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‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Verdict: Anissa Weier Found Mentally Ill!

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Anissa Weier, the Wisconsin girl who lured a classmate off to the woods to be used as a sacrificial lamb to ‘Slender Man’ was found to be mentally ill during that attack.

[ads2] Weier admitted she participated in the heinous crime because she was paying homage to Slender Man, a fictional character made popular by a creepypasta internet meme originated by the user Eric Knudsen.

Weier, a big fan of the supernatural character, became obsessed with it and decided to show her devotion by committing the crime. The stabbing took place in 2014 when she was only 12. Weier and her friend Morgan Geyser, lured their classmate Payton Leutner into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. Leutner was seriously injured and barely survived.


Weier, now 15, pleaded to being a party to attempted second-degree homicide. And after 11 hours of deliberations, the jury came to a verdict on Friday night – Weier was indeed, mentally ill when the attack took place.


Watch the Verdict Below!!!

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18 thoughts on “‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Verdict: Anissa Weier Found Mentally Ill!”

  1. It’s a great documentary. Saw it on Netflix. Didn’t know Creepy Pasta existed until I saw the documentary, now I’m enjoying reading and writing them. But watch the documentary.

  2. I hate of people blame a form of media causing a crime, just because it plays some role in it. It’s not the sources fault. It’s the fault of the person who read, watched, played, and/or listened to it, and was clearly stupid enough to preform it irl.

  3. Yeah, I agree. People seem to point fingures at sources of media which had a relation to a crime. It’s not the media’s fault. It’s the person who read, played, watched, or listened, to said media.

  4. People tend to overreact when these types of crimes happen. Instead of blaming the psyche of the suspect they blame what they’ve watched or read.

  5. 10:1 Odds mentally ill my keister. Most likely either she or both of them had a problem with this girl, lured her out there and did this, and then when they got caught decided to try and find a scapegoat for it. Same thing when people blame violent movies and video games for what they do. Just looking to try and get off with the lesser sentence.

    1. Exactly, you can’t make such an inflammatory statement and not back it up. This site was crucified because this girl said she did it for “slenderman”. It is more than appropriate that this is here. These girls doing this, and throwing off to “slenderman” would have caused great anguish to the author and the site’s owners.
      In no way whatsoever is it “poor taste” to post this here. There isn’t even any commentary of personal opinion offered. You need to be quiet.

  6. that is dumb i was put up for a weapons(not really a weapons and it wasn’t mine) because i knew her and they said we were begging for attention

    1. Yup, it is… The news appeared on mainstream news sites like BBC and NBC!

      And the victim’s family are disappointed by the verdict though, as they wanted her to go to prison for the crime…

    2. Yes this is real. They have a documentary about it called ‘Beware the slender man’ on YouTube, they also have videos and clips and stuff from their trial. What I’m wondering is, is did the other girl get charged with the sameness thing as Annisa?

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