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March 2016 Discussion Post: Share Your Creepy Recurring Dreams

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This month’s discussion topic was suggested by multiple people, including Thomas O. and Blake Patrick:

We all dream. Whether or not you remember your dreams on a daily basis, most of us have at least occasional episodes as described in the comment above – something about the dream just chills you to the bone or leaves you feeling deeply anxious and/or unsettled.


So this month, let’s share and discuss our creepy, weird, or just plain unsettling dreams. While I’ve used “recurring” in the post title, if you’ve had one singular creepy dream that’s stuck with you for a really long time, please feel free to share.


If you have any insight or thoughts as to A) why you had/have said recurring dream and B) why you think you found it particularly creepy (especially if it wasn’t an outright nightmare), please let us know about those points as well!


Lastly, if you’re interested in the “common” nightmares that most people tend to experience, here’s an interesting video about these common dream experiences and what they might imply about your waking life: Beyond Science’s 7 Common Dreams and Their Mysterious Meanings. If you guys have any more video recommendations about dreams and nightmares, feel free to drop a link in the comments!

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55 thoughts on “March 2016 Discussion Post: Share Your Creepy Recurring Dreams”

  1. Ah, everyone has such interesting stories comapred to me.
    ..Well, a while ago, I was trying to sleep and I noticed that the curtains kept on flowing. I figured that it was the widow being open, but I couldn’t move to get up and close it. I knew something was wrong, so I started paniking, and at the point – bursts of fire contributed to the curtains’ movement.
    Then my vision went blurry – I saw the room get darker, and I heard a lady screaming. Then she appeared in the room in some form of tank taking up the wall. She was yelling nonsense and reaching out to me. By the time she got to my bed I managed to close my eyes and snap out of it – then wake up. I feel bad for old me. She got up in the middle of the night all crying and weak. xD
    It turns out I had sleep paralysis!!

  2. I’ve been experiencing these kinds of things again lately both in dreams and in real life. For a while it stopped, but I noticed at the start of classes and moving to a new apartment, these eerie foreboding feelings returned.

    On Sunday, August 14, 2016, I was home for the weekend at my parents’ insistence. I’ve been sleeping late lately since Uni was quite demanding, staying up late till it’s 3 in the morning. On the particularly day, however, since I failed to sleep early the night before, I took a nap right after breakfast. That particular dream came then.

    I was with my large family on my mother’s side in our family jeep. It seemed as though we were going swimming that day. I knew I was dreaming then, just like most of my dreams ever since, Yes, unfortunately I almost always have lucid dreams, and I declined and said I wouldn’t go ‘cuz I haven’t taken a bath yet. (ironic isn’t it?) So they left and I was supposedly alone in our ancestral home. Even in my dreams, I still felt sleepy because of the weeks of sleeping at past 3AM, so I thought I’d go to sleep for a while. (an odd thing to dream of, now that I’m regalling it to you, actually)

    Anyway, I went to one of the bedrooms and as I opened the door, there was this shadow of a body on the floor. An actual shadow. Like what a body would cast in light on the floor, except there was no body there. I screamed there and then, and run away as fast as I could. I was out of the house, until the gate suddenly closed. I was frantic, and I turned around for whatever reason. I saw the shadows of footsteps going down the stairs and I searched for whatever that may help me.

    Suddenly it was as though I was still outside the house, but there were these walls encasing me and the shadow. It had no body, no shadowy appearance nor a ghostly smoke. Just nothing but air, and its shadow on where it was supposedly standing. Then it got to me, and I felt whatever it was choking me. There were no hands, just the feeling of hands choking my windpipe. I pushed it off me, and it worked, but it just came back to choking me again. Then, suddenly there were these messages posted on the walls encasing us. I can’t remember what it all said. Just that it was presented to me in a “post-it” fashion. I believe two or three post-its showed itself. One in particular said something along the lines of “love.” I dunno if it said “I love you,” but that wasn’t the point. There was thing invisible thing choking me, and I couldn’t do anything but push it off me for just a small respite. Then, as if by guidance, another message appeared stating what I should do to vanquish whatever spirit was doing me harm.

    The instruction was vague by itself, but somehow I knew what I needed to do. I did as what the message said, and it worked for a while, but then it returned. I did it again, this time concentrating on putting more focus to it, and then it was just gone. I awoke then feeling the phantom feeling of the spirit choking me. Even after getting more than 10 cumulative hours of sleep that day, I still felt drained. As though whatever I did to get away from that ghost literally sapped my energy.

    Whatever that was, it’s gone for now. I’m still thinking over what the other messages were. The one with “love” part felt genuine to me but the choking invisible woman was just lost to translation to me.

    … in addition:
    Ever since childhood, I was always the type sensitive to paranormal things. They mostly come to me in dreams, but entering adolescence I seem to feel their presence more in the waking world. A week before the dream incidence I just shared, I encountered a spirit visiting our apartment. A flower scent burst in our room all of a sudden. there were no flowers or garden near us, and it gave me a sense of someone from my mother’s side of the family, someone female. I contacted my mom asking who died or had a birthday on that day. Apparently, one of my grandmas had her death anniv that day, but she’s buried in America and she died way before I was even born. I’m not sure why she visited me, but that day I prayed she rest in peace.

  3. all these dreams are wack reply me a creepy one then you guys get props til then these are just dreams a baby can have. I want to hear a nightmare

  4. It’s been years since I’ve had this dream but I still remember the hell out of it. I remember always being inside this dark room, and I know it definitely wasn’t my room or house. I would be sitting in the middle of a pitch black room, and then a crowd of people would sort of appear right in front of me. They weren’t average every day people though, I remember seeing a few with masks and some in robes and some with weapons in their hands. Then they all really disappeared. I don’t really know a lot after that but the last thing I remember that would happen would the roof and walls start caving in then the room lights on fire. I know it stayed like that for a while and I was terrified. All that happened was the walls would keep closing in until they crushed me. The most haunting thing about it was I could hear the laughs of a crowd as I heard my bones cracking and myself screaming. This dream would happen over and over until I turned 16. It also started about 2006, when I was around 13 years old.

  5. I’m at a funeral with a large group of people when the world turns on it’s side, like the scene in titanic where the boat is almost vertical, that, but the entire world. Then I black out and wake up in this rusted bunker, that’s pimped out rather lavishly if I do say so myself, plush red carpets, leather chairs and a projector in the center of the room, which just shows looped footage of this old grey haired dude smiling at the lens (not creepily, think grandad chuckling at something dumb his grandkids have just said). The room has about 30 people in it and I take a seat with the rest of them on one of the chairs. At this point I feel something hard pressing down on my throat and I just get the feeling it’s a knife, so I turn around, but there’s nobody behind me, just a table with a lamp illuminating a butter knife. At this point I start to freak out, so I leave this lounge and walk for a few minutes down this tunnel, until I get to a T junction. To my left is a door labelled “EXIT”, but it’s locked and has a timer that looks kinda like a combination lock which just reads “45”. Seeing as how the door won’t open I take the tunnel to the right, which leads to a residential hive, with a staircase leading down about 20 floors. I look down to see the bottom and there’s a man frantically waving up at me from the bottom, but I can only see his face and hand, which was holding a knife, so there’s no way I’m walking down towards him. So instead I start to explore the rooms, but quickly get bored, as they seem to be all the same, single bed, sink, toilet and a floor to ceiling mirror. A few times I see other kids running through doorways, but I assume they’re just playing hide and seek or tag, so leave them alone. Then the man burst through one of the doors, screaming at me and brandishing the knife, he charged me and I push him back into the mirror, which he falls through and ends up falling down the… staircase? Yup, I check again and this mirror is appears to lead to the ceiling at the top of the staircase. I hear a splat and the guy is at the bottom, half in the dark and just twitching like a half dead insect. Once again freaking out, I run back towards the lounge area and exit, only this time everyone who was at the lounge has also found the exit. Only they’re all fucked up, down to about a dozen people and each person has at least a couple of slashes. I reason that the knife paranoia must have gotten to them as well as me. Anyway they start looking at me suspiciously when one guy pipes up that I left the lounge first, so I must have locked the exit door, probably intentionally so I could trap everyone in the bunker and watch them slaughter eachother. They all start screaming bloody murder at this point and I try to run, but they catch me, hold me down and throttle me with a belt. Aaaand then I wake up. Gosh I didn’t realise this would be such a long post.

  6. Probably a bit late to be sharing this but I had to share this one. I’ve had sleep paralysis once before but nothing like this.

    This happened a few months ago and I had quit smoking pot. It had been about a week and during that time work had been very stressful and I was only getting 2-3 hrs of sleep a night. 4 days into it and I had to take the day off because I was beginning to have auditory hallucinations of people calling my name and I needed to get some sleep. I could tell it was a hallucination because the voice almost sounded like it was a recording. Anyway when I did sleep I woke up to this intense numb feeling and at the foot of my bed I seen this tall black figure come crawling up past me. I couldn’t move and it eventually crawled up the wall behind me. I then could just barely move towards the light switch when I went limp again only to see it crawling on the ceiling above me. It then dropped down on my chest and leaned in towards my face. My tongue felt as if it went fat and I felt as though I were suffocating. It then motioned towards the side of the bed where it vanished. I could move again and I flicked on the light but it doesn’t end there. I was terrified but still very tired so I grabbed my dog and went off to bed. The nightmares i had where very graphic. I would wake up in my room after each nightmare (or thought i did) and would run up to my brother’s room where the door would be locked. I looked down the hallway and felt as if something were approaching only to wake up in another dream. This went on a few times until this last time where shit got really creepy. I had this dream of an old women and im assuming her 20 yr oldish grandson horseback riding up this trail. I seen them approach this cliff, she lept off and i heard her smack into the rocks below. Her grandson ran down to her side and started hitting her when he seen she was still alive. I couldn’t even recognizer her at this point. He pleaded he was sorry and took this knife and began slicing himself open. The old women looked at me and started too laugh and this made me feel very uncomfortable which eventually woke me up (or thought I did). I was in bed and I couldn’t move when I seen this long shadowy arm come reaching from the side of my bed and grabbed hold of my leg and yanked me too the floor. It started pulling me under the bed so I lifted my other leg and pushed against the bed in an attempt to free myself. This actually started to shift the bed and I could hear strange gurgling sounds coming from under the bed. I eventually freed myself somehow and ran out of the room and towards my brother’s room. This time in each room I passed I could see the shadowy figure either standing or slouched in the corner of each room. By the time I reached my brother’s room the door was unlocked and I ran inside. I yelled for my brother to wake up and when he did he sat up slowly and looked at me very angrily. He started yelling at me in tongue in this deep demonic voice and in the doorway I could see the tall shadowy figure standing there. It was at this point I actually woke up for real and couldn’t sleep the same for a while since then and I was 19 at the time. Definitely by far one of the most unusual and most terrifying dream I’ve had so far.

  7. Deedeephoophee

    I suffered from night terrors as a child, but have chose to mention the reccuring dream I started having as a teen. Now, reading it wont seem that scary, but i’ll never forget the intensity of the feeling I got from these nightmares..
    The very first one I had, was the most crystal clear. I wasnt very popular as a kid in reality so in the dream I am hiding in the public toilets of my local park (I remember them clearly as I went often as a child, coming from a small town) from other kids. Im sat in the cubicle talking to myself, about sad things, about how ill never be accepted…the thing about it was how REAL it was to me. Out of nowhere, I get an all-encompassing fear, a bare, instinctive feeling of impending doom and overwhelming dread. I leave the cubicle , but I don’t run like I would in other bad dreams because…I was so SURE I was awake. I’m stood, confused as to why I feel this way, telling myself as you do “dont be stupid…”
    I then turn and look in the toilet’s mirrors. No, it’s just me. My face is crystal clear, no distortion, just the look of pure panic as the dread got so intense I felt like I was drowning. Im stood, staring at myself until the built up fear gets too much and I run out of the girls bathroom. As i’m running out the park’s community centre there is two men dragging a human figure covered in white sheets across the floor. I have to jump over the lifeless thing covered in sheets before I reach the doors and wake up.
    I have had many more since then. The most common I get out of my bed and just sit at my dressing table, staring into the mirror as the dread swallows me whole. They always involve the mirror. In all of them I am CERTAIN I am awake and thats what is terrifying.

  8. i gotta say, im really glad we did this post! this is a gold mine for story ideas! if i use an idea in relation to one of your dreams i will give you credit where its due!

  9. I had a dream once that I was asleep on my couch in the living room and my dog was barking uncontrollably in the kitchen. He started jumping up onto the table and snarling at the wall. I started to get up from the couch to calm him down before he woke up the whole house, but for some reason I look up and in the reflection of the tv I see directly behind my couch a tall black shadow behind me. When I saw it reared its arm back slashed me across my chest, the force of which actually knocked me on my back. I imediately began experiening sleep paralysis starting from where the shadow slashed me across my chest all the way out to my finger tips and toes. I woke up about ten seconds later. The living room was exactly like my dream, but my dog was asleep in his bed next to me he hadn’t barked or moved once that night.

    To me the creepiest part is that I’ve always suffered from sleep paralysis, usually when I get it it starts out from my fingertips and works its way in and I’ve sometimes gotten it four or five times a night but I’ve never had any kind of dream or nightmare when it happens. I’ve never had a dream like that since.

  10. When I was very small baby until toddler age my parents told me I used to have night terrors – I would cry and scream and cling to my mother while dreaming about something. As I grew older I got better at remembering bits and pieces of this recurring dream – I dreamt about crossing the street somewhere (always the same street and same people as bystanders) and getting run over by a car. I remembering seeing the front headlights and then the underside of the car then last the approaching rear left tire then feeling indescribable pain and pressure and feeling my head crack. Then blackness.

    I refused to talk about this to my parents as I had this irrational fear that if I talked about it it would come true like some sort of unfortunate premonition. When I was around 10 years old my dad had had enough of my night terrors and took me to a child psychologist. It took her three months before I trusted her enough to describe my dream. When she had a talk with my dad about it, my mom sat me down and told me that when she was four months pregnant, her and dad witnessed an accident – a child got run over by a car. The color and appearance I described to the child shrink matched a popular Mercedes model from a decade ago and was the same car involved in the accident which they witnessed.

    In the Philippines there is a myth that if you are pregnant you must avoid attending wakes, funerals, or passing by any place where recently dead people are in, say hospitals (because of the morgue) and funeral parlors. They say that during the first three days the dead person’s spirit is still lost and stuck roaming the physical plane and will grab an opportunity to “possess” the fetus/unborn baby to get another chance at life.

    My dad although he was not very religious agreed with mom to give a local exorcism a try and although I didn’t go Linda Blair during the procedure, I immediately stopped having the night terrors after it was done. The priest said since my mom was already 4 months along when they witnessed the accident the priest believed that I was already “old” enough to have my own soul but that the deceased child’s spirit attached herself to me. His belief was that when I was asleep the lost spirit kept trying to take over my body but my mind was rejecting her as her last memory was to horrifying for my psyche to accept.

  11. I apologize for being late to the party but it didn’t occur to me to write mine down until now. In mine, i’ll “wake up”and I can see everything around me, nothing is unusual, but when I try to move i’m really sluggish and it takes a lot of effort to move my arms and body. When I do move, my arms don’t feel exactly right. Its almost like trying to control a robot arm in molasses(i know thats not the best analogy but I couldn’t think of anything better. Sue me) Anyway, when I reach something, like a lamp or my phone, I cant interact with them. I can see them, I know that they’re there, I just cant touch or feel them. This usually fills me with unexpected dread and I jolt “awake”, only to find myself in the same dream. The cycle repeats two or three more times and each time fills me with dread and claustrophobia. I know its not scary or creepy in the traditional sense, but its scary when you’re experiencing it. I’m sure its some variation of sleep paralysis or something similar, but that doesn’t really help much.

  12. I had a difficult period in my life of a few years and during that time I had a recurring dream, over and over. I was running through the rooms of a house that was in ruins. It was single story and the rooms had broken doors and windows. I was being chased by a man. I would run slamming things behind me until I came to the garden outside and run through it. There were some steps going up and I was close to escaping, I always glanced back here. He would be coming, either in view at the gate or I’d just know he was close behind me. After glancing back I looked forwards in the direction I was running and always in front of me was a very high impassable wall and I woke.

  13. Okay… Try this one. I have actually only had this dream two times in my past, but these events are the most vivid of them…. So I wake up in a typical creepy looking barn with my friends and co-actors. This horrifying mask of a deformed old lady’s face(who has actually visited my dreams many times because it was a mask I saw in Walmart on Halloween when I was a child) is controlling a series of horrific versions of hunger games style survival arenas. Game #1: We have to run across a big field to escape something. I don’t remember what it was, but it wasnt pleasant. Periodically, the grass would become razor sharp and grow up like spikes. One of my friends ends up dying in it. Once a person dies we are returned to the barn. Game #2: Suddenly we are strapped on top of the rafters with our backs to the ceiling. We have to cross the length of the rafters to escapt the fire. The rafters start to become insanely hot. So hot it can melt skin. And another of my friends just melts in half right in front of me. Take in mind that this dream was so vivid that I can remember it to a detail… Game #3: The last one I can remember before I wake up. In this one we were pitted against a monster that was a cross between Godzilla and a Trex. All we had was an ability to become hidden for a few seconds. At one point I was running away from it when I tripped. I turned around to see it open its mouth… But instead, it grabbed another friend of mine that tried to save me. It then picked her up and crushed down on her head. Game over. I can assure you though that this is all true. I have had to leave out the details of what I saw as my friends were dying, only because I still can’t tell it without getting sick…. It was that vivid. Perhaps I should have posted this as a creepypasta….

  14. While I was still a young genderless entity of the age of 6 or so, I used to have dreams that evil disembodied eyes were chasing me around the world in this apocalyptic-esque scenario. And there were like, MILLIONS of them. And they ranged from actual eye size to gigantic.

    They never actually. . . DID anything, either. They were just everywhere. Following me. Watching me.

  15. Creepypasta girl

    I have this dream once twice a month I’m running and I don’t know why i run about 2miles then I stop I can’t move anything but my neck and then I feel a presence and then I know it is there I don’t know who but I know it is there and then it comes up to me and says it isn’t a dream I scream and wake up and every time I wake up it is midnight

  16. I always had severe sleep parakysis that would be preceded by a “cartoon frog” with sharp grinning teeth and giant round red eyes, then a shadowman would walk into my room and i’d start shaking violently and being lifted out of my bed until I woke up and felt myself fall back down again and would often have the doonah on the ground.
    Fun childhood memories.

  17. Jonathan Hathaway

    I have this dream where occasionally i live my daily life but with no one there but black figures in the distance walking down sidewalks and on on the couch of my home and a few people i know such as this girl i like but everything even though the figures are dark all the light is colored like a orange sunrise and when i move the place slurs together and melts together i can only see the black figures clearly and when i wake up in the morning at 7 am everything slurs together when i move my head

    also one dream non reoccurring i was in the back of a car with cigarettes (i have never smoked) rain covered the windows and i couldn’t see out yet the rain was silent we were moving the only thing i could hear was the car and us going on a bumpy road and there was a black figure like before but i could make out he had a long nose a hat like you would see on news boys in olden days like mine a dark blue i was just in the back smoking the whole time until i woke up and everything slurred as i moved also there was a black lighter that i used to light my cigarette it was mark H.H in very well written cursive

  18. This began when I was around 7 years old, and only occurs then night of Christmas eve each year.
    I’ll go to bed and suddenly wake up. Its day, and I find myself in an abandoned mall. The gut wrenching feeling of the need to hide always is overwhelming so I duck into a department store. The first place I hide is in a circular clothing wrack, and my breathing is heavy and unsteady. But it finds me. Its always a porcelain doll, for reasons I’m unaware of, so I run. From there, I suddenly find myself hiding on the department store’s ledge behind the sign. I can’t find it anywhere, so I keep watch. What seems like hours later, I relax. Its gone.
    I turn around and then its there again. I try to scream but am too petrified to.
    I’m running again, and my lungs are burning and my legs feel as I they are going to give out. I run to the nearest store and duck behind a pile of stacked crates. Otherwise, its empty and I’m too scared to look around for any longer than I do.
    I hear my family’s voices and I feel relieved.
    I look to the source.

    Its the doll.

  19. I occasionally (less than once a year) have a really disturbing and terrifying dream. One of these involved being on a ship with several metal crates full of body parts, but the strangest one was this:

    It started with me being chased by terrorists who had killed almost everyone else in the town. I was rescued by a family friend in her car, and we drove for a while until we got to the next town. There were a few homeless people sleeping on doorsteps, but otherwise it was deserted and quite eerie. For some reason the streetlights were a greenish colour, and I thought it was a bit weird. As we drove further in, I noticed more people lying on the ground, and I knew there was something wrong. Eventually we had to stopped, and I got out to see what had happened. Everyone was dead. Their skin was white and it looked almost like their flesh had melted. Then I realised it was the streetlights that had done this, and I was standing right under one. Luckily, I woke up at this point, but I felt unsettled for the next few days.

  20. the weirdest dream i had…In my dream i woke up to find a goat and a three headed dog (one of its head was attached to its underbelly) fighting with each other..i know its fucked up

  21. I’ve had this dream ever since I can remember.

    In the dream, I’m lying in bed (at night) and there’s this man standing in my room just staring at me. The man is mostly a silhouette, except for his eyes which are bright white and very detailed. If I were to describe the eyes, I would say they looked like that of a blind person. I always writhe around in bed, but I can never get out. Even if I am screaming he just stands there calmly and stares.
    Sometimes, in the dream, I hear whispers, but I can never remember what they say.
    Also, it’s not a sleep-paralysis dream. I know that for a fact.
    Again, I’ve had this dream ever since I can remember, and as a baby I used to have pretty bad night-terrors so, it’s possible that I’ve had this dream my whole life.

  22. Perhaps it was a commentary on how you felt about life at the time? A series of sad, inexplicable experiences ultimately culminating in death? The old man represents time passing as he plays each sad song, the fish represent each piece of beauty, purity and wonder that time takes from you until there’s nothing left? Just winging it with that analysis. Maybe it’s a dream about cynicism.

  23. Ok, everyone will judge me for this, but I have to post it just because of everyone I’ve encountered with a reoccurring dream, mine has been the weirdest and least explainable. If anyone has any insight into this, please let me know! I’m interested to see if anyone can give me any insight as to what meaning it may have. Every once in a while between the time I was in middle school up until 4 years ago (I’m in my mid 20’s now) I had a reoccurring nightmare about rabbits. Yes. You read that correctly, rabbits. Each dream in and of itself was different. In that the overall situation was different but with similar traits. The first time I had the dream I was on an island, alone with nothing on it but grass and little white rabbits like a magician pulls from his hat. Like MILLIONS of them. I was petting the bunnies and everything was great, until one of them started to stare at my leg. I looked at him and said “What’s wrong little man?” he leaned forward, put his little mouth onto my leg, and took a giant bloody chunk out of it. All of the bunnies simultaneously began to start chewing on my flesh. I watched and screamed as I watched my own blood splatter across the pristine white fur of the bunnies. And it was extremely life-like too. I woke up panicked and in sweats and with that beautiful relief one feels when they realize they’ve only been dreaming. I’ve had the nightmare periodically over the next few years. But not the exact same. There’s always a few things different, like the setting. The next time I had it, the bunnies were eating me alive in my geography classroom. The last time I had it, they were eating me alive in a sewer. The only things that remain the same are the violence and vividness of the dream and the fact that the bunnies always end up eating me alive. The other theme that I’ve seen is that the bunnies in each dream became progressively more mutated. The first time I had the dream, they were normal little white bunnies. The next time I had it, they were hairless except for their ears and tails, the last time I had it they were full on ripped bunny-were-monsters with talons, fangs and beast trap muscles. After I graduated college and met my husband, the dreams stopped. I haven’t had one in roughly 4 years. Anyway, I’ve never heard anything quite as weird or have been able to find any “dream analysis” that sufficiently explains it. If anyone can tell me anything, I’m super curious! :)

    1. actually, rabbits are known for reproducing at a fast rate. it could have actually been your subconcious telling you that you were ready to… well start a life…to have kids, but you may have been too afraid to admit it to yourself which caused you to see the “rabbits” or sex/babies as being scary, and the longer you waited the worse the urge or wanting for a family got. Now that you have finally found a husband, your subconcious finally got what it wanted and the dreams have died down because of it. thats my best guess lol

  24. Nicola Marie Jackson

    I’m walking down some stone steps in a celler, everything is grey stone apart from a blue arched wooden door that starts to open as I make my way downstairs. I know there’s nothing good behind that door, even though when it opens I hear happy music coming from within. The music is the kind you get in old westerns when everyone’s drunk and the bar girls are dancing, cheerful, but that adds to the dread. I keep going back up the steps and the door slowly closes but I know I have to see what’s behind the door even though I know its awful. Eventually I walk down and stand in front of the door and there is an orchestra in evening dress, playing classic instruments. They are wide eyed and smiling and for a second I feel silly at the fear but then I notice the wires and unnatural movements and I realise they are all dead and are being used like puppets and even their eyes and smiles are kept open by wires that peirce the skin and then go up to the roof were someone or something is playing the corpses like marionettes. I see an unattended flute hanging in the air on a fine wire and even though its the one benign thing I’m this whole place I’m so scared that I can’t breath and that’s when I look down and see I’m in an evening dress. I woke up screaming.

  25. A past few months ago I had a dream that I found rather creepy but pretty darn good at the same time.

    I remember I was in some sort of school trip to some ancient buildings and suddently I was in an entrance to an endless dungeon corridor (similar to the picture) with lit torches running along it. I remember being the first to enter and the rest of the class just stood at the entrance. Suddently there were not also torches in the walls but several paintings/frames/pictures (which also seemed endless) of people who were dead. As I walked deeper into the corridor, my body began to rot, starting with my hands. I immideately stopped walking and started running to the entrance and as I was almost leaving I looked back and ultimately left.

    I really do not know what caused this dream and I can’t figure any meaning behind it. Nevertherless, it was really COOL!

    PS: Sorry for any mistakes. I’m Portuguese.

  26. I suffer from sleep paralysis, so anyone who has experienced it knows it comes with the worst nightmares ever, but the worst one is probably the one when I woke up, or so i thought, i couldn’t move or talk. Then this guy enters my room. His face… was like if he had a blank face and he carved his eyes and a smile with a knife. Some of the blood was dripping. Then he stood besides me and leaned his face near mine. Then he starts breathing and some of his blood falls on my face. Of course I tried to scream but the voice just won’t come out. I even tried to close my eyes but it was futile. After 2 hours or so my brother, who sometimes wake up at night to pee or something, wakes me up after hearing me mumbling (probably my attempts to scream). I started to cry and I couldn’t sleep properly for about a week after that.

  27. I just now woke up from one of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had. It started with me driving a truck while my mom was in the passenger seat. We stopped in front of my uncle’s house and it was really dark out. My mom got out and said she was going to go behind the house across the street to pee because it looked like no one was there. She went behind the house and I saw a light in the house turn on and turn back off. I texted her to come back via Snapchat. I received a video about 6 seconds long but I ignored it and went to my camera app on my phone to record what was going on (I still have no idea what mad me do this, possibly just me being paranoid) and when the camera opened I saw a man in front of my truck wearing the scream mas. He started to walk towards the truck so I backed up and continued recording. He pulled off the mask and let out a blood curdling screech like I’ve never heard and ran at it, slashing at the truck with just his arms. Then I woke up and ran downstairs to make sure my mom was okay. I came back upstairs about ten minutes ago and I’m writing this now. If there’s any way someone can help I would be very grateful.

  28. just another brick in the wall

    I stand by watching. My parents grow old and die, my brothers and sisters marry, live their life, raise children and follow my parents. Their children grow old, marrying and raising kids, then dying. On and on it goes and I know that every single child is more loved than I am and that I have no influence on other peoples lives. I’m but dust and ashes on a lonely hearth. One day I shall pass on and be immediately forgotten as I have no significance. I am no different than anyone else except in the sense that I don’t matter at all.

    Despite this dream I’m a REALLY happy and optimistic person whose outverted and has everything (I think….) that I want in life. So this is my WORST nightmare.:'[

  29. Not many recurring dreams for me. As I child I did have nightmares constantly. Even now it feels like I had them most nights of the week. I was always waking up my parents by coming into their bedroom after a bad dream. Anyone remember the TV show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” I watched that, even though I was probably too young, and pretty often I had nightmares directly based on episodes I had watched: a bunch of creepy people with no facial features, this ghoul thing in the attic, stuff like that. Sorry for the long introduction. TWO specific “dreams” to mention:
    First, when I was little, one of the scariest dreams I remember ever having was also one of the worst scary story plots imaginable–like the worst crappypasta you could come up with. In my dream, there was this fairly old man, I think in a yellow raincoat, rowing a boat and staring at me with the scariest human face I’ve ever seen. I think he was laughing at me, but he wasn’t actually doing anything but rowing his little john boat. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! haha. Scared the ever-living CRAP out of me, and obviously I still remember this stupid nightmare from 15 or 20 years ago.
    Second, I have had sleep paralysis twice. I know sleep paralysis has been discussed on this site, probably many times. For those who don’t know, it’s horrible. It’s not fun, contrary to what some people say. I guess there is the rare exception that has had it so often that they’re used to it or whatever. If you have it randomly, especially the very first time when you might not even be aware that it can happen (I had never heard of it until afterwards), it’s awful. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. The worst part about it is that you’re not asleep. You’re wide awake, and the experience feels so real because you can’t just wake up from it.
    The first time I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, with the overhead light on so the room was completely lit, and I woke up to what sounded like someone accidentally kicking my dog’s metal food or water dish. That definitely startled me since it was like 2 in the morning and everyone else was upstairs sleeping. I thought it might have been an intruder or something. So I was scared, and afterwards I realized that I was much MORE scared than I normally would have been because sleep paralysis causes your brain to freak the hell out and cause you to panic. A few seconds after I heard the noise and started to panic, I realized that I couldn’t move at all. I was stuck, lying there on my side on the couch, and I started to feel a huge pressure on my chest. I couldn’t see anything or anyone there in the room, so it was like an invisible being was shoving down on my chest to prevent me from getting up. Naturally I was terrified, trying my best to get up and to scream for help, but I couldn’t move a muscle and I couldn’t make any sound at all. After a few of the most horrifying seconds of my life, the paralysis wore off and the pressure went away. The next morning I heard about and researched sleep paralysis, having never heard of it before.
    ALMOST DONE I SWEAR. The second time I had sleep paralysis I at least knew what was happening. That probably brought it down from mortifying to terrifying. I was lying on my side (I should probably avoid sleeping on my side) in my bed, lights out but my alarm clock light shining a couple feet away in front of my face, when suddenly I saw these small black gargoyle things flying around my room. I couldn’t move, so I knew it was sleep paralysis. I tried to scream. I thought that I WAS screaming, hoping that my mother would hear me and come turn on the lights or something and that might snap me out of it. But after a couple seconds I realized that I wasn’t actually making noise. Again, couldn’t make a move and couldn’t make a sound. So I just rode it out. It wasn’t any less scary, but at least I knew there weren’t actually freaky little shadow gargoyles trying to kill me and that the whole experience would end soon enough.
    If you read this whole, rambling comment, thanks. haha. Nightmares can be awful, but I find that the worst is when something terrifying is happening to you in real life and you can’t “wake up”.

  30. Wow. You’ve really figured it out! If I had that same exact dream, I wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. haha.

  31. When I was 11 or so, I had a dream where me and childhood friends had all been standing in my backyard, and in the center of the yard, was a gingerbread man as tall as man, holding a giant candy cane. The gingerbread chased everyone of us, and when he touched someone, they would be instantly killed. When he finally touched the last of my friends, and I was the only one left, he gave me this evil look in his eyes, and sprinted after me.
    I ran as fast I could, but had stopped when suddenly, my bunkbed had appeared right in front of me. I jumped into the bottom bunk hiding under the covers. And instead of jumping into the same bed, the gingerbread climbs to the top bunk, where he tries to reach me from, and was intensely breathing while he did so. I then woke up,. drenched in my own sweat.

  32. I had a recent dream actually. I work a very early shift at a newsagents so I’m used to having a weird sleep schedule. So one night I dreamt that there was a maggot on my left arm which entered my arm and dug its way all through it and came out at another spot further down. I vividly remember the way it made me feel when I pulled it off my arm and saw blood coming out of the small hole it left. Now I’ve had my fair share of nightmares before but what creeps me out about this one is that it didn’t frighten me or anything, it was like a morbid curiosity. Then I woke at like 3am, decided to have another hour of sleep and had the exact same dream again! Didn’t even phase me.

  33. I’ve been a having a dream lately where I go into a large, old, circular stone building. It’s sitting along a coastline, I think someplace tropical because the water is this beautiful turquoise color. I wander around a bit, exploring, etc, and then part of the floor collapses beneath me, and I fall into a black pit full of water. I can’t get out, and start swimming around, finally finding an exit under the water. But, just as I start to see some light, the passage caves in, and I start to drown, the whole time being able to see the surface and struggling against the stones. And then I wake up, sweating and freaking out.

  34. The one that comes to mind involves a family gathered around an elderly woman laying in a bed.
    They are leaving for somewhere, and are trying to convince the women, the husband’s mother, to come with them.
    She politely declines, indicating that she would like to stay.
    The family looks down at her, deep sadness upon their faces, as they say goodbye.
    Her son bends down, kisses her on the forehead, and they depart.
    The women sits up in bed, looking off into the distance, a long, ponderous look upon her face.
    I am in the room with her- I have been since the beginning- though she doesn’t acknowledge it.
    A somber, heartbreaking realization sparks in her eyes- she should have gone with her family.
    She will never see them again… their life has moved on without her.
    I reach out and touch her face, tears welling up in her eyes, as she slowly turns to ash and drifts away on the wind.

  35. I have this one dream where I am walking on sand dunes on a small path and it seems to go on for infinity. After walking for what seems like hours, I come to a stop and below me butterflies appear shortly after, the butterflies get eaten by bright green people (Maybe zombies) with glowing blue eyes. I have this dream about once or twice a month and I can never wake myself up until the butterflies are gone. Every time I wake up, it’s exactly 04:27am.
    Another dream I’ve had is I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom and the door opens to where it’s completely blocking the end of my bed, turns bright pink and opens black void-like eyes before talking in a language I can’t understand. I wake up yelling, waking up my boyfriend as well.
    I have no idea what either of these mean, if anyone knows, please tell me!

  36. Since I was a child,around 6 years old, all through my teenage years and up to my early 20’s I’ve
    had several recurring dreams
    The one I am writing about now is quite strange and random, even funny in a twisted way – as dreams often are. It always starts outside at night and I am at the base of a large tree. I feel dread, as if there is something in the tree that I am afraid of. As I look up in the branches I see something black scrambling down. As it gets closer (I’m sorry, it’s not my fault this next part is so random), I see it’s Catwoman. Yep. As she gets closer, she starts swiping ferociously at me with these long steel claws and she is screaming the whole time. I reel backwards and start running away, hearing her screams behind me getting louder as I run. I can tell from the sound that she is chasing me, and gaining on me. I see a barn which I always run to in the dreams, hoping I can get inside and close the door in time. Once I reach the barn, the threat of Catwoman is gone and I feel a brief sense of relief. The ground inside the barn is muddy and has hay and mud puddles throughout. There are various lights hanging from the rafters casting a dull amber light. As I look around I realize I am surrounded by what seems like hundreds of sleeping pigs. In the dream the pigs look like the dead pigs you might see hanging on hooks in a storage room at a butcher shop – no hair, kind of glossy brown skin. The pigs in my dream however are not hanging by hooks, they are still alive. I try not to wake them as I make my way from one end of the barn to the other. Without fail, I always seem to accidentally wake just one pig who slowly lifts it’s head to look at me. With dark, sunken eyes it heaves in a deep breath and begins to release the most horrible sound. It starts as a very low pitched, gritty groan and as it increases in volume, crescendos into a piercing, high pitched squeal. I am frozen in place at the horror of what I behold before me. I begin to sense movement in all directions around me and realize all the other pigs are waking up from the now strained, raspy wail of the awakened pig. Groans soon begin to fill the air in all directions around me as I see these grotesque creatures begin to stir and struggle to get to their feet, all the while casting their dark gaze directly at me. My first reaction is to turn around and head back to the door I ran through while fleeing from Catwoman since it is closer. When I turn to face the door it begins rattling and shaking as if someone on the other side is frantically trying to open it. Then I hear that all too familiar psychotic scream. I know Catwoman is still waiting for me on the other side of the door. I turn back around and face the other door in the distance at the other end of the barn and know my only choice is to run through the graveyard of writhing, wailing pigs and hope I can reach the other door to escape. What ensues next is the climax of my dream where I am running for what seems like an eternity through an endless sea of pigs, occasionally stepping on one still sleeping or trying to get to its feet which causes an instant high pitched squeal. The volume of the squeals and shrieks reaches a level which causes physical pain to my ears in the dream. As I run by each pig, I can hear the sound of snapping jaws as the pigs upper and lower teeth smash together with what sounds like tremendous force. I finally reach the other end of the barn and fling open the door to see a landscape of rolling hills lit by the orange hue of dawn at which point I promptly wake up and the nightmare is over.
    The strangeness of this dream has intrigued me for years and I cannot make sense of it. I have no idea why Catwoman is always in the dream and I am not afraid of pigs in real life so I have no clue why the pigs are so terrifying in the dream. I have several recurring dreams, but this one is not only the most frightening, but also by far the strangest and most random.

  37. hmmm mind if i use your second one as a story idea?
    i dont have the details yet, as im working on other things. but i can definitely give you credit for the idea as a whole?

  38. For some reason I have has many dreams with planes of some sort of another crashing into the condo I live in. Its really weird, I also had this one dream where I was in a completely red room with 3 doors, I took the middle room and the middle room was filled with stuff and completely red then I woke up. It was super weird.

  39. Whenever I dream, my dreams become a reality. Without fail. Sometimes only certain parts happen, like a phrase, or an action… About 1 month ago, me and my mother were on our way to the store. I had my feet up on the dashboard (I know, dumb), when all of the sudden I got a terrible feeling. I remembered a dream I had about getting in a car wreck the previous night. I didn’t want to concern my mother and make her anxious, so I just took my feet down and sat up straight. Five minutes later, my mother was looking in the rear view mirror, when a car smacked into us. Luckily, everyone was alright. I was extremely uneasy, and speechless. I still don’t know how, and can’t believe I predicted a car accident. I will never forget that. I had told my mother that I had a dream about it and she believed me surprisingly. I still have dreams, and bits and pieces if not all still occur in real life.

  40. I had this dream when I was 6 or 7, and the creepy thing is I don’t remember it.

    All I remember is darkness at the beginning of the dream. I somehow knew I wasn’t outside or inside, but somewhere outside this realm of existence. The only memories I have of that dream were flashes of bright white and color, and me running from something. From what I don’t remember… But in the dream (as well as after I woke up) I felt an incredible amount of terror and despair, I knew that I couldn’t outrun this being. No words can describe the dread and hopelessness I felt in my gut, It felt like cold, icy fingers were wrapping around my lungs and squeezing as hard as they could. I could not be consoled after I woke up. I didn’t tell my parents about the dream. I was absolutely petrified, I had to tell them I dreamed that my grandmother had died in a car crash. I still don’t remember what I was running from, but I still get uneasy thinking about it. I somehow know that the thing chasing me was real.

    Another dream I had (that actually recurred often) involved me dreaming my younger sister getting hit by a train after a picnic while my family watched. We had her funeral on the tracks half a mile north of where she died. I didn’t really get scared of that one, but it did creep me out about how often it would pop up im my nightmares, about 5 times a month.

    1. Little bit, yeah. As someone who has experienced sleep paralysis (absolutely horrifying by the way), this sounds a bit familiar. You know something is there–sometimes you can literally feel it–but you can’t move or scream or do anything until the paralysis wears off.

  41. Hey-ho! I had this creepy recurring dream where I would go into the Operation room, and they would put anesthetic on me, but they didn’t do a good job and I was partially awake and I would hear secrets that they shared. It would be different everytime.

  42. I have been having this dream every year or so since I was six. I go into this large mansion that almost looks like a child’s toy house. All of it seems like plastic and has bright colors. It starts off normal, I go in, there are series of rooms connected, and each offers a different service. But things get progressively creepier. And the last room I go in is always the same. I go in, and sit on the table, and immediately a huge man ties me down. Then he leaves and while I try to get out another man enters. He looks kind of like a demented clown. And he has a long knife. He tells me to hold still, but I can’t. I usually realize I’m dreaming during this point but I can’t wake myself up. I’m trapped and he tells me he’s going to be my dentist (It sounds stupid now XD) but the only way my dream can end is with him jabbing the knife down my throat. It’s wierd, the clown gets scarier each time, and I’m not afraid of clowns of the dentist, but I’ve been having this dream for a long time, and it terrifies me.

  43. Well then… I’ll give you all a taste of just how frigged up my mind is… since I was a child, I’ve had a horrifying dream. A pair of twin sisters comes to me and begs me to follow them. (they are my sisters, apparently, who were born and died before I was ever born) They get into a black horse-drawn carriage and continue to call out to me. I am too scared to go with them. The horses drag the carriage into what looks like a tar pit, taking my sisters with it. It’s always the same. Though it’s been nearly 30 years of having this dream, I am still 5 years old in it. Funny thing about a recurring nightmare.. when it doesn’t change or modify itself, you tend to get used to it.

  44. Nancy van Blerk

    My reccuring dreams always tend to have some truth in them, a part always reflects in my daily life. For as long as I can remember I’ve been having a very vivid, reccuring dream. It starts in a war environment in my area. I have to go steal food from a shop not far from my house, but before I can leave the gates of the complex a soldier stops me and starts shoving me back into the house. He pushes me down below my room’s windowsill with my face towards the floor and lies on top of me. The whistling of a falling bomb can be heard and then a sudden explosion. The soldier is thrown across my room with shrapnel sticking out of his upper-chest. Creepy part is every time I have this dream it progresses more and my appearance in the dream changes with how it does in reality.

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