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Notice of Site Rollback

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Hey! I just wanted to quickly let everyone know what happened yesterday.

Somehow, when a plugin updated, it broke some core site functionality (if you were trying to access the site yesterday, you may have noticed that the menus stopped being clickable and all the forms just completely vanished). I still don’t really understand why X unrelated plugin broke Y and Z unrelated functions, so I’m just going to blame ghosts.

Luckily, my web host is great and does weekly site backups on top my my own, so we were able to rollback to Dec 18th version of the site. This has restored the broken functions with minimal content loss. I’ve re-posted the two missing stories, so please go re-vote and re-comment if you feel so inclined!


U.S.S. February
I’m One of The Unknown


In order to allow the last two stories their time in the spotlight, no new story will be published on the 21st.

We are still trying to troubleshoot why the site is loading at a snail’s pace after the rollback, so please bear with us on that point.



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7 thoughts on “Notice of Site Rollback”

  1. Hey Derpbutt, is this the way the layout is going to look from now on? I like the look but it’s harder to navigate than it was before

    1. Assuming you’re on mobile. No, the mobile theme is only temporarily disabled while I find a new one. The old one wasn’t supporting stickied posts anymore for some reason, and it was driving me nuts because people were spamming me with questions that they’d know the answers to if the sticky post(s) had been visible. I feel like that’s a pretty basic feature any theme should support, so it was kind of a dealbreaker for me.

      So until I find a better one, the desktop theme is the only active theme.

  2. Soooo, I definitely didn’t get my Roll back. really disappointed as I did not bring a lunch to work in expectance of getting a roll. its ok though all is forgiven!

  3. This wasn’t creepy at all, and the ending was totally predictable. There was one mention of ghosts but it didn’t really go anywhere. And this talk of plugins, was that some gratuitous sex thing that was put in there merely for prurient value?
    Plus, Roanoke – IT IS ALL OVER INTERNET

    1. I totally agree. The author gets a little too involved with the technical mumbo-jumbo, and as a result, this pasta isn’t scary at all. I’m thinking that this is supposed to be some sort of allegory for mankind’s increasing subservience to the digital domain. When done correctly, a story like that can be terrifying, but this one misses the mark. I’m surprised the admin let this through, as it’s more suited to crappypasta.

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