Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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They Just Won’t Move

There’s three of them outside, hikers probably. Older maps usually show a route over the motorway behind my house but there isn’t one anymore. I don’t mind them usually, they just walk down and then walk back up a few [...]

February 17, 2019 Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Psychological Horror, Sounds and Voices, Strange and Unexplained, Survival Horror, Suspense and Thrillers

The Mannequin Farm

I think I’m finally at the point where I’m able to talk about it. It’s been several years since it happened. None of us – not me, nor my friend, brother, or brother’s friend, who also experienced it – have [...]

November 14, 2018 Children and Childhood, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Locations and Sites, Suspense and Thrillers
white room

White Room

The subjects awoke in what looked to be a huge room With large mirrors on the walls above. The concrete walls and floor were painted white, very recently too As some parts were still drying. All three were dressed in [...]

April 24, 2018 Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Locations and Sites, Strange and Unexplained, Suspense and Thrillers
the girl in the dark

The Girl in the Dark

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the girl. It was mid-October and it was unusually cold for the area. The air was biting at my feet as I stood outside barefoot. The smell of smoke filled the air. [...]

February 10, 2018 Beings and Entities, Demons and Possession, Suspense and Thrillers

The Monkey Jones Mystery

There we stood, all five of us, our feet held still to the ground, not too well, because we knew with any given moment our acceleration was a necessity of escape. Reece took our first steps, a large stick, shedding [...]

April 25, 2017 Strange and Unexplained, Suspense and Thrillers

The Thing in the Window

I’m pretty freaked out. That thing has been there for almost a week. The figure in the window. It looks featureless, only skin on a human frame, and it’s pressing itself against the glass somehow. I don’t know how it [...]

August 17, 2010 Beings and Entities, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Strange and Unexplained, Suspense and Thrillers

The Dionaea House

10.7.2004 Jennifer, friends and family of Mark, As promised, here are copies of the correspondence I received from Mark over the course of the last month. For the most part, I have merely copied and pasted them from my email [...]

September 6, 2004 Beings and Entities, Creepypasta Classics, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Journals and Diaries, Locations and Sites, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Strange and Unexplained, Suspense and Thrillers