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September Discussion Post: Your Favorite Creepypasta

September 1, 2012 Discussion Posts
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The topic for this month’s discussion post may seem a bit obvious, but I really am curious. It’s always very interesting to me to see how each new pasta is received; sometimes you guys end up totally hating one that I thought would get positive reviews, and sometimes I find ones that I’m not personally that impressed by have somehow captivated the whole internet and become a phenomenon (I’m looking at you, Jeff). I guess it does drive home the whole “enjoyment of writing is subjective” thing, to a point.

So please, tell me about your favorite Creepypasta of all time and why you love it so much. It doesn’t even have to be one posted on the site, but if it’s not here, please include a link where everyone can read it. Share with the class, kids!

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  • Within the Darkness ★ 10 Rating (1 votes)
  • The Man Who Cheated the Devil ★ 8.83 Rating (78 votes)
  • Joe Made a Choice ★ 9.3 Rating (218 votes)
  • 1999 ★ 7.89 Rating (141 votes)
  • The God Experiment ★ 7.65 Rating (134 votes)
  • The Haunter of the Ring ★ 8.14 Rating (85 votes)
  • Henry ★ 6.63 Rating (86 votes)
  • The Man Who Returned ★ 8.73 Rating (143 votes)
  • Locked ★ 4.39 Rating (157 votes)
  • Knocking ★ 8.97 Rating (269 votes)