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May 2013 Discussion Post: What’s Your Favorite Creepy Video Game?

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I’ve had some people ask that I set up a page with recommendations for scary books, movies, video games, etc – but since I’d surely leave out some quality stuff if I compiled the list completely on my own, I figured that the best way to do this would be via discussion post!

So please, this month, tell us about your favorite creepy video games! Zombies, general paranormal, horror, murder mysteries, psychological thrillers – if you can conceivably consider it a “creepy” game, feel free to recommend it and please do tell us why you chose that game in particular!

As people suggest their favorites, I’ll turn this OP into a master list of the community’s favorite spooky video games (with links to download or buy said games if possible, so if you’re recommending an indie or fanmade game that can’t be easily found on Amazon, please leave a link to its official website/download page to make things easier for me, thanks).

Thanks for the help, and have fun!


PC Games:
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Blade of Darkness
Call of Cthulu
Clive Barker’s Undying
Cry of Fear
Nightmare House 2
Penumbra Collection
Revenge of the Sunfish
SCP: Containment Breach
Slender: The Eight Pages
Slender: The Arrival
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series
System Shock series
The Binding of Isaac
The Crooked Man
The Graveyard
The Path
The Stone of Anamara
When They Cry
White Day
Yume Nikki

Flash/Browser Games:
The House 1
The House 2

Alan Wake
Alice: Madness Returns
Bioshock series
Clock Tower series
Condemned series
Dead Rising series
Dead Space series
Deception series
Doom 3
Echo Night series
Fallout series
Fatal Frame series
F.E.A.R. series
Metro 2033
Ninja Gaiden series
Resident Evil series
Silent Hill series
The Darkness
The Suffering
The Walking Dead

Nintendo 64:
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Shadow Man
Killer Instinct
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Nintendo GameCube:
Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem


Nintendo Wii:
Cursed Mountain
JU-ON: The Grudge
Nintendo DS:
9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors
Dementium: The Ward
Dementium II

Nintendo 3DS:
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

PlayStation One:
LSD Dream Emulator (The link goes to a ROM, but be aware that it’s only legal to download and use if you already own the game. If that doesn’t apply to you, the game is also available to download and purchase via Japanese PSN)
Hellnight (can’t find a ROM for this, sorry)
Martian Gothic
Tecmo’s Deception

PlayStation 2:
Haunting Ground

Playstation 3:
Heavy Rain
Siren Blood Curse


Dead Frontier
Requiem: Memento Mori
The Secret World

Not Yet Released:
The Evil Within

YMMV Creepy Nominations (anything prefaced with “not really a creepy game, but…”):
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Portal 2



  • This list is still being compiled as people leave more comments with suggestions.
  • If you know of a reputable seller/download site for a game that doesn’t have a link of that type yet, feel free to comment and let me know.
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441 thoughts on “May 2013 Discussion Post: What’s Your Favorite Creepy Video Game?”

  1. I first played Eternal Darkness Sanity’s requiem when I was 17. I am 28 now. Ever since I started playing I see the number 333 everywhere every single day. For years now every day I have seen that number somewhere. Its uncanny. At first I thought it was just some kind of psychosis from playing the game so much but after seeing it every day for over a decade? Has anyone else had this happen? Please tell me because I’d like to know that its not just me.

  2. I really liked the Siren games, however, if I have to pick my favorite I would say the first installment of the Bioshock series.

  3. Five Nights at Freddy’s. Creepy game about Chuck e Cheese-esque robots who come alive at night to stalk the security guard (You).

  4. A friend and I have been working on a project called The Uncanny Valley. It is going to be a ton of short horror games based off various CreepyPastas, and user submitted short stories. The first game we are going to do is No End House. Its a great story if any of you guys haven’t read it. We would love to hear any feedback anyone has for it or ideas for future games. We have a blog that we update about once a week that talks about our progress. We should have a playable demo sometime soon. Here is a link to the No End House blog.

  5. Outlast anyone?? Far more scary than Slender, Amnesia and even Penumbra! (New amnesia game is pretty scary too) it even has a dlc thats even scarier than the original.

  6. I think it had an A in it

    Deadly premonition the rain coat killer rocked
    slender the arrival is great too
    can’t believe someone said dead space that was a walk in the park but I guess everyone has there own tastes

  7. Now hear me out. *SPOLIERS* One of the most creepy games I ever played was Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. It starts of as some kind of masturbatory wish fulfilment power trip (“Wow, you mean I’m a bloody dragon? Cool!!!”) But as the story progresses, everyone who is out to help you, is saying that you MUST bring some dead woman back to life in order to save the world. Now this is a woman who was “wrongfully” executed and will destroy the big bad if you can somehow change the past. And this guy’s, like, the devil made flesh a guy called Damian, who has shitting flying rock fortresses for Gwad’s sake. And add to this the fact that your most consistant helper is the disembodied voice of a dead dragon knight that your initial buddies kill, like, ten minutes into the game.

    Anyways, she’s constantly pressing you forward, turning you into some kind of messianic hero (it’s destiny, bro.) But at the same time, through subtle hints the writers put into her dialogue, you get the creeping feeling that this dead dragon lady has an agenda. Fast forward to the end, you go back into the past and save what you think is going to be a deus ex machina and feel suitably pleased with yourself as the last of her executioners die and then….

    You ONLY find yourself imprisoned in some temporial realm of pain and suffering, suspended from some bloody crystal that hangs from some non descript ceiling. WTF??? Well, the HERO from the first game (who is in the same boat as you)tells you what a complete mug you’ve been, as, in fact, you’ve spent the last 60 odd hours trying to resurrect the big bad’s special lady friend who HE had executed in order to stop the big bad from becoming the big bad in the first place. Then the game ends, downer. Seriously, that’s it, roll credits, sucks to be you.

    Then the sods only went and spoilt it with DLC (REVENGE FANTASY!!) And you get to kill the bint that so easily talked you into saving her life and dooming the world. But I try to forget that that happened…

  8. I think it had an A in it

    Dudes!! You forgot deadly premonition! That game is awesome and totally messed up the rain coat killer one of my favorite game characters ever! If you haven’t played it dude even if the gameplay kind of sucks the story rocks, Outlast for the ps4 is pretty crazy too

  9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R SoC Cs CoP is not a creepy i have played hunderds of time and there is no ghost,myth,etc u have to use ur brain to play. that game is just gore+mutants+story solving+Guns+badass+sci-fi and thats all

  10. I Think the creepiest game I have ever played has got to be outlast it is trippy as fuck and the DLC: the whistle blower is especially creepy so…yeah

  11. Obscure. Its for Playstation2 and it is all kinds of fucked up. There are alternate realities and demented creatures around every corner. It’s a dark game and it’s one of my favorites.

  12. There is only one game that will never be forgotten. Thats Silent Hill 2. The game isn’t creepy because of the monsters or the fear of dying. It is scary because you get to feel that real fear of being truly alone. The feeling of being truly alone with something that hates you in a passively agressive way.

  13. Try playing white noise now that game will make you crap your pants lolo no lie its for xbox 360 i think its for computer

  14. I have played a crap ton of horror games but a few of my favorites are Slender: The Arrival, Imscared, Majora’s Mask, Sonic.exe, Amnesia, and of course, Calm Time.

  15. If you want anything else about CORPSE PARTY, there are about 4 games. There are two parts of the anime; CORPSE PARTY: TORTURED SOULS and CORPSE PARTY: MISSING FOOTAGE. Each of them have four episodes.

  16. You haven’t played any weirder or creepier games than the CORPSE PARTY series. Scared the living crap out of me. It is for Playstation, but I don’t know which number. Seriously, you must play CORPSE PARTY. There is an anime as well, but it isn’t as good.

  17. I can’t BELIEVE Outlast isn’t at the top of this list!!! As far as I know it’s only for PC, but it is BY FAR the scariest game I’ve EVER played.

    The caps are completely necessary for enthusiasm. It’s 1000x better than Amnesia, and yes, I’ve played and beat both.

    Anyone who has not played it, I urge you to get it, and it will certainly be the scariest game you’ve ever played.

    1. 1. Sir, please calm down
      2. Outlast is undoubtedly one of the greatest horror games of all time, but most people don’t have a gaming PC, and can’t play it

  18. My favorite creepy game is Barrels, a game made specifically for PewDiePie. I am deathly terrified of barrels now because the game makes them out to be ruthless killers who want to murder Pewds!!!!!

  19. I would add “Sonic.exe” to the list. That’s what it’s called, Sonic.exe. It features a short gameplay revolving around sonic the hedgehog and his friends… except under a quite more… obscure plot. Short but good. Creepypasta at it’s most accurate definition, I’d say.

  20. There is a pretty unique looking game in development called “TheMaskMan”
    looks to be a unique horror game (not just another slender clone) but it needs support on kickstarter

  21. Great list, I know I’m going to look up some of these!!!

    Some of my other all time favorites:

    Obscure: Aftermath
    Cold Fear

    And for PC and Xbox 360:
    Left 4 Dead
    Left 4 Dead 2

  22. Just wanted to mention. “Outlast”. It’s an indie game that is on ps4 and I believe PC as well. It has the atmosphere element in much the same way as the original resident evil. Easily one of the creepiest games I’ve played.

  23. (Fetus) (suteF, the sequel to Fetus (I have yet to complete suteF, Fetus is fairly short…)) (Au Sable and AOOFAD, fairly creepy games with some great gameplay) (not entirely creepy, but some parts are exceptionally weird) (a nice 2-D 8Bit-ish make of a scary and interesting SCP game)

    If I have any more from GameJolt or other sources with download links, I will attempt to put them here. Any other people that find similarly creepy games on GameJolt, please feel free to put them here using the Reply function. Thank you all for a great time on this site today.

    and remember…

    Always watch your back, and never, I repeat, NEVER blink…

  24. I know its not a horror game, but the Fallout series’s vaults were terrifing. that and nearly all of the stories you peice together are sad or scary. Take for example a vault in FO3: 1000 of the best musicians are locked in the vault before the bombs fall, but the overseer is given orders to play white noise over the intercoms driving all of the inhabitants insane

  25. its not on the list but its kinda psycho and kinda creepy too if you ask me…. the name of the game is “Corpse Party” . There are chapters on this game and the goal of this game is to escape from the haunted school. Its a Japanese pixcel game, but you can find the english version

  26. Minecraft is by far the most terrifying game made by anyone ever. There is no other game that compares to its intensity.

  27. I think this list would be truly incomplete without the classic PC game Phantasmagoria. The first truly creepy game I ever played filled with mystery,chills,and a horror-survival ending dependent on how you played the earlier parts of the game.

    Thrilled to see that Clocktower was already here. One of the scariest games in existence to me,and the third installment, though a huge deviation,was a worthy successor.

  28. Fatal frame 1 and 2 are my favorite creepy games for PlayStation 2. If I was as good at writing stories as I am at drawing I’d totally do a creepypasta haunted game story. Lots of memories with them. Wish I could find them again. They are harder to find since they weren’t popular when they came out but are more so now. Maybe my brother’s old copy is in my dad’s basement…..hey this kind of already sounds like a creepypasta. If I find it ans weird shit happens I’ll totally let everyone know.

  29. Trenderman (Slenderman's Cool Brother)

    Outlast…it’s……no..ITS BEYOND EPIC AND AWESOME MIXED! it’s really scary creepy. enemies can follow you.


  31. Well, most of the games listed for pc I have had the pleasure to play before, but there is only one game that sticks out in my mind as one of the most terrifing games out there. Slender: The Arrival. This game has probably given me more nightmares than thought humanly possible. From its catching storyline to its use of the enviroment and the setting of the locations. On more than one occasion I have had the pleasure of being made a crying baby to Slender Man. It is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great scare and a heart pumping thrill ride.

  32. Please tell me I’m not the only H.P Lovecraft fan here. I absolutely loved call of cthulhu. It’s very creepy, more in a suspenseful way than a in your face way.

    1. Well just look at my name. LOL! I have been reading is works for several weeks now and have recently purchased the Necronomicon.

  33. There are a few games I agree with on this list but 2 I love that aren’t on this list.
    One is the pc game The Cat Lady just keeping in mind the story is pretty much about a womens failed suicide causing her insanity till she realises life is better then what she though.
    My other one has to be Rule of Rose because it’s pretty much a mixture of Haunting Ground and SilentHill which are my favorite horror games :DDDDD

  34. Majora’s Mask. I have been playing that game since I was like, 4 and it always gives me chills. Everytime. It creeps me out. I mean, Other video games just lead you straight to the point. In Majora’s Mask, You really have to think. The world is ending in 3 days. The children will never get to see the light of another day. Some will never marry. Some may not be born. Its sad…On the night of the last day, Romani tells her sister, “Goodnight! See you in the morning!” And her sister says, “Yeah…I’ll…see you tomorrow…” T.T

  35. My favorite Creepy pasta video game is the legend of zelda majoras mask amd slender man , I wanna see jeff the killer one but im to scared. . – . XD Lol luv creepy pasta
    P.s : What is cliche?

  36. Fatal Frame for the PS2 should be on here. The game is freaky as hell. It’s also based on a true story. It’s pretty well known for being one of the scarier (or scariest) PS2 games.

  37. I wonder how Heavy Rain made it into that list. Yes, some scenes were gross and there was blood but I never would have said it to be creepy.

    A personal favourite are the Dementium games, mostly because before (and also after) the DS had been some kind of “save haven” – creepy games happen on other platforms, this one has more harmless games – and then Dementium happened.
    Amnesia and Penumbra were also really good. Unfortunately actually seeing the monsters in Amnesia killed a lot of the creepiness. Before it was something always following you, mostly hidden in the dark (or forcing you to hide so you couldn’t see it) that could be anywhere and only announced itself with shrill music that made you want to cover your ears. And then I saw the monster for the first time and was like: “Seriously, wtf is that? That thing needs a good doctor to fix its jaw but it shall please go out of my sight.” It still had the thrill of a survival game but the horror game flair was somewhat gone.

  38. Bioshock. I know it’s not necessarily considered a “creepy” game, but I couldn’t help but suggest it. One of the things that make it so creepy is the whole story behind the fall of Rapture. It reminds us that we aren’t as powerful as we make ourselves to be. It reminds us that we can be the creators of our own demise. There is no bigger threat to humanity than humanity itself. It wasn’t a virus, ghost, or monster that brought down the city, no, IT WAS THE CITIZENS THEMSELVES. However, the scariest thing about this game is that most of these events can happen in real-life. Some people can, and will, sacrifice children for the sake of luxury. There are people who will sacrifice their health and well-being of others for money, power, and for a short-time high. It tells us that ANYONE can fall victim to their own greed and lust for power. That, no matter how hard we try to avoid or deny it, we are capable of our own self-destruction and committing heinous acts.
    Anyway, the creepy atmosphere, soundtrack, and enemies also add to the ‘eeriness’ in the game.

  39. I do love amnesia, but as it goes for simply just flat out shitting your pants, im gonna say SCP. Yeah the graphics are pretty average but the gameplay is incrediable. With the whole integrated blinking/sight system, most people will admit to not having seen a style like it. Also, the canon that has been created because of that game is monstrous and excellent, and always provides for a chilling albeit short read

  40. i gotta say amnesia is a very scary game like that one where its called the dark decent where pedo bear approves and lots of troll faces its really cool but alot of people made it kind of stupid though

  41. Alan Wake for me. That game shines it’s brightest(if you played alan wake you’ll get the joke) when you’re walking through the woods with nothing but a light and a pistol when a taken pops out swinging an axe so you’re backing and burning his sheild awway with youre light and you can hear him rambling in his twisted,demonic voice. the game was very immersive and eerie :)

  42. Certainly not my favorite game by any means, but I remember a really disturbing children’s game that I played called ‘Dazzleoids.’ Look up it but I bet all you’ll be able to find on google will be the cover. Good luck getting a copy. I personally had the CD but gave it away because just the cover gave me really bad memories. I tried it not too long ago just for memories’ sake and it made me aware of why I have certain phobias; and also made me wonder how in the world such a vile and disgusting game was ever created for children…

  43. Amnesia is awesome. Some of the custom stories are almost better than the actual game. xD

    I loved The House series! It was scary and yet so simple.

    Slenderman is addicting as crap!! It’s sooo scary yet sooo addicting. I have played it hundreds of times and still haven’t fond all eight pages. (Fail.) But I still love it. :)

    SCP Containment Breach is terrifying and boring at the same time. It’s okay, but it isn’t the best game ever…..

    And that’s from all of the experience I have. :P

  44. I’m a 38 year old gamer who values immersion and atmosphere over graphics and flashy effects, which gives me a much larger field to choose from. I had things on the C64 that were less formulaic and predictable than a lot of the stuff that passes itself off as scary these days; the lack of visuals shold never be an obstacle, as anyone who has ever failed to get a single wink of sleep after reading a book could tell you. (Stephen King’s IT, age 13. If you’ve read It – and understood it – I need say no more :D )

    The first game I really remember that made my skin crawl… Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. A fairly simple point-and-click affair, but it had absolutely no compunctions in killing your character as often (and as gorily) as possible, rewarding you each time with a picture of your corpse, mutilated in the specified fashion. Remember in those days – GOD I feel old – computer game age certificates were still arbitrary and generally ignored, so it was far too easy for kid me to get his hand on it.

    I will never, ever forget the image of my character’s severed head laying there, with all of the tubes in his neck hanging out in gruesome scientific accuracy. It was your basic, 8bit graphics, but somehow that just didn’t matter. THERE was the windpipe, with the ridged cartilage of the Adam’s apple protruding from the skin… THERE behind it the oesophagus, looking horribly bright and much softer than the trachea… on either side the arteries, still dribbling the last of the blood the head contained now that the pump had been disconnected. I mean sure, everyone knows that all of that stuff is in there, but we never really THINK about it, do we? To do so is to puncture our subconscious belief that we are actually never going to die, and so my 11-12 year old self was forced to a realisation that a lot of others would not come to until much later in life (if at all)… My own guaranteed mortality. After that, everything else seemed a little less scary.

    Well, until I played the first Resident Evil, the first dog came through the window and I jumped so hard I broke my goddamn chair. But that’s another story… ;)

  45. The Dead Space series is a great successor to the horror genre that was set up by Silent Hill, though it is more action oriented than psychological. It’s a great series. Silent Hill Homecoming was one of my favorite creepy ones. I thought the story line lent itself very well to the canon that was established by the first four games.

  46. I’m going to be a lone soldier here and go for SCP:CB. In my eyes this game is perfect, yes it can get quite repetitive, but the story behind it is amazing. The amount of in game enemies is amazing and learning about all of them is truly fascinating. All of the enemies have completely different tactics and strategies to get you and the area is massive AND randomly generated. Also, when 173 pops out of nowhere it can give you quite a scare. In the new update you can create your own map and all, it’s just so amazing how many possibilities there are to this game. I can’t wait to see what future updates this game holds.

  47. To name a few..The Witch’s House, Mad Father, Ib, and Re:Kinder. They have the same pixel-ey-ish graphics and have great storys (Although I admit, Re:Kinder’s ending left me a bit confused..) I’m suprised they aren’t already listed

  48. Westward Silence

    The creepiest game I’ve ever played is “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” for PC, based upon the novel of the same name.

  49. Fallout.3 is by far the BEST. You know what, I’m in a good mood so here’s some cheats I learned.

    #1: You know how when you jump off the roof of Tempenny Tower, you die? Well here’a a little trick: Jump off the top roof, over the canopy. Then, in the middle of the fall, pause and save the game. Then land and die. When it restarts, it will load the data and you will land safely on the canopy. TA-DA! :D.

    #2: You know how when you kill someone in Megaton, everyone sees and tries to kill YOU? Well, here’s how to kill someone without having everyone trying to kill you: Knock over one of those tin trash cans, and kick it, causing it to roll. Roll it over the person you want dead, and keep kicking the can to them, and TA-DA, they dead :D.

    Anyways, Fallout.3=BEST. GAME. EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. ^^

  50. Fallout.3 ALL THE WAY! It’s my favorite video game EVERR! I love going out into the wasteland and just killing raiders. Just like “pew pew pew” :P. I once made a mistake by killing someone in Megaton, and everyone tried to kill me until I left then came back. When I see someone with an outfit on that I want, I just knock over a trash can and kick it to roll over somebody and it kills them. Nobody suspects NUTHIN. I always play this game near the door so when I die and there’s gore and other “BLEGH” snuff, I can run to the bathroom quicker to barf then go to back to playing the game :P. But I also like Darkness and Slender But Fallout.3 is NUMBER ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

  51. If you wanna know more scary games I should recommend you look for a guy on youtube who is known by Markiplier… he plays a lot of horror games.. and while you’re at it.. check out my channel too.. just type in what I put as my name (ATOughterson). you’ll find me.. or ill find you first.. >:)

  52. The first 2 games in the Shadow Heart Series, when you realize the cannon endings and storyline, are tragic and somewhat creepy as all hell.

    The first was an M rated Horror RPG that slipped under the radar and is a bit of a gem. The bits about seas of blood and demon pacts really stick out the most.

    The second took a bit of a humorous tone, but I think they had to. When you realize what the cannon storyline is, and what happened as a result, it’s not only tragic but EXTREMELY creepy on many levels.

    Sorry for the post over a month late, I just figured I’d offer my voice for this forgotten gem.

  53. I dunno how killer instinct is supposed to be creepy but, meh.

    Anyways, Parasite Eve, PSone.

    Now if we really want to dig in to a creep factor
    Nes has couple of games and are really eerie in tone.

    NES: Shadow Gate
    NES: Uninvited
    NES: Faxanadu
    I also kinda would say Castlevania 2 buuut… It’s little there and there, it does have some creep factor in it tho.

  54. Hi, I just found your site and love your stories! Portal is a bit eerie with some good twisted comedy in it, and it’s not exactly creepy, but you could make a good story with the sims games. Everyone else listed all of the other scary games I know lol. Again, I like your stories a lot!!

  55. From what’s been released so far, ‘The Last Door’ is incredibly creepy. No jump scares, really, just good atmospheric horror that occasionally builds to an unexpected crescendo. If anyone’s interested in trying it, it’s not a download, and while only the first part has been released for free, all parts will eventually be. Definitely worth a try (just make sure you have your sound on).

  56. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii when played this game will surly keep you up and keep you on your guard whether you are playing it at night or not…

  57. well..i really like excape from lavender town, the blood, the music, Everything, it’s everything that goes on my mind…but I do like SLENDER ( I did all caps to make it look creepy )

  58. Username, or no username, there is no name user

    Really, Slendertubbies is quite creepy, makes you rethink your childhood and even brings back old, and sometimes bad memories

  59. everyone i am really suprised with your awnsers you all really impress me i cant tell you how impressed i am listen i am going to be having a competition of who makes the best comment of their favorite scary video game and i am going only to pick two of you and if you make it you will get to be a creepy pasta publisher like my good friend ok great let the contest began!

  60. LinkMasterDude

    I am actually working on a scary novel called Chaos. Storyline is too chaotic to summarize so I am not going to explain it. It’s really suspenseful though.

  61. Silent Hill 2 and 3. The ONLY games that have scared me. I was eleven when I played 2. I fell in love with the whole series. Now I am a self-proclaimed “Silent Hill Tour Guide” because I’m so obsessed. The series as a whole is amazing. Akira Yamaoka, the guy who did the music for all of them except Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill Book Of Memories, is absolutely amazing. He also does music for Shadows of the Damned, which is another great game. Not so scary as it is funny, though.

    Oh, and I’m a huge fan of the Fatal Frame series as well. :3

  62. my favorite scary video game is probably amnesia its fricken scary i mean all the bros and how they chase you AND HEY DONT JUDGE ME JUST BECAUSE IM A DOG DOESNT MEAN THET I CANT TYPE I WILL GET IN YOUR DREAMS AND RUIN YOUR LIFE IF YOU JUDGE ME SO DONT JUDGE ME

  63. well om if you want advice from me awkward thursdays you should make a game you should make two of the people teleport in the game minecraft in the world THE END and make them face the ender dragon OH AND MAKE A COMMENT NOT A LECTURE ABOUT YOUR GAME

  64. hmm i see thet all of you have a very specific creepy video game but you need to work on your spelling in your comments though and why am i saying this because im a creepy pasta story and comment publisher of course!

  65. LinkMasterDude

    The just plain out creepiest game I have ever played is Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Half of the game was creepy enough untill you read about the Haunted Cartrige of BEN. The lack of good graphics sometimes makes things scarier, which is what I like about his game.

  66. I realize this is probably going to get downvoted, but why are so many people butthurt about others opinions? Chill out, its a website expressing YOUR favorite game.

  67. Future Jeff The Killer

    Honedtly I don’t think Slender is GENUINELY scary,like if you just put a Teddy bear up and made it,like,just be….There the jump scare effect would scare you. BUT Slender is still And AMAZING game.

  68. Awkward Thursdays

    You know what I noticed on this list? A lack of co-op horror games (other than ones that aren’t really scary)… I am currently working on a script/idea for a co-op horror game but I need some ideas from you horror game fans. I am currently working on an issue of one player turning off their console while the other is still playing. I only have two solutions but don’t like either and I’d like if you guys could give some feedback.

    Option 1: Have the game work in short episodes so you don’t lose much progress if someone has to leave.

    Option 2: Have the game be short and “open world” where you can go anywhere in the game after a brief introduction. The game has SEVERAL endings depending on the characters’ actions. If a player quits the game early, their character dies. If both die, the game plays the death ending.

    Would you guys be opposed to a game like this? Working in short (maybe 15-30 minute) chapters that could be replayed at will or a short (maybe an hour long) campaign with many endings (I’m thinking downwards of 20)? It’s the only way I can see a co-op campaign working unless I do split-screen only.

  69. condemned criminal origins was a good one. not really anything in the way of paranormal horror, it was mostly psychological. the game did an excellent job of illustrating that you were very much alone in a world full of psychopaths. the level that freaked me out the most was where you were in an abandoned department store full of mannequins- that weren’t actually all is for the XBOX 360

  70. condemned criminal origins was a good one. not really anything in the way of paranormal horror, it was mostly psychological. the game did an excellent job of illustrating that you were very much alone in a world full of psychopaths. the level that freaked me out the most was where you were in an abandoned department store full of mannequins- that weren’t actually all mannequins.

  71. I’m disappointed that I just found out about this thread. If it’s not too late, you should add these to the list:

    – Ib
    – Ao Oni
    – The Witch’s House

    All available on PC. For free that is!

  72. What about sonic.exe?Its so creepy and bloody.sonic just kills everyone and it gives shivers down my spine.

  73. after yesterday playing scp containment breach after seeing the stone creature scp i forgot the number and i decided not to go into the next room after the hallway cause i was scared of the black creature getting me too.Anyways i go back into the first room where u encounter the stone creature and stand there for a few minutes while recording my reaction i decide to put on sexy and i know it to calm me down but after i blink again he was in the doorway i scream and im like fuck this shit

  74. Am I the only one who though Manhunt on ps2 was creepy as hell?
    When the camera would switch to CCTV screen through certain areas it just added that whole element of knowing you’re always being watched.


    If I could suggest a creepypasta discussion post Derpbutt, how about ‘Most Overated or underated pastas on site’ Ones that wowed people and not you,or ones that wowed you, but not many more people.

  76. Koudelka for the PS is a fantastic game, it’s a horror mystery. Supposedly it ties into Shadow Hearts but I’m not sure how. But Koudelka takes places in the 1800’s and the monsters you fight are highly creepy to think of meeting anywhere.

  77. Another, list of scary games.
    1.Pokemon Snap: You are taking pictures of wildlife animals that potetially could be Ghosts.
    2.Runescape: You are with a shitload of strangers, some of them could be ZOMBIES.
    3. DDR: Arrows flying up from random directions they could possibly be dangerous
    4. Connect Four :Same reason as tetris, just imagine looking up and noticing a giant red or yellow circle falling on you.
    5: COD: It scares me to know what my mother does with these strangers.

  78. Here’s my top 10:

    10. Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh
    9. The Darkness 2
    8. Resident Evil 4
    7. Dead Space
    6. Resident Evil 2
    5. The Darkness
    4. The Suffering: Ties That Bind
    3. The Suffering
    2. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
    1. Evil Dead: Hail to the King

  79. The first level of Dead Space, it took me over a year to beat it because i wouldn’t go around a corner, then i just quit every five seconds.
    next would be slender until i learned how it code work, now i just get angry at it because i have 6 pages then slender insta-kills me.

  80. Well I have a list of games. These games are the scarriest things ever.
    1. Luigis mansion. Oh my god there was so many ghosts like holy f@#& that was scary
    2. Super Mario 64. The though of monsters trying to kill you is just blegh.
    3. Tetris. Just imagine how it would feel to look up and see bricks falling.
    4. Pac-Man. There are ghosts.
    5. Club Penguin. Need I say why this game is scary.

    1. To extend on pacman, these ghosts can’t be killed, and plus you never know what to excpect like you are there eating dots and you turn around a corner and BAM a fucking ghost

  81. A game with okay gameplay but an amazing story to make it well worth the find and play is Fragile Dreams for the Wii. Highly recommend looking into that game.

  82. Have any of you ever played fatal frame? Its a game where you have to take pictures of ghosts. Ive played two of them on the PlayStation, and one time I was looking through my camera lens and BAM! Ghost in your face! The crawling broken neck lady… Ill never forget it, and the game has such a creepy atmosphere; Everything is old and tattered and abandoned,sometimes your hear whispers, like The feeling of being on the streets alone at night… Really scared the crap out of me.

  83. Some other I didn’t see in the list.

    Vampire the Masquerade, both Redemption and Bloodlines. Bloodlines especially thanks to two VERY creepy and scary levels.

    The Thief series. Not specifically horror but each game, especially Deadly Shadows, has a horror themed level or two. At the very least you owe it to yourself to check out or read up on the “Shalebridge Cradle” mission in Deadly Shadows: creepy is it’s first, middle, and last name.

    There are lots of creepy casual games (hidden object games) but the most notable is the Ravenhearst series. Spooky setting, graphics, and story.

    And I didn’t see Left 4 Dead on the list. How is that possible?

  84. xXNanoWarriorXx

    I think DayZ is a pretty scary game mainly for the unpredictable human and zombie interaction, scavenging for supplies, and overall tense atmosphere.

  85. GentlemanWalrus

    Spec ops: the line. creepy in the sense that it builds up something so generic and then smacks you in the face for being in that shooty mindset, making you want to hit yourself for doing being in that role.

  86. Personally a good horror game for me will allways be Scp containment breach, been playing the new 7.1v update. Can’t seem to develope the safe feeling when I leave the doors behind me open.

  87. Earthbound, throughout most of the game it’s funny and light hearted, but giygas man, holy crap that is one freaky fight, between the music the dialogue and the fetus silhouette… just plain creepy gives me the chills every time

  88. I personally kind of think that Half-life has a bit of a “creepy” feel to it, normally in the dark surrounded by things that will try to kill you no matter what, and there’s jump scares here and there. Most just look it over as a FPS with aliens and puzzles.. but it DOES have some horror in there.. and also seeing the dead guy at the end of the shaft with the fan running then it just DROPPING under you. It scared me.

  89. Amnesia:The Dark Descent. Slender is a pretty good game but not that scary. I’m gonna try some more that you recommend above.

  90. The scariest game for me is definetely Fatal Frame II for the PS2. I could barely play it alone so someone always had to be with me.

  91. Mad Father is probably the scariest game I’ve seen. But I have a phobia of dolls, and I’m not sure where you get it.

  92. Most of my favorite creepy video games have already been mentioned so I’m just gonna quickly name a couple I’ve played recently.

    First is a Japanese RPG horror game called Ib. Which can be downloaded here:

    High five to the person that mentioned it above. :D Ib is probably my favorite pixel horror game. The soundtrack is great too.

    Second is a Half-Life 2 mod called The Stanley Parable. Not necessarily creepy, but I sure did get some chills. It has a very intriguing and thought provoking story. Definitely worth checking out! Link:

  93. I also think Scratches (on the list already) is a very creepy game. But some that aren’t on the list are:

    -Barrow Hill
    -Dark Fall
    -The Lost Crown

    All done by the same creator, Jonathan Boakes, of a UK game company called Darkling Room, who has a real talent for creating a creepy, uncomfortable atmosphere without being downright horror or gore, much like Scratches also achieves.

    Also 7th Guest always creeps me out, and always has since I played it as a kid when CD-roms first came out. :P

    I always consider my all time favorite game, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to be really creepy too, but in a less obvious way.

  94. The Fatal Frame series. Especially the second one. The third was a bit overdesigned and also depressing. But man, just a girl running around in old Japanese villages with nothing but a camera… very creepy and very satisfying.

  95. I know many won’t find this scary, but I remember playing ‘Ghost Hunter’on the PS2 and it really creeped me out. The music was slightly disturbing and the fact that at the begining of the game, it was completly silent and you didn’t know where a ghost would jump out from next shook me deeply. Even the look of the ghosts unnerved me! I hated the mutant teddy bear the most. However, upon reading many creepypasta haunted gaming stories, Pokémon soon took on a whole new light for me. Especially the fact that Missingno actually exists…

  96. ChainedDamnation

    what about these games (haven´t played all of them but know enough of them and must say they r n”eeded” in this list ahaha XD) Also I prefer cosmic,psychological and surreal horror over typical jumpscares so keep that in mind :3
    evervision (I really like this game :3. )
    ao no oni
    Ib. (kinda surprised that this isn´t here, considering it is one of the more “popular” indie horror games)
    then some interactive games that are very “gruesome” (do´t remember their names though XD)
    DS: nanashi no geemu (nameless game)
    PS2: Gregory horror show: the soul collector (I haven´t played it but I have seen the cartoon and love it X3. May not be really scary as the graphcs are kinda animal crossing esque but has the moments. The “horror” is more like in yume nikki but has somewhat more clear “plot”)
    And I am so happy that when they cry is in this :3. I am self a huge fan of the series (umineko especially) and must say that finding them in the list made me smile for a moment :3 I self am huge fan of psychological horror more than the typical “jumpscare” horror. And all the themes, complexity= me likey. Also “higabana no sawa yoru ni” is by the same creator isn´t it ?

  97. Ezante Vanitas

    Slendy Tubbies, definitely. Something about mixing slender with telitubies scares the hell out of me

  98. This would be almost impossible for me to choose between Silent Hill and F.E.A.R., as both have incredibly absorbing atmospheres, so thick I can recall them in a moment.

    And then there’s Amnesia, which is the scariest. Maybe it’s because I played it at a time in my life when I was already under a ton of stress, but “holy **** did that thing just move or was I imagining that?” Amnesia is the only game that brought me so far into the darkness that I started to question whether I had actually seen something on the screen, or in my head.

    Anything that accomplishes that is a masterpiece of subtlety.

    But still, I’d have to choose FEAR for the sheer degree of otherworldliness you feel at times and how the plot gets you, and then I’d have to choose Silent Hill 2 for making a place one of the deepest characters in any game, loaded with metaphor and meaning.

  99. I would say S.T.A.L.K.E.R or HeavyRain both are done Very well just some of the part of the story lines are award or do make sence and confuse you.
    also I would think you guys would make the darkness and the darkness 2.

  100. One game that I always cried about when I was a kid was Majora’s Mask. The environment and the characters were and still are creepy! That Elegy of Emtiness Statue?! The moon?! Skull Kid?! That fucking Happy Mask salesman?! The list goes on!

  101. Parasite Eve is pretty scary in the beginning, and then more creepy towards the end. It’s a wonderful game in terms of both gameplay and plot, though it’s pretty short. I haven’t finished the second, but it seems to be just as creepy/scary as the first. No comment on the plot yet.
    I’ve never played it, but Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou looks really creepy from the LPs I’ve seen. It’s by the same people that did LSD Dream Emulator, I think. I don’t play many horror games, but I think the worst scares are in games that aren’t even supposed to be scary– like that darn piano in Super Mario 64!

  102. Here I are some I didnt see on the list.
    Corpse Party blood covered
    Corpse Party book of shadows
    Higurashi no naku koro ni

  103. The scariest IOS game will have to be “KOWA-OTO “. The game is sound oriented so, you use your headphones to try to determine whether SHE is close to your location or not. The goal is to escape the most creepy, hellish Japanese Doll through a series of tunnels and rounds.

  104. Pretty good choices, except for portal and Grand Theift Auto. My scariest game would have to be a tie between Requim of darkness and Silent hill homecoming.

  105. WHEN THEY CRY is awesome buuuuuut you should really play HIGURASHI DAYBREAK its awesome you could play as rena, rika, the twins and a bunch others from the show

  106. In case no one’s mentioned it, I’ll suggest Lone Survivor.

    “The masked protagonist must escape from a city ravaged by disease, by any means. Starving and exhausted, he has begun to question how much of what he sees is even real.
    A new kind of adventure where the choice of how to survive is up to you. Sneak through without firing a single shot, or kill everything in your path. Eat and sleep well, or resort to drugs to keep going. Search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. Look after your mental health, or descend into madness…”
    You can get it off steam for Mac and Windows, and the site sells it for Mac, Windows and Linux. The site also has a demo you can try, if you think you might be interested. The site is in case the link up there screws up somehow.

  107. My favorite scary video game would proboly have to be Spirit Camera: Cursed Memoir for 3DS. I noticed this was not on the list but it is seriously scary as h***. There was also Where Am I and in that you literally cannot win.

  108. J. Stan Shocker

    “Condemned 2: Bloodshot”. The first “Condemned” was creepy enough, but the sequel took things to a new level. Highlights include running for your life from a grizzly bear in an old cabin, and making your way through a burning-down toy factory with exploding dolls and enemies that charge at you while on fire. The graphics may be dated, but the Condemned series will always hold a special place in my heart. I should also mention that I first discovered Creepypasta while searching for news about “Condemned 3” on Google.

  109. Witch’s House, Ao Oni, Paranoiac, The Longing Ribbon, Eclipse, Palette <——
    All RPG maker games. I'd say they're pretty creepy.

  110. stevenlovesfaygo

    Black ops (zombie mode) is good you go through endless waves of zombies trying to survive by shooting them in the head is most effective when you get to a certain round you have to fight hell hounds when then they are spawned it says fetch me their souls black ops 2(Zombie mode)is even creepier in the game its a zombie apocalypse and you try your best to survive. the creepiest one to me is the tranzit map on black ops 2

  111. Admittedly I haven’t played some of these, but I love the Bioshock series, especially the first two, their atmosphere is amazing!

  112. I have to say “TheMazeGame” its old but if you show it to a little cousin, record it, scar them for life, and post it on YouTube not only will you be called a heartless bastard for life, but you will also have the memory of Emily Rose’s face scarred forever in your mind.

  113. Cry of Fear was the first game I’ve actually finished and the best game I’ve ever played. It scared the crap out of me and gave me awful nightmares but it was still amazing. Cry of Fear for the win. I totally reccommend it :)

  114. I have one for the Xbox 360, an Indie game called White Noise Online. It has a spooky atmosphere, and is a bit creepier than Slender, because it has actual recorded creepy voices, and you can see the ghosts of dead players!

  115. I'm watching you

    Dead space series just started the third one. I shouted the f word a lot. Many jump scares you get use to it but they still get me

  116. There’s a game called Anna, link is:

    Also kind of freaked out by Eyes, I See You, One Late Night, Pesadelo, Paranoiac, Ikenie No Yoru, and Dream Of The Blood Moon.

    Finally, there’s a creepy labyrinth game. I don’t exactly remember the name though, sorry. /:

  117. My favorite creepy video games are the DOOM series, Alice: Madness Returns and the original F.E.A.R.. The sequels to the F.E.A.R. game weren’t as creepy.

  118. DisturbedSilence

    I have to say, Majora’s Mask terrified me as a child. As of now, it would probably be Silent Hill or Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Then again, imscared was quite creepy…

  119. Slender: The Arrival is one of my favorate horror games, and games in general, mostly because you feel calm and then he’s just right there. When you finish playing you have this feeling that you’re being watched.

  120. What happened to Phantasmagoria, 7th guest, 11th hour, Shivers and gabriel knight series? I really miss the old point and click horror adventure games..

  121. Cry of Fear. That game has a bunch of jump scares and kinda relies on em. The enemies were designed wonderfully. I just love how each of them represents the character in some way. It’s on Steam for free right now

  122. Added everything before this point. If you have a better, TRUSTWORTHY (no virus/malware) source (ie ROMs for some of the old-ass games that I linked to Amazon just cause it was the easiest thing), feel free to comment here and let me know.

  123. There is honestly too many to choose from for me. I’ve played so many that I can’t choose. Although almost 25 percent the games I play scare me, I still enjoy the ones that don’t just because the situation of the whole thing just is so good. Horror is my favorite video game genre by far.

  124. Dude, not only is Siren freaking creepy as hell, but it’s also super freaking hard. Best game ever.

  125. Diego Parada-Lopez

    I know one it is an oldie but a favorite in older gamers: Ninja Gaiden! You have to defeat super hard bosses and be clever and fight your way through and it is for Xbox. (original)

  126. JustAnotherVote

    i’d pick Yume 2kki but as that choice is unavailable i’ll pick an old favorite Yume Nikki

  127. Probably the scariest game I’ve played would be F.E.A.R. The first time I played, I shut the game off from jumpscares. SPOILER~The worst part was when you climbed down the ladder and Alma was RIGHT FUCKING THERE!

  128. It’s a toss-up between the original Silent Hill trilogy and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Of course, I’m excited for the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness coming out. I think the scariest game; however, is Fatal Frame 2. That one scared the shit out of me when I already thought I was immune to that kind of thing.

  129. Sonic Exe, SALLY Exe, and I think House 1 and House 2 and Nightmare House 2 is the scariest games I have played. Sonic EXE, is a Creepypasta and I do know that.

  130. Pretty much all of the Fatal Frame series.

    Except for FF1, though I found it scary at first(It was the very first horror game, I had played.) Eventually it became annoying because I apparently missed some hints, I dunno.

    Also I’ve played FF2 about 3 times and though I love it, it’s not scary anymore.

    3 and 4 are still kind of spooky, but there’s a limit to how scary things can be when you can blast their asses with your camera.

    Basically, I love the series too much and played the games to death. Which is why they aren’t as scary as they were the first time around.

    Funny thing is. Once I’ve played these games and imagine myself encountering the things the characters in the game encounter. I get creeped out xD. My imagination is terrible and the source of all my fears.

    A few memorable ghosts in FF for me are:
    – Crawling woman (FF3)
    – Kagari Sendou (FF4)
    – Ayako (FF4)
    – Sae Kurosawa (FF2) Goddamn, that evil laugh.

  131. OFF by Mortis Ghost, a free RPGmaker’03 game done similarly to Yume Nikki. You’re assigned a being named The Batter with a mission to purify the world, killing spectres through different zones. His motives are unknown and lots of questions are left unanswered in the end. But the music and setting gives it an eerie feel, like things don’t quite seem normal.

    1. I’d definitely recommend OFF! (though that might just be because I’m the wiki admin for it…)

      It’s a relatively short game with an incredibly unsettling feeling, especially once you get up to later chapters and things get really dark. The ending has a lot of different interpretations, as does most of the story, the art is great (if surreal), and the music is just superb.

      My only complaint would be that the RPG battle system can get rather boring later on, but there’s an automatic AI that you can turn on if you don’t enjoy it that’s actually pretty smart.

      Also, wow, a horror game made in RPG Maker that’s an actual rpg!

  132. Tecmo’s Deception. That game made a few nightmares for me as a kid. I’ve played a fair few creepy games, and read a lot of creepy things. That game is still at my top 5 for spooky. Playstation 1 game BTW. Seriously, the game is about you making a pact with Satan and capturing or killing invaders of your castle with traps.

  133. I played quite a few creepy games but the first game i played that scared me was Clock Tower for the PSX. It played out like a horror movie being chased around by the killer only named as Scissorman. I could near play it in the dark and I could never play it alone.

  134. ẠbracadaveЯ

    Omg, The Graveyard and The Path made it to the list! Thank you, Derpbutt. ^_^

    …I’m such a ToT fanboy. xD

      1. ẠbracadaveЯ

        Omg, that’s really cool. And they’re the kind of things you can just play for a little while to unwind after a stressful day – I personally love just wandering around the forest in The Path simply for the atmosphere, and even though it says to stay on the path, it’s best if you don’t, since that just rushes you through and you miss portions of the actual game. So wandering is a good thing, both game-wise and sanity-wise. ToT just make such great stress relief (actually, I’m watching a play-through of Journey right now, which people have been saying much the same sort of thing about, and the atmosphere and the whole “feel” of the game reminds me of ToT’s work). Who knows, maybe after a long session of sifting through really, really crappy pastas they might come in handy…
        Hope you enjoy them, and thanks again. I may not have had anything to do with making the games, but I’ve been a fan of their work for years and they’re somewhat under-appreciated; it’s really nice to see one of my favourite sites (and its admin, no less) supporting one of my favourite game companies.

  135. Couldn’t see it listed, Siren Blood Curse for PS3 was amazingly creepy IMO, the derelict Japanese village setting was amazingly atmospheric.

  136. Well this isn’t a video game, but the ps1 intro when you turn it on has the creepiest tune. It literally makes the atmosphere uncomfortable to be in.

  137. I can’t remember which Silent Hill game it was (either 1 or 2) but there was an alternative Easter egg ending with aliens and for some reason that the always scared the shit out of me.

  138. AtSixesAndSevens

    Splatterhouse for sure. Yes, there are some weird glitches and such on it, but the story itself is pretty great. The glitches just serve to make the story even creepier, and don’t get me started on the “projects” and the Corrupted. Not the scariest or creepiest game ever, but it certainly has a lingering effect on one’s mind.

  139. For me the creepiest game I played was when I was a child of about 9 or 10 maybe 11 and that was when the N64 had just become popular the game was called Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil just the thought of walking down those dark hallways with nothing but a pistol, bow and a talon guantlet hoping a dinosaur human hybrid didn’t jump out at me sends all too familiar chills down my spine. Definitely the only game that ever has given me the creeps. But it was too awesome to ever get too scared and put it down

  140. masked_banana

    my choice would have to be slendertubbies! it’s so terrifying! it’s sort of like a slender mod but its a seperate game. the purple teletubby is the slendertubby. it murdered all of the other teletubbies. when you wander around sometimes you can see the dead bodies.

  141. I would have to say, though I haven’t played many games aside from Skyrim, Oblivion, Fable, and Minecraft, but watched my brother play lots of games like Amnesia:The Dark Descent, Slender, and Dead Space, Dead Space is the scariest of them all, unfortunately, I do not know where he got it from.

  142. I didn’t see anyone mention The Darkness. How lucky I was to stumble onto that game. Death, demons, monsters, suicides, hell, horror. It’s got it all.

  143. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a game that actually plays legit tricks on the player as your character’s sanity reduces. I’ll never forget the game pretending it was a demo and pretending to delete my save data -_-

  144. I’ve got two here, both very well done (and rather short) indie games.
    The first is Which. It’s only about 30 mins long, but boy do you get your half-hours worth. There isn’t any dialogue or music, you just hear the sounds of you walking about the house you’re trapped in and interacting with objects. You move a little slow, it’s all black and white, and your vision is somewhat limited; it may sound annoying but it ends up being really creepy! I almost had a heart attack the first 5 minutes waiting for jump scares that weren’t really there.
    The second is one of my all-time favorites, Imscared. I won’t say much except this: though the game does some weird things (a la Eternal Darkness, for those familiar with that one), I promise it’s not a virus. What it is is a real mindfuck, and creepy as hell. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s into this sort of thing.

    1. Imscared is my all time favourite horror game, to be honest. It’s really unique and the experience will definitely stay with you. It’s also relatively short, and doesn’t overly rely on jumpscares (although they’re still there). Please, please play imscared.

      (Apparently there’s a fanmade spiritual successor/sequel to it called I See You as well, but well… I’m scared (see what i did there?) to play it, even though I already have it on my computer.)

  145. Sorry, I gotta go with Bioshock. The original. The darkness and the atmosphere, combined with those damn records playing in th background just scared the fuck out of me.
    “Jesus loves me, this I know…”

    1. ẠbracadaveЯ

      Lol, what weirds me out the most about that game is having it constantly yelling my actual name at me.
      “Alan! ALAN!”

      Great game though. And I guess hearing it hollering my own name kinda drew me into it even more, made me react to it on a more instinctive, personal level. And I love the whole thing with the lights, running from one to the other – I used to do that as a kid, when we’d stop for a while in rural towns. Where it’s pitch black in between the occasional street lights and gas stations and such. I’d get to each patch of light with my heart hammering away inside my chest and the blood pounding in my head, convinced I’d narrowly escaped gruesome death. That game reminded me of those days and brought back some of that fun. Simple adrenaline kicks ftw.

  146. Kuon, PS2.
    Seriously, broad daylight and playing with people is never enough when you play it.
    Scared the hell out of me and I didn’t last 15 minutes at night unless we pass the controller around.

  147. Heavy rain. It’s a murder/mystery game. Not necessarily creepy, but more suspenseful. And the creepy part is you make the game as you go.

    1. Ismael Zuniga

      Heavy Rain is one helluva game. I think the only thing that was kind of creepy during the game was when you had to cut off your finger *shiver*

  148. Silent Hill
    The monsters for that we’re just chilling, and the gameplay was great. Plus all the hidden meanings just… -shivers- Fucked with my head.
    I adore Ju On The Grudge for Wii. A bit low key I know, but just because it’s for Wii doesn’t mean you have to bash it. Using the remote as a flashlight to strut around abandoned hospitals, apartments, with AMAZING graphics and sounds? Genius. Obvious but well done.
    Of course DeadSpace. Honestly one of the best games I have EVER played. Just. Terrifying. Urgh.

  149. Has nobody ever played the fatal frame series?!?!?! i swear that game made me cry it scared me so bad.

  150. Doom 3 was possibly the scariest game I’ve ever played. Lots of pop out scares and and a scary atmosphere too it.


    Though not technically a horror game, I’d say Arkham Asylum has its creepy moments. The Lunatics, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Titan warriors you know.

  152. I gotta say the first or third Fatal Frame that is my favorites I also do like Dead Space Amnesia (Cant wait for Amnesia A Machine for Pigs btw) love the FEAR series as well but for the most scare factor play the second one um I like Prenumbra as well.

  153. Probably Portal 2, as strange as it may sound… Glados getting increasingly more violent and spiteful. Ooh, wait! Heavy Rain. That game creeped me out big time, and the replay value is huge.

  154. BUT WHO WAS.... Nevermind

    Condemned bloodshot. Scariest game I have ever played from hallucinations to actual paranormal activity.

  155. I don’t know if any of you guys know of this game but it scared the ficking shit out of me. I think It was called project zero or fatal frame. The enemies are invisible and the only way you can see or kill them is if you take photos of them with your camera. Honestly guys its Japanese horror at its finest. The only game that’s really scared me.

  156. ẠbracadaveЯ

    Not exactly scary, but since everyone else has mentioned things like Silent Hill and Amnesia and all that, I felt I should throw this in here. Tale of Tales make some amazing stuff, more like interactive art than true games the way most people think of games. Like I said, not really scary, but the general atmosphere of dark beauty is apparently a little creepy for some (and from what I’ve heard the deer in The Endless Forest scare the Hell out of some people for some reason, haha) and the theme of The Path and The Graveyard is basically death – in fact, the object of both of those is to die. There’s no jump scares, no horrifying monsters, and you don’t get terrified or anything, but they can be morbid and the atmosphere is definitely dark. And some of the endings in The Path are… downright nasty. I love it. Plus the fact that when you get back to the house at the beginning after having played through with one of the girls, your girl isn’t there and never comes back – which is logical, of course, but a bit haunting. I made the mistake of playing my favourite girl first, and I’ve kinda missed her ever since. Personally, I find them soothing, as do a lot of other people who like the ToT sense of aesthetics, but since they’ve also genuinely creeped out some of my friends, they’re incredibly beautiful, and they’re sort of dark, gothic fantasy, I figure they’re worth mentioning and definitely worth recommending. <3

    1. 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors and its sequel Virtue’s Last Reward (which is on the 3DS) are both definitely games I’d recommend!

      They’re visual novel/puzzle games with a branching storyline and multiple endings, all of which must be obtained to make it to the true ending. The basic plot of the story involves nine people waking up in an unfamiliar place where they must escape from (Think of if Saw was a visual novel, and you’d get what I mean.) The genre of it itself is kind of a blend between psychological horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, with lots of pseudoscience, complicated ideas, time travel and telepathy inside the story.

      I’d definitely recommend it! (By the way, both games are kind of underground and hard to get, but you can get 999 for free if you download it as a ROM file and use an emulator.)

  157. It has to be the first Resident Evil games, 1, 2 and 3. Today’s RE is full of action but these games pitted you against hundreds of abominations while you only get barely enough ammo and healing items. It kinda feels haunting as you realize the whole game was like this in your first try, but after finishing it, you’d get the unshakable sense that you have to play again, mainly to master it/play it in a harder mode/unlock bonus stuff like minigames and more, making its replayablity high. And who would forget this guy:

  158. SCP Containment Breach… dat feel when the offspring of a Cyclops and a Weeping Angel is after you

  159. Bella Armstrong Biersack Iero

    I loved Left for Dead, SLENDER: The Arrival, Silent Hill 1 and 2, Ju-On: The Grudge, Amnesia, Dead Rising, and SLENDER: The Eight Pages

  160. I was exposed to Clive Barker’s Undying when I was younger. The one ghost (I think his name is Aaron, but I might be confusing him with his brother) scared me the most. It was on loan from my cousin, so I’m interested in obtaining my own copy. I was too young to be playing it at the time, and it would give me nightmares, but now I think I’m a big boy and can handle it.

    I’m a fan of Visual Novels, and I do like “When They Cry.” The first one is about sleepy town with a curse on its summer festival (or is there a human culprit?) and the second one is about a rich family with hidden gold and murder inside locked rooms that only a witch could have done (or is there room for a human culprit to exist?)
    Granted, these aren’t games in the usual sense, and the writing (and translations) can get long and repetitive at times, but there is always a nice sense of paranoia that gets me nervous when I play through late nights.

  161. The School Days game. Made me nearly shit myself cause there are so many different endings where people die in very…gruesome…ways.

  162. The scariest game I’ve ever played has to be Fatal Frame. Although, Siren (the original) is a close second. Japanese games and movies are terrifying!

  163. Scp containment breach. Really Scary your in this facility called the Scp Foundation, which the company is based on securing and containing the worlds most threating creatures and objects. you are a test subject during a system breach and now your running and trying to find your way out of the facility, with all the scary creatures. try it. its for free

  164. From me it’s Haunting Ground! A chilling psychological, slightly-paranormal, oh-shit-run-away-before-that-thing-catches-you-but-you-can’t-change-the-camera-angle-so-you-don’t-know-how-close-it-is kind of game.

    At least you have a dog for company while you go insane.

  165. suffering its an old ps2 and xbox game i dont know what it is but it just freaks me out with enemys that can only die if you blow there head off and Karma being implamented it just scared me expecialy with the horrifying enemys and atmosphere.

  166. I Don't Play Many Scary Games

    Scariest game? I dunno…
    I’m gonna go with Singularity. It isn’t much of a jumpscare game, but the atmosphere is really creepy and intense. Play it if you want equal parts action and WTF?!?!?!

  167. I would say the creepiest game i have played would be The Evil Within Demo. It is one of the best survival games I have played with its unique story and creatures I’d say this kicks the res evil and silent hill games into the Rancor pit

  168. The Fatal Frame series… Pretty scary stuff :p
    Your only weapon is a camera and the game is full of ghosts who come out of nowhere and are completely unexpected.
    Seriously, look it up. Describing the game would take too long.

  169. For me, FEAR is one creepy game because of its atmosphere and that little girl who just appears out of nowhere.

    Dead Space 1 and 2 too…

  170. This one’s easy for me.
    Not exactly horror. But man, it gives me the chills. Used to freak me out when i was little. Does so even more to this day. If you want a game that will play tricks on your brain, something that will shock you, and leave you dazed, something that you will remember for a lifetime…well, you know it. Play it, embrace it. Stay away from this crap that resort to cheap jumpscares.

  171. For me, the scariest game I have ever played has to be fatal frame. It’s and old game for the original Xbox. And takes place in an old Japanese mansion that your sister went missing in. And it is absolutely terrifying.

  172. honestly i dont know why but as a kid, playing Killer Instinct would scare the living shit out of me. Eyedol was definitely one creepy bastard.

  173. Fatal Frame is a good story/game. I also am into the Silent Hill series… More for the beginning of the games. More suspenseful. There is also Hell Night. Very spooky in the beginning. There is also Echo Night, Clock Tower series, Martian Gothic..At this moment, those are the ones I’ve ever been able to consider my “favorites”, as I have been playing them all randomly for the past 2 1/2 months xD

  174. Eternal darkness sanitys requiem (gamecube). I chose this game because it has the perfect blend of about everything. It has murder mystery, zombies, ghosts, old and new weapons, puzzles, choices, and best of all a challenge. It is similar gameplay to resedent evil. It has a great story anf everything fits together so well. If you havent played it, i sttongly recommend it.

  175. Revenge of the Sunfish- its just messed up
    Alice the Madness Returns- i loved the cutscenes and the graphics

  176. I have two that I really love. Amnesia (its really creepy and heart pumping) or Bioshock (the original- it has a very interesting storyline and is pretty terrifying)

  177. my fav creepy game is yume nikki, is an indie japanese game about a hikikomori girl exploring her dreams and collecting ‘effects’, there are a lot of theories that try to explain the symbolism of the elements of the game. I like its music and atmosphere a lot, you can search it article on wikipedia to know more about it.

  178. .I only really play very mainstream stuff.

    Dead Space was scary, monsters and stuff.

    Majoras Mask = f#@*>€~g terrifying!

    The first Bioshock had some pretty damn freaky bits. (electric chair corpses)

    And finally, Fallout 3, my favourite game ever, and overall not scary, but bits are. Explanation, ghouls.

    In some of the subways there is very little light at all, and these pink skinless crazy mindless zombie crackers come charging at you screaming!, plus what makes it worse is some of them glow green and throw shit at you.

    Also theres a place called the Dunwich building where theres a constant murmuring noise, a shrine to a god in the basement, spots where you see ghosts!, and finally, (typically), MORE FUCKING GHOULS!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. :) (Y)

  179. Synthetic Lilly

    Fatal frame series for the ps2. Good story line plus heart stopping random surprises x.x

  180. Diego Parada-Lopez

    I would say Grand Theft Auto San Andreas because of all the creepy easter eggs or glitches that would occur, especially Area 51

  181. Mariah Waddle

    I’m not very experienced with videogames since I don’t have a lot of freetime on my hands, but I remember a couple years ago, during a summer evenng rainstorm I played FEAR3. I’ve never played any of the other ones, but this one had me freaking out and had weird twists that I can’t quite shake to this day. I hope others have played this as well. I recommend it to anyone looking for a thrill!

  182. I love Amnesia, but I’d have to say Penumbra Overture. Which is the prequel to Amnesia. Or Silent Hill. Or Siren.

  183. I’d have to say Cry of Fear. It’s a mod rather than a game but it is soon to get it’s own standalone version. This game likes to mess with your head and, well, lets just say that it isn’t fun at all.

  184. The scariest game for me is a tie between Cry of Fear, with the monsters being downright horrifying and leaving me trembling in fear despite wielding an M16, or Amnesia, for its creepy atmosphere and draining my sanity.

    1. It’s one of the best mods I’ve ever played. It’s free on Steam and Steam accounts are free so, everyone who can read this, go and try it. XD

  185. Everyone, shut up. You don’t know what fear is until you’ve played this game. I thought Amnesia was the penultimate of scary… I was horribly mistaken.

    THE scariest game of all time… LSD Dream Emulator. Period. An extremely rare oldie but a gem, this is fear incarnate. Don’t believe me? You will…

    1. I can attest; it’s a PSOne game with creepy blocky glitchy graphics, random photos of a girl plastered everywhere and you really get the feel that you’re somehow living inside one of those colorful lava lamp thingies. Everytime I try to remember it my head spins

    2. Unfortunately it’s also one of the rarest games out there, I myself only got a hold of it via a friend of a friend of a friend et cetera.

      It’s not so much a horror game as it is an absolute mind-fuck; no rhyme or reason combined with disturbing 90’s graphics (that work to its advantage).

  186. All I can say is the Clock Tower Series and Eternal Darkness, I mean you couldn’t even fight or anything in the game until you were in the actual staged fights in Clock tower.

    I must say that the game itself is a Trial and Error game.

    Now for Eternal Darkness, that is a horror game that I will remember always.

  187. SILENT HILL 2 & 3! It’s two of the best games I’ve ever played on my laptop. Full of Scary monsters, Creepy music, and odd puzzles. I highly recommend These two games….for the brave-hearted. :) :) :) :)

  188. Gonna have to say The Walking Dead from Tell Tale I got it from these guys on youtube “cinnamontoastken” a friend of the next guy “pewdiepie” check them out on youtube

  189. Gonna have to say The Walking Dead from Tell Tale I got it from these guys on youtube “cinnamontoastken” a friend of the next guy “pewdiepie” check them out on youtube

    1. what about resident evil 5? The game that pretty much stabbed the Horror genre in the heart? These are both just jump scares. Amnesia is constantly scary. Limbo also has a constantly eerie feeling.

  190. Frank Jefferson

    Off the top of my head, I would recommend the first three games of the “Silent Hill” franchise. The games are classic Japanese-horror, and when it comes psychological thrills and chills, the Japanese are creepily good at it. I also have a friend that swears by the early games of the F.E.A.R. franchise, though I haven ot played them myself.

    1. F.E.A.R. was like Counter Strike or the sort slapped with Japanese Horror. It was surprisingly effective, and that girl in red Alma still gives me the chills.

  191. Damon Jackie Reeve

    Hm a creepy game…. there are a lot that I’ve played but I guess slender ( 1st one ) would be my pick but its not cause of slender man that creeps or scare me. its the constant thought of being perused by someone of something and the fact you can’t doing anything about it. Another thing is you don’t know when or where he will appear and/or strike which would add to the paranoia. It’s what i missed since i played Resident evil 3 but in slender, There is no escape in the end. Plus you really don’t need a guy with a chainsaw to get you. All you need is a unfamiliar place, a goal, (that doesn’t always end well) and someone to hunt you down though toys with you.

    1. I hear the new one is creepier. Slender man does a little more teleporting than walking really fast

  192. I love Amnesia the Dark Descent! It doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares, and the atmosphere is perfect. Play this one in a dark room with headphones on!

  193. Ben_scares_meeeee

    Okay, I’ve got 3. 1) Slender: The Arrival 2) Amnesia 3) Majora’s Mask. With the whole BEN.wmv thing, it’s kinda scary…. I have the game, too. I don’t play it alone, though. Haha!

  194. Silent Hill 2 is my choice.
    If anyone can remember their first playthrough then maybe they felt the same helpless feeling I felt playing through the game & being much younger at the time it was even more terrifying. Sometimes it felt like a maze running back & forth through the town it really sucked you in & with a twisted story of a man searching for his dead wife whom knowingly he killed everything about the game is just eerie. The monsters, the unexplainable noises/whispers & darkness, its a game that affects you mentally which is why the game is so scary because unlike games filled with screamers silent hill leaves the fear in you for your mind to meddle with, your imagination is what causes the fear to linger & grow & this game does a good job at making you think bringing out the darkness that you trap within your mind.

    If you havent played it I highly recommend it. Fascinating story with twists & a great game overall.

    1. I agree too. In the whole Silent Hill franchise this was the best in terms of story. It was pretty depressing if you look at it, but it’s a must-play, regardless of your personality. Well, except if you are mentally ill or have heart problems.

  195. Absolute Edge

    The Dead Space series. Middle of the night with my headset on with the only light in the room coming from my TV. Holy freakin crap.

  196. David Mayorga

    I remember a few years back I played a game called Dead Space. This is one of the most unnerving games I have ever played. The atmosphere is just so ominous, lifeless, and sickening. Always fearing a monster grabbing you from behind, fearing of having to suffer the humiliating death of being slowly dismembered from being stabbed to death to literally being slowly pulled apart from these seemingly unkillable monsters.
    I remember a dismembered head once caught me off guard and cut my head off. The head proceeded to jam its appendages down your former body where your head used to be; the body’s leg started to twitch unnaturally and then the head turns around. The head looked at the screen for a split second but I feel like I watched its face for 5 seconds, and then it struts off with your body fixing its head in place with your former hands. That scene traumatized me for at least a day or 2.

    Dead Space, that’s a game that will keep you on your toes. However play it alone in the dark for the first time and the setting will take a toll on your integrity, and you find your courage wearing thin.

    1. What?? No. Dead space just doesn’t cut it. Its not survival horror. It’s just horror. You get lasers and all sorts of advantages. Ammo is buyable and everywhere. Its on the dead body’s for gods sake. You’re the most capable person to deal with the situation. Its nothing but jump scares and gore. No psychological strain involved.

      1. You had to play the game on hard or impossible mode to get this feeling of being completely screwed. Im sure people who arnt hard core gamers still get the sense of fear even on easy or normal but if youre a hard core gamer you would see the game is much more difficult on hard and impossible mode you get less supplies and you use more supplies on less enemies. And also this game screams survival game. Youre constantly scrounging around for health and ammo just to kill these monsters. The crap that happens to isac is beyond messed up. And if you read in the manuel or lore you would see that isac is not working with military gear but those of a miner which explains why the last armor upgrade is military. Its a survival horror game and thers tons of shit that fucks with your mind like the marker, paranoia, hesitation, oh and lets not forget that you and like 2 other people are the only sane ones on the ship. So if seeing others commit suicide, mad men wanting to turn into these things, and a mom acting like her deformed baby is still normal and then get blown up by it doesnt unnerve you then you you have no clue about horror game.

        Any horror game where you try to make your way to safety is also a survival game and isac was a huge under dog in this game with nothing but miner grade tools.

    2. MY favorite death scene was the one you described. I call it the “Head transplant” since you still partially live once you lose your head. Another one of my favorite deaths is what I call the “Tripod Trisection” In which a tripod necromorph cuts you into three pieces. In fact, I love all the death scenes so much that I have a name for each one such as “Vomit chain reaction”, “Eye test fail”, “vampire bite”,”The Darwin awards” (In which you die for no reason), and finally the “Cookie Cutter Chaos”. I am weird right??

  197. I know it might seem a bit cliche but my favorite has to be Silent Hill. When it hit the scene, the imagery and the monsters just scared the life outta me. The ambience is extremely creepy what with the constant fog and the creatures popping out. Not to mention that the static on the radio somehow just set my nerves on high alert.

    1. I could not agree more. The fog and radio concept was very cool and unsettling, not to mention that the monsters have symbolism depending on the protagonist.

    2. Shay Colley the Killer

      i played it ONE TIME. for TWO MINUTES. before i was like… “NOPE.” and shut it off. XD

  198. I really liked Resident Evil 4. its got a really creepy atmosphere. A village filled with homicidal maniacs who are out for your blood, and its just you and your handgun… such a classic.

    1. The handgun wasn’t the case for the majority of the game. And there was too much ammo and less dodging. Leon ended up becoming a killing a machine. I agree that it was creepy though, but only in the beginning. The “Resident Evil 3.5/Fog Version”, the beta release of 4 was much better, till they scrapped it. It could have been much better if it was the one which was released. Compared to RE4, 3.5 was a much more creepy game. Check the “Biohazard 3.5 Full Footage” Video on youtube. You’ll see.

  199. For me, it’s an oldie but goody, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This game scares the crap out of me, and it is like no other Zelda game I have played. Mind, this game being scary to me has nothing to do with Ben Drowned. Majora’s Mask scared me long before that particular creepypasta hit the scene.

    You have 72 hours to stop a moon from destroying the world of Termina. And the game runs on a constant timer. You can slow it, but you can’t stop it. If you can’t complete the task in the 72 hours allotted, you can go back in time to the beginning of the first day at the cost of most of your progress. And unless you manage to do the mother of all speedruns at the end of the game, there will always be a few of the dozens of people in the game that will not be helped by Link in that particular time loop.

    Throw in some body horror with masks that transform you into different species as Link screams, the titular Majora’s Mask which is pretty much an eldritch abomination, a creepy smiling mask salesman who had Majora’s Mask before it was stolen from, and a storyline that makes you question the notion of what it is to be a hero and to be a happy person and you’ve got one memorable and haunting experience.

    1. Oh God yes! The Nintendo Zelda games freaked me out. The time limit in Majora’s Mask made me so panicky and watching that creepy moon get closer and closer. This is more a graphics elements, but the people were just so creepy looking as well. That carpenter guy sitting under the tree in the entrance to Kakariko Village gave me nightmares. That pale blank face and gaping mouth. Ugh.

      1. Shay Colley the Killer

        oh good.. im not the only one who is utterly terrified by the carpenter under the tree…

      2. lol i thought it was ironic how your name is Ben and i just read Ben Drowned… and you said zelda majoras mask

    2. I have been playing Majoras Mask with my dad since I was 5 and I can say it is the only game that has truly scared me not because it has jump scares that scare you for like 2 seconds but haunts your nightmares. I never was able to finish the final boss the second form is just too unnatural and creepy dancing around with some creepy circus music and then the last form with the whips as arms is just so scary I could never get through him I agree with you 100%

  200. For me, it’d have to be Pathologic ( The game is practically a horror/detective novel in it’s own right, with characters who constantly lie to you and pursue their own unfathomable goals. The plot’s deeply complex and underhanded, and the three characters you get to play have their widely differing perspectives on events.

    The atmosphere is the best I’ve seen so far in any game – it conveys this visceral sense of inevitability and despair, that this entire town is shriveling up and dying, taking all its inhabitants (including you) with it. The gameplay carries this feel very well; often you’ll have to break your neck just to stay alive each day, all the while engaging with its byzantine characters and trying to find a cure. It’s not fun by any stretch (that’s why I compared it with reading a novel), but it draws you in and gets you involved.

    On the other hand, the graphics are pretty primitive and buggy, while the translation is immensely stupid to the point where I had to check out forums to find out what these people were trying to say.

    Still, it’s a very unique experience and at least for me, a pretty emotional one.

  201. The most recent horror video game ( and currently my favorite) is an indy game called “Slender: The 8 Pages.” There are other Slender games, but 8 pages is the creepiest and the hardest. It’s set in some random forest and the whole point is to find eight different pages all the while running away from slenderman. Its really simple but the environment is amazing and it builds atmosphere right off the bat. It’s mostly all psychological, the sound affects, the way the screen goes screwy when your in slendermans line of sight. Plus the way slendy randomly generates…
    you’re walking, everything is good….then suddenly… is there a page over he-
    Ah.. okay music is safe again, not going back there- NO SLENDY YOU STAY BACK THERE! O ^@&*?! NO! NO! NOOOO!!!

    Its fun great fun to watchfriends play and freak out over too.

      1. Username or no username, there is no nameuser

        Any slender game ithem, its the firss creepy, i have played one of t one, you have the slender’s shadows series, slender the arrival (I reccomend this instead of Slender, The 8 pages as it has slender the 8 pages in it), Haunt and some other games

        1. Username or no username, there is no nameuser

          sorry about the typos there, i was in a huge rush typing that

    1. Slender – The Arrival is an awesome game from Hadley, the creator of The Eight Pages. But, seriously, spell it right.
      I also agree with Username or no username, there is no nameuser about Haunt, as it does take its own twist.
      Anyone that says Mod is good obviously have very low standards -_-

    2. Slender is a good indie game, but to me just not very scary. Unless your playing in real life. . .

        1. I’m going with Slender and Amnesia. I’d like to see Felix (Pewds) Piss his pants once and awhile. Only problem is..Slendy’s coming for Pewds.

    1. So what is so scary about Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Only two monsters with almost fully scripted encounters and underwater creatures you can’t even see. The monsters chase you into isolated rooms and see you enter them, they don’t even search through them, despite knowing that the player is surely inside. They break through doors although they can simply be pushed to open. So monster IQ is unbelievably low. The gameplay is repetitive as hell, same dark corridors, searches for keys and scripted monster encounters, no cutscenes, no other characters present, just gathering items and reading notes. Very scary indeed, if this is the only horror game you ever played.

      1. Well that’s just it, aside from slender, it’s one game that almost everyone has played. for me the game is fun because they manage to pull off a disturbing atmosphere despite being a low budget Indy Game.

      2. I agree with you. Amnesia, to me, just seems to be a “plain” horror game. Monsters, jump scares, and repetitive gaming. You should really try ImScared: A Pixelated Nightmare. It’s a masterpiece of a horror game. Its so original, and it really gets to you. I really recommend it.

    2. Eternal Darkness 2: Sanity’s Requiem!! This game is just freakin creepy! It completely messes with you and it’s one of those rare gems for the Nintendo GameCube.

      1. Oh, bless you for mentioning Eternal Darkness. It’s my favorite gamecube game! The sanity effects were so terrifying (and rage inducing).

    3. Same here :3 love amnesia, but it broke because my dad uninstalled gamepunk: and installer for steam -.-‘

    4. Yeah it was a freaking scary. Especially at the very beginning. The best part was with the sound effects. And there’s this another game that I’ve always been scared of called Road Rash. Its not creepy but I don’t understand, its images still scare me to death.

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