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Call Me Tomorrow, Okay?

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Still no messages on my phone.

I guess he wasn’t going to call me back after all. I can’t really blame him, maybe I came on a bit too fast yesterday.
I had noticed him long before he noticed me. His shiny black hair and unnatural blue eyes. I wasn’t the only one watching him, that’s for sure. His movements were elegant in a boyish way. And his smile…his smile.
I would die for that smile.
Still no messages…
I thought about calling him, maybe apologize for going too fast yesterday. I’m a coward, I know, but I just couldn’t bring myself to dial his number.
Besides he’d promised he’d contact me when he’s ready.

So I’ll wait. I’m patient.

I know, I’ll just casually stroll past his house. Just to see if he’s home. Maybe he’s out, that would explain why he couldn’t call me yet.
He only lives half an hour away anyway. Maybe he’s shy and is scared to call me. Silly boy. I’ll go to him and tell him that he doesn’t have to be scared. That I don’t mind if he needs time.

He lives pretty secluded in a farm on the outskirts of town. I can hear the sheep in the stables as I approach. My heart skips when I see there’s lights burning inside. He must be there, he told me yesterday his parents would be gone for the weekend. They left him to look after the sheep for those days. Poor baby, that must be hard work. He was probably just too busy to call me. I’ll have to stay here until his parents come back and help him take care of all those sheep.


I knock on the door, but he doesn’t answer. Maybe he fell asleep. The thought of his beautiful face even more softened by sleep makes me smile. I try the door, it’s unlocked. There’s hardly any crime around here, so I guess locking the door is not needed. I try to be as quiet as possible as I sneak through the house. I want to surprise him. I cringe at every creak the stairs make as I climb them.
Finally I’ve reached the bedroom and I carefully open the door.

There he is, lying in bed as I thought. Quietly I switch on the nightlight on his desk so I can see his face.
His blue eyes are open, staring into space and his whole face is one bloody mess. His cheeks have been carved, the skin mostly removed and hanging loose on the sides of his face. He’s missing his fingernails, they are laid out on the bed carefully arranged. On his bare chest words are carved.


I look at him, my hands covering my mouth.
He’s still the same as I left him yesterday. He must have been so tired that he slept all day. How cute!
I softly kiss his forehead, making sure I don’t wake him. Then I write another message below the one on his chest, letting him know I’m here when he needs me.
I leave the room, heading back outside. I think it’s time for the sheep to go to sleep.
And tomorrow I’ll introduce myself to his parents. I’m sure they’ll love me too.


Credited to Boudica.

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252 thoughts on “Call Me Tomorrow, Okay?”

  1. This is by far my favorite pasta. I’ve reread it over and over, as well as listened to a few YouTubers read it. I love the “overly attached psycho girlfriend” concept, and you did very well with it. It gives me the chills every time, and I cringe at the description of his corpse. 10/10, keep up the good work!

  2. Very well done, i loved this story, and did a narration of it on my youtube channel,with credit given to the talented author of course. ^_^ just wanted to say thanks for an awesome story :)

  3. Well done and well written… Anyways, I think imma go and question this girl I like, I think I won’t be sleeping tonight

  4. Well no wonder he can’t call you.

    Going into it I thought it was some creepy,.stalker-type, obsessed girl and I definitely didn’t expect him to be dead…

    Very good.

  5. I think what adds to the creep factor is that as I read on I became less and less sure that the victim was even of age. Old enough to take care of a farm while his parents are away for a couple days, but that could mean that he’s fifteen? Sixteen? Especially in a town that doesn’t lock their doors, there’d be very little fear about leaving a minor home alone for two days as long as he knows how to take care of himself.

  6. Anonymous
    February 5, 2009

    He Who Shall Most Honorably Be Named
    January 29, 2013
    you’re an idiot…

    July 24, 2013
    I was fingernails all along!

    Er mah gurd!!! Hilarious commenters!

    Overly Attached Girlfriend
    April 10, 2013
    I don’t understand why they never call me back. I truly do love them so.

    Oh my GOD!!!!! O.O It’s Overly Attached Girlfriend!

    Anyways, nice story. XD And yes, his face was a BLOODY MESS!!!! ;) CUTE PASTA!!!

    I rate this 6/10!

    Grim Gamer

  7. This was pretty good.I’m a girl and I’ve had crushes, but I would NEVER take it this far.Or would I?*evil cackle* >:)

  8. Woah wtf O_o I thought he was going to be the killer. And up until her going to his house I was thinking “this girl reminds me of myself”.
    Though I suppose she still does lol.
    This was written beautifully. It says so much without saying much at all. Which I like. You’ve achieved the perfect balance between telling the reader and letting the reader imagine. 10/10, so far the best creepypasta I’ve read yet.
    Sending this to all my friends ;)

  9. Am I the only one who guessed from the very start that she’d killed him. I knew it. In my opinion this isn’t the greatest, very unoriginal. Reminds me of that one where the guy is hiding in her apartment, can’t remember the name. But yeah, I’m surprised this got a 9, if I’m honest. Sorry.

  10. The Plot Fairy Indeed

    A very delicious pasta my friend! With lots of metaphorical parm cheese. That might only make sense to me. Oh well.

  11. Wow. That was kind of beautiful and romantic… in a really creepy, messed up way…

    Totally didn’t expect that ending. Sort of suspected the guy was dead, but that she killed him? No way.

  12. Well, it was good but predictable. I could tell pretty quickly that it was going for the super overly attached girlfriend plot. This genre is getting kind of oppressive. Not bad, though.

  13. I’m a fan of good pastas, and I was definitely not expecting that ending.
    It’s like a good M. Nigh Shamalan movie.
    this pasta was fantastic, and I truly enjoyed every second of it.It’s sitting well with me.

  14. no offence to you but it would have been better if you said at the beginning ” i would kill for that smile” and at the end have his face cut and sewn up in the pattern of a smile. but i liked it , though it was predictable. good job

  15. Just a few choice words here.
    Best. Pasta. Ever.
    Absolutely delicious pasta, I finished the whole thing.
    I would like to know what was written on his chest though.

  16. I’m guessing she asked him out, he said no, she went batshit on him and killed him, then went to visit him the next day, either way nice job, 8/10

  17. Wh-what.
    The creepy thing about this is, I’ve read about a character I dearly love that looks about like this, save the blue eyes. I wtf’d. D:

  18. Superb. The writer even manages to capture prefectly the mindset of a mentally unbalanced person. Usually these stories lack a realistic ring to them with regards to actual insanity. From the perspective of someone who was declared clinically insane thirty years ago, it rings very true. Well done.

    Fear the Darkness


  19. It was just like..oh hey nice story, girl sees mysterious mama’s boy….Then we have the slap in the face. Judging from the seemingly bland girl-meets-boy thing in the beginning, I thought that mr. mysterious blue-eyes would pull something creepy. Interesting twist.

  20. My original thought was that she was going to kill him inside the house. Wasn’t expecting that twist at all.

    Great pasta.

  21. LUV IT!!! :) muahahaha,, ‘the parents will love me too’

    i really like the twist ‘just as I left him last night’

    its AWESOME! :)

  22. Omg this was soo sweet, she really cares about him =’)
    Thats what i call love she’s even going to help his sheep

  23. I thought it was going to be another vampire pasta where it makes the narrator look like the victim but twists at the end revealing that the narrator IS the vampire.

    Guess i was sort of half right :D

    This was beautifully written. I may be in love too.

    What took away from it for me was that i guessed she was the “creepy” person. Reading too much twisted pasta is indeed bad for you =p

  24. ha, great twist! i was expecting him dead from the start but thought the chest words would be like ‘don’t turn around’ or something equally generic. well written, really creepy.

  25. I expected that the guy was going to be dead at the end, but I didn’t expect that it would be because the narrator had killed him. Very nice.

  26. Ooh, I love that this was the first thing I read on this site. Authentic Italian pasta. (Sorry if that sounds goofy; I was just basing my rating on what others have said. ^^;)


    I don’t usually comment on pastas, but this is the best one I’ve read by FAR.

    Good job.

  28. AWESOME STORY! acttually loved it more than that pale face story….that girl seems like my kind! jk!! so your telling me she carved into his chest and took out is finger nails??????……….i feel so bad :[…….no one was watching the sheep!!

  29. what a psycho lady, that’s why do not date anyone who don’t know. lolz, a really good pasta, I was like tsk tsk men never call LOLZ.

  30. The crazy bitch reminds me of someone i knew…. Of course without the whole cutting me up and being a homicidal maniac thing.


  31. interesting.. I was getting really into it too, till I thought she was shocked. But then, when I pictured her squel, I knew too soon she had killed him.
    It is a very beautiful and capturing piece. One doesnt know about there obsession until they finally realise they’ve killed the one person they ‘love’

    keep up the brilant work love :)


  32. shhhhh... I'm waiting

    this just proves my theory that women are the most insane creatures on the face of this god forsaken planet…. women and pltypi

  33. cayla is in your house

    mhm…’scratched another message…’ OMFG im afraid of my farm now…… lol awesome job man

  34. like it read it before on /x/ love the ending
    but so true this way he can’t fight or scream hes just a body a dead mutilated body

  35. damn.

    I almost vomited.

    : |

    Thank god I haven’t eaten much, or the image of…never mind, just thinking about typing that makes bile rise in my throat. Unfortunately, I’m not joking. DD: I seriously almost spewed on my boyfriend’s keyboard DDD:

  36. I thought the narrorator was a woman, it might be male but I don’t know. A woman narrorator would make it chill your spine.

  37. Wow, as I was reading it I was thinking, “ok where is the twist coming?” then it hit me, I thought that was it but then you pulled out a sledgehammer and smashed it. Well done. I demand more from you.

  38. okay who wrote a story about me? I was Narrator.
    Very nice, it reminds me of a song i used to listen to and a mixture of other things.

  39. Best pasta I’ve read in a while. I expected the ending, but it somehow shocked me at the same time. Andit reminds me of Twilight as well. If only that crappy book had ended like this (and had been shorter) it would’ve been worth reading.
    But, yeah, great pasta. Very well-written.

  40. But…If she thought he was so gorgeous, why the hell did she carve his face up? Why not leave him looking as he did in life, in order to admire him some more? If I was going to go psycho on a guy I liked, that’s what I’d do…

  41. Ooh actually wasnt expecting that.
    I like it..
    then the last few sentences I was like ‘Yerr okay.. we know shes crazy you can shutup now..’

    Hahah ;D

  42. I expected it, but it was still a nice story. I lol’d at the Twilight comment, perhaps the series wouldn’t be so fucking stupid if the chick went apeshit and it ended like this.

  43. @Anon E Mouse Just to get things straight, I’m not contradicting you, just voicing my opinion; But I kinda looked at her as seeing his face as a ‘mess’ as a mother sees a smudge on her child’s face.

  44. @ Anon E Mouse. You are absolutely right., but I couldn’t think of another way to say it without giving away the ending too much.

    I’m glad my story is appreciated.

  45. I very much liked it,
    However, I do not think someone in her mindset would refer to his face as a bloody MESS.
    It seems she would say something more like it was a gorgeous mass of ruin, or something to that caliber?
    (I’m no writer, it just seems that’s more her person.)

    Otherwise, awesome pasta!


      Mr. Meow, I watched all the saw movies and didn’t get disgusted.
      and you get upset about THIS?

  46. So the guy who went to the house is the murderer who killed a guy and left him there and plans to kill his parents?


  47. The twist sure got me. “Madness”, indeed.

    Let me hanging on the details, but my hyperactive imagination will help m–

    Oh. Oh… damn it, I won’t sleep easily tonight… O_O

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