Sunday, May 26, 2019

If You See Spots When You Close Your Eyes, Ignore Them

I am terrified of sleep – or, more accurately, what occurs when I doFor as long as I can remember I have seen spots when I sleep More precisely, I see them when I close my eyes to go to sleep Between the second I start closing my eyes and when they are entirely shut, I see two, one in each eye It never used to bother me, and I only see them for a split second, so there is...[Read More]

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May 26, 2019 Beings and Entities, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids

Within the Darkness

It all started after moving into my new house Yeah, that’s pretty cliché Believe me, I know, but it’s what happened I never experienced anything supernatural before and, though interested, I never really expected anything to happen to me I was able to rent the house for pretty cheap I didn’t think anything of it because it was old and not in the best of neighborhoods so I guessed I just got a good deal After moving everything in, things were...[Read More]

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May 25, 2019 Beings and Entities, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids

The Man Who Cheated the Devil

Have you ever been down to Brantford It’s not a bad place to live, although there honestly isn’t that much to see So much is just abandoned, or so old you can’t even imagine what it was like when it was new It doesn’t really feel like a city, more like a small town that got too big for the ‘town’ label Most of the places that hire are warehouses, and even then, they tend to go through the temp agencies...[Read More]

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May 24, 2019 Strange and Unexplained

Joe Made a Choice

All Joe Jenkins wanted was to go to bed Work had been tough on him and lunch, hardly edible Not to mention, his car’s CD player (yes, CD player) was broken, and no radio station was playing Alice in Chains on a loop like he would have liked All Joe Jenkins wished for at that moment in time, was to lay down and cuddle to his sleeping wife, right after tucking Josephine in Professional let-downs aside, it went as fairy-tale-perfect as it did...[Read More]

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May 23, 2019 Children and Childhood, Ghosts and Spirits, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness


“The year is nineteen-ninety-nine” That sentence brings me back to my senior kindergarten class when I was five years old, where we used to read out the date on the blackboard every single day The year 1999 exists as a stain in my mind, however, as a memory that will not go away no matter how I try to forget it 1999 marked the year I lost my first tooth, my first time on a plane, and unfortunately the early loss...[Read More]

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May 22, 2019 Abductions and Kidnappings, Children and Childhood, Creepypasta Classics, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Investigations and Crimes, Television and Lost Episodes

The God Experiment

Part 1 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play God Some questions should stay unanswered We selected seven individuals for the study My colleague found it important to have a radical mixture of gender and sexual orientation Discrete cameras were set up throughout the participants' home and places of business We instructed the subjects to proceed with their daily activities, normally, as if nothing had changed We then told our people a white lie We told them that a team of...[Read More]

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May 21, 2019 Conspiracies and Government, Science and Experimentation, Strange and Unexplained

The Haunter of the Ring

As I entered John Kirowan's study I was too much engrossed in my own thoughts to notice, at first, the haggard appearance of his visitor, a big, handsome young fellow well known to me "Hello, Kirowan," I greeted "Hello, Gordon Haven't seen you for quite a while How's Evelyn" And before he could answer, still on the crest of the enthusiasm which had brought me there, I exclaimed: "Look here, you fellows, I've got something that will make you stare! I...[Read More]

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May 20, 2019 Beings and Entities, Classic Horror, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Occult, Magic, and Witchcraft, Space and Cosmic Horror, Strange and Unexplained


The rain beat a steady rhythm on the asphalt In the dark sky above, the rumble of distant thunder rolled slowly toward us “Daniel” The sound of my name pulled me from my reverie I turned my head away from the drenched playground and toward Miss Wasson “Are you with us” she asked, resting a hand on the edge of my desk I nodded unconsciously, my mind a million miles away I looked to the watch on her left wrist It...[Read More]

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May 20, 2019 Beings and Entities, Children and Childhood, Ghosts and Spirits, Locations and Sites, Myths and Legends

The Man Who Returned

John Woodford in his first moments of returning consciousness was not aware that he was lying in his coffin He had only a dull knowledge that he lay in utter darkness and that there was a close, heavy quality in the air he breathed He felt very weak and had only a dim curiosity as to where he was and how he had come there He knew that he was not lying in his bedroom at home, for the darkness there...[Read More]

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May 19, 2019 Classic Horror, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Strange and Unexplained


I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder when I was five I have always struggled to interact with people because of this disorder, spending large amounts of time attempting to fix imperfections around me I would lash out harshly at people around me if they touched me or my things, and I became socially isolated My father died when I was seven, and so my mother did her very best to raise me by herself despite my condition She was the one...[Read More]

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May 19, 2019 Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Survival Horror, Suspense and Thrillers