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December 2015 Discussion Post: Unusual Fears & Yeti Heated Slippers Giveaway! – Contacting Winner

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Share Your Unusual Fears

Happy December, everyone! Since submissions are closed, I thought it might be nice to have a discussion topic that will be – I hope – conducive to inspiring new pastas. Closed submission periods are intended not only to give me time to catch up on the backlog, but also to give you guys time to work on new stories without any “pressure” from the open period’s timeframe.

We’ve discussed our biggest fears before, but this month I want to put a little spin on that same topic.

What do you fear despite said fear making absolutely no sense?


I’m not talking about classic fears like being killed or looking into mirrors at night or the zombie apocalypse. I mean little things that most people wouldn’t consider scary, yet still give you a deep, true chill.

Here’s an example – this is my own, and yes, I know it’s very silly: When using Google Earth or any sort of constellation/night sky map program, if I zoom in too close and stray too far from any landmass (or mapped star), I get a really uneasy feeling. So zooming in and accidentally pausing somewhere isolated in the middle of the Pacific, or somewhere with no known/visible celestial objects – I get seriously creeped out and have to scramble my cursor back to the safety of known, mapped places/objects.

So yes, I get creeped out by maps! I expect it’s more the isolation and unknown (to me) territory that is truly affecting me, it’s just interesting that it manifests in such a silly way. I’m also sure this is why I’m so fond of submissions that deal with similar themes like exploration, deep-space travel, creepy sea beasts, and the like.

I hope you see what I’m going for with this question now that I’ve revealed my slightly embarrassing fear! I’d love to hear your own next; if you have any thoughts or analysis about why [insert mundane thing] unsettles you so much, please share that as well! It’s my hope that we both have a fun discussion as well as plant some seeds of inspiration for some new, unique creepypastas.

As the raffle period has expired, I am putting the contest portion of this post behind a cut.


Secondly! It’s that time again…


Creepypasta Holiday Raffle

This year’s Holiday giveaway was selected with all you cryptid fans in mind. Also, anyone who gets cold toes when they’re at the computer. If those demographics overlap, you’ll be very excited!

This month, I am giving away ONE pair of Yeti USB Heated Plush Footwarmers!

Yeti USB Heated Plush Footwarmers

These are pretty much what they say on the tin. They’re plush, furry slippers styled to look like yeti feet. However, they come with a (detachable, so you don’t have to take them off when you get up to move from your computer) USB connection that, when plugged in, heat the slippers. So if you’re like me and live somewhere that gets quite cold in the winter, these slippers will help you warm up your feet while you’re working on your next pasta… or whatever else you do at the computer.

  • Here are the specs, courtesy of ThinkGeek:
  • Plug into your USB port and they get warm quickly
  • One size fits most adult feet (up to men’s size 12)
  • Materials: Cotton / polyester blend
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Imported
  • Cord length: 57″
  • Compatibility: Any USB-enabled device that can handle 5V, 3W with 1.5M USB line
  • Dimensions: Each slipper measures 5″ wide x 12″ long
  • Weight: 5 oz. each

You may enter the contest through this widget:

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Rules & Legal Stuff:

The contest will run from December 3rd to midnight on December 31st. Note that you can repeat the Twitter entry once per day for more entries, however you must send the tweet with the link to this post included for it to be a valid entry! Seriously, guys, this applies to the other bonus entry methods: follow the rules, because I do actually, manually, really, truly double-check that the winner has done everything correctly before I contact them. Even if the RNG machine spits out your entry, if I look and see that you’ve somehow cheated, I’ll just disqualify your entry and pick a new winner. Cheating/lazy entries do nothing but waste your time and mine.
Please pay attention to the terms and conditions. For legal reasons, this giveaway is only open to legal residents of USA & Canada who are 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. No exceptions.

There are affiliate codes included in the links to the slippers. This means that if you visit ThinkGeek through my link and purchase anything, I’ll get paid back a tiny kickback which then gets funneled back into site expenses and funding more giveaways. Thanks to anyone who uses my affiliate links, I appreciate it!

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111 thoughts on “December 2015 Discussion Post: Unusual Fears & Yeti Heated Slippers Giveaway! – Contacting Winner”

  1. My unusual fear is being picked up. Even if it’s just a centimeter off the ground, I flip out. I don’t know why, I’m not even afraid of heights or anything.

  2. I’m terrified of backless stairs. I also have this paranoia that there’s ghosts intermixed with the living just walking around not knowing they’re dead, doing their daily routine and no one around them is the wiser.

  3. one of my unusual fears are distorted and creepy sculptures. 10 Being highest and 1 being Lowest, I would say about 6. Another fear I have is performers in costume and Mascots, and yes that includes Disney Characters at the parks; I recently traveled to Las Vegas for my birthday and I did one of the shows and after it was over, my friend wanted a picture with us with the performers and I got pulled by the performer to take the picture and I smiled for the photo nervously. After that was over I was fine. “Shudders”

  4. I’m terrified of the cold, more importantly being alone in the cold. I always fear getting stranded and freezing to death. Especially when it’s dark.

  5. I have an extremely irrational fear of my computer. Yes, i know it sounds weird, and i’m typing on it now, but this thing has a camera built in, and i’m always afraid that its on while i’m doing normal everyday tasks. Like, No. Also, i’m afraid to download anything on it, not because of viruses or anything, just of it in general. xD

  6. Tabby DanDeleon/Horror Hime

    I am truly sorry that you had to go through those unfortunate experiences. In a way, I can sort of relate. I’m not afraid of betrayal, exactly, but I’ve had experiences that were enough to cause me to not trust certain people I know as much as I’d like to, because of things they’ve done or said, and because of the way they reacted to certain things I’ve done or said. I think your fear of betrayal is perfectly justified considering what you’ve been through.

    1. YourPerfectNightmare

      Thanks for the support :) I only call it a fear because it invades my dreams sometimes :P Honestly, I’ve got great friends, fans, and people in my life, so I really don’t have to much to worry about there :) Just past scars :) And I’m sorry you’ve experienced similar things.

      1. Tabby DanDeleon/Horror Hime

        You’re welcome :) And thanks:). It’s comforting to know there’s someone else who’s been through similar things as I have. It lets me know I’m not the only one going through those experiences

  7. Simina Holca Ringsma

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a strange fear, but I cannot stand it when movies / commercials / etc zoom in on someone’s eye, and go “through it”. A good example is the opening scene of “Through the Wormhole” episodes with Morgan Freeman, the camera at one point just zooms in on one of his eyes and goes in it, and it scares me every time. I always turn away before that happens, I can’t watch at all. It makes me feel as if I’ve gone inside the person somehow and I shouldn’t be there!!

  8. One of my odd fears is that something bad will happen if I let the screen go dark when I am reading something online so I shake the mouse a lot. I also don’t like it when the mouse is resting on a block of text or anything that isn’t empty space. This isn’t a deep fear, it just makes me anxious.

  9. Unusual fears: Dirty dishes (I can’t stand the idea of cleaning a plate that has anything on it but crumbs or something dry that can be scraped/wiped off); velociraptors; strangers and the idea of being in new situations; the idea of driving; being a failure at life; the severely mentally retarded.

  10. My biggest fear is silence.Dont know if anyone else has this but when I’m alone at home simply sitting,i feel creeped out AF not because I’m alone but that silence ringing in my ears freaks me out and I immediately turn on the tv or put music

  11. Nameless chick #1

    Honestly, public restrooms terrify me. I can’t be alone in one where there are like 8 stalls and all are empty. Every
    time i walk out of my stall i’m afraid something will be staring back at me. Especially when I go to wash my hands at the sink. If I hear the slightest noise I run out of the restroom.

  12. Carla Beth De Hoyos

    I am terrified every time I see a cricket.. I am very afraid that a cricket will hop at me and touch me, especially when lifting any outside objects like trashcans or pieces of lumber that a cricket could be hiding under. My family thinks it is hilarious. I am not afraid of grasshoppers or other insects, just crickets. When I hear them ‘sing’ at night I get shivers, paranoid they might be near me.I can’t explain it, but they creep me out to no end.

  13. Okay, so, I’m afraid of very few things. The dark, demons, and death of loved ones, which is all normal stuff. But, there’s one thing that I am completely terrified of, which is gas masks. I can’t look at someone wearing them, or it even just lying on the floor or in the store, let alone wear one myself. I imediately think ‘oh my god, I’m going to die’ everytime I see one. So, yep.

  14. I have an odd irrational fear for mummies. Not just the ancient Egyptian mummies, but pretty much all mummies. I fear any kind of mummified corpses, actually, particularly the ones that have “preserved” flesh or skin still on them. I don’t mind seeing dead things; I don’t even mind coming across a decomposing body that is a few days old, or a skeleton. However, I have a problem with someone, or something, that has been dead for thousand of years and yet, their body is still there. Honestly, shouldn’t one be turned into natural elements in the soil after thousands of years of being dead? My fear of mummies is by far the strangest fear I have ever had, and I cannot explain when, how, nor why it started.

  15. My unusual fear is that the multiverse theory will be proven true and bring to my life some of my worst phobias. Some examples include: Foxy from FNAF being in the bedroom closet, the clock from Don’t Hug Me coming in the middle of the night to age and rot me, the toys from that Pixar short imprisoning me with them, the monster from The Dancer (a pasta on this site).

  16. I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of manikins. Actually, I’m not afraid of manikins in THAT sort of way that’s like.. I’m afraid of manikins because I think they’ll become alive and rip my limbs off. No! The reason why I feel so uneasy with manikins is because I feel like they’re real people. If I get too close to a manikin any size, including a kid size, I would back away swiftly and say sorry. And then I would think everyone thinks I’m crazy. I think I am crazy, but I don’t treat manikins like people. I don’t communicate with them, asking how being dressed is perfectly wonderful. I just get that uneasy feeling that makes me think that manikins are people, so that’s what drives me to stay away from them and always say sorry if I get too close to them.

  17. TheIntimateAvenger

    One of my weirdest fears is when I’m flying around in a dream and I fly over a large body of water, I get really nervous and have to fly back to land. I know I’m asleep and can’t possibly drown if I fall in, but it still freaks me out.

  18. I’m not certain if it’s a fear, but the scratchy sound when say you rub two backpack straps together or when you have old white pairs of socks and rub those together. It sends shivers down my spine and I get extremely uncomfortable, without fail, every time.

  19. My unusual fear is definitely strange, & absolutely makes no sense because I know there’s no way this could happen; I’m afraid of being stranded in outer space. I’ve even had nightmares about it. I dreamed that I went to the moon by myself, I walked around exploring these ancient moonrock buildings, then for some reason I couldn’t find my way back to the spacecraft. I just kept walking around looking for it, then I would look at the earth, & I felt so heartbroken & scared.
    Then there’s the loss of gravity dream where I look out of the window because of the noise & the screaming people, & I see everything & everybody floating up into the sky. I see people that I love & they look so scared so I have to make a decision to try to stay & survive or try to catch up with them, so I open the window, & am immediately pulled out, but I’m able to fly to my family. We are hugging each other, crying, going higher & higher then it suddenly gets very cold, & that’s when I wake up! I hate waking up like that-sitting up with a jolt.
    Just the thought of going to outer space makes my heart race. I don’t know why I contemplate this, I’m sure it won’t happen, but I don’t even like movies about it. I’ve watched a few, & it always brings on a crazy dream when I do.
    Remember Felix Baumgartner, the guy who jumped from the edge of the atmosphere? Oh my gosh! What if he had gone just a little bit too high? Now that brought on some terrifying dreams!
    If rocket scientists ever develop space travel into a regular way to vacation, I don’t even want to know about it.
    Well that’s my unusual fear. I think I’ll drink some calming tea now.

  20. The weirdest fear I have is of dizzy spills I’m terrified of the loss of focus like when I come out of it I wont be in the same place as where it started.

  21. I have a crazy fear of sock monkeys. I hate them so much. Every time I see them, I get chills and a creepy, uneasy feeling. My family jokes with me about it, and they think it’s funny, but it really isn’t. If I see them in the store, I go as far away from them as I possibly can. I’m not sure where this fear came from, but it’s really strange.

  22. Metronomes. I don’t know why, but I hate them s much. They’re so creepy; the best way to freak me out would be to turn on a metronome. I think it’s just the ticking, clocks bother me too in a quiet room. They’re enough to make me go insane!

  23. You can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread man! I hate that little #@$@#$! My mom used to bake gingerbread man cookies and then put them on the stairs when I wasn’t looking. I would turn around and see them and it totally freaked me out. (I was 5 at the time) She told me that I had to catch them and bite off their legs so they wouldn’t run. I thought they were alive and was scared they would try to attack me if I bit them. I am ok now, I love gingerbread cookies, but I hate the story of the gingerbread man. I felt like he was creepy in the story. Always taunting. I wanted to punch him in the face! So, the gingerbread man cookies are my unusual fear. That and the poko-peeko-mites.

    I don’t want to leave you hangin’. So, I will continue. Again, my mother came up with this on too. When I was little, (about 5) I would lose things. (like every kid) My mother would ask me, “Where did it go? What do you think happened to it?” I would tell her, “I don’t know.” She would say, “I bet the poko-peekomites took it.” She explained to me that little tiny people lived under the floorboards on the house. They would come out at night and steal things. Result: childhood mental scar number two. I really believed these weird little people lived under the floor.

    Anyways, those are my two irrational fears. My mom did love me very much. We watched weird and scary movies all the time and I still love them today. I really don’t believe in anything supernatural. But, I like to imagine what it would be like if something weird did happen. Interestingly enough, I write children’s books with short supernatural stories. If you have kids that are into that stuff, check it out. It is called Willakaville. Google it!

    Cheers – Bald Guy

  24. My unusual fear is kiwi skin…I’m not sure why, but I can’t even touch kiwis. The hair on the skin reminds me of human hair for some odd reason…I hate them, they freak me out.

  25. Tabby DanDeleon/Horror Hime

    My unusual fear is ovens. I avoid using them as much as I can. And when I HAVE to use them, I get really nervous and I move super carefully and really slow. And I have absolutely no explanation for this. I don’t even know if there’s a legit name for it.

      1. Tabby DanDeleon/Horror Hime

        Thanks for the suggestion. When I get my own place, I’ll be sure to get a toaster oven. N thanks for telling me the name of my fear. I feel better about it knowing it has a name.

  26. My fear is being abandoned. Although I like to be left alone at times, it is my choice whther I isolate myself. Growing up, my dad wasn’t around much and when I was 13, I moved in with him. Ever since then, I’ve had nightmares where I wake up and the house is completely empty. I’m left alone. I fear being abandoned and I guess just being alone in general. I don’t like to go out alone, like shopping or eating, because of others’ stares. No matter how many times my dad has reassured me that he will never leave, I still fear waking up one day to an empty house.

  27. Well, I can almost never walk around with my hands hanging free. I have to have them in my pockets, on my hips, or crossed arms. If not I get this creeping terror that I’m going to loose them somehow like a car might clip me and take off a hand or they might get caught in something and get chewed up or pulled off. I have no idea where this comes from but just writing this has made me have to sit on my hands for while… g’night.

  28. I am absolutely terrified of animatronics and wax figures. I have never had a particularly traumatizing experience with one, I think maybe it is the feigned sense of life that makes me so uncomfortable. It’s not that they make me run away screaming, either. It’s like I just get a deep, urgent sense of panic, like my gut is telling me that I need to be very far away from it immediately. My senior year of high school we all went to Disney World and Orlando Studios and I LOVE rollercoasters, but basically every single ride had some sort of animatronic in it somewhere. I was constantly bouncing between being super excited to be there and in a frantic paranoid state because I felt I was being watched by things that my rational mind knew were not living beings.

  29. I’m afraid of traveling to anywhere outside my state because I have heard of so many creepy
    bugs and parasites like this one guy got a parasite in las vegas from sushi and it ate his brain

  30. I am always terrified of the lights of passing streetlights. I grow anxious at first, whenever I am driving or being a passenger at night, and overtime that anxiety turns into fear that runs down my spine. The sight of the light illuminating the dashboard/cabin/car seats etc on and off again terrifies me. With every passing light I feel like a fraction of me get sucked away as the light fades, and then the cycle repeats. It is a real pain in the ass I tell you, because the whole terrible event is cyclic in nature.

  31. I have the same fear you do but it extends into Space. Looking into deep space also unsettles me which is weird since I’m fascinated by it and I’m probably more astronomically literate than most people as my father was an amateur astronomer. I think it’s a realization in the back of our minds just how small and insignificant we really are and how short are lifespans are. Also, places like the middle of the ocean and deep space have no oxygen. You can stay afloat in the ocean for quite some time possibly, but eventually you’re either going to drown or get taken down by a predator. Planetary/Moon surfaces weird me out, too, but it’s not the same fear. I’ve found comfort in the fact Venus, Mars and Titan have such a similar surface, even if we can’t survive there.

  32. My unusual fear is that one day I’ll wake up and nothing will exist anymore x-x
    That me, everyone, and everything will be gone and all that’s left is an empty void.

  33. I don’t know that this is counts as a phobia, per se, but this happened recently. Some how a puppy ended up crying under the stairs in the back of our house and I was PETRIFIED to go near it! I am not afraid of dogs and I don’t know why I was so very afraid to go under the stairs and get the puppy out, but once my husband rescued her I was no longer afraid. Weird, right?

  34. I’m actually really scared of horses for some strange reason. They’re weird. I don’t like their long faces and how big they are O__O’ It’s a silly fear, I know haha,,

  35. I’m absolutely terrified of bridges, especially wooden ones. I’m okay with driving across one, but it takes everything in me to walk across a bridge. I’ve never had any bad experiences on bridges, and it hasn’t always been like this, just started up one day about 5 years ago. It doesn’t matter how high up the bridge is or if it’s over water.

  36. I have a deep rooted fear of centipedes. And it’s an awfully stupid fear since they’re super super small here in Norway, like a little bit bigger than an ant. But they just scare me so much to the point where I will brake down in tears if I see one..

  37. Sydney Schroeder

    Imagine going down the stairs with these:

    *Walking down the stairs* *Forgets you have them on* *Slips and falls to eternal death*

    That got dark 0_0

  38. When I wash my face I try to do it as fast as possible – I fear keeping my eyes closed too long, it makes me feel vulnerable to an attack

  39. Ever since I can remember I have been insanely terrified of E.T. When I was a kid, if I so much as heard those weird noises from the opening sequence I would scream and run away. I still, as an adult, have nightmares about him and get a good jolt if a picture of him pops up somewhere unexpectedly. I’m not really afraid of aliens in general, but there’s something about E.T. that doesn’t sit right with me and freaks me out.

  40. I don’t really have any crazy irrational fears but the closest I can think of is that I’m terrified of my teeth falling out. I used to have dreams of them falling out and then I’d try to push them back in. I’d wake up terrified and would have to make sure my teeth are still in tack. I still will on occasion just push on my teeth with my tongue just to ensure myself they aren’t loose.

  41. It makes me feel uneasy when I play a certain game, and the character falls of the map due to a glitch or something. It makes me think what if this could happen in some point with our world, we all fall into the eternal black nothingness. >.>

  42. I’m terrified of Moths, not like the mothman I had never even heard of the mothman until the movie came out in 2004 maybe.

  43. Another major thing that scares me is when I go to a completely different town or city and just visit the suburban areas. It baffles me not because I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, but because I’m overwhelmed by all the everyday people just walking their dogs, talking to people, doing their gardens. It overwhelms me because I realise there are so many millions and millions of lives that I’ll never have anything to do with, yet they have their own communities just like me. There are just so many separate histories I get a glimpse of when I go anywhere other than home that it really frightens me. I don’t necessarily feel insignificant, I feel awed.

  44. On this very website I won’t read a post that hasn’t had many ratings/comments. I’m terrified it’s a ~haunted post~!

  45. I fear repetition. The idea of going back to something that was good the first time. I’m scared of doing major things all over again; I guess it just diminishes them for me

  46. Elijah_Revolution

    I know this isn’t some rare fear but the thought of disease or death always gets to me, mostly because I was diagnosed with a disease this year and felt like I was slowly dying. There was a time where I couldn’t walk without blacking out and that terrifies me. The thought of going through that again gives me an anxiety attack.

    If anyone asked me if I wanted to be immortal a year ago, I would’ve said no, but now it would be a definite yes.

    1. Sorry about your ordeal. I’m not some poncy expert- I have personal experience with serious disease, and I talk with others that are going through the typical stresses we do- but it might help to think, well, you will NOT take advantage of your health the way some other people do. Now you know how important and special it is, and you’ll always be grateful for it, even when it goes a little sideways from time to time. And no matter how sick I get, I know I personally wouldn’t want to live forever- it wouldn’t mean anything, and besides, imagine how shit younger people would seem after a couple hundred years (:

  47. I have a fear that when I wake up, there will be some creepy or supernatural thing just standing there in the middle of my bedroom,looking like its about to eat me or something… Ooh,that’s a good creepypasta to write about!

  48. I was born and raised by the bay, I’ve always loved the water, swimming, fishing, and boats. I’m also scuba certified. However, ever since I have remembered, I’ve always been terrified of sunken boats. Any type of sunken boat. Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps and makes me eerily cold. I make a point to be sure to research and ask about ANY possible sunken boats anywhere close to where I plan to go diving. I’m not scared of many things, but sunken boats is definitely the biggest of them. Eeks.

    1. Same! There’s a local lake by my house that used to have a skating rink floating in the middle, but it sunk about 20 years ago. You can’t see it from just looking down in the water (the lake is an old crater, so its +60 feet deep) but you can see small buoys floating a few feet below the surface, covered with algae. They’re connected to long yellow ropes that stretch down into the water until you can’t see them anymore. It scares me so bad I never want to go in there again lol…

  49. My two main heeby-jeebies are earwigs (a.k.a. pincher bugs), and snot/phlegm/lugies. I’m not afraid of most creepy crawly creatures; flies, spiders, snakes, bats, and the such I can handle. However, I’ve never been able to contain myself with earwigs. I’ve never been pinched by one so I’m unsure why. As for the second, I can handle blood, saliva, poo, and other bodily fluids (I don’t like them, but I can handle them), but I run for the hills when I see someone else’s runny nose or hear them clear their system in preparation to spit it out. As for actual phobias, clowns and sticky stuff.

  50. No problem. Brains can be jerks. Plus almost everything useful I’ve learned has been from other patients (or nurses, who are bosses) who figured out some weird little tip. (Fun fact for ANYONE: You’ll look like a bloody lunatic, but if you’re nauseated, hold a cotton swab up near your nose, and it can take the nausea away and keep you from being sick. The more you know!)

  51. You’re right, it HAS become a staple, which has only made it worse for me hahaha. It’s also because it’s a very disturbing real-life injury that happens surprisingly easily/frequently, so if you hang around in hospital a lot, yeah… you’re bound to run into it. Brrrrr. Plus, psychologically there’s a connection with enlarged/abnormal-appearing mouths and horror in peoples’ minds- it’s natural, which is why it’s used in practically every horror thing now, sometimes well, sometimes cheaply. (Seriously, just TRY to find a ‘horror face’ picture/horror movie without a funky mouth.)

  52. I am absolutely horrified by picturing animals with human faces… not even i want to kill you faces. just faces. to the point where i sometimes have to lock the dog out of my room because i stared at them for too long thinking that.

  53. Definitely not Adolf Hitler

    I’m terrified of holes. Not like wells or mouths or anything like that, but small, evenly spaced holes where holes definitely shouldn’t be- like the flesh. When I was in 6th grade I saw a picture of a man with a disease that caused parts of his skin to turn into this yellowish brown tumor that was hard and pockmarked with holes, about 1/4 of an inch wide each. I nearly vomited and I’ve had nightmares ever since. (Also, I did some research earlier this year and found out the fear of holes is called trypophobia.)

  54. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a fear of not dying. Not to say that I’m looking forwards toward dying, but when I was a kid, the thought of being immortal kept me awake at night sometimes if I thought too much about it. I mean, what are you going to do when everyone you care about dies and you’re all that’s left? What are you going to do when you’re just so goddamn sick of life that you’ve had enough because you’ve seen it all? That scares me. Also, that thought kind of extends to something like Heaven too. When I was little, I always wondered what Heaven would be like if it exists. But then I also wondered if you’d ever get sick of Heaven and would want to fade into nothingness to end it all, but can’t. Thoughts like that always bothered me. I guess what I’m saying is that when we die, the best Heaven for all of us is for us just to rest in peace if you know what I mean.

  55. I get really freaked out when people whisper in my ear. It makes me uncomfortable because I can feel there breath and it’s warm and it’s just the worst. I hate it

  56. Holes. Holes everywhere. I don’t know if trypophobia is common for a lot of people but I think that holes are disgusting. They creep me out, especially lotus flower seeds. I hate it when small holes are closely packed together and also diseases or anything which cause holes on any part of your body. It’s also kinda weird because round holes are the only kind of holes that creep me out; I’m fine with honeycombs, leopard print etc. but circular and oval holes are a no-no.

  57. My unusual fear would be looking at my photo album on my phone, I am always scared to death that there will be a photo of myself taken of me sleeping. It has never happen to me but literally every time I open the album I am so terrified.

  58. Edges of things. When I was a kid I used to be afraid to stand between rooms, or half on the rug and half on the floor, or on lines in linoleum tiles, for fear that blades would slice up from between them and cut me in half.

  59. Nicola Marie Jackson

    This isn’t so much a fear but when I think about it I get the stomach dropping feeling that I feel when I’m scared: I was watching a programme about space and it was on about the galaxy and the bing bang theory and I remember feeling sick at the thought of there being nothing before. Then I try to imagine that there is no world, no sun or moon, just nothing and I feel sick at the thought of there being nothing. I can’t get my head around it….

  60. My unusual fear is computer glitches. Whether it’s in a video game, on a website, or just on the computer in general it freaks me out. It’s just not right. I’m not meant to see broken pictures and the insides of maps or blank space where it shouldn’t be. Idk what it stems from but it truly is just awful. My bf will encounter a glitch from time to time in a video game and every time he calls my attention to it. He’s a butt lol.

  61. Felicity Boosh Bailey

    My unusual fear is gunk and crap people find in their belly buttons. Like how does it get like that? One of my friends the other day was “cleaning” it out with a cotton bud and it came out bloody and pus like. Bleh! Or like people have “lint” and shit in there? I can’t. It creeps me out.

  62. I am afraid of porta potties. When I was a kid, I had a weird dream where me whole family just left me behind and when I tried to follow them onto the forest, I sunk into a puddle of mud. When I became fully emerged, I saw it was the same water that was in the porta potty. I was afraid even before that, but that dream freaked me out so much more because most outdoor bathrooms at the time were porta potties. It took me years to finally go into one, but when I finally did, the inside had brown crap all over. I still can’t go in one to this day. I am not even a germophobe and they completely gross me out.

  63. My unusual fear is, old (basically ancient) stone structures found across Ireland. Ring forts, fallen round towers, and holy wells to name a few. Seeing them in the countryside or halfway up some mountain covered in moss and nettles gives me a really uneasy feel. This is especially weird because I’m Irish and I live in Ireland, and for some reason I’m freaked out by Ireland’s historic structures. It makes my think that my thoughts and memories are shared with my ancestors. Ridiculous I know, but maybe seeing them reminds my brain of memories that my ancestors had?

    1. Yours just about fits in with mine! Funny thing is I was just thinking about something similar myself today. I was thinking about how genes get passed from generation to generation, and how in some weird way part of all of those old civilizations somehow still live in you…. Gave me the creeps to think about o.o

  64. I have odd med phobias (most from experience) but one particular one: I can’t look at teeth that are exposed through the cheek in, say, a horror movie or game (even though it’s not real). God, it’s so vile. It even shit me up when that happened to Sam from Supernatural in “House of Wax,” which is the stupidest God horror movie on the planet.

  65. Running something against the grain freaks me out and gives me the heebeejeebies something fierce. That includes the fur on animals, my own hair (going to the hairdresser requires me to take melatonin to stay calm), and especially fish scales! I really have no idea why I find this simple act so creepy but I have since I was a kid.

    1. i cannot stand erasing with a pencil that the eraser is down to the metal.
      and even thinking about it happening gives me chills up my spine that i cannot stop.

  66. TheMonsterWithin

    I’m afraid of tall things, not like being on tall things I just don’t like tall things in general, I don’t no why they just scare me.

  67. My unusual fear? Driving on the overpass bridges that have been finished for less than a month. I think it might not ACTUALLY be finished, and someone has just taken the ‘Road Closed’ signs down because why not create chaos?

  68. I get very creeped out whenever I flush the toilet….ever since I was little I just felt that something was going to come out of it while I had my back turned. I always rush out of the bathroom as fast as I can and even will wash my hands in the kitchen to avoid the feeling that something is watching me behind my back

    1. Yeah – I think there are some movies where some monster comes out of the toilet. I don’t think you are alone. Sometimes I feel vulnerable in the bathroom. You are kind of defenseless with your pants down. :)

  69. really random and weird and hope im not the only dude this happens to, but im always afraid when using the restroom that some microscopic thing will swim up my stream to my manly parts lol

  70. I fear, whenever there is a story of a killer, or crazy person on the news I always look inward, saying “Could I have been capable of that?” “What made that person think that way and do I think like that?” “Could I be crazy like that?” It really freaks me out. I used to enjoy scary movies with crazy people like silence of the lambs but now I just can’t do them anymore :(

    1. I think anyone is capable. Look how much we kill each other all over the world today. Especially the terrorists. I think it is in our DNA. I think we all have creepy thoughts from time to time. If they become obsessive, then maybe that person should get help and medication. I think that is one reason why these mentally ill people perform these mass shootings. They never got the help they need. There is still a lot we don’t know about the brain. I wish we would spend more money on fixing mental illness and identifying it in young children in order to help them before it becomes a problem. We need to get at the root cause of the problem. Anyways, I will get off my soap box now. Take care.

  71. Vast expanses of time, and when I realize really old things that happened a really long time ago in our history as mankind is just a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things… really freaks me out o.o

    I got lost in tracing a timeline of civilizations back one very late night, and I found myself experiencing some sort of weird panic attack. I was so freaked I couldn’t sleep until I turned a light on.

    I dunno… I think because it makes me feel very small in the grand scheme of things….. Creeps me the heck out. Makes me feel like time itself is somehow going to just swallow me whole.

    1. If you like reading scary stories (derp, obvs) then “The Jaunt” by Stephen King would probably freak you out… it did me. Years later and it still does. Brrrrrrr.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation, Jinx! I was just now looking for my next good read, I’m so adding that one to my list. I got chills just skimming through a quick review of the story. Freaky!

        My last several books were adventures, it’ll be a breath of fresh air to get back to my basics and catch a good story that can really make me squirm.

        1. One of the first short scary stories I read (as a teen) that ever made me think, “Wow, written media CAN scare the crap out of me.” (probably that and King in Yellow), and it still does. I probably wouldn’t write if it weren’t for that.

  72. My unusual fear is cotton balls. I just can’t deal with them. And I’m actually dealing with an extremely rare brain disease so I wind up getting labs done a lot and I’ll stop the lady with a handful of Kleenex if she comes at me with cotton. And when I pick up my medications a lot have the cotton inside. My husband has to take it out. I just can’t deal with it. Even typing this I’m getting all eeped out. Cotton bad.

    1. Sorry about your neuro condition… I have one too and suffice to say, alcohol and cotton balls are the WORST. I actually carry my own alcohol swab pads now to avoid the cotton balls (it varies what country you’re being treated in, but I suggest you do the same, it’s VASTLY more pleasant and effective). I’ll (not pray, because I don’t, but HOPE) that you one day never have to see a damned cotton ball or bud again!

    2. I hate the feeling of cotton balls too. Especially when I rub them between my fingers. I am not really afraid, just annoyed. It is like when someone scratches a chalkboard or touches a scar. Anyways, hope you get better soon!

    3. On this same note, I cannot stand any sort of wispy-cotton material. For example, I cannot change my dryers lint trap; I hate those fake spiderweb halloween decoration; cotton balls that have been pulled apart. Anything in that material consistency just makes me uncomfortable.

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