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Ratings System & Mobile Theme Update

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Quick notes here.

The mobile theme is currently disabled until I find a better replacement. The prior theme stopped supporting sticky posts, which was causing me to get an obnoxious number of emails asking me questions that were answered in stickies as well as preventing mobile users from seeing the contests and discussion posts. For me, lack of such a basic feature is a dealbreaker. Please allow me a few days to research and decide which mobile theme I’d like to use next. This will take time, especially as I am still doing site day-to-day maintenance and submission reading while ALSO dealing with the next point:

The ratings system plugin has been upgraded. There is simply no going back, as the prior plugin was the cause of the site’s insane slowness and database crashing. We upgraded to the new version of the old plugin, which was the only one that would allow me to import 8 years worth of ratings and bring back the ratings index that you guys kept messaging me about – which is back, by the way, and not crashing the database anymore due to its ungodly size, though the Beings & Entities index does still take a moment to load as that’s the category 99% of you use to tag your pastas.


I am aware that it is not allowing most people to input new ratings. As I mentioned on twitter, though, as I can not replicate this myself (it works perfectly for me across all devices) and I can see in the logs that some people are still able to vote just fine, I need people to give me feedback (IP, device/user agent/browser, if you allow cookies, if you use adblock or any other extensions/programs that may be interfering, what exactly you see when you try to vote, etc) to help me troubleshoot what setting(s) may be causing the issue. However, I have not yet had anyone provide any sort of detailed information beyond “it doesn’t let me vote”, so I am kind of stuck. I can escalate to the plugin dev as this is a paid plugin that comes with support, but he does need some sort of bug report beyond “it doesn’t work for some people and I have no idea what the difference is between the few people who can vote and the majority who cannot” to be able to (or want to without hating me for being infuriatingly vague, let’s be real) give me any sort of actual help.

Actually, if you CAN vote, please let me know as well – that information would also be quite helpful.


Please use the Contact Us form to send me details about your issue with the ratings block. While comments are great, they are often approved by someone other than myself, so it’s much easier for me to have important issues sent to me directly, and it will also allow me to follow up with questions without your having to check back here.



ETA 1/16: This got derailed a bit as I caught the flu little over a week ago and have spent all my spare time sleeping off the antihistamines, but I have been working on getting the new mobile theme implemented in bits and pieces over the past couple days. Should be up soon!

Thanks a ton to the people who have sent in feedback about the ratings system. I’ve tried several settings tweaks across the past two weeks and I can see via the ratings logs that it’s still only a minority of people who can actually vote, so I think that this is not something I have the know-how to solve on my own and will be escalating to the dev tonight. Fingers crossed!

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