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This Is Just A Test

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You’d fallen asleep to late-night television, but curiously woke up to the sounds of the static playing on the T.V. As you sit up, rubbing your eyes, you read the scrawling words of the Emergency Broadcast System “This is just a test – This is just a test – This is just a test…” You glance at the clock. 3:33. Yawning, the television catches your eye, and as you watch, the EBS say something different, “This is just a test – This is just a test – You are being watched – This is just a test…”

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93 thoughts on “This Is Just A Test”

  1. Okay, but those of you saying there are two 3:33’s per day, are obviously not using a 24 hour time system… where there is only one 03:33 in the morning. In the afternoon it would be 15:33.

    A lot of countries only use the 24 hr system.

    Side note, if my T.V. told me this, I would cry… everything on my television is in Mandarin Chinese.

  2. Those use to scare the hell outta me. No joke… It still does. Ten years later. Like, I cry when it randomly comes on… .-.

  3. What is with 3:33 is it a natural phenomena to look at the clock at that time or something? i always wake up at bang on 3:33 or look at the clock at exactly 3:33, it seemed to start happening after i played a gamecube game that had the 3:33 thing in it when i was younger.

  4. 1422532467884236aaa

    I always, ALWAYS woke up at 3 AM
    before. On holidays I stayed up until
    After 3 AM so i wouldnt need to wake up. Then, at 3 AM, was when I had all My hallucinations. Voices and shadows and shit. Reading all this about devils hour and spirits made me uneasy.

  5. #4 exactly, I would shit myself if it actually said YOU ARE BEING WATCHED in the voice of the cabin from evil dead

  6. WHAT?! You get to sit there and stare at me all day, butI take one little look at what you’re up to and you freak out???? Jeez. I’m just a TV you know. We get bored.

  7. Sean: Actually, if I recall, an upside down cross is showing humility in the eyes of God and Jesus. So it is actually more sacrilegious to wear a regular cross on a chain than it is to have an upside down cross

  8. Creepy, but needs a slight tweaking so as not to give up the creep too early. Instead of:

    \"the EBS say something different,\" simply

    \"the EBS keeps droning on.\"

    Just a little tweak I personally would make, almost as if the person watching himself does not realize it\’s different at first. Would have upped the creep factor for me. Otherwise, excellent pasta, short sweet and to the point. Noms.

  9. I bet some of you are reading this on a Net-/Notebook computer with a built-in webcam right above the screen! Think about that one!

  10. Well I guess whoever watches me is going to have a little suprise because I always keep a picture of goatse in front of the tv.

  11. What was scary was that I missed the whole “IMMA WATCHING YOU” even after re-reading
    I nearly shat brix when I saw it damnit

  12. Yes, 3 am is the considered the time when spirits are most active. More specifically, the “Devil’s Hour” or “Devil’s Witching Hour” is at 3:33 am because it’s considered to be mocking the holy trinity, and 3:33 pm is generally accepted as the time of Jesus’ death. Ya know how an upside down cross is sacrilegious? Same idea.

    ^^^ Ex-Christian/Paranormal Enthusiast

  13. There is a video on youtube called “The Wyoming Incident” and it says in the beggining “333-333-333-333 We Present a Special Presentation 333-333-333-333”

  14. true colours (black)


    i WORSHIP george orwell!

    …bit weird 4 a 13yr old

    p.s: but then… WHO WAS TEST?!


    couldn’t help it!

  15. shortys roc my sox

    OMK that would so freak me out i hate when the tv goes all staticie it just for some reason seriously scares me

  16. well, that would be frightening…
    i wouldn’t find it impossible or unlikely, it probably really does happen…but
    big brother much?
    [i love george orwell]

  17. My movie would be the same setting of the story, but instead after the message repeats for a while, 7 people come into the room with you and you are now in something far worse than a creepy pasta could ever muster up. You are now a contestant of Big Brother 17.

  18. Guess what? There’s also two “2:22” in the day. That’s 4:44! There’s also 2 “4:44″‘s! Which adds up to 9:28!

    Coincidence? Perhaps, you might like to think that…

  19. That was one of the paranoias when TVs first came out. People were certain that ‘if we can watch them, they can watch us.’

  20. That’s always scared me. I despise the EPT as it is, and tvs in the darkness have always frightened me al little. Maybe its the reflective property–or maybe it’s the fact that people forget alot, that if you can see it–it can usually see you.

  21. Lol, Matrix much?

    Still, this is very sinister, and I was always scared of the sound of the ETP in the small hours as a child…

  22. I can see this concept making a good movie.

    A man wakes up and you see him go through a day of his mundane life. That night he falls asleep in front of the tv and wakes up to see this message. He spends the rest of the movie running from what he calls “The Watcher” trying to find out who it is and why they’re watching him, all the while getting little clues from the mysterious person who gave him the message on the tv.

    Yes, a good mvie, indeed.

  23. @3:33
    The horror movie you might be thinking of is The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
    And This one scares the hell out of me.
    I usually do fall asleep with the T.V. on.

  24. There was a horror movie I once saw (no name registers!), and there was this lady, and she kept on waking up at 3:00 am, because (as Re: said, it’s the Devil’s hour) you are already awake at 3 pm, but… I forgot the rest of what I was gonna say…

  25. ever notice that more than a few of these (this’n, the pendant one, the one with mommy’s skin) are all set at about 3:33? same guy?

  26. In Soviet Russia television watch YOU!
    HAH! The television got tired of being watched and was like screwit, lets see what you do. And its mad. Why? you get a nice bed.

  27. This is my favorite short-short creepypasta. It’s too short to be terrifying, but just the thought is horrifying, especially if the image and sound distorted while it happened. “This is a test… this is a test… YOU ARE BEING WATCHED…This is a test…

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