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Moonlight Films

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In many stores and establishments that provide videos of a less than appropriate manner, there is a business card.

Some stores keep it well hidden, locked in a safe, and will deny it’s existence. Others will show you if you ask for it by name. None will have it displayed in the open.
On this card is a name; Moonlight Films, and a contact number. It’s always a local number.

Go to any payphone in any city and dial the number. The answer will be prompt but all you will hear is silence. Wait for thirty seconds. Then you will be served.


A dry, monotone male voice will ask you one question; “Is the road from life to death dark?”

If you answer with anything but the correct reply, he will hang up on you. If you fail the first time, I’d suggest not trying again.

The correct response is “It is moonlit.”

If his question is answered properly, the man will say one address in your city and then hang up.


Go to this address and you will find that it is a small, dingy apartment. The carpet will be dirty, the wallpaper flaking and wrinkled, the windows cracked. It will smell of tobacco smoke and decay. On the stained old coffee table, there will be a paper bag. On this bag, your full name will be printed in red sharpie.

Open the bag and you will find an unlabeled videotape. Take it and place exactly $10.99 in the bag then leave.


You can watch the tape if you like, but you don’t have to. I warn you, it’s not pleasant. You will see a room or chamber papered in desiccated skin, the furniture will be crafted from flesh and bone. But all of it will be alive. The tape will last approximately 32 minutes and will depict the murder of a person and the subsequent crafting of their body into another animated furnishing.


You have rented the tape for one week. You must return it to the apartment by sliding it through the mail slot when the time is up. After that, never return to the apartment, never return to the store you received the contact number from, and DEFINITELY don’t call the number ever again.

I’d also suggest you not keep the tape for more than a week. The owners will not be satisfied with a mere late fee, and a good home can never have enough accessories.

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61 thoughts on “Moonlight Films”

  1. This would be a great ritual for true perverts. It’s like a snuff film without the sex. To a lot of…odd…people, watching someone get murdered and skinned alive is erotic. I actually know a guy who would do this. -.-

  2. As for those who thought it had something to do with pornography, that would be preferable to seeing someone (human or otherwise) skinned alive and turned into wallpaper or furniture. Sex is natural; murder and torture are not.

  3. I’m in Canada, we don’t have pennies anymore.
    So I’ve to ask, do they have debit or credit?

  4. The best part about this pasta is the fact that after I finished reading it there was an ad for home furniture below.

  5. So I used to find these instructional creepypastas all the time (on the deep web. Scarier than any creepypasta) before I started seeing them on this site. But is there a specific name for them? Just “instructional creepypasta,” doesn’t sound legit enough. :p

  6. I actually really enjoyed this pasta. It reminded me a little of VHS but it was still originally done, up to the “I’m being followed” bit. I liked it. 9/10

  7. This is really creppy and the creepyest part is this is all very possible im now want to watch this video if the flesh is living can the chair walk around with you on it.

  8. Every single ritual pasta goes like this:


    Fucking stop making them -.-

  9. EXACTLY $10.99????


    Supermarkets have ruined my life once again.

    See, people seem to think that in ritual pastas you need to say “exactly” before each detail.

  10. its a scam, the writer of the pasta suggests you pay for the video but not watch it, clearly theres nothing on the video, they’re just trying to get money for blank tapes (that they can resell when you return them)

  11. Don’t it say EXACTLY $10.99? dunno about u guyz in Oosa, but here in NZ we only go down to 10c piece. does he take plastic?

  12. @Dang: Hmm, that gives me a funny little picture. Out there is a way of getting ultimate power and easy instructions are available. Except the instructions are on Betamax. Or it’s in an AppleWorks doc. Or for a phonograph. And there’s this sad little supernatural entity who’s been wondering why nobody’s tried to go through the complicated ritual of contacting him for the last decade (or more).

  13. What’s the point of this? It seems that nothing really good comes out of it, no consequences except paying $10.99, going to an X-rated video shop, seeing some very disturbing images, and perhaps dying if you’re very forgetful >.>

    Do I get money or something? Do I live forever? I think not :P

  14. There was another story much like this one about a man who rents tons of snuff films from Moonlight videos, anyone know the name of it?

  15. Rent the shit and make copies!

    Also we have a lil thing called DVD and Blue-Ray now. D’u really know how many people even have a working VCR player in their home still? It’s not everyone.

  16. >You can watch the tape if you like, but you don’t have to.

    I have a question: Whats the point of going through that entire process, just to return it without watching it? Plus you paid out $10.99…

    “Me: ‘Hello, good sir. I come seeking the business card of a shady company called Moonlit Films; do you by chance have it?’
    Blockbuster guy: ‘Why yes, I do. Here, let me get it for you.’
    Me: ‘Golly, thanks. Now I’m going to call the number!’ *BEEP BOOP RIIIIIIING*
    Man: ‘*Breathe* …’
    Me: ‘…’
    Man: ‘*Breathe* …’
    Me: ‘…’
    Man: ‘Is the road from life to death dark?’
    Me: ‘Why, it’s moonlit, silly.’
    Man: ‘1234 Blah Blah Road.’
    Me: ‘Thanks!’ *Drive Drive Drive* ‘Hey a bag! Hey, there is a VHS Tape in the bag! I’ll just leave $10.99 and be on my way, but I’m not going to watch it, ‘cuz it might be gross!’
    (1 week later)
    Me: ‘I better return the VHS Tape, that man with athsma might get mad.’ “

  17. oh hell. vtm:b reference already made. ah well. to be honest that was one of my favorite parts in the game, i wish the tzimisce were a playable clan.

    also anything involving snuff films creeps the shit out of me. the mere thought that people get off to that shit… euuuuggghhh.

  18. two thumbs up!

    the poor man’s guide for turning innocent bystanders into convenient household items is a MUST HAVE and a GREAT holiday present for your friends and family. five stars!

  19. Engineer in the video

    dangit, that’s the thrid time this week I have been made into a couch! I really need to stop asking for random business cards in porn stores.

  20. dfs banned me from returning

    i think it was coz i ate all the cookies and spilt the tea on the sofa

    i doubt it….

    but the other day
    i was lkistenening to my coach.

    it breathed

    or mayb it was me!!

  21. Did anyone else think of porn rental stores when they said videos of a less appropriate manner O.O

    I was not expecting that murder into furniture shit lol.

  22. I don’t know, anon above me, I’d be kind of impressed by a method for making a person into a piece of furniture in only 32 minutes.

  23. So, let me get this straight:

    I pay $10.99 to watch a video (NOT EVEN DVD!) of how to make living flesh furniture, I have to go through a lot of bullshit to get the video, and if I don’t return it I’ll get made into furniture? WHAT A RIPOFF!

  24. One of my buddies worked on that game and, as luck would have it, designed that very house.

    That’s my brush with greatness. Sad.

    I need to play that game again.

  25. Hey, what happens if ur in australia?…how do u pay the 99c…we dont have 1c and 2c coins anymore…Not that i wanted to watch it (looks down and shuffles feet)

  26. For you, anon 9, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is a videogame by White Wolf studios. It’s based on their universe, where vampires coexist secretly with humans, and… Just look it up on wikipedia.

  27. Well apparently there is a store for every city. Quite a lot of human flesh interior designers out there.

  28. Can I do something with the tape? Can I upload it to 4chan or something? If not, this seems more or less like a horrific waste of time.

  29. Who would be seriously interested in paying money to watch a video of living flesh furniture. I could see something much more horrific on Trading Spaces for free.

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