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The Man At The Crossroads

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There is a certain road near the Everglades in Florida, which, if you drive down it alone in the rain, day or night, you will suddenly have a very real feeling of being completely lost. Your radio will turn to static, your CDs will skip, and your tapes will play slower than normal. If you try to find a map in your car, it will have mysteriously vanished. If you continue forward down the road for more than a minute, you will find that you can’t turn around, and everything behind you is pitch dark. There are no other roads and no other cars. Continuing down the road, you will come upon a fork with no signposts. In the middle of the fork, there will be a man, covered head to foot in various pieces of clothing. The only skin visible will be around his eyes, which will be bright green. You must get out of your car, but do not turn it off or close the door after you. You must approach the man, but stop at least three feet away. You must stand there silently, waiting for him to speak first. If you break the silence first, you will find yourself back on a main road, but you will die within 24 hours. If he speaks first, he will ask you what you require. Tell him that you need to know which road will take you to your destination. He will then ask you what you will offer him in exchange for his assistance.

If you offer him a ride, he and your car will disappear, and you will become the new guardian of the crossroad. If you offer him an umbrella, he will take it and stab you through the chest. If you offer him your love, he will take your heart still beating from your chest and eat it, condemning you to walk the earth without a heart, insane from the pain and loss. You must offer him your loyalty and kneel before him. If you do this, he will close his eyes and bow in return, extending a hand to whichever path will lead you back to safety. If you try to run from him, you will be dead before you reach your car, and your body will be found back in your car in some random location.

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80 thoughts on “The Man At The Crossroads”

  1. But…what happens if you give him your loyalty? That sounds like enslavement. Like he can call upon you.
    Bravo, nice little pasta! 9/10.

  2. I ran into a similar situation, but it was in fact a charming black man who had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for some mighty fine guitar playing skills. Good for him, I guess. I think I need to give this devil guy a call so I can sell my soul for some writing skills.

  3. Hmmmm…i’ve survived ALL of the rituals but this one is a tad far fetched. Gas too high to be leaving cars running soooooo….i think ill pass!

  4. I usually find instructional pastas a bit pointless, if in the end you don’t gain anything of significance (forgive me for being selfish, or what have you), but I really like this one because it just happens to you; you can’t choose to just avoid it. Nice.

  5. His eyes are green, not his skin. I’ve read this before but that version ended with:

    “…your body will be found back in your car, deep in the swamps of the Everglades.”

    which I think is more effective than “some random location.”

  6. I’d offer him the chance to tell me which way is the right way and come out of the meeting unscathed

    Honestly, from what I can tell, other than a few responses to what you will offer him, he has no magical powers, which means he should die to, say, a bullet in the head

  7. So… I go out of my way to drive a road in Florida in the rain so I can meet a hobo with gangrene so I can find my way back? I get nothing out of this…

    Maybe the hobo’s an alien…

    Or maybe its a worst case scenario pasta? If you ever find yourself driving in the everglades in bad weather…

  8. i hug strangers :)

    id hug him…..and walk down the right road (pun?) cause i dont own a car…sadly

    anyway i found this story to be scary, but not enough to make me wet my self or shit bricks

  9. Haha, what if i offer him a Stephen King novrl to keep him entertained while he waits for the next poor schmuck to come say hai

  10. offer him my loyalty?? why is there always only one way out, and every other way you die?? thats so cliche….

  11. I think the idea is that if you do ignore the man and just keep driving, NEITHER road will be the correct one. The fact that it doesn’t mention where the other road leads is creepy as hell, now imagine if they both lead to the same place… and you offering your loyalty ‘unlocks’ the correct route.

    The idea in this pasta isn’t to seek out this crossroads, to gain UNLIMITED POWAH or any bullshit like that… it’s a warning. Telling you how to survive in a bad situation, though the loyalty to this unknown green skinned man-creature may end up being worse than death would be.

    Who said rituals have to gain you anything?

  12. What if I just offer the guy $3.50, or a coupon for a free footlong at Subway? Will I get the power to shoot lazer beams from my eyes?

    *Head explodes*

  13. Maybe this pasta is more like a warning for if you would ever find yourself to be on that road on a rainy day.

    But yeah, it’s nothing worth seeking out to try it.

  14. @37
    I’m pretty sure the /Guardian/ of the Crossroad would know how to spell.

    Great idea guys, run him over, and you’ve got a 50% chance of taking the wrong road to who the hell knows.

  15. @ 31
    i didn’t know that, it only says that it is pitch darkness…=\
    but if it doesn’t exist then i guess i’ll just run his ass over XD

  16. I copied everything he said until he got pissed off and said he wasnt talking to me anymore. I apologized and we went back to my place and played xbox.

  17. …um…i’d stab him with the umbrella????
    and y wudn’t i just keep driving? =S
    and i couldn’t turn around? fuck that! well it says if i keep going after 1 minute…in 3 seconds of being lost and i’m at a road near the everglades rest assured i’m turning my ass around and driving back down to civilization.

  18. I liked this one.

    I actually DO know why i like it, and that really DOES make me feel better. It really is ironic, seeing as I would pledge my allegiance to the man.

    Sure, undying loyalty isn’t my first choice, but it is one of my favorite Whoism. I look at things in Creepypastas much the same way Doctor Who would, looking for the route that will enlist me in the most fun. That’s pretty much why I like this one so much.

  19. As much as I don’t want to, I can’t help but think of the old blues legend of selling your soul to the Devil at a crossroads. I just can’t get past the idea of it enough to enjoy this creepypasta.

  20. I like this one. One of the nicest thing about it are the uncertanty and doom in the story. You may find yourself on this road someday, and there is no easy way out. Death or loyalty to a demon or whatevet that guy is. Yeah, this one is nice.

  21. Creepy. I ran into a road like that a few years back, with a road number that didn’t exist (believe me or not I dun care)… no man though… fortunately.

  22. I don’t get this….you go to a crossroud and meet this weird man and you give him your loyalty and you don’t get anything in return that’s gay.

  23. Well, JJ, considering the story states that your CDs skip and your radio ceases to function, as well as the fact that any maps you might’ve had disappear, I think it’s also safe to assume your GPS device will be of no use.

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