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June 2013 Discussion Post: Most Underrated and Overrated Creepypastas

June 1, 2013 Discussion Posts
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This month’s discussion topic was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME!

I see a lot of comments that carry the theme of, “I don’t understand how this pasta has such a [low/high] rating” – so for all you people who love to rage against the ratings, here’s your chance to enlighten the masses.

First, which pasta do you think is criminally underrated? Is there a pasta on the site that you think deserves far more attention and praise than it has actually received?

Second, on the flip side – are there any pastas that you think are incredibly overrated? What pastas do you think simply don’t live up to their hype and why do you feel that way?

I’ll also take this moment to remind everyone that the Creepypasta Ratings Index exists – it lists every single pasta ordered from highest-rated to the lowest-rated. You can also see the amount of votes that the pasta has received overall. Ignore the Review column; it’s -1 for every pasta as it’s a function that we don’t use, but I can’t display the ratings tables without it showing up for whatever reason.

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  • Henry ★ 6.18 Rating (17 votes)
  • The Man Who Returned ★ 8.28 Rating (54 votes)
  • Locked ★ 7.81 Rating (73 votes)
  • Knocking ★ 8.83 Rating (158 votes)
  • Ooze ★ 7.52 Rating (29 votes)
  • Why I Hate Lightning McQueen ★ 8.38 Rating (111 votes)
  • The Sinister Painting ★ 8.28 Rating (40 votes)
  • The 12 Rules ★ 9.08 Rating (146 votes)
  • Pickman’s Model ★ 8.02 Rating (45 votes)
  • My Mom Kidnapped Me, and I Only Found Out When She Died ★ 8.33 Rating (143 votes)