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DonorsChoose Campaign & Holiday Raffle! [WINNER ANNOUNCED]

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Hey, guys! I’ve been plotting this post for awhile, but the site had other ideas, so this is going up a bit later than intended…

As I’m sure you’re all very aware, the holiday season is upon us. I’ve been kicking around the idea that we could try some crowd-funded charity as a community, and I figure that this time of year is probably the most amenable to get this sort of project started.

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with DonorsChoose, but the tl;dr is that it’s a website where you can directly fund classrooms in need of sponsorship. The projects you can support range from things like simply buying books to stock a classroom library to larger ideas like school trips to foreign countries. It’s a pretty fantastic site and, given how the Creepypasta community tends to have an interest in cultivating writing skills and creativity, I thought it might be a good match for us!


To that end, I’ve created a campaign page for the community here:

Creepypasta Supports Classrooms

Basically, a campaign just allows us to focus funding the same few projects – so that hopefully, we can come together and get some classrooms completely sponsored.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve selected a few projects that caught my eye. I also asked for input from a few teacher friends! Of course, if you are a teacher with an active DonorsChoose project or know of a project that you think I should feature on the campaign page, please link to it in the comments and I’ll get it added right away. While I’ve mostly selected projects with a focus on writing/reading, we can absolutely work towards funding other projects as well!

I’d really love if we could come together as a community and get some of these projects funded in time for Christmas and the New Year!

To help me promote this idea, FUN.COM is allowing me to run a pretty awesome promotional raffle in the hopes that it will help get more eyeballs on our DonorsChoose campaign. and are raffling off ONE $75 shopping spree to their website. To give you an idea of what sort of items you could cash in your $75 on, I’ve picked out just a few things that caught my eye:


…but obviously, if you win, you have free reign to pick whatever you’d like within the $75 budget (or, if you end up wanting something more expensive – they do have some high-ticket items like Kotobukiya statues and such – they will allow you to apply the $75 as a credit to a larger order)!


The raffle will start at midnight EST on December 23rd, and run until midnight EST on January 7th. I will select the winner via Rafflecopter’s RNG tool, check that their entry is valid, and attempt to contact the winner. If I do not hear from the winner within 3 days, I will disqualify them and select a new winner – rinse, repeat that process if necessary. Final fulfillment of the shopping spree will be handled by!

You can enter for free once per day, but there are several other ways to earn bonus entries as seen on the widget – including bonus entries if you donate to a DonorsChoose campaign, though a donation is absolutely not required. This raffle is for fun and to help raise visibility for our DonorsChoose page, but it is open to everyone, even people who can’t participate in the actual campaign.

You can enter via the widget below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions, you may ask them in this post’s comments!

I really hope that you’ll all help me in making this campaign a success – let’s get some classroom projects funded together! Please consider sharing the Creepypasta Supports Classrooms campaign page via Twitter and Facebook, even if you cannot contribute yourself.

Thank you all for your time, and a big thank you to for helping me with this idea!

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18 thoughts on “DonorsChoose Campaign & Holiday Raffle! [WINNER ANNOUNCED]”

  1. This is a great campaign and I would love to help support some teachers an classes in need! Teachers get so little respect and help for all they do! Thanks! <3 If won the $75, I'd probably try to pick up some gifts for my boys!

  2. I’d love to get my son some Funko POP! figures to add to his collection.
    I’m a DonorsChoose teacher and it has changed how I teach. My students love the projects that we are doing now. I find that teachers support each other A LOT on there. Isn’t that amazing? I’m a Media Coordinator (school librarian) with more than 550 students! About three-fourths of the students receive free or reduced price lunch. Here’s my page if anyone could help – even just $1. Thank you!

  3. Amanda Miller Leach

    I’d buy as many POP! figures that i could. i just got started on my collection and im starting with Harry Potter, my fave.
    I think this is an awesome idea – at our previous home, my children were in a school district that was one of the lower ends of the learning spectrum, so to speak. That school would have really benefitted from campaigns like this. The school that they are at now is the best district and best schools in the area. What a difference in georgrpahy coupled with economics can be…

  4. Mr. Hall's Heroes

    If you are still looking for a classroom to support, my third graders and I would love for you to consider ours! We’re trying to add five Chromebooks and management licenses. If you use the ATTthanks code, donations will be matched. Then Google will match that amount! So a $20 donation with the code word will take $80 off our funding total. Thank you for supporting classrooms!

  5. Thank you for starting this campaign! Right now, Google is automatically matching donations for campaigns requesting Chromebooks AND AT&T is matching donations with the code ATTTHANKS when applied right before checkout for ANY project (good for those who want to support reading classes, etc.). I am a high school English Language Arts teacher myself and technology is something that I am focused on providing so that my students can access a plethora of digital literature, writing, editing, and other tech.-enhanced activities. is definitely a boon to teachers and I sincerely thank you for helping start this giving page. My page is: ; HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love creepypasta stories (and the show now)!

      1. Not a problem! Thank you for your help. The AT&T code is valid until 12/31 and donors can use the code for as many projects as they like (up to $1,000 of donations total) and the Google matching offer is valid until funds are exhausted. Good luck with the CreepyPasta giving page!

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