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November 2015 Discussion Post: Real-Life Glitches

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This month, I’d like to discuss a topic that caused me to fall into a pretty deep reddit rabbit-hole (you know, you start reading one thread and suddenly it’s hours later and you’re in some weird subreddit several degrees beyond where you first started) a few weeks back. If any of you paid attention to the “Berenstain VS. Berenstein” debate that popped up awhile back, it’s likely that you ended up reading about this phenomenon as well.

I want to talk about glitches. No, not the Haunted Cartridge cliché ‘glitches’ that have launched a thousand crappypastas – I’m talking about small, inexplicable occurrences in your day-to-day life.

/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/ defines a ‘glitch’ as such: a personal, everyday-mode experience for which you have no explanation.

For actual examples, sixpenceee has compiled a nice sampler pulled from various reddit threads: read it here. I think they’ve done an excellent job of grabbing examples that display the whole ‘glitch’ phenomenon better than any explanation, so please do check it out if you’re not already familiar with the idea of real-life glitches.

Here is the OG thread that spawned the subreddit, with even more glitchy anecdotes.


Other subreddits that are not specifically ‘glitches’ but are still related enough to be mentioned:
/r/MandelaEffect – A Mandela Effect is where you realise that something you knew to be a general fact of the world, no longer seems to be true. The Berenstain/Berenstein debate is a prime example of this phenomenon.
/r/DimensionalJumping – Taking things one step further, what if ‘glitches’ were simply evidence that you’d shifted dimensions at some point?


Now that I’ve given you a lot of backreading, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing – have you ever experienced something small that seemed completely out of place or unnatural in your everyday life? What do you believe such occurrences actually are – simple tricks of the mind, or something actually paranormal? Share your own glitches, discuss others’ stories, theorize about why/how such things happen, have fun with the topic! Just remember, as ever, to keep things polite and respectful.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “November 2015 Discussion Post: Real-Life Glitches”

  1. One thing I remember as odd is, one day I was in my room reading when I see my brother walk past my room to the living room. I call out to him but he doesn’t answer so I call out again still no answer. I get up to see why he wasn’t answering but there was no one in the house. For him to go out of the house he would have had to walk past my bedroom again but he didn’t. I go down to the garden where my mom was and I ask her where my brother was. She told me he was at his friends house since morning. When my brother got back I asked him if he had come back during the day to get something and he told me he didn’t.


  2. This happened to me often in Jr High & High School, usually in my 1st or 2nd class of the day. 4 different doctors couldn’t figure out why it was happening, and why at that time of day. One even tried to say it was because I was anemic. I finally went to a specialist who informed me that I have PetitMals (a firm a seizure that doesn’t effect the whole muscle structure of the body, just the main senses). She then told me the reason it happened so early in the day was because I was tired. I was basically sleeping with my eyes open, and it only lasted for a few minutes so that my brain could “rejuice it’s batteries”. The rapid eye movement was exactly that, the R.E.M. portion of sleep cycle.

  3. Yesterday, I turned up slightly late to a maths class. Two of my classmates were there, but the other two weren’t. The teacher wasn’t in the room either, but I assumed he was just printing some question papers. After about ten minutes, one of the others said, “It is Friday, isn’t it?” and checked her phone.
    It was Thursday.
    None of us had spoken to the others that day, but for some reason we’d all thought it was Friday.

  4. In our place, that event is somewhat uncommon to common when travelling a forest. People just say that there is a ‘man-horse’ nearby where anyone who travels loops back to a landmark. People say that if you change your clothes inside-out, then you’ll escape the loop.

  5. I’m not sure it counts as a glitch but its still weird. When I was about 16 and my grandfather had moved into our house because he had REALLY bad Alzheimer’s. Occasionally he would get out of bed and wander around the house or just sit at the kitchen table like he was ready for breakfast. This night in particular I was sitting in the living watching TV at about 2:00 AM. I heard the door to the upstairs bedroom creek open, although it sounds more like thunder because its hinge is set weird and it grates the top of the door. And then sure enough after a few seconds passed the thump thump of him coming down the stairs. Nothing too out of the ordinary right? So he gets to the bottom and starts to shuffle step to the kitchen table. Not lifting his feet just sliding like he does. Then he found a chair he liked and sat in it. Unfortunately its at an awkward angle so I cant QUITE see him unless I lean from where I’m sitting. About 30 minutes pass so I decide to check on him and bring him back to bed. But when I pause the TV and get up. He’s gone. Nothing. Everything’s as it was. So I figure maybe he walked around the house again and I missed it. Easy enough. But after looking around the house I didn’t find him so I decided to head up stairs and check his room. Opened that loud squeaky door and there he is. Asleep in bed as if he had never moved.

  6. I do have one glitch that still disturbs me to this day. It happened when I was in first grade. As you know, up to this point, you were learning the basics in life. One of the things was how to spell the different colors. Up until this one point in time, I KNEW that the bulletin board, and other materials (crayons), had the spelling of the color, opposite of black, was wight. It was the spelling I had always known to be correct and even practiced in the previous grade. One day I had walked into the classroom, and the spelling is what everyone says it always was, white. I asked about it and rebuked by my teacher and peers. It was always white, not wight. Even my sister told me I was crazy. To this day, I have not come to terms with this. Subtle, but then again, I was too young to notice any other changes if there were any.

  7. Damn it! Should have checked this this discussion topic earlier. Oh well.

    Well my first one occurred in the shower of all places. This happened around a year back, and when I was showering I had this plastic bag looking thing that’s used to cover your hair after you shower across from me. The bag was already filled with water from the day before that since I didn’t use it and I hung it up so it could be at arms length away from me so I wouldn’t have to bend down. So when I was in the middle of scrubbing myself down while singing Singing in The Rain(well, one of those things are true), I was starting to stand up and I must have pinched or leaned on the bag on the way up. Then a few moments later after I clear the soap from my eyes, I look across from me and I see the water in the plastic bag started to turn into a slight shade of red. A bloodish red to be exact. Then when I look through the plastic bag to see what just happened, I see a decent sized dead moth floating in the water of the plastic bag. To this day I have no idea how the hell that happened since where I live, moths are a pretty rare sight and the chances of one getting inside my bathroom are even more rare. Plus, taking into account that I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to insect inside places like bathrooms, just a glance at the moth would have been enough to catch my attention. But here’s the scary part. After I’m done with my shower and go to pour out the water from the plastic bag, all the blood is suddenly gone and there is no dead moth inside the bag to be found. It was as if the bag never had anything else in it except for water. Honest to God, this is as close as a glitch to reality that I have ever been through.

  8. I actually experience this as well, I do not have dreams/visions, but my eyes occasionally do the same thing, and whenever it happens I have to usually sit down wherever I am at and take a second for my vision to return. One time it lasted around 10 seconds and left me uncoordinated and having trouble walking for about 15 seconds afterwards.

  9. My eyes do something similar to that all the time, but without the falling to the floor thing. Could it have been a problem called nystagmus?

  10. ok I have two things… idk if these are glitches but they are freakin weird.
    First let me say this, this is my first time on this site before and i made an account just to post this, I’m not sure about the others but this here is the God’s honest truth.
    first the less weird and more consistent glitch. I’ve always had vivid dreams and lots of them. when I was about 8 my friend told me about deja vu and the concept intregued me but I didn’t think to much of it. since then I started having it and paying attention to it more and more. It seemed kinda normal but was still cool. They got a progressively stronger sensation, like when I was hanging out with my friends and realized it was deja vu but thought it was a bit off, because I specifically remembered one of my friends bending over, then just after i thought that he bent over and i was just like wow.
    Then just the other day I had one of the strongest ones yet. I was playing chess with a friend and for a second it felt like everything we were doing was a flashback. (I’ve only known this guy for like a month, so it obviously wasn’t) this could all be in my head but it’s still weird

    secondly, up until a few years ago i shared a room with my little brother as we lived in a small house. In our room I had a loft-like bed, my brother had a normal bed across the room, so i could look down at him just by facing that wall. between us on the wall was our window which pretty much always had the blinds closed. I remember vividly one night, i was having some trouble sleeping, dipping in and out of consciousness. during one of my brief periods of waking up i rolled over and looked at my brother. what i saw was a pitch black room except for a glowing figure of what appeared to be a man in a suit. he looked about 9 feet tall, had sort of frizzy white hair, a pointed nose, some sort of mustache/ facial hair, but what i really was captured by was his eyes. I really dont know how to describe it but the eyes were so real, so full of soul… he seemed really benevolent and i stared at him for a good while (30 seconds? maybe more?) until i just rolled over and went back to sleep. the next day i woke up and when i started thinking about it the whole peace that the guy seemed to emanate was gone and i was scared shitless, i thought it was a demon or something, but now I think it was something… idk… good

  11. That weird eye thing happens to me too, and its definitely not due to dehydration.
    My eyes flit around for some time and when it stops then i experience some sense of alertness.

  12. I’ve had a few of these types of moments. The ones that stand out the most are Déjà vu like moments, expect for the fact that they will last the entire day.

    The one that stands out above all other is the day I made the trip from Chicago, IL to Hiroshima, Japan. I had never traveled to Japan before so there was no way I could have known the Airport or check process; yet just like a Déjà vu moment I knew everything everyone around me was going to do before they did it. I moved through the Airport as if I was a frequent flier all while well aware of the fact that I was feeling this Déjà vu. It’s like I had already gone through the entire day. I linked it to the immense amount of stress I was under but looking back it literally felt like a glitch in the system.
    Anyone else have feelings like this?

    1. actually that sounds a lot like what happens to me, just way more developed… idk maybe because I’m still pretty young? i have crazy strong deja vu sometimes and even have known what was about to happen :/ creepy. you ever feel like you’re living in a flashback?

      1. Yeah, actually that is a better way of putting it. Like a flash back but for literally a whole. To the point where I could finish a persons sentence that I never seen / knew before that moment, but it seems like I had already had the interaction with them.

  13. RE: MANDELA EFFECT: This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this, but there is a similar saying that dates back to the ancient Greeks called “PERIPETIA”. This is the moment in a Greek Tragedy (Such as Oedipus) when the hero realizes that everything he thought he knew was wrong.

  14. Some other weird glitches are:
    The challenger disaster(Both crew list and date)
    Various celebrity deaths(Some seem to have died multiple times).
    Missing scenes form movies or a different actor for the main character(In some other universe the main charater in K-PAX was appparently played by Nicholas Cage instead of Kevin Spacey)
    Product slogans and names.
    The list goes on and on.

    1. Care to elaborate on some of these? I have never heard of anything on your list and I would really like to read more!

      1. They are all listed on the website I posted above:
        The celebrity death that the effect got named for was Nelson Mandela. He died fairly recently, but a lot of people remember him dying in prison in the 80s.

        Just go check out the site.

  15. So, I’m not sure if this counts, but I had a very strange dream one night about a completely white room, so vast and bright I could not see the walls or floors. There was a high-gloss black table that was really long, stretching further back than I could see. There were people seated at the table, motionless. All were dressed in clothing from different eras but they were all gray and monotone. The only colors I could see were black, white and grey.
    I start to make my way around the table, noticing a woman who looks like she came from the French revolution, a solider, a man in a top hat, a newsie, etc… and they are all looking towards the head of the table. I get to the end and there is a woman wearing all black. Her lips are red, and it’s the only color in the room. She wears a black veil and hat that obscures most of her face. She is holding a deck of regular bicycle cards, and they are red as well. She begins flipping them over, one by one, but they are all the same card. I remember the only noise in the dream being the question I asked her, and her response:
    What does it mean?” I ask.
    “Ask your Step-father.”, she replies.
    This is where I wake up, feeling like I was ripped from sleep. I threw on my robe, headed downstairs; sitting a the table, chain-smoking, looking like he hadn’t slept in days, was my Step-dad. He turns, knowing it’s me by the way I walk, since he has been blind since birth. I say: “I had the Strangest dream”. He says, “Me too! and I have a weird question for you… but does the Ace of Spades mean anything to you?”
    I almost hit the floor. I asked him why he thought of that and he told me of the woman in his dream that told him to ask me, and that he thinks he knows what the color red is supposed to look like.

  16. So this wasn’t a glitch but just a total mind fuck. I was reading the subreddit page getting caught up in the story’s I realized it was 1:15am so I put my phone down and laid in bed in that dark trying to sleep but honestly way to creeped out to sleep. After a while I checked my phone and it said the time was 1:12am. I had the deepest moment of freak out I’ve had in a long time and it to me about 5 minutes before remember seeing as post on Facebook about setting the clocks back. Like I said it wasn’t as glitch in the matrex just really bad timing.

    1. Had the same problem at work, haha. It was a good chuckle when I realized. I’m a security guard and I work alone overnights so I read creepypasta until people show up for work and when I saw the time change I got kind of angry and thought, “Did creepypasta just eff with my head?” Then I saw the sticky note reminder on the computer that read fall back 0200. I just had to laugh after that.

  17. I know of two things that happened that were very odd. Aside from memories I have that nobody else remembers, I know for a fact these two things happened.
    About 20 years ago while driving with my mom. I was 15, we were on a windy road between two towns. My mom was driving and we were singing along to the radio. A big curve was up ahead, it was dark and my mom was going 65mph that was the speed limit. All of a sudden a loud voice came over the radio speakers and it said ” slow down”. It was much louder than the radio had been. My mom slowed way down and then stopped and we both just looked at each other. We drove slowly for the remainder of the drive.
    The second thing was yesterday. I woke up and noticed my husband wasn’t in bed. I figured he was already up and about. I got up, went to the bathroom and left the room. I looked around the house and couldn’t find my husband. I sat on the couch and after about 10 minutes I called out my husband’s name. Shortly after, he came out of our room. I asked where he had been and he said he was in bed playing a game on his phone and checking messages. I asked if he was joking but he said no. I told him I looked in bed and he wasn’t in bed but he says he was. Our couch faces down the hall towards our bedroom and I didn’t see him go into the room. So I know he is telling the truth but I can’t figure out why I couldn’t see him. His side of the bed was empty. When I woke up I even grabbed his pillow and rolled over to his side of the bed.
    I often feel like the reality I live in is not the same reality that everyone else lives in.

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