastas relay on the idea that the story must divulge a ton of detail and exposition. I like geeking at as much as the next person, but I don’t want the monster/entity/killer/ghost so thoroughly described that it’s robbed of all mystery. So I vote for more weird tales (note: this does not mean cthulhu fan fiction, I’m thinking more Robert Aickman than HPL), stories if the uncanny, and stories that leave more to the imagination of the reader. I understand that with less experienced authors it’s almost inevitable that stories are going to be a little derivative and unpolished, but I’ve read some really awesome stories here and other sites (Penpal comes to mind) that are creepy by virtue of what they DON’T tell the reader, and I’d love to read more like those. Keep up the good work!

  17. I love pastas that make you think. Pastas without loose threads. Pastas with properly executed cliffhangers. Those are rare nowadays. Like 1 in a month.

  18. I really love creature stories… Demonic, freakish beasts the likes of which could only exist in one’s own dark imagination. Love ’em.

  19. MercuryCoatedVeins

    I like pastas about insanity – whether it be a first-person look at a descent into madness or an omniscient view of an entire group of people erupting into chaos. Something where you can almost hear the sanity leaking out of the words you’re reading, being replaced with fear, anxiety, and paranoia. It takes you inside the mind of the mad, and that can create a feeling of sinister glee or deep unease, depending on the story.

    Speaking of unease, I also enjoy a pasta that can disturb me. I don’t mean simply with overabundant gore or something like that. I mean psychologically. I like a pasta that can make me sit back for a little while in deep thought, wondering what the good goddamn hell just happened. Maybe a character says something to another, something so out there and disgusting that it makes the reader cringe in their seat. Or maybe it’s subtle imagery, like uncanny valley stuff, something that seems normal but feels incredibly wrong thanks to some tiny detail (e.g. mannequins, evil children, a man’s voice coming out of a baby). You can do a lot to horrify someone without splattering guts all over their shoes.

    Then there’s stories that start out small – with an individual and that individual’s problem – only to evolve into something that affects the entire state of the world/universe. Barnabas Deimos has a great story series called “Sing” that represents this perfectly, and nearly all of the books by Darren Shan have some fate-of-the-world motif in them. It reminds me of an iceberg – seems like a little problem at first, until you dunk your head under and see the true scale of the horror.

  20. why not write a post about foreign terrorists? I would like to see how one of those would turn out, especially one based lightly on a true story, like a family who goes to visit Iraq or Syria and are captured in the dead of night by ISIS or something with a very little chance to escape.

    1. I think dehumanizing people in the Middle East by making terror organisations there part of the, after all fantastical, world of creepypasta would be a bad move for multiple reasons:

      “American Sniper”, a film that glorifies the death of Muslim people has already lead to multiple attacks on innocent Muslims living in the US (Chapel Hill, North Carolina for example) and would follow a dangerous trend.
      It is also why I think “othering” people of Indian descent in creepypastas (and literature overall) is a dangerous trend because they are real people with real problems like anyone else, not there for anyone’s entertainment and certainly not there as a cheap plot device to further the “spooky! the other side!” factor.

      Lastly. A family kidnapped by a terrorist group (and aren’t some countries off limits for commercial travel anyway during political instabilities?) is more thriller than a creepypasta. Though certainly scary.

  21. The Purple Bloodbath

    I Prefer The Hunted Object Pastas The Most. If you believe in the paranormal … I think that it’s terrifying knowing that you could run into an object and have it end up killing your entire family. Like the movie “Oculus” is absolutely one of the scariest movies I’ve seen. I can never be around an old mirror again. (,0_-_0,)/

  22. Yea i might come off wrong in my coment, I like a good supernatural pasta to ;). What i was aiming for was some more variation.

    1. I think you got your point across… and I have to agree with you about monsters. I like the mystery… the not knowing… because that makes it more realistic, doesn’t it? Unexplainable things happen all the time. I like to wonder if the subject is merely mad or if something really is happening to them. I can’t seem to lump ghosts in with monsters, though… same goes for witches. Maybe because they are my favorite kind of chilling fun.

      1. Yeah I think your 100% right abouth ghost and witches, there both verry different from monsters. But i somehow always seem to feel sorry for ghost instead of afraid. And wel witches, I havent realy read enough abouth it to make up my mind xD. For me it al started with urben myths thow, the creepy pasta of the 90’s. I’ll never forget the one were the lady wakes up at night from the sound of a squeeling dog but is reasured by a lick to the palm of her hand. The next day she finds a note next to the body of her slaughtered pet with the text, Humans can lick to.

  23. I like realistic pastas, Dear Abby being the first that comes to mind. That kinda crap downright terrifies me, because it’s plausible. Stalkers and murderers can and have happened to countless amounts of people.
    I also like pastas involving demons, because I’ve been really interested in demonology lately.


    ‘Murders and Deaths’ is quickly becoming my favourite. The morbid reality is very interesting,

  25. Zombies and aliens never really did it for me. I like ones that are psychological, serial killers, or some kind of stalker. I like mythological stories if done in the right manner.

  26. I love ones like PenPal, and others that include suppressed childhood memories, where you don’t realiZe how sinister something is at first. Also, space!!!!!

  27. Hey there. Recently, I have liked the slightly unsettling pastas, but don’t really scare me that much. “The Seer of Possibilities” comes to mind. THAT, my friends, was beautiful, and I highly doubt anyone could top it.

  28. While I can see the quality and merit of supernaturally-based pastas (including the now-tired monster pastas that everyone bitches about but secretly loves), I prefer pastas more eerily and disturbingly grounded in reality, perhaps with a slight but not overwhelming hint of the occult. It’s just more scary imo when the contents of said story could theoretically happen, the power leeches from authenticity. Unfortunately, most “real” pastas either tend to turn into exploitative torture porn or are just more depressing than scary (including my own three pastas – all of which about war, hooray!)

    What I find even more enjoyable, is when supernatural elements are peppered into a story so elegantly that it feels authentic in itself, so I can buy that it’s real in the world presented. (Edit: sorry, potential SPOILERS ahead!) An example would be in a fairly recent story, “Craters in Her Face,” where a painting comes alive because it inherited the extreme suffering and malice of the artist who painted it. Or in the critically popular “Seventeen,” where the intense guilt of the protagonist is manifested in the spirit of his dead son who sabatoges his life (as actual guilt would). Or in one of my personal favorites, “The Sandman,” where a father futilely tries to save his son from an unstoppable force (who is merely fulfilling his end of a bargain the father made long ago). In case you didn’t notice a common theme, the supernatural forces are little more than the personifications of the flaws and desires of humanity, in many cases created by the protagonists themselves. I absolutely gush over these kinds of stories.

  29. I have always liked the pastas that kinda make you think and get you hooked into them such as “A cold love story”, “Penpal”, and a few others.
    Recently though, in my opinion, these newer pastas I have been reading just feel bland to me. I don’t know why but I just have been experiencingtrouble getting into them no matter how hard I try to fully enjoy them.

  30. Hey derpbutt, first of all I realy enyoy your site keep the great work going. Wel now that my nose is brown what would i like to read…… I would realy like some more pasta on the psycological state Like the devils cosmonout. I think its fresh and something we can relate to. 1 advice i have for 2015 is less is more. Mystery makes it better. I don’t need detail descriptions of gore, monsters and such. I have plenty of imagination. don’t push your fears but let me create my own. The second ties in with that. Please trie to go to realism instead of the supernatural. Things that could happen to anyone are much more scarry than things that just don’t. Not to say that there arrent awesome supernatural pasta. there are but there usualy thriving on mystery. monsters and possesion are being don to death, the big old monster demon just isn’t so scary as the thing in my closet.

  31. Sorry for the late publishing on this one, guys. I, uh, scheduled it for February 1st… 2016. Took me until now to notice that A) the post hadn’t gone up on time and B) apparently I had been attempting to time-travel while scheduling posts last week.

    Yeah, I have no clue. Apologies!

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