Psychological Horror

Night Shift

Night Shift

I work the night shift at a local mom-and-pop convenience store at the front of my neighborhood. We sell snacks, drinks, milk, bread, all the normal stuff that people need but aren’t willing to make a traditional run to the grocery store for. There was talk about adding a gas […]

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My bestfriend was a ghost hunter I wish I never went

My Bestfriend Was a Ghost Hunter, I Wish I Never Went.

“Come on.” The voice was distant but still clear. “You’re dragging your feet. You didn’t have to come. You wanted to. So let’s go.” Her voice had irritation to it, almost offensive. I groaned and steadied my pace, walking only a bit faster. “I’m coming, Celine. Jesus Christ.” I snapped

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The Cricket

The Cricket

It was her platinum blonde hair with silver highlights that stood out most in his memory. And that she was pale, thin and amazingly beautiful. He backtracked his thoughts. No not pale. Milky white. Her name was Eleanor, but she went by Nellie. Or Nell. He called her Nellie and

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Sea of a fractured circus

Sea of the Fractured Circuit

There’s never one point where something ‘clicks’. Some like to believe there is, that hobbies or skills reach a well-defined turning point, an ON-OFF switch. It’s never that simple. Even the most abrupt of changes occur over time, not in discrete, quantum moments. That’s why the worst changes are still

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A night at the Inwell house

A Night at the Inwell House

A smile covers my face as I look up to see Emily looking down at me as I awake from my nap. I never really took work seriously, something she always got after me for, but waking up to see her beautiful golden silky hair, her bright blue eyes resembling

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A siren's call

A Siren’s Call

She often wore red ― the color of blood, love, and lust. She was often quiet, though when she was on stage, she would come alive, her voice a soft echo that carried out through An Angel’s Heart, a bar in the middle of nowhere. Nobody came here, though I

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The endless warp of time

The Endless Warp of Time

I In the picturesque countryside of Ceredigion, a historical county in the west of Wales, with its rugged cliffs delving into caves and hidden beaches, as well as rolling farmland hills that stretched for miles amid endless greenery, were two villages that young Elin had known for as long as

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The town that could not point

The Town That Could Not Point

Everyone on the train was normal. Of course, Stuart didn’t care to notice that they were normal. When something is normal, the brain doesn’t pay it any mind. Why would it? It’s a waste of energy to notice the mundane. If it’s normal, it’s not a threat. It doesn’t need

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I've been dreaming things I shouldn't

I’ve been dreaming things I shouldn’t

Dreams are a wholly different experience depending on who you ask. Some claim to have bizarre and vivid experiences every night; others say they don’t dream at all. If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s not so black-and-white. That, I’m somewhere between the two extremes – though I

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The White Wolf of Woodberry

The White Wolf of Woodberry

Jack’s heavy footsteps crash across the muddy ground of the forest. His breath is heavy and ragged, having been running for what felt like hours. He was properly lost, having been totally turned around in the ambush. His father had warned him not to stray into the forest at night.

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Don't look don't listen

Don’t Look, Don’t Listen

While others can find forests unsettling in the dark, I’ve always found that there is something uniquely tranquil about walking through a forest at night. There would be no one but me and the sound of the wind through the trees, the rustling of small animals through the leaf litter

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The stoneman

The Stoneman

There is a statue my family has retained ownership of and cared for during many centuries. Supposedly it is of a great grand relative of some type who helped establish our family’s wealth by forgotten means, and who helped establish the regional government. Whatever entire significance the important figure had

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No one likes the dark

No one likes the dark

“All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.” — Jason Hawes“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” — Stephen King Clinking and clanging filled the room, coming from finished plates and drinking glasses. As supper was ending,

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I got invited to a party that didnt happen

I Got Invited to a Party that Didn’t Happen

My head loilled back, allowing me a view of the clear night sky. I’m no astronomer, but I had a childhood fascination with stars and constellations. There was the Big Dipper, Ursa Major. Gemini. Orion, and- I did a double take. Right in the centre of Orion was a big,

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