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The Most Beautiful Thing In The World

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There is a certain website online that seems to serve no purpose. The website is completely black, with nothing to click on, no links, nothing. It is said that if you logged on at exactly 2:59 AM, an image labeled themostbeautifulthingintheworld.jpg will be uploaded and having seen it, you will vanish, never to be seen again. Some say that the picture contains the portrait of a person, whereas others say that the picture is in fact something terrifying. Whatever the case, at exactly 3:00 AM an image will be uploaded that makes you wake up instantly in your bed as if awoken from a dream.

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64 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing In The World”

  1. Wait, if there’s an image that appears at 2:59 AM that makes people instantly disappear, how do we know about it? It makes sense the only people who see it should be gone.

  2. Found it. The picture was damn lovely. I even set it as my wallpaper. One problem though, every time someone looks over my shoulder they cease to exist. Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?

  3. I’m gonna make a website and have it show a butt. I’ll title it the most beautiful thing in the world and have it turn on at 2:59 then show crap in a toilet at 3:00 am. Anyone who agrees I should do this mention my name and state you agree. :D

  4. So……. there is no link to this, huh? Just everyones bullshit “OH THIS IS DA LINK DUDES!” ….
    Lame. I wanted to disappear and wake up later in my bed.

  5. “There is a certain website online that seems to serve no purpose.”

    Really? Only one? I could fill page after page with URLs of sites meeting this criterion.

  6. obsidian blackbird mcknight

    @Noctivagus I think it’s just meant to scare others, as many people with sleeping troubles tend to wake up in the middle of the night at about 3:00ish.

  7. Seriously… if you vanish at 2:59… then why the hell would there be another pic that has you wake up in your bed? How could you even see said pic? How would anyone know it happened? *head explodes*

  8. @Lavistra

    You ain’t seen nothing yet if you think tubgirl’s the most horrific image in the world. =) Tubgirl’s downright softcore compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen…

  9. It’s funny. If you search the filename on Google, it shows you a tiny pic of a puppy wearing a hat.

    Is it going to eat me?

  10. >>There is a certain website online that seems to serve no purpose.

    …Somehow, I doubt anyone on 4chan would upload anything that could ever be described as “beautiful.”

  11. im confoosed. if you vanish from seeing the first image “never to be seen again”, how do you wake up after the second one loads at 3:00?

  12. Wasn’t there another story like this somewhere where this was done in photoshop?

    The idea behind it was that you open a random image at night and zoom in on random spots, like, seven times, and then you open your eyes. Supposedly if you did it right, the most horrific image in existance would be on your monitor, and if you managed to look at it without screaming you’d go to heaven or something.

  13. this website should be made and everyday at 2:59 a video called the most beautiful thing in the world pops up and its a rickroll.

  14. Painfully_Beautiful1

    Bahaha you two didn’t catch it.. P4INKiller..said they wouldn’t post it until they checked it out… It says you will vanish….

  15. I think I found it, but I won’t post it yet.
    I need to explore first just to make sure it’s safe.

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