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Update on Ratings System 2/17

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Update 3/1: I’ve made a possible fix. I will be monitoring any incoming ratings to see how things look, but if you CAN rate now, please comment here and let me know that it’s working for you! Likewise, if you still cannot rate (make sure to clear your cache, just in case), please let me know in this comments section as well. Thank you!

Hi! I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on wrt the ratings issue.

My web host and I have been working on trying to figure out the issue with the ratings plugin. I think we finally figured out what was separating the people who could rate from the masses who couldn’t, though figuring out WHY this problem was happening was something that neither of us could understand. Basically, it has something to do with the CDN we use – we think. Figuring out why just this ONE plugin is unable to play nice with the CDN while all others can function properly would be the next step in solving the issue, unfortunately…


The plugin dev released an upgrade to the plugin this week. I wanted to try this out and see if it helped our situation at all, but instead now the plugin breaks the entire website and sends us into a 500 error where NO PART of the site is accessible. I’ve tried re-installing it from scratch, but as soon as the plugin exists once again on the server – not even active, just present on the server – it takes the site offline.

I think you all can agree that for now, it’s best to just keep it off the server entirely for now.

I will be submitting a ticket and asking the dev if he can figure out why this is happening. But to be frank with you guys, after looking at the tone of responses on his support forum (of course, not visible until after you pay for the plugin – sigh), I do not have much faith, especially as I can’t even have the plugin on the server to test things for him right now. My web host also seems to be at the end of the rope for support they are capable/willing to offer on this specific issue.


So if he is no help and the plugin continues to just brick the site whenever I try to re-install it, the worst case situation is that we will have to start the ratings over from scratch. I really didn’t want to do that, but we were between a rock and a hard place: the old ratings plugin was SO bloated that it was making the site run like shit and would sometimes manage to knock the site offline if we had heavy traffic. I was having to restart services daily because of the ratings plugin, specifically, overloading. So I paid for a license of the “new” and “pro” (read: more import functions and, ostensibly, support) version of that plugin, which was also the only ratings plugin that I could find that would allow us to import 8 years of ratings data from the old plugin.

Since this new plugin seems to be a massive failure, in that it doesn’t actually allow anyone but 3-4 people to see the ratings block no and now it can’t even be present on the server without causing 500 errors, we may unfortunately be faced with the fact that A) I wasted a bunch of money trying to preserve the old ratings and B) we will have to reset ratings from scratch with an entirely new ratings plugin.

I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on and give a warning that, at this point, I am completely at a loss and unless the plugin dev can come up with a magical save that both makes his plugin stop nuking the site AND makes the ratings block actually display for more than 1% of the site’s userbase, we are going to be starting from square one with regards to ratings.


This isn’t the end that I wanted for the ratings plugin, but I’m sorry to say that I think it’s just what we’re going to have to deal with as the endgame. I know that many of you already think I’m a useless, lazy piece of shit for taking this long (yeah, thanks for those messages by the way – I really appreciate how so many of you had the time to message me and tell me to kill myself or that it’s been “too long” but those same people NEVER provided any helpful information about the bug themselves), so I’m sure that this will just confirm that for you. Perhaps you’re all right, but unfortunately, at this point I’m all there is and I have no clue how to fix this problem. I’m sorry.

My priority is that by the end of the week, either we will magically have the ratings system fixed, or (looking much more likely at this point), we will be using an entirely new ratings system and the community will have to help rebuild the ratings data that we lost.

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26 thoughts on “Update on Ratings System 2/17”

  1. Blake L. Patrick

    YES! My magical rating powers are functional once more!!!! Thanks, you did an amazing job! *Happily flies away on slendy*

  2. WaterDrinkerFireBreather

    I’m able to successfully rate now.. Couldn’t do it before but now it works. Kudos for fixing the issue! Appreciate your efforts..

  3. Working for me! Great job. This is a fantastic site on its own, but having the ability to rate the stories just adds that little bit extra.

  4. To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, “it’s not that all Creepypasta users are asshats, it’s just that we can’t seem to keep the loudest and most ignorant of us off the comments section.”

  5. Don’t let the haters put you down. You’ve been doing a great job so far, keeping a lot of us entertained for years.
    If you know someone who can create rating bots, you could maybe get them to create a bot to automatically rate the previous stories with the ratings they had. It would be a huge task and probably take a toll on the server for a while, but it could be a way around the situation.
    If not, we’ll all gladly read and rate the stories once again :)

  6. Longtime (ish) reader, first time commenter. But – its obvious you’ve been working super hard on this site, and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks for everything, and you”re awesome! I trust you to do the right thing, and fuck all the haters.

  7. That is so rude that those people have said that. I’m just glad that this website still exists. I hope you figure this out, and ignore the haters. Thank you for your effort.

  8. Would gladly lose the ratings versus losing my creepypasta site!!!! I think most loyal readers would feel the same! I would much rather lose the “votes” than the stories! Best of luck dear..

  9. People bitching about someone not doing what they want when they dont even pay a dime for that action to be made should be IP-blocked from entering the website.

    But on the topic at hand, the ratings since way back would be sad to lose, but if that is the only option then I guess there is not much to do about it. Most of us are confident that you do what you can to make the site run smoothly and without hiccups. If it gets sick you do wht you can to cure it. In this case the ratings has gotten ebola and cant be saved. Logic people. Use it.

  10. Darn it! I hate that this is happening, I can’t imagine the frustration! I will admit that I relied heavily on the rating system, after reading the latest pasta each night I would go to a random pasta and read it if it was a 7 or higher. I stumbled upon creepypasta 2- 2 1/2 yrs ago and I’ve been hooked since! I wish I could wave a wand and take the site back to how it was back then, but I’m confident you’ll get it right. I’m not tech savvy and I wouldn’t know where to begin to fix this, I wish I could help!!!

  11. Been a long time lurker here, I only registered to reply (sorry, I’m just really really lazy). But I wanted to thank you for all of these, this site had been my solace amidst my workplace hell, so I’m very thankful for keeping it up and running for all this time. Hope you don’t give up on us and that everything will be resolved. Again, thank you.

  12. Dude, I barely know anything at all about online systems. You’re doing us a godsend favor just by letting this site EXIST and making all the contributions you do. F*** all those people who don’t get it, you’ve got enough work on your hands so you shouldn’t feel stressed out about this in my opinion. If people can’t stand it, they can stop visiting the site and take some anger management classes.

    Keep being awesome.

    – Cromartie

  13. It’s all good dude. Maybe consider making note of the top 100 (pre ratings change) and creating an archive for each category based on the current rating? Thanks again for this site.

  14. Wow. I cant believe people have been treating you this way after all that you do. Shame on them. If ratings need to start from scratch, then so be it. It’ll be tough on everyone who has posted but if you’ve exhausted every other possibility, then what else is there to do?
    I for one am grateful that creepypasta exists, it is something I look forward to at the end of the night when I inevitably cant sleep. So thank you.

    1. Right?! Like if grown-ups can’t understand shit happens they on the wrong site…the point of this site is the treasure within the story!!! Point blank…nothing else. .if someone bitching they can’t vote or their comments were lost…well …sorry Fer ya lol!

  15. We’re here to read again and rate again, don’t worry, we can start over, they’ll never defeat us ;) Btw is it possible to do some kind of petition or massive spamming to the dev to make him solve the problem? We are a big community, if we attack in mass we’ll succeed!

  16. I agree with LAKK. You have taken on quite the task for one person. Just keep doing your best, sometimes that’s all we can do in times like this. One way or another the ratings system will be fixed and that is fine by me lol. Keep up the good work, I know you are working really hard! Lastly, don’t let the A-Holes get to you. I am pretty dang sure that 90% of them would be s***ing bricks in your position and wouldn’t have an inkling of what to do. Good Luck my friend!

  17. Too bad if ratings get refreshed, but some situations just can’t be helped so it’s alright. It’s not like you willed this to happen because you felt like it, shit just happens. Sad to read people bashing ya’, hope you hang in there.

    I’m sure a lot of regulars like myself will still stop by the site for our daily reads, so thank you for putting the effort maintaining the site.

  18. I know nothing about websites or plugins (don’t even really know what a plugin is) but this whole issue seems like such a nightmare and I feel really bad for you that you have had to go through all this trouble with so many people nagging at you! It must be difficult to run this website by yourself without issues like this, I can’t imagine how you must be pulling your hair out at this point! Just want to say thank you for all of your time and hard work and know that it is appreciated! People that have nothing better to do than complain are the ones that should really go kill themselves…

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