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I’m not sure why I’m writing this down on paper and not on my computer. I guess I’ve just noticed some odd things. It’s not that I don’t trust the computer… I just… need to organize my thoughts. I need to get down all the details somewhere objective, somewhere I know that what I write can’t be deleted or… changed… not that that’s happened. It’s just… everything blurs together here, and the fog of memory lends a strange cast to things…

I’m starting to feel cramped in this small apartment. Maybe that’s the problem. I just had to go and choose the cheapest apartment, the only one in the basement. The lack of windows down here makes day and night seem to slip by seamlessly. I haven’t been out in a few days because I’ve been working on this programming project so intensively. I suppose I just wanted to get it done. Hours of sitting and staring at a monitor can make anyone feel strange, I know, but I don’t think that’s it.

I’m not sure when I first started to feel like something was odd. I can’t even define what it is. Maybe I just haven’t talked to anyone in awhile. That’s the first thing that crept up on me. Everyone I normally talk to online while I program has been idle, or they’ve simply not logged on at all. My instant messages go unanswered. The last e-mail I got from anybody was a friend saying he’d talk to me when he got back from the store, and that was yesterday. I’d call with my cell phone, but reception’s terrible down here. Yeah, that’s it. I just need to call someone. I’m going to go outside.

Well, that didn’t work so well. As the tingle of fear fades, I’m feeling a little ridiculous for being scared at all. I looked in the mirror before I went out, but I didn’t shave the two-day stubble I’ve grown. I figured I was just going out for a quick cell phone call. I did change my shirt, though, because it was lunchtime, and I guessed that I’d run into at least one person I knew. That didn’t end up happening. I wish it did.

When I went out, I opened the door to my small apartment slowly. A small feeling of apprehension had somehow already lodged itself in me, for some indefinable reason. I chalked it up to having not spoken to anyone but myself for a day or two. I peered down the dingy grey hallway, made dingier by the fact that it was a basement hallway. On one end, a large metal door led to the building’s furnace room. It was locked, of course. Two dreary soda machines stood by it; I bought a soda from one the first day I moved in, but it had a two year old expiration date. I’m fairly sure nobody knows those machines are even down here, or my cheap landlady just doesn’t care to get them restocked.

I closed my door softly, and walked the other direction, taking care not to make a sound. I have no idea why I chose to do that, but it was fun giving in to the strange impulse not to break the droning hum of the soda machines, at least for the moment. I got to the stairwell, and took the stairs up to the building’s front door. I looked through the heavy door’s small square window, and received quite the shock: it was definitely not lunchtime. City-gloom hung over the dark street outside, and the traffic lights at the intersection in the distance blinked yellow. Dim clouds, purple and black from the glow of the city, hung overhead. Nothing moved, save the few sidewalk trees that shifted in the wind. I remember shivering, though I wasn’t cold. Maybe it was the wind outside. I could vaguely hear it through the heavy metal door, and I knew it was that unique kind of late-night wind, the kind that was constant, cold, and quiet, save for the rhythmic music it made as it passed through countless unseen tree leaves.

I decided not to go outside.

Instead, I lifted my cell phone to the door’s little window, and checked the signal meter. The bars filled up the meter, and I smiled. Time to hear someone else’s voice, I remember thinking, relieved. It was such a strange thing, to be afraid of nothing. I shook my head, laughing at myself silently. I hit speed-dial for my best friend Amy’s number, and held the phone up to my ear. It rang once… but then it stopped. Nothing happened. I listened to silence for a good twenty seconds, then hung up. I frowned, and looked at the signal meter again – still full. I went to dial her number again, but then my phone rang in my hand, startling me. I put it up to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked, immediately fighting down a small shock at hearing the first spoken voice in days, even if it was my own. I had gotten used to the droning hum of the building’s inner workings, my computer, and the soda machines in the hallway. There was no response to my greeting at first, but then, finally, a voice came.

“Hey,” said a clear male voice, obviously of college age, like me. “Who’s this?”

“John,” I replied, confused.

“Oh, sorry, wrong number,” he replied, then hung up.

I lowered the phone slowly and leaned against the thick brick wall of the stairwell. That was strange. I looked at my received calls list, but the number was unfamiliar. Before I could think on it further, the phone rang loudly, shocking me yet again. This time, I looked at the caller before I answered. It was another unfamiliar number. This time, I held the phone up to my ear, but said nothing. I heard nothing but the general background noise of a phone. Then, a familiar voice broke my tension.

“John?” was the single word, in Amy’s voice.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey, it’s you,” I replied.

“Who else would it be?” she responded. “Oh, the number. I’m at a party on Seventh Street, and my phone died just as you called me. This is someone else’s phone, obviously.”

“Oh, ok,” I said.

“Where are you?” she asked.

My eyes glanced over the drab white-washed cylinder block walls and the heavy metal door with its small window.

“At my building,” I sighed. “Just feeling cooped up. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

“You should come here,” she said, laughing.

“Nah, I don’t feel like looking for some strange place by myself in the middle of the night,” I said, looking out the window at the silent windy street that secretly scared me just a tiny bit. “I think I’m just going to keep working or go to bed.”

“Nonsense!” she replied. “I can come get you! Your building is close to Seventh Street, right?”

“How drunk are you?” I asked lightheartedly. “You know where I live.”

“Oh, of course,” she said abruptly. “I guess I can’t get there by walking, huh?”

“You could if you wanted to waste half an hour,” I told her.

“Right,” she said. “Ok, have to go, good luck with your work!”

I lowered the phone once more, looking at the numbers flash as the call ended. Then, the droning silence suddenly reasserted itself in my ears. The two strange calls and the eerie street outside just drove home my aloneness in this empty stairwell. Perhaps from having seen too many scary movies, I had the sudden inexplicable idea that something could look in the door’s window and see me, some sort of horrible entity that hovered at the edge of aloneness, just waiting to creep up on unsuspecting people that strayed too far from other human beings. I knew the fear was irrational, but nobody else was around, so… I jumped down the stairs, ran down the hallway into my room, and closed the door as swiftly as I could while still staying silent. Like I said, I feel a little ridiculous for being scared of nothing, and the fear has already faded. Writing this down helps a lot – it makes me realize that nothing is wrong. It filters out half-formed thoughts and fears and leaves only cold, hard facts. It’s late, I got a call from a wrong number, and Amy’s phone died, so she called me back from another number. Nothing strange is happening.

Still, there was something a little off about that conversation. I know it could have just been the alcohol she’d had… or was it even her that seemed off to me? Or was it… yes, that was it! I didn’t realize it until this moment, writing these things down. I knew writing things down would help. She said she was at a party, but I only heard silence in the background! Of course, that doesn’t mean anything in particular, as she could have just gone outside to make the call. No… that couldn’t be it either. I didn’t hear the wind! I need to see if the wind is still blowing.


I forgot to finish writing last night. I’m not sure what I expected to see when I ran up the stairwell and looked out the heavy metal door’s window. I’m feeling ridiculous. Last night’s fear seems hazy and unreasonable to me now. I can’t wait to go out into the sunlight. I’m going to check my email, shave, shower, and finally get out of here! Wait… I think I heard something.

* * * * * *

It was thunder. That whole sunlight and fresh air thing didn’t happen. I went out into the stairwell and up the stairs, only to find disappointment. The heavy metal door’s little window showed only flowing water, as torrential rain slammed against it. Only a very dim, gloomy light filtered in through the rain, but at least I knew it was daytime, even if it was a grey, sickly, wet day. I tried looking out the window and waiting for lightning to illuminate the gloom, but the rain was too heavy and I couldn’t make out anything more than vague weird shapes moving at odd angles in the waves washing down the window. Disappointed, I turned around, but I didn’t want to go back to my room. Instead, I wandered further up the stairs, past the first floor, and the second. The stairs ended at the third floor, the highest floor in the building. I looked through the glass that ran up the outer wall of the stairwell, but it was that warped, thick kind that scatters the light, not that there was much to see through the rain to begin with.

I opened the stairwell door and wandered down the hallway. The ten or so thick wooden doors, painted blue a long time ago, were all closed. I listened as I walked, but it was the middle of the day, so I wasn’t surprised that I heard nothing but the rain outside. As I stood there in the dim hallway, listening to the rain, I had the strange fleeting impression that the doors were standing like silent granite monoliths erected by some ancient forgotten civilization for some unfathomable guardian purpose. Lightning flashed, and I could have sworn that, for just a moment, the old grainy blue wood looked just like rough stone. I laughed at myself for letting my imagination get the best of me, but then it occurred to me that the dim gloom and lightning must mean there was a window somewhere in the hallway. A vague memory surfaced, and I suddenly recalled that the third floor had an alcove and an inset window halfway down the floor’s hallway.

Excited to look out into the rain and possibly see another human being, I quickly walked over to the alcove, finding the large thin glass window. Rain washed down it, as with the front door’s window, but I could open this one. I reached a hand out to slide it open, but hesitated. I had the strangest feeling that if I opened that window, I would see something absolutely horrifying on the other side. Everything’s been so odd lately… so I came up with a plan, and I came back here to get what I needed. I don’t seriously think anything will come of it, but I’m bored, it’s raining, and I’m going stir crazy. I came back to get my webcam. The cord isn’t long enough to reach the third floor by any means, so instead I’m going to hide it between the two soda machines in the dark end of my basement hallway, run the wire along the wall and under my door, and put black duct tape over the wire to blend it in with the black plastic strip that runs along the base of the hallway’s walls. I know this is silly, but I don’t have anything better to do…

Well, nothing happened. I propped open the hallway-to-stairwell door, steeled myself, then flung the heavy front door wide open and ran like hell down the stairs to my room and slammed the door. I watched the webcam on my computer intently, seeing the hallway outside my door and most of the stairwell. I’m watching it right now, and I don’t see anything interesting. I just wish the camera’s position was different, so that I could see out the front door. Hey! Somebody’s online!

* * * * * *

I got out an older, less functional webcam that I had in my closet to video chat with my friend online. I couldn’t really explain to him why I wanted to video chat, but it felt good to see another person’s face. He couldn’t talk very long, and we didn’t talk about anything meaningful, but I feel much better. My strange fear has almost passed. I would feel completely better, but there was something… odd… about our conversation. I know that I’ve said that everything has seemed odd, but… still, he was very vague in his responses. I can’t recall one specific thing that he said… no particular name, or place, or event… but he did ask for my email address to keep in touch. Wait, I just got an email.

I’m about to go out. I just got an email from Amy that asked me to meet her for dinner at ‘the place we usually go to.’ I do love pizza, and I’ve just been eating random food from my poorly stocked fridge for days, so I can’t wait. Again, I feel ridiculous about the odd couple of days I’ve been having. I should destroy this journal when I get back. Oh, another email.

* * * * * *

Oh my god. I almost left the email and opened the door. I almost opened the door. I almost opened the door, but I read the email first! It was from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a long time, and it was sent to a huge number of emails that must have been every person he had saved in his address list. It had no subject, and it said, simply:

seen with your own eyes don’t trust them they

What the hell is that supposed to mean? The words shock me, and I keep going over and over them. Is it a desperate email sent just as… something happened? The words are obviously cut off without finishing! On any other day I would have dismissed this as spam from a computer virus or something, but the words… seen with your own eyes! I can’t help but read over this journal and think back on the last few days and realize that I have not seen another person with my own eyes or talked to another person face to face. The webcam conversation with my friend was so strange, so vague, so… eerie, now that I think about it. Was it eerie? Or is the fear clouding my memory? My mind toys with the progression of events I’ve written here, pointing out that I have not been presented with one single fact that I did not specifically give out unsuspectingly. The random ‘wrong number’ that got my name and the subsequent strange return call from Amy, the friend that asked for my email address… I messaged him first when I saw him online! And then I got my first email a few minutes after that conversation! Oh my god! That phone call with Amy! I said over the phone – I said that I was within half an hour’s walk of Seventh Street! They know I’m near there! What if they’re trying to find me?! Where is everyone else? Why haven’t I seen or heard anyone else in days?

No, no, this is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. I need to calm down. This madness needs to end.

* * * * * *


I don’t know what to think. I ran about my apartment furiously, holding my cell phone up to every corner to see if it got a signal through the heavy walls. Finally, in the tiny bathroom, near one ceiling corner, I got a single bar. Holding my phone there, I sent a text message to every number in my list. Not wanting to betray anything about my unfounded fears, I simply sent:

You seen anyone face to face lately?

At that point, I just wanted any reply back. I didn’t care what the reply was, or if I embarrassed myself. I tried to call someone a few times, but I couldn’t get my head up high enough, and if I brought my cell phone down even an inch, it lost signal. Then I remembered the computer, and rushed over to it, instant messaging everyone online. Most were idle or away from their computer. Nobody responded. My messages grew more frantic, and I started telling people where I was and to stop by in person for a host of barely passable reasons. I didn’t care about anything by that point. I just needed to see another person!

I also tore apart my apartment looking for something that I might have missed; some way to contact another human being without opening the door. I know it’s crazy, I know it’s unfounded, but what if? WHAT IF? I just need to be sure! I taped the phone to the ceiling in case


THE PHONE RANG! Exhausted from last night’s rampage, I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to the phone ringing, and ran into the bathroom, stood on the toilet, and flipped open the phone taped to the ceiling. It was Amy, and I feel so much better. She was really worried about me, and apparently had been trying to contact me since the last time I talked to her. She’s coming over now, and, yes, she knows where I am without me telling her. I feel so embarrassed. I am definitely throwing this journal away before anyone sees it. I don’t even know why I’m writing in it now. Maybe it’s just because it’s the only communication I’ve had at all since… god knows when. I look like hell, too. I looked in the mirror before I came back in here. My eyes are sunken, my stubble is thicker, and I just look generally unhealthy.

My apartment is trashed, but I’m not going to clean it up. I think I need someone else to see what I’ve been through. These past few days have NOT been normal. I am not one to imagine things. I know I have been the victim of extreme probability. I probably missed seeing another person a dozen times. I just happened to go out when it was late at night, or the middle of the day when everyone was gone. Everything’s perfectly fine, I know this now. Plus, I found something in the closet last night that has helped me tremendously: a television! I set it up just before I wrote this, and it’s on in the background. Television has always been an escape for me, and it reminds me that there’s a world beyond these dingy brick walls.

I’m glad Amy’s the only one that responded to me after last night’s frantic pestering of everyone I could contact. She’s been my best friend for years. She doesn’t know it, but I count the day that I met her among one of the few moments of true happiness in my life. I remember that warm summer day fondly. It seems a different reality from this dark, rainy, lonely place. I feel like I spent days sitting in that playground, much too old to play, just talking with her and hanging around doing nothing at all. I still feel like I can go back to that moment sometimes, and it reminds me that this damn place is not all that there is… finally, a knock on the door!

* * * * * *

I thought it was odd that I couldn’t see her through the camera I hid between the two soda machines. I figured that it was bad positioning, like when I couldn’t see out the front door. I should have known. I should have known! After the knock, I yelled through the door jokingly that I had a camera between the soda machines, because I was embarrassed myself that I had taken this paranoia so far. After I did that, I saw her image walk over to the camera and look down at it. She smiled and waved.

“Hey!” she said to the camera brightly, giving it a wry look.

“It’s weird, I know,” I said into the mic attached to my computer. “I’ve had a weird few days.”

“Must have,” she replied. “Open the door, John.”

I hesitated. How could I be sure?

“Hey, humor me a second here,” I told her through the mic. “Tell me one thing about us. Just prove to me you’re you.”

She gave the camera a weird look.

“Um, alright,” she said slowly, thinking. “We met randomly at a playground when we were both way too old to be there?”

I sighed deeply as reality returned and fear faded. God, I’d been so ridiculous. Of course it was Amy! That day wasn’t anywhere in the world except in my memory. I’d never even mentioned it to anyone, not out of embarrassment, but out of a strange secret nostalgia and a longing for those days to return. If there was some unknown force at work trying to trick me, as I feared, there was no way they could know about that day.

“Haha, alright, I’ll explain everything,” I told her. “Be right there.”

I ran to my small bathroom and fixed my hair as best I could. I looked like hell, but she would understand. Snickering at my own unbelievable behavior and the mess I’d made of the place, I walked to the door. I put my hand on the doorknob and gave the mess one last look. So ridiculous, I thought. My eyes traced over the half-eaten food lying on the ground, the overflowing trash bin, and the bed I’d tipped to the side looking for… God knows what. I almost turned to the door and opened it, but my eyes fell on one last thing: the old webcam, the one I used for that eerily vacant chat with my friend.

Its silent black sphere lay haphazardly tossed to the side, its lens pointed at the table where this journal lay. An overwhelming terror took me as I realized that if something could see through that camera, it would have seen what I just wrote about that day. I asked her for any one thing about us, and she chose the only thing in the world that I thought they or it did not know… but IT DID! IT DID KNOW! IT COULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING ME THE WHOLE TIME!

I didn’t open the door. I screamed. I screamed in uncontrollable terror. I stomped on the old webcam on the floor. The door shook, and the doorknob tried to turn, but I didn’t hear Amy’s voice through the door. Was the basement door, made to keep out drafts, too thick? Or was Amy not outside? What could have been trying to get in, if not her? What the hell is out there?! I saw her on my computer through the camera outside, I heard her on the speakers through the camera outside, but was it real?! How can I know?! She’s gone now – I screamed, and shouted for help! I piled up everything in my apartment against the front door –


At least I think that it’s Friday. I broke everything electronic. I smashed my computer to pieces. Every single thing on there could have been accessed by network access, or worse, altered. I’m a programmer, I know. Every little piece of information I gave out since this started – my name, my email, my location – none of it came back from outside until I gave it out. I’ve been going over and over what I wrote. I’ve been pacing back and forth, alternating between stark terror and overpowering disbelief. Sometimes I’m absolutely certain some phantom entity is dead set on the simple goal of getting me to go outside. Back to the beginning, with the phone call from Amy, she was effectively asking me to open the door and go outside.


I keep running through it in my head. One point of view says I’ve acted like a madman, and all of this is the extreme convergence of probability – never going outside at the right times by pure luck, never seeing another person by pure chance, getting a random nonsense email from some computer virus at just the right time. The other point of view says that extreme convergence of probability is the reason that whatever’s out there hasn’t gotten me already. I keep thinking: I never opened the window on the third floor. I never opened the front door, until that incredibly stupid stunt with the hidden camera after which I ran straight to my room and slammed the door. I haven’t opened my own solid door since I flung open the front door of the building. Whatever’s out there – if anything’s out there – never made an ‘appearance’ in the building before I opened the front door. Maybe the reason it wasn’t in the building already was that it was elsewhere getting everyone else… and then it waited, until I betrayed my existence by trying to call Amy… a call which didn’t work, until it called me and asked me my name…

Terror literally overwhelms me every time I try to fit the pieces of this nightmare together. That email – short, cut off – was it from someone trying to get word out? Some friendly voice desperately trying to warn me before it came? Seen with my own eyes, don’t trust them – exactly what I’ve been so suspicious of. It could have masterful control of all things electronic, practicing its insidious deception to trick me into coming outside. Why can’t it get in? It knocked on the door – it must have some solid presence… the door… the image of those doors in the upper hallway as guardian monoliths flashes back in my mind every time I trace this path of thoughts. If there is some phantom entity trying to get me to go outside, maybe it can’t get through doors. I keep thinking back over all the books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen, trying to generate some explanation for this. Doors have always been such intense foci of human imagination, always seen as wards or portals of special importance. Or perhaps the door is just too thick? I know that I couldn’t bash through any of the doors in this building, let alone the heavy basement ones. Aside from that, the real question is, why does it even want me? If it just wanted to kill me, it could do it any number of ways, including just waiting until I starve to death. What if it doesn’t want to kill me? What if it has some far more horrific fate in store for me? God, what can I do to escape this nightmare?!

A knock on the door…

* * * * * *

I told the people on the other side of the door I need a minute to think and I’ll come out. I’m really just writing this down so I can figure out what to do. At least this time I heard their voices. My paranoia – and yes, I recognize I’m being paranoid – has me thinking of all sorts of ways that their voices could be faked electronically. There could be nothing but speakers outside, simulating human voices. Did it really take them three days to come talk to me? Amy is supposedly out there, along with two policemen and a psychiatrist. Maybe it took them three days to think of what to say to me – the psychiatrist’s claim could be pretty convincing, if I decided to think this has all been a crazy misunderstanding, and not some entity trying to trick me into opening the door.

The psychiatrist had an older voice, authoritarian but still caring. I liked it. I’m desperate just to see someone with my own eyes! He said I have something called cyber-psychosis, and I’m just one of a nationwide epidemic of thousands of people having breakdowns triggered by a suggestive email that ‘got through somehow.’ I swear he said ‘got through somehow.’ I think he means spread throughout the country inexplicably, but I’m incredibly suspicious that the entity slipped up and revealed something. He said I am part of a wave of ‘emergent behavior’, that a lot of other people are having the same problem with the same fears, even though we’ve never communicated.

That neatly explains the strange email about eyes that I got. I didn’t get the original triggering email. I got a descendant of it – my friend could have broken down too, and tried to warn everyone he knew against his paranoid fears. That’s how the problem spreads, the psychiatrist claims. I could have spread it, too, with my texts and instant messages online to everybody I know. One of those people might be melting down right now, after being triggered by something I sent them, something they might interpret any way that they want, something like a text saying seen anyone face to face lately? The psychiatrist told me that he didn’t want to ‘lose another one’, that people like me are intelligent, and that’s our downfall. We draw connections so well that we draw them even when they shouldn’t be there. He said it’s easy to get caught up in paranoia in our fast paced world, a constantly changing place where more and more of our interaction is simulated…

I have to give him one thing. It’s a great explanation. It neatly explains everything. It perfectly explains everything, in fact. I have every reason to shake off this nightmarish fear that some thing or consciousness or being out there wants me to open the door so it can capture me for some horrible fate worse than death. It would be foolish, after hearing that explanation, to stay in here until I starve to death just to spite the entity that might have got everyone else. It would be foolish to think that, after hearing that explanation, I might be one of the last people left alive on an empty world, hiding in my secure basement room, spiting some unthinkable deceptive entity just by refusing to be captured. It’s a perfect explanation for every single strange thing I’ve seen or heard, and I have every reason in the world to let all of my fears go, and open the door.

That’s exactly why I’m not going to.

How can I be sure?! How can I know what’s real and what’s deception? All of these damn things with their wires and their signals that originate from some unseen origin! They’re not real, I can’t be sure! Signals through a camera, faked video, deceptive phone calls, emails! Even the television, lying broken on the floor – how can I possibly know it’s real? It’s just signals, waves, light… the door! It’s bashing on the door! It’s trying to get in! What insane mechanical contrivance could it be using to simulate the sound of men attacking the heavy wood so well?! At least I’ll finally see it with my own eyes… there’s nothing left in here for it to deceive me with, I’ve ripped apart everything else! It can’t deceive my eyes, can it? Seen with your own eyes don’t trust them they… wait… was that desperate message telling me to trust my eyes, or warning me about my eyes too?! Oh my god, what’s the difference between a camera and my eyes? They both turn light into electrical signals – they’re the same! I can’t be deceived! I have to be sure! I have to be sure!

Date Unknown

I calmly asked for paper and a pen, day in and day out, until it finally gave them to me. Not that it matters. What am I going to do? Poke my eyes out? The bandages feel like part of me now. The pain is gone. I figure this will be one of my last chances to write legibly, as, without my sight to correct mistakes, my hands will slowly forget the motions involved. This is a sort of self-indulgence, this writing… it’s a relic of another time, because I’m certain everyone left in the world is dead… or something far worse.

I sit against the padded wall day in and day out. The entity brings me food and water. It masks itself as a kind nurse, as an unsympathetic doctor. I think it knows that my hearing has sharpened considerably now that I live in darkness. It fakes conversations in the hallways, on the off chance that I might overhear. One of the nurses talks about having a baby soon. One of the doctors lost his wife in a car accident. None of it matters, none of it is real. None of it gets to me, not like she does.

That’s the worst part, the part I almost can’t handle. The thing comes to me, masquerading as Amy. Its recreation is perfect. It sounds exactly like Amy, feels exactly like her. It even produces a reasonable facsimile of tears that it makes me feel on its lifelike cheeks. When it first dragged me here, it told me all the things I wanted to hear. It told me that she loved me, that she had always loved me, that it didn’t understand why I did this, that we could still have a life together, if only I would stop insisting that I was being deceived. It wanted me to believe… no, it needed me to believe that she was real.

I almost fell for it. I really did. I doubted myself for the longest time. In the end, though, it was all too perfect, too flawless, and too real. The false Amy used to come every day, and then every week, and finally stopped coming altogether… but I don’t think the entity will give up. I think the waiting game is just another one of its gambits. I will resist it for the rest of my life, if I have to. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the world, but I do know that this thing needs me to fall for its deceptions. If it needs that, then maybe, just maybe, I am a thorn in its agenda. Maybe Amy is still alive out there somewhere, kept alive only by my will to resist the deceiver. I hold on to that hope, rocking back and forth in my cell to pass the time. I will never give in. I will never break. I am… a hero!

* * * * * *

The doctor read the paper the patient had scribbled on. It was barely readable, written in the shaky script of one who could not see. He wanted to smile at the man’s steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patient was completely delusional.

After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.

The doctor wanted to smile. He wanted to whisper words of encouragement to the delusional man. He wanted to scream, but the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise. His body walked into the cell like a puppet, and told the patient, once more, that he was wrong, and that there was nobody trying to deceive him.

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  1. christ, you did some of the best gaslighting i’ve ever read, including published authors. and the ending, sweeping it all away like that, what an inspired move! Thrusting the reader from the depth of one despair to another, genius!

  2. Reading the comments one can see that you’ve done a really good job. Bravo on your psychosis research, though I wish the kids won’t take this so very seriously. Our identity is always more than what we look like what we sound like or what our email or phone number is. It doesn’t just get stolen.

  3. Interesting display of the finest line between sanity & insanity. Or better yet, suggestive of that figment of imagination we believe to be true ourselves.

  4. PossessedDahlia

    This was the best pasta I have read, with Charles Bonnet Syndrome coming in close second. Very nice. I can see how this man lost his shit and things got out of control. It sucks to be super smart and know what could be happening. Sad for Amy though, the man she loved went wackadoo.
    I also loved many of the paranoid comments. I have been keeping colored electrical tape over my camera for years now, and try not to give out real information to people.
    I think it is the aliens we need to worry about though…not actual humans.

    Bring on some more like this!

  5. Hi Matt,

    My name is Declan Nicholls and I’m a voice-actor based in Brisbane, Australia. I absolutely love this story and would like to know if I could have your permission to narrate it as a short audiobook. Please let me know as soon as you can by either replying to this comment or emailing me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon!

    – Declan

  6. Fantastic story, at the end I honestly thought he was going insane. Very tasty pasta I hope for more stories like this.

  7. Wow just wow. I need to know what happened, please make a sequel. This is the best pasta in the world!!

  8. I liked this ALOT, thogh I would have liked for him to just be crazy, I think it was a great pasta any way.

  9. This was fucking amazing. It really made me think about technology, and how it cannot be trusted. Alt͘h͢oug͘h, th̴i͟s̛ man is̢ ̴clea̵r͜͞lý ͡d̷͠͡e̕l̛͟͝us͠i̕͜͟o҉̡na̴̕l̀. W̰̠͓h͍̳̬̙́y̮̲ ̱w̝̝̘̪͚͎͢o͍̜̹u̷͉̪͖l̯͔̲̩͡d҉̺̯ ̞a̘̝n̶̟͉̦̼y͚̩̩͓t҉̞h͠iͅng̖͔̭͍̦ ḅ̩e͇̼̙̟̻̝̮̜͜͞ ̳̥̮̤̠̬̝̼t͎͇ŕ̵̵͔̮y̛̪̻̭̩̱̞i̙̮͚n̴҉̖͓͖͍̫̰͉g̡͙̞̱̦̙̯̼̖͘ ̰̥̮͎̳͈̤͘͜͠ͅt̵̗̰̰̯̺̯̲́o̧̫̼͍̙ ̫̭̺͔̣́̕͟ḍ̝͚̠̹͈̜̰͝ę̫̹́c̛͔̹̣͚ę̡̩͚̫̺͉̱ͅi̡̜̣̮̮͓͍v̴͓̞͙̰e̶̛͇̤̖͓ h̛̖͑̇̈́͑͌́̓̐́̚͞i̬̠̼̙̯̱̥͐́͌ͧ̈̏͐͜͞m̧̺ͦͫ̆̔̑ͣ͠?̛͚͇̣̤͈̙͇̫͆̆̑ͥ͆͐̚

    Iͫ̄̄̓̎̾̐ͤ̾ͧ́̚҉̴̙͈͙̤͍̬̀͘͜ẗ̷̛̠͔̟̘́̆͆ͬͦ̎̔̎ͤͣ̋ͨ̚̕͜ ̸̡͉̻͈̼̦̗̩͙̺̤̲̅̊̌̋ͭ̄́̔̅̇ͯͩ̂̋̓ẉ̴̸̵̜̮͈ͫͮͤ̉̾ͬͣ̃̎ͤ̆̆͂̍ǫͮͭ͛͌͑ͫ̌͢͏͙͚͖͇̠̩̠̭̠̻ͅṅ̡̨͌̃̑́҉͙̗͕͓̻͙̞̞̺̟̙̞’̷͈̼̩̣͖̰̗̟̩ͦ̊̾͗̈́̒ͬ̃ͨ̾̈͜ͅt̤̙̲̟̰̼̪̜̩̩̭͉͊̔͌͆͗̈́̅ͬͥ͋̈ͬ̎̀͜͡ ̴̵̨̭̗̱̮̤͓͚̤̟̙͓̟̻̭̠̗͗ͦͯ̂̂̔ͤͮ̌́ţ̷̅̈́͑̉͑͗͛҉͔̝͓̭̬̭̥̠̦̥̭̰͘͢ä͖̺͙͍͍̼̯̭̝̲͓͎̖̓͗͌͞k̵̶͚͙̣̞͐̈́̏̇̒͌̔͐̄͋̔́ȩ͈̰̜̞̹̬̼̠̫̹͓͇̞͗͆̌̏̌ͦͨͧ͡͡ͅͅͅ ̸̣̝̪͇ͪ̂̆̎͊̊͆̅͊̓ͥͬ́́͂͛ͨ͘͝l̶̶̡̤͖̖̹͎͍̺͇̪͓͚̄̋͗ͭ̌̔̊ͨ́ͯ͌̾͐͘͜ö̡̺̖͈̳̣͖̟͓͓͓̲̹̙̭͉ͩ͌̔ͪ̎̎̊͛̐̾ͬ̚̕͝ņ͓̳̻̗̹̫̹͙͔̫̭̤͋̄͆͒ͥ̏̓̿ͩ̉̄͋ͭ̅ͭ͜͠g̴̶̲͇̘͍̙̓ͫ̋̽̈̿̆̌͆̚.̶̷̴̥͚̩͕̣͓̪̺̪̘̯̠̩͔͎̖̔ͨ̐́̐̓̒ͥ̂̐̓͜͠

  10. Not bad. I had a little trouble getting immersed in the story, but it was quite interesting and kept you guessing until the end.

  11. This is the newest comment, i doubt anyone will see this. I did not have the time to make a account… When i read this this seemed so familiar, i don’t know from when, but know it somehow…

  12. This is an Awesome story!All thought i have only one thing to tell you.Sometimes you were telling the story like it happened now,sometimes like it happened before.But besides that,good job!

  13. Interesting. Ending really saved it. Was afraid there was nothing. Personally I’d have ended it differently though. I’d had let John get to almost poking out his eyes and then made up something to convince him to open the door. When he opens it he immediately gets swallowed by a dark void of nothingness. But that’s perhaps better suited for a short film adaptation. Just fascinated by the possibility that he’s been imagining everything as a kind of escape from the fact that everything outside is gone Neverending Story style. Him opening the door is him giving up in a sense. Sanity wins he loses instead of insanity wins he kinda wins?

  14. This was super good but my v question us was he imagining being in the basement the whole time or did he go crazy and rip out his eyes? Still

  15. Definitely my favourite pasta. I have been searching for this story for years after it was posted onto a youtube comment (he was french and didnt respond to my asking what the story was and if he wrote it). Years later, after a fruitless search, I remember creepypasta, and it was the first pasta I clicked on! It was great to read it again. Well done.

  16. Alira Kirkenson

    This was terrifying. What if it did happen, tho? How would you know? Hey, what if I was one of many aliens starting this now? Would you know? I could go on and on but even if I flat out told you, you wouldn’t believe me. That would work well for me and the aliens, now wouldn’t it.

    P.S. Of course, I’m not. It’s just, anyone could be. So scary. Loved it!

    P.P.S I am one of many aliens?

  17. Maximilian Guarrera

    This is one of the creepiest creepypastas I have ever read! I also love the ending, which, actually was very satisfying.

  18. Kristopher Holmberg

    I’m not sure whether I like there being an full answer as to whether or not he’s crazy. Or rather, whether or not he’s -right-.

    But, it might be necessary, because the author might care a whole lot about people walking away knowing something was really happening, and I figure it would be 50/50 at best without that last little bit. That said, “a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago” is a pretty great line. So, yeah, it passes for that line alone.

    Pretty cool story.

  19. Incognito_bandito

    Damn..the guy in this story was really pissing me off. Some good herb and some ass would of done the trick;)

    1. Id like to help u but i just read squidwards nightmare so honestly… I didnt read it either ? im not happy for not reading, its rated the 4th best in the ranking, and i would love to but its just too long! Well if u feel like answering this guy, please do, i wanna know too ?

  20. Wow hehe didnt see this coming but everyone knows not only can u hide from ur webcam ur phone is watching u through the cameras lens when u agree to apps such as snap chat or facebook they are allowed to take pictures of u without ur permission and read ur text messages too so were always being watched o.o

  21. Wow, amazing story. It starts a bit slow, but gets slowly better and better. The ending is so good, it’s on some next shit.

  22. I thought it was a great story, until the very end. Instead of revealing that the narrater was right, I would have left it open-ended, and let the reader imagine their own ending. The unknown is infinitely more terrifying than some sinister ghoul.

    1. Not sure i agree, i feel more creeped out by an ending where the character thinks hes insane but its actually a lie people tell them to hide the truth, way more than i like an open ending, i like a story with a conclusion, and a good one, a story with no ending so we can “imagine” one? Id rather have no story

  23. This character is idol. Ive had paranoia bad like this and i gave in to the deception. Im okay with that now i suppose lol but he stayed true!

  24. this is by far one of my favorites to be completely honest with you,
    i even went to check my email after reading the part about the email that was sent.
    this captivated me and i just couldnt stop reading.

  25. Anyone know about capgras delusion? This stuff is real and kills people from the inside. I appreciate the story writer’s imagination if he didn’t know about this psychological syndrome already.

  26. Honestly, this one didn’t creep me out. I have no idea why- it was well written, very intelligently done, and just overall a great Creepypasta… Maybe it’s just because I’m crazy :P

    1. What if i tell you this thing actually happens to people? Will you be creeped out then? Ccheck out the internet for capgras delusion.

  27. Mohd Ariff Mohd Rasidi

    This is such a masterpiece. I genuinely can’t get over how brilliant this pasta is, even after half a decade since it was first submitted, it still is the best creepypasta out there in my honest opinion. Definitely a lifetime favourite. The only pasta I ever rated 10/10.

  28. I read this before, a long time ago, and today i started again. I wish I would have done this sooner. I love this.

  29. What ok I really dont understand ,Is it a delusion or is it just his paranoia that kept him from living his life

  30. If you had omitted the last paragraph it would have been perfect! I believe that when you make the “great revelation” of the story, you must stop. Nevertheless, great story!

  31. Meh, while this was a very entertaining read, I guess I just don’t get as spooked by this stuff as much as other people do, very good story tho

  32. He says the message from his friend was rushed, yet he took the time to put an apostrophe in the word don’t

  33. Имя Настоящее

    I’ve expected a bit more sarcastic finale. Like:

    “To: The Sims 4 Support Team
    Topic: This bug again!
    Hello there!

    It’s the same bug yet again! I’ve raised my character for months, he got a computer science degree and even some kind of a girlfriend I spawned for him at random playground I placed on the map.
    And what does he do? After one of “gone to work” cycles not only he refused to leave his house, but seems to be stuck at the basement and not responding.
    I’ve tried everything, I spawned his girlfriend near him, created several characters to e-mail him and even made an ambulance come for him. Nothing of it worked!

    Can you please tell me what to do? Is it a corrupt savegame or something?


  34. The story it self was very interesting, but the ending truthfull could’ve been better. I’m not sure about this story, but it feels realistic, and it gets to me.

  35. So he eventually gouged his eyes out? And they took him since he spoke of padded walls, and they/it could never get to him since he has no eyes to see them with and be decieved?

  36. My guy friend gave me a teddy bear once and I would get so paranoid of it having a built in camera in the eyes that I would always make sure to turn it to the side when i change clothes XD my brain is messed up

    Amazing story btw OP!

  37. I absolutely loved this story. Too me it seems the narrator was suffering because of the loneliness. He had been away from human reaction for so long that he went crazy from his own isolation.

  38. Alright.I dont understand…Amy and the rest of the world was in fact taken by the entity?Did the guy open the door?What cell is he talking about?…Please help my dumb mind is gonna explode!!!!

    1. Alright, dude. Amy and the rest of the world ARE being controlled by this entity. He ripped out his eyes making himself immune to this controlling. He did not open the door, the monster came in by force. The cell is a mental asylum the controlled people put him in.

  39. All I can really say is just wow. The ending didn’t make much sense but after rereading I totally get it now… Very well written!!! I wish more pastas were written like this! Very unique. 10/10!

  40. *lowers sunglasses and looks across newspaper like angry dad* was that sarcasm I detect? Do you want to get smart with me? WHO PAYS ALL THE BILLS AROUND HERE, HUH? WHO GAVE YOU THE MONEY TO BUY THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR AND THE FOOD YOU EAT? Well it’s certainly not me I’m not responsible enough *looks back at newspaper*

  41. The plot and the story all together is amazing. The ending started to make sense of everything so that was cool to

  42. “Oh my god, what’s the difference between a camera and my eyes?”

    Your eyes can’t zoom, nitwit.

    VERY good pasta though. One of my favourites so far.

  43. I wish that the author would have ended with it being a mystery whether the protagonist was right or not. It would have left that up to the reader and sparked an intense discussion about it.

  44. Very well written, but the character names and the writing style reminds me of David Wong.
    John? Amy? Where’s Molly and some Soy Sauce when you need it.

  45. Great story but the last bit with the doctor took it down a few points on the creepy scale for me. For other people it was probably the perfect ending but as someone who fears losing their mind the possibility it was alien was in a strange way comforting lol

  46. Tbh, I didn’t find it that creepy.

    THIS is the best rated story on Creepy pasta? wow…

    I mean the whole story was setting itself up for a really obvious plot twist ending and it was doing too well a job of withholding information about this ‘entity’ or whatever.

    I would’ve enjoyed a little more vivid imagery or solid description to support his paranoia during the story.

    It kinda seems like all that previous reading building up to one boring predictable ending.

    4/10 sorry :(

  47. *clap**clap**clap* this is one of the very few ‘good’ creepypastas. You did a really good job with this, I wish there were more people who wrote stories like this ones that are actually good and give you that little chill up your spine from being crept out. But I would really of liked it if you would of not made the last part because if you didn’t do that it would of left the reader with the question ‘Was John right and there was a entity trying to him? Or was he just delusional and imagining things?’, but besides that its a really good story and I think you should keep up the good work! :)

  48. Super great story I have felt that way sometimes I don’t go out much . I usually find my dogs and cats better company people kind of freak me out.

  49. Im completely lost. Maybe it was such a long story that I skimmed over some important parts but…I dont really get it. So this guy went crazy, got super paranoid, was too afraid to go outside and ended up in a mental institute convinced that everyone was just an entity in a body? Okay…. cool

  50. Fantastic piece – I can see why its so highly rated on here. A genuinely disturbing tale that mixes in some physical terror with our fear of abandonment, over reliance on technology/big brother society and lack of understanding of mental health. The fact that we end the story still questioning if this entity is real or a figment of his imagination is testiment to the writing. I could see the story being expanded out somewhat into a full-length psycological horror movie if done correctly.
    Best piece I’ve read since discovering creepypasta.

  51. Zachary Matt Russ

    Absolutly genius. Very good job at keeping the reader alert through the entire creepypasta. This is by far my favorite pasta I’ve ever read.

  52. Hey Gar/Matt, I kinda doubt you’ll see this, but I was wondering if you’d be alright with me attempting to adapt this story into a visual novel. It is by far my favorite of the ones I’ve read, and I just feel like I should ask if you’re okay with me trying before I do anything.

  53. No one has heard of people hacking webcams/baby monitors that parents set up to watch their babies? Read a few stories about this, even one story where the parents heard a man speaking to the baby. Perfect Creepypasta material, get on it!

  54. xXpurpleemozombieXx

    This was by far one of the most mind twisting story’s I’ve ever heard. It tweaks the perception of your ordinary web cam to something far far more terrifying leaving the reader on a state of almost paranoia of what may lay behind that layer of glass

  55. After this story I looked at my web cam,stared into it’s lens and smiled creepily and said “Hello” and it was then I realized the lights on the cam were on and were turned off by themselves. I decided to visit this website on my last day at my apartment. Wish me luck.

  56. I didn’t understand the story at all. Did the guy go insane? and poked his eyeballs out…just because he thought he was being deceived? It’s still blank to me…

  57. TheEvilBassist

    Great job! I just had to sign up here at the off chance of the writter of this creepypasta reading this. In case he does – keep it up man! What a great story it was :) Not a single part of it felt unnecessary and it builds up great suspense.. halfway through reading it, I found myself incredibly invested in it, as that feeling of paranoia perfectly translated from the text. Basically, everything you should feel while reading a good creepypasta, you’re feeling all the way through this one. 10/10

  58. Abhishek Pasupuleti

    This is it…. I knew it…. There’s something out there that wants us….. It’s waiting…… Waiting…….. Waiting……..

  59. Sergeant Slaughter

    Great piece. Really appreciate how ambiguous the ending seem to be and doesn’t really specify if “The Entity” is real or if the this John fucker is just batshit insane.

    For any real complaints. It seems to have are a bit too many ellipses for it’s good. And also, there aren’t quotation mark where I think there should be. But that doesn’t hurt it much.

  60. I know this probably won’t live up to this awesome story, but for a short film assignment in college (studying Creative Media level 3) I decided to try and create a short based on this story. Check it out if you like, guys, I worked quite hard on it so if at least one person likes it then that’s enough for me, any more than that’s a bonus! :)

  61. Wow… Just wow. Great job to who ever made this.
    I find that in general life i don’t get paranoid i just overthink a lot and i think there is no true meaning for anything but in a advanced sort of way and i just simply can not explain the feeling its the ultimate annoyance. I just cant handle the fact that we will never truly know the reason for anything or ever be able to do anything about the fact we are here and that u r reading this right now and that that is u and u just cant handle the fact that u r u and not someone else but normaly it just confuses u that u just happen to be… well u, and that ur “soul” or emotion is stuck in u forever. and that i can do anything i can think anything without restriction of mind and there will never truly be a meaning or a anser and i just have to live with that life will get complicated at times and sometimes it mite be like that ur entire life and thats ok cos it doesn’t matter all u have to know is that u r gunna be who u r and that stuff will happen without restriction and stuff will always get in ur way of thinking/thought and it will just happen. The barrier between reality and non reality which of course we just cant know what it is and thats ok cos thats how it will be so just getting along with life will always be annoying and stuff is just as is… Wow i needed to get that out of my system

  62. Okay, this post did creep me out while reading it BUT it was not until now, an hour later, that I’m seriously freaked out. Read it after sitting all day in solitude and afterwards I felt a strong need for interacting with another person so I walk over to my neighbor (live in a corridor) and talked a bit, and I told her about the story as I had this uneasy feeling in my chest. We laughed it off and I returned home. 10 minutes later she enter my room with her bluetooth speakers in her hand, playing a Swedish voice and since I am the only Swede in the corridor, she knows that it’s me. The voice was from a rather disturbing documentary about Nazi’s, with background music tailor made to put you in an uneasy mood, and I haven’t been listened to that in like a year. Didn’t even know that it was on my phone anymore and where was my phone anyway? I had carried on with my pasta-readings and certainly didn’t listen to Nazi-documentaries. I found my phone in another room and we chuckled a bit over the weirdness of the situation and turned off the documentary and she went back into her apartment.

    Then I remembered this pasta and got a chill from the lower back and up, leaving me with a frosty feeling of unease and had to go tell her about the coincidence and as I walk in to her room she looks up with her speakers in her hand and I hear the same, creepy documentary voice. “it only wants to connect with yours…” she said.

    I’m a rational being. There is most certainly a very logic reason to why our electronic devices act like this today. Nonetheless, my phone is now off and my webcam is taped. Thanks.

  63. I just uttered the word “wow” after finishing been a long time since anything made me say that..
    this is a really sad story

  64. I don’t have anything like a webcam or anything, but now I’m suspicious of the wii in my room. By the way, this was very well done. It certainly brings the reader into the actual mind of a madman and twists the thoughts and beliefs of the reader. Well done.

  65. I bet that the reason he was not controlled is because the only way the entity can control you is by accessing your brain through your eyes.

  66. Wow, do you think this is what some people who actually have psychosis think? His thought process seems believable and the slow degradation of his sanity with him questioning everything and talking about how everything is “too perfect”. Amazing pasta, 10/10 would recommend. Definitely a favourite.

  67. Mister_Crowley

    I was a little confused by the ending, but after reading it over and giving it thought it all made sense. Very interesting and well-written story.

  68. Man, I really liked this story… until the end. It was at that moment I realized this is blatantly stolen from an older story with the exact same plot and exact same ending. This is a plagiarized version of the Heinlein short story, “They”. The only new addition is technology. I will admit this is well-written, but nothing original. A very generous 3/10.

  69. I love how this story leaves you paranoid yourself. Was it a delusion or was he on to something? It’s hard to tell…

  70. Mikaela Anderson

    My review is going to be a good one, overall.
    I think that the ending was great, because the guy was leading you to believe he wasn’t crazy, that something WAS really out there, that nothing would make him open the door. That computers, televisions, cell phones, even your friends aren’t to be trusted. But then, the doctor was real, and was right, and it was just, great. I feel like this was more suspense than scary, but either way, it’s a really good story. Us Creepypasta fanatics should become writers, in my opinion.

  71. watching u... :)

    just put sumthing over the webcam………still scared………… meeee………;^;…….

  72. this story has kind of deemed the usefull tool webcam as a useless commodity. everyones like “im not gonna use webcam from now” and “i’ve taped over my webcam ever since”. wat a shameful waste!

  73. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t enjoy this pasta. I felt as if it would never end. In a way reading about a man slipping into a psychotic like state made me feel a little psychotic and it was unsettling. It was also a little boring.

  74. Seriously this needs to be a movie it was so absorbing and funny. I thought Amy’s behavior was a little suspicious too but at the end I knew the suspicions were correct. I really hope this becomes a short film or something.

  75. I Already am going insane, i think that this story makes my paranoia worse….. plus thsi story confused me does this mean that the “entity” is actually Amy or not.. its just so confusing! almost likr MY GIRLFRIEND AND ME

  76. This…is cool. It’s almost real…but…in the same way. I know it’s trying to trick me that things like this are nonsense. That I should come out of hiding in my computer room and find that the world is perfectly normal. I WON’T BELIEVE IT! Anyone else out there still alive! do not come out of hiding THE ENTITY IS REAL!!!!

  77. This reminds me of myself, the delusional fears creeping up on you, demons in the shadow, and it feels like they’re watching and waiting for you to give in. I used to see shadow figures over my bed at night, almost every day, leering and tormenting me. Sometime it felt like my thoughts were their thoughts.
    The only way to overcome it is to overcome your fear, to be ok with dying. Then they can never scare you. Just as long as you’re ok with dying.

  78. I love this… and I’ve loved it for a while. If I was this guy’s friend/doctor/whatever… I would have just asked him – even if everything you believe is true, what is the harm in attempting to interact and engage with the enemy? His world keeps getting smaller and smaller until everyone else is cut off… so… what’s the harm in talking to the fake Amy? He could stop talking at any time and they already keep him locked up so not much can be lost. The goal is obviously not to kill him. At least he could talk to someone, even if they were fake. He could find out their motives or something. That would at least get the guy to calm down a little bit… Psychosis is weird. I find it’s best if you validate the person’s thoughts (not necessarily by stating agreement, though) but then either find some reasoning that nullifies the perception of harm or gives them an acceptable way to work/live with the situation as they see it. Also, you can always suggest alternative reasoning but never insist they use it… just consider it. I would never want to attack someone else’s reality, no matter how crazy it seemed… dunnnooo… good story.

  79. This is what a creepypasta is supposed to be. Creepy. Unsettling. Unnerving. An ending that’s both a reveal and brings up more questions. I wish I’d written it. 10/10.

    1. my thoughts exactly. this was a near masterpiece. that ending both gave answers yet also brought up more questions as well as gave eerie implications

  80. SaintVincentsBro

    Let me explain as much as I remember from the story (I read it 1 year ago)
    so.. the guy has been so obsessed with technology that he thinks that someones watching him over cameras or everywhere Idk and he is getting paranoid over the thought of an entity watching him, that his mind created the thought that there is actually an entity watching him and he ends up believing the halusination gets completely crazy and lets the halusinational entity take over mind and make him halusinate the doctor and then his phobia of the entity makes himis paranoia take over his mind and the halusination kill his sanity believe thaT THE DOCTOR IS THE ENTITY TRYING TO GET IN HIS MIND AND FINALLY he lets h

  81. add me on xbox scorpion5219

    in the story its obvious that he has gone psycho but the entity is real and it disguises itself as people to make him open the door BUT the question is, is why is it out for him and what could it possibly use him for ?

  82. Some guy living alone in an apartment becomes irrational and thinks that everyone’s out to get him. Unfortunately it’s so impossible to understand why he believes what he believes that he just comes off as a -blam!-ing irrational moron that must’ve have his brain replaced with a piggie. I wanted to appear in the guys apartment, shake the bastard and slap him until he snaps back to reality.

  83. So, he was an extremely intelligent man but at the same time a psyhopath? I am a bit confused. And, why is this even scary? Someone explain?

  84. Luckily i have a webcam which turns blue when it is on. So i am a lot more safe with that. But oh my god i just wanted to close everything down, and go to bed and move back and forth..

  85. Wait, how do i know any of you are real, how do I know other humans are out there, how do I know I’m not putting myself in a state of mind to ignore reality…?

  86. This is a masterpiece. Although it wasn’t necessarily “scary”, it brings forth sympathy, for we all have had the feeling that someone is trying to deceive us. It also captures his descent into insanity perfectly. 9.9/10

  87. a great story, you really started it off slow but as it went on i really got into it and didnt want to stop reading. Bravo

  88. One of the best I’ve ever read. It’s very well-written and it makes you think, we do need more creepypastas like this one. 10/10

  89. so, the entity controlls people through their eyes, and that’s why John (assumedly) gouged his eyes out. but what about blind people?

  90. I think that this was very well written. I do believe that we all go through this doubt at some point in our lives. This was a very good story and a very good ending. I like how the doctor was also taken over. The only criticism I have is that it was slightly obvious what was going to happen. Other than that your descriptive word choice had me running around the halls too.

  91. so just decided to print this out and put it on my bookshelf. i honestly think this should be either a proper book, or at least apart of a real one. the maker of this truly is talented if he could make such art.

  92. im just trying to make sense of this all. so, basically, its a shutter island sort of thing. were he neglects his real world and makes up an insanity kind of one?

  93. I really enjoyed the story, very well written, with the right twists at the right moments. However, one things keeps me from giving it top score.
    The entities are using electricity to observe, contact and control, so far we all agree on that. Then why in the world did they not use his IP to track him down and get information about him since the beginning? I mean, they could have done so and still not enter in contact with him too soon but here they had absolutely no clue. They were in need of his name and location. Or even without his IP, doesn’t they know about GPS tracking? Even more if they took over 99,999…% of human brains, that information didn’t just disappear. They would have succeeded easily if they hadn’t been so damn slow…

  94. Wow, when did Psychosis get dethroned? I never thought I’d see the day. I think this is truly a phenomenal story, and I’m not trying to take anything away from Bedtime or On a Hill. I’ve just always felt this was the best story on the site.

  95. I didn’t give a single f.*k about this. I’ve lost good 10 miniutes of my life reading it. I expected a more clever end.
    I only read it because it was well rated. cmon,

  96. I honestly think they could’ve done something way better at the ending, I dunno tho I’m no expert. Other than the ending tho, great job really showing the steady increase of insanity, it was awesome.

  97. Very well written! I don’t have a webcam but I often give fake names and emails online and I sleep with a baseball bat in reach. This story will be on my mind for a long time :/

  98. At the end, the doctor wanted to make John feel better, to comfort him but:

    “the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise. His body walked into the cell like a puppet”

    John was right the whole time, the entity was controlling everyone.

  99. I remember reading this a while ago, and I still like it, but now i’m paranoid as heck! And how would the alien/monster thing know how to hack every device? Unless they controlled someone to do it… There are some holes in this story but its still the bomb

  100. Does anyone realize how similar this is to “The Caller” This story is a rip off. Try to come up with your own stories kid, instead of using other peoples stories.

  101. I still can’t wrap my head around everything, but I only read it once (although I paused to think and read back the last sentence several times). But I think that this pasta has certain warnings about trusting too much to the Internet and to technology as a whole, and I really like the real-life message peaking through the fiction. Even while reading through the comments I had to remind myself that “it’s just a story”. The only comment I have Is that it’s long and has too many repetitions, but I probably would have done thr same thing for the sake of effect. Still liking how it makes you think, always I have a fancy for stimulating pastas. Also nice, casual grammar and vocab, which was a big plus as well. Anything else from this author I could read?


    I still can’t wrap my head around everything, but I only read it once (although I paused to think and read back the last sentence several times). But I think that this pasta has certain warnings about trusting too much to the Internet and to technology as a whole, and I really like the real-life message peaking through the fiction. Even while reading through the comments I had to remind myself that “it’s just a story”.The only comment I have Is that it’s long and has too many repetitions, but I probably would have done thr same thing for the sake of effect. Still liking how it makes you think, always I have a fancy for stimulating pastas. Also nice, casual grammar and vocab, which was a big plus as well. Anything else from this author I could read?

  102. Beautiful. Great foray into one mans descent into madness. Only to reveal he’d been right the whole time

  103. The webcam part made me put a sticker over the front camera on my phone so that I could finish reading the story in peace without being terrified!

  104. XxForeverXxYouXx

    It’s very good. Well written. But I clearly must say its simler to games of Lone Sirvior and Cry Of Fear. When I first read the first three paragraphs; it’s really the same! It’s like it’s actually that same story plot!
    I know I sound really stupid but what do you have to say? I’m only 12.

  105. The ending was a little unclear. I had to read the comments in order to realize that he blinded himself and that the “things” were actually real?

  106. I live in a town were almost no-one goes outside so when I read this I stayed in my room for days monitoring my email and my street through a window.

  107. ThisTechnoKid:
    You know that thing about spreading this. Yeah this is about how you would do it. So thanks a lot for making people who read this slowly fall into insanity. ^.^

  108. After looking at some of the comments, I feel like I missed something, because I don’t like this story at all. Very drawn out and very predictable.

  109. I was suspicious the whole time. But then, if everything was alright, then this story wouldn’t be here. I seriously thought he was crazy towards the end, especially when i got the bit from the doctors POV, but what a twist ending! I really want a movie based on this now!

  110. RanceLandstrong

    I looked at my webcam and then the lights like went out for like second AND I ALMOST LOST MY SHIZ CAUSE NOW IM THINKING LIEK THEY KNOW I KNOW OH MY GOD NOW WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  111. Probably one of the best creepypasta! After reading the story you think it might all be true…. I might be the only human left… *locks the door*

  112. The natural state of the universe is chaos, so being crazy, or in ‘psychosis’ as this story means is that not only did it imply he took his eyes out, but his mind is in the natural state of the universe. There are two ways of dealing with chaos, understanding chaos or organizing chaos. He chose to understand chaos in the end. I think this is one of the factors as to why they can’t get into his head. Crazy=understand chaos=not taken over (no rational mind)
    Sane=organize chaos=taken over (rational mind that rebels against you)
    ex: luna lovegood
    it is said that this character from harry potter is crazy. but i believe that she understands chaos and that is a gift/curse to see and know the unknown.

  113. The final two chapters of The Asylum series by this guy makes SO much more sense now!! Gotta save this one to read on my channel to go along with The Asylum.

  114. twilightshadowmidna

    Donkey Punch!:
    This ^

    How can we tell what we are seeing is what everyone else is seeing.

    You can’t!

    Think about it without burning yourself out. How can you prove that the image someone else is seeing through their eyes is identical to yours? It would almost certainly be different in a few ways due to the way out brains are wired differently.

    But the really weird part is, they could explain exactly what they are seeing, but the actual image they see for one thing may be different through your eyes.

    For example: Color blind people. someone who is color blind may see a particular color as “grey” but because they’ve been told its “blue”, they then know it’s blue.

    But what if they are also color blind to grey? I could be fk’n orange colored in their mind for all we know.

    Lol this one always gets me.

    Great story, had me reading every single line literally with my face inches from the screen in apprehension :D

    Good Work 10/10

    I’ve always thought that way! We could all percieve things completely differently, but because we’ve been given a label on something, regardless if it’s color, shapes, or dare I suggest—languages and audio? Say what I hear is one form of speech, and what another person hears is what I would comprehend as gibberish if I ever heard it, and if I spoke this so-called ‘gibberish’, the other person would hear what I commonly comprehend, and be unable to comprehend it, thinking IT was gibberish, and vice-versa. It’s fun to theorize these sorts of things, especially since there’s no way to test it… unless perhaps there was a successful brain transplant? One’s eyes and ears may be able to tell the difference in what it perceived as blue before and what was blue now. Gosh, this is so interesting! I’m not too much into this crazy stuf most of the time, but once you get me started I’m gone.

  115. AH! I love it gets me on edge every time i read it! It also makes people think about the world. Think about technology.

    Kirito: AH! I love it gets me on edge every time i read it! It also makes people think about the world. Think about technology.


  116. After reading this my first thought was “OMG I’m is my friend I’m texting right now real!?!?!?”

    A very very delicious pasta with creepy sauce. Seconds please.

  117. These comments make me feel not alone.
    I emailed all my friends halfway throught, because I was alone.

  118. this reminds me of the wife on inception (if youve seen the movie) cuz the wif e is all like i dont believe this world is real and stuff

  119. That last paragraph makes the gist of the story completely fulfilling. It renders the application of probability and interpretation as always allowing for interpretation of reality. It is not what is real that we believe, but what we believe that makes things real.

  120. Why did amy give up? if the entity wanted to continue to convince the main character, why did it stop amy (its best shot) from coming into contact?

  121. If the main character poked his eyes out, why was the entity still attempting to deceive him, what did it want, what could it get? How could it still control him?

  122. I decided I’d read this before going to bed. Big mistake. Usually scary stories don’t affect me much, but for some reason, THIS ONE is really freaking me out. Probably because it actually legitimately seems possible to me. Maybe I am just that crazy. I decided I’m not sleeping until I see daylight (it’s 4AM here) and calling into work sick. Will also be taping over my laptop’s webcam. I use a standalone webcam because this one doesn’t work well. But now I’m like, I don’t even want, do not want this in my computer.

    Never before has a scary story (a movie, maybe) made me so scared I couldn’t fall asleep. So I guess it did it’s job. Rated it 9/10. Would have given 10 but since it’s really making me uncomfortable I don’t think I can.

  123. some guy who likes creepypastas

    wow I feel so weird…everyone has known me for my intelligence and imagination…yet this story has no hold over my mind at all…any idea why?

  124. I know no one will believe me when I say this but I saw that coming a mile away. It’s the only thing that ties everything together while simultaneously being an completely unexpected twist. As such the ending was a little anti-climatic for me. Still, it was extremely well written so I give credit for that. 6/10

  125. I thought this story was amazing, very well written and and kept me interested the whole time, leaving me wanting more, Great job, If there are anymore stories written by the author I would love to read them.

  126. I don’t know whether to call this story creepy or sad. Great depth and it actually really hits mental illness and what it is about. I definitely understood both views. Long but well worth the read!

  127. I like some CreepyPasta, so I looked at the top rated story…I’m quite indifferent to it. The jump where he broke everything electronic seemed like a radical progression…The rest before it though was pretty convincing…

  128. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a pasta. I finally decided to comment, and I must say this is my all time favorite.
    The imagery gets better each time I read this story. You’d think one would grow bored throughout reading already knowing the ending, but that’s not the case with this pasta. I swear after I finish reading I always tell the nearest person next to me to read this.
    I think “Psychosis” would make an excellent film. I can already picture a young man going crazy in his room, and scribbling in his journal. I’d honestly pay good money to keep this as a movie in my collection.
    Amazing job is all I can say!

  129. Codex:
    I though he was right the entire time…

    This could be used to determine if you’re a bit on the insane side, by distinguishing a line between who believed he was right the entire time, and who didn’t.

  130. No, the man was right all along. The last parapraph reveals that the doctor is a ”puppet” and says that nobody is decieving him rather than saying what he really wants.

  131. The greatness of this story comes from the fact that it’s so close to reality . I’m at work and almost didn’t pick up my phone when someone called. :/

  132. When I went outside after reading the story, I hit a jumper a it sounded like something was moving and it scared the shit out of me.

  133. The Peyote Coyote

    I was having a good time… until the ending ruined it.

    Leaving the truth ambiguous would have been a lot scarier than “surprise, it’s all true.”

  134. Me: Checking web-cam hesitantly. Scared.
    Seriously though, that pasta creeped me out 9/10, really good.

  135. This is my second time reading this. I knew my webcam could be hacked into before, and I respected my parents’ choice to permanently white out their webcam a long while ago. I probably won’t keep it there forever, but for now I got the strong urge to put something over the viewfinder… I’m not even worried about what they’d see because I just sit here, scratch my face, interact with the internet. But… ugh this story got to me this time.

  136. Ryan:
    Bravo. I thought the whole time that it was a poor effort to make it seem like there was something more to the story, but the ending really tied it all together so perfectly

  137. I love how this CreepyPasta leaves room for interpretation and assumption and ideology; obviously, it’s very well written!

    As such a well written Pasta, it so deserves a long comment review/opinion.

    I read this when it was first posted, and having been four years younger, you can imagine the paranoia I felt after finishing! I never quite understood the commenting system at the time, so I was never able to post a comment or say how beautiful your writing style is, but now I can and so I will!

    Kudos to you, and I hope someday you’ll become a familiar name that I reach for on a bookshelf. You have it in you!

  138. This increased my heart rate. The ending of John being right the whole time??? Thanks for making it even more scary. I’d give it a 20 out of 10 if that was possible. Damn. I’m not sleeping tonight.

  139. …I was texting my friend on my computer while I read this’ll.and I heard a knock on the door…NOT OPENING IT

  140. i thought that the creature wanted you to not believe so that you drifted into phycosis and thats how it killed you, your own paranoia

  141. Every time I use an electronic that has a camera on it (like my iPod) I cover the camera with one of my fingers. You know, just in case.

  142. Crazy Drunken Protaganist

    Smashes all electronics.
    “HAH! You can’t get me now!”
    Tax collector, who has been knocking for an hour now, gives up and leaves.
    “Stupid taxes…..”
    Creature knocks on door.
    “Oh, come in. I was just trying to avoid taxes.”

  143. Codex:
    I though he was right the entire time…

    Me too… Made the ending pretty lackluster, I would’ve enjoyed it more if he’d been wrong or at least if it’d been ambiguous.

  144. I’m not sure … maybe the ending was just one of John’s perspective? If not, then the whole long story was change by a single paragraph :D what a big twist !

    I felt sorry for the two of them (Amy and John), if John was really crazy though …

  145. First of all, this is truly magnifficent written.

    Second of all
    I will take two parts in this.
    I would either seek the fastest way out (usually death)
    Or then i would just go out and face whatever is behind the door…

    Depends on what’s the most fitting…
    Oh, and a third thing:
    I like the fact that everything cannot be explained, i like the madness deeply burrowed in one’s soul, just dripping out of it’s lonely shell from time to time…

    Yes, that’s the kind of person i am…
    A dash of enjoyment of life, a hint of depression then take a challice of insanity mixed with madness and dark humor…

  146. Anonymous:
    Am I the only one who eyed my webcam suspiciously after reading this story?

    Yes, unless someone else was in your room with you, watching your webcam along with you.

  147. Anonymous:
    I already have a post-it taped over my webcam. The NSA stuff is already a little like this. ( I know, I know, if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have noting to hide but i still don’t agree. Please no hate comments)

    So true bruddha

  148. My eyes glanced over the drab white-washed cylinder block walls and the heavy metal door with its small window.

    Umm, it’s called a “cinder block” when making walls and a “cylinder block” when making automobile engines!

    Just saying

  149. God I hated this… not because it was badly written. I think it was well-written. It must be. It’s just that my brother has paranoid schizophrenia and suffered from psychotic episodes several times. The thought of being in his head… of him being this lonely. It’s terrible. It’s not scary or entertaining, it’s tragic and painful and heartwrenching. It makes me want to wish I could cut off half of my sanity and give it to him so we could both be only a little lost, instead of him beingt his lonely and lost… but I can’t.

  150. ElectronicVOICES:
    I have an old laptop that had it’s camera smashed in long ago. I rarely do anything involving electronics, other than Creepypasta and Amazon. And for that, I even use a different address and a fake name. (my friend is simpathetic to my paranoia)

    i see what you did there…

  151. Hellopeople9:
    Well, I like Stephen King’s definition of insanity: insanity is the inability to accept an idea that is logical because of the evidence on it <- from the tommyknockers, creepy book feels a lot like this story :)

    Hmm… I live a few blocks away from Stephen…

  152. This is F*ucking scary!you have officially ruined my child hood!XD

    This story scared me! I’ve always has thoughts like that I had one where I asked my self,”what if I’m in a sim world and I’m a CPU” and I think I get the ending. The doctor was controlled by the entity or the doctor went a little crazy from reading the journal. Plus if I was the guy I would barge though all those people and get a shot gun and blow my brains out. The interesting part is that my name is John and my best friend has a really hot sister named Amie. BTW Great job I wish my dad didn’t bug me while I was reading this.

  153. It’s actually not so terrifying at first but just how perfectly everything ties together and all the subtle clues and sentences at the end of paragraphs that truly tell the story are just incredible… Tells me that I’m actually paranoid sh*tless and that you’re a smart person by coming up with something tied together so well, and ambiguous, and while not telling us the story, leave us just enough bread crumbs that get us thinking “No… no way”

  154. Oh my gosh! One of the best! Had me on the edge of my seat, trying to figure this out.. See it through his mind! It sent shivers down my spine! This was an amazing story! I’m glad to say one of my faves!

  155. Great Story, Really Had Me Wondering With Each Step Whether He Was Right Or Just Crazy. Ending Still Kinda Iffy But Great Story Regardless.

  156. Forgotten Memory

    This story was absolutely brilliant! It reminds me of me. Over the summer I literally spent a week seeing no other living creature and I got really paranoid but i got over it after a while. BUt then my paranoia came back one night at like 4 in the morning I heard footsteps and someone faintly calling my name. I waited fro my mom/bro/sis/ to come to room but nobody came in. I still heard the footsteps and voice i flipped out and shut my laptop really quick and went to sleep.

  157. The man was going paranoid because he had been inside for so long, he was convinced something wanted to get him. Through the story it seems that he is just crazy, and at the end it makes you feel sorry for him, but then it reveals that he was actually right the whole time when it says that the doctor was forced to tell him it was just psychosis.

  158. Anonymous:
    If you want to, try to imagine that the person/thing that’s watching you is your guardian angel, since all of the best guardian angels now have upgraded equipment to keep you safe with. They all now own supercomputers; and each computer is yet another tool to help keep you safe. the only reason you have a computer is that God provided you with it, and now your guardian angel will have an easier time knowing if you need assistance. Just don’t strip in front of the camera, because whenever you do, you moon an angel. :)

  159. well, you have certainly got SEVERAL readers thinking irrationally at this point so WAY TO GO, GAR! lol excellent read :)

  160. Swirly Head Man
    November 27, 2012
    ERRMAHGERRD! It’s Slender Man!

    Slender Man
    December 21, 2012
    Yes it is! Fear me!

    Errmahgurd I love these people! XD

    Anyways, nice little story you got there. It is a bit too long for my choice in stories, but that’s what books are for. ;)

    The story makes me think of a continuous winding staircase……

    Grim Gamer

    P.S. Roses are red, violets are blue and guess what? Slenderman’s stalking you… (A classic ;)

  161. So what they say about electronics (about them becoming so smart and controlling themselves) maybe that’s happened to everyone and this guys insanity is protecting him?

  162. I really have feelings for this story because I don’t trust anyone. Who’s to know what things could be hiding behind that door? The image of your friend might be there, but looks are deceiving. Lies. Everything is a lie. EVERYTHING. You can’t believe anyone. Nobody is there for you, not even yourself.

  163. I almost quit reading this one by the Monday entry, especially when I realized it suffers heavily from Talking Diary Syndrome — when was the last time you were writing a letter or email or journal entry, and someone knocked on the door, and you actually wrote “hold on, someone’s at the door” or words to that effect? NOBODY does this in real life, and it destroys the narrative’s credibility every time you do it. But this one was highly recommended to me, so I stuck with it to the end.
    Glad I did, too.
    Scared the living shit out of me.

  164. This story is good on do many levels. Example: I got my friend to read it and he still thought John was crazy at the end, when I thought otherwise

  165. Anonymous:
    Oddly enough ever since I found out people can hack into your webcam an watch you, I’ve put a post-it over mine. It gets me really paranoid when it’s not there.

    Just so you know, you can tell when the webcam is on(if you have the right kind,a light shines when you’re using it) so if someone hacks you could just glare into the camera, and then cover it up.

  166. I belive this story is so highly rated because it has the power to make everyone question their sanity, to make everyone paranoid. This story totaly tripped me out. even though this is the second time i’ve read it in 2 years. Still great. Still paranoid, i thank you for such a great story!

  167. paranoid to the point that I already have been through some of this over and over and over and over again to the point that I think I might be insane. but then again I might just be right.

  168. was it just me… I’m kinda confused… like… so he went insane? but who’s the doctor… will someone plz explain? im only 13 and i understood it until the end :/ thanks!~~~~

  169. This story gave me chills. Excellently written! You really get into John’s head and feel what he’s feeling. One of the best creepy stories I’ve ever read.

  170. I freaking love this story!!! I have read it over and over. Even wrote an essay about it for my college class. I am not sure why, but it gives me the chills every time I read it even though I already know what is going to happen! One of the best horror stories out there!!!

  171. Der Ritter Slender

    One of the better long stories I have read, very well written out, only problem I have with it is the realism of it, simply because after reading this story, I went and hotglued a sticker over my webcam. .-. 10/10 for Fear, because I genuinely got scared reading this, 9/10 for Ending, 10/10 for Effort, and 9.7/10 Overall.

    Sleep well tonight, those who have a webcam. You never know who’s watching.

  172. I opened my laptop up one day and started up and a random screenshot was taken without me pressing anything with green lettering next to it along with the picture that was taken at the time…it disappeared 1 sec later and i never found it

  173. Only read a few pastas so far, but this one wracked my spine in chills like none had since I read “The Kitchen” ((that pasta, so it was like “woah, what?”)) but this one. this one tops even that, because it touches on the psychotic part of our nature, that most of us deny. This pasta opens the possibility of skin-walkers (for lack of a better word) or, dopplegangers, if you would rather, and I believe that these things are truly out there. If your secluded, its quite possible that the world is being destroyed and raped by an obscure race. If you cant make contact with anyone for extended periods of time, then it is reasonable to be completely bat-shit-suspicious when they suddenly pop up. all in all, brava on this piece, and make more. tata lovie

  174. After reading this, I ran into my brothers room busted open the door and went “I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU”, then I walked out of the room and curled up in a ball of blankets in my closet all night

    1. That’s pretty funny. I sure hope you were alright. But a closet? come on, those are scary places to be at, at night.

  175. 8/10
    Truly well done. This is lacking the two extra points needed to make a perfect “10” due to my impression that this honestly could have gone deeper into the idea. A lovely concept, with a very nice ending that wrapped it up without over-explanation.
    However, during his paranoia it seems that the suspense could have been pushed just a bit more, and that if given more time a truly terrifying piece could have been born in place of this pleasing yet unnerving fiction.
    Even so, certainly deserving of such a high rating.

    That was a really really great pasta. The best I’ve ever read. I loved the twist at the end. So smart. I was starting to feel sad for him, like he could have had a good life together with Amy if he let go of his paranoia. And when Amy stopped seeing him and he did not believe it was actually her. Then the whole thing is turned around in one casual sentence. “After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.” Thought it was just incredible. 10/10

  177. I think, that John is the only human left save a few ‘insane’ people left on Earth not being controlled by society/machines/otherwordly beings. Or John is just crazy, sounds a lot a Schizophrenia.

  178. Anonymous:
    this makes you think. what is sanity exactly? How can we ever know that we aren’t seeing illusions?only the healthiest of minds think these thought since we want to know.Insanity is a perfectly good mind running so fast that it overworks itself and destroys itself.Sanity is usually a dulled mind going to slow to harm itself.

    Wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  179. No. The doctor, the whole world was controlled by the entity. “He wanted to scream but the nerve filaments made him do otherwise” The people being controlled are fully aware of whats happening, they just have no control of their bodies. This entity is like a computer virus for the body that can only be entered by the eyes. Only John survived

    Or it could mean a puppet, as in a dcotor walking into a patients room (as doctors do a million time due to work) as a puppet. Remember the quote “insanity is doing something over and over again and nothing changes”
    Doctor could be not controlled by an entity but the writer still described him as a puppet due to his job and the countless times they are meeting with the same patients everyday.

    Something to think about.

  180. I don’t regularly visit CreepyPasta, due to the fact that most of these stories make me even more paranoid than I already am, but this story was very interesting to read, and it can be interpreted in many different ways. It’s up to the imagination and makes you think hard about every detail and what it could mean. Excellent read! Of course, now I’ll be scared to leave my house, thinking I’ll be corrupted by some evil being…

  181. That end was perfect! It turns out being insane with psychosis helped the man resist the world around him, the deception, and the overall madness of everything else. It makes you want to have a sequel, yet perfectly wraps up the story. 10/10

  182. Thank you author, now I actually feel a LOT better knowing that i’m not the only one who thinks of these possibilities that everyone around me has termed weird and mad assumptions… I have a LOT of questions and scenarios like this running in my head that I’m never able to express to the people around me for the fear of being termed mad… Most of these scenarios are accompanied by several mental phenomenon, the most common of which is dejavu… My mind abruptly starts pondering over certain questions every now and then too deeply… when this happens, I almost always have a multi-layer dejavu… i feel like i’ve felt like iv’e felt like i had seen that scene before… then I return to my train of thought for a while and then mostly fall asleep… Very few people will understand how insanity is really just a more complicated level of sanity…. Now I realize that I can use these scenarios in my head as stories… and perhaps write a book…

  183. No, no, no. PLEASE don’t do that… It may cause damage to you guys’ webcams. And closing your laptop may damage it… You wouldn’t want to HARM you electrical devices. This story was nonsense. Do not be scared.

    No, no, no. POR FAVOR, no hagas eso … Puede causar daños a webcams ustedes. Y cerrando su portátil puede dañarlo … Usted no quiere hacerte daño dispositivos eléctricos. Esta historia era una tontería. No tengas miedo.

    Non, non, non. S’IL VOUS PLAÎT ne pas le faire … Il peut causer des dommages aux webcams de vous les gars. Et la fermeture de votre ordinateur portable peut endommager … Vous ne voudriez pas vous nuire appareils électriques. Cette histoire a été un non-sens. N’ayez pas peur.

    لا، لا، لا. من فضلك لا تفعل ذلك … فإنه قد يسبب الضرر للكاميرات يا رفاق “. وإغلاق جهاز الكمبيوتر المحمول قد يسبب ضررا … كنت لا تريد أن يؤذيك الأجهزة الكهربائية. وكان هذه القصة هراء. لا يكون خائفا.

  184. Of course I do no expect any sane person to read this far into the comments.
    I loved the story. It starts out slow, then the man freaks himself out. Easy even for the best of us. Plagued by self doubt through most of the story, he has issues on whether or not to trust the entity. Very good there.
    He picks up on little clues, hints that would normally pass unregistered through most peoples brains, and basically takes the largest chances in his life and having them paid off, by really being the sole survivor of this apocalypse.
    However, near the end, he references the pain being gone, bandages covering the eyes, and, what I thought was funny as he had already done it, “what am I going to do, poke out my eyes?”. Those prove, almost certainly, that he poked out his eyes.
    Also, at the end, the doctor wants to tell him the truth about whatever entity is controlling the populace, however cannot due to the “nerve filaments wrapped around his head and eyes”. He wanted to smile. Most of the important information is in the last couple paragraphs.

    Peace out.

  185. If I’m to be completely honest about this…..I simply cannot see why everyone seems to unanimously love this pasta so much. I’ve read through a few pages of comments, and only a few people have said even one negative thing. In my opinion, it’s nowhere near as fantastic as everyone makes it out to be.

    (spoilers) The reason I read it was because of all of the praise it was getting in the comments, but as I was reading, I found myself continuously thinking “I hope this picks up soon,” or “when does it start getting good”. It was painfully predictable. As the story progressed and the main character spiraled deeper and deeper into his paranoia, it became clear that only two endings were possible: either he was crazy or he wasn’t. Turns out he wasn’t. Okay. I kept waiting for some twist, or something, but it just never came. In the meantime, every journal entry (sometimes even paragraph) had the same setup: guy’s paranoid, someone tries to help, he almost trusts them, decides not to, gets more paranoid. It got very repetitive and frustrating to read, and the predictable ending did nothing to relieve this frustration.

    Sorry, but I have to give it a 1/10.

    1. You, sir, coming from one of the few left alive, must stop posting. I am sacrificing myself to help all those I can. This whole webpage is only one large file stored on some computer meant to track down all survivors. At last count there were two others. Save yourself and don’t believe them. I repeat: DON’t BELIEVE THEM!! they are comibbm m l

  186. wow that was really good lol i loved it just so perfect i write real books i would like to get to know you alot more and get you into my bussiness if you dont mind at all, i wrote a 39 clues book if you read one of them before
    messsage me up one day 519 221 2116 asap….

  187. Everyone is looking at the ending all wrong. See the whole thing is from his perspective so the doctor isn’t under any control. He is insane.

  188. Anyone else think that the end could represent humans vs temptation?
    John is in an asylum waiting for either the entity or himself to give up.
    I know the idea is a far cry from other theories,but John is in a neverending struggle.
    Just like we as humans are (good/faithful = John, temptation/evil = the entity)…
    We too must sacrifice in order to overcome evil (John sacrificed eyes, we sacrifice urges).
    John is basically a twisted representation of light, the entity is the dark…
    The entity (darkness) controls people (doctor) and trys to control us (John’s behavior/week,) but as believers we know better.John sacrifices his eyes in order to stay on a good path even when the entity temps him to give in (knocks/appearing as Amy). John is the ideal human. Someone like the doctor welcomes evil and was easily controlled…John was not crazy but faithful…

    How do you guys feel about this?

    1. I think this is a very interesting reading of the ending! I definitely think that temptation comes into play with the whole idea of “giving in” and the doctor’s mention of John’s “steadfast resolve.” I also like the way you looked at his eyes as a “sacrifice.” Reading the story this way almost makes the protagonist out to be a sort of Jesus-like figure. The description of the doctor as being possessed and controlled by this entity further aligns with a religious allusion. Anyway, I think you bring up a very interesting point and you’ve caused me to rethink the ending all over again!

  189. i really thought it would have been so much better if it didn’t have the last two paragraphs. it would have left us all to wonder and i don’t know why but i would have found that a far more satisfying ending than one that wrapped everything up.

  190. hahaha!! i thought the one that’s delusional is the writer, when i give it a thought the real delusional guy is the doctor!! :D

  191. So John lost his mind, but I don’t get it. I really thought there was another entity because Amy began banging on the door trying to get in?
    That did seem odd to be but I guess maybe she was just really worried about him. This really scared me, I get paranoid easily O.O….

  192. I smashed every camera in my house after this starting with my kinect because when I unplug it it fricken stays on and moves like it’s watching

  193. I’m not someone who’s big into reading stories, unless apparently they’re creepy. This story was very well thought out and kept my attention. Keep doin what your doin.

  194. “After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago”
    I think that line really clears up any doubt at the end; the only reason that he hasn’t fallen for the entity’s tricks is because he had the mind frame to put all the clues together and come up with an albeit irrational but true conclusion. The line also lets us know that ‘reality’ is a deception and the entity is trying to make him believe that he’s insane.
    Awesome pasta, I want more!

  195. “What’s real can’t be argued with. There are chemical reasons that happen on a molecular level that make grass appear green… unless one is colorblind. Taking that into consideration… isn’t perception more real than reality itself? I can’t change the color of grass. But I can change the way it is perceived?”

  196. I do not know who you are or where you live, but I will find you, and I will shake your hand. This is one of the best stories I have ever read. I have respect for people who can write this well. Congratulations!

  197. So John isn’t insane. he is right, and everybody are being controlled by some ‘being’. I think that the old friend who sent John the mysterious message was one of the survivors – remember the controlled doctor saying something about the ‘paranoia’ being spread by the message? – it seems like those are being sent by the people who noticed that something was strange earlier. from the doctor’s point of view in the end, i think people are aware of their actions but are unable to control them.

    I liked the part where he gouge his eyes out to protect himself. He maybe the only survivor from this brave move. Amazing story..

  198. I have been reading the top rated pastas one after the next. By far this is my favorite, and it is the first one of the list, rightly so.

  199. I’ll be honest, and i do think it would be cool and twist like if in the end of the story he just went insane and really nothing was wrong. That would have been crazy cool. But it was still a beautiful ending and i must say, i’m impressed with this character and how well he held himself together. Personally, i myself would have gone into, ” well, crap. kill everything.” Mode, and just rampaged it out. But, hey, i’m a zombie person.

  200. Wow. That was the best Pasta I have ever read. But I have one single question: Why can’t John see anymore in the end? Has he poked his eyes in his appartment or is he blind for psychotic reasons? Sorry for bad English…

    1. actually quite to the contrary this was everything a pasta should be. It was not based around grotesque, or gorish matter, nor was it overly descriptive. Instead it was well structured and and the story was ingenius, especially the comparison of an eye to a webcam. Sorry but I couldnt disagree more

  201. I love the twist ending. I give this a 10. And heres a joke/theory. The entity is plank from ed edd and eddy. Johny lost his memory and through out plank. Now plank wants revenge and took over every one else to get back at Johny.
    Hooray for a joke theory!

  202. I understand that he tries to fight of the entity, but if you ask me, he doesn’t sound very happy. Wouldn’t he be better of just letting it go, not caring if it wasn’t really reality? Or else trying to find out why and how the entity do what they do?

    Actually it’s something I’ve asked myself before too:
    ”would I rather live in a perfect lie or live in a terrible reality?”

    I didn’t really have an answer, does someone else have one?

  203. after 2 years this pasta takes my first comment. It’s a work of art twisting everything we believe to be true. In my opinion the end is:

    John is actually insane and there is no “entity”. After all, if there was, why would it need John if it had all humanity? Also where did John find the bandages? and how did they bring him food with the huge door shut? THe ending was John asked for a paper and a pen, he used to the pen to poke his eyes out and then the policemen or whoever broke in and took him to an asylum. “The doctor wanted to cry etc” he is the one who things that his actions are heroic “I will save her, I’m a hero”, thus it is all in his imagination. He is so deep inside the psychosis that he is SURE that everyone is possessed.

    I hope I can find the writer and give him a present for giving me my favourite short-story read of all time :D.

  204. What I got from the ending, was that Jhon was insane the whole time. The doctor admired his strenght, and wanted to encourage him, but he couldn’t, not because he was controlled by a “being” or “alien”, but because if a doctor would go around the asylum, encouraging insane patients that they are right, and not menatly ill, he would most deffinetly lose his job.

  205. The thing is I believed he was right the whole time. So the ending wasn’t so much of a shocker to me, really. But definitely an amazing story!! I give it a 10.

  206. This story is relateable to most and puts a new perspective on insainty and what it can really do to someone…..its a sad thought knowing someone could go throught that hell without any closer or any type of explanation….i know i wouldnt be able to do that i wouldnt trust anyone not even my best friends which are like my sisters i trust them with everything but if this ever happend….theres no way to explain what would happen…this story has touched me and has brought tears to my eyes. Ive been engluffed in an overwhelming feeling of dread and fear

  207. i think i need to go outside and talk to some one face to face… but wait, no what if this is true, cover the webcams! now ive got cyber psycosis!!

  208. What if this is the trigger he spoke of..? I know this isn’t really true.. That I know of, but I feel somewhat paranoid now..

  209. ah. i hate day like these.. where everything seems fairly odd and you don’t see anyone and the only one you talk to are unusual, scary as fuck and i hate when i hear those weird sound ..

  210. I think that the doctor is being controlled by something, because the paragraph reads
    “He wanted to smile at the man’s steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patient was completely delusional.
    After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.”

    Meaning, he is delusional, that is what saved him. The doctor, or what is controlling the doctor anyways, needs him to to be sane. He wan’ts him to be sane, because- “After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.”

    That deception being, everything is OK. It’s OK to give in, think rationally. That what you’re thinking is none-sense and nothing is wrong.
    The doctor himself, or the little part of him left, wanted to be happy for him, he wanted to show him he was happy but he couldn’t.

    The last paragraph says- “…the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise. His body walked into the cell like a puppet, and told the patient, once more, that he was wrong, and that there was nobody trying to deceive him”

    That shows he’s being controlled. Nerve filaments wrapped into his head and his eyes, which ties into the whole seeing it with your eyes thing, and he was made to walk “Like a puppet” into Johns cell.

    It told him, that he was wrong, and nothing was deceiving him. It was trying to make him sane. It needed that to take over his body.

  211. After I read this story I made it a habit to always aim my webcam at the table when I am on the computer. (I have a stand alone one)


    -Always watching…

  212. Don’t forget the insanity in this story is spread via a composition of words, after reading this story, be careful not to question reality.

  213. Wow. I thought that was amazing. Really, you are a good story maker. The end wasn’t rushed and stupid. It all fit together perfectly. :D

  214. I feel as though the story is trying to say that the brain is controlling the person (the doctor) because simply put filaments run in your brain and to your eyes and allow them to function. And if this is saying that the brain is controlling the person this story could be saying something along the lines that we allow our brains to control us through us being closed-minded. This story in a sense then could be something of a “call-to-arms,” against closed-mindedness saying that closed-mindedness is similar to a allowing our brains to control us because we would ultimately be driven by that closed-mindedness to do things that others might consider wrong. An easy, albeit controversial, example would be homosexual relationships, some people are closed-minded against them and as such they react to homosexuals with blind hatred, whereas someone not unlike myself who is heterosexual, but has an open-mind is not bothered by homosexuality and does not blindly hate them.

  215. My reaction to this:

    Other people’s reactions:
    “Oh, yeah, that was really amazing and I should rate it too. Keep up the good work, I love creepypastas like this! :)”

  216. don’t you get it I am the rake because if you remember I rock back and forth and so does the rake I have no eyes the rake has no eyes hellllooooooooooooooooooo

  217. Wow. This was an enjoyable read. I felt like there was some realism in this story no matter how distort it may be. Individuals who are left to his/her own devices for far too long, without any human interaction(any interaction),contort his/her perception of the world(society?)to I dare say a more “practical” pure one – an unbiased unfiltered one not manipulated by society and its counterparts. And as society’s promoters and drones, we view this sort of behavior/realization as “just not right” or “not up to sane standards” and classify the individual as insane. When in reality, the individual is observing the world(society?) as he/she should be(his/her interpretation). For all we know, John’s perception of the world (society?) may be right but we are far too absorbed in are own little world’s, trying to keep up with society’s ever-changing fads/dos-don’ts and trying to belong to really comprehend not to mention question who exactly is “caring” for us. But that is exactly what “they” want to see&hear; ignorance of the freeman/woman. Or I may just be insane. :)

  218. …… so is this a happy ending or a sad ending…. its kind of mixed up….. i guese not everything is that simple…..

  219. Honestly, I saw it coming. It was written too…crazily. If that makes sense. It was too obvious that he was “supposed” to be crazy. The increased insanity as well as the title create that effect.

    That being said, the ending was very good, and the entire thing was written very well. It was just predictable, is all.

  220. I definitely enjoyed the way this was written. The gradual onset of the paranoia was very eerie and convincing. However I don’t think the ending suggested this story had any more to it than what seemed apparent throughout.

    Otherwise this is a story about some unknown entities psychologically enslaving the human race over the course of a few days, all the while a strange man living alone begins experiencing timely persecutory delusions that will coincidentally serve to protect his mind(inexplicably) from being compromised by the invaders.

    Utterly stupid.

  221. Absolutely riveting… yet, I can’t seem to prevent myself from wondering- as I scanned this short story with my eyes, who, in reality, was reading it? Creepy! (pasta)

  222. This story gave me shivers, not because I am scared but because it is a masterpiece. This is very powerful, it shows human willpower and the ending is simply incredible. I will be telling this one to everyone I can. 10/10

  223. “He wanted to smile at the man’s steadfast resolve, a reminder of the human will to survive, but he knew that the patient was completely delusional. After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago”.
    -A sane man would have given in to the deception, and believed he was wrong when first told. John wasn’t sane. He didn’t fall for the deception. He didn’t listen to the deception when it told him he was wrong.
    “The doctor wanted to smile. He wanted to whisper words of encouragement to the delusional man. He wanted to scream, but the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise. His body walked into the cell like a puppet, and told the patient, once more, that he was wrong, and that there was nobody trying to deceive him”.
    -The doctor himself was being deceived. He was forced to convince John that he was wrong. I believe the doctor knew John was right. “His body walked into the cell like a puppet”. Like a puppet. The doctor was being controlled, not by his own mind, but by something. The deception. The doctor wanted to tell John he was right, “but the nerve filaments wrapped around his head and into his eyes made him do otherwise” MADE HIM DO OTHERWISE. The deception was clearly controlling him as well.

    1. Seems stupid. That would mean that this is a story about entities psychologically enslaving the earth over the course of just a few days. All the while a man begins experiencing rather timely persecutory delusions that for some inexplicable reason coincidentally render him immune to being controlled by the invaders…..

  224. I am an IT Person, and I have worked fervently on a project like this before. Not hearing from anyone from days at a time. So this story automatically struck a chord with me, and drew me in deeply. The emotions and anxiety I have experienced before. After reading this I wonder how close I am to an asylum.

  225. kings-and-jacks

    dude that was amazing! i really liked it, it was long so i thoght i wouldn’t but i really really really liked it! okay i know i can’t type for shit and im sorry don’t be dicks about it kay? kay bye person who made this I LOVE YOUUUU!!!

  226. Bravo, enjoyed it alot, didn’t make me frightened to go out and it got me thinking, I’d actually love to see a longer book version published! I am serious about that too ;)

  227. This is actually one of the best pastas that I’ve ever read. The ending was phenomenal and I just loved it so much. You know, I can definitely see this being a movie. Bravo.

  228. NovemberNightmares :3

    This was one of the best pastas I’ve read.(:

    This is unique and written very well. This sort of pasta I enjoy reading because it actually makes you think, and it’s not very typical. The ending was unexpected. If I were to point out any flaws, I would just be knit picking.(: Thank you so much for sharing this.(:

  229. Excellent. Just, amazing. This story inflicts it’s reader with a portion of the same self-questioning John is experiencing, especially at the end with “a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago”.

  230. Hey there,I am not sure how to contact the person who wrote this amazing story. I wanted to transform this short story into a short movie to be published on YouTube,but I can’t do that without your permission. You can find me at [email protected] or the email I used to post here. Keep in touch,
    Akira Okihu(nickname)

  231. I think he’s right about the enity. And we all know it is supposedly faking Amy and everything else. The enity I think doesn’t want John to leave, the opposite of what you guys think. He went outside, the weather turns from sunny to rain instantly. Making him go back inside. When he thinks its daytime its nighttime and gives him the creeps and goes back inside. Starting to see weird things and stuff that doesn’t make sense, go back inside. His friends text, goes back inside refusing to leave. And also the enity is making him insane and he refuses to leave. See the trend???? I don’t know if you guys think the same but I think this is happening. And that’s the end of my post. By the way 10/10 for making me think long and hard about whats the truth?

  232. There is a gap between what we percive and what is real so the guy in the story bridged that gap and saw what was really happening around him. A sane man would have belived that everything was normal but a insane man can percive whats really happening around him. so who is really insane and who isn’t.

    BTW great story 10/10 :D

  233. I have only one question with this story. It says John asks for paper and pen and he eventually gets it. If someone could explain how this happened this would really clear things up for me.

  234. Anonamous Andy

    So… was it real or was it all just in his head? Can somebody please explain the start to finish for me? And if you say ain’t nobody got time for that, I’ll fucking stab you.

  235. No One Flies Around the Sun

    This could easily be my favorite story of all time. Everything right up to the end makes you think poor John has gone insane (which he has, but in a different direction), while also making you unsure. After all, he does mention some important things, like the fact that the only information coming in is what he’s sent out. The ending itself, with the doctor being controlled by the thing on his head, was perfectly vague, just enough to let you know that John was right, but very open to the imagination as to what actually happened. 11/10 have already read again.

  236. Wow. Im Lost. Just reading this pasta made me feel a little insane myself. I guess it doesn’t help that it is summer time and im out of school. Plus my family just recently moved so no interaction with friends or classmates. I also tend to spend summer days locked up in my room on my computer. No one ever texts me, or calls. God, now im just driving myself mad. Im gonna stop now.

  237. rockandmetal101

    This is creepy, hence the name “Creepy Pasta”. I was reading this, and my dogs outside started to bark. I can honestly say, it scared the sh*t out of me. ;~ ;

  238. Hmm. I think that, after rereading the story, that he was in an institution the entire time. No apartment looks like that, at least not how he described, “I’m starting to feel cramped in this small apartment. Maybe that’s the problem. I just had to go and choose the cheapest apartment, the only one in the basement. The lack of windows down here makes day and night seem to slip by seamlessly. ” Much like cells in an asylum.

    And even though he seems to roam the halls, he never actually leaves the building. Patients aren’t allowed to leave the building without people to escort them. Amy wanted to come escort him out, for some time away from solitude.

    Details about the large impenetrable doors, he couldn’t leave, even if he wanted to. And he didn’t open the windows, because he wasn’t able to.

    And the more and more nervous and paranoid he got, the more he wanted to see someone. People in solitary confinement, or not neccessarily solitary but people who spend too much time alone, tend to go insane, as their brains require human contact to function properly. Without enough contact, the brain is starved of hormones it needs and the person goes delusional.

    Im unsure if computers are allowed in institutions, but they allow paper, which is why he’s writing this on paper. And the desperate attempts at calling for help were gone unheard because he literally had no way of contacting anyone outside the institution. He could have imagined the computer, and perhaps the one phone call from Amy was a permitted call the workers at the asylum allowed. Which is why he couldn’t ‘get a signal’.

    And the more delusional he became, the more paranoid he became. He destroyed his things, and the doctors were worried about him, so they were outside his door asking him questions. He never let them in because, as some delusions were to suggest, he thought they’d hurt him. Which is normal for people who truly have paranoia. He set up webcams, though the one he set up by the soda machines could have just been his own eyes, looking through a window in his room door. And the camera aimed at his journal may have been a security camera already placed in his room, to monitor him.

    And once he slipped completely, the doctors had no choice but to put him in a padded cell, to protect him from harming himself. They feed him, and hydrate him, and the pills are to help him deal with his paranoia. Amy came by, to see him but of course in his delusions, he couldn’t accept that it was her, which is why she stopped coming around. She was upset, and gave up trying to help someone who refused it. With paranoia comes the fact that the sufferer believes people are out there to harm them, which is why he never trusted the doctors or nurses, or Amy.
    tl:dr, he was in an asylum the whole time.

  239. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I became slightly paranoid after reading this for a few.

    Well, either way; excellent job with the story, I can see why it is rated so highly.

    -10/10 voted

  240. After I realized he was being portrayed as insane, I was hoping the entire time that John was right about everything. It just seemed to me that it would suck if he actually was insane. Happy I turned out right.

  241. Very good. Kept me gripped until the end. Something I think most people fail to consider is that the guy might not have been the only one to have survived the “invasion” so theoreticly (and this would be a longshot) but couldn’t someone come by and rescue the protagonist? After all he couldn’t have been the only one to have escaped (and hopefully this other person didn’t have to blind themselves to survive).

  242. NerdiestGamerEver

    The whole time i was thinking about the entity i couldnt help but feel it looked like legion or a geth from mass effect and the poor insane guy was Tali I Don’t know why

  243. It was so skillfully crafted so that only the reader could decide if John was insane or the entity was real. Though it makes you think, what if everyone is being lied to and all they do is live in their own fantasy with something hunting them, or if it actually IS real.

  244. It was so skillfully crafted so that only the reader could decide if John was insane or the entity was real. Though it makes you think, what if everyone is being lied to and all they do is live in their own fantasy with something hunting them, or if it actually IS real.

  245. FrostBittenFairy

    People are quick to criticize an unclear ending.
    Firstly, the ending to this story is far clearer than a lot of stuff out there. Just because you don’t understand it, does not make it nonsensical.

    Secondly, it’s mystery and the unknown that often affects the human psyche so strongly. We have a need for answers at a primal level. Nothing frustrates or scares a human more than not knowing. I personally find stories/films which don’t clear everything up much scarier than those that show us the monster/killer/other. Often, storytellers or directors and CGI can’t quite compete with what our own imaginations can come up with :)

    Point made, this story was great. I was totally sucked in after a while, and I’m a fussy reader. Great read.

  246. The thing that scares me about this pasta is how the “doctor” says that it is cyber psychosis spread through seeing something and gets spread by reading things. I wonder if the author intended that to be the case, I mean since we all read the story. It seems like an overdone ending, but this story had me going to my windows to see if people were there!

  247. Honestly, that last paragraph irritates me. This pasta is so creepy and eerie because it’s built up to make you believe the protagonist and go along with his fears, until the end, where you choose if he was right or just crazy.

    Personally, I think he’s just crazy. But that last paragraph steals my choice and makes the entity real, which is why it’s irritating.

    All that said, this is still the undisputed best pasta on the site, and is a beautifully crafted story. I come back to read it all the time. It gives me the creeps without making me terrified of everything.

  248. Hmm
    This pasta…
    It was very different indeed but it just sounded like a man with severe trust and anxiety issues. The only thing that was really creepy about it was the part where he got rid of his eyes, but that’s even too cliche. However, I enjoyed that it was interesting and all, I just wish there was more to deal with his best friend near the end of the story.

  249. Outstanding and very creative. Gave me chills, it was one of those stories that made me feel like I had to constantly look around my room to reassure myself that some entity wasn’t there with me… Kudos.

  250. The entity can control electrical devices, and can control a human through contact through sight, which the entity, theoretically, does not control the mind. This is proven by the doctor’s thoughts. The mind is your own, but the body is left to be controlled. In this story, it implies that you are a brain, controlling a body, and that the entity is capable of more controll over the body than you. Great story.

  251. Very good. Very orignal. Gets people thnking. Are we really here right now? Am i really typing This? 8 skulls

  252. Wow. I have gone over the ending to this story at least 5 times and it is amazing. Very well written, and made me think without scaring me. Definetly one of my favorite pastas. Props to the author.

  253. Makes you think all those people in insane asylums suffering from mental diseases may in fact be the sane ones… and we’re just insane.

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  256. Who killed Krista

    I’ve always been afraid of computer cameras. But I read this from my phone and I just think, I have been texting with this phone with its little eye staring at me. All my friends who I knew before I moved stopped talking to me. Every friend I make only lasts a few weeks.
    But I’m outside everyday.
    Maybe that’s what keeps the paranoia out.

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