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Admin Asks 5/25: I Need Feedback!

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Hey everyone! I have a couple things that I wanted to get community input on, so let’s get right to business.

First: When is summer break for most of you? Just like last year, I don’t want to reopen submissions until everyone is finished with final exams and all the other end-of-the-school-year business. If you guys are even a quarter as distraction-prone as I was during school, I figure it’s just better to not have “I need to get this story finished before submissions close!” as a temptation or excuse to put off studying. I’d appreciate some idea of when school lets out this year for most of you as well as when it starts back up at the end of summer. Thanks!

Second: Would anyone be interested in a summer “inspiration” book club in addition to or as a replacement to the monthly discussion posts? I’m not thinking of just reading famous scary books – more along the lines of having us read books together that could help inspire ideas for new Creepypastas. To be frank, a lot of the rejected pastas lately are being declined not because of poor writing, but because so many people are rehashing the same basic plots over and over. Mirrors, Jeff, Slenderman, dolls, etc. We’re seeing a lot of “haven’t I read this before?” in the comments and while sometimes it’s because the author has in fact posted their work elsewhere, often I think it’s just that the basic premise and tropes are being too frequently revisited to the point that these stories are running together for the people who consume a lot of Creepypasta.


I was thinking that we could read books together that, while not being outright or obviously horror, might serve to widen people’s pool of possible story inspirations. I know that might sound kind of weird, so here are some specific examples of what I’m talking about.

For example, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer – it details the 1996 Everest disaster from the POV of someone who was actually there. The way I see it, readers could get a look into not only a real-life frightening/tense situation, but also exposure to how all the people the author was with reacted during the tragedy. There was a pretty wide range of reactions to the disaster amongst Krakauer’s team, and given how often we deal with trying to believably write people undergoing terrifying situations in our stories, it might be useful. Another example would be, perhaps, a book on cryptozoology or mythological monsters, to help people interested in creating the next big “creepypasta entity” some background on both what already exists out there as well as recurring themes that tend to be effectively frightening. Or maybe a book on supposed lost civilizations or conspiracy theories – you know, just broadening our knowledge of all the weird/interesting/creepy things that exist out there (even if it’s just legend or pseudoscience) to help try and jump-start the community as a whole out of the “mirrors, serial killers and Slenderman” rut that a lot of the aspiring writers seem to have fallen into lately.

I hope that gives a better idea of what I mean when I say that I would select the books for inspiration purposes rather than just having everyone read Stephen King or ghost story anthologies.


Obviously this would be pretty casual – probably just selecting and posting a book or two per month and giving you guys a post where you can discuss the ideas and themes that you’ve pulled from the book(s). No book reports or requirements to write a pasta based on that specific book or anything!

Does this sound like something any of you would be interested in seeing happen?


Thanks in advance if you weigh in on either of my questions!



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65 thoughts on “Admin Asks 5/25: I Need Feedback!”

  1. I suggest Misery by Stephen King! A model example of being creepy without being too outlandish- it’s in no way paranormal, but the creepy comes from behaviours and mindsets. Perfect for good creepypasta, I think!

  2. may i just say you are an incredibly caring admin LOL
    my school year ends around the end of june but given that, many students are taking summer school (like me)
    I’d suggest simply opening it during July :)

    1. Yes, I think that’s looking like the best option – having it open during July and the first half of August.

      I guess I was spoiled, my summer break was usually a first week of June – last week of August kind of deal. Almost three months! I’m really surprised by how many people are saying they’re in until the end of June.

  3. Urm not sure if this the appropriate place to say this, but i have tons of ideas for dark stories and wondered how to get in on this, if anyone “official” see this post, please get in touch ;) thanks xD

    1. If it’s just ideas and you want someone else to write them, you can drop your prompts at the ‘Creepypasta Prompts’ part of the site. Otherwise, visit the FAQ! Both can be found in the site’s navigation at the top of the page.

  4. It does. in all regards, sound like a good idea.

    Having read “Into Thin Air” (A book that I do not think fondly of as I, thinking I was entering a CP1 English Class Freshman year, thought it would be the most interesting of our book choices.
    I laugh at this now, but I loathed that book even when I finished it. To my dismay, on the first week of school, I found out I was actually in Honors English and that we were assigned a book: “Of Mice and Men”)

    The book was just, hard to engage in.

    I would suggest reading a books like “The Radioactive Boy Scout”, which is an account of David Hahn, an Eagle Scout who built a functioning (although crude) Breeder Nuclear Reactor in his backyard. Its short, easily engage-able and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I don’t suggest reading that exact book (however should you like to, be my guest).

    Since this is a horror website, I would suggest reading “Project 17” By Laurie Faria Stolarz

    It chronicles fictionalized boys who break into the Danvers State Mental Instituion. (Which is a real place that I, myself, have been to. I assure you, one creepy-ass place)

    If you ever need anything shoot me up with an Email at:
    [email protected]

    C’ya soon.

  5. Im gonna call my story The Game. It might not sound like a horror story but go under squidward’s suicide comments to check out the story. let me know what u think. THANKS!Who knows, video games could be deadly for some people.

  6. Ahriannah if not jtk then what would u suggest? icould just write it on my own. please let me know what u think.

    1. The topics you should avoide are:
      The Rake
      Video Game
      Lost Episodes.

      If you want to write a story, I will tell you straight up, this site values Creativity. If there are one or two things wrong, if you are creative they will help you alot more, than if you write a cookie cutter story and have one or two things wrong.

      Come up with a plotline that scares the shit out of you, and go from there.

      My advice is probably not much, since I am not super well known here, but Trust me on this. Avoid the previously mentioned topics. You do not want the backlash (Or Rejection) you will get from writing a cookie cutter.

      There have been changes to even and Just because you write it does not mean it will be accepted.

      If you put in some effort, and be creative you will stand a deacent chance. If you email it to me I will be happy to help you. My email is listed on my Tumblr account, and you can find small examples of what not to write.

      Good Luck

  7. Anything by Jack Ketchum should make the list of inspirational frightening based-off-real-stories books, like “The Girl Next Door” and “The Woman”, he also wrote the more well known: “The Box”. The first two have been made into films but the books are amazingly more horrific. They seem like they could be used to inspire a decent creepy-pasta or two.

  8. Does anyone know when u can start posting your own stories?Be looking out for another jeff the killer story or just go to comments and look. Some people might think my story is going to be lame because of previous stories you may have read and judged(no offense to people who post stories im not calling your stories lame just making a point).But for me i have growed up and am still growing up around horror movies.since i was 4 years i have been watching different films like chucky,sleepaway camp,halloween,nightmare on elm st, the lepurcan, and many more movies. So i know how to really shock people.Please please please just check o0ut my story i’ll ne posting it later today on jeff the killer comments. just check it out and leave me a comment and how to make it better.Thankyou everybody!(:

  9. I was done with finals May 16th. Most people I know on a Quarter system are done mid-June.

    I like your idea for inspiration.

    I also just finished a creative writing course and I pointed all of my peers at this site, since some of them wrote some flash fiction that I thought was worthy of this website. Thanks for what you do!

  10. I believe the majority of us in the southern US are already out of classes for the summer.

    Also, I am really liking this idea of a “creepypasta book club”. I think this would be very fun! Imagine getting together with a bunch of other writers to read and discuss methods of writing horror. That would be a very interesting experience.

  11. Summer Break has already started for me! A book club sounds great, I’m ready Lovecraft right now :3.

  12. The book thing is a great idea! Truthfully I haven’t been scared by a creepypasta in a long time, and we all need inspiration. Especially conspiracy theory pastas! I end school on June 24th

  13. 1. Today is my last day.
    2. That sounds like a very interesting idea, way better than the stupid Scholastic Summer Reading shit. I’m looking forward to this :)

  14. I guess after reading enough Dean Koontz and Stephen King to kill a cow, I am kind of burned out on those, but books by Ian Patterson, and other authors similar to that are good to go.

    Fatalis by Jeff Rovin
    Rune by Christopher Fowler

    these are two of my suggestions, while not completely Horror, they have a high level of suspense, and keep you moving, Rune is a shorter Novel, and Fatalis is creepy because, it could happen….

    I am a book lover, so I will read anything, but those are my two suggestions if you want to do a book week.

  15. CaptainFabulous

    The whole idea of a creepy book club sounds fantastic, I’d definitely be interested! I’m finishing up all my assignments for college in the next couple of weeks, so it’d be an epic pastime over the summer :D

  16. A book club could be quite splendid: reading in general helps writers, and getting to know the “conversations” already present in the field is a necessity for being able to add to that conversation.

    For the future, a “creepypasta primer” book club might not be amiss for making sure that new writers are at least aware of the classics that have come before.

  17. My summer break starts June 17 but for other people who take exams around June 20.
    I really like the book club idea, but if the pasta readers spread all over the states, and even to Ireland, how do you hope on getting us all together, or is it just on the site.
    And I third the “Pasta of the Month”! ;p

    1. I’m not sure what you mean about “getting us all together” – do you mean like time zones or did you think I meant for this to be an IRL book club? As I said in the post, it would just be a post – like how discussion posts work – where people could comment on the book at their leisure.

  18. Mid July for me here in MI. I usually don’t read books (unless forced i.e. summer reading for IB) but remember enjoying books before highschool so the book club idea seems great. Also, this isn’t a book, but this game called “the last door” at is amazingly creepy. Basically it takes the Lovecraftian style and injects that in multiple places into a game so you can never know when something is going to happen (even better: limted jumpscares=higher tension!)

  19. I feel like we need some more zombiepasta up on the site. Those that are up are pretty good, and I know with mainstream media right meow, zombies are pretty popular; however, it would be interesting to see what could happen with writers who just write for funsies, not to entertain a particular audience. That book club could include something from Max Brooks, Mark Zusak, or anyone with a similar knack for the zombies.

  20. I believe a bookclub-like thing would be a lovely idea, and for a book, maybe something like Red Dragon? I’m not sure, but I really do enjoy Tomas Harris’s books

    and for when summer break, mine begins around June 12th-ish

  21. Umbreon in the FAYZ

    In Ireland it’s June 6 for most of us, or before. I agree that a pool of books authors could draw inspiration from would be a good idea. I’m pretty new to creepypasta, but I’ve seen plenty of authors that have a really good take on an old idea like Slenderman, but aren’t liked because of just that- the ideas ancient!


    I’d say don’t replace Discussion Posts, love those things. Certainly inspires writers at the least.

  23. To save you time derpbutt, (in the United States at least) most college students (as I am) are done by early-mid May, whilst highschoolers by mid-June. Since highschoolers and college students are this site’s main demographic, I believe after June 15 (not counting regents exams for you unfortunate New Yorkers like me) would be the best time to open up.

    And you had me at “book club.” I think this is a stellar idea, though I do love these discussion posts and would hate to see them be replaced. Any way you can do both?

    1. I’m fine with doing both, I just wasn’t sure if people wanted both posts active at the same time – I’ve received complaints about “sticky clutter” when we had multiple stickied posts before. If people are fine with it, I don’t have any issues with having both!

  24. I most definitely support the book club thing. I don’t plan on submitting any pastas, but Id still enjoy the book club thing.

  25. I don’t have summer break because I don’t go to school, I work, heh. the idea for the book club seems cool though for the purposes of giving people fresh ideas

  26. Goal in life: get submission approved

    I like the club thing idea. I am all for it and I end school on June 20th. Also, there was a story about a man who died and is everyone and everything that ever lived but he doesn’t know that and he is just being trained to become the “god” of his own dimension, something like that, do you derp or anyone else remember and don’t mind reminding me what it’s called

  27. Her Grace Killjoy Rainbow

    Brilliance, as usual! But what else could we expect from the lovely Derpbutt?
    I am temporarily freed from the American school system on the 13th of June, and shall return per usual in early September.

  28. I must say, I admire your thinking with the whole ‘careful not to be a distraction’ thing. Even to the end of finals, it was a total wreck I was looking to get away from with any kind of distraction, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

    On the bright side, I was actually done with finals a couple of weeks ago. ^^ I’ve been writing my butt off since then, with the submissions open or not. It can wait in a Word file until then.

    I also second the ‘Pasta of the Month’ idea set in motion by Fox God. I believe the best inspiration is from observation. (Though I do acknowledge it’s also the best way to get plenty of rip-offs…)

  29. I’m in 11th grade, and the 11th graders at my school, instead of taking final exams, have to do an oral presentation, which each student is gonna have to do during finals week, which is between the 16th and 20th. I already have a story that’s ready to be submitted, and another that I started writing last week, so I think opening submissions after the 20th would be perfect. As for the book thing, I’m not very interested, but maybe some people could dig it. I read another one of Jon Krakauer’s books called “Into The Wild,” about this kid who traveled to Alaska, but then died.

    1. Into the Wild has been on my ‘to-read’ list for years. For some reason I’ve just never managed to get around to it, despite how much I enjoy Krakauer as a writer.

      The movie based on the book is also on my list, but I’m very bad about remembering to watch movies so that’s no surprise.

  30. Sounds good to me. I was hoping to start reading again over the summer, and this seems like a good way to find some recommended books. I’m done on the 6th, and I’ll be back home by the 7th, but any time works for me.

  31. I think it sounds great. I would highly recommend The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. It has accounts from many different people, loads of great creatures with descriptions that are helpful, and absolutely beautiful writing. It’s very scientific and professional, I really think its like a giant Creepypasta. You believe him too. My favorite book. Also, I got out on Thursday, so no exam worries for me. Thanks.

  32. Derp,
    the summer holidays begin in mid july for me. ps have you sorted all the pastas from the last submission period? if not how close are you?

  33. Yesssss totally! Really, I would be very excited for something such as this because I haven’t really seen any good horror novels around…and I would love to start reading them.
    I also want to begin writing creepypasta, so this could be something to help me get started.
    And June 26, and I come back on some time around early September.

  34. InfernalNightmare333

    I’m already out of school, but will be taking summer classes starting June 15th, so I don’t really care about the open submission periods – I can manage my own time :)

    With regards to the book club thing: I think it’s a really cool idea, but I myself probably wouldn’t end up participating very much… too much going on in the rest of my life right now.

  35. My summer break starts on June 18 (:
    I think that’s an amazing idea to read together because I would also need some inspiring novels to help boost my writing.
    I’ve been working on a story and hopefully it will make it to the site .
    Thank you guys for being helpful !

  36. I think this is a really great idea. I LOVE this website but lately I have been seeing a lot of the same stories. Definitely need something knew to catch my eye :)

  37. Derp,
    Been out of college for a while, so no worries on exams for me. Also, I like the book idea. We could all give our feedback, plus it would get us into some of the classics.
    I was also thinking about maybe a Pasta of the Month category. So for June we could all choose our favorite pasta from May. The winner gets posted in the new category down at the bottom of the page along with Top Rated Pastas and what not. Then at the end of the year All 12 pastas get put into the pot for the Pasta of the Year. My thinking is that it gives some of the best pastas/fan favorites longer exposure than the 5-10 days they are up there and allows newcomers/returners quick access to some recent standouts that might not have cracked the top 15. That, and the annual winner gets cake.

    1. That’s a good idea! I’ll start that in June – I agree that some of the newer pastas don’t really get their chance to shine sometimes.

  38. I would be interested-I can always use new reading material.I have a lot of good books, but I almost know them by heart.As long as the books are in the “Strange/Creepy” category.I don’t really read real life books unless it’s paranormal stories, though.

  39. It sounds like a good idea, get some more variety in our stories and open up some more possibilities for unique ideas. My exams are finishing on June 12th. Also, how long does open submission usually last? And what does the “Your Website” part of commenting do? I’m new, and I wanna be a part of the creepypasta family.

    1. The website field of the commenting form will just cause your name to turn into a clickable link to whatever URL you’ve entered. If you don’t have a website/youtube acct/tumblr/whatever that you want to share, don’t worry about it.

      Submission periods tend to go as long as I can keep them open – the biggest issue is that the site tends to go VERY high maintenance during open submissions, both due to tons of contact requests/questions/corrections, hacking attempts via the form, higher database usage locking up the server, and of course the form tends to just randomly break sometimes and need tweaks/upgrades/reinstallations multiple times per open period. So if I know that I’ll be really busy or even out of town for a bit, it’s best if submissions are closed during those times. So there’s really no set answer. Sometimes they’re very short because I can only squeeze in a few weeks until I know things IRL are coming up that will need more attention, sometimes they’re longer. I am hoping to have them open for most of summer break because I know a lot of you will be working on stories then, but the specifics of that will have to do with the replies I get here and how fast I end up finishing the current backlog.

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