August 2013 Discussion Post: Paranormal Podcasts & Creepy Radio Shows!

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I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I like listening to paranormal podcasts or radio shows. I’ve mentioned Anything Ghost with Lex Wahl and Welcome to Nightvale before, and while the main show has gotten a bit too New Agey for my tastes, I still listen to Coast 2 Coast AM’s “special” Halloween and New Year’s Predictions shows. I’m also looking forward to Art Bell’s return to paranormal radio with the new Dark Matter show that should be launching this fall!

So with all that said, I’d like to ask: what are your favorite creepy/paranormal podcasts and/or radio shows? Link us if you can, tell us a bit about the show and why you love it! Conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, zombies, horror movies – let’s all expand our podcast playlists and get some fresh sources of creepy pumping into our ears. Subliminal brainwashing optional, of course.


*Please refrain from recommending YT channels that are only “pasta reading” channels – that’s not really what I’m asking for this month. Nothing against those channels – they’ll have their own post to shine in since they’ve become such a huge YT trend. So please don’t bring them into this post and save them for their own discussion post when it happens! Thanks.

As before, we’ll create a master list in this post as you guys add your suggestions.

Anything Ghost with Lex Wahl
Coast 2 Coast AM
Darkness Radio
Farside Paranormal Podcast
Ground Zero Radio
Horror Theatre
Jim Harold’s Campfire
Lights Out
Quiet, Please
The Hermit’s Cave
The Last Podcast on the Left
The Mysterious Traveler
The Sealed Book
Weird Circle
Welcome to Nightvale
We’re Alive

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