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August 2013 Discussion Post: Paranormal Podcasts & Creepy Radio Shows!

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I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I like listening to paranormal podcasts or radio shows. I’ve mentioned Anything Ghost with Lex Wahl and Welcome to Nightvale before, and while the main show has gotten a bit too New Agey for my tastes, I still listen to Coast 2 Coast AM’s “special” Halloween and New Year’s Predictions shows. I’m also looking forward to Art Bell’s return to paranormal radio with the new Dark Matter show that should be launching this fall!

So with all that said, I’d like to ask: what are your favorite creepy/paranormal podcasts and/or radio shows? Link us if you can, tell us a bit about the show and why you love it! Conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, zombies, horror movies – let’s all expand our podcast playlists and get some fresh sources of creepy pumping into our ears. Subliminal brainwashing optional, of course.

*Please refrain from recommending YT channels that are only “pasta reading” channels – that’s not really what I’m asking for this month. Nothing against those channels – they’ll have their own post to shine in since they’ve become such a huge YT trend. So please don’t bring them into this post and save them for their own discussion post when it happens! Thanks.


As before, we’ll create a master list in this post as you guys add your suggestions.


Anything Ghost with Lex Wahl
Coast 2 Coast AM
Darkness Radio
Farside Paranormal Podcast
Ground Zero Radio
Horror Theatre
Jim Harold’s Campfire
Lights Out
Quiet, Please
The Hermit’s Cave
The Last Podcast on the Left
The Mysterious Traveler
The Sealed Book
Weird Circle
Welcome to Nightvale
We’re Alive

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42 thoughts on “August 2013 Discussion Post: Paranormal Podcasts & Creepy Radio Shows!”

  1. I enjoy listening to I used to listen to Horror Theater, but I found the tales too old (I’m not really into vintage) and some recordings were very uncomprehensible.

  2. Pseudopod! Short horror fiction (~45 mins) updated weekly. There are currently over 400 episodes which I burned through in a couple weeks.

  3. I like “Welcome To Night Vale” and almost can’t believe it’s not on this list. The Podcast acts like a radio station for a fictional town called night vale, and everyone is just so casual with the strange deaths and disappearances that happen around the town.

    Here’s a link to it:

    1. We actually posted about Nightvale before it exploded (I made a post entirely dedicated to promoting it), and it is indeed both on the list and mentioned in the post above.

  4. I recently discovered Darkness Radio. It is a paranormal radio show and it is wonderful. They have:

    Supernatural Encounters – Monday
    True Crime Tuesdays – Tuesday
    Paranormal visitor
    Paranormal visitor
    Supernatural News – Friday

    I really enjoy them. The cast is made up of Darkness Dave, Tim and Mali Fox comes in on Fridays. It is hilarious but very serious about telling incredible stories. (Hilarious ones on Fridays.)

    I hope you guys check them out! Not for everyone but I really enjoy them.

  5. There’s a new podcast I found called Cooking the Books ( I think it’s supposed to be a found horror style show. Has anyone else heard it?

  6. I really like the Mysterious Universe podcast. They talk about weird occurrences, paranormal, cryptids, and the like.

  7. I’m a huge fan of radio drama, and I think you can find some of the most frightening examples of horror in that medium.

    Here are the ones which I’ve enjoyed the most:

    The Price of Fear:


    Vanishing Point:



    There are many more, but some of them have already been mentioned. I work from home so I sometimes need to just get out of the house and clear my head, so I go for a walk and listen to an episode and it does the trick.

    It’s a real shame that radio horror is rare these days!

    ~ Mike

  8. I recommend The Last Podcast on the Left because it has the perfect mix of comedy, gory detail, and paranoia-inducing news. They cover all kinds of paranormal, horror, and true crime subjects; from the reptilian agenda to serial killers, and even a few creepypasta readings in the mix!

  9. My favorite and my Father’s favorite radio show is Coast 2 Coast am. My dad listens to it all the time and I lovingly call it the “Conspiracy Show” because all they seem to talk about is conspiracies.


    Always watching…..

  10. My mom and sister are big fans of Night Vale, and I just listened to the first episode today. I personally would call it “creepy,” as it is really just weird. In fact, Wikipedia defines it as comedy. I’m simply not too big on podcasts, but that will change soon enough.

  11. Awkward Thursdays

    Actually me and a few other narrators are planning on starting a creepypasta podcast since people seem to request it pretty heavily… If anyone would be interested, we livestream somewhat now — not as professionally as we would if we actually got a creepypasta audience

  12. The NoSleep podcast. I heard of it on the subreddit of the same name and I listened to one. Let’s just say i got 0 hours of sleep that night..

  13. My favorite podcast is called Jim Harold’s Campfire. Jim takes calls from people all over the world to hear their spooky tales of the supernatural and the paranormal, and some of the stories are really mysterious and creepy!

  14. I would suggest looking into Light’s Out, Quiet Please, The Hermit’s Cave, The Witch’s Tale, Sealed Book, Weird Circle, The Mysterious Traveler. These are are old time radio programs from the 40’s/50’s. Almost all of them are available for free.

  15. I like Welcome to Nightvale. More of a parody then a horror but still has some interesting, occasionally thought provoking stuff.

  16. The radio drama series, “We’re Alive” is great. Can be found here.

    It’s about to start its fourth season soon. It has very high production values and an awesome, talented cast of voice actors. The premise is a zombie/post apocalyptic one, but it introduces many unique themes.

  17. I dont really know any creepy radio shows or podcasts. But if I can be quite cheesey, Alice Cooper can be a bit freaky!

  18. My favorite is Horror Theatre. This radio show is all the old radio shows like “Dark Shadows”, “Tales from the Crypt”, “Inner Sanctum”, “Nightfall”, “Fear Forum” and “Lights out.”

    This include the works of Lovecraft, Poe and many other incredible creepy authors. Horror Theatre is wonderful to listen to any time and has continuous scary podcasts. The stories also became episodes of famous creepy tv shows like “Alfred Hitchcock presents”, “The Twilight Zone”, and “The Night Gallery.”

    Here’s the link Derp, because I’m pretty sure you’ll want to check this out.

  19. Coast to coast am. Not always scary but the even the dryer shows (stuff on politics new science and religion) is paranoia inducing. My favorite are the ghost investigator shows or when they interveiw cryptozooligists.

  20. I love under the dome. It just came out this year, but its relly awsome already. I also like paranormal witniss, its awsome.

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