Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids

Beneath the veil of shadow

Beneath the Veil of Shadow

It appeared just after sunset, as darkness began to permeate the woods around my family’s hunting cabin. I wouldn’t have seen it in time if it weren’t for the silver beams emanating from the full moon, which streamed into the clearing around the cabin and bathed the ground in their […]

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The Grim Black Shuck

The Grim (Black Shuck)

It was a dark, foggy night, as it really should be whenever something eerie happens. I was walking from my dad’s house over to my mom’s. I’d had a fight with my dad about something, the topic of which I’ve since forgotten, and realized at 17 years old that I

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Night Shift

Night Shift

I work the night shift at a local mom-and-pop convenience store at the front of my neighborhood. We sell snacks, drinks, milk, bread, all the normal stuff that people need but aren’t willing to make a traditional run to the grocery store for. There was talk about adding a gas

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A night at the Inwell house

A Night at the Inwell House

A smile covers my face as I look up to see Emily looking down at me as I awake from my nap. I never really took work seriously, something she always got after me for, but waking up to see her beautiful golden silky hair, her bright blue eyes resembling

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A siren's call

A Siren’s Call

She often wore red ― the color of blood, love, and lust. She was often quiet, though when she was on stage, she would come alive, her voice a soft echo that carried out through An Angel’s Heart, a bar in the middle of nowhere. Nobody came here, though I

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The angel of death

The Angel of Death

Extract from records found at scene, author unknown. Dated October 1883: Matted fur stuck to the Beast’s sides, sweat dripping down its flank as it expelled rancid breath. Thick ropes of saliva swung from pus-stained teeth, protruding from black-lipped jaws like shattered battlements. A single black eye glinted out at

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Don't look don't listen

Don’t Look, Don’t Listen

While others can find forests unsettling in the dark, I’ve always found that there is something uniquely tranquil about walking through a forest at night. There would be no one but me and the sound of the wind through the trees, the rustling of small animals through the leaf litter

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This cruel place beyond the blizzard

This Cruel Place, Beyond the Blizzard

“Do you think we’re dead?” I gave Eleanor a perplexed look. “I can see your breath. And we’re talking right now, so…” “No, no,” she muttered, shivering in the keening wind, “not here. No sense in asking that here.. I mean out there.” I stared out past the dark sea,

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No one likes the dark

No one likes the dark

“All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.” — Jason Hawes“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” — Stephen King Clinking and clanging filled the room, coming from finished plates and drinking glasses. As supper was ending,

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Eldritch Sleepover

Eldritch Sleepover

“Did you get it?” Tommy asked, his eyes bulging with excitement. Michael lookedbetween his two friends, a smug smile spread across his face. “You didn’t get it,” Andy said, ever doubtful. “No way you got it.” “Shut up. Mikey wouldn’t lie,” Tommy barked, his tongue lisping on the word “shut.” 

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Forbidden hunger

Forbidden Hunger

In the desolate and decayed outskirts of Harbor Point, where shattered hopes and forgotten desires mingled with discarded remains, an awe-inspiring scene unfolded under the perplexing night sky. A mysterious alien creature, originating from a distant celestial realm, hid itself in secrecy and emitted a captivating light. It moved gracefully

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