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April 2016 Discussion Post: Creating Good Gaming Pasta

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For information about the writing contest that is acting as a companion to this month’s discussion post, please click here.

In order to help everyone get inspired before the contest submissions open, this month’s discussion post will be a sort of gaming pasta general chat. Which tropes have been so overdone that they’re no longer redeemable? What do you think makes a quality gaming pasta? Do you think the age of haunted game stories is over, or do you still have an appetite for more? Do you find a specific type of game more suitable for creepypasta over others? Do you have any examples of worthwhile, enjoyable gaming pasta that you’d like to link and discuss? Please let us know your thoughts on such topics – or really any input you have on what makes a good gaming pasta.

Be polite, have fun, and I’ll leave you all with the one true king of haunted cartridge experiences:


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18 thoughts on “April 2016 Discussion Post: Creating Good Gaming Pasta”

  1. There will be a separate post with more details. Derpbutt said on twitter that it will be a little delayed, but the deadline will be extended to reflect that. So hold on to your submission and keep your eyes open for the update!

  2. So I wanted to ask from the professionals themselves, what makes a gaming pasta a good one from the rest? Originality? Uniqueness of the game itself? I really wanted to know what makes a gaming creepypasta sound good.

    1. i would say uniqueness in the game itself, the ones about games that already exist, are just meh. you need to be able to, as a writer, control the game and its a pain to add a twist(one that is original) to a game that is already made. What makes a gaming pasta good, well, i’d say it also depends on the game you are using and the sync it shares between the characters and the audience. What i am getting at is, less “i thought it was a glitch” and show us more of what is going on in the head of the individuals in your story.

      1. Thanks for the advice, I’ll put that into consideration for my submission. Once the separate pasta app is made and posted, I’ll try to follow along what you said here when making my gaming pasta.

  3. “Figure in Gray” is the only video game pasta I have ever liked. Not the creepiest story around but the writing is excellent and it is certainly a break from the norm.

  4. Ha! I started writing a unique gaming pasta about 2 years ago, but never finished it. Guess I should do that before the end of the month.

    1. I think haunted gaming applies to any game. One one of the haunted gaming tagged stories is a creepy Japanese board game.

      1. Sure! I had video games in mind just because they’re the most common, but childhood games, board games, etc – all are eligible. I’ll make that more clear in my official contest post on the 15th.

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