Body Horror

I Worked at a Top Secret Government Research Lab. I Need to Share My Journals.

I Worked at a Top Secret Government Research Lab. I Need to Share My Journals.

These logs are from Senior Technical Operations Specialist III K.Z. Okpala’s private files. These files have been compiled using an offline text software built by K.Z. Okpala. These files are conjecture and only reflect the opinions and biased insight from STO III Okpala’s perspective. All names, personally identifying details, and …

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This cruel place beyond the blizzard

This Cruel Place, Beyond the Blizzard

“Do you think we’re dead?” I gave Eleanor a perplexed look. “I can see your breath. And we’re talking right now, so…” “No, no,” she muttered, shivering in the keening wind, “not here. No sense in asking that here.. I mean out there.” I stared out past the dark sea, …

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The Cold Ass Drawers Beneath the St Flambe Rouge Spookshow

The Cold-Ass Drawers Beneath the St. Flambe Rouge Spookshow

With a flick of my wrist, I flipped the cigarette up and caught it in my mouth. It was a cheap trick that I had learned as a kid from watching Robert Mitchum or James Dean or one of those pseudo-badasses from film noir who always seemed to have a …

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Forbidden hunger

Forbidden Hunger

In the desolate and decayed outskirts of Harbor Point, where shattered hopes and forgotten desires mingled with discarded remains, an awe-inspiring scene unfolded under the perplexing night sky. A mysterious alien creature, originating from a distant celestial realm, hid itself in secrecy and emitted a captivating light. It moved gracefully …

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Bon Appétit!

Bon Appétit!

As I stood there in the hallway, halfway between the back door and the basement door, I began to realize how quiet it was. For a moment I thought I had heard something. Like feet shuffling. Or was it a scream? Suddenly a weird cold and itchy sensation came over …

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Felix’s dulled reflection on the computer screen yawned, eyes half closed as he watched the screen turn blue, then black, then a bright, searing white. He groaned, stretching across the table and unplugging the desktop computer, counting to ten under his breath before plugging it back in, and waiting for …

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The Littlefork Bodysnatchers

The Littlefork Bodysnatchers

Over the past few decades, a disturbing rumor has spread throughout the backwoods settlement of Littlefork. People there tell tales of so-called “alternates,” who kidnap and impersonate the small town’s residents. Taking the form of their victims, they appear human at first glance. But the alternates possess uncanny facial features …

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In memoriam

In Memoriam

I She did not wake crying, screaming, or flailing against sweat-soaked sheets as she had done for the last 353 mornings. Her body felt rested, charged with an unexpected energy. She sat up in bed, eyes coming into focus, and wondered whether this day would mark the transition others had …

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Something crawling

Something Crawling…

Bryan Miller was sitting at home, watching TV alone. He was dressed in his favourite pajamas, and slouched lazily in his armchair. It was a Saturday night, and he wasn’t exactly the type of person to do something exciting. He flipped through the channels aimlessly, wondering whether to find something …

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The Selkie on the shore

The Selkie on the Shore

‘I plan to kill myself.’ ‘You’re far beyond planning,’ the creature wheezes through its nostrils. The artist, squat on his rock, was at first astonished by the tiny pup calling for him at the cliff’s base, but the feeling waned as the tide receded. It is not at all odd …

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It’s December. The time of year when reality seems to buckle and split, a single braided rope fraying into parallel manic and depressive strands. Holiday cheer everywhere, LED lights and joyous inflatable Santas in the front yards, all framed by the unendingly grey sky, sun setting at 4 PM, cold …

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The candle caravan

The Candle Caravan

My girlfriend and I had been going through a rough patch for a few weeks, arguing continuously, having screaming matches with one another, or not speaking at all. It all started when she brought up the topic of conceiving a child, and trying to be logical, I shot the entire …

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The saturn source code

The Saturn Source Code

It was a pretty simple program.A collaborative effort between me and another user on a forum I like to frequent. We like to help one another with all sorts of projects, personal and professional. He and I were both freelance software developers, and made a good team. He went by …

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The confession of buck curwen

The Confession of Buck Curwen

In the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on December 8th, 2021, Buck W. Curwen was arrested on charges of grave robbing, kidnapping, breaking and entering, destruction of property, assault, double homicide, and resisting arrest. Upon pleading guilty to all charges, he gave the following testimony to the court. The ordeal began …

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The terror from beyond the void

The Terror From Beyond the Void

IT SKITTERED its way across the leaves, and I knelt down to get as close as I could. Eight legs, black body – it was one of the feared ones; a black widow. I knew that before I pulled up Nature’s Identity on my phone. But I needed to log …

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I softly clicked record on my laptop as I settled myself at the quaint old kitchen table across from my interview subject. “Could you please state your name, and the date,” I said in as pleasant of a voice as I could manage for the current situation. The house we …

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