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Creepypasta Contest: Gaming Pasta Challenge [Entries Closed, Winners Announced]

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Thanks for all of your entries! Here are our top three:

1. Willow Creek (Congrats to moonlit_cove on your flask!)
2. The Shame
3. Razor Games

Some entries were deemed very close-but-no-cigar and as such will be posted to Crappypasta for further refinement. It’s our hope that they will be reworked enough to eventually end up on the main site! Please keep an eye on the Crappypasta Round-Up category if you are interested in giving feedback to the stories in question, or simply check in with Crappypasta regularly.

As mentioned in the April Discussion post, this month we are having a writing contest!

I’m going to just go ahead and copy/paste what I wrote before:

If you’ve been active in the creepypasta community for a decent amount of time, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered gaming pasta. Such stories are often referred to as “Haunted Cartridge” pastas due to how many of them involve protagonists who, for some reason, are willing to pay for obviously counterfeit versions of old NES games and then have to deal with the consequences of whatever weird angry gaming spirits they’ve invited into their console of choice.

The genre gets a (largely deserved, let’s be honest) bad rap mostly due to how many gaming pastas are nothing more than retellings of the original, more novel haunted game stories. For example: while Pokemon Black was novel at first and did creep some people out, the countless “Pokemon Blood Orange” or “Pokemon Burnt Sienna” spin-offs that sprung from its loins got really tiresome, really fast. Likewise with the “Ben Drowned” rip-offs – people started churning out variants that essentially were just mad libs, replacing just the game and Ben’s name. There’s really no faster way to kill a creepypasta subgenre than overloading readers with a glut of indiscernable copycat stories – even when a decent and/or original entry appears, readers seem to be too jaded from the ” crappypasta overload to give anything in the genre a chance.

With all that said, I do believe there is hope for gaming pasta. Even if it doesn’t receive many additions, I do retain the Haunted Games tag for a reason – there are those of you out there who truly do enjoy your creepy video game stories, and when they’re done well, I fully agree that they can be enjoyable.


So this month, I have a challenge for all you writers out there: write and submit a good gaming pasta.


From April 19th until May 5th, I will open up a special submission form where people can submit gaming pastas only; anything unrelated that gets sent in via this form will be deleted. The moderation team and I will read through all of the submissions and pick three winners that we feel best accomplished the goal of writing a good gaming pasta. The top three submissions will have their story hosted here, of course, and the top-ranked eligible author will also receive a Legend of Drink Gaming Cartridge Flask:

The Legend of Drink

  • The mods and I will be reading and discussing the submissions amongst ourselves as time allows. Please allow up to a week after contest submissions close for us to choose our winners.
  • Only ONE winner will receive the flask. In order to receive the flask, you must have a shipping address in the US/Canada and be 18 years of age or older. If this doesn’t apply to you but you still wish to submit a story to the contest, that’s fine, just know that you won’t be eligible for the physical prize – it will be given to the next placed author that fulfills the eligibility requirements. However, your story will still be eligible to be declared the overall winner of the contest.
  • TO BE CLEAR: DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CONTEST ENTRY VIA THE NORMAL SUBMISSION FORM. USE THE FORM ATTACHED TO THIS POST. Submitting your story to the wrong form is likely to result in your story not being read until after the contest is over, as it won’t go into the priority contest queue.
  • Just because I know some of you will read that last sentence and think you have a clever plan to get your non-contest story read quickly: if you submit a non-contest story using this form, it will just be deleted. Don’t try to game the system, it won’t work.

The form is attached to this post under a cut and can be accessed by clicking here (or simply by clicking the post title). Submissions for this contest are now closed! Thank you to everyone who participated.

I look forward to seeing what you guys can produce!

*There is an affiliate code present in the link to the flask on Amazon. This means that if you buy anything on Amazon after using that link, the site will get a small kickback – which goes back into the pot to fund more giveaways like this one. If you use our affiliate link, thank you!

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9 thoughts on “Creepypasta Contest: Gaming Pasta Challenge [Entries Closed, Winners Announced]”

  1. Nothing concrete enough to post. The mods are still working through the submissions as their time allows – we are on the very last batch of entries currently. After that, it depends on how quickly we can come to consensus (/geth) on the winners.

  2. I just want to say, I read the entire FAQ and saw that the questions I asked here has already been answered. I’m sorry for not reading it before, I have probably been a bit of an annoyance to you. I won’t be doing that anymore now that I have read the FAQ, and again I’m sorry for possibly wasting your time

  3. What happens to all the creepypastas that don’t win? Will they be eventually uploaded to the site or will we have to resend them using the normal form?

      1. Good to know my story will still be uploaded, even if it doesn’t win. I hope it wins, that’ll be pretty cool. You’re gonna have a long list of gaming pastas being uploaded onto creepypasta or crappypasta after the competition haha

        1. To clarify, non-winning submissions will go through the normal submissions process as outlined in the FAQ. They will not all be automatically accepted, some may be rejected entirely if we feel they aren’t a suitable fit.

          I just want to make it clear that entering this contest does not guarantee your story will be published on the site.

        2. That’s why I said creepypasta or crappypasta, unless you mean you have submissions you don’t even want to upload. I hope my one at least gets onto the site, I’m only starting out and I would love some feedback from this community

        3. Yes, I am saying that some entries will be altogether rejected and not make it to either site. As I said, the non-winning entries will be subject to the normal submission process as laid out in the FAQ, and just as the FAQ states, a Crappypasta posting is not automatically earned simply by submitting. It’s only for stories that have potential.

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