Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness

It's safer to be afraid of the light

It’s Safer To Be Afraid Of The Light

Richard removed the lightswitch to the basement stairwell. It wasn’t that he simply disabled it, no. He removed the entire thing. Plastic covering, screws, the switch box—all of it. Though, he had shut off the power to the basement for good measure, too. Every once in a while when a […]

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The Cricket

The Cricket

It was her platinum blonde hair with silver highlights that stood out most in his memory. And that she was pale, thin and amazingly beautiful. He backtracked his thoughts. No not pale. Milky white. Her name was Eleanor, but she went by Nellie. Or Nell. He called her Nellie and

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The ghost of Levi Johnson

The Ghost of Levi Johnson

It was a stormy night on Welkes Street. The street sign creaked back and forth as the wind blew past it. Heavy rain water flowed into drains on every corner as debris from trees was picked up and whisked away. Toby Forest sat on his bed, watching the rain beat

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Easton School for the gifted

Easton, School For The Gifted

I had no prior belief in the preternatural, paranormal, or mythical. I was very much the atheist and a practical man, but the events of that night changed me for the worse. I’m hoping that someone might know what I’m dealing with, and whether I should stay looking over my

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A night at the Inwell house

A Night at the Inwell House

A smile covers my face as I look up to see Emily looking down at me as I awake from my nap. I never really took work seriously, something she always got after me for, but waking up to see her beautiful golden silky hair, her bright blue eyes resembling

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The angel of death

The Angel of Death

Extract from records found at scene, author unknown. Dated October 1883: Matted fur stuck to the Beast’s sides, sweat dripping down its flank as it expelled rancid breath. Thick ropes of saliva swung from pus-stained teeth, protruding from black-lipped jaws like shattered battlements. A single black eye glinted out at

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By a lake

By a Lake

Truth be told, I’m still not sure how or when I came to this place. I have the memories, the whole chain of factors is all there, it’s just buried and muddled and I find my head swimming trying to piece it together. Which is why I don’t bother. I

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A letter from Dundee lunatic asylum

A Letter From Dundee Lunatic Asylum

First I would like to begin by extending my eternal gratitude to you for reaching out to me with a genuine open mind. So many have come to me after I had ceased in my search for someone who will listen, but all have been naught but seekers of wealth

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The White Wolf of Woodberry

The White Wolf of Woodberry

Jack’s heavy footsteps crash across the muddy ground of the forest. His breath is heavy and ragged, having been running for what felt like hours. He was properly lost, having been totally turned around in the ambush. His father had warned him not to stray into the forest at night.

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The Hallucinations of Cy Abrendo

The Hallucinations of Cy Abrendo

“How do you know that what you experience is real?” Was the question I posed to my class that blustery Thursday morning in January. I teach psychology at the University of Maryland, in College Park, Maryland, and that day we were beginning our unit on perception and cognition, one of

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The stoneman

The Stoneman

There is a statue my family has retained ownership of and cared for during many centuries. Supposedly it is of a great grand relative of some type who helped establish our family’s wealth by forgotten means, and who helped establish the regional government. Whatever entire significance the important figure had

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I got invited to a party that didnt happen

I Got Invited to a Party that Didn’t Happen

My head loilled back, allowing me a view of the clear night sky. I’m no astronomer, but I had a childhood fascination with stars and constellations. There was the Big Dipper, Ursa Major. Gemini. Orion, and- I did a double take. Right in the centre of Orion was a big,

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Editor’s note: This transcript is from a video that was posted by the user 1101001dontsuffer onto the video platform YouTube, but was deleted only a few days after being posted. Other users who stumbled upon the video, disturbed by the content, saved the video before its deletion (myself included). I

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