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August 2016 Discussion Post: Which Creepypasta Do You Most Fear?

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This month’s discussion topic is a mash-up of two suggestions, from Anonymous and Mockingbird:

The way I see it, it’s likely that whichever creepypasta you personally find the most unsettling probably matches up with the creepypasta that you’d least want to be real – or at the very least, there’s probably some serious overlap, right?


So this month, please tell us which creepypasta(s) have legitimately creeped you out the most – and why you think that might be the case!


Please share links, as always, if the creepypasta in question is not one that’s hosted on this particular site. Share with the class!


As always, be polite and respectful, and have fun with the topic! I look forward to reading everyone’s answers.

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46 thoughts on “August 2016 Discussion Post: Which Creepypasta Do You Most Fear?”

  1. For me, it would be stories that involve ghosts, along with some disturbing aspects of humans. On this site, I found Rose and And Mira really creepy. Also, psatas involving haunted places, like On A Hill, scare me a lot.

  2. For me, pen pal is the scariest thing ive very read. Literally all other creepy pastas bore me now because they dont get as dark or disturbing and they just feel like pussy shit comparatively

  3. Tomijon Gallegos

    For me hands down “PenPal” is the best creepy pasta Ive ever read. Great narrative to such a disturbing story. That one gave me such queasy messed up feeling long after I finished reading it,and a very close second would have to be “Psychosis”. Great writing that deals with a certain type of fear and uneasiness. (Real Hitchcock-Twilight Zone type creepy.) As far as a recent one I’ve read that gave me chills was ” My Dead Girlfriend Keeps messaging me on Facebook
    .” All 3 of these are quite disturbing, but extremely entertaining reads

  4. When i was 11, the scariest creepypasta for me was ” amazing world of gumball lost episode” but in my opinion, the scariest creepypasta’s are the ones where there are NO HOPE at all, and any sense of security is crushed and you have nothing to hope for and everything to fear.

  5. Some little known ones that creeped me out
    Turkey molar
    I like a story that really tries to fill you with a lingering feeling of inescapable dread

  6. I personally don’t like any with an antagonist that can be killed. Jeff the Killer and any other living thing can be killed, just like you or I. They are just as helpless. I hate being helpless, but the stories that actually cause fear in me are the ones where there are spirits turned bad. My house is haunted, and so far he isn’t a danger (I’ve been living here for two years). The thought that I could be living somewhere with an angry entity, let alone one that could follow me from place to place, really, really scares me. When I hear footsteps at night, or feel someone touch me, it’s okay, because he isn’t going to hurt me. But imagine if you had to live in fear of every creaking board? Humans can be bad, but they can be put in jail, or killed. But something like that, now THAT is scary.

  7. The scariest pasta to me would have to be either Candle Cove or 1999, because of how real they feel. They story lines of T.V shows hurting children, or abducting them just seems to chilling to me. Especially considering how they parallel some real life events.

  8. For me it was definitely slum, its one of very few pastas that had my hairs standing on end after reading it.


      It’s the one set as an internet forum of people reminiscing of a pirate show they all watched, yet all of them remember a episode where the characters just screamed and flailed as the little girl actress cried. At the end one of the users asks his mum about Candle Cove, to which she replies ‘Oh, you always said ‘Imma watch Candle Cove mommy!’ Then you’d just sit and watch dead air for 40 mins. You had such a big imagination with your little pirate show.;

      I still get chills.

  9. Bump in the night was creepy one for me. The writer of that one did very well with setting the mood and describing the creepy paranormal stuff that happened in the character’s life. The birds are singing was a pretty creepy one as well.

  10. When I was 11, I slept downstairs with my brother. We had to sleep on couches, but neither of us minded. I was happy with it. But one day I slept on Zach’s couch. I had a nightmare about falling. The next day I took nap on that couch. Another nightmare of falling. A couple days later I accidently fell asleep on that one. And-Surprise!-A nightmare about falling. Since then, I dont want to sleep on that couch.

  11. It was squidward’s suicide that had gotten me hooked on Creepy Pasta. Is it the creepiest or the best? No, but I wouldn’t be here if not for that bizarre story. It also highly pertains to me since I had grown up watching spongebob. The shock value for it was astronomical for me.

    1. Sucide mouse.678

      the thing that got me hooked on creepypasta was jeff the killer his story was stupid but it creeped me out when i was young and it got me into creepypasta

    2. Sucide mouse.678

      Yeah same but when i was young the best creepypasta for me would be either 1999 or the lavander town syndrome cause i grew up on Pokemon when i was young

  12. Sucide mouse.678

    For me its would be the expressionless because on how the story is about a woman with sharp teeth and looks like a living manic just creeps the hell out of me.

  13. For me, the first Pasta to REALLY freak me out was NoEnd House. It left me unsettled for the rest of the night and I thought about it for days afterwards. It has a lot of things that I would never want to go through myself.

  14. A mothers call. The first time I heard that story it gave me goosebumps. It is so short and sweet that I can’t seem to find anything scarier than that one. Even now, when I think about it, I get a little thrill. And for that reason, it is also my favorite pasta of all time.

  15. I actually have a strange fear of Eyeless Jack and Ticci Toby. More because the idea of stealing organs, and stalking someone just freaks me out in general. Why I am afraid of Ticci Toby is because of knowing someone who was unfortunately bullied for something she couldn’t control, had many close deaths within her family and over time had to move because of her circumstance. I am her friend, and still visit her in her new house. I still just hope she doesn’t burn down the neighborhood and have more family issues. With that, Ticci Toby’s story kind of just woke up my “what-if” side and if that were to really happen. I got permission from her to write this comment including her in it, and with that her input would be that shes mostly afraid of My Old Stomping Grounds and Carbon River, mainly for the endings.

  16. Wow, it’s been so long since I made that comment that I was shocked when I saw my name pop up on the front page of Creepypasta. But thanks a lot for mentioning me though anyways! Anyhow, this discussion question couldn’t have possibly have come at a better time for me, especially after what I read recently. When I first started reading Creepypastas, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer(believe it or not), The Rake, and Suicide Mouse were a bit frightening to me, but Ben Drowned was one of those stories that struck a cord with me because I played a lot of video games and had a big fear of the paranormal. Majoras Mask was already disturbing enough as it was, and to think that a ghost could haunt a video game hit a bit too close at home for me. That was four years ago, and I was thirteen years old. Nowadays, that particular story doesn’t even faze me anymore.

    But damn, recently I came across a story called There’s Something Unholy Underneath The Vatican that just scared the living fuck out of me, and I only read it a week ago when it was first posted. Now, I’ve been reading Creepypastas for around four years and I’ve read pretty much all of the ones that people talk about when the discussion of “Most Scary” is being talk about, and none of them scare me anymore. Ok, now as an older person, things involving Lovecraftian aspects of horror stir up all sorts of bad things in the imagination for me. I have a pretty vivid imagination, and the unknown is something that makes my imagination go wild. And for me, few things are scarier than demons because they’re the part of the unknown bent on causing nothing but pain and suffering to us all. And worst of all? We have no conventional, scientific, perfectly understood logical method of defending ourselves against them. They defy all aspects of our human logic, reasoning, and order of the world. But we do have the power of God which is the only understood way to defeat them… which is another part of the endless unknown that we no idea about either. And on top of all that, Hell and Heaven are tied into death because death is the ultimate unknown that we truly have no idea about after it happens to all of us. So to take it all into context, we as humans are so small in comparison to the things or concepts that might exist, that it’s almost scary to think of the kind of eternal pain and suffering possible that could be completely out of our human will to change.

    And this is what this story is all about. The premise is basically like this. What would happen if the part of the unknown that we use to shield ourselves(Jesus Christ, Heaven etc.) against the unknown of pain and suffering(Hell, demons etc.), turned out to be merely methods that we use to blind ourselves to the endless amounts of indescribably horrendous things that may turn out to be the truth. And this story isn’t even a Creepypasta really, but a post on r/nosleep. But damn, this is one hell(pun intended) of a story. Read it at the cost of your mental health.

    Part 1-
    Part 2-

  17. The Rake was definitely a story that when I first read it I hoped it wasn’t true accounts. Thinking about some creature haunting you and causing your (or your family’s) death is creepy enough, but what got me was the descriptions of the thing crawling around really quickly and whispering to you as you slept. Slenderman and Jeff the Killer always seemed more silly to me than scary, but to be fair, I don’t think I’ve read the original Slenderman story. The stories I HAVE read don’t do anything for me as far as the scare factor.

  18. Creepypastafangirl857

    For some reason I really fear Masky and Hoodie (aka Tim and Brian) because I can’t ever go to sleep and not think that their stalking me and hoodie has a gun so it freaks the daylight out of me. Ik creepypasta isn’t real but I swear I feel like I’m always being watched. ?

  19. biaspeopleareignorant

    One word…Ubloo…the idea that my dreams would be hijacked and I will eventually die is something that is terrible to think about. Nothing you can do about it, nothing to prevent it from getting you, no chance of escape. At least with most of the other pastas, you just leave the place of the issue and you are good…Ubloo…not so much!

  20. Deadlynightshade

    Bedtime really creeps me out considering my bed is next to the wall. But just the way it’s written, it has great detail and imagery.

  21. Hmm I think I would choose between two creepypasta Slenderman, and Unwanted House Guest, but the one that scares me the most is the Unwanted House Guest, for the simple reason of Slenderman stays outside.

  22. Psychosis, definitely. The plot is beautifully crafted, the narration is extremely well-paced and the ending is just the best I’ve ever read in a creepypasta. Plus, you know, it has this magnificent sort of Arthur Clarke meets the Twilight Zone feel to it. I think it was on top for at least twelve consecutive months before I think Bedtime overtook it (and by the way, I really like Bedtime too).

  23. For me, any creepypasta that conveys a sense of helplessness is one that really keeps me up at night. Any creepypasta that you have to purposely enthrall yourself in (like a ritual pasta) just isn’t that scary to me because you can choose not to do it and be perfectly fine. Any pasta whose monster or villain is something you could reasonably expect to kill with a few gunshots or a solid hit with a bat (like Jeff the Killer) isn’t that scary either because it’s just as vulnerable and mortal as you or me. Any situation you can control or avoid isn’t to be feared, but any situation that could happen to you right now and there’s nothing you could do about it is a truly scary one.

    (As an aside, I really do love ritual pastas because paranoia-inducing or not, they can be very fun to read and think about)

  24. Daniel Belanger

    For me, it would have to be the ones like suicide mouse, squidwards suicide and dead bart… Even without watching any of the videos, these add a sense of real creepiness that other stories just can’t

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