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Narrators uNIGHTed Charity Drive & Streaming Project

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I’ve been asked to help spread the word about what I hope will be a very successful and important charity project. I think that the primary organizers have done an excellent job expressing their motivation and goal, so without further ado:

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On June 1st, a young girl was stabbed in the Wisconsin community of Waukesha. This terrible act was perpetrated by two of her peers and alleged friends.The assailants claimed that the attack was attributed to summoning Slender-man in the nearby forest and wanting to become proxies. The horrific crime has left the girl in stable condition in a hospital. This was a terrible tragedy and should not have happened. And while there are a myriad of factors beyond the urban legend of Slenderman that are attributed to this terrible incident, it is a duty to be vigilant and provide a respite for the victim and to assuage concerns about the concept of literary horror and urban myths on the internet.

Narrators u-NIGHTed is a group of narrators, authors, artists, musicians, and fans alike whose hearts pour out for the victim. As members of the Creepy Pasta community, we’d like to come together as exactly that, a Community. A community who will pool their efforts to raise donations for the victim and for the broader charity to aid other children, adults and families recovering from violent crimes via Furthermore to bring forth some light to the understanding of the Creepy Pasta genre.


In regards to the charity, Narrators uNIGHTed will be hosting a donation for the victim and to prevent horrific events like this in the future. In addition, there will be an awareness video generated narrated and performed by the members of Narrators uNighted. This video will be ran explaining the purpose of this donation and charity. The run of the drive will culminate on June 13th 2014. On that friday, a 24 hour there will be live stream on MrCreepyPasta’s youtube channel where several narrators, authors, artists, and musicians will showcase for entertainment and education. All ad revenue generated by both video and live stream will be donated to the charity drive as well. We are well aware that there are others out there performing a symbolic deed of awareness and while we applaud them, we also feel it is necessary to reach out in a broader scope. As such, we have arranged a symbol that respects the fight against violence and abuse. For this we have selected a thornless yellow rose wrapped in a blue ribbon. A symbol that bears in mind what is important: yellow and thornless for pure friendship and true compassion. And blue for the support of victims of abuse, bullying, and violence.

In the wake of this cruel event, many people have begun pointing fingers at the Slender-man mythology and by guilt of association, the Creepy Pasta sub-genre of horror. It is creativity at its root. A set of stories written by some and enjoyed by others. Much akin to our urban tales of old and the books written by our literary giants. It is imperative to understand that these things, like almost all works of the horror literary genre, are fiction. Many of these stories yes, are filled with an illusion of reality to them in an effort to make them much more unnerving. However, that does not change the fact that they are concoctions of fantasy. Sure, some of these stories are based on historical events or based upon a well documented case whose elements are terrifying. But these accounts are again: for educational entertainment and are well documented for their truth and real life consequences.

It is considered by many that common sense is applied to fantasy and history. We do not repeat the actions of real life monsters. We do not attempt to replicate the fantasy. We do not in any way condone those who fail to realize the line between fantasy and committing an atrocity. Nor do we condone a lack of security on the parts of the minds of those who read them. Many times when accountability is called into question, the blame is placed not on the perpetrators, but on the supposed fictional root causes. In most cases, the accountability and responsibility is to the teacher who failed to impart the wisdom of what is real and right, and most importantly, failed to pay attention. Please take this moment, if you haven’t, to remember that many things can be avoided, if you teach and to listen.

A long time ago, we used to gather around campfires and tell stories to spook ourselves. We used to gather around each other at sleep overs and dare each other to go into the bathroom and chant Bloody Mary. We did these things to entertain ourselves and creep each other out. However we always remembered that the sun still rose in the morning in the woods, showing natures splendor and breathing warmth and life. The darkness of the bathroom was quickly banished by the flick of a light switch, and what was once a silent black room would quickly be replaced by the smiling and laughing faces of you and your friends. Please, come together to help the warmth of that sunrise be felt by everyone. Please come together so that those who are struggling to smile, can find those smiles and friendly feelings again.

Thank you.



To find out more about the incident, click here for the cnn article.

All proceeds from the stream will be going to the girl and her family to aid with any fees that may have come with this horrifying event and to SafeHorizon, an organization dedicated to aiding children, adults and families that are victims of crime and abuse.

To find out more about Safe Horizon, check out their website.

For more information on how you can participate, please visit this post at the Creepypasta Network.


Other relevant information and ways to get involved:
Narrators uNIGHTed Facebok Page
Narrators uNIGHTed Twitter Page

Of course, even if you cannot donate or participate in any other way, it would be appreciated if you can help spread the word about this initiative. I think that most people around the world are aware of how crippling medical bills can be in the US, even with insurance, so I hope that we can help the family with this burden.

Any inquiries, media requests, or concerns should be directed to the contact information provided in this post, not myself.

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