Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Unfriended Competition Grand Prize Winner

Unfriended Competition Grand Prize Winner

  The Unfriended Creepypasta Competition is officially over, and Stephen Susco (director of Unfriended: Dark Web) has chosen a winning entry! Congratulations to Hayden Dalby, writer of the winning story, “Playpen” (Click HERE to read). It truly was a chilling [...]

July 21, 2018 Announcements
Creepypasta: Dark Web Creepypasta Competition


Competition Overview To celebrate the release of Unfriended: Dark Web, Blumhouse has teamed up with for a competition like no other. We want YOU, the writer, to put your own terrifying twist on the far-reaching, nightmare-inducing world of the [...]

July 2, 2018 Announcements
Creepypasta Forum 2

Creepypasta Forum

The Creepypasta forum is now live. If you want to talk creepypasta, connect with friends, provide suggestions on how we can improve the website or just want feedback on your latest story then join the Creepypasta Forum community now. Sign [...]

May 2, 2018 Announcements, Discussion Posts

Creepy Hand Candle Reveals Ghastly Surprise Inside!

We know you’re tired of sitting around bored on Halloween with the same old decorations you or your parents have had sitting in a basement box for years. Yes, the bloody hand, the skeleton hand, the one minus fingertips, blah [...]

September 17, 2017 Announcements

Is It A Cat? Is It A Spider? MODERN MYSTERY

Depending on how you feel about them, cats can either be super creepy or super cute. If you’re not a “cat person”–cute is the last thing you’d ever call them. But, one thing most people can agree on is that [...]

September 17, 2017 Announcements

‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Verdict: Anissa Weier Found Mentally Ill!

Anissa Weier, the Wisconsin girl who lured a classmate off to the woods to be used as a sacrificial lamb to ‘Slender Man’ was found to be mentally ill during that attack. Weier admitted she participated in the heinous crime [...]

September 16, 2017 Announcements
What Happened To Elisa Lam? A Documentary Kickstarter PSA

What Happened To Elisa Lam? A Documentary Kickstarter PSA

Note from Derpbutt: What Happened To Elisa Lam? is a project being worked on by a community member – I thought that the community at large might find it extremely relevant to our interests. As of this writing, it looks [...]

March 20, 2017 Announcements
Update on Ratings System 2/17

Update on Ratings System 2/17

Update 3/1: I’ve made a possible fix. I will be monitoring any incoming ratings to see how things look, but if you CAN rate now, please comment here and let me know that it’s working for you! Likewise, if you [...]

February 17, 2017 Announcements
Ratings System & Mobile Theme Update

Ratings System & Mobile Theme Update

Quick notes here. The mobile theme is currently disabled until I find a better replacement. The prior theme stopped supporting sticky posts, which was causing me to get an obnoxious number of emails asking me questions that were answered in [...]

January 4, 2017 Announcements
DonorsChoose Campaign & Holiday Raffle! [WINNER ANNOUNCED]

DonorsChoose Campaign & Holiday Raffle! [WINNER ANNOUNCED]

Hey, guys! I’ve been plotting this post for awhile, but the site had other ideas, so this is going up a bit later than intended… As I’m sure you’re all very aware, the holiday season is upon us. I’ve been [...]

December 22, 2016 Announcements, Creepypasta Contests