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December 2014 Discussion Post: Your First Story

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This month’s discussion topic was suggested by EWR.


As a community, Creepypasta fans tend to have a higher-than-average interest in writing. The comments on both Creepypasta and Crappypasta are full of constructive criticism, and we have hundreds of people contributing to the prompts section as well as making themselves available as beta readers. That’s not even taking into account the thousands of you who send in new stories during each open period!


So this month I’d like to know how, exactly, that interest in writing first manifested itself – what was your first attempt at writing a story? Feel free to tell us the plot, what inspired you, how old you were, how long you spent on that first story – any details that you’d like to share are up to you!


Of course, if you’re brave enough and happen to have the story online somewhere, you can even link it if you feel so inclined.


I think that this has potential to be a very interesting post! As always, be excellent to each other and obey the commenting guidelines in the FAQ… and have fun!

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64 thoughts on “December 2014 Discussion Post: Your First Story”

  1. The first story I ever wrote was actually for my journal in english class when I was in sixth grade. I wasnt very good back then, but I wrote a story about a young girl who was running away from the grim reaper. I started to read it in front of the class, but my teacher made me stop because some of the students were getting uncomfortable. Oops.

  2. i would have to say my first story was written in highschool, it was a short story and post apocolyptic (had a thing for that) about a mercenary who is sent on an assasination mission. the story is about the main character gaining his humanity back and in doing so he doesnt carry out the mission, and is discovered and captured for questioning, which ultimately ends in his death. dont want to give the twist away so if your interested in reading it i can definitely go through some old files and find it =)

  3. PapaofthePsychos

    I’ve liked writing since middle school, although most of what I wrote from that time period was crap, other than my poetry. I’ve been serious about it for the last year, and I’ve written my first novel, and now I’m working on my second. I’ve also been working on two pastas for this site.

  4. I’m actually working on my first story now. I hope to be finished with it in time to submit it during the next open period.

  5. I remember my very first being one called The White Wolf, which I intended to be a novel. I finished it and it was…abysmal (I was eleven when I wrote it, so of course it turned out bad). The characters were flat and lifeless, their motivations changed from time to time for no reason…seriously, I would end up writing a whole novel detailing all that was wrong with it. Every once in a while I would pull it out and laugh my ass off reading it, stunned that I would let myself make something so horrible. Over the years, I’ve done draft after draft, and they were all just as bad one way or the other. I’m 19 now, so of course with age my writing has improved immensely. Believe it or not, I’m still working on this story, but I’ve changed it immensely; different characters with a lot more depth, a more coherent plot, etc.

  6. I had written and even published a few poems before writing what I considered to be my masterpiece. The first actual story I had ever written was 300 pages long and I worked on it at all times as if possessed to tell this story. Unfortunately it was lost when my laptop crashed. The general idea behind it followed a man who was on the outs with his wife and was kicked out of his house. He stayed with his friend for a week, having turned to drinking to deal with the loss of his family, but after one week his friend kicked him out as well. The man then wandered the streets for a few days before leaving the city and coming across an decrepit old plantation style home situated in the woods. An old man lived in this house and after some conversation agreed that should the main character quit drinking and help restore the house to its former glory he could stay there rent free. From there each chapter talks about a part of the house he is restoring and draws parallels with how a certain part of the man’s inner self is also being restored through the process. Finally I ended the book with a twist, sorta like the sixth sense, the man was dead all along, the old man was an angel sent to assist him in crossing over, he refused and the old man disappeared, the main character haunted that house for the rest of his life, eventually the completely restored property was auctioned and his wife bought it. He watched as her and their children grew older and lived their lives until finally one day the woman (who never remarried) awoke to see her dead husband lying in the bed beside her and they both crossed over in that moment.

    tl;dr A guy has trouble with his wife, gets booted out. meets an angel who teaches him life lessons, only to find out hes been dead all along. Man haunts the new house the wife moves into until she dies of old age and they can cross over happily ever after.

  7. I just love this site because when i’m bored at my moms friends house I just get on this site and I just read! I know I may sound like a nerd but I love reading.

  8. You know those writing tests they make you take every few years in school? When I was in fourth grade my teacher helped us prepare for the test by giving us a new subject to write a paragraph on every week. The more subjects we were given, the more I fell in love with writing. I got a 19/20 that year on my 5 paragraph essay. I was only nine, but dammit, I was proud of myself. Ever since then I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life. I feel it in my brain, blood, and bones. Words are my passion.

  9. To be honest I absolutely hate writing stories, not fiction itself, but the bloody fucking writing process of getting what’s in my head to the page. It is a painfully tedious and soul-crushing exercise, and most of the time the soul of what made the story interesting in my head in the first place is drowned out by the time I dole out that first paragraph, often silently saying to myself “well that was a sodding waste of time.” The three mediocre stories I half-assed for this site were the rare example of stories that survived the process.

    In short, I’m way more interested in the general synopsis of a story than the actual nuts and bolts of writing one. The reason in clarifying this is because my first attempt at a legitimate “story” was really just a ridiculously detailed synopsis to the effect of “she says something along the lines of this and he responds by doing this thing” for a few dozen pages without actually writing it in any official form. I was 14 (ugh, I hesitate looking back to those years) and on account of excessive prescription drug use my head was a bipolar mess (I fucking hate therapists). In order to channel myself without slashing my wrists I decided to write some fiction, but only went as far as the synopsis, which I continually fine-tuned until it became a 50 page epic.

    The plot is… fuzzy since I became sober, but in essence it was about how humans managed to colonize underwater and went to a hundreds-year long war against the surface. It got all anime-like and involved giant robot fighting and then there was something about a “natural current” that kept the earth in check and blah blah blah. In short, it was either the most fucked-up drug-induced abomination ever concocted, or the greatest story outline ever created. Damn I almost wish it was never lost.

  10. So this is actually a very funny story and is based on creepypasta. So I was relaxing with my friends and me and a couple of them decided that it would be funny to prank our friend that was turning 13, he is a huge creepy pasta nerd. we all dressed up as different creepy pasta’s and hide in different places. My friend Laura was dressed up as Sara which I didn’t find that scary I was of course the rake because I am the skinniest one. Long story, short we nearly gave him a heart attack.

  11. Throughout my whole life I have written many short stories here and here. Earliest I can remember was 2nd grade, I would spend my free time on the computer typing random stories, normally about talking animals. Then again in 5th grade about some weird alien-ghost thing, then ever since Junior High I’ve been refining my writing abilities in hopes of someday getting a published book.

  12. I don’t remember the first story I ever wrote. I think it was probably something to entertain my little brother. I’ve kept a dream diary off an on since I was about eight years old, and I’ve turned some of those into stories. I have a folder full of things I scribbled down in middle school and high school, but I don’t think I’ll be sharing those any time soon.

  13. Love this topic!

    My first story was a Boy x Boy fanfic of the Kpop group Teen Top. I was 14 when I wrote it, and I’m 17 now. It was absolutely terrible! The number of incorrect sentences probably outweigh the correct ones. Yet despite this, I still love it, because it’s what started my passion for writing. I’ve never gone back and edited it, because I don’t have the heart to. It’s nice seeing how much progress I’ve made from back then.

    What was my first story’s plot like, though? To be honest, it didn’t really have a strong one. I just wrote whatever came to me, never planned it out before hand. What it ended up turning into was a relatively short bit I would consider as a slice of life. Three couples developing within the course of a few days (lol), two happy endings and one not so much. Absolutely awful overall, but kind of cute and funny.

    I did post it up online, here’s the link. It is titled Revealed.

    – – –
    I am happy to say my newer stories are not nearly as bad as my first one, lol.

  14. First story would probably have to be something I wrote in English when I was about eight. I could sum it up for you, but I reckon it’s both more entertaining and quicker to just show you it: (Mistakes kept intact, because why not?)

    Treasure under the ocean.

    Not that long ago , not that far away there were 2 boys .(they had a map.)
    It said to go to China. They met a dragon and chopped it up. It said to go that way. They met a minotaur and killed it. It shouted which way to go ! They ran till they collided with
    water and , unfortunately , a Cylopes, which they murdered and found the treasure.

  15. My first creative writing “masterpieces” that I have are primary/public school stories. I got very good grades for them with comments like “How did you think of these wonderful ideas?” and “I want to see more of this”. Its now however when I look back at the ‘chapter books’ that I wrote, its quite obvious that every story is a plagiarism of video game plots. Most popular being Banjo Kazooie and Mario mash ups. Many years down the track when i was nearing the end of school I began writing stories again in the form of songs I have a few diaries filled with senseless angst driven lyrics, but after those ghastly words were spewed forth from my pen, my songs started to gain meaning and became plot driven fables. I have now written my first creepy pasta which I feel is ok. I am waiting to see if it makes it here or over at Crappy Pasta. I find it a lot easier to piece together rhymes and lyrics that are more open to interpretation, so when it comes to writing a actual story to give people chills I’m not to sure if it will be as good.

  16. My first story ever was when I was four years old, and I remember it very well because it was also my first brush with an editor who didn’t understand my work! XD

    I had these two Christmas teddy bears, and I wanted to write an adventure about them going to the South Pole and meeting a baby penguin whose mother had gone fishing and not come back. It was supposed to be because she’d been kidnapped by viilainous leopard seals, but my mother — who was typing it all up for me — said that it was too scary and I should make it so that Mama Penguin was just late coming home because she found a great big fish. I still prefer the original version.

    My first horror story was when I was eight or nine, and it resulted in a parent-teacher conference.

  17. The first one I ever wrote was “We Found You” a zombie-quarantine story that I also posted on the creepypasta wiki. It got an 8/10, so I guess you could say is a pretty good story.

  18. Like everyone, I had to write stories at school and most I’ve forgotten, except maybe one which could be described as a creepypasta in itself way back in the 80’s, when Rubik cubes and VCRs were THE must have items and something like the internet existed only in the realms of fiction.

    Back in those days, there was quite the furore over things known as ‘video nasties’; films the BBFC over here in jolly ol’ blightly thought too gruesome & graphic to be seen. One of these choice titles was called ‘Driller Killer’, and naturally I wasn’t allowed to watch it by my parents. The name though, that rattled through my head something fierce, and so one day when I was asked to write a story at school, I did my own version of ‘Driller Killer’. Mine though wasn’t some lunatic stalking the city streets, but rather a large, bulbous green monster with drills for arms. I don’t remember much else of it except it rang someone’s doorbell and then attacked them through the door with its drills. I even added a drawing at the bottom of the story of the monster, complete with blood stained drills.

    Thinking back now, I’m surprised my parent’s weren’t called in to discuss my ‘creativity’ ;)

    The present day though, and my first creepypasta, and also accepted onto this site, was called ‘Support Call ID: 100156-03’, which stemmed from both a sudden odd thought about the Android versioning process, plus a simple desire to impress my daughters by putting their names into a horror story they could point out to their friends.

  19. What a great topic! Nice one, EWR! Life has been so crazy recently, and I’ve missed reading and hanging around the site here, so I’m glad to have a breather and catch up on stories. My first story ever was written when I was in like 3rd of 4th grade. It was an objectively terrible story about a 10-year-old girl who was picked by lottery on national television to be the first kid in space, so had to leave in the middle of introducing her story to run and catch the spaceship before it could leave without her. And then hi-jinks ensued, including picking up a bounty hunter for the crew who may or may not have been a robot/clone/evil twin with the real character locked in the cargo hold. I never decided that, so he’s kind of Schrodinger’s character in that regards. It was inspired by the old Star Trek and Star Wars my mom watched with me, as well as a healthy dose of the Sci-Fi channel that I was likely too young to be watching. I like to think I have improved since then…If I still had it (I wrote it in pencil in a little ugly notebook), I would totally share it.

    My first creepypasta was “Purified,” which is on this site somewhere. Not a roaring success, but still a lot better than a children’s space opera.

    1. Cool, and also, I am so happy my post was picked. Didn’t expect it! Anyway, I don’t remember my first story/book… That’s how long ago it was!!!

  20. MercuryCoatedVeins

    I’ve been making up stories ever since I was a little kid. I’d go around and spout nonsensical gibberish to anyone who’d listen. Half the time, I’m sure I was living in some great big fantasy world that only I could see. I know I drew a lot of pictures – I’ve got sketchbooks full of strange and wonderful things, let me tell you.
    Anyway, I’d put pen to paper a couple times when I was very young – school writing projects, pseudo-fanfictions, things like that – but I started writing my first original story when I was 12, a story about a bully who gets haunted by the ghost of his former classmate. (I’m still working on it to this day, and I’m in my twenties now.) It was inspired by my own troubles with bullying and pretty much my only way of coping with the depression I was in. I was able to get my feelings out in writing in a much better way that I could with speaking. It was as if I’d found my voice, a wonderful discovery for a shy, introverted girl like me. And, even then, the feedback was great. I’d let family read some of my work, and they always said how great it was, even for a 12-year-old’s first attempt at writing.
    It was at that moment that I realized what I wanted to do with my life: become a world-famous, award-winning author.
    I’ve still got a long way to go, and I’ve since moved on to other projects – my mind is constantly spewing out new ideas, and they need to get on paper as soon as I think them – but that first story is never too far from my thoughts. It’s what got me started, what got me to where I am now, a budding author with a few credits to her (pen)name. I’m hoping to get back to that story soon, once the ol’ inspiration light bulb strikes. It’s a story I’d like to share, being about bullying and all. I’m sure it would help out a lot of people, let them know they’re not alone in their struggles. And, who knows? Maybe it’ll be my breakout novel.

  21. The first story I ever wrote was in third grade. I had a crazy dream and I wanted to write a story based off of it. It was fun because after every chapter I’d read it to my friends and get feedback on it. After six chapters my mom had thrown it all away and it discouraged me to stop writing. I stopped until sixth grade, when I had another dream and I started writing it.

  22. Oh my god, it’s probably something I wrote when I was like ten…. It was about weeping angels (doctor who) It was ten lines long and ended with “the end”
    Hopefully I’ve gotten better since them

  23. My first attempt at writing a story was a novel I started at the age of 12. It was an ambitious fantasy piece set in Africa during one of the many wars between Nubia and Egypt. I was inspired by a lot of science fiction and fantasy books that I read growing up, but since I couldn’t find any African epics, I decided to write my own. I wrote it all the way up through high school, and then I lost interest. Maybe one day I’ll finish it.

  24. My first story started out as a joke between me and my friends and they said I should write a story about it. Some thought it was stupid, others loved it. The story was called Swirly Cat and was a pretty generic horror/action story

  25. My first story is actually a short novella, and whilst I legally can’t share it here because Amazon has control now, it’s called Those Who Wait by Jude White and is on the kindle store. It’s like $3 and there’s a free preview, if anyone’s interested. I’m not trying to advertise, just to maybe get a little feedback. Keep in mind I was 14 when I wrote this…

    The plot concerns Eucoi, a citizen of Mars living under a tyrannical regime, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. Only, he’s imprisoned with four others. One of whom happens to be a psychopath. And that’s literally the smallest plot twist in the thing.

    1. I loved those who wait Jude you are of the best writers I’ve ever seen in my life plus I like the psychopath in the story don’t stop I really want to see more of your epic story’s I love them

  26. InfernalNightmare333

    The first story (aside from class assignments) that I can remember writing all the way through was in middle school… 6th grade I think. It was a horrible Sonic Adventure 2 fan-fiction starring a horrible Mary Sue, and I do NOT wish to talk about it.

    …I still think some of my witty banter was spot-on, though. XD

  27. My first story was inspired by Sonic.exe. I was like 12 and I thought Sonic.exe was a masterpiece. I started to get into Creepypasta, and that’s when I realized how stupid it was.

  28. Well, how timely! My first real attempt at writing a fictional story – outside of school projects or childhood scribbling – is happening now. I started it on December 1 and hope to finish the first draft tomorrow and submit it to this site on the weekend. Fingers crossed!

    I write for a living but it’s more along the lines of technical writing, which is a very different beast from fiction and of course, isn’t creepy in the least. I’ve always been too chicken (and too busy) to attempt fiction but reading stories on this site has inspired me to give it a shot.

    I get the feeling that I’m kind of outside of the core demographic of this site what with my being rather *cough* *cough* chronologically advanced, so it will be interesting to see how my story is received if it ends up being posted here.

  29. What a great topic :) I’ve written since I can remember, with drawers stuffed full of old stories, poems, and songs. I’m not sure when I started, but I have found books that I made when I must have been about 8 or 9 years old. My mum would come home from her work with a batch of blank printing paper and I’d take 10 or so sheets and fold them in the middle so that they opened up like a book. In some cases I even stapled the spine so they would stay together. I’d then draw the front cover and write a blurb on the back. Inside I would fill the pages with a story, often drawing pictures inside as well – a word to the curious: my drawing skills were awful, even for an eight year old.

    Most of the books were either science fiction involving robots and aliens, or horror stories that described the origins of various monsters and creatures I had populated my neighbourhood with in my mind. Some of my friends still talk about it, and how they were terrified to walk home or go to certain places where we lived for fear of some unearthly thing from one of my stories reaching out and smothering them in the dark. At least I was doing something right at the time, although I don’t think their parents were too happy about it :p .

    I don’t remember the first story, but when I visit Kings Park, the suburb of Glasgow where I grew up, I still remember the places I would tell my friends to stay clear of, unless they wanted to come face to face with something unspeakable. A lane, which appears in a short film I was involved in called It Nears (which appeared on this site), was home to a spritely creature composed of the corrugated metal which littered the place. In the woods across from my school there walked a man, the memory of whom escapes me, but I have no doubt he was the basis of the undertaker character in Pass it On, not to mention that the climax of that story takes place in those very woods. As for the school itself, there was something strange about a forgotten building in the grounds, a tragedy had taken place there, and that was the basis for my story The Sealed Building.

    And yet the story which established me in this wonderful community was a terrifying experience (most probably sleep paralysis) I had when I was a child. That experience I decided to share, almost word for word bar a few embellishments, and simply called it Bedtime. The story I first considered sharing, however, and the one which pulled me back into writing regularly was Forgotten Valentine.

    I have a bunch of written and typed – I loved my typewriter when I was a kid even though I had a computer – stories, the earliest I think is called “Intruders”. It’s a mish-mash of Robocop and Transformers, with the lead robot going up against “The Decimators” who had some type of nefarious scheme which I can’t quite remember. Needless to say, the hero had to stop them or the earth would be annihilated.

    I might share some of them for a laugh, although I’ll probably just read them out on my Youtube channel as I think subjecting you all to the pain of reading them would be criminal :p I’m currently clearing out some old cupboards at my mum and dad’s, and I keep finding old pieces of stories here and there. It’s quite a trip down memory lane, and in some ways has reaffirmed how important writing is to me, that it’s always been there, a constant companion. Either that or a constant menace :p

    1. Cool, and thanks! I was just browsing creepypasta when I thought I would contribute and idea. I thought about it for 2 minutes and finally came up with this!

  30. I remember my first shot at a horror story. I was ten years old, and it was a school assignment. I was homeschooled by my mother, and she had written down a bunch of different story titles. And the assignment was to “pick a story title, and make any kind of story you want with it.” It was me and my older brother, and we had flipped a coin to see who would pick their title first. I got to go first. I picked, “Tragedy off Stone Road.” I remember the main character’s name was Joshua; his parents had died and he had to live with his grandmother in the middle of the woods (cliché, I know) and basically, there was a killer. Long story short, this killer had followed Joshua into the deeper part of the woods, and started to chase him. Comes to find out in a oh-no-main-character’s-about-to-die-let’s-talk-about-stupid-shit sequence, that Rob (the killer) had killed Joshua’s parents, as well. And came back for him.
    And if I remember correctly (it’s been a while) Joshua gets away and Rob gets arrested. It was a really crappy story, honestly, with too many mistakes and cliché’s and it was just god awful, but my parents were in awe. They said I was talented, especially for my age at the time. And I enjoyed writing it very much. So, naturally, I took another shot at it. And another. . . and another. . . And, four years later, I’m still writing. I’m very passionate about it, I want to be the female version of Stephen King, and that’s what I aspire to be in the future. Writing is something that I do well, something that can get my mind off my problems for a little while. Writing has, since that first story, been that one thing I knew I was good at. It let me forget about my problems, about my social anxiety; it let me forget about reality for just a little while and let me just, roam freely in a place where nothing makes sense and it can go however the Hell I want it to. And as I grow up, and the more I write, the better I’ll get. I love writing, and if I didn’t have it I’d simply go insane.
    Thanks for reading this long-ass-thing I wrote here. I didn’t mean to make it so long, but whatever. Have a nice day. :3

    1. lol I agree completely with you with the whole forget reality aspect of writing. Sometimes when I’m really stressed I’ll stay up and spend a few hours writing just to escape it all for a little while. For me its taking this chaotic twisting cloud, a maelstrom if you will, of our reality and bring order to it (or set it spinning faster, whichever I feel like at the time) It just relieves so much stress and is very relaxing. That’s my take on it anyways, and to you, have a nice day :D

    1. If you have trouble writing a lot, try to write out the general plot line first, and start filling it in with details as you go along.

      If at any time it seems forced when you read it back, rewrite it before adding more details.

      In the end, by doing this, I rewrite any story at least one to three times, but it helps me with getting a lot done even if I’m not very motivated.

      Basically, it’s a good idea to just write straight from your gut; it may not be good, but it’s not the final version anyway and it keeps you going.

  31. I’m not much of a writer, but I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. I work with kids, so it comes pretty easily. I wrote down my first story about twelve years ago, from a fairy tale I made up for my two daughters. I actually made it up on the fly, for fun, but they enjoyed it so much I put it on paper. The same is true with my stories submitted to this site, in that I “wrote” them for my youngest daughter, who now enjoys things that creep and scare. I’ve been very pleased to see her become invested in the characters and the outcome. Such fun!

  32. I remember drawing things and making little books in my grandmother’s den when I was real little. Eventually in second grade I got a composition book and made several stories of me and my friends going on adventures to stop an evil demon who returned frequently. Then I began to make more organized and much better comic books. Most recently I have been posting newer actual stories I wright to youtube and have submitted a few to creepypasta this submission period. Hope this can turn out as my job in life. Writing stories.


    My first creepypasta SUBMITTED was ‘They’re Dead.’ An absolutley awful video-game cliche abomination. Was on Crappypasta, then 1000maks and DeadAces read it and made me feel pretty bad for awhile, but I’m not angry at them, I requested them to, but I wasn’t ready for it. It was just me being immature, they do it to entertain people but it just hit me hard. Still cool guys though!
    Just my story anyway.

  34. I don’t have anything posted here yet,(hopefully after I finish the rewrite in time) but I have written literally hundreds of different stories. I’ve even started posting them here: I have always been a really creative person, so I’ve been writing my whole life. About a year and a half ago, I started writing horror. But to name the first thing I ever wrote, was probably in kindergarten. I had just watched the original Godzilla, and in school the next day, we had to write about something. Everyone else wrote about things a kindergartner thinks about. I wrote about Godzilla fighting a team a Jedi Knights and Sith lords aboard the Enterprise. Yeah, so my parents got a call from my teacher that day. Ever since then, I’ve just always been writing almost all the time. And since I also read, for fun, I’ve always been into fiction. The first story I ever read by myself was Green Eggs And Ham, terrifying, I know. Then I read The Call Of Cthulhu at scholl, and that had a big impact on the way I wrote. So, I’ve basically been writing my whole life, and I hopefully will continue to write for the rest of my life. Hopefully as a career too.

  35. First story I ever made was in 3rd grade it felt so cool to put all these ideas in my head onto paper, all I remember of the plot was me and my friends went to the moon but there was a pit of snakes we had to destroy so we could live on the moon with no snakes.

  36. Hello everyone! I haven’t written for this site, or any other for that matter, but I have always had a spirit to draw but I have always envied the ones that could write. one day after school ,I was a sophomore then, I went over to my friends house and he showed me a scary story that ended with professor oak saying “Are you a boy or a girl?” I LOVED it but I had to think to myself “this seems fairly easy and from the general theme of things I don’t want to put in too much gore but enough to get the readers attention. Not so much detail that it drives the reader away but enough to tie everything together into a cohesive package.” needless to say I tried and tried and TRIED but the author is the toughest critic. I would get opinions from friends and they were very helpful but by the time I wanted to get done with the rough draft I had butchered it up so badly it wasn’t even the same story anymore. so I gave up for a while. Then it hit me what if I just tried a poke pasta or a crappy pasta of course its actually a little harder to write a shit story on purpose so I was down in the dumps for a while. not too long after I got into my slump I was browsing and saw WHO WAS PHONE its a story that you love to hate. I am currently writing a 3rd installment for my little bit of a book club we call “Zombie Fucking Book Club”, shit name but great friends. I guess you could say it was my friends who helped me the most when I really needed it, but, my friends and I are all in agreement that if I hadn’t read such a shitty creepy pasta then I wouldn’t have the drive to say, and prove, I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT SHIT!!!!

      1. And more than anything it hurts to know your own mind tries to work against you, even if everyone else is with you. Sounds like “Psychosis”.

  37. Okay. Well, where do I start?

    I suppose the proper place is Dutch language class where we had an assignment to finish a story. I got a 9/10 for it because of how detailed I could write. That was when I really decided I should write things.

    My first attempt, as foolish as it seems, was a novel set in the real world. I tremendously underwrote it, didn’t do enough research and the premise didn’t leave enough room to develop an interesting story. I could go on, but I wasted enough words on this story.

    My first good story (in my opinion) was a surreal one, inspired by christian religion. It was one of those “wat” stories that was an interesting read nonetheless.

  38. Interesting topic here. Well, if you want to know, I got into writing in middle school. I had always loved to read, so English was my best class. One of my class assignments was to write a standard play. You know, three acts with three or more scenes each. I ended up having a lot of fun doing it and started writing little short stories about my favorite cartoon characters. Of course, I was 12-14 at the time, so they were pretty stupid. But then I discovered DeviantArt when I was around 15-ish. And it just took off. In the five years I’ve been on that site, I’ve deleted my very first fanfiction. It was so bad and had so many spelling errors (didn’t have any spellcheck), I got a headache just re-reading it. I can’t even remember what it was about exactly. I probably have it written down somewhere, I always make a hard copy before typing. But I believe I’ve improved substantially since then and I still enjoy writing. It’s a way of letting my imagination run wild without ruining the house (I used to believe in nightmare-gnomes or something like that and thought the only way to keep them away was to draw dream clouds on the walls. My mom was not pleased). I’ve actually produced a few “popular” fanfictions on DA, people seemed to enjoy what I wrote. And that’s the best part to me. People enjoying what I put out there. Making people happy. It makes me feel like I haven’t wasted time doing something I enjoy. I don’t care about being a popular author, I just want to put a little bit of pleasantness in someone’s day. In many ways, mind you, even a scary story can make someone smile sometimes. Anyway, that’s my writing “career” in a nutshell.

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